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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 5, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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stuart: yes i would. not absolutely sure. don't press me too hard. todd: there is my gift. hook you and mealy up. call bezos as soon as we get off the guest. and i guess i have to could five hours of tv because you will both be in space. todd: with that "fox & friends" starts right now. jillian: bye. >> senator kristen cinema confronted by activists again this time reagan international airport. >> do you think. >> desperate. that's what you are seeing. >> texas state troopers discovering migrants on the run zeenchts terrorist threats. they are real. they exist. and they want to come across that border. >> dr. phoney anthony fauci backtrack after saying it's too soon for americans to gather for christmas. >> was that misinterpreted. i will be spending christmas with my family. >> attorney general merrick
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garland ordered the fbi to investigate the supposed rise in threats against school board officials they want to silence us. we can't let them win at that. >> back in the end zone and it's caught for the touchdown. jared cook. ♪ steve: live from nashville, tennessee where it's a little after 5:00 a.m. good morning, folks. a rainy day here. coming up this however and throughout the program temin tanna, today is the second annual tim montana clay shoot to raise money for military. ainsley: also today the president is heading over to michigan that swing state they need that to keep the white house or to keep the majority in the senate and the house during
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midterm elections. he is heading there to try to convince those voters that his plan is great. says they will benefit from infrastructure. and they will benefit from this reconciliation package. is he down in the polls. he can't get the bipartisan infrastructure bill or reconciliation package through congress. and is he trying to navigate this battle between the centrists and the democratic party and the liberals. brian: i totally disagree with everything you just said. only kidding. what i find amazing is that we are now in a situation where the it president says i have got to go bat for infrastructure plan that i wanted to pass by memorial day. oops, that didn't happen. that was going to be done by september 27th, thanks to the speaker. oh, that didn't happen. 29th. october 1st. that didn't happen. i have an idea, let me sell it, to, what your own party. you are not even talking to the other party. mr. president you had a win. a bipartisan infrastructure deal that republicans, while they were upset 19 voted for it you had about 25, at least, republicans voted for it in the house. why not take that opportunity, bring the country together.
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ainsley: that's great point. brian: pass something to go and then go back and try to do your agenda. ainsley: at least you could say i got something. i got infrastructure. brian: you could say i am the guy that brought everybody together. steve: instead they're at loggerheads in washington, d.c. the president was absolutely desperate in trying to -- he was essentially yelling at the republicans. hey, you got to help me here. brian be brian so angry. steve: come on, you got to help me. funny thing is he voted against raising the debt ceiling a number of times. we will play that here is the president yesterday telling the telling therepublicans to get tf the way. >> not only are the republicans refusing to do their job. they are threatening to use the power, their power to prevent us from doing our job. saving the economy from a catastrophic event. i think quite frankly it's hypocritical, dangerous, and disgraceful. their obstruction and
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irresponsibility absolutely knows no bounds, excuse me. especially as we are clawing our way out of this pandemic. democrats will meet our responsibility. and object games to this country. steve: you know, he makes it sound like it's your responsibility to be a good patriot and raise the debt ceiling. keep in mind. the republicans do not want to give the democrats all the men that he want to spend -- spend palooza as has been said a number of times. when he was a senator in 1984, 2003, 2004, and 2006. joe biden voted not to raise the debt ceiling. apparently he forgot. we are going to jog his memory. watch this. >> first he said, my vote against the debt limit increase cannot change the fact that we have incurred this debt already and will no doubt incur more. it's a statement that i refuse to be associated with the policies that brought us to this point. ainsley: the irony here is when
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republicans had control of the senate and the house, he was not in favor of doing what they wanted to do and that was raise the debt ceiling. steve: he was minority party. ainsley: now is he begging republicans to vote for the debt ceiling continue to crease it but mitch mcconnell made a good point this son them. they have the votes or they should have the votes. they have the number of people that can pass this on the democratic side. this is on them. brian: right. reconciliation is the way you are trying to jam this build back better plan or whatever you are trying to do the social engineering of the socialist agenda plan. enough to you forgot how to do it when it comes to a simple majority which you could raise the debt ceiling on your own. and for the most part mitch mcconnell pretti' consistent. don't ask us to. i think joe biden was counting on us not to do the conversion from vhs over to digital. too bad we remembered so you did your best joe biden imitation. take that.
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ainsley: mcconnell said your view then is our view now. brian: he said it his own special way. go ahead, you wanted to say something? steve: i was going to say the democrats can do this with the number of people they have got in the u.s. that the right now. because you just 50 for reconciliation and raise the debt ceiling. they know politically next year the republican also be able to say you know what in the democrats raised your taxes and raised all that gazillion dollars in debt and they're really not the party of fiscal responsibility so they don't want that. however, when it comes to move back to the senate, they need every democratic senator to vote with them. but there, too sinema and march hun are outliers for them currently that's why suddenly we're seeing so much pressure by these activists by joe manchin they surrounded his house goat and kyrsten sinema to get tore
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who say i was am with everybody else in the party. ainsley: approached by a very aggressive protester. the video to the left is her. she is definitely walking through reagan airport. looks like she might be going to get on a plane because she was approached on the plane-she was approached on the plane by somebody else. we will show that you in a minute. here, she was on her cell phone talking to someone and the lady behind her with the dark hair chief of staff green new deal network approached her about green energy initiatives and about her voting record. brian: this is unbelievable this is happening again for two people in the democratic party that seem to be voting the way they were supposed to vote according to the people that put them in office. kirsten sinema made it so hard for martha mcsally to run against centrist. i'm not in to what the democrats are doing. threw off the fighter pilot who was put there into who was running against her for that senate seat would later get it and mark kelly would beat her in an election.
