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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 5, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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helping folks -- helping them get through community college or a historically black colleges in order to get a shot so they can live, they can eat while they're going to school. reel invest in historic black colleges and universities which are a central asset to help support that people have a shot at good paying jobs. look, this bill also invests in our work force by providing so much needed breathing room for working families. after all, how can we compete in the world if millions of american parents, especially moms, can't join the work force because they can't afford the cost of child care, elder care? they have to stay home. for example, here in michigan, the average two-parent family spends $10,400 for one child
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each year. 30 years ago, the united states ranked sixth among advanced economies in the share of women in the work force. you know where we are today? 23. 22 countries have a higher percentage of the women in the work force making competitive wages than the united states. while competitors are investing in care economy, we're standing still. millions are feeling the squeeze. having a hard time doing a job, earn ago paycheck while taking care of the children or aging parents. at the same time. my build back better plan will change that. cut the cost of child care for most michigan families by more than half will extend historic middle class tax cuts. to the child care tax credit, which we passed in i children rescue plan. if you don't know, doctor, lawyer said whatever child care
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tack credit, they're not sure what that means. that means is if you're making a dee september salary and you had two kids or three kids or four under the age of 18, you get to deduct $2,000 for each child off of your bottom line in your taxes. guess what? if you're making $15 an hour, you don't have any taxes to pay like that. so you get zero. no help. my friends have no problem giving billionaires and millionaires gigantic tax breaks, this is a tax cut. what it does is, now that it's in place and people in your state are understanding it now, instead of it provides -- up the ante how much you could get for a child under 7, you get $3,600 tax cut yearly. and you get $3,000 for a child under 16. guess what we did?
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that means we're doing it on a monthly basis now. you get $30 a month or $20 a month just like a social security check at home. it's cut child poverty by 40%. that money is a life changer for so many working families. in michigan, it's 44% cut in child poverty. we need to keep it going. my plan will put americans to work building safe and affordable housing. to help ease the cost of housing and generating more jobs. most of the major metropolitan families can't afford housing. it helps to meet the moment on climate change as well. we're setting the worse for america to achieve 50 to 52% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. reach net zero emissions by 2050. this bill helps us get there. in a way that creates good jobs,
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makes us global leaders. like battery power, solar, wind power. when we give working family as break, we're not just raising the quality of life, we're putting parents in a position to earn a paycheck and position our country to compete in the world. that's what these bills are all about. if you want proof, come to this training facility. this is where hard working folks come to learn how to operate road graders and so much more. where workers use virtual reality to operate a crane and how to deal with drones to look under bridges and so on. young people in michigan show up and emerge as expert technicians, engineers, heavy equipment operators. leave her with a shot at something great, a union job with good wages and benefits that allow them to maintain their dignity and their pride.
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it's a ticket to the middle class. this is where the economy starts, with you. your skills, your dreams. your limitless potential. the only thing we've been missing is the will from washington to finally build an economy around you. the economy that gives you and your family a fighting chance to get ahead. a fighting chance to compete with the rest of the world. we can't get here thinking small. we have to think big. let me be clear. we need to prepare for ten years down the line. that's what these bills do. both of these bills spend out over ten years. not in the first year. so if you take infrastructure bill, folks, it's described as a 1.2 trillion bill. what that means is, of all those investments in roads, internet, water, everything else, all of it would be less than 1/2 of 1% of our economy each year and
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paid for. they don't increase the debt. they're paid for. by asking the very wealthy to begin to pay their fair share. as a matter of fact, significant parse of this plan cuts taxes for working people. the best of all, the cost of these terms of adding to the deficit is zero. zero. zero. i made a commitment when i wrote these when i was running, no one making under $400,000 will see a penny in their taxes go up. that's why in the infrastructure bill there's no gas tax increase. because people making under $400 would have to pay more. it's simple. you're working here at this facility, you're spouses is a teacher or firefighter, there's no reason why combined why millionaires and billionaires in this country should be paying at a lower tax rate than you do. again, now a lower tax rate.
