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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 6, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: texas attorney general ken paxton. thank you for waking up and joining us this morning. appreciate your time and insight. >> glad to do it, have a great day. interest. >> you too. not necessarily border governors but governors from montana spreading everywhere. jillian: as the message goes every state is a border state. "fox & friends" starts right now have. great day. ♪ ♪ >> the biden administration accused of attempt ting at parents. >> you are using the fbi to it are in school board meetings. >> they can label you domestic terror. >> you are saying the platform is being utilized by some of our adversary sears at the expense of americans. >> yes, facebook is very aware this is happening on the platform. >> just hours from now republican governor also see the crisis firsthand at our southern border. >> border patrol have caught people from 150 different countries coming through mexico into the united states this last
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year. >> the cost of oil spikes to highest price since 2014. >> pain at the pump is completely avoidable and entirely because of policies this administration has implemented. >> fox news media executives and long-time employees ran the iconic nasdaq opening bell celebrating the fox news channel 25th anniversary. [bell tolls] ♪ i'm so excited ♪ i just can't hide it ♪ i'm about to lose control ♪ and i think i like it ♪ steve: that was the boss suzanne scott ceo of fox news media pushing the button yesterday to ring in the opening bell as this week fox celebrates 25 years in business. and as you can see we had all the executives there. a number of the original executives. the original on air time and it was a lot of if fun. ainsley: i loved watching snippets and i enjoyed watching
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you. i saw it live it was great. suzanne was there. suzanne is the first ceo of a television network. brian: number one network. is that real confetti? steve: absolutely. i left here at 8:30 yesterday. of the they didn't ring the bell until 9:30. we all had a chance to sit around for about an hour and just talk about what it was like in the very beginning because, you know, in the very beginning, nobody really knew if we were going to make it. ainsley: right. steve: ultimately, because we were not on in new york city because the big cable provider is time warner -- was time warner which owns cnn. they didn't have room for the fox news channel. ainsley: do you remember in the beginning competitors one come competitor said to the press we will squash them like a bug. steve: i remember that. ainsley: rupert put that up in the newsroom. steve: motivator. ainsley: now number one. brian: rudy giuliani put us on the public access channel for a week. i said wait a second.
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you don't know how to crochet for a week because that was the program we preempted. possibly. or thumb wrestling and they were able to put us on. then he got blow back on that even though he was the mayor. steve: took over a year legal challenges but ultimately fox news then came to new york city and now 25 years later we're the number one world leader in news, thanks to you. ainsley: well, let's talk about what's happening. steve: speaking of news. ainsley: exactly. the front cover "the new york post." it says outrage as fbi targets angry moms. has a picture of the moms protesting crt and mask mandates in schools. are these domestic terrorists with a question mark. because the national school boards association sent a letter to joe biden asking him for assistance to treat parents or to actually look into what these parents are doing and merrick garland, who is our a.g. got involved in this and called in the fbi to investigate. brian: you got to wonder what
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kind of supreme court justice he would have been this guy has been totally compliant and a political animal almost from the day he took the job. and he is using the doj as his -- he has weaponized the whole thing. with the border being flooded with illegal immigrants with crime running rampant through the streets of america with the funding with police being defunded, let's crack down on parents who are upset of the anti-american agenda being jammed downtown throats of children in far too many cities. steve: well, you know what? if at the local level a parent is threatening or intimidating a school board member or there's an act of violence as we talked about yesterday, absolutely. ainsley: should be called, correct. steve: the police should be there. it's the local police who should handle it. ultimately what it looks like, it looks like the biden administration is helping teachers unions intimidate parents who essentially object to the policies that they disagree with, whether it's crt or masks or anything else like
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that. so ultimately, it's intimidating. brian, you used weaponizing. absolutely right. what it does is you get the feeling if i argue with a school board member at a school board meeting, tomorrow. [knocking] it could be the feds. don't make it a federal case. investigate actual crime. and if there are threats or intimidation go after that. but the local cops can do that. ainsley: seems like a double standard. because, when you watch what is happening to chris citizenship cinema. steve: absolutely. ainsley: being followed into the bathroom where it's illegal to do that at the university asu. they are not sending in the fbi to investigate that person who is doing this to her. it makes it seem like, at least to these parents who are complaining, that they're only going are a them because the democrats want to push through critical race theory, they want to make everyone wear a mask and get vaccinated and they don't like the message of these parents and they want to silence them. brian: here is senator josh hawley yesterday having a chance
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to grill the deputy a.g. merrick garland should be come soon. until then, it's this match up. >> parents waiting sometimes for hours to speak at a local school board meeting to express concerns about critical race theory or the mask of their students, particularly young children, is that in and of itself, is that harassment and intimidation? >> spirited debate is welcome. is a hallmark of this country. it's something we all should engage in. >> i don't think with all due respect it doesn't make it quite clear it doesn't define those terms, nor does it define harassment and intimidation. this if this isn't a deliberate attempt to chill parents from showing up at school board meetings for their elected school board, i don't know what is. i mean, i'm not aware of anything like this in american history. we are talking about the fbi. you are using the fbi to intervene in school board meetings. that's extraordinary.
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why is it being investigated by the fbi? >> it is not. when and if any situation turns to violence, then that is the appropriate role of law enforcement to address it. >> you can't point to a single instance where anything lake this has happened before and i think parents across this country are going to be stunned to learn. stunned that if they show up to a local school board meeting by the way where they have the right to appear and be heard. and you are attempting to intimidate them. you this are attempting to silence them. you are attempting to interfere with their rights as parents and, yes, with their rights as voters. this is wrong. this is dangerous. brian: so many will not show up because of that exchange. they will say, listen, i would like to go. i have three kids at home. i really can't afford to spend the night in jail if i get too emotional or odeemed too emotional. the "new york post" writes in editorial today president biden once again broke his campaign commitment to keep the department of justice nonpolitical and critics are saying calling the attorney
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general's merrick garland to the fbi to investigate threats of violence at school board meetings a clear move to politicize the doj. does anyone argue with that? i guess the fbi is tree now because the russia hoax has no longer taken up their agenda. so they do have some time to do things like this, i guess. ainsley: critics say that joe biden broke another campaign promise because he said he wouldn't let politics get involved with the doj on the campaign trail. steve: down in florida ron desantis said florida will defend the free speech rights of its citizens and not allow federal agents to squelch the dissnent florida and not allow federal agents to squelch dissent as i said because i typed it twice right there. 25 years later i'm typing things twice. speaking of florida down in sarasota, a member of the school board ziggler said you got to remember in the united states of america, you've got the right to say your peace and that's got to be protected. here she is last night on fox news at night. >> no acts of violence or
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threats should ever be tolerated and i believe local law enforcement has been quick to respond and i believe in their ability to do so. but this act by the national school board association, which is a taxpayer funded lobbying group to go to this end to me is, again, chilling affect and intended to silence and intimidate parents. the right to petition your government is a fundamental right that needs to be protected and that is, to me, what i believe school boards across the country have been braced with for the first time in a long time where they are hearing from parents who weren't necessarily aware of what kind of things were being taught or what kind of material or some of the progressive social agenda. ainsley: she is on the school board and a mother of three. steve: that brings us back to the original image that ainsley held up are these domestic terrorists? these are just moms protesting what's going on in their schools. and isn't that protected? brian: protesting what's going on in this administration which brings us to what is coming up next. the marine commander who called out the military leaders for
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their ridiculously inept withdrawal from afghanistan is now out of the brig. out of solitary confinement. he is not in the clear yet. is he still muzzled. ainsley: plus, facebook whistleblower delivers blistering testimony on capitol hill. >> the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram i have aer but won't make the necessary changes because they have put astronomical profits before people. ainsley: the defiant response from mark zuckerberg coming up. ♪ ♪ strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement
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brian laundrie's whereabouts. the once boyfriend of gabby petino flew home to florida to gather supplies and close out a rented storage unit. this happening days after fighting with the petino in utah. he reportedly returned just days before she vanished. laundrie remains a person of interest after petino's body was found in a wyoming park. her family speaking out. >> coward. to dowrd kill himself and too coward to come forward. is he just on the run. >> anyone that lived in that house is a coward. and they don't know how to stand up for their actions. >> petino's cause of death has not yet been released. a live look at the white house now where president biden is hitting back at republican lawmakers opposing his massive tax and spending agenda. >> to support these investments is rising america oppose these investments is to be complicit
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in america's decline. jillian: biden hitting the road to sell america on build back better vision but weighs met by common strargts in michigan to stop the massive spending and return to washington. lieutenant colonel stuart scheller is home with the family this morning. he was released from a military prison after speaking out about the withdrawal from afghanistan. scheller releasing a video vowing to resign and give up his pension over how the situation unfolded. he still faces a court-martial and gag order. and the boston red sox advancing overnight after beating the new york yankees in the al wild card games. bogart and kyle schwaber hitting home runs helping boston 6-22 win. bopping bottles of champagne in the clubhouse after the game. boston heads to tampa next to take on the reyes in the al division a look at your headlines. ainsley: tampa has another winning people? brian: they won the division.
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jillian: they call it it's a. brian: if they could only get the fans to support them in baseball anyway. anyway.16 minutes ever the hour. sorry i will thank you in the break, jillian. "60 minutes" on sunday 35-year-old ms. hoffman -- haugen, francis haugen? she sat there in the afternoon and she spoke to democrats and republicans about what is really going on at facebook and how they don't really intend to keep us safe. it's all about maximizing money. listen. >> we also saw iran government doing espionage on other state actors. this is definitely a thing that is happening. i believe facebook consistent understaffing of the counter espionage operations and counter-terrorism teams is a national security issue. >> so you are saying in essence that the platform, whether facebook knows it or not, is being utilized by some of our
3:18 am
adversaries in a way that helps push and promote their interest at the expense of america's? >> yes. facebook is very aware that this is happening on the platform. i believe the fact that congress doesn't get a report of exactly how many people are working on these things internally is unaccept tble. >> you may have opened another area. ainsley: one of the explosive comments she made national security concerns. congress is not getting the report. therefore we are not all as safe as we thought we were. a lot goes on behind the scenes and congress doesn't know about it. she talks about teenage girls and what facebook is doing to them. they go on there. they see all this content. promotes anorexia. it makes girls feel worse about themselves. mark zuckerberg controls 55% of the voting shares. no other company similar to facebook has this much power.
