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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 6, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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is timberview high school in arlington. about an hour and 35 minutes ago at washington liberty high school which is not far away there was also a report of an active shooter. police showed up, they cleared that scene and as soon as they cleared washington liberty high school, they got reports of an active shooter at timberview high school. the active shooter clearly at timberview that turned out to be a reality because we are now hearing that a number of people, we don't know that they are teachers or students but a number of people have been wounded. we don't know anything about don't like more than that but it gives no concept of something it was going on in arlington today because a couple of threats were turned in and one turned out to be not a threat on the other turned out to be exactly what we are seeing on the screen right now. he had these different scenarios that police are trying to work out and you can imagine that every other high school in and around the arlington area is either going to be on lock down very soon or they will try to
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get those kids taken out and put on buses and sent home until they can figure out what's going on citywide. harris? >> i wanted to step in a little bit, we wanted to get this detail in here. the atf dallas field division is on the scene. they are at timberview high school in mansfield in response to the shooting event and i'm reading from the atf twitter and they got the name of the school room. they are in the process of handling the dissemination of information at this time. so they'll probably will need to clean that up. but here's what i would say. the way that trace described what now has to go on inside that school, you need to eliminate whether or not the suspect as they are. you can't go door to door to door with what could be a
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hundreds of students left, you pull them out to read vacation places where authorities or are they on the side that they would load them onto buses and take them. and as trace pointed out, what we see at the top center of the screen, i don't see the location where they will drop their knapsacks and of backpacks on water bottles and all that but they will have to do it before they board the buses because technically it everything they see its potential evidence at this point. they don't know necessarily, at this point, or at least if they do, they haven't told us, but you think whoever has done this might be neutralized at this point. the burning of question as to why and what people knew before that question, post questions always persist in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months after something like this. so putting that puzzle and those answers together means everybody
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coming out of the building has to be treated like potentially maybe they knew something. so that might not be as the suspect but it could be as a subject of someone who might have known what was about to unfold. or i can say some things during or after that are helpful to piece this together. investigation starts immediately and as trace pointed out and so did ted williams, former d.c. detective who was with those moments ago, all of this was about saving as many lives as possible. this is still being listed on the twitter page of the arlington police department, they have not updated that this is not an active scene yet. so it is active. trace, one of the things i want to know more about it, and you were getting into some detail about those, the parents. to go to that reunification
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point. they had it up in a tweet, because it is wider and broader in terms of getting that information then i can be helpful to see it, wherever you see it. whether it's on your phone or fox network, wherever it is. if you can get that tweet. so everyone is told to go to the reunification pointed at the center for performing arts located at 1110 west debbie, and officers will be there at the scene. and now as it says they would eventually be bused, they are in the process of getting those kids out of harm's way and taking them to that reunification point. >> it might be a long process and, now there's 20, 25 or maybe more buses that have lined up to pick the students up but it could be a long process. you have one bus that pulls up
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because you know they are going to do this section by section of at school. you only have so many officers being allowed inside the school and you see where that yellow school buses, you have law enforcement personnel that are right there on the lawn so they no longer believe there is an active shooter inside the building because you can see them kind of milling about. they are not in defensive positions so that's one thing you kind of take off the table. the next thing is you have to go in there and unit by unit, building by building, class by class, they have to clear these areas to make sure that everybody is okay. the students of course are sheltering in the class and the law enforcement will come and identify themselves when they get to that class, take it out and take the students out portion by portion and then the students who happen to be outside will get a chance to go around and won't be allowed inside the building and they will be taken first. he looked at the whole totality of this and you can see that it's an all-hands-on-deck scenario. you got fire trucks, numerous
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ambulances, you got police and sheriffs, and all kinds of as you mentioned, police and atf on the scene that we are also getting reports from local affiliates that they are -- he saw a helicopter zoom out, but now there are reports that you have a number of police units and federal agencies that are at a nearby house and it near timber view high school. we don't know if there's a potential suspect an outhouse or if they believe they have some leads and the concept here is now they will start looking for who is to blame and who is behind. a >> harris: great details as we try to piece together from the outside looking in what has happened today. a large high school in arlington, texas, and they have not gotten everybody out.
