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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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problem. what are you going to do better? nothing. we took an in-depth look at kim foxx for recent episode of our long form documentary series, "tucker carlson originals." it is on fox nation, it is pretty amazing. we will be back tomorrow 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. here sean hannity. >> sean: thank you and welcome to "hannity." breaking tonight, radical democrats on capitol hill, they have a brand-new hero with their multitrillion dollar socialist agenda now stalled in congress. it appears it might be senate minority leader mitch mcconnell throwing democrats a lifeline. in a backroom deal according to reports with chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell is apparently thinking about or has agreed toa raising of the debt ceiling, giving democrats more time to use what is known as the process of reconciliation to ram through
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the $3.5 trillion new green deal socialist agenda. as a reminder, reconciliation, that is a procedure that allows the u.s. senate to pass a certain budgetary bills, not amnesty, without a filibuster-proof 60 vote majority. keep this in mind, this is a time intensive process. with the debt ceiling looming just weeks away, reconciliation was not an option. of the democrats now say they choose to he is there a special occasion nuclear option at the s to raise the debt ceiling all the republican sources telling me tonight they will not stand in the way. if the democrats are going to raise the debt ceiling on their own, they won't stop it, that is up to them. mitch mcconnell needs to stop with his old outdated washington, these swamp ways of washington. he should not lift a finger to help the socialist democrats rob future generations blind because that is what this bill will do. he raise the debt ceiling, they
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are going to waste all of it and they are going to steal it from our children, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. in other words, mitch mcconnell tonight, you need to stop being a swamp creature, and if you want to be a conservative leader, you need to start acting like one and if you can't do that, you really do need to step aside because god only knows what will happen in reconciliation. if the democrats choose the nuclear option, that will be on them, and so will all the predictable consequences. that will be a result of this spending of theirs, especially robbing future generations of their inheritance and destroying the greatest wealth producing country in history. for years on this program i have appropriately many, many times pointed out when republicans are weak and spineless and visionless, and pathetic. that is why i'm a registered conservative. i'm not a registered republican. it is why the establishment frankly lost a donald trump in
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2016 and for four years, donald trump did stiffen their spines. some are getting wobbly again. lindsey graham again tonight speaking out against this grand swamp compromise, telling mitch mcconnell not to extend the debt ceiling. let democrats do it themselves. why? according to graham, this extension will likely result in trillions of new spending, trillions of new womb to the tomb, cradle to grave social welfare programs that will overpromise, under deliver, create more poverty, false promises and debt into eternity. trillions of dollars, inflation through the roof. this green new deal socialism is not good for this country. any republican or conservative should know this is bad for our economy. joe manchin from west virginia, just a little less strident. changes his mind seemingly every 30 minutes. okay, i don't know if he's going to stop most of the $3.5 trillion spending bill. i have no idea.
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he and kyrsten sinema would need to sign off on this. that is up to them. this is the democrats' problem and people like mitch mcconnell, if you want to be a conservative and you want to be a leader, you need to stop being a hostage to the scary government shutdown rhetoric. they control all branches of government. jen psaki proclaiming today everything would be fine if republicans started being adults. okay, when are the democrats going to be adults and let republicans be a part of the negotiations, because they haven't had a foot in the door the entire time. let's cut out the washington swamp b.s., circle back jen psaki. >> we don't need to kick the can or go through a cumbersome process that every day brings additional risks and you heard many business leaders convey that even if we look at risk tomorrow, the next day. this has been reported, the vote has been delayed, there is still an opportunity for republicans to join us in being adults in the room and ensure that people have confidence in the economic
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security and their own retirement payments. >> sean: my message to mitch, my message to every republican to the senate in congress, do not give into the threats and the insults in the doom and gloom predictions. discrediting the united states government. they want the debt ceiling raised so they can spend trillions on new green deal socialism and destroy the greatest economy the world is ever known. kill the deal, democrats wanted to govern, it's in their hands, they have the power to do all of this. they told the american people they were more than capable so this is their agenda and it will weather and it will die. don't help them. don't bail them out, either, because they created this mess. and stop this build back better b.s. once and for all peer joining is now with the full report, the hitchhikers guide to all things washington o sewer, our very own chad pergram is with us. you know the ins and outs. it was reported earlier today,
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so i thought, that mitch agreed to it. now there is some ambiguity as to whether he is fully on board with making this deal to raise the debt ceiling. where is he at this hour? >> that's right. there is no deal on paper just yet, but earlier today, everyone blinked. they don't have an infrastructure bill, but both sides were searching for an exit ramp. democrats will take mcconnell's offer here. they will suspend the debt ceiling through december, so i was mcconnell ready to deal and why were democrats ready to deal? let's explore that for just a second here. let's start with mcconnell. mcconnell wanted underscore chaos of a unified democratic government, one that was so focused on passing trillions in spending. >> played a risky games with our economy using manufactured drama to bully their own members, indulging petty politics instead of governing.