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police officers, teachers, union crane operator and a nurse pay at a higher tax rate, a higher tax rate than significant portion of the major corporations in america and the super wealthy. look, it's not right. is it right that 55 of the largest corporations in this country -- and i come from the corporate capitol of the world. more corporations are incorporated in the state of delaware than any other state combined. i don't know how much those fine fine company -- they made over $40 billion and paid zero in federal income tax. since the pandemic began, the number of billionaires -- i forget the number there are in america -- have seen their wealth go up collectively by 1
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trillion dollars. one trillion dollars. is it fair? it needs to change. working folks understand that. that's why despite the attacks on misinformation, my plan has overwhelming support in thele po -- polling data from the american people. ina capitalist. you should go out and make a million dollars or a billion. fair your fair share. join the crowd, man. they know this is about dignity and respect. it's about changing the paradigm so the economy works for you, not just those at the very top. it's about building the economy up from the bottom up. that's what i've done. that's why i ran for president. as i said, ina capitalist. i think you should make a lot of money in america. just pay your fair share.
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pay your fair share. i took this agenda to the country. they said it was time to build an economy that looks out from scranton, pennsylvania where i grew up as a kid instead of looking down from wall street. an economy that looks out from howell, michigan and towns like that all over america. that brings people from every raise, background, religion into the game. that's why 81 million americans voted for me. the largest number of votes in american history. clear majority when they supported me. look, it's time to deliver. let me close with this. the world is watching. not a joke. autocrats believe that democracies can't generate
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consensus quickly enough to get things done. they think democracy is not a joke. my meetings with putin, my meetings with jinping, they believe we can't compete. things are moving so fast, democracies take so much time that they're so divided that they can't get together in time to act. they believe they'll win and dictate their way forward. they're betting that we won't respond to this inflection point in history, fail to rise to the occasion. you heard me say, it's never ever been a good bet to bet against the american people, never. look, just look back a little ways. after world war ii, the united states did what we're trying to do now. invested in the american people
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to lead the world. at the time presidents and americans of all political views step up. racial discrimination was a fact of life. we saw the clan marching here in howell generations ago and in recent years. it's a never-ending battle. but think about what also unfolded in this critical -- these critical decades. great protest movement. some of the nation was promised of equity. the g.i. bill sent millions of veterans to college. the federal government helped make homeownership possible because it's the vehicle by which people can generate wealth. most of us have come from lower and middle class background. that's how our parents generated any wealth. the investments in our home. for those that could only dream of having a house to call their own. we invest in interstate highway system, propelling our economy into the future.
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invested in the space race. spent huge strides in technology. invested in something called darpa that helped create the internet. folks, we need to step up again. the challenge of the day is one of economic competition. let's learn from that history. not because it was perfect but americans did what we must do now. invest in ourselves to show the world that america democracy works. give it a chance. there's nothing, not a single thing we can't achieve when we do it together. i know we can do this. i'm positive we can. i've never been more optimistic about this country than i am right now. we're going to restore faith, pride and dignity, to the future of this country. we're going to pass both of these bills and deliver for working families.
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thank you, may god bless you and god protect our troops. let's get this done. thank you. >> neil: all right. monitoring the president of the united states. he packed a lot in there promoting the bipartisan plan and the pricier social spend being -- spending plan. they're all expensive plans if you add them up. north of $5 trillion. some say more. the president says they're not going to add zero to the deficit. that would be the first time in american history that it's been fully paid for and not added a penny to the deficit. he's basing it on tax hikes he said that will certainly cover the build back better plan. we crunched the numbers here. found out that if it's at $3.5
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trillion in spending, leaves $1.5 trillion gap. the president likes to argue this spread out over ten years triggers economic growth that pays it out. it would be a first for any federal program to do that. the battle back and forth on this as to whether they can come up with a more presentable or certainly acceptable figure to moderates from the 3.5 trillion number we're hearing right now and a guy they have to con convenience is my next guest, emanuel clever from missouri, house committee on finance services member. congressman, he says this is fully paid for. we don't even know what is in it yet to judge whether it's paid or not. furthermore, if it's $3.5 trillion figure, the build back better plan, not the bipartisan infrastructure plan, he's wrong.