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this is a very early part of the process of trying to evacuate that campus. as they do so i want to bring in ken trump, president of national school safety services. ken trump joins us by phone. mr. trump, you are with me? do we have him? ken trump. are you with me? >> yes. can you hear me? >> harris: yes. we are connected. i know these are horrible circumstances to have that. can you hear me? >> i can hear you fine. the a >> harris: let's talk about this campus. are you familiar with this campus at timberview high school? >> not the specific campus but it mirrors other districts that we work with around the country including other districts in texas and that particular region of texas as well.
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the situation that you are seeing as you have clearly illuminated is, unfortunately far too common in that we know what is occurring. right now you are looking at a tactical situation where officers have an enormous path facing them to clear these large high school campuses that are huge with next and crannies and places where there could potentially be people. you are talking about buildings that housed thousands of students and school staff, so your first effort is obviously responding to those who are in need, as previously mentioned by trace talking about going into a situation where the first officers on scene enter. you don't set up the perimeter, you go in and try to neutralize the shooter even if you have to step over and around those who are injured temporarily, to neutralize that shooter. the next step in that process is of course getting a date to those who needed and then you
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face this enormous task of clearing the building in a methodical way that's going to take a large number of people. you will need a controlled evacuation and we will see that scene that we'd seen far too often with kids and adults coming out with their hands visible to know that they don't have any weapons or pose a threat. so where do these kids need their parents who are right now clamoring for that i want to step in and come up because you asked that question open wide, and anyone who may be searching for the answer, we have the answer and it's an extremely i want to cut in and ask everyone to take the information out of
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that sweet with the reunification point, let's isolate that information so we have it on the screen. this is going to be a process. moving off to the left, and as they stop, pick up children, trace gallagher had mentioned moments ago they are likely dropping their belongings because i can't take those items with them. this is a crime scene. they will begin to go through those kids and put them on buses and take them as ken trump was just saying to her reunification point. we know that that is at the center for performing arts. that's at 1110 west debbie. so a little distance away from where we are looking at right now, which is the high school where we know multiple shots rang out, multiple victims. in those victims, we don't know the configuration, whether they were young people, students, faculty, administrators, we don't know yet who has been hurt and all of this but we do know
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that they've been transporting people pretty quickly after resources where there, police and fire and emergency services arrive. on the phone with me now is ken trump, national school safety services. when i say your title again, i want to know specifically what you can tell me about keeping a campus like the safe and it likely what with the assets to be there. do they have a way to remotely lock all the doors? what does that look like? >> well, first of all in many texas school districts they either have their own school police departments or they have school resource officers assigned to, especially at the high school level. we may not say that as much at elementary, we typically see it in a lot of middle schools but in high school i would expect a school resource officer, some physical security measures to reduce access and control to the main office point as best as you can do that on a large campus or
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perhaps multiple points with other areas reduced. but we also want to have schools prepared and this is something that we are just talking about more as kids come back in a covid-19 context. many schools have not thoroughly reviewed a traditional school emergency plans like lockdowns or controlled evacuation, or apparent reunification because of been so focused on covid-19. not saying that's the case here but it's something nationally for your viewers, we need to shift back and look at those safety plans as well. but looking at the number of buses, who are spot on with getting that information out on parent and student reunification because the number one thing right now is parents want to wrap their arms around their kids. looking at the number of buses, it looks like you are talking about a large high school. look at the number of us as we have going down the roadway lining up, so you're probably talking a couple thousand kids
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at least. you may have data coming to you on student enrollment, but it's a large campus. then when they go to the parent and student reunification center it's critical for the parent, as a father myself, the immediate goal is to get to your kid and they have to account for all those students and document who they are releasing them too and that will be a process that you talked about as well. but it's for the safety of the kids and the adults. parents walking to the scene now, that won't help them come up that will only delay getting them to their kids. >> harris: you are pretty spot on with your number there. we are looking live and seeing the very first exit point now of students who will be loaded up onto buses and taken away from their home learning center, they are home base, there campus for their high school years. this is arlington, texas.