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senator sinema is doing exactly what she said. >> what they like. >> the maverick. and as being as bill mcgurn writes today. he goes now all of the sudden the media doesn't like this maverick as opposed to the media that ran john mccain when he was going against republicans here is a little how it sounded as senator sinema as you see is confronted by these protesters. >> brian: sunday's video showed her followed into a stall. i was amazed when president biden was asked by peter i said to myself wow, this is an easy one for him to take a step back and say this is wrong to cob front public figures whether you
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are a celebrity or a politician an environment like that. it's your home, it's where you work. it's where you teach. it's where you use the restroom. you can have a -- you can be passionate about things but this is going too far. instead, he said this. >> joe manchin had people on kayaks go up to his boat. it if senator sinema was chased into a restroom. do you think that those tactics are crossing the line? >> i don't think they're appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody. so it's-it's part of the process. pete: he is an expert on the protest says. has he ever been chased into a restroom by activists? >> what happened this weekend is that her classroom, her students and the safe and stimulating environment she has worked to create during the years of teaching at asu was breached. that's inappropriate and unacceptable. i think the context of what happened here is important despite the fact that of course
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we stand for the president stands for the fundamental right of people to protest, to object, to criticize as they often do. steve: joe biden said you know it's over the line it's inappropriate it's part of the process. ainsley: unless have you secret service. steve: if you are going to be in the public eye, that kind of stuff happens unless have you got a secret service person it makes it sound like joe biden apparently has been chased or hounded by somebody going noah into odd place behalf he had secret service protection before running for vice president. are for jen psaki to say we support people to protest but it's inappropriate. you are giving them both ways. brian: can't do it. steve: just say don't do that. that's over the line. ainsley: i agree as an american you have the right to protest and you want to be able to talk to your constituents if you are an elected official. isn't there a proper way to do it? stlnt a more civil way to do it? i'm concerned about people's
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safety. brian: she needs security. she needs security. manchin needs security. ainsley: happened three times that we know of in the last two days. brian: it was wrong when they did it to mitt romney or more conservative people. ainsley: joe manchin i'm worried about his safety. brian: lindsey graham mentioned when he was getting screamed at in the airport president trump called him are you all right? he said don't worry about it i'm fine. on the plane ufc champion, it doesn't matter. what remember going to do beat up people and then challenged again. that's not the video out there. they had a two camera shoot into the bathroom while she is trying to teach. steve: here's the thing. if you see somebody on the street and you a approach them, that's completely okay. kyrsten sinema put out a statement that these activists actually broke into a locked university building and did this. brian: of course they are not allowed it in there. steve: the school building was
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locked down but somehow they got into it according to her statement. so, it's one thing to approach somebody, you know, that way. but given the fact that kyrsten sinema and joe manchin are such targets right now. if i were nancy pelosi and i were chuck schumer, i would say you know, we need to allow capitol police to provide protection to them during this time because right now. they don't have -- remember, during the shooting at the congressional baseball game, the only thing that saved them was steve scalise was there and he had capital patrolman who took out the shooter obviously, those two just need some security because right now everybody is going to try to get into their face and try to persuade them. ainsley: maxine waters was telling people to do this go approach them. brian: how about the president? an epic fail on his part that jen psaki tried to fix. just say of course it's not okay to go into someone's bathroom. it's not par for the course to do that.
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ainsley: it looked like she did have security walking through reagan international. steve: communications. brian: let me ask you, would he have had that reaction if someone agreed with him with f. a member of the squad was walking around being harassed? are you going to tell me joe biden would have come out like the protector he is supposed to be and say that is out of bounds how you vote in congress should not mean your personal life is destroyed and your personal safety is breached? he would definitely have had a different opinion. steve: part of the process is debate and protest. that is part of the process. when you cross a line and surround somebody's house as they did with joe manchin's house boat or you chase somebody and corner them in the bathroom. brian: what they did at judge kavanaugh's house former homeland security secretary. steve: part of the process according to the president. ainsley: just be civil. we can have disagreements and we don't have to agree on everything. i think there is a right way to could this that just looks too scary to me. >> i don't think you are going to get your way. that's going to make people
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3:19 am
both incidents. brian laundrie's sister breaks her silence kathy laundrie telling protesters outside her home that she has not spoken to her parents nor has any idea if they helped her brother disappear. take a listen. >> do you think they are involved, your parent? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> we know nothing. >> your parent are not talking to you. >> the lawyer said no. their parents' lawyer. >> brian laundrie the person of interest after gabby petino's body discovered in a wyoming park. his whereabouts are still unknown. facebook suspect and running after a massive global outage that blasted instagram and what's app. it francis how longen just hours have now. accusing the it will problems causing mark zuckerberg's network to fall $7 billion in
3:20 am
one day. lay chargers quarterback once again rewriting the record books in his team 28-14 win over the las vegas raiders. >> third and goal into the end zone. touchdown. chargers strike force. jillian: aaccording to nfl stats quickest to complete 500 passes reaching that milestone before his 20th start. set the rookie record for the most touchdown last year with 31. adding three more to career total last night. brian: did you see that game at all? jillian: brian, i was asleep. really? brian: in pregame they showed him as-year-old kid. he said i want to play quarterback in the nfl and play in los angeles as a 9-year-old. ainsley: they found that clip. brian: they found the letter he wrote as his goal turned out he was right. steve: squad goals.
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brian: first to los angeles get drafted. jillian: awesome. steve: what a year he is having. talk about this. of what a year we are having when joe biden took over as president of the united states in january. he started to undo immediately all the things that donald trump had put in place. among other things, at our southern border. you know, and eventually he put somebody who weighs completely in the same mind meld as the president as secretary of homeland security mr. mayorkas. brian: hands off approach admiral. steve: open border approach. a lot of people don't like that. brian: everybody in america. steve: former chief of border patrol rodney scott who had been there for 30 years and retired after 30 years. in june of this year because it's like i'm not wanted here. they want to do everything i don't want to do. we are going down the wrong path. ainsley: yeah, he says that the biden administration forced him out and he talks about homeland security secretary mayorkas who is claiming the border threat is
3:22 am
the same as it was under the trump administration. he says it that's just not true. listen to a portion of what he said. it's going to air tonight listen to. this we have nation state threats. we have terrorist threats we can't get into in this type of a forum. they are real. they exist. and they want to come across that border. statistically it always includes rapists, murders, potential terrorists every single yes year. bret: when you hear secretary mayorkas say the border is as secure as it was before what do you say. >> that's just not true. while many of the political appointees assigned literally just lack the knowledge and expertise that they could make a statement like that and believe that it was true, he is a very smart guy. he has got a lot of experience in homeland security. he knows what he is doing. he knows the impacts. he knows that border is not as secure today as it was on january 19th. brian: so what is really astounding is, it is so obvious, i have never seen anything that has gotten more people
3:23 am
emotionally triggered than watching a number of illegal aliens come across the border. no one is anti-immigrant. they are anti-being invaded from over 100 countries that we are witnesses because word got out from the t-shirts to prove it on down to the interviews that we have all shown you that they won't air on other channels that joe biden's policies have triggered this mass immigration, migration, through our border. and it's brought up yesterday on the "wall street journal" as they're coming through panama through colombia to panama to costa rica into our crun country, the worst is yet to come over 400,000 last week. from rod what rodney scott just said and maybe you feel. the top state department official in the biden administration is so mad at joe biden for using title 42. essentially says male goes back because we are in the middle of a pandemic. go back unless you are a kid and a mom because we're in the
3:24 am
middle of a pandemic we need to control our borders. we left that in place. asales his own administration and for using title 42 says it's inhumane. that's how polar opposite some in the state department in in this administration are from the average every day american, who again, aren't anti-immigrant but they are in these small texas towns, they are in west virginia where fentanyl is up. fentanyl deaths are up 85%. they are seeing what's happening because our country is totally out of control. the border patrol has been emass calculated and they say i cannot believe this is a policy they have in place. steve: when you look at inhumane under that bridge in del rio, texas that the optics of seeing 15, 16, 17, 18,000 people under there at that super spreader event. people all over the world were thinking what the heck is the government doing? well, tomorrow in mission, texas, governor abbott is calling together the governors of arizona, georgia, iowa,
3:25 am
idaho, montana nebraska, ohio, oklahoma, south dakota, and wyoming. they are going to have a news conference and talk about how every state is a border state. you know. you don't think about iowa but absolutely it is. we have had governors on talk about just that. ainsley: then there was a lady who lives in del rio. she says she can't just handle them. steve: that's the bridge town. ainsley: that's right. listen. these people if -- and the federal government is using tax dollars and giving money to the ngo, these ngos are bringing these people over here. but, when they come here, then they expect us to take care of them. well, you know, our little town, 35,000 people. there is no way we could take care of 17,000. all in one area. mayorkas just reported that only if they're oppressed they are going to be deported? how many people can we afford to
3:26 am
keep in the united states? taxpayers, you know, we are being taxed and then we have to supply stuff for them? no. it's just not fair on us. brian: if they would just secure the border. there is something that could match up for us. if you start opening up these consulates again in central and south american countries. start going out and pulling some of our manufacturing out of china and into these countries where the work ethic is through the roof. and we know it and then if you think for the fact that we can't get americans to unload ships and drive trucks. i'm wondering if we do this in an organized way. and the republicans and democrats can first fortify the border. then you start getting people on work visas to start doing the things that evidently americans are being paid not to do or choosing not to do. this could be a win-win for us. but, because they won't secure the border. republicans rightfully won't even talk about it. ainsley: i will tell you what's hard for the american public though. you have a family that makes maybe $50,000 a year.
