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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 6, 2021 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> of the situation turns to violence, local law enforcement to address them. >> your attempting to intimidate them, to silence them. todd: wednesday october 6th, parents revolting against the crackdown on violence directed at school boards as critics say the federal government should be focusing on threats to our safety. jillian: then there is this. president biden struggling to get democrats in congress on board with his expensive agenda and some in michigan don't seem to be buying it either.
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todd: upending the timeline of the gabby petito case and actions by the fbi are called very unusual and is here to tell us why. jillian: your watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: we begin at the southern border where republican governors see the crisis firsthand. jillian: border patrol agents brace for the largest surge ever of illegal migrants entering the country. >> thousands of migrants headed towards the southern border and the white house told him not to come. >> in central america -
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>> we continue and will continue title 42 but we have a system to continue to follow. this is not the time to come. >> rodney scott is selling the alarm morning of the mixed messaging. >> we have 400,000 documented got aways. they were not claiming asylum and probably paid extra to go through one of those gaps the cartel controlled. todd: a dozen gop governors heading to the border to join texas governor greg abbott as a local sheriff talked to you guys preparing for the next wave. >> not only dealing with the cartels but other people coming across from everywhere and elsewhere doing who knows what.
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todd: in the last week where the governors are headed, ms 13 gang member convicted of child molestation in north carolina and a guatemalan man were all arrested. we will see what texas attorney general ken paxton has to say later this hour. jillian: thank you and we will also hear what an governors who were invited by governor greg abbott will say later this afternoon and they will hold a news conference and the number of republicans visiting the border over the course of the last few months. there have been some democrats especially representatives on the border town who have been outspoken on this matter but haven't seen the vice president to some of these border towns right along the border and
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haven't seen the president down there. if we see benjamin hall we will see him in a second but haven't seen the president down there and a lot of people want to hear what he has to say when he sees it firsthand. todd: immigration technically is a federal issue, the federal government's job to handle immigration but these 10 republican governors said we need to do something otherwise we will lose our country, blinken, mayorkas and college are part of the biden administration, they are headed to mexico city to discuss security issues with the mexican government, what does that mean? the mexican foreign minister not saying at this meeting which is unconscionable, the only topic that needs to be discussed, you should be able to say in this press release we will talk immigration and the fact they did it is insane. absent from that meeting where's the borders are, where is president biden, unclear if you've been to the border, no apparent plans to do so, trying
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to avoid that optic of there's a big problem behind me that wasn't there nine months ago, republicans seizing upon this, here's the latest dad campaigning on it. >> border apprehensions up 500%. we need to secure the border and end this crisis. of president biden won't step up republican governors will. >> wanting to listen to our folks who live and work along the border along these communities and to hear what they have to say and the struggles they are dealing with day in and day out and that includes a 20 year dell real resident we spoke to yesterday. >> we have too many refugees coming into texas. we don't have the money. we are running out of funds, being taxed on everything. we need him to take control of this.
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we have immigration law, how many people can we afford to keep in the united states? taxpayers being taxed and we have to supply them. it is not fair on us. todd: imagine being in her situation. we talk about individual struggling so hard to keep their lives intact at the border, yet nothing seems to be done. you hear the frustration. republican lawmakers demanding the biden administrative and handover records. jillian: we want to get to him, he's live as lawmakers press top officials on how it went so wrong. good morning. >> the afghan withdrawal, and gop leaders seeking answers and to try to find out what went so wrong. the house foreign affairs committee has a hearing on afghanistan and the state department provide all
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communication intelligence assessments and documents on ending the war and also at that hearing widespread criticism of how the evacuation is handled and what it means for the future. >> i can't recall, one that was more chaotic than the one experienced in afghanistan. it goes to talk about capability, for terrorism operations. >> it emerged in afghanistan's thousands of american weapons received by the taliban on them, and around the country, $83 billion towards supplying the afghan army with those weapons. in the us the marine officer who was locked up for criticizing the evacuation has been released from the military break. lieutenant colonel stewart
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scheller spoke up because he was so appalled, and faces a court-martial. he is still subject to a gag order but has huge public support we've been covering for a while because there are millions and millions of americans who want to know what went wrong, what led to the lives of 13 american soldiers being taken as kabul airport. >> china is warning we could be headed toward world war iii if the us continues defending taiwan which the chinese state media says collusion between the two nations is so audacious it is toward a face-off and war could be triggered at any time, dozens of warplanes into taiwan or place and the us and japan and the uk gathering in the philippines for joint training exercise. todd: president biden heading back at republican lawmakers opposing his tax pending agenda.