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this is timber view high school. this is where 1,895 students attend school. we are in a pandemic, and many have returned in person, so with ken trump of the national school safety services who has joined us today was just pointing out, it could be upwards of 2,000 students and others in that building, and he was right. he is right. it is potentially a packed situation today. you couldn't see them, you couldn't see them all in one purview of the camera. but the point of all of this, of getting them out of harm's way obviously is to reunify or get them to the reunification point. unify them with their parents. and police are there.
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the mansfield performing arts center, the mansfield school district center for performing arts, 1110 debbie lane, we have isolated that from a tweet that went out. now it's all up on your screen and if you think somebody needs to know this. okay. i'm being told i'm going to get to this now. mayor jim ross, mayor of arlington, texas, is with me now. mayor ross, first of all can you hear me? >> i can hear you. sorry about that noise, and out of town right now. >> harris: no worries. i'm so sorry that this is happening to a school in your area. we know a number of students potentially and we are trying to get our mind around the sprawling campus.
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>> it's a great high school, part of the mansfield independent school district but it's physically located in the city of arlington. i don't know a whole lot about the incident itself. i know that we have apparently two people who have been injured and transported to local hospitals. we are in the process of evacuating the remaining teachers and students to get them to a safe area where they can be reunited with their family. >> harris: tell me this. just in the makeup of the students and the school, there are an extraordinary amount of buses here and to move upwards of 1800 kids out of one location, you would need that. how far away will they be taken to this performing arts center? >> i don't know the specific but it's not that far away. it's far enough that we believe
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we will have a safe location that has been secured by the police department to ensure that the kids can reunite with the families there. >> jim ross, we had seen reports that there was some other incident at another school in arlington, texas, today, nothing like this but a situation that required attention from law enforcement. what can you tell us about that. what have we learned and is there any connection that you have heard of? >> i'm not aware of this other incident that you're referring to, and i don't know of any potential connection on this. >> harris: got trace gallagher who has been on with me now, and trace, i know you've asked that question. we have details and i know you are looking into this. i'm with the mayor of arlington
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right now, jim ross. >> what we were hearing earlier is that it was washington liberty high school that there was a threat of an active shooter and there were police that showed up on scene. they went through and cleared that school and it was only minutes later mr. mayor that timberview then did have an active shooter. i don't know how far washington liberty is from tip review, i'm wondering if you know the distance, and that was a question harris was posing earlier. is there a potential connection, do you know if maybe that is being looked into? and we are also hearing on the scene that three were shot. we do not know if they were students, we don't know if they were teachers or faculty of any sort and we also believe at this point in time although they have been taken to hospitals that there are no fatalities and they cannot or have not located a
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shooter inside the school. do you know any of that? >> the shooter is not in custody, at least that i'm aware of in the last few minutes or so. i believe there have been a number of witnesses who have been able to help identify the shooter, and the ongoing investigation is looking for them as we speak. >> harris: do we know if the alleged shooter as a student at the school? >> i don't know if it's a student or who it is. >> harris: you said witnesses could identify him. >> right, that's what i've been told. and we will want to talk with
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you again as the scene plays out. thank you. if the police department is a scene in arlington, texas, is joined by mansfield law enforcement, and here's their update. >> we are going to try to do an orderly fashion to try to bring them out of the school to ensure that they are brought to their parents. okay? once the search is completed we may well make sure that the students are transported on a bus to the south side of the school to the mansfield independent school district at the performing arts at 1110 debbie lane. prior to the students leaving the building in an orderly controlled fashion, we've got police officers that will take photographs of their identification to make sure that the ball of the are accounted for in an orderly fashion.
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now as tragic as this is, we will take it very seriously in law enforcement. we do have a suspect who is identified. what we believe happened preliminary is that there was a fight between students and another individual in the class. and a gun was used. and if there four victims. i'm heard that a person of interest right now is timothy george simpkins. he is a black male at 18 years of age. we have a car that he is currently driving, or we believe he is driving. a 2018 silver dodge charger, license plate pfy6620.
