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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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of 2-year-old kayleigh anthony led to law changes that you might not know about. it's a really brutal, visceral, awesome season you guys. go see it on fox and don't forget it's fox justice month so you can catch brand new true crime documentaries. jesse: i'm binging on cops on fox elm and my show. jesse: we will do this again sometime. "special report" up next with the evil shannon bream. >> shannon: jesse, as we used to say in second grade, it takes one to know one. >> greg: oh. >> shannon: see you, jesse. good evening and welcome to washington. i'm shan barack obama none bream i'm shannon bremen in for bretb. one advocacy group calling decenting parents domestic terrorists. alexandria hoff leads us off tonight. good evening, alex.
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>> good evening, shannon. the department has called on the fbi to step in amid increasing unrest school board meetings across the country. dissuade parents from speaking out against elected leaders. >> it started with a letter sent to president biden from the national school board association asking for federal assistance to deal with what the board calls threatening behavior by parents. quote: the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. following an inquiry from fox news, the department of justice announced that they would oblige the nsba request. the backlash was immediate. >> if this isn't a deliberate attempt to chill parents from showing up at school board meetings so their elected school board, i don't know what is. >> in response, deputy attorney general lisa monaco insisted that government agencies would only intervene in cases of violence. the job of the justice department and local law enforcement to address that.
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>> but the memo released by the justice department said this, quote: while spirited debate about policy matters is protected under our constitution, that protection does not extend to threats of violence or efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views. according to critics, the phrase efforts to i object tim date is dangerous for its gray area. federal involvement is inappropriate. especially when local laws already provide school board members the ability to file charges over threatening behavior. >> there's no place for physical violence anywhere for anyone, but there's also no place for intimidating parents from speaking their mind and caring about their kids' education and their future. >> now the justice department has directed the fbi, u.s. attorney's offices to meet in the next 30 days with local law enforcement leaders across the country to discuss strategies. shannon? >> shannon: alex, thank you very much. we will stay on that and talk about it with the panel. republican governors are going to the southern border to focus on the national security
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implications of the illegal immigration surge. bret will speak with former border patrol chief rodney scott but first correspondent bill melugin. >> bill: it's late monday night in mission, texas. and fox news is cruising the rio grande with texas dps and a v.i.p. guest. arkansas governor asa hutchinson who came to the rio grande valley to see the border crisis firsthand. while texas troopers with night vision scanned the mexican shoreline in the dark of night, governor hutchinson was given a tour of some of the smuggling hot spots all along the river. eventually coming ashore in one area where illegal immigrants commonly cross on rafts. >> with the boat setting there, they know we are here. they are not going to cross in this area. >> after a brief tour through the dense brush, we asked the governor for his thoughts on the biden administration's repeated claims that the border is closed. >> any time you have migrants coming from scores of country coming across our border, timing
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themselves to pick the right opportunity where they can get through, it's not a closed border. any time that you stop someone that's coming in illegally, and then you process them and release them into our country, that is not a closed border. in la joya today while on a break, we took this photo of several illegal immigrants being arrested near a fast food restaurant. we later learned from la joya, pd two men of the group suspected members senaries from the gulf cartel. over the weekend arrested this mexican nationals previously convicted of arresting a child in raleigh, north carolina. [shouting] >> in tapachula, mexico, prigs protested in the streets demanding to be allowed to move north towards the united states this as the u.s. prepares for know potential wave of migrants possibly numbering in the tens of thousands.