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steve: because it does have so much power that's why we play that soundbite where she was talking about facebook's impact on our national security. you think oh, it's a good way to trade pictures and stuff like that, recipes. no, it's actually a big problem. and she should know. she worked on facebook counter espionage intelligence team. and she saw with her own two eyes and by the way she did send thousands of document to all the lawmakers who were sitting there so they would know how to question her. she saw that china was using facebook to surveil the uyghur dissidents and iran was using plat platform for espionage. no doubt facebook one of those topics, such a hot button issue it has united both democrat and republicans. they have got to figure out a bill how to rein it in somehow. she suggested yesterday that they require facebook to release its internal research which would essentially show that mysterious algorithm that they always use. she had a terrific idea. and it was she suggested
3:20 am
creating an independent government oversight group run by former tech workers who understand tech issues. because you have got all those senators there yesterday. they're senators. they don't understand algorithms and engagement and stuff like that. so bring in the experts who can go through all those papers and say hey, look what facebook is doing. that's over the line. brian: some republicans are saying look out though. republicans should be very careful says devin nunes if anything we ought to be investigating zuckerberg for $350 million he investigated in the so-called nonprofits to get involved in our election. i think that's where the focus should be. i'm not saying everything that she says isn't invaluable but i think it is important to point out as pointed out on the daily wire she has a record of donations to far left democratic groups with a history of raising issues about purported bias with previous employers. she has also worked with democratic operatives to roll out her complaint and same lawyers as the anonymous ukraine whistleblower whose agencies led to donald trump's impeachment.
3:21 am
it's just noteworthy where people are talking where they are coming from just like mark zuckerberg wants to defend his company by saying this. at the heart of these accusations is the idea that we prioritize profit over safety and well-being. that's just not true. the argument that we deliberately push content that makes people angry for profit deeply illogical we make ad from ads and advertisers consistently tell us they don't want their ads next to angry and harmful content. steve: she says facebook needs to declare moral bankruptcy she's congress to do something about it. ainsley: she talked about drug cartels and human traffickers how they use those services openly. she talked about political debates being poisoned. favoring the elite class. teenagers mental health and you heard national security issues. steve: wide-ranging. all right. meanwhile, john rich over on fox business has a great show. you will want to tune in tonight because he sits down with somebody who has been on this program a number of times. wynona judd. and, you know, she has been very
3:22 am
open about her life and what it has been like for her to pursue happiness. and because the name of the show is pursuit. here she is talking to john. you will see it tonight on fox business. >> how has the right to pursue happiness changed your life? >> i can tell you what my mama said. i will never forget this just because you can doesn't mean you should. that's been my biggest lesson that i have had a really hard time because everybody thinks it's not a privilege it's like an-it's like that entitlement word. we have had a lot of conversations home school conversations about entitlement. i group grew up on a farm to sto speak and i still live on a farm and my children grew up with chores. they did not get an allowance. there is a whole thing there we could unpack we don't have time. i will tell you, this just because i can doesn't mean i should. steve: that is such a good. ainsley: great line. us j. just because i can doesn't
3:23 am
mean i should. brian: john rich, his series continues the pursuit with john rich tonight 9:30 on fox business. steve: check it out. brain brian 9:00. ainsley: what time did i say? steve: it's going to be 9:00. brian: eastern time. steve: 8:00 central. 7:00 mountain and 6:00 pacific. brian: remains 8:00 eastern. proximate result largest migrant surge yet by the active border chief blaming the white house next. president biden ramp up production as oil prices 7 year high. why doesn't he ask texas to ramp up production, they will do it ♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. we have your headlines now. a war of words erupt notice chicago over this deadly shooting between rival gang members after caught on camera. mayor lori lightfoot slamming top prosecutor kim foxx after she decides against filing charges. >> there were statements made by the mayor yesterday regarding the evidence in this case that
3:29 am
simply weren't true. >> how is it possible, given what we saw, that we have all seen on vape with officers on vn the scene but not a single officer charged. >> falcons argues there was not enough today bring charges. turning to billboards in memphis with anti-police messaging, the quick co-billboards were changed from, goat geico see all the ways you could save to quote defund the police see all the lives you could save. the president of the memphis blasting the vandalism claim allege police officer lost his life where the bill are board stands. well, one day after quitting the democratic party andrew i can't think announce as political group called the forward party. yang 'save the movement. >> i am starting a new popular inclusive movement to advance real electoral reform and solutions that are going to give
3:30 am
rise, hopefully, to a middle ground in american politics. jillian: you can see tucker's entire interview with yang later today only on fox nation. former u. if c fighter agreesy is a proud father after his son kaedyn enlisted in the army. >> hi, i'm gracie, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. jillian: the 19-year-old plans to join the rangerment after in georgia. those are your headlines. ainsley: that's beautiful. thank you so much, jillian. texas gearing up for what could be largest surge at the border as 60,000 migrants are expected to reach the state within just the next few weeks. one former border official sounding the alarm on where they're coming from and what's driving them to the u.s. >> the result of that is the message goes out and instead of
3:31 am
having a couple hundred encounters a day, we quickly went up to about 6,000. a little bit of misleading messaging in the public today, too is they think this is just mexico or south america. border patrol caught over -- caught people from 150 different countries coming through mexico into the united states. the real thing that's changed is the focus on border security in general and acknowledging that border security is critical to homeland security. the messaging has changed. ainsley: thomasy feely director for from buffalo new york he joins us now. good morning, thomas, thank you for being here. >> good morning, ainsley, thank you for having me. ainsley: what are your biggest concerns? you have so much experience with this. what are your concerns? >> just like the previous guest just stated a lot of people think it's just mexicans or people from central and south america that are coming across the border. that's simply not true. a ton of terrorists people, people who are national security interest are coming across the
3:32 am
border and we just don't know who they're. we don't know where they are going or what they are up to. i can tell you right now i talked to some people yesterday and this morning, morale is at an all-time low and it's just people really need to be concerned about the border. ainsley: yeah. the border patrol agents are completely overwhelmed. what are your friends down there on the border saying specifically? >> they are overwhelmed. like i said, morale is in the dirt. you know, they are trying to do the best job they can. unfortunately a love of country only goes so far they know the administration doesn't have their back. why do d. we change what we were doing prior ton gentleman. our security, ainsley shouldn't be a political issue and this is really putting all americans at risk. ainsley: what's your reaction to what mayorkas said? he says he is proud of what is happening down on the border, what he is doing down there and even if he could throw all of them out he wouldn't?
3:33 am
it's bizarre here you have the secretary of homeland security watching our border overrun he is okay with it and proud of it. like he said, those are his words. you can't take them back. we see on tv of the illegal aliens crossing the border. what you are not seeing is the amount of drugs like fentanyl that are killing our kids and our brothers and our sisters and it's rolling across the border. and it's sad that nobody wants to do anything in this administration. ainsley: how is this all going to play out in the next election? if you talk to some critics of joe biden they feel like they are being taxed to death, they are being told what their kids are returning in school. they are being told they have to get vaccinated and they have to wear masks in schools yet these illegal immigrants who joe biden wants to put through college for free on your tax dollar dime they feel completely abandoned by the administration. how is this going to play out in the election? >> hopefully plays out in some way, right? this really needs to stop being a democrat and republican issue and be an american issue. you are putting our lives at risk. you are putting our children's
3:34 am
lives at risk. and we all know when our family members get killed by an illegal alien nobody cares until it's the right family this has got to stop being a partisan issue. it's got to be taken seriously. the democrats and republicans, somebody please stand up for our country, secure the border, so we can take care of letting the people that need our help into the country because ainsley right now, the fact is so many illegal aliens have entered of the country since january. ice ero who is in charge of finding these people making sure they go to court will never catch up. ainsley: what about afghanistan? it's taken over by the taliban. should would he be worried about taliban trying to get through our southern border? >> absolutely. i mean, you know, one of the bases in new jersey is where we are sending the afghans to be vetted. and, you know, they came across terrorist individuals there that were, you know, of great concern to why they got here and how they got here. i think the numbers were out of all the afghans that came into new jersey, only 3% of all of them were actually translators and helping our government.
3:35 am
so, you know, we are just exporting horrible people into our country and turning a blind eye. ainsley: that is scary especially when we read reports it's being reported that some of these refugees are being able to leave these bases or these posts and take ubers and go out into the rest of the country. of. >> right. and you know, most americans that i talk to, because i'm one of them. we get it people want to come to the country. we want them to do the rate way. we have the statue of liberty. we will welcome you with open arms. we have to have a way to stop people who don't block here and only coming here to do us harm. we got to get they will out of the country. ainsley: thomas, thank you for all your service and coming on. >> thank you, ainsley god bless. ainsley: god bless you. the fbi has been called on to combat threats against school officials. why our next guest says the doj has declared war on parents. that's next ♪ i feel so close to you right now
3:36 am
♪ >> hi this is governor ron desantis from florida. i want to wish fox a happy 25th anniversary. i very much appreciate what you guys have done, particularly your coverage and support of the men and women who wear uniform in our military as well as the men and women who wear the blue and protect us every day in law enforcement. thank you for what you've done. ♪
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3:41 am
virus you know that doesn't affect them. >> it should have no place in our schools. >> you are going to consider removing the one policy that parents have to defend their students from indoctrination and activism. brian: unbelievable, scenes like this playing thought school boards nationwide as parents fight to have their say in the child's education. we have been showing you this. now the department of justice is tapping the fbi to stop threats against school staffers. this comes a day after prominent school board group wrote a letter to president biden comparing the threats to domestic terrorism and hate crimes. and he reacted. fairfax county virginia parent arbery naomi. i notice your shirt i'm a mom not not a domestic terrorist the reason that's necessary is the asking report sees a a threat to the operation center. sadly that shirt is appropriate.
3:42 am
what's your reaction to this change of events? >> it's outrageous what the federal government is doing now. we are parents right now waking up from sea to shining sea to bring their children to school, to urge them into the day. and what has happened now is that the federal government and the national school board association has declared a war on parents. all we have done over the past year is stand up and speak up for children. it's unconscionable that the federal bureau of investigation should even spend a minute thinking about us. we all reject violence and we want to protect our kids. parents we are momma bears and pappa bears we are not domestic terrorists and the government needs to get us working with them and they need to listen to us they need stop demonizing us. >> i want to let you know here is an expert what the national
3:43 am
which the you know that's not the case, correct? >> >> oh, critical race theory is absolutely taught in public schools. we have a multimillion dollars industry right now that is profiting off of our children. and the one news flash that parents need to know is that in the summer of 2018, our u.s. attorney general merrick garland was at his daughter's wedding and she married a man who is a co-founder of a company panorama education that is right now data mining children. i spoke to our fairfax county school board because they just signed a $2 million contract with his son-in-law's company.