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isn't he? >> there's a number of things we can do. we can reduce the number of years. i think that has not -- as far as i know that's not been placed on the table. but you know, i think that it's going to be difficult for us to put an exact number on it until -- this is what the president has been trying to get people to think about doing. yo know, decide what we want in the bill. you know, there's no question. let me be clear. i don't know of anybody that believes that water going to get a 3.5 trillion deal. maybe i shouldn't have done that, but it's a fact. >> neil: regardless of what the final shape will be, you can help me out here, i'm a resident nerd here at fox. i follow numbers. i tried it a variety of ways to say not adding a penny to the
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deficit, it would be a first. so what makes him say that? >> well, because he is convinced that raising the taxes on those that earn over $400,000 will take care of that debt. >> neil: but it won't, right? even if you -- let's say the 3.5 trillion package, it's about half of what they need to make that. maybe to your point, they lower the cost of that, they phase out some of these programs hand benefits in time. but as things stand now, that is not happening. phasing out those programs doesn't mean they're still not on the books years from now because it would be very hard to remove, right? >> well, yeah. you know, to be honest, when we start those kinds of programs, congress is always going to be very reluctant to change them because the public is doing to want them. there are some things that are
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going to have to be cut to your point about doesn't add up. there's going to be necessarily parts in there build back better that have to be cut. we can start reducing the years from ten to whatever to make it work. the president made it clear -- >> neil: that wouldn't make it work, right? if you were astute enough to say it's hard for any member of congress to remove a popular program to make a three-year program a four-year program, doesn't mean that that program isn't going to be on the books for many years to come, right? >> that is true. but in terms of this congress, i think the intentionality is that it would be a ten-year deal or something shorter. >> neil: the progressives don't want to go that far. as you know, congressman, they said yeah, we'll cut a little. we're not going to the degree
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that moderates want. >> where are you? the appearance here seems to be the president lines himself more with the progressives than the moderates maybe like yourself. >> i think he's aligning himself with getting the bill through, understanding the compromise is required for democracy. without compromise, there's no democracy. there will be compromise in this bill. so you know, if we can talk about it now as it is because that's the way it is. but the truth of the matter is, at some point in the very near future, it's going to be different. i think when you see the final numbers, when this comes up -- i think it's going to reach the floor both the house and the senate, the numbers are going to be a little more realistically fulfilling the president's statement about no increase in taxes.
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>> neil: we'll see. that takes a leap here. we'll have to look at the money going out and the money going in. maybe they settle that. thank you, sir, for joining us, fair and balanced now. john barrasso, the senate republican from wyoming. senator, just a quick take on the president saying it won't add a penny to the deficit. do you agree? >> it will add to the debt, it will add to the deficit. we're going to see higher taxes by trillions. it will hit everybody. you'll see a higher debt -- >> neil: he says it won't. you don't believe him? >> no at all. everybody is paying higher praises to everything compared to when joe biden came into office. he made a big pitch about not adding to gas taxes. the people in wyoming go to fill up their tank, they're paying $205 or $30 more important tank phil than when he came into office.