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>> bill: shannon, tomorrow 10 g.o.p. governors are set here to arrive in the rio grande valley where they will be joining texas governor greg abbott and holding a large press conference down here together to talk about the ongoing border crisis. some of those governor also include arizona doug doocy, georgia's brian kemp and south dakota kristi noem that press conference set for 12:00 noon local time tomorrow. we will be here to cover it we will send it back to you. >> shannon: all right, we thank you for your coverage down there. bill melissa, thanks so much. tonight, we talk about the border situation with former u.s. border patrol chief rodney scott. here's my colleague bret baier. bret: shannon, thank you. we are going to talk now more about the border situation depth with the former head of border patrol rodney scott. rodney, thanks for being here. you retired in august of this year. >> that is correct, thank you for having me, bret. appreciate it. bret: this makes you the highest ranking exbiden official to speak out but you also worked in
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the trump administration. >> that's correct. i started as chief in february of 2020. and then through the transition for the first seven months of the biden administration. bret: you have been at this for a long time though. >> i started in san diego in ma. it's kind of an important part of my career though. that's when the whole mass migration issue was going on nationally and then the 1994 is when operation gate keeper got kicked off i had a front row seat to that young age. that was the forming years of my career if you will. bret: 30 years as a civil servant dealing with border issues primarily, obviously, you have briefed both parties but you are not a political guy. >> correct. i have done my best to stay nonpartisan. i obviously have not hesitated to advocate for border security. but i just lay out the facts without politics. bret: well, let's talk about the facts. and what has changed from the trump administration border policies to the biden
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administration's now? >> the real thing that's changed is the focus on border security in general and acknowledging that border security is critical to homeland security and actually trying to control the border. the messaging has changed. i personally participated in some of the transition meetings. my staff participated in all of the transition meetings. we made it very clear that if we dropped all of the initiatives that had been put in place over the last several years, that we would get an influx of mass migration that we would not be able to control. the current secretary mayorkas he was part of dhs before. he was ran cis. he clearly understands and knows how to control the border and what needs to take place. bret: so if that's all true, then what's the motivation, do you think? >> that's where you get into politics. i'm not going to speculate on what anyone's motivation is but i do know that they were briefed. it was very clear. there are people involved in this process that have been involved before, and they are choosings not to take simple
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common sense steps to secure the border. bret: can you, for the average viewer at home, articulate kind of the difference about what would happen if an illegal immigrant came when you were border patl chief before january 20, 2021 and what happened after. >> with title 42 and that was a health and human services regulation for covid, you got to carve that part of it out if you will. they would be met at the border immediately fingerprinted, photographed for records checks quickly and then expelled back to the country they came through. so, during that time, the vast majority of people were quickly expelled back to mexico or back to canada. or other countries even where we had flights taking place to quickly get them out of the country and keep america safe. that was slowly chistled away. so, right after the administration changed, there
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was some messages that went out, if you will, that we were no longer going to expel anyone under 18, unaccompanied minors so, as soon as there is any vulnerability that we show, or any certain class of people that it was carve out to be classed under different processes that allow them to come into the u.s., that will be exploited. we saw that immediately with the unaccompanied children. couple of other decisions later, there started expanding out vulnerable populations, family groups coming through mexico that is increasingly we were getting released into the u.s. and processed under title 8 instead of 42. bret: families, pregnant women and suddenly it was expanding beyond anybody under 18? >> and then that just continued to expand, correct. bret: what's the result of that? >> the result of that is the message goes out and then instead of having a couple of hundred encounters a day we quickly went up to about 6,000 encounters a day. a little bit of misleading
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messaging in the public today too is they think this is just mexico or south america. border patrol caught over -- caught people from 150 different countries coming through mexico into the united states this last year before i retired. bret: 150 different countries? >> different countries. bret: coming through the border? >> correct. basically just think like football. they fake a play over here and the real play is going to the left. so when we get distracted with 15 to 20,000 haitians under a bridge, that resulted in several hundred miles of border having no border patrol agents on it at all. that's where the cartels push the narcotics through, the criminal aliens, people that will not give up. we have over 400,000 documented got-aways, people or incidents where people crossed the border and got away this last year. and hundreds of miles of border where we have no idea what took place. that's what mass migration creates. bret: you are talking about the cartels and moving all kinds of material. but, specifically drugs.
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>> correct. bret: through the border. so this -- look at the shiny thing over here happens every day? >> it happens every day. and it happens increasingly the more that they can distract. the more that they can overwhelm our resources. so, for example, in del rio, 10l agents for a couple of days were focused on that bridge. but we also keep forgetting that's a big wide border. mcallen is still out of control, huma is getting overrun. bret: the biden administration has claimed the thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants that they have released into the country over the last several months, are being, are quote: tracked. and that they have implied that there will be consequences if they don't show up for their court hearings. is that true? >> again, it's a spin. so, i can't say that it's not true i can say they are not being tracked. bret: just by manpower issues. >> if every single one of them are being tracked, that means 100 percent of fugitive operations got shut down.