3:44 am
this is going on in school districts everywhere. brian: i'm sorry, asra, what is data mining children? what does that mean? >> oh, it's so disturbing, brian. it's really while we are watching facebook under fire, mark zuckerberg has invested in this company panorama education that does surveys of children asking them questions like do you consider yourself gender fluid? do you -- are you comfortable talking about race? and they are then compiling all of this information into a database and they have millions of children's information now. what they are doing is coming up with their mental health programs for our children because these organizations have decided that they can profit off of the backs of our kids and all of that information is now going into the hands of big tech and so while we're paying attention to facebook and instagram, they
3:45 am
have this side business going on that is another vertical in their growth industry and this is what something that, you know, unfortunately the politicians and school board members are contributing. to say. brian: we you have back on that. here is part of garland's memo that i find disturbing and i know you do, too. spirited debate about policy matters is protected under our constitution the protection does not extend the threats or violence for efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views. obviously. but it's how you characterize what a threat is. if i'm emotional and i say i'm upset that you -- curriculum my son or daughter is bringing home and someone says i feel threatened by that are they going to follow you home and lock you up? are you going to have to go get an attorney and mrs. middle class going to find themselves economically strapped because they cared about their curriculum. that's my worry. is it yours? final thought? >> oh, absolutely. we should not have to worry about fbi knocking on our doors
3:46 am
when we raise questions about our school boards and how they are running our school system. what we have done parents defending education we have created a portal going defending send a message to our attorney general about the fact that he has overreached and he has gone too far. brian: as remarks thank you so much. >> we have to protect our kids thank you so much. brian: with i think the sales of that shirt might go very high. >> we have soon. >> dyi. en thank you. brian: i like right now because i have some time on my hands i would like to check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast to see what she has. janice: hi, brian, do you like brian kilmeade. >> yes. janice: what is your name. >> louis. >> where are you from. >> north carolina. >> jim mcbreyer, north carolina. janice: what are you doing here. >> we are realtors here for a convention. >> you want to see "fox & friends"? >> i wanted to see "fox & friends." janice: take look at the maps.
3:47 am
beautiful day to be in new york city. the temperatures are in the low 60 and we have some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for north carolina so you might as well be here in new york while the showers linger. we could see the potential for some flash flooding. that's my concern across portions of the florida panhandle, alabama, as well as georgia. that's where we have our flood advisories in effect. so know what to do as well as middle tennessee. you have had record-setting rainfall over the last couple of month. so that's not a good news story. just know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area in terms of flooding. we also have a system across the west. that's bringing much needed rainfall for the southwest. another one moving into the northwest. even some mountain snow with that one and warmer than average for the central u.s. all right. you like brian kilmeade. do you want to say back to you brian kilmeade? >> back to you brian kilmeade. brian: very good. brian: listen, you can never ask anyone in new york city if they like me because the odds are very low. janice: they love you. brian kilmeade aspiration society here. brian: one of the big stories i think of this morning is you
3:48 am
found your clicker. janice: i found my clicker. thank you, brian. brian: america gets to see multiple maps now. meanwhile straight ahead oil prices at highest level since 201. ignoring president biden's plea to ramp up production. jackie tells us prediction at the pump. not good, that's my prediction. ♪ higher, higher ♪ higher up ♪ it's taking me higher ♪ higher ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty,iberty ♪
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jillian: good morning back with headlines, kellogg cereal production comes to a stop after 1400 go on strike. negotiating pay and terms. the company says disappointed by the union's decision to strike. not clear how the supply will be disrupted. character meet and greets returning to this fall. visitors will not be able to hug or get autographs from favorite characters. princesses will be returned to are hall.
3:53 am
steve: stay tuned for that thank you, jillian. oil prices climbing to highest level since 201 on tuesday. as opec ignores president biden's plea to ramp up production. the price of u.s. oil now sitting around $78 a barrel. driving up gas prices. and heating costs ahead of winter and less money in your pocket. here with reaction is fox business correspondent jackie deangelis. jackie, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. steve: wasn't that long ago we were number one in oil production under donald trump and now we are not number one. >> that's correct. we basically had ratcheted ourselves up to a position under president trump where we were telling opec what t to do. you just mentioned the word president biden is pleading with opec now to ramp up production. we shouldn't be begging them to do anything. they were doi what we wanted them to do. oil prices were sub$50. people were paying $2.20 a dollars for gas last year now at 3.22s. businesses saw low prices.
3:54 am
gas input cost for them mom and pop and fortune 500 companies. we are talking about a huge shift in what we are seeing all because of the policies. steve: sure all about supply and demand. the less supply they have got. the more demand is and the price goes up and opec makes more money. something else supply and in and. we have a lot of demand but not so much supply. there is a terrible supply chain problem. a headline out of cbs in los angeles this morning that says that apparently there are something likes a many as half a million shipping containers are waiting to be offloaded just off the california coast. so the stuff is there but because coronavirus and all sorts of stuff, jackie, we can't get the stuff off the boats and on to trucks. >> well, there is two problems. one is coronavirus as you mentioned. the other is that we are seeing shipping costs increase. they are waiting to pack those vessels before they send them across. they want to make sure they get the most out of it now, when that vessel gets here because it costs more to ship. you are going to be paying more for water, for toilet paper, for
3:55 am
paper towels. if you can get them. because it's going to take longer to get here. steve: yeah. we have a graphic apparently in january of 2021, just january of this year, a shipping container was 6300 bucks, which is a lot. keep in mind, a year earlier it was 2,000. but during the pandemic, 6300. and now it's five times that. ultimately, that increased cost is going to come right out of our pocket. >> absolutely. we are not talking about someone like jeff bezos having a problem here when it comes to going to the grocery store. we are talking about mr. and mrs. middle class as brian said in the previous segment. they are going to be paying more for goods. when you boil this down it's a controllable issue. especially when it comes to the energy policy. this is a tax on consumers. you are going to get taxed more by this administration and then you are going to pay more poor things, less money sticking to your bones. steve: we were talking to a guy who runs a augie's out in
3:56 am
detroit yesterday not only can he not get anyone to work for him but he can't get cheddar cheese and famous for chicken fingers. he was down to 10 pounds of chicken in the entire restaurant and have to drive 50 miles to get more because they can't get any. >> what's going to happen there the prices have already gone up. going to go up more. when you have the federal reserve saying it's transient the inflation? do you know what? it's impacting people's pockets right now. steve: absolutely. we feel it every day. jackie, thank you very much. >> good to see you. steve: back across the hall over to fox business. thank you. the entire nation feels the impact of the migrant crisis. with anti-cop sentiment spreading america losing' officers. what needs to change for law enforcement. coming up. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪
3:58 am
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4:01 am
united states this last year. >> cost of i'll spiked to highest price since 2014. >> pain at the pump is completely abe avoiding and entirely because of policies this administration is implemented. >> fox news media executives and long time employees rang the iconic nasdaq opening bell to celebrate the 25th anniversary. [bell tolls] ♪ ♪ brian: thanks to earth for wonderful landscape. newberne, north carolina where the elevation is 10 feet and population is 298 5 the mayor is dana outlaw birthplace of pepsi-cola. will many before that drinking whiskey and punch.
4:02 am
steve: right there in the river. brian: jed clampett. steve: he was shooting at a squirrel or something like and this a then out through the ground came bubbling crude. brian: he went into the big city never worked out. steve: he was a millionaire. brian: they never changed that lifestyle that's what i admire most. the 3 star hotel is $163. steve: more importantly, the guy pushing the buttons or directing the guy to push the buttons in our control room. mark, his parents live down in new bern they are watching right now. >> tap into the ring doorbell and see what the house looks like. ainsley: gary and peggy. good morning you raised an amazing son. how many years mark has been. steve: voice in our heads. 25 years. ainsley: how many years? 8 years he has been directing our show. he is a nice guy.
4:03 am
steve: oy. ainsley: do you remember the drug stores pepsi was invented in the drugstore. we used to go with my grandparents to campbell's drugstore. in the back everyone had an account you charged it got your drugs go to the front and there was like soda machines and the counter. brian: that was in a different era. my goodness. ainsley: so wonderful. brian: are you 115? ainsley: we would get pimento cheese sandwiched. steve: duke? [ ainsley: my brother liked the ham and cheese at&t and put it in presser. brian: getting sandwiches at the pharmacy? ainsley: yeah. cheese would ooze out of the side. steve: when i was in high school in clay center the rex all was right next to the men's clothing store i worked at somers wear. they would make a cherry coke terrific. delicious. brian: i don't believe any of this. i don't think it's even possible. i mean you can't be mixing all these things. i would like some penicillin and
4:04 am
a ham and cheese? come on. are you crazy? ainsley: and put it on my tab. brian: and i will get a jacket and blazer in. ainsley: welcome to middle america. steve: lunch counters in rex all drugstore. brian: i remember driving around with my liam screen and driver. ainsley: and butler buy your drugs for you. brian: i would have a maid and a butler. steve: speaking of rich people. joe biden made it clear rich people would have to pay for gigantic spending plans. what's interesting is when he went to howell, michigan yesterday we have got some movement now. it sounds like the $3.5 trillion bill joe said you have got to be around 2 trillion. in the meantime joe manchin says you know what? i had said 1.5 i could go higher. so he could go to 2 trillion, too. and then you square that with the fact that it sounds like the democrats may use the nuclear option on the debt ceiling they
4:05 am
don't need republicans because heading off a financial cliff. ainsley: joe biden says if you don't could this you are complicit in. he is talking to the michigan union workers these bills are not about left vs. right or modern vs. progressive or anything that pits americans against one another. these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. they are about opportunity versus decay. they are about leading the world america is moving. to say oppose these investments is to be complicit in america's decline. brian: remember, joe biden won the election but he never campaigned. and part of the reason why he won the election is because he never campaigned. he doesn't have a lot of momentum behind him. is he not good in front of
4:06 am
crowds and certainly not good off the cuff. when he was going to michigan he was greeted by people who weren't happy to see him on the roadways for the most part. chanting things like build back broke. go home sleepy joe and no biden. some of the signs there. so when he went up there. he just said something that is totally inaccurate. if is he talking about the bipartisan bill. you know, a lot of republicans grinned and bared it. 19 in the senate. about 25 to 35 that were willing to vote for the bipartisan bill. that would have been a speech for this. but on the reconciliation he knows it is about party politics. that's why doing reconciliation you didn't get nor did you seek any republican votes. everything you are doing is party. everything you are doing is partisan. it is so so-called human infrastructure. a new term that was coined by you to say it's not infrastructure. it is cradle to grave. ainsley: look at this lady's
4:07 am
dress. brian: that's totally separate. ainsley: senator john kennedy said we don't have the money. even though joe biden says it's free. 4 trillion in new spending 2 trillion in new taxes. mice die in traps because they think the cheese is free. steve: that's what the administration is saying. they say that multitrillion dollars deal cost zero because it is paid for by, as we start wanted the segment, the rich people. so, you know, joe is not really negotiating with republicans because none are on board. so really he is negotiating with the democrats. and so now he is saying get to $2 trillion. joe manchin is saying, you know what? i could probably go to $2 trillion. and joe manchin always caves. something he is. brian: he has done a great job so far in saving the country. steve: let's see what happens in the final vote. part of his side letter apparently was joe manchin said you have got to have the hide amendment in any legislation and that -- what that does is that
4:08 am
prevents federal funds from being used for abortions. joe biden said i believe yesterday, you know, i will sign it with or without it in. so joe manchin would actually get something he really wants, a hide amendment. and he would be able to go ahead and get $2 trillion worth of spending, which ultimately i think joe manchin probably wants. brian: corporations are going to have corporate rate put up to 28%, which means if manchin gets his way down to 25. currently 21. doesn't affect you at all except companies going back to ireland and going back to where they were. no longer coming here. ainsley: job creators. these companies are job creators. brian: that's what i used to think. doesn't seem like a big deal to joe biden says it's nonpartisan when everything he says is partisan. the irs is going to go on steroids. looking at every account over $600. they are going to be investigating everybody across this country in a way we didn't see possible. we already saw the corruption over the obama years. ainsley: any time you take out more than $600, the fbi will find out about it or the irs
4:09 am
will. brian: the paid fors are as evil as the taxes in this. and as crazy and as unaffordable as the social programs that's proposed. they are going to do a trick that steve referred to a few days ago. they might cede programs that evaporate on three years on community college, on preschool on school lunches and say okay, republicans, you go ahead and tell -- pull back school lunches in preschool and community college and notoriously the american people don't like losing stuff that they have. steve: so rather than 18 big programs they might do 6 big programs. rather than 10 years it might be five years. they have got get the price down. in the meantime what's really going on. they have got to figure a way to raise the debt limit. one of the tricks they are going to do apparently is if they can't get any republicans, and they refuse to do it via reconciliation with the democrats all could. of what they will do is they are going to print at the u.s. mint.
