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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 6, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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evening. thank you for being with us. please we hope you will save dvr so you never miss an episode and in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is up next and we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraha laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington, including breaking details on lieutenant colonel stuart scheller who called out his leaders, his attorney will tell us what is up at first the zuckerberg trap is the focus of tonight's angle. >> research is where there are a variety of problems facing children and integrate. they know severe harm is happening.
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kids are bullied on instagram, the bullying follows them home into their bedrooms, facebook's own research is where children express feelings of loneliness and struggling with these things i don't understand how facebook can know all these things and not escalate it to someone like congress for help and support in navigating this. >> appearing on 60 minutes and hearings on the health able -- famous -- francis adam claims it was knowingly hurting kids to its algorithm. she alleged the company knew about it and did nothing to stop it. all of the sudden the beast first conceived at harvard by mark zuckerberg was being hit by a bipartisan onslaught of outrage. >> we know this is helping us
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build bipartisan support. >> facebook has put profits ahead of people. >> my message for mark zuckerberg, your time of invading our privacy, promoting toxic content and preying on children and teens is over. >> does no one else think the timing of this is convenient? president biden is on the ropes and democrats are barreling toward a brutal be done in the midterms, could this be a clever way to rev up the speech police against alternative points of view ahead of the election all under the guise of protecting the children. >> this was the culmination of service in congress. it was about the children, the children, the children. >> one basic fact, the left doesn't care if the culture or big business spreads content that is not appropriate. they do not care. for decades liberals have defended, even celebrated cultural and political forces
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the arm children. porn, drugs, gambling, gender bending, school shutdowns, mask mandates and their holy grail of abortion. democrats support all of it. some on the left would prefer if we didn't have children. in new york magazine columnist recently called the decision to have children and essentially selfish one done for fulfillment or self betterment or border more. pressure. >> we should pray for her because she knows about what she says but the point is after all this and to damage our children and steal their innocence we are supposed to trust them on the facebook and instagram issue. color me skeptical. we've known for many years that parents should keep their kids
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off smartphones for as long as possible. we need to put our own phones, myself included into the hard job of parenting in this messed up world. conservative parents have led the charge on these issues for as long as i can remember but now suddenly people i file of senator ed markey agrees with marsha blackburn and we're supposed to think that he is trustworthy? not so fast. the fact is republicans may be walking straight into a trap. the left's beef with facebook has nothing to do with the children, kids are on tick-tock, the left doesn't like facebook because it is refused to suppress all conservative speech, that is it. the leftist decided to drive conservatives off of the internet and are afraid facebook won't the sufficiently loyal to their plan, they got away with banning the former president of the united states and that's not enough power for the democrats. they are that afraid of voters
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and free-speech, think about that for a minute. this is why globalists don't mind china being in charge. if they could these really hard line democrats would ban all dissenting opinions on social media and just like china they probably call it something like a threat to the social order or a threat to security your a threat to overall community or harmony. this all makes sense if your goal is to maintain power by any means necessary and that is all they care about. facebook could promote live sex acts and have christian instructional to the left would take their side but because there are still some conservatives on facebook, some conservatives the left wants to shut it down. democrats have seized on the current facebook scandal as an opportunity to silence conservatives for good. >> you know the insurrection occur january 6th, do you think
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facebook turned up because they were costing the company money? >> facebook change the safety default in the run-up to the election because they knew they were dangerous and because they wanted acceleration of the platform after the election, they returned to their original default and the fact they had to break the glass on january 6th and turn them back on, that is deeply problematic. will: of democrats had a supermajorities they wouldn't work with republicans at all, just pass legislation that has the effect of silencing all dissenting speech. it would be directed across all media and online platforms in terms of protecting national security war their new favorite, preventing domestic terrorism. they would pack the court to
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prove the legislation and freedom of speech the generation of americans fought to preserve would be gone. that is the real goal. a land where we are silenced and there's are the only voices heard. but they are willing -- they take a little time to get there so they will use the bipartisan dust kicked up by one whistleblower as another nudge toward government control of political speech. they dispute the whistleblower's claim facebook responded by inviting government regulation saying we need to create standard rules for the internet, time for congress to act. that would make perfect sense, zuckerberg himself was heavily and personally coordinating with liberal activists and poured hundreds of millions of dollars into local election offices in places like pennsylvania and after zuckerberg was mercilessly scorned by the left for not silencing trump in 2016 he tried to make it up by keeping trump's
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reach limited. prediction:this is not going to end well for conservatives who want to challenge the left. how do i know this? look who is looking their chops at the prospect of facebook regulation. >> facebook ought to be seriously regulated. it is a news source for a vast part of our country today. if it continues the way it continues we're going to have january 6th multiple multiple times. >> allows lies to be spread unchecked. like the big lie that spread around the world in large part because of social media and none of it is true. we should not allow those things in our society. >> i do like the sweater. what about the whistleblower herself. who is she? what is her motivation for coming forward? >> she said she agreed to take the job only if she could work against misinformation but after this past election there was a turning point. >> they told us about integrity.