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senate majority leader chuck schumer hope to portray the g.o.p. as obstructionists. >> today republicans will have an opportunity to get exactly what they kept asking for. and the first and easiest option is this. republicans can simply get out of the way and we can agree to skip the filibuster vote so we can proceed to final passage of this bill. >> shakespeare wrote of the play is the thing, the g.o.p. and democrats are running their own plays right now. the g.o.p. plays to get democrats on the record twice on the debt ceiling now and in decemberdecember and also get ds on the record voting for the massive social spending plan. democrats could not afford an economic crisis tied to the debt ceiling. that would undercut the biden presidency. it would also sidetrack democrats from passing their social spending plan so there was benefit to both sides.
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no vote schedule now, it might come tomorrow. we said earlier the play is the thing. tonight congress called its favorite play. sean? >> sean: thank you. >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines: day 53. >> sean: day 53, he has come american citizens, their families, their allies, thousands of green card holders and families abandoned, afghan allies abandoned by joe biden and yes, they are held hostage kind enemy lines to the taliban. according to reports we are learning the terrorists who blew himself up killing 13 u.s. soldiers and more than 100 others had just been released from a prison at the air base by the taliban. joe never should have given up the trump plan which relied on keeping that strategic air base. shortly after biden, made the
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decision to abandon the base. ed joe biden's withdrawal from afghanistan has been, continues to be an unmitigated disaster. american strapped, he never mentions them and it is wet, day 36 , 37? sadly this is just one of many unmitigated disasters come all preventable and all caused by joe biden. the border, inflation, crisis, begging for more oil. joe, you want to be asking texas, oklahoma, alaska and north dakota, get their systems back online and you won't have to beg opec to produce more oil. china's aggression worldwide is on the rise. you see rattling with taiwan as they talk about reunification but tonight if you turn on fake news cnn or msdnc, you read any major newspaper in the united states, you won't find any outrage pretty much at all. almost nobody is demanding that biden and his administration be
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held accountable for anything or anyone. no one is calling for resignations. there is no hysteria, abandoning americans behind enemy lines and the media mob in america, you've got hundreds of americans and thousands of green card holders and their families held hostage and they barely mention it? but they mention donald trump's mean tweets a whole lot. for example just to remind you. >> president trump unleashing a tweet storm today and stoking his fight with professional athletes. >> trump tweeted, now this is the president of the united states. some vindictive crap about arnold schwarzenegger losing his job at a book with the repentance." >> trump tweets and the danger they may pose. >> it's a dangerous way to do diplomacy because it conveys to the world and frankly to his team that these aren't well thought out ideas. >> the racist component of trump tweeting, which is in effect a
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kind of open form of direct mail to the members of his support group who are racist. >> sean: okay, let me get this straight, abandoning americans, their families, green card holders, afghan allies, that is not dangerous but tweets are? giving up energy independence, new being reliant again on countries that hate us, that is not dangerous customers the the biggest super spreader event, that is not dangerous customers every day they find a new tweet but they ignore these really dangerous issues, that is how corrupt they are. they even accused president trump of hosting super spreader event and killing americans for daring to hold a political rally on the campaign trail. okay, we've got going on 2 million illegal immigrants with a high rate of covid positivity, no testing and absolutely zero mandates for a
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vaccine. yeah, i would say that is a little more dangerous and dispersing people all around the country but this is more dangerous according to them, take a look. >> cnn has looked into the aftermath of 17 trump rallies that occurred in august and september found it rising covid cases. wherever the trump campaign goes there are more covid infections after the fact. we will never know how many. >> not only is she voting for trump again but if he was holding his super spreader rallies a little closer to her house she would like to go to when. >> the trump rally which drew thousands of supporters likely contributed to a dramatic surge in new cases. >> you didn't seem to be this worried about covid spreading during packed trump rallies are at the white house. >> how soon can more people die of covid as a direct result of a
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trump rally? >> sean: joe biden had three vaccines and of course monochrome all antibodies. but they only mentioned once about two and a half weeks ago. what is more dangerous, the media mob, apoplectic about trump rallies, high rate of covid positivity, no vaccine mandates, you get preferential treatment if you are in the country illegally. at the southern border. they are totally unconcerned about super spreader is now. only trump a super spreader as matter in the world of the mob and the media and the democratic party. despite an unprecedented multimillion person surge, all these unvaccinated illegal immigrants packed into biden's overcrowded cages, makeshift tents, no social distancing and as i pointed out, not even any testing, never mind a vaccine. we will never know, by the way, how many americans died because they were infected by the illegal immigrants that joe biden has processing through the country and dispersing all around the rest of the country.