3:27 am
they are working three jobs. mom and dad are both working to maybe send their kids to a better school. or to a college, maybe they want to save their money and send their kid to college and then half of their paycheck or maybe a little less. maybe whatever barley able to pay your own kids school that's what doesn't make sense. not that anybody is against immigration. make sure they are safe and allow them to go through the process the right way. brian: crack down lose the hispanic vote that sought the window, president trump proven that. hispanic totals much pert than mitt romney's were. and he was as strong on the border as anybody. steve: unfortunately, every time there is a new president they get to enact whatever they want to do through executive orders and stuff like that. the only way there can be real change is for congress to do
3:28 am
something and that involves both parties finding common ground to figure out how to fix what's going on down south. brian: very simple. nothing happens without border secures and they can are the other stuff is easy. ainsley: you hear border patrol chief that left his position saying that the border is open. and is he worried about terrorists coming through and that they are coming through. pretty scary. steve: congress needs to change the law ultimately. all right. coming up on this tuesday. we are going to take you live to nashville where country music star tim montana and our very own joey jones take a firsthand look into the second annual skeet shoot and fundraiser benefiting veterans and active service members. there they are. they are coming up next live. ♪ ♪
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do they know this door is locked you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit steve: welcome back. today marks the second annual tim montana and friends american thread sporting clay shoot. it's one of a kind event that raises money for military nonprofits like special ops excursions. fox news contributor and retired marine bomb tech joey jones is live in nashville with country rock singer tim montana and green beret excursions jimmy as well. joey, you are going to have a
3:34 am
lot of fun today. >> we're going to have a lot of fun. we are going to shoot shotguns and and raise money for amazes organizations and raise money with tim montana. tell me about this event and why it matters so much for you to do it? >> second annual raising money for the troops is always a thing throws my heart. shoot some shotguns, music, food. grilling out with awesome spread going on. >> can i smelt bacon. >> getting out here and having fun. my version of golf. we don't really golf in montana. >> retired army special operations helped start this organization. special op. incursions what does that mean to you to have patriots like tim and events like this support you. >> it's huge. we can't do it without positive exposure and we can't do it without positive people. we are really appreciative of that. >> the men and women you all serve, are they going to be at this event as well.
3:35 am
>> absolutely, guys active deuteronomy as well as device retired like me. >> you take people and their families, active duty and families on excursions. >> they really appreciate it they don't have a lot of time to do this type of stuff especially when people set it up for us it's really awesome. >> these guys are two very patriotic americans. bona fide hero to my left and tim is pretty awesome himself. is he very passionate about this. he was out here 4:00 this morning talking, getting the energy going. ready for this event to be a success and behind us we have got some really good food. i have been smelling bacon for an hour. i think this is going to be a lot of fun. steve: joey, explain, have tim explain american thread. >> you know, tim. explain american thread. that concept. i know it's a song you wrote. what does it mean to you. >> yeah, had that title for years. wrote the song. named my album american thread. it's the fabric of america. what is the fabric. coming together. an idea i chewed on forever and i decided such a good song
3:36 am
title. let's use it again for my charity event. come together raise money for a good cause. >> all about come together. different threads of society here to support. guys like jimmy and the guys and gals he takes care of. steve: i know trigger grills is doing breakfast for you what are you having. >> bacon we get to chew on pigs in a blanket. there is some cornbread and biscuits. there is all kinds of food. i'm as happy as we get. expressions in georgia for being this happy. i will tell you i'm as happy as it gets. steve: thank you very much. folks, if you would like to donate special ops excursions and children of fallen patriots foundation go american thread it is 24 minutes now before the top of the hour. coming up. new york city educators being kicked out of the drasm if they have not gotten the shot yet. coming up. >> two teachers on unpaid leave
3:37 am
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ainsley: from the classroom to the courtroom, new york city's teachers were just -- they were once hailed as heroes during the pandemic. as of yesterday, any unvaccinated educator in the big city in the big apple in new york city in our public school system, they are now out of work. the mayor, bill de blasio, standing firm in his decision to force educators to get the shot or lose their job. >> our parents need to know their kids will be safe. that is what this mandate is all about. every adult in our schools is now vaccinated and that's going to be the rule going forward and that's the way to keep kids safe
3:42 am
and the whole school community safe. ainsley: my next guests are taking the mayor, the department of education and department of health over this mandate. brooklyn teacher of 20 years, trinidad smith and bronx teacher of 11 years join us now. good morning both to of you. >> good morning. ainsley: trinidad you have been teaching in brooklyn 20 years you teach children with autism or kids with special needs. how do you feel about. this it saddens me. i love my kids and i love the community that i work in and i love my school staff. >> have you thought about just retiring after 20 years? are you able to retire? >> i don't know if i have the -- enough years in. but if it comes to that it's going to be a consideration, obviously. ainsley: tell me about you, you are a bronx teacher. 11 years and you also teach special education in the school
3:43 am
system. how do you feel? >> i'm disappointed that i cannot be there with my students at this time. i was really looking forward to coming back to the school year so that we can work with the students because they lost two years already. we thought this was going to be the year where we were going to make up for those losses. ainsley: right. the special needs students really need their teachers. >> they do. ainsley: trinidad, tell me about this lawsuit, where does it stand now? >> we are trying to get a temporary restraining order a trio, it goes to court at 9:00. smaller lawsuits. there are several lawsuits going on simultaneously. so when you hear something in the news, you know, one might not, you know, there are other things going on behind the works. so this is definitely a last attempt for us. and we hope that at least it gets us -- buys us a little time so that we have an opportunity to be heard in the supreme court
3:44 am
to at least plead our case because that is what this country is founded on is an opportunity to at least be heard. ainsley: interest whether a would be an alternative. would you be will to be tested every day? i guess that's not an option at all. you just have to be vaccinated. are there other alternatives you are pushing for? >> well, we are hoping that our exemptions would be accepted. it seems that most exemptions or medical accommodations were not accepted. and we find that it was unfair because we have the right to it request these exceptions and accommodations. ainsley: what are they doing if there is a pregnant mother who doesn't want to get the shot until after her baby is born, she is just out of work, too. >> yes. currently. ainsley: both of you religious exemptions is that what you applied for? >> i did. and i was denied. >> i did not apply for religious
3:45 am
exemption. ainsley: did you apply for exemption at all. >> i did not. because he went in and he made new stipulations as to what would be accepted and he nearly made it impossible for us to have any right under these new stipulations that he put in place. ainsley: trinidad, my teacher is down in south carolina. my mother taught for 33 years and retired. i know what you all go through. i know the demands that you have and you are paying for a lot of these supplies out of your own pocketbook. god bless you both. thank you what you do for our kids. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: good morning. let's begin with this congresswoman cori bush demanding missouri governor halts the execution of a convicted killer. johnson is set to be executed tonight. sentenced to death for killing three people while robbing a convenience store in 1994. in a letter, bush saying in part quote like slavery and lynching
3:46 am
did before it, the death penalty per pets united states cycles of trauma. we are learning what may be the cause of a massive oil leak prompting a state of emergency in california. more than 126,000 gallons of oil spilling into the water off huntington beach. investigators believe a ship's anchor hit the pipeline. the huntington beach mayor says beaches could be closed for months. britney spears thanking those who joins the movement to free her from a 1-year conservatorship. obviously still the previous from the previous story. the pop icon tweeting quote i have no words because of you have guys and your constant resilience in freeing me from my conservatorship. my life is now in that direction. i cried last night for two hours because my fans are the best and i know it despite her new found freedom spears has no plans of returning to the stage any time soon. nasa look at your headlines, ainsley, i will send it back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, jillian. let's check in with senior
3:47 am
meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. janice: take a look at the temperatures. 60 in new york. cooler air across the west. still very warm over the central u.s. we have two systems that are book ending the potential for record breaking highs across the central plains. but we are looking at the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for the southeast. the mid-atlantic region, areas that don't need to see any more rain. unfortunately we have flood advisories in effect for parts of florida through alabama and georgia. there is your forecast rainfall and concerned with middle tennessee and parts of the ohio river valley where we could see that potential for heavy rainfall where they have gotten weeks and weeks of heavy rain. and then across the west, much needed moisture moving into southern california. and the southwest. we could even see some mountain snow over the couple -- next couple of days. cold enough for that so early ski season for those that love to ski. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: all right. good deal. janice: you g it.
