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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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laura: we can executive understanding president biden. >> back when my grandfather worked for the oil company back in the 1920s area, went from state to state convincing people a lot of them put 20,000 gallons of gasoline under the ground, they didn't want them around. ashley: in we will need scholars to translate that. gutfeld next. >> if the situation turns to violence it's the job of local law enforcement to address them. >> you are intending to intimidate them, to silence them. >> it is wednesday october 6th, parents nationwide revolting against the justice department's crackdown on violence directed at school boards as critics say the federal government should be focusing on their threats to the country. >> president biden struggling to
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get democrats on congress on board with his expensive agenda and some folks in michigan something to be buying either. new timeline for the gabby petito case, certain actions by the fbi are being called very unusual. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: at the southern border hours from now republican governors will give a news conference. >> border patrol agents break from what could be the largest surge ever of illegal immigrants entering from mexico. >> hard to hear those words but it is true because another caravan is in the works, officials confirm tens of thousands of migrants are heading toward the southern border. the white house told him not to come. >> house the administration preparing for the haitian migrants traveling from central america?
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and we are going to continue to enforce title 42 at the border but we have a system in place we will continue to follow. this is not the time to come. >> this as a group of governors head to the border today for texas governor greg abbott. one of those in attendance, a sergeant in, or getting -- asa hutchinson getting a closer look. >> when you have migrants coming from scores of countries, good across the border timing themselves to pick the right opportunity they can get through, it is not a closed border. >> reporter: rodney scott is sounding the alarm warning of mixed messaging from the administration and national security implications of this crisis.
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>> 90% don't get deported. we have 400,000 documented got aways. they were not claiming asylum and probably paid extra to go through one of the gaps the cartel controlled. >> reporter: seeing cartels in the last week where those governors are headed, m s 13 gained member arrested along with a mexican national convicted of child molestation in north carolina and guatemalan man convicted of sexual abuse in iowa. jillian: as he mentioned to reiterate there is news happening from the border today because ten governors have been invited by governor greg abbott, they will hold a news conference at noon so we've seen a number of republicans going to visit the border, sharing their stories, some giving us interviews while they are down there when they returned from there and there have been a
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number of people, just seems to be primarily 1-sided. i won't safely 1-sided because a number of democratic representatives from border states as well have spoken up on this issue. >> contrast that with people awfully in charge, what is the biden administration doing or not doing? here's what we have so far. blinken, mayorkas and garland are headed to mexico city to discuss security issues with the mexican government was the mexican foreign minister saying they are not saying whether immigration would even be discussed at this meeting. if they are not discussing immigration what are they going to be discussing? meantime absent from that meeting one borders our names kamala harris who vowed to get to the root causes but don't know how she will do that by not being at this meeting and president biden still unclear whether he has been to the border, no apparent plan to do so, white house freaked out about potential optics of all this, all of this leading to this commercial from the republican governors association, watch.
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>> border apprehensions are up 500%. we need to secure our border and end this crisis. of president biden won't step up republican governors will. >> that is a campaign ad trying to prove the point as we head into the midterms in 2022 potential gubernatorial elections as well as in 2021 some republicans running on the same president biden has ruined our country through his border actions. as a result vote republican in upcoming elections. >> a lot of people who live in these border states and border towns and even beyond who have told us what they've been experiencing as a result of this and that includes a 20 year dell real resident we interviewed yesterday. >> we have too many refugees in the state of texas, we just don't have the money. we are running out because we are being taxed on everything, prices on everything going up.
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imagine sitting there doing nothing, take control of this, we have immigration law on the books and we want them to take them and use them. how many can we afford to keep in the united states? taxpayers being taxed and we have to supply, it is not fair on us. jillian: extremely frustrated if that was your life and that was happening on a day in day out you have an administration since january, 9 months almost that not only caused this problem but now not doing anything to stop it yet we have the three big people in our government besides kamala harris and president biden discussing security issues with no mention of immigration. that is unconscionable. jillian: we will follow the news from the border today as we await the press conference today.
