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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 5, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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please don't cancel any. >> or me. >> shannon: i am canceling you. we are at a time. thanks to cory, susan, kat, tyrus. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight. the biden administration being accused of attempting to intimidate parents into silence. critics pushing back hard against the justice department's new crackdown on what the doj is calling threats and harassment against school officials. we have a live report plus our panel is standing by to weigh in.
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congress is heading towards an october 18th deadline before the federal government is expected to run out of money. concern is growing tonight as president biden hints at taking away the filibuster option from republicans who don't want to go along with the trillion dollar spending plan. and you details tonight about the manhunt for brian laundry. still considered a person of interest in the death of gabby. his sister now speaking out with harsh words for her brother and her own parents. we begin tonight with a heated debate over the justice department's new plan to look into what it calls "threats" and intimidation against school officials across the country. digging into the story. good evening, matt. >> good evening. many of us have seen those viral videos over the past couple of months of outraged parents and school employees trying to take a stand against school boards and polarizing topics like mask mandates, pronouns, and critical race theory. now a memo from attorney general merrick garland, director of the
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fbi and doj to prosecute any potential threats of violence potentially coming from these parents. republican senator josh hawley is pushing back saying the federal government has provided no actual evidence of size and should stay at of these meetings where parents are just voicing their concerns. >> in the scathing letter on tuesday, senator josh hawley slamming attorney general merrick garland over a memo he issued monday night. directing the fbi and doj to identify and prosecute potential threats of violence and harassment coming from parents that might be opposing controversial policies like mask mandates and critical race theory. writing to the ag in part, "americans are speaking out against the radical racist ideologies sometimes called critical race theory. americans have responded to this radical ideology by winning elections for the local school boards and protesting peacefully at school board meetings. yet your mama yesterday to the fbi and local u.s. attorneys ignored all of this and warned
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of an insurgence of threats of violence and efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views." on tuesday, senator hawley grill deputy attorney general lisa monaco about the men mount. >> if this is in a deliberate attempt to chill parents from showing up at school board meetings for their elected school board, i don't know what it is. >> i have to respectfully disagree. the attorney general's memorandum made quite clear that violence is not an appropriate spirited public debate on the whole range of public issues. >> former education secretary betsy devos saying it's a massive federal overreach. >> there is no place for physical violence in any way for but there's also no place for intimidating parents from speaking their minds and hearing about their kids education and future. >> office comes after the national school board association recently asked the president for law enforcement assistance to deal what it says
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is a growing number of threats against school boards. writing in part,, it believes assistance is required to protect our students, school board members, and educators who are susceptible to acts of violence. speak out and in this memo monday, he agreed with the request writing that threats are not only illegal but they run counter to the nation's core values. >> shannon: thank you very much. reaction to the doj's plan has been swift and among many parents, less than enthusiastic. let's bring in them to discuss. mother of three, bridget ziegler. and former doj prosecutor, ken buck, republican. thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: this is part of what the attorney general set about this. while spirited debate about policy matters is protected under our constitution, that protection does not extend to
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threats of violence were efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views. congressman. >> he's absolutely right. we shouldn't allow threats and we shouldn't allow violence in public debate, but we also shouldn't try to chill public debates. and just so, so happens that the biden administration has been in favor of critical race theory, ben remote and race theory, and if the issue the attorney general takes exception with, and that is really scary. we should have a country that wants to foster parental involvement in schools and foster parental involvement in this debate over what their children learn. >> shannon: i saw some postings on twitter today that there are people objecting that somebody showed up at another school board members home down there. they were shouting, they were calling for them to come out. people thought it was harassment in the neighborhood. do you think it is time to have a conversation with those folks. is it the feds who need to get
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involved with this? >> well i definitely do not agree with the association, with the school board association, indicating that parents speaking out our associated with domestic terrace. i will say that what -- quickly denounced land there is no place -- people protesting outside a citizens home and even elected official and we have seen this across party lines. and it's nothing i support because there is no benefit to. however, when we bring it back to the board room and we are parents over the last couple of years, as a result of covid, likely, i've been showing up and sharing their opinion and that has been met with the distain and that is further fueled her frustration. but i equally agree that no acts of violence or threats should never be tolerated and i believe local law enforcement has been quick to respond and i believe in their ability to do so. but this act by the national school board association, which is a taxpayer-funded lobbying group, to go to this end, is a
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chilling effect and intended to silence and intimidate parents who have a different point of view. >> shannon: i want to play something from senator tom cotton weighing in on this idea. >> every state has laws on the books for criminalizing violence or criminal threats. this is a dangerous overreach by the biden administration. to sake the feds on parents who want to simply play a role in their children's education. >> shannon: bridget mentioned this too, there is local law enforcement, state and local laws and ordinances. why is it necessary for the feds to get involved? can congress do anything about pushing back were asking questions? >> they should push back and when we get the majority congress will push back on this senate effort. and the point -- it's a great point. if there is some inadequacy with local law enforcement, perhaps the feds should look at something. but there is no evidence that local law enforcement response has been inadequate.
