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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 6, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> 25 years ago we turned on the lights. we would love to see your shout-out to us. email them to us. >> dana: or record a tape. >> have a good day, everyone. >> bill: good morning, a federal crackdown on concerned parents. a directive that allows a school board to report a parent if they feel they're threatened. parents calling it the latest attempt to bully them into silence. we won't be silent today. bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: ifm owe dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." whatever happened to just working things out? are you going to call the f.b.i.? >> bill: i want to talk to the teacher after the class. let me know how my kid is doing. >> dana: the attorney general merrick garland launched this effort in a response of a disturbing trend of threats of
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violence. the school board association compared angry parents to terrorists and asked the white house to step in. >> bill: kristin clark is before a senate committee today for questions. parents claim they're being treated like criminals. >> what has happened now is that the federal government and the national school board association has declared a war on parents. all we have done over the past year is stand up and speak up for children. it's unconscionable that the federal bureau of investigation should even spend a minute thinking about us. >> parents we have never atoned violence or attacked people in school board meetings. i don't know of any reported incidents where parents are attacking school board members. >> dana: check out the cover of today's "new york post." a picture of parents with signs and protesting. the question is, are these domestic terrorists? mark meredith is live with more.
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>> the justice department says it is stepping in to protect teachers and school board members who it believes are facing unprecedented levels of threats as you mentioned attorney general merrick garland is directing the f.b.i. and u.s. attorney's office to examine ways the threats can be stopped but also encouraging people to report threats to the f.b.i.'s national threat operations center. certainly a sign the federal government will be playing a much larger role in this ongoing debate over school board meetings and the political ruckus that can follow. he says the department takes these incidents seriously and committed to using its authority and resources to discourage these threats. identify them when they occur and prosecute when appropriate. no doubt school board meetings in many communities have become more spirited with many parents speaking out against the controversial education issues like critical race theory and pandemic restrictions. betsy devos says getting the f.b.i. involved takes it to a
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whole new level. >> a massive overreach on the part of the federal government. a totally disproportionate response. there is no place for physical violence anywhere for anyone. but there is also no place for intimidating parents from speaking their mind and caring about their kids' education and futures. >> the national school boards association disagreeing saying education leaders nationwide are under immediate threat and it is calling for more safeguards to protect their members. we're hearing from many high-profile requirements arguing the justice department is trying to intimidate americans who choose to speak out on these local but important education issues. >> dana: one of the issues is that any threat that should be followed up on, an actual threat of violence, anger in speech is not violence and that is protected. there is no federal crime for that. >> bill: a lot of parents to
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talk about taking on the content in the classroom that their kids have exposed to. it goes to based on the other side from the parents on that. more coming up on this. >> dana: much more at the bottom of the hour because we'll have kevin mccarthy the house minority leader. he will be here on set with us. >> bill: a lot of questions for him. stand by. you have this caravan, 60,000 migrants most said to be from haiti heading toward the southern border. texas governor greg abbott among 11 republican leaders at the border saying the national guard is gearing up for the next big surge. want to bring in lieutenant christopher olivarez from the texas department of public safety. what do you know about the caravan that you can tell us today? >> good morning. first of all we're monitoring the current situation. we're monitoring the caravan that could surge the border. i can tell you now we have resources in place. we have an intel group working
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closely with u.s. border patrol. as you mentioned in your introthe national guard is deploying additional resources to support the department of public safety personnel. what took place in del rio several weeks ago is a perfect example of collaborating with our national guard partners and federal partners by stemming the surge of illegal immigrants coming across. we're able to form a steel wall with our patrol cars. deployed over 1,000 dps personnel and send the surge. we'll provide more resources to the southern border to stem any potential surges that could take place. >> dana: congressman cuellar is looking at this with common sense. >> we're in the middle of a pandemic. we can't let legal visa holders from mexico or canada come in but letting all the documented people come in during the
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middle of a pandemic. >> dana: i imagine that's a sentiment shared by a lot of people. it doesn't pass the common sense test. there is a lot of commerce that has been stopped along this way because of this. >> you're right. it's common sense. we don't know why they are only choosing to allow certain individuals into the country. but what took place in del rio. we don't know how they chose or what determines who gets to stay or who doesn't get to stay. it is a very -- this crisis now and the policies in place is broken and we're seeing that and having to deal with the situation now. >> bill: you are familiar with rodney scott, former border chief? >> yes, sir. >> bill: he worked under trump
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and biden. he talked about gear designed to help build the wall is sitting there. >> the real thing that's changed is the focus on border security in general and acknowledging that border security is critical to homeland security. and actually trying to control the border. the messaging has changed. current secretary mayorkas was part of dhs before. he clearly understands what needs to take place and control the border. >> bill: why is this going on given all that? >> that's the question, bill. we don't know why it is going on. they could put a stop to this. the question there is why isn't there any action being done by the federal government and why governor abbott stepped in visiting the border. that's proven leadership when
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you visit the area of the border that have increased activity. you visit with the boots on the ground. men and women and listen to their concerns. they're the subject matter experts. they'll tell you what the problem is and develop solutions. i don't know why the federal government is not stepping in to take care of this crisis. we're starting to see more individuals that are coming across our border that are heavily armed. these are individuals on the u.s. side heavily armed taunting our national guard and law enforcement by brandishing weapons. several incidents took place this week. we had a gun battle that happened in mexico that occurred directly across the city of mcallen with 13 individuals come across the border after the gun battle. five shot and now in local hospitals. we're starting to see this violence starting to increase. these individuals are getting more bold. it is because the lacks border policies. why it's happening? that's a question the federal government needs to answer. >> dana: they don't like that question. thank you so much. we'll stay in touch.