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we currently have u.s. agencies including the u.s. marshals task force looking for this individual. this is a collaborative effort between state and local and federal agencies to bring this person to justice. >> i'm tracy aaron, the chief of police in mansfield and i want to think say thank you for all of the agencies. mansfield responded to this the same as all the other agencies and i have to assure you that the departments are doing at a great job in bringing all of this to a close. what you are going to see now is that there is going to be continued searches for our suspect, the chief has already told us what that looks like and we have asked for the citizens help to continue to search for that person and calling any leads that they may have. this person is considered to be armed and dangerous and i would suggest you call 911 as soon as
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you see that suspect vehicle. we are continually making those searches throughout the state as it turns out. have the victims in your thoughts and prayers. please lift those folks up in your prayers, some of those are already in surgery so be thinking about them. be thinking about our suspect and their family. need to bring this to a safe resolution and that's what our goal is. thank you all very much for being here and thank you for your help. >> thank you. daniel says may, grand prairie police department. i'd like to echo the chiefs comments with our thoughts and prayers to the families. i want you to let you know that the grant. police department role is strictly a support role. although we believe the suspect is currently at large you will see the grand prairie s.w.a.t. team and s.w.a.t. teams of other agencies clearing the school to make sure there is no other additional dangers. the grand prairie police department is also actively involved in the search for the suspect partnering with the
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united states marshals service and the fugitive task force and they are out as we speak looking for the suspect. as i mentioned this is a very large collaborative effort and our goal is to make sure that all of the students here, not to just come out safe but feel safe so we are working toward that as we speak. you should see very shortly a large contingent of students coming out orderly, moving out to the buses and moving to the location already indicated. our recommendation that parents go to that location, that chief colby mentioned, the address, rather than coming to the school. coming to the school here will just make things more difficult so please go to the pickup location. inc. you very much. >> we won't take any questions but i wanted to reemphasize that this is not a random act of violence. not somebody attacking our schools. this is a student, we believe
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right now preliminarily that this was a student that got into a fight and it through a weapon. we had to mansfield independent school district police officers that are housed in the school, they were here and on scene immediately to render safety to our student. >> is there a medical text or in the school? >> i don't have that information. >> -- gunshot wounds? >> i can tell you that yes, i believe two of the victims received gunshot wounds. as to the severity i don't have information. >> were these teachers or students? >> we believe that three of the victims were students, one was an older person that may be a teacher. >> there was a report of a
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pregnant woman who is one of the four victims that may have fell during the shooting, but received medical treatment from our ems staff here on scene and was released. that person is not in the hospital based on information i have right now. >> -- you have a certain level of confidence that the danger is not here -- speak to your level of confidence that there is no continued threat to the students. >> we have a high confidence, the shooter is not on the premises. i have a high confidence there was only one shooter at the school and we will continue to make sure that we lock down our students and make sure that they are safe. we have grand prairie police department, mansfield with his apartment, in arlington was government and others that are methodically going through each of these rooms and release of
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these children to make sure that we are safe, to make sure that we get identification for each of the students, to make sure that we hope you have any weapons on them, themselves. so it's just a customary practice that we will do to make sure that everyone is safe before we get them out on the buses. >> chief colby, you mentioned mr. simpkins, 18 years of age, he was in that classroom as a student fighting with someone else with that weapon is your understanding at at this point? >> there was a video that i viewed and he was in a classroom where as to whether he was a student or not i do not have information right now. we are going to release his photograph after this press conference, and we are currently actively looking for him.
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>> was he able to escape the school in the chaotic situation? it was because i do know there is video, we are trying to review the video to where he came out to come up based upon the information and he came out on the south side. there was a vehicle that was identified and we will tell you that one of the colors that called in immediately identified him as a suspect in the shooting. >> were they able to render aid before ems got on the scene? >> i do not. but they immediately responded to the threat situation and i'm sure that they tried to minimize any type of injuries. >> can i go back to that phone call, without a call essentially warning that it was about to happen? >> it was not a call. it was a warning. it was a call after it happened and that we had multiple 911 calls and one color identify the person of interest. >> based on video that i saw there were other students in the classroom.