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>> these bills are not about left versus right, these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency, opportunity versus dk. to support these investments is to create a rise in america, america is moving to probe these investments is to be complicit in america's decline. carley: the president hitting the road on the bill back but a decision but after arriving in michigan he was met by this, demonstrators calling for him to stop spending and return to washington. jillian: he is open to voting for a plan that costs more than $1.5 trillion after initially refusing to budge. manchin saying i'm not ruling anything out but bottom line is i want to make sure we are strategic, do the right job and don't add more to the concerns than we have now. progressives and moderates are locked on the massive spending plan as the president continues to tout his social agenda. after seems like this showing
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senator kirsten sinema followed in a bathroom, a cohost of the view warned against public harassment but not for the reason you might think. >> in a big gun country, when you confront people it may not end well. todd: second amendment supporters are to blame for the bad behavior against kirsten sinema. talking about it with joke on show next. br 25% of your mouth.
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. change i don't think the way this was handled following into a bathroom was a good idea and in this day and age, when you confront people it may not end well. >> their hands urging against the aggressive tactics moderate democrats face this week, by warning them for gun owners. todd: what you make of that not so veiled attack at gun owners disguised in his life, what they did was bad? >> if you harass somebody you might get shot so be careful when harassing somebody in a
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bathroom and filming them which is a felony in arizona. sarah haynes is at least correct in the sense we've seen this movie not long ago with steve scalise, he with others getting shot in softball practice, rand paul was attacked on his own front lawn, broken ribs, collapsed lung, we see trump administration folks harassed and chased out of restaurants during that era but to hear the conservative on the view, defend the harassment. chris cuomo, in prime time asked why protests were polite and peaceful during summer of 2020 when riots were occurring across american cities, cnn reported they were mostly peaceful while in the background, at the end of diehard they were burning down.
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the new york times encapsulates the hypocrisy, what is going on with kirsten sinema, there's a difference between being a maverick and the narcissist. when the late john mccain booked his party he was a maverick, help save obama care, that made him courageous but when kirsten sinema boxer party she's a reckless narcissist trying to destroy democracy. jillian: is there a conversation to be had? when you say things and doesn't always come out of a plan like that, but is there a conversation to be had that we have seen violence skyrocketing across the country, talk about the shootings, we have a culture
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where people are confronting them, violence is skyrocketing, how about we all step back for a second and have these conversations like adults, save face instead of having them be so aggressive on both sides? >> that is the culture. it was a bit clunky and you got there, and excellent point like eagles offense. social media has ignited tensions in this country where people are acting in real life like they do on twitter where they just yell at people. on twitter she was attacked verbally, trying to get her coffee at a local barrister, grabbed the wrong copy and i started screaming at her, she's a nice person. more and more people, civility is out the window as we go to the screaming part. when the president of the united
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states dismisses harassment of kirsten sinema and says it happens to everybody with a smile he could have brought down the temperature and defend the female senator from his own party but instead the unity president dropped the ball on that one and you call the cleanup on aisle 5 from jen psaki at this point. i watch the show. todd: they are doing it for the spectacle of it all. we are talking about it but i don't think they are talking about the way we think, we need to tone it down hard-core. jillian: when you're filling yourself doing this and then posting it online. todd: it is not really happening. >> when you have a phone and you can broadcast you are a broadcaster, you don't need a satellite uplink anymore and you can get 1 million views in a hurry and that is what that video did. >> we might not be broadcasting
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anymore, good to see you, have a good day. 19 minutes after the hour, development upending the timeline of the gabby petito case. a forensic pathologist calling certain actions by the fbi very unusual. todd: he will tell us why. do not go anywhere. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. and you can pay as little as $0 if eligible for your first 2 prescriptions. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. 's the department of justice condemns the action of those who oppose what is taught in schools. >> their domestic terrorists. >> concerned parents responding to the directive from the biden doj which like and protest against critical race theory and other controversial subjects to potential acts of domestic terror. >> for you to dare to try to smear parents as domestic terrorists just reflects how
2:25 am
tone deaf school boards and school administrators have become about the pleas of parents on behalf of children. >> attorney general merrick garland sent a memo in response to a request from the national school boards association which asked the biden administration to step in as parents and public school districts across the country stand against education directives like critical race theory, sexually explicit school literature and covid 19 protocols. they ended in shouting matches and arrests. the one parent who herself is a school board member in sarasota, florida is federal intervention goes beyond the pale. >> no acts of violence or threats and local law enforcement has been quick to respond to this act by national school board association, taxpayer-funded lobbying group to silence and intimidate parents with a different point of view.