3:48 am
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3:52 am
. jillian: amazon throwing out black friday deals open. fashion toy home beauty products. shopper also also have access to amazon's holiday gift list to creates and share ideas with the family. shopper could say pay up to 20% more on gifts this year. analysts say multiple reasons are lead go ahead to the splurge including the pandemic and backlog of cargo ships at ports. encouraging americans to start their holiday shopping early. brian? brian: all right. thanks, jillian. meanwhile, a band of brothers are on a quest for gold on the parcel of land that belonged to generations of their ancestors. the new episode of american gold. the legend of bear gulch airs
3:53 am
tonight tomorrow night on fox business. here's a quick look. >> interesting development there is some of the drill hole left. >> it there any explosive in it? damn. >> serious problem. >> there is one hole that didn't blonchts well, get out of there. brian: here with us now are two of the stars. guest stars. rick and tad dale. welcome, guys. >> thank you very much. brian: reframe this story, rick. tell me what brought to you bear gulch. >> well, we grew up in the area essentially in the canyon called bear gulch in the tobacco root mountains in montana. as we grew up in mining family, both sides there veryend about this hidden vein of ore contains
3:54 am
gold. >> goes back to your grandfather. >> to my grandfather the original finder of the vein and passed down. they could never acquire the properties. brian: right. it took all of this time for the family to acquire the properties and be able to do something with it. brian: tad, you get the property. how big is it? >> there is probably the deed mining claims together probably about 400 acres. brian: that's incredible. now it's up to you to take that legend that your grandpa telling you about go back into that mine and find the gold. what's it been like? >> it's been exciting working with my brothers. when we were little kids we stomped all over those hills. it isn't just one mine tunnel. the moirns were put a tunnel in here they came in from the other side. it's all one big structure
3:55 am
geologically. it's just how they got into the entries and we're opening up some of these old portals because they didn't get it all. brian: right. rick, the thing is the legend has it was told to you that one partner got mad at the other sealed the mine no one is getting the gold. you are opening up the mine and trying to see if this story is true. have you found anything yet that indicates that you might be coming on to some veins? >> we have. we found good solid quarts vaping with the right kind of indicators on it in the area where we thought it should be. brian: is it true you have to share all your money with stuart varney and neil cavuto? >> he could make us a proposal. brian: we will see if he comes through. episode 2 tonight. >> episode 3, are i think. brian: catch it now american gold. airs every wednesday that's tomorrow on fox business at
3:56 am
8:00. rick and tad, how are you liking stardom? do you like it. >> i don't know. it's kind of foreign to us. that's not what we're -- we're in it for kind of being brothers and working together and you know we live in a small town grew up. everybody knows everybody. that's not what drives us. brian: might as well just find the gold and be rich in that small town, what do you think? >> yeah. >> money is good. >> we like people. so this has been good in that way, too. brian: we like you and our audience loves that you are on. of great series. rick dale, tad dale a great family story. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: go get the gold. >> we will. we are after testimony. brian: meanwhile, the democrat divide in congress stalling president biden's big spending agenda while moderate dems are getting will accosted by liberal activists what? it looks like a face. ...hearing about it 24/7 is painful enough... i don't want to catch it. well, you can't catch shingles,
3:57 am
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4:00 am
todd: president biden's build back better agenda hanging by a thread. >> your hypocritical dangerous and disgraceful. >> attorney general merrick garland fbi to address what he calls increase in harassment in school officials. >> this coming after the national school board it asked the biden administration to use the patriot act against parents. >> republican lawmakers calling to pause the relocation of afghan refugees on u.s. military basis. >> being reported over 700 have simply walked off their u.s. bases. >> new york city educators being kicked out of the classroom if
4:01 am
they have not gotten the shot yet. >> saddens me. i love my kids and i love the community. >> it was unfair. we have the right to apply for these exceptions. >> a lot of can blocked from the top. >> bubba wallace gets his first career win. he's just the second african-american to ever win at the highest level in nascar. ♪ ♪ hang with me and my gang ♪ we live to ride ♪ we ride to live ♪ me and my gang ♪ ainsley: that is a shot of orlando, florida. what comes to mind disney world? happiest place on earth. definitely. brian: i have a live show there november 21st. ainsley: are you going to take the kids and go to disney world. they are too old for disney world? brian: two of them would love to go. the other has sworn off disney. steve: never too old. ainsley: fans in your house other one doesn't like it. brian: no middle ground.