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bret: they skip court, they are not allowed to go after them just for that. >> correct. that is accurate. and 90% don't ever get deported. bret: how about big a national security threat is it that border. >> i think it's a real, real big issue. so knowing that we have 400,000 documented got aways when we have less situational awareness than we have ever had before, but we know about every single one of those is they did not want to meet a law enforcement officer. they were not surrendering. they were not claiming asylum. they were doing everything they could -- they probably paid extra to be able to go through one of those gaps the cartel controlled. bret: so when you hear secretary mayorkas say the border is as secure as it was before, what do you say? >> that's just not true. he knows what's going on. and he knows that border is not as secure today as it was on january 19th. bret: talk about the border wall. what were the instructions after the transition of administrations when it came to the wall. >> so, presidential proclamation
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came out and 60 day pause that publicly available. supposed to do in-depth study and come up with a plan going forward. border patrol did its part, everything. that was done within about two weeks. several briefings later there really had not been any decisions made. it went well beyond the 60 days. many of those projects today are just still on hold. so we're paying contractors for a while it was almost 5 million a day between dod and dhs. bret: to not. >> to not build the border wall. bret: wait, wait, wait. 5 million a kay to not build the wall. >> do not build the wall. bret: even though they have the stuff. >> there are stacks and stacks of border wall panels. there is hundreds of miles of fiberoptic cabling. there is hundreds of cameras that were being installed with that they are just sitting. there is no action being taken. bret: so what do they say when the briefing is well this really helps us if we could just plug
3:14 pm
this in, if we could just finish this thing, what do they say? >> we are not building more wall. there is no conversation. there is no adult dialogue, if you will. it's just a black and white decision. the devil rays said we are not doing it, so he would not doing it that money is just trickling away to those contractors for not doing work each day. >> bret: what is the border patrol morale? >> it's struggling right now. it really is struggling right now. obviously this administration doesn't really support border security. the current leadership within border patrol is doing everything they can to keep the guys focused that the mission matters. bret: when you heard president biden say this. >> it's horrible what you see -- as you saw, to see people treated like they did, horses barely running over people being strapped, it's outrageous. i promise you, those people will pay. they will be -- investigation underway now and there will be consequences. there will be consequences. bret: what did you think? >> i was dumbfounded to take a word from somebody else, i
3:15 pm
was -- it was -- i was outraged that all of a sudden due process goes out the window. border security protects legal immigration. and those guys know it and that's what they have been doing. and all of a sudden now due process applies to everybody else and not them and all of a sudden our horse patrol doing what they are supposed to do prevent freedom illegally entering our home are now the villain. bret: so it's frustrating. >> it's very frustrating. bret: do you hear that from guys. >> i have taken quite a few phone calls. it's very frustrating. the early retirements are going through the roof within border patrol. it worries me tremendously we are losing a lot of experience. bret: rodney, thanks. we are going to have part 2 with this interview with rodney scott about the border, border security tomorrow. shannon, we will toss it back to you. >> shannon: we look forward to it, bret. thanks. up next, president biden says his tax and spend agenda is not about left and right. we will tell you what he says it is about.