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>> reporter: lawmakers grilling lisa monaco during the hearing on tuesday slamming the doj for targeting parents while violent crime surge calling the directive and attempt to chill speech for anyone opposed to the ideology. the doj, the school board association claims some numbers, josh halley called for attorney general merrick garland to appear before the judiciary himself but no word on if or when that could happen. todd: a lot of questions to ask. a new timeline in the gabby petito case, brian laundrie flew home to florida to get supplies and close out a rented storage unit days after this fight with petito. his family of lawyers is brian laundrie then joined petito just before she vanished. brian laundrie is a person of interest after petito's body was found in wyoming park. her family demanding brian laundrie turn himself in, his
2:27 am
father has a strong message for him and his family. >> he is a coward. too cowardly to kill himself or to come forward. anyone in that house is a coward and don't how to stand up for their actions. todd: petito's cause of death is not been released. carley: a forensic path followed just an fox news contributor here to break the recent develop and in the case. good to see you. a lot of people don't quite understand if they know the cause of death why in your estimation has it not been released? >> it is unusual not to release the cause of death especially if they are releasing the manner of death. to get to the manner of death you've got to know what the cause of death is and part of it is a federal investigation since the body was found on federal property a federal investigation and federal homicides, caution
2:28 am
involved by the investigators to make sure they didn't miss anything but the cause of death would have been released immediately to the manner of death. >> if information is not released it could perhaps be for a specific reason that investigators don't wanted to get out because it could hurt their investigation or search for brian laundrie but you say it could be the opposite where it could help to come in. >> this is a prime case of ground sourcing and social media being upheld to a police investigation, the conversation with the moab police where there was an argument between the two. people who found the van where the body was found, maybe with
2:29 am
the release, the cause of death somebody out there will say that brings up a point that has been overlooked so far and crowdsourcing has become a very important part of police investigations in the past few years. jillian: another suspicious part of the situation that people question, her body was not released to her family. >> that is very unusual also in this country. in some countries, in case they missed something, normally death occurs as tragic as it is, and the next day or two days from them, along the way because of the concern about not missing anything but more important will be the same people who gave
2:30 am
police information about the trips they took and what they've seen along the way. they find something in how the death occurred. most probably the situation is strangulation, the most common way of death occurring under these circumstances that will provide a clue the police might work with. jillian: any chance, i know it is rare but perhaps they didn't know the cause of death and they needed to wait for toxicology to come back because that take longer. >> toxicology take longer but if you are waiting for toxicology to find the cause of death you can't say homicide so i think
2:31 am
cases, evaluating the circumstances, the only time it is cause of death is when there's a drug overdose, whether his accident or homicide or suicide after the toxicology is done. they ruled out accident, suicide and natural causes. jillian: there are multiple things that are unusual to you in this circumstance and the coroner could release the findings as early as today. we will all be watching to see. thank you for joining us. todd: mark zuckerberg addressing accusations that facebook doesn't care about its users. >>, new leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make the necessary changes they put their astronomical profits before people. todd: zuckerberg says it is not facebook's fall because congress needs to update internet regulations.
2:32 am
we will ask congressman kim burgess about that next.
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>>, former employer who had a blistering era on capitol hill. >> stoke division and weaken our
2:36 am
diversity, instagram safer, to make necessary changes to their astronomical profits before people. they are hiding this, and to solve these problems. todd: in light of this testimony and the revelations over the past month on this topic will you and your colleagues in congress finally act? >> i hope so but the twitter account, send a message about 8-track tapes. they were woefully an advanced in this deal.