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>> thank you. >> you are saying in essence that the platform, whether facebook knows it or not, is being utilized by some of our adversaries in a way that helps push and promote their interests at the expense of america's. >> facebook is very aware it's happening on the plat foefrment >> dana: that testimony from the whistleblower yesterday telling how the social media giant she says put profit above people and mark zuckerberg is firing back saying all those allegations don't make sense. let's check in with aishah hosni. >> a lot has happened here in the last 24 hours on capitol hill and you've got republicans and democrats both fired up ready with legislation, bills to take action against not only facebook but other large internet companies just like it after what they heard yesterday during testimony from facebook
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whistleblower frances haugen saying the social media giant is morally bankrupt. stoke divisions and also harm children to put profit first. facebook ceo founder mark zuckerberg saying the argument we deliberately push content that makes people angry for profit is illogical. we make money from ads and advertiseors. they say they don't want their ads next to harmful orange re content. facebook going further yesterday pointing the finger back at congress requesting lawmakers set universal standards for all of the internet. but lawmakers have their own ideas. several senators have bills ready to go to protect children online and strengthen competition and protect your data. but the biggest takeaway is a bipartisan push of support to reform section 230. that's the far-reaching
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liability protection for websites right now. >> got to take back control of these things. they clearly have become too powerful and they clearly have shown that they don't have concern. >> there is a lot of things that need to happen here to be able to actually get control of something that we have -- this congress, this town, has basically let go like the wild west. >> time will tell if that actually gets done. you know how things work around here. senator blumenthal has asked zuckerberg to voluntarily come back and testify. see what happens. >> dana: thank you. this will continue. there probably will be testified. they have testified more than the other companies involved. we'll have a chance to talk to one of the facebook executives to talk about what happened. >> bill: he was out sailing. yesterday journal writes this. congress ought to examine ways
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to empower social media users and parents rather than bullying facebook to exercise more control over user speech. you could do that. they have taken some steps to do that. the more important line is this. the company has become a political scapegoat and that goes to the allegation of russian meddling during the election of 2016 and hillary clinton's claims. >> dana: the signal went out to the mainstream media with the same language and words. working with a democratic communications firm. we'll see what facebook says later in the hour today. >> two coward to kill himself or too coward to come forward. >> anyone who lived in that house is a coward and they don't know how to stand up for their actions. >> bill: gabby petito's father slamming laundrie as his parents change the timeline of his disappearance. what they are saying and how it
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might impact the investigation. >> dana: president biden trying to rally support for -- will it get on board with the huge spending plan? >> bill: clues to the massive oil spill in california and what investigators say could be the cause today. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love. talk to a financial professional about pacific life.
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>> just a little bit, bill. brian laundrie's parents, whenever they rarely come in and out of the house never say anything to all the reporters shouting questions at them. they've barely spoken with investigators. now according to the petito parents, gabby's family, it turns out when gabby was missing for days and then missing for weeks they would call, leave voice mails and text messages with the laundrie parents never to be returned even when the last text said we're calling the police. petito's body was found in wyoming 2 1/2 weeks from her. her parents last herd from her in late august. a new brian laundrie timeline provided to the f.b.i. by his parents. two days later, not three, he went on the hike and never seen again. four days after that is when his parents finally reported him missing. the parents' attorney said they had their dates wrong.
6:20 am
all four of petito's parents sat with dr. phil in the first group interview after their one news conference and recalled a horrible day that her remains were found. >> they said they found remains. and we knew it was gabby, even though we were hoping it wasn't. it was the hardest thing i've ever had to listen to. it didn't hit me right away for a few seconds. but i knew she was gone. as a mom i knew she was gone. >> the petitos also say when brian laundrie returned here to the florida north port home in the white van without gabby, he never once called any of them. bill. >> bill: in contrast, phil, gabby's parents have been entirely helpful all along,
6:21 am
have they? >> absolutely, especially that one sunday when the unidentified body was found near the search area in the national park in wyoming. stepdad had gone out there in search of his daughter and after the body was found, one of the searchers showed him a piece of fabric from the crime scene and immediately recognized it from one of her favorite sweatshirts locally bought in new york. where is brian laundrie today? that remains the big mystery but all of the parents say they do believe he is still alive somewhere on the run. >> bill: phil keating in florida today. >> dana: let's get more on this with criminal defense attorney jonna spilbor. one other piece of sound by gabby's mother from dr. phil in regard the his parents. >> somebody needs to start talking. i do believe they know a lot more information than they are putting out there.
6:22 am
>> the father agreeing. jonna, with this new information that the laundrie family attorney says the parents were confused on the timeline. do you buy that? >> they could have been confused on the timeline. i don't think whether they were confused by one day will make a giant difference in connection with this investigation. but can we just talk for a minute about all the things that we now know that don't make sense about brian laundrie and his parents and his whereabouts? like he flew from wyoming or out west some place back to florida for a five days and left his 22-year-old girlfriend to go fend for herself in a van so that he could do what, clear out his storage area? please, that part of the story makes no sense. makes no sense that he would leave her or why he would leave her and certainly makes no sense that we're just finding out about it now. by we i mean authorities and the public.
6:23 am
how could nobody not know that earlier? gabby was missing for weeks. nobody checked airline manifestos? you don't have to be angela lansbury to know that should have been done if in fact brian laundrie did fly back to florida in late august before gabby died. >> dana: i appreciate a murder she wrote reference absolutely. jonna. we still don't no exactly how she died. here is dr. bod in. >> in order to get to the manner of death you have to know the cause of death. the caution involved by the investigators. in the normal course, the cause of death would have been released immediately with the manner of death. >> dana: any thoughts on why this hasn't been released yet?
6:24 am
>> my theory on this is that the reason they're not releasing the cause of death is because the medical examiner's office knows a lot more than we do. they don't want to say anything that is going to taint or complicate this investigation any more than it already is. just like we don't know the toxicology results. my guess there is perhaps the toxicology results may have something to do with the cause of death. if they're connected it makes complete sense for now the information is not released but boy, we certainly want to know that. we want to know how gabby petito died and we certainly want to know who is responsible for it and right now the only person that seems to be in everybody's sights with good reason is brian laundrie. >> dana: and he is still on the loose. thank you so much, jonna. >> on the run. >> bill: alarming news on the nation's number of homicides. cdc reporting the homicide rate
6:25 am
rose 30% between 2019 and 2020. largest increase is more than a century. the last largest increase was from 2000 to 2001 after the attacks of 9/11. only three states saw a decrease last year. alaska, state of maine, and new mexico. >> dana: does the irs deserve to know more about your bank account? the biden administration thinks so. how the gop is trying to stop it. the biden administration accused of treating parents like criminals. kevin mccarthy is here to talk about that and more. welcome, sir.