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if anything, the individuals i have engaged in acts of violence have received a swift response from local law enforcement, and it's absolutely adequate and the federal government should stay out of this area. this is more about sending a message to chill parents than it is trying to enforce the laws of this country. >> shannon: so bridget, you are on both sides of this as a board member who may have been on the receiving end of some upset parents and what they had to say about areas policies or books or teachings or whatever. but you are also a mother. what do you make of what the congressmen and others have said about the fact that this may serve to silence the people who are worried about now being flagged for being a troublemaker. one group deferring to some of these parents as domestic terrorists. >> i think it's such a disservice to public education and public education and we want to encourage parents to be involved. and eye is a public official recognize -- i take criticisms and sometimes you take accolades. i voluntarily walked into this
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arena as did every other public official, and the right to petition your government is a fundamental right that needs to be protected. and that allows us to -- for people to share their opinion and not to me is why believe the school boards across the country have been -- where they are hearing from parents who weren't necessarily aware of what kind of things were being taught or what kinds of material were some of the progressive social agendas and they are pushing back and i believe the national school board association's intent is to shut them down so they can go back to business as usual. and unfortunately, i do not believe that is the case. >> shannon: so well-known and well-established establish attorney writes a piece today about this. he calls a lawless threat against parents. he says that he thinks that attorney general garland is better based on his long experience. he says garland knows this is dangerous nonsense. i personally know that he knows that. a quick final comment from you, congressman, about what is motivating the attorney general
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on this front. if you want to venture a guess. >> i think he works for the president of the united states and i think it's clear the president of the united states sees his numbers going down in the polls and they're all a whole slew of issues he is suffering from. the parents are noxious outrage, not just vocal, but they are running for school board across the country in those elections are coming up in november. and i know in my home state of colorado we have a lot of parents who never thought of getting involved in politics before vaccine mandates and requiring young kids to wear masks and now dealing with critical race theory and bathroom issues. all of these things are motivating parents because they think it is wrong and taking away from their children's education. which should be the priority of public education and parents are getting involved and i think it scares the other side that these parents are going to make a difference. >> shannon: well, i think people across effect on mike spectrum agreed that it is never about violence or threats by go
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to the ballot box if you want to make a change. that is the safe and legal way to do it. congressman and bridget, thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: secretary janet yellen morning lawmakers on capitol hill today that u.s. debt default that is now less than two weeks away would be "catastrophic" and likely trigger an economic recession. so who is to blame? a lot of finger-pointing. kevin corke has the latest on the debt ceiling showdown. >> good evening. obviously we are still looking at the calendar. october 18th is the day that if you believe them, government officials say the u.s. will and fact default on its debt if congressional lawmakers don't raise the debt ceiling. >> i support getting it done. this is long been done on a bipartisan basis. the debt ceiling has been raised almost 80 times since 1960 and almost always on the bipartisan
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basis. this shouldn't be the responsibility of one party or the other. >> oh, which is precisely why many believe that congressional republicans want. that is, support democrats to raise the debt ceiling on their own. and with no measurable progress made today and the calendar still churning, some likened what is happening in washington to a high-stakes game of fiscal chicken. >> we can prevent a catastrophic default with a simple majority vote tomorrow. if republicans would just get out of the dam way, we could get this all done. >> majority leader schumer speaking right there. the other end, the white house says "one time" change the center rule to prevent a filibuster to to suspend the debt ceiling is a real possibility. >> quite frankly, there's not many options if they are going
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to be that irresponsible. not many options. not much time left. i don't think they are going to be responsible. i can't believe i. >> to be sure, democrats quietly acknowledge that they could raise the debt ceiling without the g.o.p. but apparently party leaders don't want them to take that photo and then have to answer the tough questions later. one of the major sticking points in all of this could be -- which bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortions except in the case of saving a woman's life or for pregnancy arise from or rate. the president says he would sign a reconciliation bill with or without it which for many progressives is an absolute nonstarter. so the infighting continues on the left and we'll see if the calendar gets ever closer to the 18th. >> shannon: kevin, i have to ask you about something separating little fact from fiction. you talk about a trillion dollar coin as a way to get around the debt ceiling drama. what do you know about whether