2:37 am
and and and for microseconds. subliminally your brain would pick that up and i read 60% increase in sales and that is what they did with these algorithms. they lost them under obama and obama got elected and that was great. trump uses the same formula. he wins and we have a problem. the problem is facebook, using the iranian and chinese user to attack people they are opposed to. at some point we have to look at the 230 protections. todd: here is zuckerberg's response, the idea that we prioritize profit over safety and well-being, that is not true. particularly focused on the work with kids. is important everything we build is safe and good for kids. zuckerberg had multiple warnings
2:38 am
before, not the first time we have had a segment like this. is there anything else congress needs to do. instead of talking about it? >> parents need to get involved in talks with congressman about it because if you go to a high school football game or a college football game the young people are dressed like hookers, where the parents and they are dressing like that because they have been driven to a site on facebook somewhere some advertising for clothing or modeling or global rising the hollywood set and that is what kids think is the norm now and it is not the norm and we are changing the way kids think about them selves. little girls dieting, starving themselves to death, little boys looking at little girls as sex objects, parents need to get
2:39 am
involved and look at this holistically. zuckerberg is laughing at us, he knows he can get around it and won't do anything about it. todd: your demanding answers over the boss withdrawal from afghanistan. what do you want to know? >> how many people we got. we had expert testimony, 1000 folks should be in america, that should be disturbing and in my district we lost contact with 17 people when afghanistan the numbers are up. democrats knock into ability rules bill legislation that took our right of oversight over what is going on not that congress could do anything about it but would expose what is going on, the biden administration hiding what is going on, americans lost their lives, people being hunted
2:40 am
down right now, since a terrible message that america will not stand with its allies and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> fascinating of democrats join you on this. thank you. jillian: still to come chicago's out of control crime wave has liberal leaders turning on each other was more of the war of words between mayor lori lightfoot and prosecutor kim fox next.
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>> reporter: mayor lori lightfoot and state attorney kim fox, both of them are democrat in this dispute is the handling of a deadly gang related shooting. like that is furious with fox refusing to bring charges against those police believe are responsible. >> how is it possible given what we saw on videotape but not a single person. >> pocketing back and slamming the mayor for getting involved. >> regarding the evidence in this case that simply weren't true. it was inappropriate. it was wrong. >> lightfoot says she effectively circumvented fox laughing to review evidence in
2:46 am
this case. but and >> gop senate, for no reason. >> he is a purple heart recipient but earlier this week twitter said he was permanently banned from the platform. he didn't know what was going on so he filed an appeal and twitter said the whole thing was a big mistake, on with you guys earlier on the show and here's what he had to say about the situation. >> no 12 hour suspension, no strikes, they shut down my account. not just a warning to me but to america that all of our voices are at risk here and folks will
2:47 am
say the first amendment doesn't protect you because this is a private company. and >> >> systems find and remove multiple automated spam account involved in europe was flagged as spam by mistake. another mistaken as a matter of fact not the first time sam brown tangled with twitter. 's fourth of july post was flagged as potentially sensitive content. what is sensitive about that post is the big question. he says twitter is messing with the wrong soldiers. todd: strong you solutions -- accusations. jillian: talking about herschel walker's son christian ucla threatened to drop him from enrollment if he didn't reveal
2:48 am
his vaccine status even though all his classes are online. take a listen. >> drop my classes after we paid 70,000 for a year. all my classes are online. >> to say enrolled christian was forced to sign something that said i certify i have been informed of the risks of covid 19 infection including long-term disability and death both for myself and those who i may exposed to this disease. here he is on the ingraham angle last night. >> he told me my already paid for classes would be dropped if i didn't disclose my vaccination status and then received a message from the health center telling me i would be subject to financial and other consequences if i didn't tell them. this makes no sense. it is not anyone's business and i'm not going on campus.
2:49 am
carley: mandatory vaccination requirements on college campuses, the first i heard of somebody being forced to sign something online. todd: turning to fox weather, flash flooding sweeping central alabama. >> emergency personnel saving people trapped in homes and cars in the birmingham metro area with 3 inches of rain falling overnight. janice dean is here with the forecast. >> 61 in new york, 69 in raleigh. one affecting the east coast will bring potential for heavy rainfall for the southeast and the mid south, areas the don't need to see rain like the mid-tennessee valley and also assist moving into the west will bring rain across the four corners region, northwest and
2:50 am
even higher elevation snow. let's look at the radar and i will show you what is going on in terms of that. there is the northeast, you see 69 in boston, 68 in new york. i don't have my friend today, my clicker. that is why we are switching to maps. the flooding across the southeast and the southwest in the midsection of the country dealing with warmer than average temperatures. there is your forecast. without my clicker i feel naked. jillian: you are true professional. you gave an outstanding performance. you should be awarded something. carley: i will take a donut. >> janice: there's a lot of stuff going around in the building which you will find out about very soon. i love you. jillian: still had an ms 13 gang member and sex offenders among several criminal stop from illegally crossing the southern border last week.