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anyway, he did it all in the middle of a pandemic and as the save america pac points out, this is a really bad situation. watch this ad. >> joe biden's open borders disaster. a stream has begun a gusher. the gusher is now a flood. criminals, drugs, covid infected illegals. killing our people, a petri dish of disease and suffering at the southern border. joe biden, he sent kamala, a disaster. now the flood has become a tidal wave. biden is failing on immigration, america needs strong leaders, not weak ones. >> sean: america and the world needs strong leadership, doesn't it? a humanitarian crisis, public health crisis and yes, national security prices. estates poll, 75% of americans rank kamala harris' handling of the crisis rightly as poor. recently retired border patrol chief rodney scott announcing terrorists are now attempting to
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enter the u.s. via, you got it, the southern border. it wasn't long ago when the media mob told us that the real threat to this country was stormy, stormy, stormy, and russia, russia, russian allies and harmless phone call with ukraine. in case you forgot, we shall remind you. >> the steele dossier. >> dossier of alleged dirt alleged dirt. >> dossier. >> impeachment. >> impeachable. >> impeachment. >> russia. >> russians. >> russia, russia, russia. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> the stormy daniels saga. >> adult film star. is there a difference if the president said [bleep] -- >> sean: lies, lies, lies about russia, prussia, russia. what about hunter, hunter, hunter? oh, okay. by the way, is the biden family compromised by russia where they got money?
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what about china, what about ukraine, what about kazakhstan? we know that hunter leveraged his father's office to literally make million dollars from a russian oligarch, ukrainian oligarch, chinese communist party officials and proceeded to cut in the big guy, that would be joe biden, into the sketchy international deals. maybe that is why putin took out the waiver. maybe that is why the chinese think they can take over taiwan and our saber rattling with their jets flying all over taiwan. joe, he's not lifting a finger. hunter, by the way, not a particularly good artist, selling his paint by numbers or what looks like paint by numbers artwork, portraits of a crack addict, have million dollars to anonymous buyers come out of the way for the bidens to get rich. anyone in the media calling for joe to be investigated? what is the biden family compromised by china, russia, kazakhstan, and everywhere else this kid made millions without any experience?
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does anyone worry what message this ends the world? it's pathetic. another major concern, his deep cognitive decline is projecting weakness all over the world stage which is why china is doing what they are doing. another humiliating stain on the administration appeared for the first time in history france actually recalled its ambassadoo the u.s. all because the biden administration cut them out of a nuclear submarine deal with australia. john kerry in a recent interview told french reporters, joe biden literally had no idea what had just transpired. i don't know what's worse, you decide. >> president biden asked me about and i told him. >> you told joe biden that it was not right -- >> he asked me, what is the situation? and i explained exactly. he had not been aware of that. he literally had not been aware of what had transpired and i don't want to go into the details of it.