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6:32 am
physical violence anywhere for anyone. but there is also no place for intimidating parents from speaking their mind and caring about their kids' education and their futures. >> bill: that's betsy devos. she would know, slamming the d.o.j. over its nationwide investigation in the threats against school board. here to talk about that and more kevin mccarthy in studio. can you stop this move against parents? >> i think america should stop this. not just a move against parents. it is trying to silence and separate. this just isn't coming from the d.o.j. remember what the governor candidate terry mccauliffe said? parents should have no say in their children's education. now they want to go into the closest there is to politics is a school board. now they want to intimidate a parent from questioning what is being taught to their children? this is all happening because after covid we've had this zoom
6:33 am
classes. parents are now becoming more aware of what's being said in their classroom and becoming upset by it. what is the answer from the biden administration? to silence you and nationalize elementary school. this is wrong and against what america believes fundamentally. >> dana: do you think somebody like chris wray should refuse to go along with it. >> yes. you should not silence parents but welcome parents to the classroom and have more say. >> dana: a move like this will i think make things worse. threats should be investigated. actual threats but anger is not necessarily a threat. it might be unpleasant. >> first amendment right to go and question. this is the closest there is to elected officials to know. it doesn't matter what party you are in, what color skin or wealth you have. once you have a child it is no longer what you become, it is what opportunities your children have. education is the great
6:34 am
equalizer but now we're saying government is the only people who have a say, not your parents? this is what's wrong. this is what separates us from china and other countries. but now this biden administration is driving it to a new level that i haven't seen. >> bill: that's what is happening in school districts and this is what is happening at the atm. janet yellen on cnbc. watch here. >> it is an enormous tax gap in the united states estimated at $7 trillion over the next 10 years. a simple way for the i.r.s. to get a sense of where that might be is just a few pieces of information about individuals' bank accounts so it is not reporting of individual transactions or anything of the like. >> bill: the key line was not in this clip. the key line is the agency already has a wealth of information about individuals. i don't know what they've got on you, dana or me and they do
6:35 am
want more. where does this go? >> this should go nowhere and why people should be concerned with what the democrats are doing now. we talk about reconciliation. you should be worried about the cost but also should be concerned about the content because this is in the bill. if you have $600 in your bank account the government wants to know what you are doing. they are directing the banks, credit unions, to tell you. they want to follow what's happening in your life. this is one of the greatest concerns i have. if you are an american and concerned about prices, privacy, primary school, this bill should be the most thing that upsets you because it will raise your prices, based upon the taxes, it will make america less competitive and putting government more into our lives from our bank from the i.r.s. agents to our education to our schools. and then in the worst part of what's happening we can't afford it. it doesn't matter at the end of the day. does joe manchin settle for something less than 3.5 trillion.
6:36 am
all they will do and the progressives will tell you they dial back how long they fund it. if they put the programs in they have greater controls over our lives and destiny. >> dana: as they realize they will have a lower amount they still want to get the programs start evidence so then in two years when you are running in the next elections it will be republicans who will be likely in charge of the house, maybe the senate, and what do you mean you don't care about children? you don't care about college education? >> yeah. >> dana: you don't care about paid family leave? >> they want to put the programs in like they did with obamacare, not fund it and it crowds out everything else. you can't invest for your children's's future. they have just created a massive program from cradle the grave in the process. it is not just yellen saying this. you reported this just the other day. who is this biden administration nominating? the controller of currency. if this was in a movie it would
6:37 am
laugh. this person wasn't like bernie sanders and weren't to moscow for his honeymoon. she went to school there and got the lenin scholar 14*i7. ship she thinks moscow is better than america and they want her to be the comp troller of the currency. >> 1989 the soviet union was in full gear. the wall was just coming down. on the border right now we just talked to a lieutenant 20 minutes ago about 60,000 more migrants headed for the border. don't know when they arrive. we're watching it. you were criticized for saying terrorists were coming across the border. >> yeah. why did i say that? i went to the border in march of this year. i sat with the border patrol agents. we went up to the wall to watch. fentanyl increased by more than
6:38 am
300%. the agents told me how they are catching people on the terrorist watch list. they are not coming from latin america. you know where they're coming from? yemen and other countries. it is not caught on the same day, separate days. why are the terrorists coming to america? who are they talking to and what do they have planned? if you are not concerned about that, think about what the biden administration just did in afghanistan when he closed bagram 5,000 prisoners escaped. isis-k and others. they know how to get into america today. >> dana: and a suicide bomber that murdered 13 of our officers. >> the lieutenant we spoke to and the former chief of border security on. she is saying 150 different nationalities have crossed that border in the past year, extraordinary. this is the point for the question. 9200 arrests and criminal migrants in fiscal 2021. 2400 in fiscal year 2020. and 4200 in fiscal year 2019.
6:39 am
the point being there are criminals coming across the border probably on a weekly basis if not -- >> daily basis. what's worse the border patrol agents are pushed so far away. what does he do? he criticizes them for doing their job. but what's worse he wants to put 85,000 new i.r.s. agents. not more people to protect our border. 1.5 million people have illegally come across the border. you know what's also in the reconciliation bill? more than $100 billion to create amnesty for more than 10 million people that came here illegally. >> dana: jayapal said it must be in the bill to get her vote. lots going on. >> how can this bill pass? >> dana: will it pass? >> not if you call. it doesn't matter if you're republican or democrat. if you believe in the concept of freedom and believe in a fair process and believe you have a right to what your children are taught in school.
6:40 am
if you believe that government shouldn't look at everything you are spending your money on, wake up, call your representative and tell them to vote no. >> bill: your point well taken. not the cost in the end it's the content. >> content will last longer than even the cost. thanks for having me back. >> dana: good to see you. investigator zeroing in on what may have caused a massive oil spill off the coast of california and why it took so long for emergency crews to respond to the disaster. john kerry raising eyebrows after claiming president biden had no idea france was outraged about the submarine deal. >> he asked me. what's the situation? i explained exactly. he was not aware of that. he literally had not been aware of what had transpired.