4:10 am
they are going to mint rather a $1 trillion coin made out of platinum. they have already got the blanks. all they have got do change the number on it. just like that they don't have to ask congress for it and then they would have $1 trillion of liquidity just like that. so that is something they're just. brian: janet yellen dhawld a gimmick. steve: yep we have no other choice. crank it out. ainsley: also at the border today. down in mission, texas. which is on the border of texas and mexico. you are going to have 11 governors including greg abbott the governor of texas. they are meeting. they are going to have a press conference down there to talk about problems at the border and their demands to the biden administration. they asked for additional funding for texas and the biden administration said no. and then last night we showed you a little clip yesterday but last night bret baier had the ousted border patrol chief, his name is rodney scott on show and play the second part of that tonight. but it was shocking to hear what he said.
4:11 am
the number of illegal immigrants coming in. they are from 150 different countries. listen to this. >> the current secretary mayorkas he was part of dhs before. he was -- ran cis. he clearly understands and knows how to control the border and what needs to take place. >> the result of that as the message goes out and instead of having a couple of hundred encounters a day. we quickly went up to about 6,000 encounters a day. border patrol caught over -- caught people from 150 different countries coming through mexico into the united states this last year before i retired. >> 150 different countries. >> different countries. bret: coming through the border? >> correct. >> how big a national security threat is it that border. that big issue. football paivelgly pray over here and the real play is going to the left. so when we get distracted with 15 to 20,000 haitians under a bridge. that resulted in several hundred miles of border having no border
4:12 am
patrol agents on it at all. brian: another haitian caravan coming up our way and we have two officials going in mexico city tomorrow. mayorkas and blinken but they said they are not going to bring up imation. is that unthinkable? guess what? do you know what helped the border patrol? the fence. it herded people, it funneled people. it allowed them to save officers and certain sections and go into others. and guess what? you paid for it. and, you are still paying to for it listen to this stunning news. that rodney scott confirmed for bret baier and four last night. >> so we're paying contractors for a while it was almost 5 million a day between did. od and dhs. bret: to not. >> to not build the border wall. bret: wait, wait, wait. 5 million a day to not build the wall. >> to not build the wall. >> bret: even though they have all the stuff. >> there are stacks and stacks of border wall panels. there is hundreds of miles of fiberoptic cabling. there is hundreds of cam dallas were being installed with that.
4:13 am
there they are just sitting. there is no action being taken. steve: that is one of the reasons people hate washington. you know. brian: that's a lot of money. steve: the deals that are made and the waste. $5 million a day. can you imagine what we could do with $5 million a day? well, if you could build that wall. but then again this administration does not really seem interested in that. in its place we have agents who are overwhelmed. just listen to this guy. former director of new york ice removals on "fox & friends first" earlier. >> they're overwhelmed. like i said, morale is in the dirt. you know, they are trying to do the best job they can, unfortunately. a love of country only goes so far. they know that the administration doesn't have their back. they need more resources. and they are all asking, you know, why did we change what we were doing prior to january? you are putting our lives at risk. you are putting our children's lives at risk. and we all know when our family members get killed by an illegal alien nobody really cares until
4:14 am
it's the right family. this has got to stop. steve: got to stop. and you were talking to that guy. that's why it's going to be really interesting to see all these governors who are going to convene later today in mission, texas. they represent not only texas but arizona, georgia, iowa, idaho, montana, nebraska, ohio, south dakota, and wyoming. brian: believe me, new mexico is paying the price. ainsley: arizona? brian: just as the democratic governor. so you wouldn't know it. they should be standing up for their people. lastly, look out. parliamentarian ruled that this reconciliation bill should not have immigration reform to naturalize 11 million to 20 million illegals. steve: because it's policy. brian: but, guess what? 92 scholars called on vice president harris and chuck schumer and pat leahy to overrule the parliamentarian and put in this legislation into the reconciliation bill they could do on party line. if they do that blow up the process again. 20 million illegals, do you know
4:15 am
what that will do to the border? on top of that being something unconstitutional. it will just say come one, come all from 100 plus countries, it is a party time. brian. ainsley: we're going to have the governor from montana greg gianforte coming up 8:30 today. right now hand it over to jillian. she has headlines. jillian: good morning to you. we have a number of stories. we begin with this. a new york woman is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly pushing someone into an oncoming train. this happened on monday morning. that woman has a thinks industry of assault charges including biting someone on a subway platform. this as disturbing video shows the savage beating of a man in new york city's east village. the nypd is looking for three suspects in the weekend attack. >> china warning we could be heading toward world war iii if the u.s. continues defending the sovereign nation of taiwan. the chinese state media calling our relationship with taiwan collusion and war could be triggered at any time. china sending dozen of warplanes
4:16 am
into taiwan airspace. and warships from six nations including the u.s. japan and u.k. are gathering in the philippine sea for a joint training exercise. while idaho governor brad little is visitings the border. hills lieutenant governor issues order banning vaccine mandates. also banning covid testing in schools and colleges. he said he would rescind any executive orders issues while he is away. i'm in texas performing my dues as the duly elected governor of idaho and i have not authorized the lieutenant governor to act on my behalf. okay, the shocking moment an alligator in florida steals a boy's fishing rod is of course caught on camera. watch. >> oh my. >> god. >> god. he just ate the fishing rovmentd
4:17 am
what did he eat in the gator appeared out of nowhere to steal the catch. unfortunately no one was hurt. the boy's father writing on facebook. alligator alert. yeah. that is frightening. >> i know that they feed them in florida more than we do up here. ainsley: went down to florida he wouldn't expect it to be down there or south carolina. we know growing up in the south they are in these lagoons. jillian: golf courses you see them. ainsley: you are not use the to them either. jillian: no. ainsley: be investor careful. steve: i have a lot of friends with alligators in the lagoon in the backyard. until isn't a problem until missing a dog or a cat. ainsley: hear all these stories at the kia island about the dog. steve: big signs beware. ainsley: one in a lagoon behind this piece of property where we used to play we named him fred.
4:18 am
he was gigantic. steve: fred, the alligator. coming up on this wednesday, facebook's whistleblower delivers blistering testimony on capitol hill yesterday. did you see this? >> company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. steve: senator cynthia lump mits is one of the lawmakers demanding answers from the social media giant. the senator joins us live coming up.
4:19 am
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♪ brian: hey, guys, pretty excited november 2nd, the president freedom fighter out but this is a chance to talk about the war on history on stage about all my books charleston west virginia november 7th. orlando florida november 21st. point vedra december 3rd and clearwater december 4th. have a chance to do that and interact with you and of course answer all the questions about fox. >> are they in restaurants or auditoriums. brian: actually in theaters about 30 book events go brian kilmeade dot dom click on books maybe coming to a city near you crazy two months. ainsley: when do you start. brian: first date november 2nd. first date on stage is are charleston, west virginia. governor jim justice is going to come. steve: going to declare brian kilmeade day in west virginia. brian: if he cared about me and that he is a great idea if he is
4:24 am
watching now i'm willing to be accept that that would be great. ainsley: taking questions from audience. brian: live on stage. abraham lincoln and battle to save the soul. special november 7th. ainsley: what's the most fascinating thing you learned about their lives. brian: the unlikely success stories both individual men. steve: brand new book coming soon. check it out. brian all right. now let's go to with the news. jillian: you had a date on there may of 2022. do you realize it's not halloween yet. brian: ashbury park was supposed to be september dana they couldn't pass the code inspection so they pushed it to may. steve: now we have something to do in 202 . jillian: i have something to do next year fantastic. brian: don't have the eagles.
4:25 am
jillian: thanks, brian. go ahead and start off story we are following. convicted killer issues a final statement before his execution. earnest johnson saying in part quote i am sorry and have remorse for what i did. he spent more than 25 years on death row following his conviction in the killing of three people in 1994. pope francis and congresswoman cori bush were among several people calling for the governor grant johnson clemens but it was denied scientists wanted to genetically engineer a virus in 2018. agency finding wuhan institute of virology applied three years ago for a $14 million grant to, quote: create a new coronavirus by combining other viruses. officials rejecting that bid over fears it could result in gain of function research. a homeowner goes to extreme lengths to keep people off their lawn. watch. >> when people won't stop
4:26 am
cutting across your lawn, set up an automatic sprinkler. jillian: it's unclear where the footage was taken but it has divided social media as everything does. some calling the move unkind while another said they, quote: love the pettiness. it's your lawn, do as you wish. it's kind of funny. outside of where i live there are sprinklers that come on and the grass weird times and i'm always -- always happen to be walking levi is someone out here doing this on purpose? now i wonder. steve: one of our neighbors has got one of those gizmos that has got a sensor ton so if an animal comes in the yard it's supposed to shoe them away. ainsley: do you think sprinklers in your front yard you would watch, you knew when you could go. once it hit these bushes i would just dart to the driveway. brian: then i would run to the pharmacy and get a ham sandwich
4:27 am
and some ana c n. ainsley: bubble gum medicine. brian: bazooka with the cartoon. i don't believe it. steve: you grew up in the big city. we grew up where all of our viewers are watching. ainsley: watch city slickers. brian: go to one store and do everything. steve: straight ahead, america is apparently losing its black police officers as cops get pushed out by rise in violent crime. and the defund the police movement. two former officers share what they say needs to change coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ >> i'm jesse watters and i have been at fox for 18 years. i wanted to work at fox because i liked watching television. and i started in the basement of fox in the newsroom. i was working in intake. so i was labeling tapes. i grew up on television.