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>> sean: he had not even been aware of it. he is the president. a major story, major international deal. honestly, you know, who is the great puppeteer in the white house? who is running the show? who's in charge? because it is certainly not him. by the way, what message is the sending to china? a president of the united states who literally has no idea what is going on but while biden and his woke handlers project weakness abroad, our allies are scared to death. by the way, heavy-handed right here at home. look at the attorney general merrick garland now directing his fbi to crack down on parents who dared to object to critical race theory and schools, encouraging law enforcement to label them as domestic terrorists when possible. as senator ted cruz weeded out today, a clear violation of the constitution and civil rights of all americans. the american people, you, we are not stupid. we see what is happening, they don't approve of it. look at the latest quinnipiac poll.
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biden's approval rating in the sewers. senator ted cruz, let's start with merrick garland, really? parents have no right to have a say about their children's education. why don't we just hand at the kids over to the government, let them raise them because that apparently is what they want. >> in any crisis someone's character is revealed and covid has showed the character of the democrats. they are authoritarian. there is no decision about your life they will not try to control whether that is a vaccine mandate regardless of her choices, gavin newsom trying to order every school kid in california to get a vaccine, regardless of their parents's wishes, or whether it comes to silencing free speech. you know, the attorney general's memorandum this week, directed the fbi and the department of justice to go after parents who are going to school boards, who
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are expressing dismay that critical race theory, the toxic stew of lies that divides us based on race, that teaches kids that america is inherently racist and all white people are racist, that seeks to turn us into hating each other on racial lines, parents are understandably upset about that and the attorney general told the department of justice that those parents of school boards should be treated as threats and as domestic terrorists and directing the fbi to use all the forces of the federal government against them. today, and you put up just a minute ago the head of the civil rights division and department of justice, i asked her, do you really think parents of school boards are domestic terrorists? she refused to answer the question. i said, did they have any civil rights to express their dismay to their elected officials? the head of the civil rights division refused to answer it. then i said, what about antifa
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terrorists writing across the country, are they domestic terrorists? she refused to answer. i said how about black lives matter terrorists that are looting stores and murdering police officers, can we agree that if you murder police officers you are a domestic terrorist? she said, well, everybody is allowed to have a point of view. the biden justice department looks at terrorists who are murdering police officers and firebombing cities and says, we don't know if they are bad guys but they look at moms at a pta meeting and they say yep, that is the threat in life. it's nuts. it's madness. >> sean: a lot more, the great one mark levin will way into night. senator, i have very strong feelings. you tell me, correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think any republican was consulted in any way at all, never mind in a meaningful way about the $3.5 trillion, new green deal socialism.
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to pay for the outcome of the democrats are trying to rely on republicans to assist them in raising the debt ceiling or else they won't have the money to spend on their socialism which will destroy this great country and i don't want a single republican, i am a conservative as you know, i don't want a single republican assisting them by raising the debt ceiling. i heard mitch mcconnell might be opening the door to allow that to happen. that is not particularly pleasing to me and that doesn't sound like a small government conservatism to me. >> you're preaching to the choir, i think it is a big, big mistake for the first book i wrote was called the time for truth and the opening chapter of the time for truth, the title of it was mendacity and it described a senate republican lunch where mitch mcconnell asked every republican to unanimously consent to lower the democrats to raise the debt ceiling from 60 votes to 50 votes and i raised my hand and said, listen, there is no
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universe in which i can consent to that. it is dishonest of the men and women who elected us, there's nothing i have done in nine years in the senate that has more enraged leadership than that moment of objecting, and we are right back there again. this is all because chuck schumer is playing political games. right now the democrats have both houses of congress and the white house. they can raise the debt ceiling but chuck schumer doesn't want to because if they raise it with just democrat votes than they actually have to be honest to the voters and say we are adding trillions in debt to her kids and grandkids. instead, they want to play a game that forces republicans to support their massive debt and their reckless spending. chuck schumer is the one threatening default of debts. biden is the one threatening default of debts. that is reckless. we should never ever ever default on the debt and by the way, for years i have supported
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legislation called the full faith and credit act of that would say under no faith and circumstances with the united states ever default on its debts. if the debt ceiling is a race we will continue to pay the interest on our debt and it will be the big government left-wing spending programs cut instead but the democrats block it because they want to threaten the default on the debt to push through more spending programs. >> sean: senator, stand strong, the american people will stand behind you. every conservative will and most republicans. mitch mcconnell, stand up as a conservative or let someone else lead, thank you. when we come back, biden's border crisis is worsening. republican governors are taking matters into their own hands. sara carter is at the border, and later at the end of the show i have an announcement that i think you would like straight ahead.