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>> when you say video are you talking about surveillance video or possibly video captured by other students or teachers? >> the video i saw looked like it was captured on a cell phone by other students. that video with the shooting in and of itself or the fight in of itself? >> the video included the fight. i did not see the video that capture the shooting. >> sir, i'm sorry. one more time could we get the name of the suspect on the victims? >> the victims i don't have the suspect is on twitter right now and we will released a photograph of the suspect here momentarily. >> there are students that shot video but you don't have video in hand? >> yes. in a video that's taken of the incident, we would ask any citizen or any student to make sure that they contact mansfield police department were arlington police department with any video that they have. i will let you know that the
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arlington police department will handle the preliminary investigation. >> another question about the suspect, as he anyone that is known by your agency? >> i don't have that information. >> any more advice for the general public since he said he was armed and dangerous? >> i would say if anybody comes across as individual, please do not make contact with him. make sure that you call 911, have an appropriate police response and let us bring this situation to conclusion for the safety of the public and again, our hearts go out to those who are injured today and all the students who lived through a dramatic incident at the school. >> do you know what kind of weapon it was? >> i do not know what kind of weapon it was. >> -- what's happening right now, can you speak as best you can directly to that. is that not to come to the
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school, come to that offside information and -- when they might be able to look their student in the eyes again. >> we know that this is the traumatic the parents now, and right now we believe that the scene is secure and we are making sure we can orderly, in an orderly and controlled fashion we can identify all of the students and make sure we can account for everyone here is what we are going to do the next hour, but don't move me to him, and the next hour orderly and a controlled fashion bring them to buses right here on the south side and then we will bless them to the mansfield school district center for performing arts on debbie lane. we ask that all the parents please report their and your students and the children will love the buses and you can see them there.
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we have got several of the students that we have interviewed that were witnesses to this incident and so we will hold onto those children, hopefully and my detectives will allow them to call their parents. i'm sure there are many, many students who have reached out to the parents and ensure that they are saved and they are locked into rooms and police are going room by room ensuring that everybody is safe and no one else is a suspect or person of interest in this area. >> -- who were there today? >> i don't. >> were -- contacted? >> i don't have that information but i was so it's that yes, the parents have been contacted and been asked to report to see their loved one and be with them at the hospital. >> chief aaron, are you aware of
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metal detectors at the school by chance? >> no, sir, i'm not aware. the mansfield independent school district is in charge of the school district itself so i'm not certain of the safety measures inside of the building. >> i don't know if throughout the day today going in and out if you knew. >> i have not noticed inside the building. >> i am the special agent in charge for the atf dallas field division. we are officially here to support our state and local partners in this tragic incident. has a law-enforcement officer and apparent, this is kind of your scariest moment. this happens not only with what you do for your job but when you have a wife who is a teacher here and several kids that go to school in the district. so as soon as we get the information on this firearm we will track it down and figure out where this individual got this gun from. our agency is working with partners here to figure out how he got this weapon and then came in the school to cause a
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tragedy. i don't have much information i can give you, we haven't figured out the caliber of the weapon or anything but as soon as we do we have information to get out to you guys. >> what we have time for a few more questions. >> do you know how many shots were fired? i don't, based on the information i know there were more than two or three shots were fired. >> do you -- u.s. marshals outside of town, what does that have to do with -- >> i do not personally have the person or a suspect of interest address so i can't comment on that. >> all right guys, thank you.
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>> as we get any other updates throughout the day, we will update social media. >> harris: there is some information now, and we do know that children are going there and that is that performing arts center that is nearby. a couple of things of note, there is a manhunt now for a shooter who according to that assistant police chief kevin colby opened fire inside that school, in a classroom and in a room situation. the suspects name is timothy george simpkins. we have just pulled information as we were instructed during that news conference by that assistant police chief, go to our twitter page. we dare to come up the suspect's picture is all there with more
9:36 am
information. i haven't retweeted it and i would imagine other journals have as well. across both shows we have it up, fox news picking up on this. it is at this point a manhunt. it's also a methodical search inside that school to make sure nothing was left behind that could harm anybody. police confirming what they believe happened, a fight broke out and this individual pulled a gun during that fight. what was caught on camera, on video inside that school was the fight. what the assistant police chief said was not on that video that he could see was the shooting. there are four victims. let me specify, let me back up and get better details since we have them since a news conference. two people, to victim was shot and it taken to the hospital.