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when they go to the grocery store, they're paying $25 to $30 more to fill their grocery cart. that's where people feel the pain of this administration and the inflation and it's only going to get worse. >> neil: so the idea that people will pay higher taxes, they're paying it in inflation. higher prices for goods. that's where you're coming from, right? >> when you have 40 different taxes in this legislation, everyone will be paying. neil, the thing i'm getting the most letters and calls more than all of my years in senate, this idea of super sizing the irs in this bill. $80 billion to hire an army of irs agents. janel yellen has been very clear. they want to spy on your checking account, want to look at any check you write or deposit. it's over $600. the only reason they want to do that is to squeeze more tax money out of american taxpayers. we're not talking ant people making over $400,000. they're looking at the men and
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women in wyoming going to work every day and want to use that money to pay for this big government socialist agenda. >> neil: you're referring to this irs provision that would police transactions as low as $600. if i can switch gears and get your take on the debt ceiling quagmire. janet yellen said unless this is resolved and soon, we're looking at a recession and maybe a bad one. do you agree with that? >> well, we're not going to fail to raise the debt ceiling. the democrats need to do it. they want a blank check. they want to pay for previous spending, they want to add lots more spending all the way through the next election into december of 2022. >> so you don't want anything to do with that. if it was a choice between them doing the wrong thing and the bigger right thing to just get the debt ceiling raised to avoid
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a default, where would you be on that? >> the debt ceiling would be raised. i saw janel yellen. this could go into november. the democrats have the votes in the house, have votes in the senates and the white house. when george w. bush was in office, joe biden, chuck schumer, all of that group including dick durbin voted multiple times to not raise the debt ceiling. look at the constitution. look at what it says about the power of congress. to basically put the position of the country in to debt. this is a time for accountability. this is the time where the rubber meets the road. >> neil: understood. so it's on them. they have to solve it. we'll watch it closely. >> we're not going to rubber stamp their reckless spending. >> neil: got it. other time developments in washington today incluing
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whistle-blower detailing the problems at facebook and they lied saying they misrepresented what they would do. the fallout after this. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. >> we like startups. like fox news. >> and fox business. >> and fox business, indeed. which fox news is one of our most valuable assets in news corporation and we started there when everybody thought i was nuts. >> neil: this is how far we have come. a big debut today as we recognized our 25th anniversary as a network. i'm proud to be a part of that.
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some of the originals here, all to celebrate what has been a remarkable story that defied the odds. i'm very proud to be a part of it all. the fact of the matter is, the brock dop for fox remains to be the backdrop of news. i'd plate out on capitol hill again. i'm not talking about the debt argument. i'm talking about facebook and the whistle-blower who had some startling things to say about how the company operates and maybe even lies. aishah hasnie with more. aishah? >> hi, neil. good afternoon. lawmakers on the hill, specifically the senators, no longer trust facebook and they want to see mark zuckerberg here on capitol hill to testify next.
1:29 pm
facebook whistle-blower frances haugen says the company is morally bankrupt and that it consistencely chose profits over the public good, deceived the public, investors and even governments about how the site is spreading misinformation and stoking division and how algorithms are leading children to anorexia. and haugen says adversarial nations can conduct propaganda. they called on congress, pointing the finger to lawmakers and calling on them to create standards for the internet as a whole. both republicans and democrats did not like that. >> mark zuckerberg should come forth voluntarily.
1:30 pm
he needs to testify in response. the statement made by facebook, very defensive and demeaning. mark zuckerberg is the one to answer in the committee before us. >> neil, the question now is what happens next? now that we'ved that this bomb shell testimony. what will congress actually do about it? there's a bipartisan push to take action, a lot of lawmakers are coming forward to tuque ago builts to push to increase security and transparency over the internet. senator thune said lawmakers need to reform section 230. also engineer legislation that will fix the problem but not overstep when it comes to rights like freedom of speech online. so it's tricky. they want to get something done. >> good luck with that. thanks, aishah.
1:31 pm
lisa gasher, cyber security expert. seems like regulation is inevitable. we're not clear what kind. what do you think? >> facebook is having a terrible weekend. only tuesday and i think the legislation is one of the most frustrationing pieces for cyber security advocates. and now they're so grateful for this whistle-blower coming forward. one of the most in depth hearings on social media to date. the frustrating piece about the legislation is, we've seen dozens of bills proposed by states about censorship issues and traying to shine a spotlight on the transparency concerns that they have with facebook and instagram and whats app holdings. questions about section 230, privacy on be line in general. like the antitrust cases continue to linger for years. >> neil: if a ceo misrepresented
1:32 pm
or didn't make good on a promise that he would address issues like this that came up in prior testimony on the hill, did he perjure himself? >> he could certainly answer to charges of perjury. that is part of why the win has gone to the sec. she filed approximately eight complaints. there's issues of whether he's been truthful, whether the company misrepresented themselves in how it affects children, sex trafficking and there's inherently a problem with how it operates. the government needs to step in, have private entities step in to protect the hub. >> neil: all right. we'll watch what happens. thanks, lisa. you've been hearing about the trillions we're in debt and adding to the debt and joe biden says we're not adding to the debt. so they have come up -- the only thing i can liken it to is an austin powers solution or doctor
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evil solution. a trillion dollar coin. this is no joke. after this. [uplifting music playing] ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪ ♪ darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful.