6:41 am
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>> bill: fox news alert on divers may have discovered what caused the bill oil spill. a ruptured underwater pipeline about 100 feet from its original position with a gash 13 inches long. william la jeunesse. >> steel and concrete pipeline. this is the platform, the source of the oil. they looked at a two-mile section and found it had bent 105 feet off its original position. again it didn't crack at a
6:47 am
joint but they found that foot long gash suggesting either the steel failed or it was punctured by the anchor and dragged. how would that happen? the bay is overflowing with ships and vessels. each one has an assigned parking spot. thoefs are the little green circles that you see. well, those are really close to the pipelines. even the federal regulators are speculating an anchor hooked the pipeline causing the spill. the other finding a low pressure alarm indicating a pipeline failure went off on the platform 2:30 a.m. saturday morning. the company did not shut it down until three hours later and didn't tell the feds until three hours after that. >> you need to know when you have a pressure drop you need to know immediately. the spiller or operator in this case has taken responsibility, but it looks like everything happened about one day late. >> the other controversy the
6:48 am
coast guard had early warning that there was a spill and this image on friday night from noaa but did not act until the following morning. what they will do now. cut a section of the pipe and see if they can find out when and how it happened and they will look at the logs of the boats you see behind me to see if they can determine who is responsible and who pays. >> bill: the backlog continues. huntington beach. >> let's bring in orange county district attorney todd spitzer. you would be one of the people advocating for someone to take responsibility and be held accountable. >> well, good morning. first of all let me make it clear it was beyond my three mile jurisdiction but part of the investigative chain. i am telling you right now i'm calling on the coast guard and federal government to get out of the headquarters in long beach that they are sharing with the oil company.
6:49 am
they are housed together as part of this operation. i'm calling to an end to that immediately. it is a criminal investigation and now we know that the oil company lied. they had a pressure drop at 2:30 in the morning. they didn't shut down the pipeline until 6:00 in the morning and didn't notify federal regulators and emergency response until 10:00 pacific standard time. that's outrageous. there is culpability. even if there was another intervening cause, a ship or an anchor, they still have liability and responsibility. thousands and thousands of gallons were released into the ocean because they failed to act. and if they had alerted the coast guard appropriately we may not be as severe a situation as we are. it is really unconscionable to me as the elected prosecutor here in the most affected county so far, orange kournty, cal, 3.3 million people.
6:50 am
the devastation to our waterfowl, our sea life and the economic devastation will be felt for years to come. the coast guard and oil company need to separate this relationship they have. i find it unconscionable. they stand together at press conferences. they seem to be vouching for each other. they are using the video of the oil company. this nonsense needs to stop and washington needs to stop it immediately. >> dana: you said they are housed in the same building. is that a coincidence or something they arranged? >> there is an investigative side and the cleanup operation. right now all the federal agencies are housed in the headquarters of the amplify energy in long beach on ocean boulevard. i was there monday. i couldn't believe the fact that they would house themselves together.
6:51 am
we now know that the president of this oil company based upon what your reporter talked about in huntington beach right now. the memo from the u.s. department of justice there was a pressure drop at 2:30 in the morning on saturday morning. i stood at the podium with the ceo on monday and said we did not know, the oil company, the responsible party, we did not know until later in the afternoon or the morning on saturday. that is false. right next to him are members of the coast guard vouching for the veracity of that statement. the relationship between the coast ga*d and amplify needs to end immediately. >> dana: i think they heard you loud and clear. todd spitzer in orange county for us. we'll stay in touch. >> bill: desperate times requiring desperate measures. some of the nation's biggest retailers chartering a cargo ship in order to keep their
6:52 am
shelves filled. what's the little guy do, right? is it enough to get around the supply chain crisis? the fight over critical race theory front and center in the governor's race in virginia. could it be the tipping point as to who wins in early november? veteran homeowners, great news the lowest mortgage rates you've been waiting for are here. the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus.
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observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. >> bill: the supply chain crisis now forcing large retailers like wal-mart, target and home depot to charter their own cargo ship. that costly solution is out of reach for small businesses and other companies. sealer industries makes chemical solutions used in household cleaners. the ceo joins me now. good morning to you. i can understand what the big guys do but how do you get around this? >> a lot of phone calls, a lot
6:58 am
of relationships, and reaching out to our partners in industry and trying to find solutions. i would really love to be able to have my own ship right now. >> bill: how much is this setting you back, sir? >> it's tremendous for us right now. we've had to turn down probably millions of dollars worth of orders just from lack of material available to us. and we're not a huge company. we're definitely -- that's a very big deal to us. and the costs are rising exponentially in such a way that costs are rising on a daily if not weekly if not daily basis and that's hard to keep track of, too. trying to pass along to your customers so you aren't losing money going out the doors. it is really very challenging. >> bill: i don't have good news for you. roll this clip. a quick 10 second bite.
6:59 am
>> it's frustrating to see the bottlenecks and supply chain problems not getting better. in fact, getting a little bit worse. >> bill: at the margin apparently getting a little worse. i know you don't want to hear about that. the average container used to be $2500 to lease it. now it's $25,000. you multiply that by the tens if not the hundreds or thousands of businesses that rely on this, what happens during the month of october and november? >> we are keeping our best to try to pass the costs along. one of the biggest struggles we are having right now is not even the pricing, it's the labor market. that's been a huge aspect of affecting us where we're trying to go. is supply chain is one side. you know, part of the supply chain for us and some of our suppliers don't have the people to produce the products. so from the domestic side. >> bill: that's a one-two punch
7:00 am
for you and many others. >> yep. very much so. >> bill: how do you see it ending? >> you know, it's going to be a struggle. i think we'll be able to get some breath out of it when we start getting more people coming back to work. we started to see with the $600 being pulled off the table, we're starting to see applications come back in now, which is helpful. but there needs to be something from a regulatory standpoint to address some of the ocean freighters. i know this time this year i think their profits are showing $23 billion compared to last year at the same time frame of $1 billion. so they are in the driver's seat and profiting very much from it. >> bill: good luck to it. we're keeping an eye on it closely. it is your livelihood. steve seeler, thanks for coming
7:01 am
on, sir. >> dana: president biden still struggling to get his party and the public on board with his far reaching expansion of the social welfare state. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dew point. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. what he is describing there and how many businesses are affected like him. >> dana: and how hard they work and they are trying to do their best every day and the system is working against them. >> bill: meanwhile huge sections of the president's spending plans could be on the chopping block as he pushes moderates to the left and progressives may not get everything they want. jackie heinrich reports on that today. let's begin a new hour. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the new defacto deadline is the end of this month when the temporary extension of the funding for the hard infrastructure expires. in the meantime, the white house has been really trying to engage with moderates and progressives to get them to agree to really the top line amount, the price tag.