4:02 am
either someone is all in, buy in ears and all. or they are totally out. steve: here is when the kids might want to return. it apparently is like america's number one wedding destination. people love to get married and, you know, you got the magic castle and all that stuff. cinderella. ainsley: we love it hayden -- we went there for spring break and came back and immediately she said when can we go again? she is ready. she loved it we were all. in we did the ears and the clothes and all of that. brian: i don't know if you know. you certainly have everyone is getting married rapidly 24 hours a day. steve: i got three married off in one year. brian: tuesday afternoon and got married or just formalized it. ainsley: a lot of people did do that. steve: because a lot of people decided to get married last year and they put off the party until now. one of our closest family friends had a great big wedding in south carolina this past weekend. it was apparently -- ainsley: your kids. you need to do something special
4:03 am
for them they saved you a lot of money my friend. steve: they certainly did. rather than a couple hundred we had 10. 10 people. brian: thanks, china. ainsley: i know, right? 7:02 on the east coast. president biden is hitting the road in hopes of promoting his build back better agenda. steve: the president, if you saw him yesterday, was blaming republicans as well as helps m. members of his own party. ainsley: and trump. steve: two in particular for the hold up. brian: interesting way t bring us all together. is he a great union fire. mark meredith outside the white house as biden -- as the president defends the actions of hecklers, kind of, right, mark? >> brian, steve and ainsley. good morning to you guys. the president did have a lot to say yesterday. is he going to have nor say today. he will be meeting virtually with house democrats to discuss his build back better agenda. after months of negotiations a deal between progressives and moderates really still seems out of reach. as you mentioned the president is going to be hitting the road today. stumping in howell, michigan for his agenda.
4:04 am
during his speech we will see if he brings up two democratic senators still not on board with the massive spending plan. that includes arizona's kyrsten sinema who on monday was once again greeted by protesters. there it looks like on her american airlines flight as she cass coming into reagan national. this came only a day or two after she was also met in a bathroom by protesters in arizona. president biden, he was asked about all of this on monday. >> i don't think they are appropriate tactics happens to everybody. only people it doesn't happen to are people who are secret service standing around them. so, it's part of the process. >> meantime up on capitol hill, more drama unfolding tomorrow, senate majority leader chuck schumer is expected to hold a vote on whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. the measure needs 60 votes to pass but, of course, democrats only have 50 votes so, they're likely to come up short. democrats imploring republicans to get on board with this. we have also heard from senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who made it clear he wants democrats to do this do
4:05 am
you the reconciliation process up to them to get this done. the white house continues to warn there could be economic consequences if this does not happen. we will see if the president has more to say about this later today. steve, ainsley and brian, back to you guys. steve: you have to figure he will when he goes to michigan. all right. thank you very much mark meredith. let's bring in congressman ken buck who joins us now. hey, congressman. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: what do you make of we just featured two of the examples of these aggressive activists who surrounded joe manchin's house and, you know, were yelling at him and then you had somebody chasing kyrsten sinema cornering her in a bathroom just outside a stall. what do you make of what's going on? it seems like they are trying so much on the progressive left to pressure those two to do something else. you know, it's just a head scratcher. >> well, there is a line in politics. and obviously these protesters crossed the line. you know, going to a bathroom
4:06 am
and chasing elected official. it's inappropriate. i am all for people expressing their opinions in public settings. i think we get a lot of feedback in town hall meetings but these protesters are so aggressive. and what they're aggressive about is really scary. this lurch to socialism whering going through this country something americans are concerned about. when the left does something antifa in the riots summertime or other groups often excused as part of our democratic process when the right does something, it is, you know, the left comes down on us and they want to criminalize the kind of behavior that the left engages in on a regular basis. steve: and the president, to your point, said yesterday, oh, it's all part of the process. unless you have got a secret service guy to say get out of here. >> that was pretty funny. i don't know why the secret service -- secret service is supposed to protect somebody from a threat of death. why they are pushing away
4:07 am
protesters is. brian: i'm not sure she has it. some people writing me saying it doesn't look like she has it. if you wanted it, can you get it and don't you think she should get it. steve: security? >> yeah. inappropriate and, again, i think overly aggressive protesters need to pack off. and respect the fact that individuals are making the best decision they can for the country. brian: ken, can you get private security if you just express that to, i don't know, in your case the speaker and say i feel threatened? will you get the private security? >> no. absolutely not. you get security based on an analysis of whether there is a real threat. if someone made a death threat against a member of congress or other elected official there would be police protection provided. but, there isn't protection provided just upon request. ainsley: no one is in favor of anyone being threatened. the president saying basically that constituents should be able to go up to them and approach them and talk to. they it's just part of the
4:08 am
process. the irony here is what the national school board association is calling on the administration to do. they want them to take action against parents who stand up at these school board meetings. steve: the fbi. ainsley: they want the fbi to come in. and they want these parents, they are asking to classify the actions of these concerned parents as the equivalent of a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. what are your thoughts on this? >> i will tell you, attorney general garland was a judge and he should know better than to try to use the fbi for political speech. we -- so many courtrooms we go to greek goddess scale in her hand blindfolded because justice is blind. justice is impartial. doesn't care whether you are white or black, man or woman, tall or short. the justice should not be used to attack a group of people expressing their opinions at school board meetings. whether they're in favor of critical race theory or opposed
4:09 am
to critical race theory. whether they are in favor of masks or vaccines or opposed. that's political speech that needs to be protected. steve: right. and what he was talking about was just when it goes over the line and apparently they have cited the mask mandates. the crt agitated parents over the last number of months. and ha national school board talked about how an illinois man was arrested for aggravated batteries after he punched an official at a school board meeting a letter spent to a school board member in ohio who said we are coming after you. you are forcing them to wear a mask for no reason in this world other than control and you will pay dearly. so you can understand why the, you know, law enforcement would look into a threat like that. >> sure. and local law enforcement handles those kinds of threats every day in this country. they're equipped to do that and it's appropriate to do it.
4:10 am
when you nationalize the effort to go after people based on political speech, when you determine that one size fits all, that the fbi should be looking into these isolated incidents. this isn't a national group that is, you know, garner rising. federal government should stay out of those disputes. brian: where is a.g. garland's memo on excerpt spirited debate policy matters protected under the constitution, that protection does not extend to threats of violence and efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views. understood. you shouldn't be threatening if you want to show up and show passion from school board you can't fear that the fbi is going to put you in jail for 20 years. i want to move on and talk about another area of expertise that is big tech. big tech comes to capitol hill and in front of a senate committee today. we are going to hear them try to defend themselves this in lieu
4:11 am
of the sunday 60 minutes story in which it became clear a whistleblower says they know exactly what's going on with the addiction, with this -- with these social media organizations. and how they are fueling the divide in this country. ken, you are one of the people on the right that is supposed to join some on the left. time to reign in social media companies. where do you start. >> well, what this really is a symptom of monopolies if we had five facebooks and six instagrams and a number of googles we wouldn't have the same issue we are facing right now there are some groups that would appeal to patience and appeal to others in the marketplace to gain market share. and the idea that we can foster competition and deal with this issue is much better than having a government agency decide what is good speech or bad speech. but what is so disappointing about what facebook did is. they have this idea that profit is more important than people.