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let's talk about this. outraged parents responding after the department of justice sent a letter condemning the actions of those who oppose radical education programs as mask mandate in public schools. todd: parents reject the school board association's charge that they are domestic terrorists. this story is not going anywhere, got a lot of laughs. >> reporter: concerned parents are responding to that directive from the biden doj which likens protests against critical race theory and other controversial subjects to potential acts of domestic terror. >> for you to dare to try to smear parents as domestic terrorists just reflects how tone deaf school boards and school administrators have become about the pleas of parents on behalf of their children. >> attorney general merrick garland sent the memo responsible request from the national school board association which asked the biden administration to step in as parents and public school
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districts across the country stand against directives like critical race theory, sexually explicit school literature and constantly changing covid 19 protocols. the school board meetings entered in shouting matches and even arrests but one parent who herself is a school board member in sarasota, florida says federal intervention goes beyond the pale. >> no acts of violence or threats should ever be tolerated and i believe local law enforcement has been quick to respond but this act by the national school board association, taxpayer-funded lobbying group intended to silence and intimidate parents who have a different point of view. >> republican lawmakers grilling in deputy attorney general lisa monaco slamming the doj for targeting parents while violent crimes servers across the us and calling the directive and attempt to chill speech from anyone opposed to the biden
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administration's ideology. the doj denies the claim, the national school but association claim some members have received death threats, josh halley called for attorney general garland to appear before the judiciary committee but no word if or when that might happen. todd: congressman jim jordan says the justice permit has other important business focusing on instead of villain icing concerned parents. >> what is the justice department looking at you cannot hunter biden or questionable people or these art sales, what is the justice department looking at, parents, parents the object that school board meetings to critical race theory going to be defined as domestic terrorists with the latest memo that attorney general garland sends out, this is what ticks off americans so much. todd: white house press secretary jen psaki refusing to answer a question about hunter's ties to the chinese private equity firm.
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jillian: republican lawmakers demanding the biden and ministration handover records on the us exit from afghanistan. todd: lawmakers press top officials on how it went so wrong. >> reporter: the biden administration trying to put the afghanistan debacle behind them and move on but top gop lawmakers trying to find out what went so badly wrong and seeking answers. the house foreign affairs committee held a hearing and submitted a resolution of inquiry the call on the white house and state department to provide communication, intelligence assessments and documents on ending the war. they have 14 days to respond. also widespread bipartisan criticism how the evacuation was handled, what it means for the future. >> i can't recall one that was
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one that we experienced in afghanistan over the capability or limited knowledge of what it takes. >> of the thousands of american-made weapons seized by the taliban, some sold by dealers and they pop up around afghanistan. $83 billion put towards supplying the afghan army. the marine officer locked up for criticizing the evacuation has been released from a military brig. he spoke out 3 days from retirement, uphold the way the situation unfolded and lieutenant scheller is subject to a gag order but has huge public support because millions of people want to know what went wrong in afghanistan. jillian: thank you. todd: a new regulation in the
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gabby petito case, getting supplies and days after this flight with petito. brian laundrie joined petito before she finished, remaining a person of interest after petito's body was found in a wyoming part, her family demanding brian laundrie turn himself in. petito has a strong message. >> a coward, too coward to kill himself, too, to come forward. just on the run. >> anyone who lived in that house is a coward and they don't want to stand up for their actions. todd: we await the final coroner's report. jillian: president biden heading back at republican lawmakers on tax and spending agenda. >> these bills are not about left versus right. these bills are about
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competitiveness versus complacency, opportunity versus dk. to support these investments is to create a rising america, americans moving, to be complicit in america's declined. >> to sell america on his belt back better vision, he was met by pro-trump demonstrators after arriving in michigan was one of the democrats holding out his senator joe manchin who is open for voting on a spending plan of more than $1.5 trillion after initially refusing to budge. manchin claims, quote, i'm not ruling anything out but the bottom line is i want to make sure we are strategic and don't basically add more to the concerns we have right now. progressives and moderates locked on that suspending plan as the president continues to tout his social agenda. todd: dig my own grave - my teams lose a lot. red sox advancing overnight after beating their rivals, the
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new york yankees, kyle shorebird who should have been a yankee, every trade deadline in the last five years. champagne in the locker room after the game and the next take on the rays. you can hear the tone. mark my words, this is an off season of change for the new york yankees, mark my words. this was a horrible year. they need to do something and i think they are. mark my words. markham. jillian: we will see. todd: last year america's frontline workers were cheered and praised especially in hard-hit new york and now 1400 of those heroes have been fired by new york's largest private healthcare provider, the vaccine mandates, we are talking to 3 of them coming up. jillian: army veteran sam brown fighting against big tech bias and joe can't to and texas ag ken paxton all coming your way.