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the coin could be a legit? >> okay. quick history lesson for you. the trillion dollar coin is actually a concept that emerged during the debt crisis back in 2011. in theory, back coin would enable the government to sort of pay its bills without additional borrowing and thus avoid default. obviously the downside is pretty obvious and that is hyperinflation because minting such a coin would be like creating money out of thin air. in case you're wondering, the treasury secretary janet yellen did weigh in on this. she told cnbc i am opposed to and i don't think we should take it seriously before adding "it's really a gimmick." to say nothing of the legal questions. so expect them to get back to the bargaining table with time running out. >> shannon: all right. listen. you never know here in washington. things that sound too crazy to be true sometimes aren't. thank you. see you again in a minute, kevin. ♪ ♪
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the sister of brian speaking out tonight calling on her fugitive brother to turn himself in. adding if she knew where he was, she would turn him in. he is considered a person interested in the death of girlfriend gabby petito. laura ingle is tracting the leg comic latest of elements for us tonight. >> hi. as frustration continues to grow to find brian laundrie. his answers are giving -- of when her brother returned to florida from his cross-country road trip and gabby petito's van without her. revealing to "good morning america" that she was with her brother and her parents on september 6 for a couple of hours when the family went camping in florida. five days before gabby petito was reported missing and six days after brian returned home. >> i really wish he had come to me first that day with event because i don't think we would
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be here. i worry about him. i hope he is okay and then i'm angry and i don't know what to think. i would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mass. >> telling. >> telling gma she hasn't been able to get in touch with her brother or her parents who say they don't know where their son is and haven't seen her since he went hiking on the 13th. that's the new date. the previous lead was the 14th. >> say her name. >> gabby petito. >> something protesters have been asking for days outside their home which brought her out to the curb monday night. >> do you think he killed gabby? >> i don't know. >> his parents and stepparents appearing on the dr. phil show on cbs tuesday and were asked if they believe the laundries know where their son is. >> somebody needs to start talking. i do believe they know a lot more information than they are putting there. >> we all want to protect our children. it's understandable.
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but it's also more important to teach our children right from wrong. and when something is wrong, you need to do the right thing and have them own up to it. whatever it may be. whatever the consequences may be, and that is part of being a parent. >> meanwhile, several reported brian laundrie sightings along that appalachian trail. telling fox news they are following up on every tape and have even reached out to the local hunters in the area so they can be on the lookout as well. shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. ♪ ♪ first up in tonight's crime crisis roundup, new york city police releasing shocking video of a gunfight with a smattering of shots and people running for cover and what appears to be issued at between two groups across the street and unbelievably nobody got hurt. the police are now asking for help to identify several of
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these suspects. between chicago mayor lori lightfoot and the cook county state's attorney, ken fox. as fox declined to press charges and a brazen daylight gang shooting captured on camera friday which left behind 70 shell casings, killed one, and injured two. fox's office citing the chaotic nature at the scene and insufficient evidence to approve charges. here is democratic mayor lightfoot today. >> if the bad guys that are out there, that are picking up guns and shooting without any regard for the safety of life, do not believe there is accountability for them. the brazenness will not end. it will escalate, it will continue, and our communities will not be safer. >> shannon: breaking out a popout shop dedicated to the hit netflix wars series "squid game" that pet scan had each other in a gruesome game that killed off
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: spooky season is officially here, people, and some of us are ready to get frightened. check it out. a squirrel masking out. actually this is super clever. there is a squirrel feeder or beard feeder inside and he is
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just trying to snag a snack but i love whoever came up with this. you got them. that's a real trick-or-treat. now this. hot air balloon in the desert skies in new mexico. the international balloon siesta has returned to albuquerque. more than 540 balloons of all different shapes sizes and designs in the air creating a stunning site. the festival is a nine day event after going on a hiatus last year because of covid-19. and some crazy images out of california. check it out. huge lightning bolt striking across the sky in san diego. severe thunderstorms hit the southern california region monday evening and led to some unbelievable sites. russia is about to set a historic first sending an actor and film director to space for real. portions of the feature film will be made while in orbit. the story line is about a surgeon summoned to space to save a crew member who suffers from a heart condition. and resident --
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the successful rescue, the man out of arizona. men have been stuck in a storm drain for several days. finally freed. firefighters responding after folks driving by saw the man waving his arm from the drain. the responders put a ladder down and saved him. they say he told them he crawled in because he was having a bad day and then he couldn't get back out. four days. if you have a video to share, hit us out at shannon bream or at fox news night on social media. ♪ ♪ a former product manager at facebook testifying tuesday the company she says put profits above safety and patriotism. whistle-blower frances haugen telling senators as long as the social media giant operates in the shadows, it is unaccountable. marks like a big responding tonight posting the argument that we deliberately push content that makes people angry is illogical.