4:12 am
and it's really shameful that they knew there were suicide rates increasing among teenage girls. they knew that drug cartels were using their platform and human traffickers and they did very little, if anything, because they were so concerned about profit. steve: well, congressman, when you look at what happened yesterday with facebook and what's app. and instagram all being down for half the day and now they are saying yeah, it was a router problem. you know, some people for a variety of rely on those platforms it essentially has become a public utility. and just the fact that it's a private business, to your point, it would be great if there was more competition but there's not. there doesn't seem to have been the will on capitol hill to actually crack down on them because a lot of members of congress and other people rely on them. >> well, certainly they are powerful. they have spent a lot of money with conservative groups, liberal groups, members of congress, and they have gained a
4:13 am
lot of influence. but, the reality is that the public is demanding change. and i think you will see change. we have offered six bills to deal with this. the senate is also working on those bills. i think obviously congress doesn't work rapidly in any situation. but this is a thoughtful process that will have long-term implications and i think we are going about it the right way. ainsley: all right. congressman. thank you so much for coming on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. all right, jillian has some headlines for us. jillian: here is good news we all did survive a day without social media. ainsley: i have a friend and she communicates with awful her friends through what's app. and she couldn't use the phone for like hours. it was like six or seven hours. steve: ainsley, how funny is what she said she could not use the phone. call, it's a phone. talk on it. jillian: pretty wild. ainsley: you can talk on what's app. international calls. brian: i wrote letters all day
4:14 am
yesterday. jillian: did you? did you guys get one? brian: two or three days. although the post office wants to slow down. jillian: see it in a month. jillian: go ahead and get to your headlines now. we begin with thsmght 16 republican senators are demanding answers from the department of homeland security and the pentagon about afghan refugee resettlement. they claim the biden administration's vetting process is, quote: unclear and incomplete. they are asking secretaries mayorkas and austin to clarify what actions are being taken when a refugee is flagged as a potential security risk. this amid reports hundreds of refugees are walking off military bases without getting resettlement issues. seattle is moving thousands of its homeless in apartments. the city buying three building informs $50 million using a portion of code relief package. stunning views of the space needle apparently. and in los angeles officials are offering shelter to its homeless population. this as about 200 people take
4:15 am
over a popular park. the city closing the area so it can undergo maintenance. dr. anthony fauci is backtracking after saying it's so soon if americans can gather in person on christmas. listen. >> i will be spending christmas with my family. i encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people who are protected to have a good, normal christmas with your family. jillian: the cdc encouraging americans to celebrate the holiday virtually or with outdoor gatherings to reduce the spread of covid-19. how about this? william shatner is t minus one week away from blasting off into space aboard a blue origin rocket. jeff bezos confirming the 90-year-old will be on board the october 12th flight. "star trek's" captain kirk calling it a miracle. shatner's journey will last 11 minutes as he a soars international boundary of space. brian: how great is that. ainsley: so cool.
4:16 am
steve: beam me up, bezos. brian: will he be using "star trek" unitard? steve: do you think it still fits? ainsley: is he obsessed with the unitards. steve: brian it was two pieces top and bottom. brian: i think it was one piece costume like a belt. ainsley: jump nump in it pajamas with sleeve. brian: get at party city. ainsley: the baby at the center of the landmark roe v. wade decision speaks out publicly for the first time. >> my whole thinking is everyone is going to blame me for abortion being legal. ainsley: her thoughts as the fight over abortion ramps up nationwide. brian: plus a restaurant owner reacts to president biden's expensive spending plan. what he says business needs to build back better. get it? ♪
4:17 am
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just say "watch with" into your voice remote october 5th at 8pm to join a special live stream with star jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. ♪ >> i don't want people finding out that norma gave birth to me and then be like oh, it's because of you that all of this stuff has happened. my whole thinking is everyone is going to blame me for abortion being legal. ainsley: the baby at the center of roe v. wade case giving first interview ever this week. shellie lynn thornton was born before her mother won the right to an abortion. it comes as joe biden reverses
4:22 am
ban on abortion referring clinics. fox news contributor alveda king is the founder of the pro-life organization speak for life and she joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, ainsley. hello, everybody. ainsley: yes, hello to everybody. shellie lynn thornton said when she was growing up and high school years biggest concern shoes and boys and then the "national enquirer" does a story on her and reveals her birth identity and then her adopted mother. her mother says to her let me tell you the story of who you are and who your biological mother is. what's your reaction to this? >> well, let me first say about shelly. she is entitled to her emotions. this america. we have feelings and we must be compassionate to everybody. i understand exactly what shellie is saying. my mother wanted to abort me in 1950. and my grandfather, martin luther king sr. said no, that's a real person. i saw her in a dream. three years ago she had bright
4:23 am
skin and bright red hair and she is going to bless many people. with that prophetic ultrasound i was allowed to live. shellie, i get it, i really do and i want to pray for shellie because i understand. and i would say to both sides of the discussion remember, we are dealing with a human being who was allowed to live. i'm glad shellie is alive. i'm glad i'm alive. however, we should have compassion, love and sensitivity when people have to deal with these emotions. ainsley: how do you feel about, you know, remember president trump, he banned federal funding going to these clinics that are giving abortion referrals. and now joe biden is reversing that. >> the abortion mills are really always after money. they care nothing about human dignity. they say they care about the woman. they don't. you know i have had abortions and those were really sad times in my own life to be considered
4:24 am
as revenue, money, that's what they do. and the way that the president-president biden has done this now they can refer people for abortions right back to their own associates. it's all about the money. and i think it's shameful. ainsley: as someone who has experienced that and gone through your past. how did you end up starting this organization speaker for life? >> i received healing at rachel's vineyard. i have been pro-life since 1983. and i care about human dignity. i have had a lot of prayer. a lot of forgiveness from god, from others myself. my mother and i have a wonderful relationship. so love, healing and compassion are what are -- those things are required for women. women need love. babies need life. we need to learn to love each other and have that type of sensitivity. it's very, very important. we are one race, one blood. we are human beings and human
4:25 am
dignity counts, ainsley. ainsley: it does. we are all god's children, aren't we. >> yes, we are. ainsley: god bless you. such a sweet soul. >> thank you. ainsley: president biden heads to michigan to sell his big build back better wish list items. will it actually help struggling businesses in a wolverine state? a restaurant owner is going to sound off next. we head back to nashville where joey jones is out skeet shooting with his country star tim montana. a live demonstration is coming up. ♪ >> my name is rachel campos-duffy. i have been with fox for seven years. well, the first thing that struck me was how family
4:26 am
friendly it was. it's in surprise to fox viewers that i have a very big family life. i have lots of kids. and my producers, the bookers, everyone was so willing to work with my crazy life and i thought that was something i never expected. and then finally, i had my ninth child. i recall just thinking to myself, all right, i didn't count on having nine kids. this is the threshold of where fox can handle my life complication. >> it's going to be chaotic guaranteed. >> the executives was great, we're so happy for you. that's a mommy's dream. it's something i'm in awe of. i still say thank you. i'm so grateful to be here.
4:27 am
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>> a family insider claimed alex murdock and wife's marriage was in crisis before she was found dead. the source telling the daily mail the couple argued over mope and alex's drug use. maggie and the couple's son paul was found dead at the family's hunting lodge in june. no suspects have been named. new york's largest healthcare provider fires 1400 employees for refusing to follow the state's vaccine mandate for
4:31 am
medical workers. northwell's health issuing a statement quote northwell regrets losing any employee under such circumstances we owe it to our staff, our patients and the communities we serve to be 100 percent vaccinated against covid-19 layoffs represent less than 2% employed why the network. some on the left waste nothing time attacking the wife of florida governor ron desantis after she reveals her breast cancer diagnosis. trolls lashing out one social media user tweeting quote karma is an explicative. another writing this is her second bought of cancer, the first was marrying her husband. not clear how early doctors caught casey's cancer. the couple have three young children. and we wish her well. this morning, a russian spacecraft will be docking at the international space station. carrying an actress and film producer. the blasting off to space hours ago. they will be filming segments for the movie challenge.