2:51 am
we are talking to texas attorney ken paxton. todd: what is going on on "fox and friends"? brian: try to find the clicker for the next 3 hours but once i do that i will tell you what is happening on our show, on "fox and friends" parents and lawmakers outraged at the department of justice causing the fbi to investigate the threat from parents who want to speak up because they don't like what their kids are learning. we speak to a mom in front of the front lines of the process in loudoun county, virginia who says the white house is trying to sound her freedom of speech and every border state is a border state even montana, that is the message from the governor of montana about the immigration crisis spiraling out of control, he will join us live as he and other gop governors sound the alarm, joni ernst, doctor mark siegel, victor davis hanson, i have found janice's clicker.
2:52 am
i want to find out what is happening in europe. it is the middle button. gradually get dressed. i will check the weather. . .
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♪ ♪ several hundred miles of border having no border agents that's where the cartels push the narcotics through the criminal aliens. people that will not give up. we have over 400,000 documented got-aways that's what mass migration creates. todd: former border patrol chief rodney scott calling for urgent action to stop the surge of migrants coming to the u.s. jillian: this as they experience a record number of encounters criminal migrants so far this year. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us live now. sir, thank you for being here. appreciate your time. can you tell us what type of urgent action would remedy the problem that we're seeing? >> well, how about will he letting border patrol stop people from come across the border? how about sending a message to people that are trying to come
2:57 am
in we're not going to let you in. how about following federal law that says you are supposed to stay in mexico before you have your hearing? how about just following the law as it relates to criminals getting out of prison in our state and sending them back to their country. following the law would help immensely. the biden administration doesn't follow the federal law they invite people dom and violated federal law. todd: for every ms-13 gang member caught how many are getting in. >> i don't even think we know. my state isn't told much about what is actually happening. we are not given the statistics. we are given broad statistics but we don't know exactly how many people are escaping. we do note numbers are up supposedly 400 percent a year ago from criminal aliens coming into our country. a significant increase. the biden administration knows it and they support it. jillian: is there anything in your mind that tells you that this is going to get a lot worse and, if so, how much worse could this get before something is
2:58 am
actually done about it? >> i don't think they have any intention -- the biden administration has no intention of stopping it, even if it gets worse. the numbers are so significantly more than they have ever been. yet, there is no effort on their part to follow up or even follow court orders. we have had to re-sue them over not following court orders. i don't think they have any intention of changing it maybe the goal is for four years to allow 10 million people in here. the problem with that is there is going to be terrorists and criminals and a lot of harm with covid. a lot of harm with fentanyl and this is all the responsibility the federal government. they're allowing it and inviting it they want it. todd: today, a number of republican governors joining your governor from there in texas at the border. where is joe biden and where is kamala harris? why do we have to ask this question all the time? >> i think they do not want to call attention to what they're doing. they are doing -- it's not like it's some surprise. it's not like this crisis came upon us without their knowledge. they knew it would happen. the same thing happened under
2:59 am
obama except they made the worst decisions than the obama administration. and so when they changed policies from policies that were working under the trump administration, they knew exactly what they were getting into. they are not going to come to the border. they have already shown that they are not going to highlight the damage that they're doing to this country. todd: 45 seconds that we have remaining, the federal government ultimately is responsible at the end of the day. the states can do their best. republican governors can go down there and ask questions. try to figure this out. but it's ultimately up to the feds. if the biden administration refuses to do anything at this point, can anything be done to keep the cartels from winning? 45 seconds to you. >> yeah, no, the cargtses are winning. i would say we're suing. they are not following court orders. the only thing can you do then is hope that some day you get for damaging the country. of that's the only thing left. i think he knows that he continues to harm the country by allowing illegal immigration and crime on our border and infiltrates the entire country.
3:00 am
jillian: texas attorney general ken paxton. thank you for waking up and joining us this morning. appreciate your time and insight. >> glad to do it, have a great day. interest. >> you too. not necessarily border governors but governors from montana spreading everywhere. jillian: as the message goes every state is a border state. "fox & friends" starts right now have. great day. ♪ ♪ >> the biden administration accused of attempt ting at parents. >> you are using the fbi to it are in school board meetings. >> they can label you domestic terror. >> you are saying the platform is being utilized by some of our adversary sears at the expense of americans. >> yes, facebook is very aware this is happening on the platform. >> just hours from now republican governor also see the crisis firsthand at our southern border. >> border patrol have caught people from 150 different countries coming through mexico
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