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>> neil: well, here's one way to raise the debt limit. how about a trillion dollar coin? you need quite a few of them. peter doocy, what's going on here? i heard this kicked around a lot. what is this about? >> the theory, neil -- this is from some folks that used to work at the mint. in a pinch, if the united states needed a million dollars to avoid a default, the people at the mint could make a new plaster mold that says united states of america, one trillion dollar, pour platinum in, take it to the treasury and pay your bills. the treasury secretary hates this idea. >> i'm opposed to do it.
1:38 pm
tonight think we should consider it seriously. it's a gimmick. congress needs to show that the world can count on american paying its debts. >> she's opposed to it but she's talking about it. she's warning how quickly the economy would crater if the u.s. defaults on debt payments. the white house says this is something that they briefly looked at but they are not willing to do right now. >> well, i think as was reported, we looked at a range of options. none of those options were viral because they wouldn't be accepted by the federal reserve, the guidance of our treasury secretary or just by legal restrictions. so we know that the only path forward is through congress acting. >> there's a story in axios that says that they could make this trillion dollar coin at the mint in westpoint and take it on a
1:39 pm
shorts helicopter ride to the federal reserve in new york. that introduces all kinds of new concerns or thoughts about security. neil? >> yeah, whoever has that coin has a lot of money. peter, i heard of crazy things that tops it. peter doocy on all of that. out of the blue, we had a big surprise announcement when francis collins from the nih said he was stepping down. caught a lot of people off gourd. we thought we would ask him about it next. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort.
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>> my name is greg gutfeld. i've been here 13 years. when i think of the fox audience, i think of people like me. i believe that they know me and i know them. with shows that start with me with revulsion. >> what are graduator boots? >> number 2, it's confusion like wait a minute, i almost agreed
1:44 pm
with that. number 3, it's like allegiance. it's like okay, i get it. also, i cannot stress enough the freedom i have. we are allowed to explore whatever we want and do the best we can. i would like to say to the audience, thank you for keeping me employed. this is the only time in my life where maybe i might not get fired for a longer period of time than before. i appreciate it. >> neil: that is one very funny and very nice man. i think you could say certainly the latter part about dr. francis collins. he's the head of the national institutes of health and for the better part of a dozen years under three different presidents, he's been serving just at. he said you know what the? i'm done now. caught the world off guard. he kicked off the notion of
1:45 pm
stepping down. the timing surprised people. dr. collins kind enough to join us. why now? >> well, neil, you know, you don't want to go out when everybody says oh, my god, thank got the guy is finally leaving. a better idea to to out when people say why now, it's too soon? there's a better reason. 12 years is a long time. no other nih director has stayed even close to that. it's time for new leadership, new vision. institutions need that especially scientific institutions. nih is in a good place. of the 27 institutes that have leaders, i recruited 27 of them so they're good. covid-19 is a huge challenge and we would lose momentum if i stepped away by the end of the year. we're okay. we're doing what we need to.