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allegations against larry nassar seriously. several jimmists told lawmakers gymnasts turned a blind eye to the abruise. sister of brian laundrie says he should come forward and get his family out of what she calls this horrible mess. kathy laundrie tells nbc if his parents are involved in her disappearance they should come clean. brian lawn industry considered a pepper of interest in the girlfriend gabby petino. also wanted on a federal bank fraud charge. ♪ breaking tonight. president biden says tax and spend greand is not vs. left politics. he says it's all about opportunity vs. da kay. the president was in michigan a short time ago trying to sell his agenda to union engineers. but, he has yet to sell it to enough members of his own party to get approval. white house correspondent peter doocy has details. >> 81 million americans voted for me. >> now the president is seeing
3:21 pm
how much clout he has still got, hoping to pass physical and human infrastructure bills. >> we're going to pass both of these bills. >> even though he visited michigan, the senate votes he needs for a massive progressive wish list are from arizona and west virginia. >> you heard them on television today. >> we have been talking about everything. everyone is talking. it's still in negotiation. >> sure sounds like is he moving. i hope that's the case. >> manchin is open-minded progressive wish list whittled down to $2 trillion that would lose support elsewhere. >> my only view is the 3.5 is a conservative number. >> more urgent, raising the debt limit. republicans say democrats are being reckless. >> i implore them one more time not not to play russian roulette with the american economy. >> and vice versa. >> they need to stop playing russian roulette with the u.s. economy. >> after the election, biden said he would work with mcconnell. >> we have always been straight with one another, i'm looking forward to working with him. >> but is he not. >> i have not heard from the president. >> long time colleagues talking
3:22 pm
between go betweens. >> there has been contact from senator mcconnell from the highest level of the administration including a recent call with secretary yellen. >> yellen's warning about not raising the debt limited is bleak. >> it would be catastrophic. >> here's why. >> it would cause a recession as well. >> right now democrats can't count on any republican votes to raise the limit. >> they passed a 1.9 trillion non-covid bill in april by themselves, the reckless spending bill they are going to do by themselves. but they want us to cover for their ridiculous spending. i'm not doing it and republicans are not going to do it. >> that's got chuck schumer saying. >> some of them, many people speculate, want us to tee fault. >> this president has his hands full. >> i know there is a lot of noise in washington, there always is. it seems to me a little more than usual now. a whole lot of hyperbole. a lot of heat. pete: quick trip for the patient. we expect marine one at the white house in time for dinner while he was boarding air force one though in michigan he told a
3:23 pm
small group of reporters that he doesn't think republicans would be so irresponsible as to vote against raising the debt limit. but something the president has not said in the last couple days is that he voted against raising the debt limit twice when george bush was president and says he would have done it a third time but he missed the vote, shannon? >> shannon: important facts, important notes. peter doocy at the white house. thank you. up next, a former facebook employee turned whistleblower accuses her old employer of turning a blind tie national security threats. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york where the fbi raids the home of the head of the nypd's sergeant ben neff lent association. federal agencies also descended on the headquarters of the union. they say it's part of an ongoing investigation. an fbi official confirmed the raid about did not elaborate on the nature of the probe. fox 11 in los angeles as the coast guard said initial reports of the southern california oil
3:24 pm
spill were not enough to send out boats to look for a leak. meanwhile a class action lawsuit is filed against an energy company involved in the spill off the coast of huntington beach. this is a live look at boston wfxt. big story playoff baseball is back. two of the biggest rifles in sports face off fenway park. first pitch is just over an hour away as the red sox host the yankees in the american league wild card game. the winner will advance to the divisional series to face the tampa bay rays. that's a look look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ this is it ♪ make no mistake where you are ♪ you're going no further ♪ until it's over and done ♪ this is it ♪ i see them bloom ♪
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media giant's dirty little secret and handing lawmakers this stark national security warning. >> we also saw active it the of the iran government doing espionage on other state actors. >> so you are saying, in essence, that the platform whether facebook knows it or not, is being utilized by some of our adversaries? >> yeah. facebook is very aware this is happening. >> former project manager also claims facebook puts profits over people, deceives investors and governments about how misinformation is being spread on it and that it's instagram app. undoubtedly harms children. >> facebook knows that they are leading young users into anorexia content. >> today facebook denied the allegations and instead pointed the finger back at congress to take action, writing: it's been 25 years since the rules for the internet have been updated. and instead of expecting the industry to make societal
3:30 pm