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they said we made it through the election, there wasn't riots. a couple months, we got the insurrection and when they got rid of civic integrity it was a moment where i was like i don't trust they are willing to actually invest what needs to be invested to keep facebook from being dangerous. >> the woman is an ideologue, this comments made my spidey sense activate. republicans ought to be very very careful about how to proceed your. the left can't be trusted on this issue and the gop may end up building a trap that will block conservative speech for years to come. just look what the biden justice department is already doing to intimidate parents. we talked about this last night, from attending school board meeting and express outrage at the propaganda being taught in public schools. remember one biden told us the justice department with the independent? these days the doj is just
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another branch of the dnc because the liberal weaklings of the national school board association don't want to face criticism for the horrible policies they are calling on the doj to criminalize their political opposition. the only speech they want to protect is when you not in agreement with every school decision these petty bureaucrats make. >> you are using the fbi to intervene in school board meetings to tell me where the line is with parents expressing their concerns, waiting for hours. >> it is the job of the justice from the local law enforcement to address that. the attorney general's memorandum simply asks the fbi and their counterparts to ensure that state and local law enforcement has an open line of communication to report threats. >> there's so much nonsense in her statement i don't know where to begin, the fbi exist to
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investigate whether parents getting mad at a school board meeting rises to the level of intimidation or harassment? that's now a federal matter? all those threats facing america from transnational criminal syndicates, cybercrime, open borders, the fbi has time to 0 in on a 45-year-old mom complaining about his son's sophomore english reading list, the only ones guilty of intimidation here are sitting by the big desk set the doj. just thank god mitch mcconnell that merrick garland isn't sitting on the supreme court today. and we just learned tonight that the defense department is about to turn the screws on its own ranks subjecting them to continuous fitting supposedly to stop extremists within the military and other insider threats. this will include surveillance of social media postings for starters. >> we warned you last year the
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left has changed since clinton and obama. as the pain of their policies trying to win rhetorically the voters over, not going to do that anymore. in their desperation they believe forced compliance is the only way to go and silencing of conservatives is the only way forward. god help any republican who would assist and that is the angle. joining mu senator ron johnson and devon nunez. let's start with you. what we are seeing right now, do you see a possible bait and switch being pulled on the republicans here? >> i do because you stated in your opening but mostly on facebook you don't see a lot of kids on facebook which instagram is kind of the age between 20 to 50 that are on instagram. there are some teenagers on
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instagram but the bogeyman no one is talking about is tick-tock is where all the kids are and there's no regulation there. republicans should be very careful when you are. if anything we have to be investigating zuckerberg for the $350 million he invested into so-called nonprofit groups that got involved in our election and that is where the focus should be, what every member of congress should be asking on an everyday basis, not falling into some trapper figuring out some scam where we have a bureaucracy of people that are going to just do good things which means going to censor conservatives. >> democrats aren't just looking to use social media to silence
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political dissent but also scientific dissent. >> last week youtube announced it was with me banning all anti-vaccine misinformation and i've long called on facebook to take similar steps. you know the effect of this, that over half the people that haven't got the vaccine because of something they've seen on social media. >> you were actually blocked yourself from youtube. what do people have to understand about what is at stake here? >> i agree with your assessment. the left by a large likes media and social media as they are. they are trying to stomp out the last little tidbit of conservative thought that is sneaking through facebook so we shouldn't fall for it. mark zuckerberg as devon nunez was talking about, the financing of elections people took over the election system in green bay, wisconsin and influence in four or five other democrat counties. he's obviously not to support free-speech. i do agree he is primarily about making money and is craven in terms of house going to do it
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but then it starts with control and quite honestly the best pushback is going to be the free market solution from competitors of facebook but i never felt there was a solution because democrats like the status quo. they are not going to cooperate with republicans to rein in social media companies because what liberal misinformation has been labeled misinformation by facebook, they shut down facebook groups for the vaccine injured so people lost touch with members of these groups that were suicidal, that is what facebook did in terms of censorship of conservative thought. you can't mention vaccine injuries we are all aware of. >> zuckerberg posted a statement before the show in response to the hearing but it's so similar to balancing other social issues
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i don't carley: the companies should make all the decisions on the road. that is why we advocated updated internet rigs that we think are most important, harmful content, privacy and competition. does he actually think there's going to be a lot written about what you can post regarding an election? >> what is going on is he had 72 lawyers and all of his political people who said this is the place you need to land, to say that we are for something and you would need 60 votes in the senate to pass a law number one. number 2 of course president biden and his regime would love to write the rules and zuckerberg would welcome it because if attorney general merrick garland is drafting the rules it would be perfect for zuckerberg and twitter and google and all of them, that is where there trying to take it.