7:02 am
but that's all in order for this hard infrastructure to pass for that extension to continue on and not just the same kind of debacle we saw last week where we missed the deadline. last week a huge to do about the price tag. while it is true the white house got to meet in the middle on the social spending there is still a lot of horse trading which programs will stay, which ones will go. each day it seems we learn about a new twist in the demands from each side. the president yesterday singled out senators manchin and sinema saying one of them wants to phase out the child tax credit. >> president biden: i'm not going to give away what either one said. one side they like to child tax credit but like to see it phased out sooner than later. i said well, come up with what you are for. >> all this plays out the country is hurtling toward a real deadline. 12 days to raise the debt limit without action will have serious impacts on average
7:03 am
americans. republicans say democrats don't need their help to do it. they have unified control of the government. going it alone on something like raising the debt ceiling is not something democrats are eager to do. this young administration isn't responsible for all the debt incurred. today president biden is inviting banking ceos to the white house without action there will be consequences. so far it's not moving anyone. >> president biden: as soon as this week your savings and your pocketbook could be directly impacted by this republican stunt. it's as simple as that. >> we're all hearing about the need to do this. the only issue is who does it? it's not in dispute that the debt ceiling needs to be addressed. >> bear in mind the fact that moderate republican senators are the ones holding firm on this. people like susan collins and mitt romney. it says the gop is not going to
7:04 am
bite on this one. it is yet again another measure of what tricks the president might have to try to get this across. we're all waiting to see. >> bill: as we are. thank you, jackie, nice to see you from the north lawn. >> dana: saying they're picking a fight they can't win on the debt ceiling. the democrats have the votes. they keep thinking they can shame mitch mcconnell and the republicans into coming along with them. that's not going to happen. so every day there is this reporting from inside the beltway media what's going to happen. they'll have to do it. the democrats will have to do it on time and get it done even though they don't want to. it is politically inconvenient. according to the white house climate envoy john and france. here is what kerry said about the situation to french tv. is situation? i explained exactly. he had not been aware of that.
7:05 am
he literally had not been aware of what had transpired. >> dana: the interview came weeks after the u.s. and u.k. struck a deal with australia voiding a $40 billion submarine contract between france and australia. >> bill: not the way it's supposed to work now. can you imagine if trump and pompeo were in the middle like this? it would be leaked in the media every day. i think we're the only ones giving it attention. >> dana: the things the president said that he doesn't know, right? a nexus on national security. he actually did an event with boris johnson and remember he said and the fellow down under. couldn't remember the australian prime minister's name. also escaping me now. what the united states said fine, you want to get out of your deal, australia, with the one you have with france, fine by us but you will have to tell them and apparently the
7:06 am
australians didn't do a good enough job and surprising to me the united states didn't know that. >> bill: kerry said the quiet part out loud, right? just to underscore this, a $40 billion contract is what france thought they had locked up. >> dana: they're mad. >> bill: yes, they are. we'll see what blinken and others can do. >> dana: their ambassador is in the united states. >> bill: mayor lori lightfoot blasting kim foxx to refuse to bring charges against a shooting caught on video. what happened here? >> this shooting was a giant shoot-out that took place in the middle of the day if broad daylight. the whole thing was caught on city surveillance camera. a massive shoot-out with more than 70 shots fired. the video is shaky but you can see two cars pull up to a house on the city's west side friday.
7:07 am
four people get out and start shooting into a home where members of a rival gang were. the people in the house shot back. two squad cars pulled up. one person died, two others injured. five people arrested and zero were charged. that decision was baffling to mayor lori lightfoot and city alderman who are asking kim foxx for an explanation and warning this kind of decision could embolden criminals and make chicago's violence problem even worse. >> given what we saw that was on videotape with officers on the scene and not a single person has been charged. we cannot send a message that it is okay and you get a pass that you shoot up a residence in broad daylight captured on film and no consequences will happen for you. that can't be a world we live in.