decisions that belong to legislators, it is time for congress to act. neither republicans or democrats like that. >> the statement made by facebook, very defensive and demeaning. >> you get congress legislating on this. all of the sudden they disclaim responsibility. >> and, like haugen, they want founder, mark zuckerberg, to own all of this. >> the buck stops with him. >> the buck stops with him. >> shannon, there is a bipartisan push to take action. republican senator thune says lawmakers must come up with some kind of legislation that not only deals with these problems like transparency but also doesn't step on rights like free freedom of speech. shannon? >> shannon: aishah hasnie on capitol hill. thanks so much, aishah. you might want to take a closer look at your medications tonight. the federal government is warning consumers that pills that appear normal could be laced with a deadly amount of fentanyl. police in atlanta say in one day
3:31 pm
alone they seized more than 9,000 such pills. correspondent david spunt has the story tonight from the justice department. >> top doj and d.e.a. officials out with a stern warning to social media companies. get tough on illegal drug sales. specifically pills laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid so potent, an amount the size of a pin tip could kill. snapchat and instagram repeat offenders. >> if we know there is drug dealing happening on their sites every single day they know that too. >> in a statement facebook owned instagram denied the charge writing we don't allow feel buy, sell or trade pharmaceutical or nonmedical drugs on facebook and instagram. snapchat responded we have an important message for drug dealers: you are not welcome on snapchat. nearly 75% of the 93,000 fatal drug overdoses in 2020 were
3:32 pm
fentanyl-related. illicit fentanyl is now found in counterfeit versions of vicodin, adderall, percocet, oxycontin and the list continues. >> it's everything that we live for is our children and our families. and they are getting torn apart in the most horrific way. >> jim rouse 37-year-old tom died of accidental fentanyl overdose in 2015. he now runs families against fentanyl a grassroots group begging the federal government to classify the drug as a weapon of mass destruction. >> the wmd designation will empower the government to interdict the material before it gets here. >> federal officials declined to comment to fox news specifically about the wmd classification but have increased sites on drug cartels in central and south america. on friday, attorney general merrick garland will be in mexico to meet with officials to discuss drugs coming across the southern border. shannon?
3:33 pm
>> shannon: can david spunt, thank you very much. stocking were up today after yesterday's losses. the dow gained 12. the s&p finished ahead fox media ceo ran the opening bell for the nasdaq. she was joined by several founding anchors and senior leaders. this is all part of the ongoing celebration of the channel's 25th anniversary. up next, a marine officer jailed after criticizing the afghanistan withdrawal. now free. >> my name is lauren green and have been with fox news channel for 25 years. voice foundation of my life it is the way i understood the world. it's the way i understood people. and so when i became a journalist, it was like i was translating from one language to another. from music to the written word. i am the only full-time religion
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: drug maker astrazeneca is asking the food and drug administration to authorize the emergency use first of its kind antibody treatment to prevent covid-19. the company says the new treatment would be the first long acting antibody combination to receive an emergency authorization. johnson & johnson says it has asked the fda to authorize a
3:39 pm
booster shot for its single dose covid-19 vaccine. an fda panel will review that request next week. and the director of the national institutes of health will step down by the end of the year. dr. francis collins has been leading the agency for 12 years. the centers for disease control and prevention has pulled its guidance for holiday gatherings. the agency says it will update the recommendations soon. and all defense department civilians will be required to take the covid vaccination by late next month that order covers 700,000 employees. the deadline is november 22nd. the pentagon had previously ordered 1.3 million active duty service members to be vaccinated it says more than 93% have received at least one dose. ♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight, a marine lieutenant colonel who was thrown in the brig after criticizing u.s. military withdrawal from afghanistan is free tonight. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story
3:40 pm
from the pentagon. >> lieutenant colonel stuart scheller the marine placed in a military bringing last week brig before pre-trial court-martial hearing has been released from cell at camp la jean, north carolina. but still faces a gag order after criticizing his chain of command for the chaotic afghanistan withdrawal. scheller was removed as infantry training battalion commander after releasing youtube videos and facebook posts criticizing the biden administration and calling for u.s. military chiefs to resign after the august 26th suicide bombing at kabul airport that killed 13 u.s. troops. >> follow me, and we will bring the whole [bleep] system down. i dare to you ask them all and find out what i'm made of. we're just getting started. >> marines issued the following statement: lieutenant colonel stuart scheller jr. is being released from confinement today, october 5th, 2021 as a result of a mutual agreement between
3:41 pm