9:27 pm
we make money from ads and advertisers consistently tell us they don't want their ads next to angry or harmful content. the story tonight from capitol hill. >> if you are a member of this panel, would you believe what facebook is saying? >> facebook -- >> facebook whistle-blower frances haugen didn't hold back on capitol hill, spilling the social media giant's dirty little secrets and tending lawmakers this stark national security warning. >> we also saw active persuasion of the iran government doing espionage on other state actors. >> you are saying in essence that the platform, whether facebook knows it or not, is being utilized by some of our adversaries. >> facebook is very aware that this is happening. >> the former project manager claims facebook puts profit over people, deceives investors and governments about how this information is being spent on
9:28 pm
it, and that its instagram app undoubtedly harms children. >> facebook knows that they are leading young users to anorexia on at. >> facebook is pushing back. today at spokesperson denied the allegations and instead pointed the finger back at congress to take action writing, "it has been 25 years since the rules for internet have been updated and instead of expecting the industry to make the final decisions that belong to legislators, it is time for congress to act." neither republicans nor democrats like that. speak of the statement made by facebook, very defensive and -- >> you get congress legislating on this and all of a sudden they disclaim responsibility. >> and like her, they want founder mark zuckerberg to own all of this. >> the box talks with him. >> the buck stops with him. >> there is a bipartisan push to take action. she says that lawmakers must
9:29 pm
engineer legislation that not only fixes the problem but also does not step on the freedom of. shannon. >> shannon: aishah hasnie, thanks. it is time to bring kevin corke back in what has been a very interesting survey. we have a story coming up in a little bit about people who want to complain about america even though they live here so we are doing you a service now. going to tell you where you can go live abroad. kevin, what are the best option for people who do not love america as much as may be we do? >> i love my country and i'm going to stay right here, but there are a lot of people out there, especially when you think about inflation. people want more and more to think about where i might be able to go and maybe get the most bang for my book as i move into retirement. we are going to show you a new list from travel and leisure magazine, the best places to go abroad if you decide you want to leave the u.s. and live in another country. number ten, spain, new zealand, sweden, singapore, ghana, how
9:30 pm
about the top five? austria, canada, south korea, costa rica, and portugal. so the obvious question, a couple of them, if you had to choose another country where you are going to live outside of the u.s., which -- to go countries. which would you pick and why? >> shannon: i will pick one i've been to but costa rica. love it there. the people are wonderful, the beaches, the food, it's wonderful. one place i haven't been but i would like to go is south korea. i speak a little bit of green because my dad spoke korean. what about you? >> i love south korea too. i love asia in general. been there many times. i would probably pick may be japan. i love vietnam too, by the way. both really wonderful. the people are great. i think if i had to narrow down two to go i would say japan and may be in the know italy's economy can be hit and miss but i love the food, and the people, the scenery, you can go wrong. >> shannon: oh, yeah.