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to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. jillian: welcome back. the director of the national institutes of health francis collins denied the covid origins controversy had a hand in his resignation. >> i want to assure you and anyone else listening it has nothing to do with my decision. how did this virus get started in china, that our funding of that research in the wuhan institute of virology was 1 million miles away to draw that connection is absolutely not supportable by the data. >> he says it is time for a new vision. idaho governor visiting the border, his lieutenant governor
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issues an executive order banning vaccine mandates. dennis been required covid testing, would rescind any executive orders while he is away saying in part, duly elected governor of idaho. to act on my behalf. he issued several executive orders when governor little was out of state. >> the largest private healthcare provider touting his 100% vaccination rate but the hospital system hit the mark after firing 1400 and vaccinated workers. joining me now 3 of those, john matlin, abigail gray and karen gross, thanks to the 3 of you for being here, sorry it is under the circumstances. were you a danger to patients by being vaccinated? >> unless you are a science denier that can't be true.
1:22 am
it is well-documented at this point anyone who's vaccinated can indeed still get and transmit the virus so it is still going around the facility, the world's biggest science experiment because you will see positives popping up. >> and vaccinated healthcare workers allowed to take care of patients before we had vaccine but now kicked to the curb. >> the question i'm still asking myself to this day why. couldn't tell you. todd: here's the statement from north well. having a fully vaccinated workforce is an important measure to protect the health and safety for staff and patients and the communities we serve. with your reaction to that statement?
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>> i applaud the statement but the way they went about it and forced the vaccine, take it or lose your livelihood i think the way they went about it was totally wrong. todd: 13% of your health workers face termination for refusing to get this vaccine. what will that lots of staff due to patient health? >> it will create an emergency throughout the healthcare system. it was manufactured by the governor herself. basically she needs emergency powers to do things but you can't fix that. it is for staff industry where they keep their checkbooks balanced so right now when they specifically laid off 1400 people terminated to reach their 100% compliance goal that sounds good but there are people on disability, still people on leave, on maternity leave facing
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termination. todd: i don't know a lot of doctors, nurses, hospital staff that have been sitting on the sidelines for 20 years waiting for the call so where these, quote, substitutes coming? >> there is national guard, outside agencies from other states, doesn't have to be vaccinated until june of 2022 and further than that workers that don't have the same licensure from other countries and trying in a state of emergency they created to bypass all the things, i have a license to do cat scan, someone doing cat scan might not have a radiological license in the united states. will: it is lunacy. what is next for you as you try to put food on the table? >> for me i have taken the same
1:25 am
page out of john's playbook, so tired fighting for what i believe in and keep speaking up for the truth until something has got to give. new york is my home. todd: how are you getting by? >> i also agree with abigail, full time becoming an activist trying to get the word out to make a change. i'm one of the lucky ones because i can afford not to work for a little bit. i am not supporting a family or raising children at this point so i consider myself one of the lucky ones that was able to stay know and stick to it and not be forced by having my livelihood and my insurance and medical and
1:26 am
career held at ransom. todd: a lot of people are not in that position and are in trouble right now it is a tough spot not only for workers but patients and the entire state. we got to run. we will have you back, appreciate your time, thank you very much. jillian: 25 after the hour, 60,000 migrants are expected to reach the texas border, local authorities dealing with the last wave. talking to a texas sheriff.
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>> knowing who we have 400,000 documented got aways with less situational awareness than before, they were not surrendering, paid extra to go through the gaps the card shall control.
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>> the border chief on the border crisis, texas gearing up for what could be the largest surge of illegal migrants. border agents are taxed, overworked, how the men and women were doing. >> they are very exhausted. jillian: what is the mood down there about what we experienced so far and what we could be dealing with in the future. >> we are expecting the worst but the failure of the federal government and people getting tired of it. will: what does the worst look like to you?