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>> sean: now we have ten republican governors joining texas governor greg abbott at the border today, exposing joe biden's border neglect in what is a worsening humanitarian, security and the super spreader of all super spreader health crises and the governor has outlined a ten step border security plan to fix what is a self-inflicted biden-harris open borders disaster that includes reinstating donald trump's remain in mexico policy, ending the insanity of process "catch and release," building the wall again and enforcing all deportations of criminally convicted illegal immigrants. our own sara carter is at the border with the very latest. what is going on? >> yeah, sean, the governors noted it wouldn't require an act of congress to get there ten point plan in action.
6:30 pm
just a signature from president biden. i spoke today to two of those governors. doug ducey and iowa governor kim reynolds. they both said that biden's current policies are in national security threat to the united states. listen to the spirit >> 26 governors sending a message directly to the biden administration to fix the national security crisis. do you believe he's going to give you the resources you need in order to take care of that? >> more than half of governors have signed a letter to send a direct and clear message to president biden that the border needs to be secured. this is a federal issue. we are using all the resources we can from the state level, national guard, strike force, law enforcement but the resources have to come from the federal government for the men and women that actually protected this border and stop these dangerous drugs from flowing in. >> what is your message from
6:31 pm
president biden considering he hasn't responded to any of the letters? >> he hasn't responded to over half of america's governors. 26 sent him a letter asking to meet with him to figure out how we can stop this humanitarian and national security crisis at the border and for him to not even acknowledge or respond makes you wonder what his end game really is. >> the governors want everyone to know that the border just doesn't affect border states. it affects the entire nation. across me, right here, crime has been escalating the drug cartel, just this past monday, a number of people that were shot in a battle in mexico came across the u.s.-mexico border and had to be treated here. it is also enormous concern, as you can see, the photos here, that cartel members are actually
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taunting our law enforcement agencies. this has been happening over the past several weeks. in fact, tomorrow, is going to be a big meeting among law enforcement agencies as to how they're going to handle the increased violence at the border. sean? >> sean: great reporting down at the border, we appreciate it. here to explain more, texas governor greg abbott. you've been on the program, you've deployed you national guard. you have allocated billions of state taxpayer dollars to continue building the wall. you even built a wall out of cars. every single legal means that you have had, you've been trying to use. you are now dealing with the federal government that not only is not enforcing our laws but aiding and abetting lawbreaking. is there anything else short of this ten-point plan that you can do up to this point that you haven't done and how do you get to implement this and will be
6:33 pm
his governors help you? i know it is a long question. >> very simply, the ten-point plan is what we are urging the president to do and he can do immediately but also to show you how swiftly it can be done. also, listed off ten things that i as governor of texas have already done to show what biden could do himself. he mentioned i signed a three billion-dollar project where texas taxpayers are paying to do the federal government's job of securing the border. mentioned that i deployed thousands of national guard as well as thousand department of public safety officers. however, also we created an entirely new program to arrest and to jail illegal immigrants who were trespassing into texas and yes, i have signed the paperwork to ensure that texas is going to begin to build of the wall ourselves. but there is also additional laws into effect. i signed a law to crack down on
6:34 pm
penalties that make it easy to prosecute smugglers who are bringing illegal immigrants into the state of texas. nine laws cracking down on human trafficking. texas created a new law to go after the manufacturers and distributors of the deadly drug fentanyl and i executive it a federal order -- legal immigrants across the state of texas. >> sean: i don't want to be a naysayer, i appreciate the difficulty and the problem, i appreciate you called out the guard and billions of taxpayer dollars for the wall, i appreciate the wall of cars you built, you had your own officers on the border chasing people back so they can't get into the country illegally, but joe biden is aiding and abetting the lawbreaking and at that point it becomes their jurisdiction. do you have the right ones people are this country
6:35 pm
illegally to then export them back to the country they came from? >> that has occurred already with local law enforcement, even with federal law enforcement. our officers have arrested people who have been turned back and it turns into a revolving door. people will be taken back across the border and they are not going to stay across the border. they are to come right back. many of the more than 50,000 people that we have apprehended we have apprehended for a second time. so it is a strategy that can be used, but until the biden administration does its job, it is going to be a revolving door. if we can put people back across the border then they are going to come right back across another location. >> sean: it is just sad to me in the middle of a pandemic and i have seen the cages that are overcrowded, high rate of speed that he positivity even among border patrol and joe biden has aided and abetted. i have never seen anything like it in my life but i appreciate