4:32 am
the first feature film set in space. the actress and producer will spend 12 days on the space station before returning to earth. that is a look at your headlines, steve. send it to you. steve: that will be cool. all right, jillian, thank you. today joe biden is hitting the road heading to the state of michigan to sell his build back better agenda that his own party isn't even buying. so, what do small business owners struggling from a crippling labor shortage actually need? let's talk to the owner of auguste's bar and glil madison heights, michigan. steve. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you doing? steve: i'm doing okay. let's say joe biden's motorcade pulls over in front of auguste's today. what would you tell him is he getting wrong? >> i think the big access rf. >> restaurant revitalization fund? >> the way the government hand selected business to get funding
4:33 am
80 billion a lot of us got left out in the cold. steve: government picked winners and losers and apparently you weren't on the good list. >> not at all. filled out all of the paperwork. got everything done. on top of the line. got a number to what we were going to get and the wool got pulled out from underneath of us and now stuck with absolutely nothing some competitors got mls million dollars of dollars. if i don't have that funding i'm not requesting to do renovations and pay better wages and then my competitor down the street might be able to pay two, three times than i am because of that funding. steve: i was talking to my friend down in palm beach county he run as couple of restaurants there he said he has got to pay people doubled what he paid a couple years ago to get people in the door.
4:34 am
often people sign up for a job. they might work one day but most of them quit after a week. >> a week, i think, is long. we have had. steve: unbelievable. >> people work one shift. and then not show. and i don't think that it's -- it's not the environment. it's just they are finding other things. they are potentially job jumping for, you know, 25, 50 cents an hour. you are absolutely right. just two or three years ago our wages were probably half. and now it's -- it's just impossible to keep up, especially some of these businesses that got that rrf money they can pay people, you know, astronomical amounts really. and it's going to bury us. steve: absolutely. and at the same time, steve, you have got this problem where, you know, we have been talking about how there is -- you know, people are supposed to start doing their christmas shopping right now because there is a supply chain crisis logistically the united states can't get stuff,
4:35 am
in it's stuck on boats. are not unloading the boats. it's a vicious cycle. what about in your business, can you get enough food to put food on the table for your customers? >> you know, we can get enough, but it's a daily task to track to food down. my number one provider is constantly out of stock and constantly not shipping the orders i have to get on my phone calling this provider and that store driving. there is times where i have been driven 20, 30 miles to get a case of chicken because nobody in a 20-mile radius has it and i have to have it. we are kind of known for our chicken tenders and there is instances where i'm down to maybe 10 pounds of chicken tenders and i have to drive 25 miles to get another case. steve: you know, if joe biden pulls over in his motorcade today you have got talk to him about they need to have some sort of a supply chain summit just to figure out how to get
4:36 am
the stuff from where it's being manufactured to the people who want it. >> yeah. it's -- the manufacturing aspect and the supply aspect is the worse it's ever been. i have been in the business for 30 years. i have never once had to worry if i was going to get cheddar cheese the next kay or chicken. steve: unbelievable. >> it's really bad right now. steve: if you are in the neighborhood, do you have a website at augie? >> it's auguste's steve: all right. good enough. i hear the chicken fingers are fantastic. >> yeah. the best in michigan. steve: all right. steve howcroft, the owner of augie's bar and grill. thank you very much for joining us live. good luck to you. >> thanks at lo. thanks for having me. steve: you bet. all right. in just a couple hours, the facebook whistleblower who we met on "60 minutes" a could you sees social media giant of putting profits over the safety of kids testifying in front of the senate "woke inc." author vivek ramaswamy says it's far past time for d.c. to hold
4:37 am
facebook accountability. vivek is coming up next. ♪ let it rock ♪ let it rock ♪ ♪ >> in a world where media all too often ends up with the same talking points arranging the exact same consensus opinion, it's wildly important that we have a real marketplace of ideas. and if fox news didn't exist, there would be no marketplace of ideas in american media. it has allowed the full flourishment of the first amendment and also has permitted the examination of important issues all throughout the past 25 years. without fox news america would be a much less safe, intelligent, and smart place.
4:38 am
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♪ steve: well, today is the second annual tim montana and friends american thread sporting clays shoot. brian: one of a kind event raising mope for military nonprofits. ainsley: retired marine corps bomb tuition negligence joey jones is in nashville with country songwriter singer tim montana to show us how it's done. hey, guys. >> joe: we are underneath the aouning to do sporting clay shooting. really why we are here is to raise money to two phenomenon charities putting it together temin tan. >> that good morning. we are raising money for special
4:43 am
ops excursions and fallen patriots: music food and shooting shot guns and people take home some prizes, too. brian: all right. let's see it. >> all right. tim, going to load it, take it off safety and let it relationsh to and let it rip. >> pull. >> what'sth what the heck is going on. >> come on, radio do. >> not on live tv don't worry about it pull? [shot] >> got it. >> pull? bingo. it's hard to see in the fog, isn't it? brian: in the fog? >> yeah. i hit all the time all the time. [laughter] >> i was doing it earlier and i hit them. steve: we know where joey learned how to do shooting. tim, what's your story? where did you learn? you grew up in montana, that's why they call you that right?
4:44 am
>> yes, sir, i grew up off the grid in montana. hunting was necessity. learn to shoot good or go hungry. >> i was on the grid in georgia. let's see if i can do something here. ainsley: okay. brian: that's a lot of squirrel. >> pull. >> all right. >> pull. >> bingo. >> those are dead clays. oh. joey, tell us about these charities we want to donate why we want to know where our money is going. tell us about children of fallen patriots foundation. >> tell them about how they can donate to these organizations and what they do. >> if you go to american thread we have a donate button right on the website for next year. special ops excursions taking active duty soldiers coming out of deployment takes them out for woods hunting trips. cook for them. give these guys much needed breaks between deployment. children of fallen patriots raises money for scholarships
4:45 am
for kids of fallen soldiers. just two great causes taking care of active duty and children. >> great cause, great time and most importantly great people. steve: absolutely. if you were not in attendance today. make a donation go to american thread thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, guys. brian: do you know how much money we would raise if pete egg had seth and johnny joey joneses had h. a tattoo off. who the most tattoos do you know who else has a lot of tattoos janice dean. janice: that's the first to all of my tattoos. brian: not now. you are right. i shouldn't have gotten you distracted. janice: okay. all right. let's take a look at the map. i will compose myself here. you can't see any of the tattoos by the way. 60 in new york. 65 in chicago. we do have cooler air arriving from the west as well as a couple of systems along the east
4:46 am
coast and west coast. in between that. that's where we have the above average temperatures. can you see where we have the heavy rainfall across the southeast and florida up towards the mid-atlantic. some of these areas we don't need to see any more rainfall so flooding is going to be a concern. that's where we have flood advisories in effect for parts of georgia, alabama, and florida. and then you can see the forecast rainfall. several inches very short period of time. i'm concerned about the nashville area. middle tennessee where they have gotten record breaking rainfall over the last month or so. there's your forecast highs again very warm across the central u.s. and then across the west. we're going to see the potential for not only rain for southern california but snow in the sierra, nevada region and that's going to be quite a story over the next couple of days. we will build that snow pack and make sure that we try to beat the drought this year. all right, steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. brian: beat the drought together. whistleblower who says facebook is tearing our societies apart will testify on capitol hill today.