9:37 am
one older person is among the four who were harmed in the assistant police chief believes that person to be a teacher. three others he believes our students. one of the four victims is pregnant and he believes she was not shot, but she fell and was treated and has since been released from the hospital. these are important details because when you see upwards of 800 people pouring out of the building onto school buses, you can't help but wonder who didn't make it out. so we have good details up until now on what that looks like. also, why is this a manhunt? that assistant police officer from arlington said he does not believe based on high confidence he says, high confidence means he does not believe the shooter is on campus at this time. that is important information to know. we will keep up on the screen now the details that we have and
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i'm going to ask the team to toggle this suspect information, and that was a long that reunification point of where people will go. we are talking about thousands of people potentially and we want to give out constant information on the screen. if there becomes a hotline, that will bring that information as well. trace gallagher has more. that's throughout the last 45 minutes or so. and how does that fit into the overlay that we were speaking of when it first started to unfold. >> i think your summary is spot on, the information starts to mesh now because we got word about 15 or 20 minutes ago that police and that is the house
9:39 am
belonged to the suspect. and he's driving as you may have noted a 2018 dodge charger. they are looking for him, there is also concern he may do harm to himself. that's all the information really does mesh. it will be an hour before we start bringing more of those students out because they have to follow these procedures that are pretty much set in stone when you have high school shootings or any school shootings. they have to make sure these rooms are cleared room to room and make sure there is no more threat when they bring the students out and put them on buses and take them away. so for the parents who are waiting for information, this is an agonizing 60 minutes, 90 minutes or two hours, however long it takes to get those students out. the good news in all of this harris, so far, it is that there
9:40 am
does not appear to be any fatalities. we should also note that a level 1 trauma center is very nearby this high school which is a great scenario because we have learned historically that gunshot victims, when they appear at a level 1 trauma center their odds are like of survival are exceptional. lastly harris i want to let you know that we are still looking into reports earlier of another arlington high school that had reports of an active shooter that was washington liberty. that did not pin out, but minutes later this one panned out and it wasn't planned. that's a very important part of this, the police chief said there was no threat against the school, it wasn't planned, there was a fight between students and we are trying to figure out how those two fit together. >> harris: you no trace, i thought it was rather remarkable because you talk about the things you need to put the
9:41 am
puzzle together. it's remarkable in the sense that we don't have privy to it but there is a video of that fight. so they were able to narrow this down with more specificity then we might have seen in the past. the national school safety services were represented by ken trump and one of the things that he said was in a campus this large you would have a way to respond to this. you would have assets that really would be along the lines of dealing with this very quickly. then he pointed out, trace, we haven't been back in school very long in person during a pandemic for schools to even have gone through any of that yet. we are not talking about rehearsing it, but actually reviewing the information. and at the mirror, jim roth of arlington was saying something similar. it takes time to get back and
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come to speed. they were able to do a lot and a very short period of time given everything we've been through. trace gallagher, we will see you next hour when you and sandra smith and pick up the coverage. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: us we have the picture on the right side of your screen. this was put out by the arlington police department, moments ago they announced to go to our twitter page and you can see it. but what we are doing for you now is we are going to combine all the information, flowing on the right side of your screen, toggling what you might need to know if you are in an area and can look out. be on the lookout for 18-year-old timothy george simpkins. he may be driving a 2018 silver dodge charger, license plate pfy6260. we will toggle that on the screen with the reunification
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point where parents are. and can be waiting for their children. it will take some time to move upwards of 1800 people potentially on that campus but you will see that information there. the mansfield isd center, and that's the center for performing arts at 1110 west debbie lane. we were told by the mayor that it's not too far from here but far enough that law enforcement could secure that area away from this one and felt like that's where they could take potentially thousands of people with parents responding and whatnot if needed. i want to bring in casey stegall who is driving now towards this point. he joins me by phone on his way to timber view high school and if people are just joining, kc, as we've fold you into the coverage, i want to remind everybody that in the last
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couple of hours, something quite frightening unfolded on a high school campus in arlington, texas. the mansfield school district high school, timber view. and that's the aerial footage that we can see and the medical examiner vehicle there and dozens of police officers from arlington, grants field, moments ago the assistant police chief giving a better idea of who was on scene and also almost immediately, the atf. casey stegall will come as we head towards the school, i know you are already covering as deeply as you can the connection
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point of this and we know that a fight broke out, that there was a manhunt for people to pay attention to the picture to the right of the screen. >> nowadays with the social media component of this, and they can learn from the potential of crime in real time, and we slumped video posted on social media with some type of fight ensuing at the high school, and this is just around 915 local time, 915 central and that's when the 911 calls started coming in and police said there was a shooting reported on the second floor. now we are learning that that scuffle and a video of such scuffle that also included the sound of gunshots that that in fact participate though mike