1:32 am
>> the first wave, quite a few people trying to get through them, the second wave, we believe they will expand the southwest border. jillian: can law enforcement handle that? >> know. jillian: what do you do? >> let them come in. from the federal government, they tried to do that, what do they do? jillian: what do you wish they were doing? >> i wish they would quit enticing these people. jillian: what are residents in your community saying? >> they are not happy with it at all. ranchers constantly get their fences cut and homes being
1:33 am
broken into, and exploiting these people, it is a win/when in the illegal business. jillian: when you look at the history of the area and the worst it has ever been, when was that? >> probably 2006 is when we see it coming. not the way people come across. jillian: did you expected to get this bad? >> not at all. a few years back we anticipated this but not surges like we are getting. dealing not only with dealing with cartels but coming from everywhere who knows what? >> keep us updated, thank you for joining us.
1:34 am
todd: chicago mayor lori lightfoot clashing with city prosecutor kim fox as the out-of-control crime rave says liberal leaders are turning on each other. twitter messed with the wrong soldier. army that silenced my big tech making his voice heard. on censorship next. ♪♪
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>> firing back at twitter, purple heart recipient sam brown claiming the fed giant suspended his account without warning after no good reason. jillian: sam brown, thank you for your service to this country
1:39 am
and for being here. this is from july 4th and this is your tweet. you say, quote, this is what twitter has to say, your tweeting on july 4th, 1776, america was born, july 4th, 2021, we are still the best country on the planet. that was my fourth tweet. that was flagged. that's not the reason you were suspended. we wanted to know twitter flagged you before in the past. what is your understanding of what happened with your account and reasons you were suspended? >> a very good explanation and gave a standard response, was caught up in some sort of anti-span initiative and my account was deemed to be something like a spam account,
1:40 am
with no warning, no suspension, no strike, they shutdown my account. to initiate that process, glad they did the right thing to restore the accounts because there is no spam like activity on it, 65,000 followers at the time this occurred and i have only been posting since earlier this summer. todd: the response from twitter, quote, systems find and remove multiple automated spam accounts by mistake. i feel i asked this question to a guest literally once a week. why is it these things only happen to conservatives on twitter? >> this is a question america needs to ask itself. wise this occurring to conservatives?
1:41 am
if donald trump was the flat formed completely never to be allowed back on, what do these think tank companies like twitter or facebook in the future? this isn't just a warning to me, this is a warning to america that all of us are at risk. the first amendment doesn't protect you here because this is a private company. i get that. that is true but the fact of the matter is this is not in alignment with the spirit of the first amendment which is having a debate and public domain, these companies are censoring some voices and others a lot more than they should. jillian: you are running the republican primary in nevada. this is one of the issues in the list of many you are hoping to tackle. >> absolutely.
1:42 am
here's a ludicrous thing, talking about big tech companies was written in 1996, half of congress is still in, was there when we wrote that bill and we are assuming congress can do something, my warnings and concerns, this pushes urge of social media companies to be regulated they will have lobbying power and a lot of ignorance on behalf of lawmakers to make the rules the way they want and it will not be advantageous to most americans. >> i am a big fan of doing something about section 230 immunity but that is crucial. thank you for your time, keep us posted on your crusade and your campaign.
1:43 am
mark zuckerberg defending his company denying claims it prioritizes profits over user safety. jillian: carley shimkus with the media magnet's response for new whistleblower testing. >> facebook employee turned whistleblower delivered her senate testimony yesterday and she says facebook puts profit over public safety. take a listen. >> facebook's product time children and we cannot democracy. company leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram, won't make necessary changes since they put their astronomical profits before people. jillian: thousands of internal documents to lawmakers as well as the wall street journal, the company downplays instagram negative affect on teenage mental health among other things. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg hitting back with a lengthy
1:44 am
statement, many claims don't make sense. at the heart of these accusations is this idea we prioritize profits over safety and well-being, that is not true. the argument the we do liberally push content that makes people angry, for-profit is deeply illogical. zuckerberg says he cares deeply about issues of mental health and congress to update internet regulations. we will continue this conversation. todd: enough with the words. awoke war on the streets. >> and and lightfoot is furious with fox for failing to bring charges against those responsible for the deadly shootout.