7:08 am
>> kim foxx is firing back accusing the mayor of pointing fingers to distract that lightfoot doesn't have a plan to address the city's violence. they couldn't bring charges because witnesses wouldn't cooperate and video wasn't enough. >> in the press without the benefit of all of the evidence does a disservice to the community who has been impacted by this violence. statements made by the mayor yesterday regarding the evidence in this case that simply weren't true. >> mayor lightfoot says she is asking federal prosecutors to get involved and look at the evidence as well. the bottom line right now is we had a massive shoot-out in broad daylight that was caught on camera and all five gang members who were arrested are now back out on the street. bill. >> bill: thanks, garrett tenney we're watching that story in
7:09 am
chicago. president biden sparking massive outrage as the justice department moves to investigate parents who voice concerns about their children's education. the "new york post" asking are these angry moms domestic terrorists? the post also raising the question when is a protestor angry and justified and when are they considered terrorists. does it depend on politics? a virginia parent slamming the latest move by the biden administration and she said this. >> for you to dare to try to smear parents as domestic terrorists just reflects just how tone deaf school boards and school administrators have become about the pleas of parents on behalf of their children. >> it is an issue and glen youngkin is the republican candidate for governor of virginia and trying to take advantage of that. early voting is going on now. terry mccauliffe that kick
7:10 am
started a lot of debate about education in virginia. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take over and make their own decisions. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. is >> bill: you jumped on that. why is this race so tight and why is it seen as a bellwether to the policies of joe biden and the white house? >> well, it is what you just saw. people in virginia recognize clearly that terry mccauliffe wants to put government, bureaucrats, politicians between parents and their children. parents have been standing up in virginia for the last 20 months demanding their schools are open, then they've now had a chance to look into the curriculum and they don't like what their children are being taught. by the way, they are asking to be notified when there is sexually explicit materials in the curriculum. terry mccaul i have said be quiet, sit down and i don't
7:11 am
care what you think. because people are supporting me for governor. we had a poll out this morning. the race is neck-and-neck. virginians are pressing forward with a different kind of candidate. terry calls in joe biden to put the d.o.j. on virginia parents? virginia parents have a right to be involved in their kids' education. it is part of our virginia law. terry mccauliffe is rejecting it. virginians are rejecting him. >> dana: the election is tight. fox news poll showed a four-point margin with the margin of error. there are other polls that show it even closer. especially in the suburbs. here is terry mccauliffe at a fundraising event talking about the concerns he has about what is happening in d.c. affecting his race. watch? >> we have to get democrats out to vote. we are facing a lot of head winds from washington as you know. the president is unpopular today, unfortunately here in virginia. so we have got to plow through. >> dana: do you think that
7:12 am
biden is weighing down mccauliffe's candidacy? >> terry mccauliffe can't begin to admit the fact that he is unpopular, too. yes, president biden has failed america with his afghanistan debacle and the debacle at the border and ruining our economy and sending the d.o.j. to pursue parents who want to stand up for their children. terry mccauliffe has a failed campaign and he can't stand up and recognize it and why so many people are moving towards supporting our campaign. we've been endorsed by the police, endorsed by the hampton roads black caucus and all the small business organizations. i just invite everybody join us at youngkin for we have a movement underway. it is a movement led by parents but it is all virginians. it is no longer republicans against democrats. it's virginians standing up. we know we'll cut taxes, invest
7:13 am
in police, make schools the best. reinvigorate the job market. this is a wholehearted effort by people in virginia and why we have so much momentum. >> bill: this race it was only 11 months ago donald trump lost virginia by 10 points. 10 points. joe biden won virginia by double digits. what has changed so dramatically in the 11 months? >> it's just become very clear what single party rule in richmond and single party rule in washington has left us with. and terry mccauliffe is the godfather of all of it. if bill and hillary clinton had a son it would be terry mccauliffe and joe biden would be his uncle. virginians are tired of it. he wants to put government between parents and their children and force everybody to join the union. he wants to defund police. he wants to raise taxes. and they see that our platform,
7:14 am
this campaign that i'm leading is all about lowering taxes, reestablishing excellence in our schools. having the best jobs and safe communities. this is clear and virginians know there is a better day in front of us and this is why we have so much momentum. what's happening right now is no longer a campaign. it is truly a movement. the movement across virginia. we will win our statewide races. we'll win our governor's race and lieutenant governor race and attorney general race and take back the house of delegates and see local elections stand up and win school board races and sheriff races and supervise re board races. virginians standsing up for what they know is right and rejecting terry mccauliffe. >> dana: thank you for being on. the election is a month away. >> bill: a lot of attention and we'll get more. glen youngkin, thank you for coming on today. >> thank you so much for having me and invite everybody to join us at youngkin for governor.ko*fm.
7:15 am
>> dana: a group of republican governors heading to the border to look at the migrant surge amid reports as many as 60,000 haitians are on their way to the u.s. a live report from texas. >> bill: facebook firing back after a whistleblower is saying they are putting profits over people. the vice president of content policy will respond to her testimony coming up live next. >> they know severe harm is happening in children. i don't understand how facebook can know all these things and not escalate it to someone in congress. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted
7:16 am
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7:21 am
the sense that you were in on the ground floor and everybody there was scrappy. we were like just people hanging in and fighting and trying to one day hope that we could overcome the big dogs. you know what? we have to do something now. this is a tipping point. part of the story for me is that i'm the outsider. people say why do you put up with that? why are you always in a fight at fox? but in reality, you would be surprised, the audience likes it. the audience appreciates that there is some drama, some real debate. so many people who are conservatives say to me i don't agree with what you have to say but i like you and i'm glad you are there because then i know what the other side is thinking. >> disastrous for our children, public safety, privacy and our
7:22 am
democracy. facebook growing at all costs by buying its profits with our safety and in the end the buck stops with mark. if he is the ceo and the chairman of facebook he is responsible for those decisions. >> dana: frances haugen december filing on capitol hill yesterday accusing the company putting profits ahead of public safety. zuckerberg said her comments were illogical. monica, i want the read from the statement. the argument that we deliberately push content that makes people angry for profit is deeply illogical. we make money from ads and advertising tell us they don't want their ads next to angry content. will facebook be willing to provide transparency and let people see how the algorithm is put together? >> absolutely. in fact, first let me for those
7:23 am
who aren't super familiar with the algorithm and what it means. when you use facebook we rank the content from the friends and family you have chosen to follow and the groups you have chosen to follow because there is so much content that we want people to see what's most relevant to them. people have asked us over the years to be more transparent about the decisions that go into that ranking. so we have. in fact, as recently as a couple of weeks ago we published in our transparency center a set of content distribution guidelines that explain, for instance, the types of content we demote. click, sensationalist content and like mark said in his memo it's designed to give people a better experience. it is in our business interest to make this a place that people want to return to for years to come. i should say you can also turn
7:24 am
the algorithm if they want to. >> bill: that's like throwing open the hood. as a private company -- as a publicly traded company you would allow that to happen? >> what we explain in our transparency center is the times of content we reduce the distribution of. it's not showing the 1s and 0s. i'm not an engineer. it wouldn't mean anything to me or most of the public but we're clear how we do the ranking. >> bill: monika, i want to go back to the outage on monday. there was a report we have not confirmed about more than a billion users of facebook had their private information leaked back toward the end of september. a, is that true? and b, can you deny that ransomware had anything to do
7:25 am
with monday's seven-hour outage? >> i don't have any information on the outage itself because i'm not an engineer. with regard to our privacy what i can tell you is i am not aware of what you are referring to. i can tell you that we report quarterly to the fcc what we're doing around privacy. those reports are made by an independent assessor. so any privacy issues are being reported on in this quarterly report. >> dana: there are a lot of headlines that came out of the hearing yesterday where the whistleblower was testifying. facebook knows instagram is toxic or teen girls. they tried to make its platform a healthier place and got more angry instead. facebook hobbled mark zuckerberg trying to get america vaccinated. a lot of that came out yesterday. this is a woman who had only worked at the company for two years and disturbed by what she had seen.