9:46 am
precipitated this particular incident. i am just now as we speak pulling up into a parking lot directly across of the mansfield isd center for performing arts which, as you know and we have been covering and you just heard in that press conference, that is the official reunification point for parents and students. interestingly i only live about 10 miles or so from this location. when i punched it into gps, we were getting word that this was breaking this morning and we said initially it was going to take 12 minutes to get here and almost an hour later, here i am. i've been in line with traffic with roads blocked in all direction and of those are of course all of the parents who are desperately trying to make their way -- >> harris: casey, forgive me
9:47 am
come right back. we are now looking like and so people can see this, there was a concentration in the neighborhood not far from that school and at this is the outside of the home of the suspect. timothy george simpkins 18 years old, the arlington police chief said that they have video which purports to show not the shooting but the fight that broke out. the suspect they are looking out for pulling a gun out during a fight with others, potentially another student. we do know that he is a student at the school but what we are looking at now and you can see the law enforcement presence, pulling its weaponry out. it's got the back of that vehicle opened and they are waiting outside of the home.
9:48 am
and we see into the corner off to the right, and there's full video, and a live look canal. i'm asking my team to show this fully across the screen because you can see how far down the perimeter has been built around the home of the suspect. you can see the cop car towards the side of the screen, and that's a perimeter. there are also people off to the side, and you will see officers there with your guns drawn. i want to bring back casey stegall because he's headed to the high school, timber view. timberview.
9:49 am
but how do they find it timothy george simpkins away from the high school? >> right. and they are calling him a person of interest, that's what they did refer to him as securing this, 18 years old and driving a 2018 silver dodge charger. clearly if he was a student of the school and people knew him it was not hard for police to go to the home address and track him down. if you forgive me again, i'm at my car now at the performing arts center which is the reunification part so i can't see the live pictures, and the viewers are seeing at this point. i can see a huge line of cars and we heard that this was going
9:50 am
to take an hour or so, and they thought that the present danger was gone and that you'd be all clear was essentially given, they have brought dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of school buses they are lined up on the outside high school, and they will be brought in once the all clear is given and those students will come out single file, one by one and as you heard as a protective measure to make sure that every one of those kids is accounted for. they will take their photographs and they we are going to sort of process them out, if you will, before the students are then reunited with their parents. it looks like they will be ported onto buses and brought just a stone's throw away over here to the performing arts which becomes the parents
9:51 am
staging area. just listening to the local reports on the way in and some interviews with the parents, and folks that were standing outside of the school. that is really your worst nightmare, to hear of a shooting happening at your child's school. there were some parents that were talking on local media, local am radio, that it got broken up, sort of not knowing, and those first initial moments not knowing what happened. but there is a silver lining here if you will, and they are also reemphasizing that press conference that there was no other immediate threat to the public, that they didn't believe the rest of the community was in any danger and if they thought this was an isolated incident. that was a bit of a silver
9:52 am
lining, but that potential situation is contained to that neighborhood to come again, not far from the school itself where this all went down. >> harris: casey stegall, i just wanted to pop in because we can see the live pictures and i know you've made your way to the reunification point where parents are waiting for those buses. but where we are looking at is off to the right, all of those buses making their way to the point and looking at the suspect information. i want to remind everyone what arlington police told them in the news conference, they said go to that twitter page, we have it up. we are looking for a shooting suspect in today's incident at mansfield school district. timberview high school. please call 911 if you know the whereabouts of 18-year-old timothy george simpkins who may be driving a 2018 silver dodge charger with license plates
9:53 am
pfy6260. that is information that we will keep information on our screen, and the kind of toggle that between the reunification, and that they are focused in on one particular unit of what looks like our townhome or condominium, and it's got a minivan in the driveway with doors open. and there's no word if that was there previously and so are we at this point. the students, the victims, those so frightened for their lives today. they've seen a few things go right. and it casey was pointing this out just moments ago. the organization with which they were able to attack this on the
9:54 am
ground is not indicative necessarily of the pandemic that we have been through, and this is such an early time for people back and person. i don't want to downplay that, i want to play that big and large, that matters. we had authorities, because national school safety services, can trump tell us that some of these very large high school campuses across the state of texas might not have had time to fully review, come up to speed and drill what it would take to respond to an emergency, an enormous emergency on campus. but this strong response with law enforcement, with the resources of emergencies, first responders, it has been something that at least parents can look at and say it's organized, this is a core point i can go. four people were harmed today. the assistant police chief telling us that he believes three of them are students.