1:46 pm
so seems like it's time for me to step atway, get back into my research lab and focus on interesting projects and figure out what i want to do when i grow up. >> neil: i've been here at fox for 25 years. i don't know if you're trying to telegraph messages to me. did you bounce this off of dr. fauci? people don't realize that you're dr. fauci's boss. what did he tell you when you shared this news? >> le tried to talk me out of it. yeah, he and i have worked closely together now over many years. he's been there longer than i have. i've been there a long time. i think we've been good scientific partners. he got it and understand that there's a time for this sort of decision to get made and this is a reasonable one. it gives the president a chance to identify a new nih director, a presidential appointment, would have to be confirmed by the senate. that takes awhile. you don't want to wait too late
1:47 pm
in a term before you figure out what to do here. find the best scientist you can to be my successor. >> neil: doctor, did the timing have anything to do with this about what you knew, when you knew it and the source of the coronavirus, the wuhan lab and whether deliberately or inadvertently your funding helped provide that? >> so no, it didn't, neil. i'm glad you're asking. people are lacking for a cause and effect here. it had nothing to do with any decision. i also want to say while this is an important issue, that we need to understand what happened, how did this virus get started in china. our funding of that research and the wuhan institute of vialology was a million miles away to draw
1:48 pm
the connection is not supportable but the data. i wish people would look more closely at that and recognize that is not an area that will give us an answer to how sars cov 2 got started. >> you think it's possible it got started there and in a lab there. >> you know, i think most likely this was a natural origin starting in a bat, maybe traveling through an intermediate host. i can't rule out the possibility that secretly the wuhan institute got that virus and was studying it and had a lab accident and got loose. i have no evidence at all to support that. but i can't exclude it. i wish the chinese would come clean and reveal their lab records and hospital records of people that got sick in november 2019. put it in a place where we had information. they don't seem willing to do that. >> neil: you would support -- originally, doctor, president biden's mandates for federal
1:49 pm
workers to get vaccinated has spread and you know to working with osha, police, regular companies that have 100 or more workers do the same. do you think this is going too far, the mandate issue or are you okay with it if it leads to more vaccinations and fewer covid cases? >> i'm okay with it if it will save lives. neil, we lost 600,000 people to this disease and 10,000 department need to die if we got vaccines acceptable by people. i'm sorry it has to go to this direction in becoming more heavy handed but we want to lose another 100,000 lives that didn't have to be lost? this is the the moments to do that. people rejecting vaccination, it's not just about themselves. it's about okay, who else will you infect when you get sick? this is a community
1:50 pm
responsibility. freedom is not just about rights. it's also about responsibilities. if we want to end this pandemic, we all have to be willing to do our part. >> you worked under three presidents. who was your favorite? >> oh, i don't like to play favorites, especially on a television news program. they were all people of remarkable interesting character and i got to know all three of them pretty well. they were totally different. so i'm going to dodge your question, neil. >> neil: you're very artfully doing that and a man of faith who has to reconcile with science. you walk that line. you think the science only takes over from here? >> i think science and faith go hand and hand. i tonight really want to see a future where one has to win and the other has to lose. they're complementary. there's different ways of looking for truths. science is pretty good answers
1:51 pm
questions about how things work. you need faith to answer questions about why. >> neil: well-put, dr. collins. you'll still be working. enjoy your retirement. i wish you well. i have 25 years here. dr. francis collins ahead of the national institutes of health. thanks. politics play as part in every decision. i'm not saying the doctor's here but it's heated. one thing that i discovered over 25 years i've been here, this wonderful network, it's how often just politics dominates all the stories. take a look. take a robert rubin, the treasury secretary of the united states, joins us from washington. >> they ran ads for the down
1:52 pm
cuts. it's just false! they say they are not. they say they are not, and they may not be if they have a big enough big enough across-the-board cuts, but until then, they were. >> our heroes will now open the marketplace. [cheers and applause] >> even in the face of uncertainty, a multiyear campaign, as the white house has this to become about the markets still advance. what do you think of that? >> as you know very well, the market is a great barometer of what is to come. >> afghanistan is looking to pass out -- it's looking for $45 billion. how doable is that? how much would the u.s. pay? >> we are all going to have to contribute to afghanistan's not even reconstruction, construction and the first instance.
1:53 pm
this is a broken country. >> do you feel there's enough blame to go around, that there were mistakes made in this administration, and other ministrations, but these commission hearings are effectively a moot point? >> i think they are in point for us to have a hearing. i was the first person to introduce the idea of the 9/11 commission. >> any time there is an allegation of abuse, we investigate. that is what transparent societies do. we have got eric press corps that is constantly asking tough questions about prisoner treatment, for example. you just ask one. that's when an open society does. they answer the questions. >> president carter has said "shut it down." joe biden has said shut it down. do you think it should be shut down? >> we are explain all alternatives as to how to best do the main objective, which is to protect america. >> the stakes are high in iraq on a rock that is peaceful and begins to move towards
1:54 pm
democracy, it's going to be a pillar of a different middle east. >> you see that as a short-term possibility, or totally out of the question? >> a democratic iraq? no. i think a peaceful iraq is in their future. they are going through the most terrible violence at this point in time. >> barack obama and john mccain each morning to be the next president of the united states in a race where they are touchy about race as an issue, feminism as an issue. what do you make of age? >> i am outraged. [laughter] it should never be mentioned. i have to show my party and my campaign not only my vision, but my vigor. >> president-elect barack obama. [cheers and applause] >> we are in the middle of a major party here for the 44th president of the united states!