9:31 pm
we describe our trips to italy as they drinking and naps. so it's not a pad place to go. kevin, don't leave us. we are going to stick around here in america and for some good news in jus a minute. >> a really good one for us tonight. i will see you in a few. >> shannon: thanks, kevin. a vaccine mandate come from the white house, some lawmakers are pushing back from the capital. senator mike lee is one of them. he has 12 new anti-mandate bills. he joins us next. >> when i came to fox in 2004, we still had sort of that scrappy field. it had been around for a few years and i felt like you could do anything. i was lucky because i landed right in the middle of an election year. i basically said i will stand on the street corner in boston and talk about the traffic coming in and out of town. i'd not had a history of
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>> the government is setting a president that in my opinion emergency. the personal economy and religious freedom and your freedom as a whole becomes negotiable and whoever is in power or what agrees with the people in power. >> shannon: that is jonathan isaak of the orlando magic on "fox news @ night" last night explaining his reasoning for taking a stand against the nba's vaccine mandate. his concerned is shared by
9:38 pm
others nationwide now facing the complicated choice to get the job or lose their job. bringing in one lawmakers trying to get congress to cake action, mike lee. great back, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: you hope to introduce a number of pieces of legislation, don't know if they go anywhere in the democratically controlled senate, the tiebreaker held by the vice president, -- if mandates are unconstitutional, wise legislation needed to stop them? will the courts overturn them? >> it's a fantastic question. and the reason i have done this, the reason i've introduced a dozen bills and the reason i'm going to the senate floor every day to try to pass them is because yes, the president has no authority, and yes, they are therefore unconstitutional. it is going to take so long for this even makes its way into the courts because the president hasn't had the decency to issue an order. that's going to take months if
9:39 pm
not years to get the courts to act. in the meantime, we can try to focus on the more devious parts of this and the more indefensible parts of it by bringing up legislation including the when i brought today that says you shouldn't be forced to get the vaccine against your will if your own doctor is telling you you shouldn't get out based on a personal medical condition you haven't yet the democrats are opposed to it and they would let her fly. >> shannon: what about this issue of travel. this doctor he used to be the head of planned parenthood, on cnn and other places quite a bit speaking out, she said this a few weeks ago. she said i think we need to make it clear there are privileges associated with being an american. travel and having the right to travel interstate is not a constitutional right as far as i know. to board a plane. so if you want to be unvaccinated, that is your choice. but you shouldn't be able to go out in public or do things like travel on a plane. >> this is one of the foundational reasons why our country exists one of the basic
9:40 pm
reasons why the constitution is even there. our founding fathers wanted to make sure that we didn't have economic balkanization among the states and that people can travel freely from one state to another. the minute you have a president of the united states with arrogance -- when he doesn't have any. in the minute he then claims that this isn't about freedom or personal choice. it's like -- the guy who robs the bank and thereafter claims that this isn't about the money. this guy's whole job is to protect your freedom. he is going out to your freedom. he needs to be held to account to it. >> shannon: let me ask you about one of his nominees. this is -- she is advocated for ending banking as we know it. she is now in contention to oversee the country's banks. recent papers he wrote, she talked about radically reshaping the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance.
9:41 pm
>> when i first saw the headline about her nomination to this position, i literally thought it was a joke. i thought it was something from the babylon b. there is something very meta-and very weird about nominating someone to this position who wants to end banking as we know it. and he wants to emulate the soviet system of monetary policy and banking. just when i thought things couldn't get stranger in this town, they somehow have. this is a nominee who cannot be confirmed. this is not many who we are going to fight tooth and nail to avoid confirming because this is a nominee who doesn't understand economic freedom and wants to destroy our economic system. >> shannon: this is a schism we have that is capitalism. banking as we understand it. a lot of folks in this country wouldn't want to to be set up for a radical overhaul. we'll see how that fight goes down. thanks for your time.
9:42 pm
>> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up and tonight's "real news roundup," dave chappelle telling his audience in his latest netflix special about "gender is a fact" adding that everyone has been born to a woman he says. responding to criticism of folks he made about gender from his past comedy special. and going viral for celebrating patriotism. the cuban-american hip-hop star taking a moment during a recent concert to call out critics of america. >> if you don't like -- see how much you appreciate the united states of america. >> shannon: pro-abortion state chris ron calling for force vasectomy tweeting saturday i will be introducing a bill inspired by president kelly cassidy that requires all inseminate her is to undergo vasectomies within six weeks of having their third child her
9:43 pm
40th birthday whichever comes first. the so-called parity legislation is apparently in response to a recent texas law banning abortion after a fetal heart beat is detected. so how was the border search affecting nonborder states? florida argues catch and release is costing their state millions and they are now suing. the attorney general behind that case is on deck, next. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside
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>> we have over 400,000 documented got a ways. people were instances where people cross the border and got away this past year. hundreds of miles a border where we have no idea what took place. that is what mass migration creates. >> shannon: former board official chief rodney scott breaking down the enormous scope of the border crisis. tonight, float officials that they are trying to do what they can to force the biden administration's hand turning over the catch and release the policy is a violation of federal law. let's bring in federal attorney general ashley moody.