4:28 am
people would come and see me on the street and say jesse, i remember you when you were a little guy and running around the streets. >> who was the first president? >> people don't usually go from a producer to on air. it's a unique journey. someone said no, you have to go and do another market and then come on air i said to myself no. i don't want to do it that way. and then one day i got a call, jesse you are now going to be on "the five." i had to take a break and say my gosh. that's a lot of pressure. you are only as good as your last show. every single day there is pressure to be excellent and we take that pressure very seriously. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
4:29 am
and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. ♪ brian: all right. from the defund the police push to the surge in violent crime, it's a hard time to be a police officer in america. and it appears departments are now struggling to find cops who look like their communities that they serve in urban environments. the new report from the atlantic magazine reveals police departments of major cities are losing black officers to retirement and are falling short on recruiting more black cops to replace them. here to discuss it, to make sense of it, former nypd detective dr. oscar odom and retired dallas police sergeant and u.s. congressional candidate trey penny. trey, can i start with you?
4:33 am
does this surprise you? >> no, absolutely it doesn't surprise me. it's unfortunate that we have actually hit this point in american history where if you think about it, since the 1990s, we have been on this community policing push where we have been trying to increase our ranks of diverse officers in our communities and, look, it only took five years for the blm movement and the defund police movement to reverse and reverse that whole process i went out in civilian clothe like i always do. i was trying to hopefully think are they were going to be excited about engages the police. one of the guys is he i'm not going to talk to no racist police. i got to talking to the young man. i pulled out my i.d. and i told him i was police. 22 years. and i broke that ice. and he got -- these kids were so excited to see that i was a police officer. they actually went over and started talking to the police.
4:34 am
that's a real life example of what happens when we directly engage our young people. we have got to encourage to do it. i'm going to encourage every police agency out there to get in the communities and interacting with young people. that's the next generation. brian: look at these nuns, oscar, black cops down. lapd down 24%. in philadelphia down almost 20%. chicago down 12% since 2019. i know it doesn't surprise you. let me ask you, how could you change that perception? >> one of the things is getting out there and speakings in the community like the officers just said engage them and talk to them. go out and recruit at hvcus, go to the military. the military has military police. talk to them. possibly have some sort of tuition reimbursement because other people who are there are the people black people that are
4:35 am
have their college he had casmghts you have loan forgiveness reimbursement you serve the police department five years this is l. absolve your loan. that will get them inside the door. like what they are doing and see how they are giving back to the community and continue to stay on the police department. we have to go out there and reach out covid-19 people realize work life balances have changed. this is also a dangerous job. though rewarding it's dangerous, also. we have to look at those things and the public needs to support the police more that would help a whole lot. brian: real quick, tre. we know they recruit military putting commercials together. should they recruit police officers the same way. >> absolutely. this is national push now from every agency across the country. they are going to have to really go after the minority communities and encourage officers to come in. i think doing these. sas and informing them that we
4:36 am
do have this drop in minority officers on the department and we need them. i think going to be great for actually bringing more people in. brian: hopefully you converted some by listening to you now, tre and oscar, thank you very much. role models for all. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> thank you. brian: steve to you. steve: thank you very much. great discussion. thanks to supply chain disruptions and rising costs across the board. if you want a sweet treat from lamar's donuts and coffee you will have to shell out more doe. the chain has announced 20% price hike at all of its corporate owned locations to cover the higher cost. this comes after some employees in over land park, kansas quitclaiming they were overworked, under paid and under appreciated. communications director of la mar's donuts joins us now ron king. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. nice to be with you. steve: i like the idea that you are going to pay people more because they feel like they are under paid and under appreciated but this is just one of the
4:37 am
problems that we are facing right now in october of 2021 after 18 months of pandemic. >> yes, indeed. we heard the cops are having trouble filling their positions as well. by the way a beautiful transition from police to donuts. i appreciate the set-up. all my friends and family under staffed right now. steve: jacking up the prices 20%. ultimately, you have got to worry 'will the consumer say okay, i'm willing to spend 20% more on a doughnut because the people behind the counter are going to get paid for? >> yes, sir. it's a gutsy move. it's a bold mo. we don't know if it's going to work. we hope it will. let me tell you this lamar's donuts sold in five states and 25 locations. if you live outside of those five states it's hard to understand the cult following it has we go back to 1933 when a teenager named ray lamar started of making tone nuts in kansas
4:38 am
city. he opened the first lamar's donuts in 1960. we have 6 years of faithful followers. our donuts are hand made. once you put one in your mouth you have a whole different view of what a doughnut can be. we have loyal fans in five state. and beyond. people move out of those five states. steve: right. yesterday, ron, we were talking to a guy who ran a -- run as restaurant, augie's in detroit, he said that he applied for some of the restaurant revitalization fund money. but the government wouldn't give him any. so, you know, is he facing a labor shortage. he can't get stuff because of the supply chain as well. did lamar try to get any federal money to help you over this hump? >> we did get ppp loans and put it all towards payroll. it helped us keep a lot of people employed. i will say this, when the pandemic started in the spring of 2020, a lot of people stopped coming to, would. they didn't want to risk anything. furthermore, we had to cut back on staffing for social
4:39 am
distancing and a lot of people have not returned to those jobs. so, we're working virtually in every store with less than ideal staff. steve: well, final question. what about the supply chain issues? we were just talking about how off the coast of california there are over probably a half a million shipping containers full of stuff that can't get unloaded. and ultimately, people can't -- in your business and others, can't get stuff. are you seeing a problem? >> yes, sir. we are. first of all, our -- the price of our ingredients have increased 40% since 2019. on top of that, one of those ships out there off the coast of california is loaded with paper products. so we don't -- do not have lamar's branded cups, napkins, boxes and bags. we are having to use white plain bags and boxes to put donuts in. that's a big problem. steve: well, if your prices for supplies have gone up 40% and you are only jacking up the prices of donuts 20%. it seems like you are still
4:40 am
losing money but nonetheless i have had a lamar doughnut out in the midwest. they are delicious. good luck to you. let us now how all this all works out. >> thank you. god to be with you, steve. steve: all right. it's about 20 before the top of the hour. on capitol hill the facebook whistleblower yesterday doubled down on claims that facebook puts profits over people. senator cynthia lummis was at the hearing and she is going to tell us his or her impressions of the whistleblower coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ >> we have had some great memorable fox memories but i would have to say probably my favorite and the most powerful would be with probably a couple years ago jones beach we did a wheelchair give away independence fund. pete hegseth and fox family and friends were there. and it was just next level. we love jones beach. the venue, the whole landscape, the whole setting was incredible. our fan base up there is really, really strong. so they were ready for a party.
4:41 am
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4:46 am
saying that the platform whether facebook knows it or not is being utilized by some of our adversaries in a way that helps push and promote their interest at the expense of america's? >> yeah, facebook is very aware this is happening on the platform. ainsley: the whistleblower who says facebook puts profits over user safety also raising national security concerns during her senate testimony about how the big tech giant handles espionage efforts from adversaries like iran. wyoming senator cynthia lummis was just one of many senators who questioned that whistleblower on capitol hill. and she sit on the senate commerce committee and joins us now. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. i know one of the questions you asked her was about the children how these platforms are affecting teenage girls all of our kids. what are your biggest concerns? >> people are spending more time on facebook and instagram because they are incentivized to
4:47 am
do so by the way it makes them feel. and they spend more time there with negative content, with violent content. and with content that makes them concerned and fearful, perhaps for young girls it's about their physical appearance. this is the more addictive component of being online. so i'm concerned about that and i'm considering legislation to convert these facebook and instagram entities to a subscription model. you know, when the internet was created, it went -- it became free to everyone. and it's paid for by advertising. the disadvantage of that model when it's applied to facebook is that it enforces and reinforces addictive behavior. so if we -- if you have to pay for the service, we would know who the customers were, we would prevent them from selling our data. we could prevent them from targeting to our children.
4:48 am
ainsley: she said the algorithms prey on teenage girls and they keep coming back even though it makes them feel worse about themselves. mark zuckerberg says this is not true. he was tweeting about that yesterday or putting it on social media on facebook, i'm sorry. so you were also grilling janet yellen about what the biden administration wants to do with banks. they want banks to have to report all transactions over $600. let's take a listen to you questioning janet yellen. >> these would be helpful indicators of where it makes sense for auditing to occur. so, it is not reporting the individual transactions or anything of the like. and it would be a simple thing for banks and other payment providers to provide along with the other information they are already providing. ainsley: i know you sparred with her on september 28th when you were grilling her. that was a clip from cnbc. what's your reaction to that?
4:49 am
>> well, i think they are working their way to converting self-reporting to the irs by the american people to the government deciding how much taxes you obeyed on the information that they access about you. this model for the irs would be disastrous. i was here during the lois learner years. we saw the irs weaponized by people who politicized their roles at the irs. and then covered it up by bleaching the computers that held the information that showed they did that. so, this is an agency that has been caught working against the interest of the american people and it's so distrustful that i don't think we should give them more tools to get information from us, spy on us, and accuse us of being tax cheaters when
4:50 am
they don't even have the information to show that that's the case. it's a self-reporting system we need to keep it that way. ainsley: okay. senator, thank you so much for joining us. >> you are welcome, ainsley. ainsley: it's 7:49 here on the east coast. coming up, steve? steve: go ahead. ainsley: okay, today republican governors from across the country will go to texas to sound the alarm on how the border crisis is impacting more than just border states. montana's governor going to join us with a preview of what they will say. victor caves hanson is here live with his new book ♪ ♪ everybody is just getting by, ♪ ♪ ue. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot.
4:51 am
only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ...