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>> there will be continual surveillance of social media posts and i promise you is the start of what they will do to our troops and other dod officials, staffers. your take on that new development? >> we need to be concerned our generals are more concerned with woken is the mayor military readiness and they are trying to get rid of any conservative on the military particularly in the higher ranks. >> isn't it part of the purge? >> precisely and that should concern every american. >> so great to have you both on tonight and literally wants you to believe that it's motors regarding facebook are beyond reproach. that is why they're comparing the current ever to taking down insidious industries like big tobacco but msnbc let it slip why this comparison should set
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off some alarm bells. >> comparisons being made to big tobacco, big pharma, others are saying it is even more than what tobacco went through in the sense that facebook not only does harm to the people consuming it but those that are consuming do harm to the greater society whether it is disinformation uncovered or the violence we saw january 6th. >> joining me now victor davis hanson, uber institution senior fellow, author of the new book the dying citizen that just came out and you were on my podcast for a whole hour, so great to talk to you for a long time but you see right through this, this noble pursuit of the democrats, suddenly they care about the kids, what is really happening here, the carcinogen of the conservative thought? >> two things. as president biden drops in popularity and every one of their issues become unpopular
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they will try to increase in webinars the federal government because they don't that popular support and we are already seeing it. when you talk about facebook and used for improper purposes we had 120 continuous days of riots, arson including and all of those congregations violating quarantine, violating masks, burning down stores, attacking federal property were coordinated on social media, not one person on the left said we've got to stop that or when chuck schumer goes outside the supreme court and threatens the justice, you will pay, all of these things are coordinated on social media and nobody said a word and the same thing when we saw jeff flake swarmed by people in an elevator during the brett kavanaugh hearings or posting that atrocious video of senator christensen were being confronted --
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>> what do they want to do? other tactics the tactics of what we have understood to be an american citizen interested in exchange of ideas? >> know because when they have empowered middle-class citizens that are informed and believe in borders and that tribalism is secondary to their identity and they are in control they are not controlled by the administrative state, they don't win because you have a lot of enlightened thinking citizens and they don't trust those people because they have this top-down utopian agenda that they think there's some platonic guardians american to tell us, the stupid people you have to do this about quarantine, you do this about vaccination, if you have covenant it doesn't matter, they don't want an empowered citizenry and have done their best through demographic change
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and open borders to dismantle things like the filibuster in the electoral college. laura: are you surprised how obvious their tactics have become? if you're a casual observer of politics what the facebook thing is about, my antenna went off, some of it is true or not but these people don't care about the kids innocence or protecting the kids innocence. if they did they wouldn't have an open border and be pushing protections to the porn industry and main lining pot across the country. >> the only thing that surprised me is how naïve mark zuckerberg is. after he has infused $500 million and thought that would be enough or try to put the consortium of social media
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out of business or band donald trump but not the talent ban laura: not good enough. >> he does not understand the mind of the left. you will never satisfy them until you give fealty and obsequiousness and he doesn't understand that and the more he compromises with the left - laura: he did a good job when he went to china and jogged in those short shorts speaking mandarin, tried to do pretty well over there. congratulations on the book the dying citizen, fantastic. president biden claims that it is about reversing american decline. newt gingrich has that of lieutenant colonel stewart scheller is out of the break but not out of legal trouble. 's attorney joins us to discuss what is next. don't go away.
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pitching this multibillion-dollar boondoggle to unions in michigan but the truth is he has done more to physically america's decline then president biden himself, he voted to normalize trade relations china and supported the wto but cost millions of jobs and some republicans supported too but now president biden wants to cause more misery for working americans by taxing and spending our economy into oblivion. what is more worrisome is manchin seems to be cracking. we predicted this, he opened the door to $2.2 trillion in spending. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and author of the upcoming book beyond biden, rebuilding the america we love. i always knew manchin was going to be soft touch. they showed up in those kayaks and he melted. is there any room for hope that this will blow up?