9:49 pm
good to have you back with us. >> great to be with you. >> shannon: you know the reaction there has not been kind to not only this lawsuit but policies and executive orders the governor put into place with regard to immigration. ap talking about this site said democratic state rep anna criticized the scientist saying he is using the issue to score political points with his conservative base instead of focusing on other issues facing the state. "he is completely bonkers and just wants to distract everyday people from life issues." how do you respond to that criticism? >> first of all, what can they say? this is unprecedented lack of leadership, direction, control of our border. it's a strategic failure and i can tell you this is not just a republican issue. there are democrats that are incensed, astounded, cannot believe biden's absence of leadership as it comes to immigration.
9:50 pm
the minute he took office, he started decimating policies that were put in place that were actually working and controlling the border. so for example, the last full month of the previous administration, only 17 boats were released into the interior. we are now seeing tens of thousands every month released into our interior and complete violation of federal law. governor desantis and i actually went to the border, which is -- this president have never done -- and we saw what was going on and our folks they are on the grounds of that majority of those coming over told them they were headed to florida and we saw the costs this was going to have on her state so we had to take action. >> shannon: you mention some of what has been said about what is going on at the border, some of the policies that have changed between the trump administration and now. sanitary mallorca's, said those changes have been positive. here is what he said about
9:51 pm
changing policy in this administration. >> the biden and harris administration has indeed rescinded the immoral, unethical policies and we are rebuilding a system that is been entirely dismantled by the prior administration. >> shannon: so how do you respond to that? he says what was in place was before is cruel and inhumane so they admit yes, they have changed a lot of policies. speak of the policies that were in place were put there to avoid the human cost that the lack of leadership and control was having. it is not just a human cost to those that are making this very dangerous crossing into the united states. it's also going to be at cost as we are seeing more and more folks being detained and those that are not being detained coming in with criminal convictions. so our communities are going to start feeling this in their security, their safety. i can tell you first hand of
9:52 pm
folks that have had their lives upended because of folks here that shouldn't have been here and were committing crimes. florida is going to spend $100 million just in incarcerating those here illegally that are committing crimes in florida. and that is why desantis and i had to take action and we look forward to arguing our case in court. >> shannon: you mentioned -- and we talk also to folks in texas who are democrats -- elected officials who say we are desperately asking the biden administration for help. these are local people, members of the u.s. congress. do you have democrats there in florida who are willing to help you or join you in some of these request to the federal government or even in some of these challenges to the federal government? >> one of the most shocking things we saw that initially right when biden took office, they started canceling -- those that had committed crimes and telling shares to release them back into the community.
9:53 pm
i can tell you i have cherished across the state of florida that want to work with governor desantis and myself and making sure our communities are safe. we've instructed them to continue working with law enforcement, detained folks, ask that those folks be picked up in accordance with the law. the problem is the federal government has limited our ability, the state's ability, to do lunch as it comes to immigration. they say we have, we will take it, we are the ones with the legal authority and then they dropped the ball and do nothing. so we have to fight back in court. it's the right thing to do to protect our borders, our country, and to protect our communities across the nation. >> shannon: we know any real solution -- long-term solutions are going to require people across party lines across the aisle from me each other to get together and figure these things out. in the meantime, we will track the actions as well. thanks for your time. >> absolutely. thanks so much. >> shannon: and good news before we say good night. the philadelphia police department adding some adorable
9:54 pm
new members to its team. a trio of lab puppies. liberty, justice, and dock. his fiancee from a litter of pups that they got from their dog. so he says he heard about the department's k-9 unit needed more dogs, very expenses for them so we decided to donate from from in spring training litter and these three little pups are going to be training to be become heroes and narcotics detention. we wish very good luck to these good boys. you know i am a sucker for a story that involves dogs and law enforcement. >> i am right there with you and speaking up, went to take you to the valley of the sun for this good news and a good night. we are off to arizona where my mom used to live. it's also where we find a different kind of running of the bulls. this time, it's the canine rescue hosting its ninth annual running for the bowls. residents invited to bring their
9:55 pm
leashed dogs. it's all for a good cause. it's for pitbull inclusion as you see. very good little dog tells also despite the reputation and we salute them tonight. >> shannon: some of the sweetest doggies i know are at those little pitbull's and it's all about how you raise these poochie's. kevin, thank you. i love that story. we will be back here with you tomorrow night. from washington, i am shannon bream. it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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