9:55 am
two were hospitalized with their gunshot wounds and one person described as an older person who what may be a teacher, all of this coming from the arlington police department. i want to bring them now jeff james, retired assistant special agent in charge for the secret service. current chief of police at a university in pennsylvania. joining us by phone. you are with me now. >> i am, harris. >> harris: jeff james, when you work at a university some of them are not much larger than his high school campus because high school campuses across many of our great states including texas are large. talk to me about securing the perimeter and going door to door. >> your emergency management plan has three phases. and it really starts with having the training and the practicing of your students and your staff. so when you are in that moment
9:56 am
if, heaven forbid you do have a dynamic event like this, everyone reverts to the training that you've given them. now we are in the third phase where it's all the things like triaging for injuries, reunification, recovery. the very slow-paced process. where they have been in the situation, and that process of going classroom to classroom and making that slow and deliberate search, you can get to people faster, even older staff members who are having medical events because of the panic that are unrelated to the actual shooting. now as far as the identification of the gunman goes, you know, it's clear that this is a targeted event, it wasn't something that was random like we saw at marjory stoneman where the gunman went through the
9:57 am
rooms looking for victims. so now they can concentrate their efforts on finding him and hopefully a peaceful resolution to this. >> harris: so when you hear that they are at the home of the suspect and we are and sing all sorts of live video now. what does that tell you about what they have learned about the suspect? and does it give you any clues about the investigation? there are just some things as professionals in law enforcement that you know that we don't. >> what i would say is they may not even know that he's there. because if it's me and i'm running the show down there, i sent people to the home immediately. he's a juvenile but his first thought might be, i want to run to safety, i want to run home. so even if i don't know that it's there i believe -- we try
9:58 am
to figure out that he is there while we still keep that alert out looking for his vehicle because he may have chosen to run. >> harris: some of the other details that we are hearing, trace gallagher was reporting earlier that local affiliates had put an alert out this morning that there was another school that had to be evacuated. washington liberty high school. we asked the mayor of arlington about this and he didn't have a lot of details, but was fully aware of it. so far, we don't have any reason to think that there was a connection but not too long after that we have the situation going on with emergency calls, shooting at timberview. in your experience, when it do you start to kind of look at both situations, or do you not? >> i think you do because i think you will find out pretty quickly if they were connected or not. i don't have the information to say whether they were connected
9:59 am
but i will tell you that the law enforcement response to both is going to be the same. it's going to be fast, it's going to be aggressive and it's going to be a very targeted response anytime anyone in law enforcement hears that schoolchildren are in danger, whether it's an elementary school, a high school or university. >> harris: jeff james, i appreciate you being with me today as we round out our coverage of this school shooting that has happened on a very large high school campus, timber view in arlington, texas. thank you. i'm looking into exactly, because as we risk you heard trace gallagher, and i were talking about is there any connection between washington at liberty high school, particularly if it's not in the state of texas, and it might be in arlington, virginia. we just want to be able to know the whole story. would there be any connection? and as you heard from jeff james, formerly of
10:00 am
secret service, they would have already gone through that pretty quickly. what we are waiting for now is when will they catch the suspect, 18-year-old timothy george simpkins? how are the victims doing who have gunshot wounds at the hospital? we know that one was pregnant, a young girl or woman who was released after she had fallen at >> sandra: thank you, we'll take it from there. we continue to look at live pictures out of arlington, texas at this hour. police with an update a short time ago, saying four people have been injured at a school in arlington, texas. the 18-year-old suspect is on the run. welcome to "america reports," i'm sandra smith. hi, trace. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for john roberts. the suspect started firing after getting into a fight at the school. the f.b.i., atf and other law


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