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4:54 am
steve: time for fox weather, about six minutes before the top of the hour and janice it's kind of grey outside but at least it's not raining. >> exactly that's the silver lining right, what are your names? >> lisa. >> nate. >> where are you from? >> illinois. >> you guys are together? >> we are. we're at the coldwell banker convention. >> we had someone earlier at 6: 30 come from the same convention. do you want to say hi to
4:55 am
everybody at home? >> the coldwell banker family at home and my husband dan and kids in alaska and jessica at home. >> i love it and mom and dad and family. >> my wife kim, and my parents. >> it's like you've done this before. let's take a look at the maps real quick i'll show you the temperatures across the nation, grey skies over the new york area i think we're into the 60s and we are looking at the potential for showers and thunderstorms for parts of the southeast, you guys get to experience the jack hammers in the background as well. the west coast, we're dealing with more rain in the forecast for them, and even some mountain snow, but the concern is for areas that have already received a lot of moisture across the southeast in parts of middle tennessee, little concerned with the flash flooding so we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect just keep that in mind. know what to do if there's a warning in your area. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. >> hi! >> very good. steve: good morning. thanks, j. d. ainsley: 7:55. the pandemic not the only crisis
4:56 am
facing america as we grapple with growing border surge, the spiraling cost of goods and the politics of the classroom. just to name a few, right? steve: absolutely in his brand new book our next guest warns our customs laws and values are under assault by the far left, and threatening to destroy america, as we know it. brian: victor davis hanson, he's the author of the "dying sit again" the book is out and he's here to talk to us about it congratulations on it. you're covering breaking issues on a regular basis. what made you think this is issue that needs to be looked at >> sort of the explanation that explains the border mess and decline of the middle class, the inability to buy a house, payback a student loan. this tribalism we're identifying by our ethnic identification or race is essential to our persona rather than incidental and on the elite side, these evolutionaries that want to change the electoral college
4:57 am
that makeup the supreme court and get rid of the filibuster, the administrative state whether it's john brennan or general milley or all of these people aren't elected but they exercise enormous power and they seem exempt from consequences of their own actions and ideology, and finally, there's a lot of people in the two coasts that feel we should be citizens of the world they look toward the paris climate accord or the u.n. national criminal court rather than this unique constitution so all of that explains, i think, a lot of the chaos when you diminish the power of the citizen. brian: overarching. >> yeah. ainsley: why do you call it the dying citizen? >> well he's not dead yet is he so i'm optimistic that we can restore the idea of the middle class, that kind of the suspicious of the very rich, and they're not dependent like the poor. we can get our borders back. we had them back just a year ago as we've been talking about secured borders. i think we're going to go back to the martin luther king idea that the content of the character matters and not the color of our skin. brian: do you think we'll go there? >> i do.
4:58 am
i think that we've reached the limits of the critical race theory because where does it lead and the trajectory is something like rwanda that's what tribalism is, it's a pre- civilization idea that came before civilization. steve: well you wrote the book you might as well read a passage from it. here's an excerpt as performed by victor. >> given that the constitution is difficult to amend, reform are seeking constantly evolutionary avenues to render inert or to change it by unconstitutional means. these evolutionaries, who wish to move beyond the framers ideas assume that the public has lost confidence in its ability to control its only public or now prefers a radical equality result democracy. steve: right and you've got a unique point of view because you live in california which has been impacted by the migrant crisis on our southern border. >> yes. steve: at the same time, you know, california farmers and your one, your families own property there, you rely on
4:59 am
migrants but in the past it has been controlled and now it's just wide open. >> yeah, it's wide. i think people should remember though, because of mechanization in agriculture, it accounts for about 18% of all migrant labor, and so people in the farming industry turn to a million acres partly because they didn't want to have hand labor anymore, so most of the migrant labor whether legal or illegal is in meat packing, landscaping, hospitality, hotel, restaurants, but it's a problem that when you have a labor shortage, it's not a sustainable idea to bring in cheap labor from abroad. it depresses wages here and then it puts the own us on the state to take care of the other needs of the migrants. brian: victor there's nothing you can't answer but i love the fact that the book is optimistic, that we're seeing how bad it's getting, and we have only to go over the cliff and who wants to go over a cliff >> yeah, i think absolutely. when you look at the news today whether it's afghanistan, or whether it's our pentagon or
5:00 am
whether it's the border, or inflation, or loss of energy, independence that we have, 3 million, everybody so this can't go on, and we've got to restore the idea of an autonomous self-reliant citizen to talk back and take control again. i think we will. i'm optimistic. brian: if we don't arrest everyone that talks back and takes control. ainsley: when do you think we'll get to that point? >> i think we're at the point now. i think there's going to be a change of heart in the next mid-terms and you're seeing spontaneous grassroots. remember the woke revolution was top down. the elite-driven this isn't. steve: absolutely i love the term that you coined, evolutionary check it out in his brand new book called "the dying citizen" also an of op-ed on fox sir thank you very much. >> thank you all for having me. brian: great to see you in person. steve: it's hour three of fox & friends, and it starts now. 8:00 in the east. >> you're using the fbi to intervene in school board meetings.
5:01 am
this is extraordinary. >> it's unconscionable. all we want is to protect our kids. we aren't domestic terrorists. ainsley: president biden heads to michigan to sell his build back better agenda. >> suppose these investments is to be complicit in america's climb. >> the whole thing tells you that the washington power structure is desperate. brian: officials are gearing up for what could be the largest migrant surge yet. >> our security shouldn't be a political issue. >> we're paying contractors almost 5 million a day to not build a wall. >> even though they have all of the stuff. >> marine officer locked up for criticizing the evacuations has been released. >> he faces a court martial and he still remains subject to this gag order. >> sends a fly ball out to right, and the red sox have a date with the rays. >> ♪ you know i'm here for the party, and i ain't leaving until they throw me out, gonna have some fun ♪
5:02 am
ainsley: there is suzanne scott ringing in the bell yesterday morning steve left at 8:30 to go down there and ring the bell about 9:30. steve: it was great and they had the original on-air team much of it after 25 years still in the building and they had suzanne scott, jay wallace, sherry bird who is the coo of fox. it was a great day. and as it turns out, i think the stock market finished gigantically, so you're welcome, america. brian: so everybody there was there since 96, right? steve: yup. brian: so from the beginning. that's right. steve: indeed everybody there was and lauren green was actually, there's lauren in the red dress she was actually, i believe the first person hired by fox, and we were just talking about how in the very beginning we were trying to figure out how it all worked out and, you know, ultimately we helped invent a whole new genre of tv news. ainsley: what a great hire she was. i love her.
5:03 am
she's soient. she knows so much about religion and she is a concert pianist. have you ever heard he play the piano? steve: we went to a concert of hers over at steinway. brian: but you are like neil cavuto too, you like everybody. ainsley: i like them all. i can tell you honestly there's not one person at fox i don't like. brian: really? okay good. ainsley: you can't say the same though? brian: oh, i can say that. ainsley: you didn't want me to get this job, [laughter] brian: you're kidding. this is the new right here. every time i kid around i used to say with edie was the first anchor, every time i'd say something behind the scenes and say wow, such and such is going on, or i can't think of an example next thing you know it's like brian what did you just tell me in the break. ainsley: like if you said i don't like my grandmother's cooking or something. brian: she's like say that on the air now. so, i wanted ainsley to get the job. steve: anyway, its been 25 years , thanks to you, and now we
5:04 am
are the world leader in tv news and we appreciate that. all right, let's talk a little bit about this , we told you yesterday, at this time, about this how the department of justice has ordered the fbi to look into any threats against people in schools, the teachers, the administrators, the school board members and things like this , this comes on the heels of the national school board association asking for help from the president. they said there are threats and acts of violence, and they said that those are acts of domestic terrorism, and the school board association suggested to the administration, hey, why don't you use the patriot act to investigate and perhaps surveil people like that? that's on the cover of the new york post this morning. those are just moms and dads talking about problems with mask s and crt, are they domestic terrorists? of course not. except this organization, essentially, considers them that ainsley: one of the moms that brian interviewed earlier, she's
5:05 am
a fairfax county mom and she also is with parents defending education and she said to the domestic terrorist, she was on the show what would her t-shirt say, i am a mom. not a domestic terrorist she made herself. this is what she wrote on twitter yesterday. dear justice department and fbi director christopher wray. this is what a domestic terrorist looks like. you owe the people of america swift apology. signed, she signed it, sarcastic ally, domestic terrorist. the parents are taking a stand, they are accusing the fbi of being the politics police in this. brian: so i want you to, do you feel like we said that already or do you want to go to senator josh hawley? first i want you to hear some of the starring, that senator josh hawley called out this deputy attorney general. >> as parents waiting sometimes for hours to speak at a local
5:06 am
school board meeting to express concerns about critical race theory or the masking of their students, particularly young children, is that in and of itself, is that harassment and intimidation? >> spirited debate is welcome, is a hallmark of this country. it's something we all should engage in. >> i don't think so, with all due respect it didn't make it quite clear, it doesn't define those terms, nor does it define harassment or intimidation. if this isn't a deliberate attempt to chill parents from showing up at school board meetings, for their elected school board, i don't know what is. i mean, i'm not aware of anything like this in american history. we're talking about the fbi. you're using the fbi to intervene in school board meetings. that's extraordinary. why is it being investigated by the fbi? >> it is not. when and if any situation turns to violence, then that is the appropriate role of law enforcement to address it. >> you can't point to a single
5:07 am
instance where anything like this has happened before and i think parents across this country are going to be stunned to learn, stunned, that if they show up at a local school board meeting by the way, where they have the right to appear and be heard and you are attempting intimidate them. you are attempting silence them. you are attempting interfere with their rights as parents and yes, with their rights as voters this is wrong, this is dangerous steve: it is dangerous. brian: next thing you know, if the pattern is correct, you'll see a knock at the door, the done o vons who got a little emotional next thing they are being investigated by the fbi and they will be up to their ears in legal fees. ainsley: parents don't know the specifics of it. obviously if you're violent the police are going to be called. steve: or intimidated. ainsley: exactly is parents standing up at the podium or the fbi goes after them? steve: not if you just yell at somebody, i don't like what you're doing at my kid's school. ainsley: these unions have so much power, they give so much
5:08 am
money to the democrats, including joe biden, that now they want critical race theory. they want masks in school, they want kids to be vaccinated before they go to school. they want teachers vaccinated, and so they're trying to silence the parents. brian: that's right that is the next war the vaccination for 5-11-year-olds or stay home meanwhile let's bring in from iowa gop senator joni ernst, welcome back. >> it's great to be with you, thank you. brian: senator i think one of the first things to come to mind we talked about merit garland using the fbi, do you think we're over reacting to this? >> no. i don't think we're over reacting to this. i think that the justice department is overreacting to this. i think that it is imperative that parents are involved in their school boards, and certainly, if they disagree with what's being taught at the school, that is exactly why you have school board meetings. that's exactly why those parents should be out there, expressing displeasure or support for
5:09 am
what's going on in their schools. this is an overreach of the fbi and the federal government and it is dangerous. steve: well you know, senator, it looks like the biden administration is helping teacher's unions essentially intimidate parents who object to the policies that, you know, whether it's crt, whether it's masking that is required in a lot of locations. it just looks like they're trying to clamp down on what, as a parent, you want to do. if something is going on at your kid's school you don't like, you're going torques my wife and i have gone to a million school board meetings where we say hey, why are you doing this and then they explain it. there's nothing the matter with that. >> exactly, and that's the type of government that we have that where you want your citizens to be involved. we, as conservatives, want parents to be involved in the education of their children, but you've heard from many democrats lately that they don't