lieutenant colonel scheller, his defense counsel and the commanding general training command. >> he served 17 years at the tip of the spear in the sand leading his men taking out people who made the ieds. he has risked his life for service people. apeople for his family's reglees told us what the charges are. >> writing on facebook lieutenant colonel scheller rejected help from president trump. quote tell your son to stop tweeting about me. your whole family knows nothing about us or our sacrifices. i could never work with you. the marine corps could charge scheller with several ucmj violations including article 88, contempt toward officials and article 90 willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer. if found guilty, he could potentially face a dishonorable discharge. shannon? >> shannon: jennifer griffin from the pentagon, thanks, jen. up next, the panel on the
3:42 pm
justice department targeting parents who want a say in running their children's schools. first, beyond our borders tonight secretary of state antony blinken meets with french president emmanuel macron in paris. it comes amid hard feelings over france's exclusion from a new security alliance between u.s.a., britain and the u.s. meanwhile special envoy john kerry tells outlet president biden had literally not been aware behalf had transpired. president biden and macron meet later this month. a volcano on the spanish island of la palma increasing explosive power. nearly 1,000 homes have been destroyed. 6,000 people have been evacuated. the lava flow reached the atlantic ocean on friday. it has extended the length of the island by the equivalent of about 42 soccer fields. russia sends a director and actor to the international space station to film segments of what will be the first movie shot in orbit. the project is called challenge. it's about a doctor who races to
3:43 pm
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3:47 pm
child's best trnkts no i would not describe domestic extremism. >> is expressing one's view harassment. >> as the attorney general's memorandum made quite clear spirited debate is welcome when and if. when any situation turns to violence, then that is the appropriate role of law enforcement to address it. >> you are attempting to intimidate them. you are attempting to silence them. you are attempting to interfere with their right as parents and, yes, with their rights as voters. this is wrong. this is dangerous. >> shannon: speak with our panel and see what they think harold ford junior former tennessee congressman and ceo of empowerment and inclusion capital. mollie hemingway editor at "the federalist" and guy benson host of the guy benson show on fox news radio. great to see all of you all. i will start with the agreement point i think we all agree anything that crosses into violence is unacceptable in many
3:48 pm
places. it's criminal and illegal but this is what we are talking about now today from the doj, the memo says threats against public servants are not only illustrate legal they run counter to our nation's core values. those who dedicate their time and energy to ensure children receive proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety. mollie, what do you make of it. >> this is amazing what the department of justice and fbi will do and what they won't do. last year we had a series of violent riots that cost $2 billion worth of damage. killed dozens of people. attacked the white house, federal courthouses, police precincts, hundreds of american businesses. and the department of justice and fbi were basically nowhere to be found. you mentioned earlier tonight about how little they did with the gymnast, coach had you credible reports of him raping people and fbi was nowhere to be found. yet, here, when parents very reasonably are concerned about all sorts of things happening in their school whether it's
3:49 pm
teaching their students, teaching their own children to hate other people, based on their race or to think that they're victims who can never succeed because of their race, or that the country is systematically race nist a way that is irredeemable, of course parents are going to want to weigh in on that. and to intimidate them and to declare war on american parents particularly when the fbi and doj have been nowhere to be found on issues where they actually were needed is just unconscionable. a politicization of our doj that is not tenable. >> shannon: so i want to play a little bit from a board meeting. one of these school board meetings that we keep hearing so much about and a little bit more of the debate on this issue. [shouting] [chanting no more masks. [. >> going to adjourn this meeting. >> there is no place for physical violence anywhere for anyone. no place for parents speaking their mind and caring about their kids' education and their futures. >> justice should not be used to attack a group of people
3:50 pm
expressing their opinions at school board meetings. that's political speech that needs to be protected. >> shannon: it's gotten heated, harold, it worry this may chill or attempt to chill some parents' speech. >> first, thanks for having me on. i hope it doesn't chill anyone from sharing their views. we should all remember that most school boards across the country are elected there are some that are controlled by city government or the mayors of the county executives in those areas. but i think the instances we are talking about here are elected members of the school board. we, as voters, have every right to vote them out of office. that's the ultimate powerful expression of whether we agree with or disagree with. i think we have now gotten to a very delicate balance here. i would side with mollie on a lot of what she said and disagree with some. whenever you threaten someone, who is in public office, whenever you try to exact violence on someone to impose your political view, whether it's a view i agree with or
3:51 pm