1:45 am
>> given what we saw on videotape with officers on scene. >> hitting back and slamming the mayor for getting involved. >> statements made yesterday regarding evidence in this case that simply weren't true. it was inappropriate. it was wrong. >> the mayor says he's affectively going over fox's head by asking the us attorney to review evidence in the case. many people learned about kim fox through jussie smollett but hermiston -- her mission is to reduce the prison population and she believes she's going too soft on crime. jillian: lieutenant colonel scheller released from the break and his attorney speaking out.
1:46 am
>> reporter: he was a laura ingraham last night. >> his message still rings true, he has done what a real marine does and hope somebody somewhere will take accountability, has been held accountable. >> reporter: many americans waiting to see what was going to happen this week. he was put in prison for breaking that gag order, speaking out against the military with deadly withdrawal from afghanistan. more to come on this front. >> the doj is trying to silence parents, even likening for the rest of terrorism. todd: don't go anywhere.
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>> the decision to tap the fbi to look at protesters opposed to critical race theory. >> we and others dismantle and ignored us.
1:51 am
this is what domestic terrorists look like. >> nicole, solis, thank you for being here. first question to you. what is really going on here? >> the department of justice and the federal bureau to investigate children's education. we have never condoned violence or attacked people and they are attracting, with school personnel, to support that claim.
1:52 am
the ideological component, >> is what the school board association said, these acts of malice, violence and threats against public school officials, classification of these in his actions is equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism, no one is advocating for violence, violence in the setting is un-american but as the ultimate one responsible for your child and as a taxpayer don't you have a right to be buckled. >> the idea is to silent people through intimidation. disruptive and disorderly school board meetings, we put a zoning issue on an agenda and have a contentious meeting but it doesn't rise to the level of threat or act of violence in order to boost the argument that there is a great problem at
1:53 am
school boards across america and we need the federal government to bring the full arm of its power down on the people who pay for every penny. >> here's what garland had to say, quote, was a dedicated time and energy to ensuring our children receive a proper education deserve to do their work without fear for their safety. have you ever threatened anyone's safety? we lost nicole. have you ever threatened anyone's safety? >> i have strong opinions. they don't rise to the level of threats and we saw senator kirsten sinema followed in by someone who was maybe harassing her, i felt vulnerable for that but it was a free speech issue to me and i would not classify it as threatening or an act of
1:54 am
violence and president biden didn't think so either but suddenly parents across the united states are exactly that kind of threat and we need to come down hard on them, gave parents more choices about the education of their children, and they will have power and school boards would have to listen to them to be customers. todd: one more question. are you worried parents are getting scared off or will this emboldens them to fight harder? >> i'm heartened by the response the doj came out with in its letter. the idea they could make examples of a few parent somewhere in this country, intimidate others to stay home, the school board could say no one opposes our policies or come to complain. that is the goal here to silence you through intimidation. i'm heartened that they can pull
1:55 am
it off, and more choices in public education the elected officials that run the schools -- todd: gotcha. >> to listen more to the taxpayers. todd: we have you back in time to thank you both for being here. jillian: country music star judd is sitting down with john rich to discuss life lessons during her legendary career. when nona had this to say when asked how the right to pursue happiness is changed her life. >> i can tell you i will never forget this. just because you can't doesn't mean you should. that is my biggest lesson. i have a hard time. everybody thinks it is not a privilege. it is like that entitlement word. jillian: has the interview tonight at 9:00 pm eastern on fox. congressman tim birch. >> texas attorney general ken
1:56 am
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>> of the situation turns to violence, local law enforcement to address them. >> your attempting to intimidate them, to silence them. todd: wednesday october 6th, parents revolting against the crackdown on violence directed at school boards as critics say the federal government should be focusing on threats to our safety. jillian: then there is this. president biden struggling to get democrats in congress on board with his expensive agenda and some in michigan don't seem to be buying it either.


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