5:10 am
think parents should be involved in the education of children, and that is abhorrent, that's not the way our system was designed to work, so again, this is a dangerous overreach by the federal government into local elected activities. those school board members are elected by their local people, and those local people have every right to come out and express, like i said, displeasure, or support for the activities in their own local school. ainsley: i know you've introduced a new bill called " the be gone act." this seems like a no-brainer that would make sexual assault an aggravated sexual violence, a disqualifying act for those trying to immigrate into the united states. why isn't this already on the books? i can't believe, they are allowing sexual assault, anyone whose, perpetrator to come into our country? >> yes, and we have seen this recently with a number of
5:11 am
the afghan refugees that have come in. we know of two counts where afghan refugees have assaulted a minor, so it's very concerning, and this is common common sense the "be gone act" would allow law enforcement officials to deport those that are convicted of sexual assault or aggravated sexual conduct, so, like i said, it's very common sense. it should be on the books already. it is not, so we're pushing for action in this area. we need to make sure that those folks that we are allowing into the united states are going to be good -- ainsley: are democrats on board with you? >> i don't have any democratic co-sponsors so far. steve: why? >> well, it's a good question, and as you can see , any situation that the biden administration touches right now , turns into a crisis. they have got an immigration crisis on their hands whether it is from the withdrawal of afghanistan and the unvetted
5:12 am
afghans that they are bringing into the country, whether it's the crisis at the southern border, so i imagine that for a democrat to join on to this bill would acknowledge the fact that president biden is creating crisis when it comes to our immigration situation in the united states. brian: it's one of the reasons why terry mccullouf was caught on a conference call saying joe biden is remarkably unpopular in virginia and around the country seeing what he's doing and in afghanistan i know you're passionate, a military member, you saw the embarrassment this administration caused us that will last generations. you're not allowing that to happen. one of the things is they brought thousands of afghans here, very lightly screened, if at all, and now we find out that they're walking off their bases calling an uber and disappearing >> yes, and i will not allow the biden administration to turn the page and quietly move on. we have to understand the
5:13 am
situation in afghanistan, and why he did not listen to his military commanders but now we are in a situation where his extraordinary success of an evacuation airlifted thousands upon thousands of afghans who were not sib holders they were not on lift that i'm aware of, so we have to find out who these people are, make sure they were vetted, but one, prevent them from walking off bases. they have to be vetted before they move on. it's for the good of everyone, for the afghans as well as our own united states citizens. steve: senator, before you go, yesterday it was suggested that maybe there in the senate they could actually do the nuclear option where they pass the debt ceiling limit, increasing it, without a single republican vote but it be a one-time only deal, they say. >> it would not be a one-time only deal, because as we have seen with the democrats before, once they've done it they will continue using it, and it is
5:14 am
really important that the american people understand that yes, america does not want to default. we certainly would not want to do that on any of our debts; however, the democrats need to be very clear and honest. they need to be transparent with the american people how much money they plan to spend and what they're going to be spending it on. we see massive spending in this administration and by the democrats. we're moving to a big socialist democrat institution here in the united states. we have to stop that and awareness is part of that process. the american public needs to know and understand why the democrats are spending the way they are on new social welfare programs and we need to be able to put it in its place and stop it. it's really unfortunate what they are doing, but again, we don't want america to default, but the way they're doing it is absolutely wrong. ainsley: senator thank you so
5:15 am
much for coming on. >> yeah, you bet. thank you so much. ainsley:ou're welcome. brian: jillian, you have the latest news. jillian: a really disturbing story now so let's go ahead and begin with this. the taliban publicly hanging three alleged criminals in afghanistan, and we do want to warn you, this video may be hard to watch. the shocking display of corpses swaying off cranes similar to other scenes less than two weeks ago. a horrifying hanging of alleged criminals who invaded a person's home in another man was executed for supposedly trying to kidnap a father and a son. >> lt. governor colonel sheller is finally home with his family this morning released from a military prison after speaking out about the withdrawal from afghanistan. sheller releasing a video vowing to resign and give up his pension over how the situation unfolded and he still faces a court martial and gag order. >>izar is suspending more than 2,200 employees for not getting the covid-19 vaccine.
5:16 am
the workers makeup between 1-2% of the healthcare companies nationwide workforce. they were given until december to get the vaccine, the company says more than 92% of their workforce has complied. >> and this squirrel in fargo, north dakota is literally driving one man nuts. the squirrel hiding 175 pounds of black walnuts in the man's chevy pickup. bill fisher says he returned from a trip to find all of these nuts stashed in every crevice of his truck. he spent seven hours removing parts of the truck, to try to get everything out. he filled seven five gallon buckets but thinks there are still some he cannot reach. can you imagine, what would you do? steve: that is a talented squirrel. ainsley: so cute though. i'm sorry for the man. brian: i'm a little disturbed. ainsley: why? brian: because squirrels know when it's going to be a bad winter and they keep a lot of nuts so they are saying it's going to be a terrible winter.
5:17 am
jillian: what are you saying meteorologist brian kilmeade? brian: a lot of times janice doesn't pick-up the phone when i call and i say how many nuts do the squirrels harvest and if there's a lot of nuts that means it's going to be a long winter. jillian: just try and interview the squirrel. ainsley: at least the man knew how to take apart his truck and put it back together. what would we do? jillian: i'd call my dad because he can take apart a truck and put it back together. ainsley: if this happens to any of us we'll call your dad. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: coming up next dr. marc siegel is on deck to help us break down the differences in some of the most talked about covid-19 treatments. steve: plus lawmakers calling foul on major league baseball returning back from the state of georgia while bowing to communist china. brian: yup. steve: outkick founder clay travis calls out the hypocrisy, plain and simple, coming up on fox & friends.
5:18 am
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big whoop! mine gives me a 4k streaming box. -for free! that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? brian: here we go, astrazeneca requesting emergency fda approval for its first of a kind covid-19 antibody treatment this is great news and if authorized to be the first alternative to vaccines for people who have immune systems making existing shots less effective, understood? fox news contributor dr. marc siegel understands here to break all this down for us including breakthrough technology. first off, let's talk about remdesivir, the facts behind it, can we get it? >> yes, brian. by the way the drug you just mentioned the astrazeneca very exciting, is antibodies that last for months and months, so
5:23 am
even if you're not vaccinated, or if you didn't have a good response, because you're immuno compromised that astrazeneca drug could protect you by giving you antibodies. the remdesivir you're talking about now has been around since the beginning of the pandemic. that was tested on sars, the only sars, and that we just have new information on. it's an anti-viral. it stops replication and do you know what? it decreases your risk of hospitalization by over 80%, so it's a very important drug if given very very early and we have another one mulnopirivir which is an oral drug that also stops replica that seems to drop hospitalization dramatically too that one, you maybe able to take at home. you know, you know that you have covid or you're exposed to covid you take that pill and it decreases your risk of being hospitalized. very exciting, those anti-viral drugs. brian: i'm wondering do i have to know this? usually, we count on doctors to know this but it depends where you are in the country. they might not know this new stuff, right?
5:24 am
>> yeah, and i'm there to tell them right now, right? everybody is watch and i'm telling you and you could ask your doctor about this. your doctor should know about all of this if they don't they better get up to speed, infectious disease specialists and pulmonary docs for sure know about remdesivir and for sure we know about the monoclonal antibodies that regeneron gives by the way it's a double cocktail the ones that president trump took. those antibodies, if given early , decrease your risk of hospitalization by over 50%, and decrease your risk of a bad outcome by about the same. if you take those antibodies early on, and then there's another two drugs that nobody knows about. listen to this one, there's one called tasilizumab, that drug blocks the information in your body once you're sick so if you're sick and you're in the hospital, and i give you this drug, that blocks inflammation dramatically, it improves your chances of never getting on a ventilator and never dying, and there's one
5:25 am
more even more important, busatidimib, which is a drug we use for arthritis, brian. this drug is called a jak inhibitor, this drug decreases inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. we repurposed this drug for the purpose of covid-19, and if god forbid you're on a ventilator it decreases your chances of actually dying by 50% so we have an arsenal, steroids we give in the hospital, we give this arthritis drug in the hospital, we block inflammation in the hospital, we have anti-viral drugs that keep you from getting into the hospital like remdesivir, and then we have the monoclonal antibodies that block the virus from dividing. very important. we have an entire tool box. brian: and you have merck but we just don't have enough and with the amount of nuclear antibodies i know the governor of west virginia requested it and didn't get enough so we got to make more. dr. siegel, thanks so much. >> hugely important, big shortage, have to get more of
5:26 am
those antibodies, we need 50- 100 million doses of that. we have 2 million. absolutely, brian. brian: yeah, anything we can do we could donate, whatever. we could take action there. thanks, dr. siegel. >> great treatments thank you. brian: john kerry admits president biden, get this , did not know his deal with australia upset france. >> he asked me, he said what's the situation and i explained exactly he had not been aware of that. he literally had not been aware. brian: well that's great. nice to have friends right, to embarrass you? douglas murray on how biden is impacting the world's view of america. he just doesn't know half of it. >> ♪
5:27 am
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steve: john kerry made a stunning admission yesterday about what joe biden really knew , or didn't know about the deal with australia that upset france over submarines. >> he asked me, he said what's the situation and i explained
5:32 am
exactly, he had not been aware of that. he literally had not been aware of what had transpired, and i don't want to go into the details of it. steve: i think that's enough detail. author douglas murray joins us right now. douglas, george. >> good morning. steve: so what john kerry is talking about is this deal where we essentially stab france in the back and did a deal with the uk and australia for submarines. for john kerry to say that the president didn't know about it, it kind of makes it seem like either nobody told the president what was going to happen, or he forgot. >> that's right. there are two other possibilities with it. the first is that it's true, that president biden didn't realize that america had an existing understanding with the french, for the building of the new submarines and that the
5:33 am
australians had the deal with the french and the americans and the australian s and the british coming together in a deal behind the french nation's back was effective. that's one possibility. joe biden just didn't realize about that. the other possibility is john kerry was on french television and this is simply what you can say now, if you're an american, anywhere in the world, you can just say oh, well the president didn't know about that, so either it's the excuse to get john kerry out of the situation, or president biden really didn't know about the existing between the australians and the french and didn't realize what a major issue this was going to be for the french government. steve: and there's one other angle to it, douglas, and that is john kerry used to be our secretary of state so essentially i think he's throwing our current secretary of state, anthony blinken, under the bus, and it's like you know, essentially he's saying when i was secretary of state, i'd tell the president what was going on,
5:34 am
but obviously, he didn't know, so i blame, you know, tony blinken, whose now in france trying to smooth things over with the french. >> that's right. there's a lot of behind the scenes politicking going on here. the main thing is obviously the fact that people can just say that the president isn't aware of things and then the politics goes on as a level beneath the president, but the thing that struck me about this as well is what the white house is being briefing, since john kerry said this , of course , john kerry is the climate envoy, he was in paris talking about this and ended up revealing this extraordinaire thing about president biden's ignore absolutely and the white house said the president has been saying the american french coordination on climate is important, sure, but that's a totally different subject. steve: no kidding well i wonder if the president knows about that. don't know. douglas murray thank you very much for joining us from there in your library, thank you, sir.