disagree with, that's wrong. and i think where the justice department is trying to achieve, trying to achieve here is to say that the violence and the threats are wrong. all of the dissent, all of the debate, we should welcome that. whatever side of the wall you fall on on any of these issues that are being debated. i don't think any person, be they conservative or liberal, be they democrat or republican, if they are an elected official, the way you really act against an elected official is to vote that person out of office. not to threaten them with violence or threaten their family with retribution. >> shannon: meantime, guy, are a lot of folks will point to local ordinances, state laws that do ban and prohibit threats and violence already. they are on the peculiars. >> yeah, there is no place for violence. there is no place for threats. there's no place for going to someone's private home or their family's home, for example. there's no place for hounding or chasing someone into a bathroom while filming them to pick another example at complete random there are certain bright
3:52 pm
lines in our politics that should not be crossed. if they're crossed, especially on the criminal side, i have no problem with law enforcement getting involved, particularly at the local level. i don't understand why the federal government and the the department of justice and the fbi needs to be involved in this potential problem at all. i feel like if there are people issuing threats or engage in violence that is something for law enforcement to deal with. of course, it's totally unacceptable and serious. but i worry about with the feds getting involved and the attorney general from this administration sort of wading into this is that this is an attempt to delegitimize the legitimate complaints that many parents have with school boards, with teachers unions and others and to say well, because there might be some threat and some violence elsewhere, now this is a federal law enforcement matter so you better, you know, contain yourself, restrain yourself. maybe think twice about showing up and making your voice heard at a school board meeting, for
3:53 pm
example. i think that that is significant overreach. >> shannon: i want to touch on the facebook whistleblower today as well. play a little bit of the clips from her today and get a quick comment from each of you. >> facebook's products harm children, sow division and weaken democracy. the company's leadership knows thousand make instagram and safer won't make the changes but astronomical profits before people. people bullied on instagram it follows them home. the last time they see at night someone being cruel to. they facebook is stuck in a feedback loop they can't get out of. they have been hiding this information because they feel trapped. they need to admit they did something wrong and they need to help solving these problem. that's what moral bankruptcy is. >> shannon: work our way back, guy, are harold and mollie. >> facebook has some real serious questions to answer. oversight and accountability are both appropriate ends here. however, do i have some
3:54 pm
questions about how much of this might be politically motivated and when we start wading to the misinformation wars, that's where i get a little bit nervous. >> shannon: harold? >> this whistleblower her testimony was plain-spoken, stunningly compelling, and, frankly, it puts facebook on its edges. and the other thing that facebook has to worry about, this is bipartisan. that entire committee, republican and democrat alike, all side not only oversight but new regulations. >> there is every reason to be suspicious about this. this is democratic information operation being run by a democratic p.r. firm. we already know that tech companies have been colluding with the democratic party to suppress conservative speech and that's what's happening here and people need to be on guard about what they're being asked to do in response to this alleged whistleblower. >> shannon: thank you, panel. when we come back, we will get your headlines for tomorrow. ♪ ♪ (video game vehicle noises, engines revving,)
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dr. >> shannon: finally tonight a look at headlines dick it off with harold. >> bubba wallace the second african-american win national cup series race in a car owned by michael jordan and denny hamlin. congrats on nascar and him. >> shannon: all right, guy? >> shannon my headline is senate republicans hold firm on debt ceiling vote as promised and democrats moll next steps. >> shannon: mollie? >> yes, after calling for the cancellation of christmas again. somehow anthony fauci still has his job. >> shannon: well, and hopefully we all still have christmas. panel, thank you very much. great to see you don't. tomorrow on "special report" part 2 of bret's interview with former border patrol chief rodney scott we have more information on that and plus a
4:00 pm
little bit of news coming from president biden as saying that possibly there could be a one-time change to senate rules to prevent a filibuster of legislation to suspend the debt limit saying that moments ago. we will have more that news on fox news tonight. "fox news primetime" hosted by ben domenech starts right now. >> ben: thank you, shannon. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> ben: of all the things that unites americans nothing compares to sports. sports are how we mark the changing of the seasons. sports draw us to the sounds of rubber on the court in spring, the greenest fields you have ever seen in the summer. the crisp fall days of crisp college chants cold snow days of winter where you can't feel your toes but you won't sit down. a connection to the past and the future. generations of fans from all background all walks of life who
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