1:55 pm
>> a lot of emergency measures, for whatever reason, and now, you are waking up and discovering religion. >> i tell you what we did. we stopped the hemorrhaging. >> we still have a 10% unemployment rate. >> according to some republicans -- >> on pluto, i might be thin, but the reality is i get to deal with life on earth. >> you will not see your taxes increase one single time. >> george bush senior moment? >> everybody knows that taxes are going to go out for everyone. he may have a higher percentage for those over $250,000 for taxes are not going to go up. >> things just getting started here. >> at the big dust, neil cavuto. >> no offense, but you did not answer my question. >> how to go? ready for tonight?
1:56 pm
how long will it take? >> you can see there the bonding and the respect congressman has for me. >> i believe the right course for america is one where government steps in to help those in need. we are compassionate feet people, but then we let people build their own lives, create enterprises. we believe in free enterprise, not redistribution. >> it -- people where i am. >> i think the republican party is big enough for there to be a vibrant debate on these issues. we need to be not just the opposition to barack obama and the left, but the alternative. >> welcome to the sixth republican presidential debate of the 2015 campaign here on the fox business network. >> you came back with a surgical strike. it was the first time i have seen you with a little bit of anger. >> maybe i will get better.
1:57 pm
>> with those electoral votes, we now have our next president. >> donald trump is the 45th president of the united states. >> the shutdown reflects that the democrats are more engaged in campaigning and politics than in governing. >> you guys aren't? >> almost every republican in to voted to extend funding for the government. >> there are many in your party salivating at the prospects in the midterms, talking about a blue wave. many of them are mentioning the letter i word, impeachment, as they get control of the house. what do you think about it? >> i do not talk about impeachment. i think that's wrong for the democrats to do. >> it's understandable. political leaders do not want war is, generally, they want peace, prosperity. >> you want an answer to those
1:58 pm
political leaders. >> military leaders bring grim realities to those discussions. we have to play the ball where it lies. >> bernie keep saying "medicare for all." we can't pay for medicare for some. they're going to go broke. these are people who have paid into it and earned it. >> it does not make sense at all. >> what if you were the nominee for president versus donald trump, who would you vote for? >> [laughs] it would not be burning. >> for me, the super bowl is where i'm coming from today in des moines, iowa. what's unique about new hampshire, most of the voters were passionate about voting, they are young. it's not about the virus. it's not knowing what is next for this virus. it is spreading so fast, from just trying to wear it all started, to some 40 countries today. >> this is the public health issue, and we are all working together against a very common
1:59 pm
enemy, and that is the virus. >> from a military perspective, our focus is on completing the drawdown. >> if the country is overrun by the taliban, what will that say about our 20 years there? >> i don't think we want to get into speculating in hypotheticals. >> our 20 year -- in afghanistan is over. welcome, i'm neil covino, and this is your world. it's been an amazing ride. so many developments. between fox news and fox business, i think i've had the best of both worlds. some of you get tired of hearing it, but i often say i'm not about the red or blue. i am about the green. i follow the money. i'm pretty good at following the numbers when they make sense, when they don't make sense, but for the last quarter-century, you allowed me into your homes. that is an honor. i can never forget it.
2:00 pm
we are going to keep at it. because, unlike dr. collins to set up to 12 years "that's it," no offense to him, i'm not at that point. others, including some of you, might regret that, but i will put them doing, and the honor of doing it for you. we all do at fox. that's why the 25 years, and who come are so special. good night. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters along with emily compagno, jessica tarlov, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden taking socialism sales pitch on the road, as far left agitators continued to harass moderates who dared defy his agenda. the president in michigan today trying to convince americans to support his spending plan, even while his own party isn't even fully on board.


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