5:35 am
>> great pleasure. steve: all right straight ahead on this wednesday, president biden still has not visited the southern border, has never visited it in his life, but the chaos continues to unfold on his presidential watch, so a group of republican governors are taking matters into their own hands, they are going to have a press conference and one of them is montana governor whose going to join us live from mission texas with a preview of their border security plan straight ahead on "fox & friend"
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>> i'm not going to speculate on what anyone's motivation is, but i do know that they were briefed , it was very clear, there are people involved in this process that have been involved before, and they're choosing not to take simple common sense steps to secure the border. ainsley: that warning coming from former border chief rodney scott, who says this administration is not taking common sense steps to secure our border, and it's proven by the numbers which show a huge increase in encounters at the southern border over the past year. today, in texas, 11 gop governor s will be meeting to discuss the crisis down at the border, monday tan o governor is one of them and he joins us now, good morning, governor. >> ainsley, good to be with you ainsley: so good to have you here. yes, so he says that the administration is not taking common sense steps, it appears they are ignoring this.
5:42 am
how do you think you all being down there can make a difference >> well, this is an unmitigated disaster of joe biden's own making. it is a humanitarian disaster, it is a national security disaster. in july alone, we saw about nine tons of methamphetamine come across the southern border. we've now, the number of illegal immigrants has gone up every single month since joe biden has taken office. we now have, we had over 1.3 million illegal apprehended at the southern border, those are just the ones that were caught. that's more than the entire population of my state of montana, and this is totally brought on by the lack of leadership out of the biden administration and the reason we're here is to draw attention to this issue. we've been reaching out to the administration. all we've gotten back is cricket s and it's time to bring focus on this.
5:43 am
this is the federal government's job to deal with this and we've put forward 10 common sense steps the biden administration could take right now to get the situation under control. ainsley: well when you look at the polls, biden's immigration approval rating is bad, 66% disapprove of what's happening only 33% approve, so knowing this , why is he still ignoring this crisis? >> it's not clear to me, you know? i've made multiple trips here to the border. i've seen it with my own eyes. as we found out recently, joe biden's never been here. he thinks if he ignores it, it'll go away, it won't. we're feeling it back in montana with again in july, we saw over 700 pounds of fentanyl apprehended here at the border, almost nine tons of methamphetamine. those drugs are making it to montana and because of that, really, every state is a border state, when it comes to the drugs in our communities, and we
5:44 am
need to draw attention to this. we need joe biden to act, and accept these 10 common sense ideas that we put forward. we should be working to end catch and release. the biden administration has stopped deporting criminals. they need to start doing it again like the trump adminitration did. we need to secure the border. these are some of the common sense things that we need to get on the agenda so that we get this fixed. ainsley: we'll be covering your news conference today with all of this other governors thank you so much, governor, for being on with us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome let's hand it over to jillian. jillian: good morning to you, ainsley let's begin with a new twist in the gabby petito case. an attorney for brian laundrie's family says he flew home to florida to clean out a storage unit just days after this fight in utah. he went back out west to reunite with gabby days before she was last seen alive. her cause of death has not been ruled his parents believe their
5:45 am
son is alive. >> climate change protesters crashed the catwalk at a fashion show in paris. a female demonstrator managing to screes on to the runway into models carrying a sign reading " overconsumption equals extinction" and she was removed by show security. >> virginia democrat candidate for governor recruiting taylor swift fans in his dead heat race against republican glenn yunkin. linking his opponent to music executive scooter braun who bought swift's master recording back in 2019. the adam:s which will appear across social media underscore his ties to the carlyle group, where he worked with barun to obtain the songs. a spokesperson calls the claims baseless. that is a look at your headlines ainsley back to you. ainsley: good deal thank you so much let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for a fox weather forecast hi, janice. >> good morning, ainsley. grey skies in the northeast, temperatures are cool and we are
5:46 am
dealing with some showers and thunderstorms across portions of the southeast and the mid-south taking a look at those maps right now. temperatures in the 60s, we have colder air coming in from the west as well, but between those two air masses, across the east and the west, very warm temperatures for the central u.s.. showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast, bringing the potential for flooding, flash flooding unfortunately for parts of alabama and georgia , up towards middle tennessee because they have had record setting rainfall over the last couple weeks and they really don't need to see more rain, so just know what to do if you have a flood watch or warning in your area because that can come very quickly. across the west we have showers for the southwest and northwest and even mountain snow and there's your forecast today and you can see the warm temperature s hanging on to the plain states so it still feels like summertime. we've got a very important anniversary that's happening tomorrow, officially, 25 years at fox news, we're going to be talking about all of those years i've been here 17 years, i've probably shared more than most,
5:47 am
[laughter] being engaged, getting engaged i know steve doocy you were on the air when i actually announced i was getting engaged to shawn and of course my pregnancies and my boys and i can't wait to talk more about it on the official 25th anniversary tomorrow. i love you, fox news, you're my second family, and of course, i love all of the viewers at home. steve, ainsley, brian. ainsley: this has been our home for a long time they've supported our decisions, been there for the ups and downs i love this place too. major league baseball turned its back on georgia but is now accused of embracing communist china. we'll talk to outkick founder clay travis about that next, but first let's check in with dana perino. dana? dana: hi, ainsley thank you so much. well the justice department under president biden is tasking the fbi to look into threats from parents against school board members, is this necessary or partisan overreach? >> the irs will get a big shot in the arm to look into bank accounts and transactions over $600. americans are waking up to this and we are told that phones
5:48 am
are ringing off the hook on capitol hill. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is here, live with us. cleanup on aisle 3 we'll speak to a facebook executive about whistleblower company if the company should be regulated we'll see you at the top of the hour. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ opreza: trabajar en recology es más que un empleo para mí,
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5:52 am
brian: major league baseball, under fire again, as some republicans accuse the league of selling out the american worker to china, just months after turning its back on georgia. >> what can we do to start bringing jobs back from china from the communist to the united states, or at least to move the supply chain to countries that are going to be neutral and i suppose there's some bottom line to it but it's really unnecessary, and the people that have been doing this work in cal adonia for the last 20 years, even developed a better batting helmet that can withstand 105-mile an hour fast ball, they've improved the game and i guess their reward is they lose their jobs. ainsley: this as china warns we could be heading toward world war iii if the u.s. continues defending the sovereign nation of taiwan. steve: well china was flying their planes first. outkick founder clay travis is here with reaction. good morning to you, clay. >> hey, good morning, how are you all? steve: doing okay but a little puzzled. what do you make of major league
5:53 am
baseball and china and what's been said? >> this is just like the nba, guys. our pro-sports leagues are willing to rip apart all of our battles all of the things that are making us go at each other, republicans, democrats, independent, gay, straight, black, white, asian, hispanic whatever scabs exist in the united states, major league baseball and the nba and our pro -sports leagues in general and their athletes are willing to tear those scabs off and constantly be holding up america 's flaws to the world, but when it comes to actually holding everyone else up to american ideals, they aren't willing to speak out, these are the team, the owners nor the players because they are so focused on the money they can make in china and this is a perfect example of hypocrisy that has been happening for far too long. we hold american states and american parts of government to an infinitely higher standard and the people who end up losing out are the fans and especially
5:54 am
people in minnesota who were otherwise working at this factory, and now, i mean, guys this about this. we got nba players playing in slave labor-produced sneakers they have endorsement deals with chinese sneaker companies that are bragging about the fact that they use weger slave labor to make their shoes. literally slave labor produced cotton is being used on nba basketball courts and the same thing is happening to major league baseball once they allow their product to be made overseas it's a disgrace and fans and politicians and regular good-thinking americans shouldn't stand for it. brian: this weekend some big games every saturday, penn state takes on iowa, maryland/ohio state both on fox sports where are you heading? >> look, we are going to be down in, i'm excited, college station, for the alabama/tax texas a &m game, but the biggest game is penn state/iowa. i like the under and i like penn
5:55 am
state as a small under dog to go on the road and find a way to win that one it's going to be on fox, massive massive game and we'll be i think it's 95 degrees , super hot, a lot of hot seat right now for jimbox fisher, the aggies expected to have a great season, they've lost two games in a row, alabama is rolling right into texas. ainsley: what are people clicking on on outkick? >> they are focused in a big way, great question, ainsley, focused in a big way on the ridiculousness going on right now. i don't know how much attention you've paid to this , sage steele being suspended from espn for saying she doesn't agree with the company's mandate on the vaccine, after getting the vaccine by the way she's also now tested positive for covid so in addition to believing that the vaccine wasn't that serious she's now tested positive for covid and espn suspended her for questioning publicly the company's decision to make everyone get a mandate, people are reading that story like crazy. brian: i did not know she got
5:56 am
suspended. i know she spoke out on a podcast, and also said she doesn't know why president obama embraced his black heritage when it was still his white side of his family that raised him so she was both guns blazing. >> yeah, no doubt, and she's fearless, she's really kind of exposing the hypocrisy, i believe, that existed at espn where you can embrace woke programming and woke ideals as much as you want with no consequences but as soon as you say anything else, you get the axe, suspended. steve: thank you very much clay travis go to we'll step away, back in a couple.
5:57 am
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>> 25 years ago we turned on the lights. we would love to see your shout-out to us. email them to us. >> dana: or record a tape. >> have a good day, everyone. >> bill: good morning, a federal crackdown on concerned parents. a directive that allows a school board to report a parent if they feel they're threatened. parents calling it the latest attempt to bully them into silence. we won't be silent today. bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: ifm owe dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." whatever happened to just working things out? are you going to call the f.b.i.? >> bill: i want to talk to the teacher after the class. let me know how my kid is doing. >> dana: the attorney general merrick garland launched this effort in a response of a disturbing


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