12:29 am
>> partly depends on whether they put their foot down. depending on how they designed the bill and get what the left wants, the newsletter said there are no moderates here, there's a choice between the timid big government socialist in the bold the government socialist and manchin proves what i was saying, there is no reason for him to be for $2.2 trillion. i saw a number this morning that president biden is an 18% approval in west virginia meaning the people manchin represents have a 5 to 1 opposition to biden. the whole thing tells you the
12:30 am
washington power structure is desperate to get all of this done before the republicans take over as they almost certainly are going to in the next election and i don't know how it will come out. we don't know what christensen of the -- christensen the -- kristen sinema will do. >> that is your party. i want to play something president biden said today to reframe what they are trying to push through into something more palatable. >> my infrastructure bill will put americans to work on long overdue national and environmental cleanup. i want a job corps like roosevelt did, and environmental job corps of 160,000, 1.6 million people. >> that is an honest mistake. this is the new job corps.
12:31 am
>> first of all franklin donor roosevelt was in the middle of the great depression. there were millions and millions of americans who wanted to work but couldn't find a job. we are now in america were every time you turn around businesses will tell you they can't find workers. we have a huge logjam of shipments coming into the us because there aren't enough truck drivers so in the middle of this labor shortage what president biden wants to do is take another 1.6 million assuming that the right number, and put them on the government payroll doing something when they are not in the private sector doing jobs that already exist. this is one more example of the kind of madness we are dealing and an administration that can't control the border, can't control inflation, can't produce energy, you watch, they are
12:32 am
going to have a mess at christmas when all these toys and things people want are still stuck on ships sitting off the coast of california because they can't unload them and they will blissfully go around. >> the island of misfit toys, this will be the tanker of misfit toys. we keep hearing that this is going to make the rich pay their fair share and they will be subject to all these new regulations and edicts but then it looks like they will survey people's bank account of they are larger than $600 so they want to see every penny americans spend of their own hard earned money, getting their taxes raised is not enough, they want total surveillance and control. quick thought? >> exactly what you said
12:33 am
earlier, big government socialist check out what you do at school boards and in the military, now they want to check into your wallet, these people want total control over your life so they can decide, so they have the power. bureaucrats running your life, you found the party that is eager to do that. >> manchin and cinema, save yourselves before it is too late always been demanding the tenant colonel scheller be released from the brick and we have new details where he is. 's attorney joins us exclusively. stay there. there.
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>> they left hundreds of americans in afghanistan and they are leaving our son in prison and that is not okay with us and i challenge the american people. is that okay with you?
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he asked for accountability. he spoke his truth and they couldn't handle it. laura: that was one week ago tonight when we last spoke to the parents of stuart scheller who was tossed in the brig for demanding accountability for failed military leaders. we are happy to report he has been released after the show's focus on this story. he is no longer in solitary confinement. joining the use tony busby, attorney for colonel scheller. where does the case stand now? >> he is with his family, he faces a court-martial, that might happen as early as next friday. we are not sure and we will have to have a hearing and hopefully a public hearing, it should be public and he remains subject to what i submit is illegal. that is what put him in the brig in the first place.
12:41 am
it is important to remember why he went to the brig in the first place, he spoke out and said something many servicemembers belief which was the withdrawal from afghanistan was completely botched and no one took accountability, you had the general staff, the high brass basically trying to pass the buck, he spoke out, he offered to resign as you know, they refused to let him resign honorably even though he spent 17 years of his life in the marine corps is a marine corps infantry officer. here's a guy who has lost his command, his job, his healthcare and his pension. we are talking more than $2.5 million of retirement he will have to walk away from.