6:36 pm
your efforts, keep us up to speed, if there's anything the american people can do to help you, please let us know. >> thank you, shawn. >> sean: appreciate you being with us. when we are back, buckle up, the great one, mark levin, he will break down the latest attempts to weaponize the irs and that's right, go after mom's as domestic terrorists because they dared to speak up about what they want for their kids in their school system. i know, really strange times ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now and the dangerous politicizing of the biden doj is now as obvious as ever. after the attorney general merrick garland ordered the fbi to actually investigate, you got
6:41 pm
it, moms and dads standing up against far left school boards on issues like crt and covid mandates and the attorney general even suggesting that parents who are opposed to critical race theory and other far left indoctrination efforts are wait for us, domestic terrorists. a biden proposal that maybe snuck into the democrats' massive $3.5 trillion socialist spending spree would give the irs even more power to spy in your bank account. that means $600 or more transactions. there is a lot of money at stake there. here with reaction to all of this, now in its 12th week on "the new york times," ten in a row at number one, he is the host of "life liberty and live in" on the fox news channel, i have the distinction of calling him the great one, mark levin.
6:42 pm
i'm looking at this weaponization of the doj, we saw when they went after the very inclusive voting laws in georgia and they didn't go after the very exclusive restrictive voting laws in jail's state of delaware. now we see the weaponization of the doj and weaponized parenting because they complain about what is being taught in schools, covid mandates. should parents just shut up and take whatever the school gives them? >> i served as chief of staff during the reagan administration for some period of time. it never would have crossed our minds to do anything like this. the biden justice department is made of obama administration that unleashed the irs against of the tea party. these people do not agree with civil liberties at all, they do
6:43 pm
not agree with competition of ideas or competition period but merrick garland is creating some type of -- that is what he is doing, spying on parents, gathering intelligence on parents, tracking parents, a special phone number they use to report domestic terrorists, so a teacher who is offended or a school board member who is offended or staffer who is offended can report apparent to their government, and the pretext is some kind of widespread violence. there is no pattern of widespread violence. the pathetic letter written by the school board association, they don't even provide a list of crimes they think are committed. moreover the federal government has absolutely no authority whatsoever to even go into a school board meeting, let alone a classroom. these are state and local matters fully. local police can handle violence and i would remind everybody that the fbi did little when our cities were burning, when
6:44 pm
black lives matter and antifa wf larceny, attacking our police. the fbi needs to get its act straight, so this is a pretext about widespread violence to intimidate, threaten and suppress communities and neighborhoods all over the country to comply with the left-wing radical marxist agenda. critical race theory, gender is and everything else, it is a cabal, these marxist school contractors and the democrat party and the biden administration. they want to use the criminal division, the national security division, the civil rights division, the executive office of the u.s. attorneys, the fbi and other entities within the department of justice where they have absolutely no party whatsoever. this memo that garland wrote that could have been written by a third grader, he says in here among other things, what do they
6:45 pm
want to do? they want to look at efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views? why would you bring the fbi infer that? they are committed to using its authority and resources? they have no authority to do a damn thing here. threat reporting and so forth, so you call up your government and report on a parent and send the fbi out to interview people? this is, i said, making the fbi into the east german stasi and merrick garland has a reason to do this beyond his ideological extremism. his family makes money from pushing this crap in our school districts. gender-ism, equity and all the rest. his son-in-law is a fount of, they are pushing this agenda in 25% of our schools so far all around the country while his family is making millions. let me say it here tonight, a special counsel needs to be appointed to investigate this
6:46 pm