7:26 am
this was something she thought should come forward. what do you think of her as a whistleblower? do you think she is credible or do you think that perhaps this was all planned that when she came to the company she wanted to do this in the first place? >> well, i can't speculate on her motives. i can say she didn't work on these issues and her testifying about them and mischaracterizing some of the documents she stole if a journalist were to read another journalist's story and say i'm an expert on this. she is not an expert in these areas and areas she did not work in at facebook. i have been with the company for more than nine years and i work on these issues. my background is child safety and a mother who raised two girls and the people who work on our team include teachers, former child safety prosecutors, former rape crisis
7:27 am
counselor, a woman who spent 30 years encountering gender-based violence and we bring to these experts because they care deeply about these issues. on the research that has been mischaracterized, you know, two things here. one is the research largely showed that teens have a positive experience. when they are dealing with mental health issues, as many teens are, instagram is the place that helps them find support. and on 12 issues that we asked both boys and girls about who were struggling with mental health issues the majority of them said that instagram either made things better or it didn't materially affect them. >> dana: i think that a lot of parents. >> we want to fix that but it is why we do the research. >> dana: the research making it available for everybody to see. parents feel social media is not helping. take your point and thank you
7:28 am
for coming on. >> bill: thank you, monika. >> thank you. >> bill: national guard troops gearing up for the border. tens of thousands of migrants headed our way again and details how the state is getting ready for the massive caravan. president biden met by protestors in michigan yesterday trying to sell voters on a massive spending bill. martha maccallum will break down the visit, his message and more next.
7:29 am
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so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott sending members of the national guard to the southern reporter amid reports that as many as 60,000 migrants are making their way north through central america. abbott and 10 republican governors will visit the border this afternoon.
7:34 am
bill is at the border for us. hi, bill. >> dana, good morning to you. right now we're inside of a texas dps operations center. in a short amount of time the 10gop governors will arrive and get a private briefing on the board are and hold a press conference with governor abbott later this afternoon p. look at this compilation video showing some of the highlights of what we've seen here down at the border throughout fox news's coverage over the last 6 or 7 months. we're talking massive non-stop numbers. over 1 million encounters at the southern border so far this year. more than 400,000 known gotaways. you look at the last two months, more than 200,000 encounters at the border each month. in the last two alone. you are talking record numbers for the past 20 years. nothing has been slowing down. administration says it was seasonal, it would slow down in the summer heat. it didn't turn out to be true.
7:35 am
the crisis has only gotten worse. the 10gop governors trying to figure oust potential next steps. we want to show you this remarkable interview that bret baier had yesterday with rodney scott who served under both president trump and president biden. he says as it stands now more than $5 million a day are wasted being spent to not build the border wall. take a listen. >> for a while it was almost $5 million a day between d.o.d. and d.h.s. to not build the border wall. >> 5 million a day to not build the wall? >> to not build the wall. >> take a look at these startling pictures we just got from texas dps. what i'm told by them is over the past several days in multiple instances in stark county suspected cartel gunmen armed are rifles wearing tactical vests have walked into the middle of the rio grande near the shore bank and taunted texas national guard soldiers
7:36 am
by brandishing their weapons. the suspected cartel begunmen are involved in human smuggling and bring people across. very rarely do we get to see them. pretty remarkable pictures there courtesy of texas dps showing the suspected cartel gunmen armed with a.k.47s taunting texas national guard soldiers on the u.s. side. >> dana: that video will make a lot of people map. bill, we'll pay attention to you today as the meeting gets underway in texas. thank you. >> these bills are not about left versus right, or moderate versus progressive or anything that pits americans against one another. these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency, about opportunity versus decay. they are about leading the world or continuing to let the world pass us by. to oppose these investments is
7:37 am
complicit in america's decline. >> bill: president biden trying to rally support for the massive tax and spend proposals yesterday. he may have his work cut out for them. protestors making it clear that the agenda is a hard sell in the hartland. >> i think this is very reflective of how residents not only here in livingston county but real americans when you leave the washington, d.c. bubble feel about the out of control spending that's happening between our president and congress. >> bill: martha maccallum with us anchor of "the story". see you at 3:00. aif lou you to get -- you were on the air yesterday when the event took place. what were your impressions of that? >> i always wonder when you travel to places like howell and you have that sense of the protestors outside the window and see them out there, do you ignore it and think somebody sent them and that's not really happening in america or do you let it get into your psyche a little bit? what i see happening and i saw
7:38 am
your interview this morning with the man who wants to be governor of virginia glen youngkin, that will be a very interesting race to watch. one of the thoughts why howell, michigan, the representative from how well michigan from that district does she need a boost? moderates across the country are in a very difficult position looking towards 2022 and almost at the one-year mark for that really big election period. i think there is a rumbling and a feeling that you saw expressed in some of those sound bites and seeing it in polls. we see a poll that says 51% of independents aren't happy with the spending in this bill. i think it's time for really all sides to sort of get in touch with where americans are right now on all of this and it is interesting because slotkin presented herself as a moderate and has kind of been a little to the left of that, right? and now you see people responding to president biden the same way who promised to sort of be the man that he had
7:39 am
been or claims to have been all those years in washington and the guy who is in touch with workers, the guy who is in touch with people -- real people across america. and i think that whole image is being really deeply questioned right now. so i also think the come pe ten issue is a big one. we saw that the in the fox news poll. a big concern. the highest ranking one at 22% was competence. these are really things i think if you are working in the white house and you are advising the president you need to not be closing your eyes as you go about the protestors. you need to keep one ear open and hear what they are saifmgt >> dana: they're not listening to parents across the country who are frustrated with critical race theory and other things. we saw it all summer. you had betsy devos the former education secretary on yesterday. i asked kevin mccarthy is somebody like chris wray the director of the f.b.i. who
7:40 am