12:42 am
>> he still has not been told what he's charged with. is that possibly correct? >> there have been accusations bandied about but as far as formal charges we will see when we have a hearing but -- >> the answer is no, he has not been formally charged. >> that is correct. that is where it is. >> what is his state of mind tonight? >> he is very happy to be back with his family. when i spoke to him this afternoon, he was in the brig in a safe place not with his family but many military families have a lot worse than him, including the 13 families who suffered on that fateful day in afghanistan so that is the reason he spoke out. his message still rings true and
12:43 am
he has done what a real marine doesn't he hopes somebody will take accountability. so far he's the only one who has been held accountable. >> was he in solitary confinement and was that done for his own safety? >> it is really funny when they talk about uniform code of military justice it is not uniform, not a lot of justice involved. he was - i will say this. a lot of the staff, brig staff treated him very well, the marines that were guarding him. he was considered to be a, quote, flight risk which is ridiculous. so this is the state of affairs, once you hurt the general's feelings, they are punitive and
12:44 am
that is where it is. hopefully we can get this behind us if there's a hearing next friday and i will also say this. he has been released awaiting this court-martial, the secretary of the navy right now could release him from the marine corps and let him be honorably discharged and go about his business. he loses his command, his job, his retirement but at least he is returned to his family. laura: do you believe they want to make an example out of him, the suppression of speech and the military is different, you are subjected to different types of restrictions what you can say it even the parents acknowledged that last week with me. he is under other restrictions. however you get the sense that they are using him to tell other troops don't even think about saying anything like this. >> certainly things like make an example, you speak, this is what
12:45 am
happens to you. this man is an honorable marine who took responsibility for what he said it offered to resign and they wouldn't allow him to do that and that is where we are. jillian: i hope you will come back next week, give our best regards to lieutenant colonel scheller and when she still comes on the show as well. so thank you. a student at ucla had his enrollments and after he refused to disclose his vaccination status. what makes this more absurd? his classes are all online, he joins us next.
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laura: they want you to blind submission to the rules the matter how insane is the new normal including on and off college campuses.
12:51 am
just ask my next guest, ucla student christian walker who says his enrollment was threatened for not disclosing his vaccination status. >> you're going to tell me he will drop my classes after we've already paid 70,$000 for the year i don't tell you about my vaccine status when all my classes are online. got it. >> i love that got it. all his classes are online. in order to stay enrolled ucla for some to find a confession stating i certify i've been informed of the risk of covid 19 infection including long-term disability and death and others who i may exposed to the disease. joining me, christian walker, son of football legend herschel walker, good to see you tonight. you crack me up, your video cracked me up. i laughed out loud because it was so dramatic i love it. they made you sign this kind of confessional statement, a waiver
12:52 am
of liability but what is going on out there? >> it is absolutely ridiculous. yesterday i received a call from the university. all of my classes are online. i don't set foot on campus and they told me my already paid for classes would be dropped if i didn't disclose my vaccination status. i do all my classes from my living room. i then received a message from the health center telling me i would be subject to financial and other consequences if i didn't tell them such as being reporters the student conduct office for disciplinary action, this makes no sense and none of the university's business what my health decisions are since i'm not going onto the campus. >> are you not able to go into classrooms because you haven't given them your back status or is everybody online out there? >> it so happens all of my classes, one of my majors is chinese are online.
12:53 am
some people are on campus but all of mine are online so it shouldn't matter whether i got the vaccine or not. laura: you have a lot of pals that ucla, it is a great school. at some point does the student body say enough is enough? we have to move on? >> they are cheering this on. they scream at me online, cuss me out that i should just disclose my vaccination status even though i'm not going onto the campus, they love the mandates of even though most of them are vaccinated they are also encouraging everyone to wear masks in class and while walking outside different classes. laura: i see them on their electric bikes and scooters, either double masking on the scooters and all the other very adult modes of transportation they use? >> i wouldn't be surprised if they were triple masking.
12:54 am
it seems the more masks the safer they feel even with the good old vaccination. >> what is next with you on campus. will you not be able to go to in person classes unless you submit further? >> i believe the full is you have to tell them your status and if you have the vaccine, you have to wear a mask, if you don't have it you have to wear a mask and have to get covid tested once a week. i'm just praying i don't have to go deal with the on campus drama since most of the students have very ill feelings for me because i'm a conservative. >> that the way to be the real rebel on campus these days, the conservative on college campus, have guts to speak your mind, we we following it, thanks very much and the last bite, biden bumbles in michigan, it can't be true.
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>> laura: do we get extra credit for understanding biden-all edgy?
1:00 am
>> like back in the day when laura: we can executive understanding president biden. >> back when my grandfather worked for the oil company back in the 1920s area, went from state to state convincing people a lot of them put 20,000 gallons of gasoline under the ground, they didn't want them around. ashley: in we will need scholars to translate that. gutfeld next. >> if the situation turns to violence it's the job of local law enforcement to address them. >> you are intending to intimidate them, to silence them. >> it is wednesday october 6th, parents nationwide revolting against the justice department's crackdown on violence directed at school boards as critics say the federal government should be focusing on their threats to the country.


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