attorney general's ties and his family's ties to panorama and is unleashing a full force, unconstitutionally, of the federal government to attack the constitutional rights of citizens and parents throughout this country. one quick thing, i want to talk about mitch mcconnell and the rest too. we take in $320 billion a month in this country. taxes are paid whether the government is open or closed. you pay your payroll taxes whether the government is open or closed. $320 billion a month. the debt service every month is $44 billion! that leaves approximately $280 billion left. tell mike to pay for what? to pay for everything else social security is separate because that is separate, neither of those are in danger despite with the liar in chief says in the oval office. as a matter of priority under the 14th amendment, federal pensions have to be paid as well as veteran benefits have to be
6:47 pm
paid. beyond that, there is no question about us falling out of favored non -- credits. there's plenty of money to play the debt service. the problem is there is not enough money to pay for what the democrats want. that is why they keep complaining and threatening. they want to raise the debt ceiling to pay for trillions and trillions of dollars, the redistribution of wealth in their marxist spending plan. that's it. >> sean: and no republican should support it. mitch. mark levin, thank you. don't forget marc's show, number one every sunday night, right here on the fox news show, life, liberty & levin. biden's approval rating, it is in a total and complete utter free fall. dana loesch, mike huckabee have announcement and a major announcement straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: a rare moment of clarity from democrats tonight as embattled virginia gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe is saying the quiet part out loud and admitting biden is not popular. take a look. >> we've got to get democrats out to vote. we are facing a lot of headwinds from washington. as you know the president is unpopular today. unfortunately, here in virginia so we have got to plow through. >> sean: joe's numbers are cratering to a new low. 38% of according to quinnipiac. peer down another focal points from last month. i think there is good reason for all of it. here with reaction nationally syndicated radio talk show host dana loesch along with former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor, okay, is there anything he has done successfully? because i can't name one.
6:53 pm
>> i can't either. we have the highest gas prices we have had in seven years, i thought it was kind of interesting that he was so honest but the truth is, sean, having joe biden come campaign with you is the equivalent of going into a restaurant business and asking jeffrey dahmer to be your new partner. it is just a disaster. >> sean: oh, man, that is cold. that is cold. but there is an admission here. what i heard out of that data is it is not my fault if i lose. >> now, that is exactly what it sounded like and he's not doing too well. parents are not happy with them, especially with the whole school board stuff, et cetera, but you know what this reminds me of? the midterm elections in the tea party when president obama so they took a shellacking in the midterms and that is when there was a huge red wave in the house brought to you by grassroots
6:54 pm
activists hitting the streets and actually going out and kissing babies and shaking hands and stuff but i really feel like the energy is almost the same except there are a lot more outraged parents. joe biden is red-pilling more than half of the country at this point. how much lower can he get? i will add to what you and the governor said, he has been incredibly successful in forcing us to get to a point of rationing, in forcing high gas prices interning on the teachers unions et cetera, et cetera and forcing people to question the government more, so i guess he has been successful on that end. >> sean: his comments about parents and education, the governor, i wouldn't even call that a gaffe. that was just a dumbass comment and that is going to haunt him until november. >> let's face it, he has had several moments of honesty and the more honest he gets the dumber he sounds and the more ridiculous it is. i get there maybe parents in
6:55 pm
america who would like to turn their children over to the government because they are having a tough time with them, but most parents accept responsibility for raising their kids and they don't appreciate it when the government basically says shut up, give us your kid and we will tell you when you can have your kid after we have thoroughly indoctrinated them. >> sean: by the way, i wouldn't recommend that with your kids or dana's kids or my kids. i think i have a better idea how to raise them. all right, guys, good to see you both. thank you. when we come back, a major announcement you do not want to miss. that is next. t plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening but before we go a major programming announcement. former president donald trump will join us live tomorrow night for an exclusive interview. we will get his thoughts on it, let's see, americans abandoned in afghanistan and a disaster at the border begging opec for energy.
7:00 pm
let's see, inflation. the democrats $3.5 trillion socialist spending spree that they want to go along with. at biden's imploding presidency and the fact that i don't thinking is what data is. please set your dvr and never miss an episode in the meantime i have very good news for america. let not your hearts be troubled, "the igraham angle," laura ingraham is next. >> laura: what day is it? >> sean: it's wednesday. >> laura: wednesday of what year? >> sean: what's the point, 2021. >> laura: i'm trying to do a biden impersonation. you're slow on the uptake. >> sean: are you a junkie? >> laura: have you ever painted? let me ask you an honest question. have you ever painted as beautiful a piece of art as hunter biden's painting? have you ever done that ever?
7:01 pm
>> sean: i call it portraits


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