received the attorney general work with local u.s. attorneys to protect the school boards from the parents. here is what he said to that. >> he should come right out today and say that it's not the role of the justice department. education is through the states. you should not silence parents, you should welcome parents into the classroom. >> dana: remind people. merrick garland attorney general put out the memo that said threats against public servants are illegal and run counter to the nation's core values and i understand the idea that these meetings can get very hot and explicit threats obviously if they are violent you have to do something about it. that's not an f.b.i. role. that's a local government role. >> i think that's absolutely right. we have local law enforcement. when things get out of control it is why you bring in local law enforcement. when i think about harassing elected officials i think about krysten sinema and i wonder is merrick garland sending a memo to investigate the people harassing her and to try to figure out if it's part of a
7:41 am
bigger movement or something more going on than citizens chasing her? merrick garland. we heard president biden say he wants his d.o.j. to be independent and president trump thought it was a law enforcement arm that worked at his behalf. merrick garland was presented as a wrong supreme court nominee and down the middle and independent jurist and attorney and would be an independent attorney general. i can't help but think about that when i read this letter. who is merrick garland? that's an interesting question. >> dana: now maybe republicans i guess mitch mcconnell had the right idea perhaps. >> that's exactly what they're thinking. >> dana: great to sigh at 3:00. cold case that captivated the nation is heating up. zodiac killer terrorized
7:42 am
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>> dana: bacon is the latest victim as food prices soar to record highs. indra nooy is the author of my life in full, work, family and our future. we'll talk about that. the book is extremely well written and congratulations on
7:48 am
it. i think it is interesting timing for your book to come out. a lot of what you write about is the work/life balance. making a family work, making ends meet for a family. when you have inflation for main staples that eggs, meat, protein and milk it is hard for a family. >> it adds for problems. many people left the workforce after the pandemic. they cannot handle the fact they don't have childcare and dropped out of the workforce and latest numbers 2 1/2 million people are out of the workforce at a point when we need all that labor to fulfill the demand and to meet consumer needs. so it is a critical time for us to talk about these issues. >> bill: 45 minutes ago we had in a guy from chicago and talking about labor being an issue. labor is still a problem out there. >> i tell you, i was watching a segment on supply chain shortages. i have think the three problems of supply chain shortages. one the fact is supply chain planning goes to demand planning.
7:49 am
coming oust of the pandemic nobody had any idea what the shape of the demand was going to look like. people started to spend when they came out of the pandemic and we were not ready for this extraordinary spending surge. that was the first problem. second, whenever you have global sourcing, many countries weren't set up to supply us critical items. third is we didn't have the labor to fulfill the demand. to fulfill the supply chains to meet the demand. i will add an fourth one. we have an infrastructure problem. traffic and roads have gotten out of control. everything is under construction. trucks are backed up for miles and so if we are going to have a supply chain that is seamless we'll have to have roads with no potholes. trucks streaming through. we have to think about the entire structure, the aging structure that has to be -- >> dana: there are so many problems.
7:50 am
when you start having energy cost problems or energy supply problems and supply chain problem you realize that's the backbone of everything. >> totally. >> dana: you write in your back about work and family. one of the pioneers that helped make all of these other things possible for us. women and covid, one of the things that fortune said on monday are women on a collision course with the covid ceiling? a lot of women left the workforce. how would you advise them to get back and figure out a way to do all the things you need to do like childcare and figuring out your work/life balance. ? >> the wonderful thing about covid it advanced technology for remote working and made flexible working possible. people are talking about flexible and hybrid working. come to work some days, work out of home. that's the one silver lining of covid. had i had that ability when i was ascending in corporate america i could have spent more time with my kids and had a great career. the only thing we have to be
7:51 am
careful we don't create two classes of citizens. people who come to work called class a and people who work from home treated differently. we have to make sure that doesn't happen. >> bill: growing up you write a lot about how hard you worked. i think to borrow your phrase during the commercial you worked your butt off. >> for sure. >> bill: in the context of your own life and when you consider what they are suggesting we spend in washington next, do you think everything should be free? >> i mean, nothing was free for me. we just worked for everything. everybody should work for everything. that's what is great about our country here. i think you put in a hard day's work and you get a return for it. i don't think anybody is saying anything different. i hope not. nothing should be for free. we work for it. >> dana: it is called my life in full work, family and our future. president bush painted your
7:52 am
portrait in his recent book and you are one of the top immigrants who were successful. >> bill: in a moment has a decades long cold case been solved? the search for the zodiac killer next. and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> harris: is president biden using the d.o.j. as a political weapon? parents lashing out after the united states attorney general -- why is this necessary? is it a move to silence parents? senator marsha blackburn from tennessee in focus. joey jones is in "the faulkner focus" at the top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris. question has the zodiac killer been unmasked? eric shawn has more on that. a lot of history.
7:58 am
what do we know? >> it is one of the most haunting unsolved cold cases. infamous zodiac killer. responsible for at least seven murders between 1968 and 69. zodiac claimed 37 killings. zodiac taunted authorities for years by sending letters with the zodiac symbol. a dozen possible suspect. the nonprofit group case said it was a man named gary pran sis post from northern california. he died in 2018 at 80 years old. case breakers said he is confident they have nailed the zodiac. >> my f.b.i. guys say it is match. we have six people he has confessed to that he was the zodiac. three of them on our court
7:59 am
affidavits. so we strongly feel that. then, of course, one of the murder scenes in riverside we have counted six different similarities to the zodiac at the murder scene. >> he says posts from the zodiac shared scars from a car crash as well as other traits. one man who said he knew post told the case breakers it makes sense. >> he just didn't have a conscience. he could kill indiscriminately and like one of those letters they called him the most dangerous animal. he is pretty much proven that over the years. he couldn't even stop after he moved up here. >> he wants the riverside police department in california to test dna. they have not responded to our request for comment, bill. >> bill: eric shawn from new york. >> dana: that's interesting. we had a little before you go, before we go.
8:00 am
check out this squirrel. he wants to know if anybody is home. >> bill: i don't think he wants to know that. i think he is saying bring me the nuts. >> dana: i would like a little more. we had a squirrel that lived in our front yard when i was a kid and my dad taught it how to go -- >> bill: your pop did that? pretty good. >> dana: here is the "the faulkner focus". >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. the department of justice is cracking down on what it calls threats against america's school officials. so who are they looking at for those threats? well, the list includes parents who speak out against mask mandates and or critical race theory. critics say it is simply the biden administration's way to silence dissent. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the d.o.j. is encouraging education officials to


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