4:47 am
as the big tech giant recovers from a worldwide outage. vivek ramaswamy on the push to hold the social media company accountable. that story next. ♪ this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need.
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4:51 am
can. brian: instagram went dark yesterday almost all day. plummeted the market. i believe mark zuckerberg lost $6 billion. longest worldwide outage ever as facebook whistleblower frances haugen was set to testify today on capitol hill after saying the company puts profits over safety. >> the thing i saw on facebook over and over again there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. and facebook over and over again chose to optimize for its own interest, like making more money. the version of facebook that is today is tearing our societies apart. >> here to react is biotech author the book "woke inc.," vivek ramaswamy. first off, you believe that whistleblower interview was not all it's been cracked up to be. you thought you used the term with me flimsy. in what respect? >> well, look, when i see here and by the way i'm a critic of facebook. there is a lot to criticize
4:52 am
facebook for. we can't be sloppy about what we criticize them for and what we don't. i think this whistleblower sounds to me a lot like a disgruntled employee who might have been fired and throwing the kitchen sink at the company be steals confidential data and exposes publicly. i don't think that's the right way and mechanism to hold facebook accountable. to the contrary i think facebook is lying about what they are doing. brian, makes for a petty good case of consumer fraud. telling consumers you are doing one thing. making the world a better place, doing all the things you are doing to safeguard consumers without actually doing it that's what we should hold facebook accountable for. it's their lyings. a lot of the senators on capitol hill are doing a good job of pointing that out. that is different than owning accountability for managing teen body issues or anger management issues. that lies in our culture in the offline world and ironically we are going to make the mistake of making facebook even more socially power powerful than it is turning it equivalent of a church or community institution
4:53 am
managing those issues, too. we have to be really precise what we're holding them accountable for and what we're not. brian: facebook's statement on this as they try to put out the fires and get app. up. every day our teens have to balance protecting the ability of billions of people to express themselves openly with the need to keep our platform a safe and positive place. we continue to make significant improvements to tackle the spread of misinformation and harmful content. to say suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. that's an extreme example. i want to go to something else you are actually passion nalle that the about as we all should be concerned. if this 3.5 trillion in some way, shape, or form gets through. the irs is going to go on steroids. one of the things going to do is be able to track all of our bank accounts over $600. what concerns you most? where do we start? >> yeah. this is not an enforcement measure. this is a privacy risk. and the irs has given american people very little reason to want to trust it as an institution. remember, brian, in 2017, the irs admitted wrongdoing in
4:54 am
wrongfully targeting conservative groups on the basis of their political perspectives. this is also an organization that had an internal leaker just in the last year. leaking hundreds, if not thousands of tax records to propublica then published online. this is one of those government agencies like so many government agencies that have given the public no reason to trust it at all. and this is the classic two-step move we see today, brian. private companies collect ramsey collect reams.actually we are gt that from the companies in the end. see it in the land of social media and now seeing it in barking records. privacy issue not a tax enforcement issue. at the end of the day we should want everyone to pay their taxes that's a good thing. the mechanism by which we go about achieving that is going to create a permanent form of government control and visibility. once you cross that rubicon, you cannot go back. brian: vivek, play this out. we are going to react. guys like you and me i don't want people looking into my accounts.
4:55 am
what are we going to do it get tout of the bank? are banks going to suffer because of this. place besides the mattress for our money to go. >> i don't think this is a good system all the way down. ultimately, the point you are raising is one of execution. even if you have visibility into every bank account transaction, then people are just going to ultimately take their transactions offline or off the banking world. but i think that the government is then going to say actually we do need to come and look under your mattress, too. this is a cat and mouse game that has no winning path in the end. a slippery stlop a really dangerous place. in fact actually you might have a cynical view actually maybe the government wants that that allows the next step of control to take effect. actually looking at your bank records isn't enough we need to inspect your house, too. this isn't about tax endivorce forcement or revenue collection. we should all want the tax laws to be followed as broadly as they can. the government using the guise of that excuse to be able to use a politically motivated agency, an agency as recent lib as 2017 admitted wrongdoing for exactly that to be able to have far more
4:56 am
power than it ever should. far more visibility into our private lives than it ever should. brian: vivek, would you break up it. >> section 230 is the way to go brian. if you get federal protection comes with strings attack. first amendment apply. benefit from the federal protection that comes with federal strings attached. that's the right way to go. brian: vivek ramaswamy "woke inc." is the author of his book. thanks. >> thank you; brian: counter threats against school staffers after a prominent school board organization asked the government for help with parents protesting covid rules and crt. bill bennett former education secretary will be live. former governor. leo terrell all will be in the next hour.
4:57 am
shingles? camera man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks. yeah, but there's nothing you can do about it. camera man: actually, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? camera man: prevented. you can get vaccinated. baby, call the doctor. camera man: hey! you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles now.
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>> president biden is hitting the road in hopes of promoting the bill back better agenda. >> the democrats are trying to stick us with entitlement programs and they never ever go away. >> kyrsten sinema confronted by activist again this time reagan national airport. >> as part of the process. >> these protesters are so aggressive and what their aggressive about is really scary the merge to socialism. >> the facebook whistleblower will be testifying in front of the senate. >> the facebook stop draw almost
5:01 am
5%. >> invading couch is backtracking after saying it is too soon for americans to gather at christmas. >> that was misinterpreted i will be spending it with my family. >> touchdown, touchdown ♪ ♪ >> that in champaign illinois, champagne was named champaign illinois which was a song about it the bob dylan wrote called perkins during february 1969 and 1855 it was founded in
5:02 am
3 kilometers west of downtown irvine it. >> thank you. i wonder why it's named champagne. >> i'm just getting to that now, let me see. >> champagne is the city located at high grounds providing sources to the kawasaki river. >> why don't you google how champagne got its name. steve: they said let's start a town and they popped a bottle not so they named it. brian: is known for his college. population 89000. ainsley: have you been dishing e region maybe was 70 from that
5:03 am
region. steve: special guest as we continued the skeet shooting and nashville. ainsley: where are you going today. brian: coming up in a half hour i'm going to leave down and go down the magic staircase and ring the bell at nasdaq, you been watching the provost 25 years ago this week the fox news channel started in today with john nealon who is the coo of fox and suzanne scott of fox news media, j the president of fox news, sherry berg who is going to run fox whether, a number of the people from the very first year are going to be in attendance to ring the bell at 9:30 a.m. ainsley: you've never done before have you? steve: i've done it once before. ainsley: that's a bucket list item, you're getting to do it twice. let's talk about washington joe biden is going to leave d.c. area and had to michigan because
5:04 am
he's trying to unify his party which is completely divided, centrist and liberals in the democratic party and they are battling it out trying to navigate the infrastructure bill and reconciliation package and they can't see eye to eye on this, some say too much money, joe biden is blaming republicans for not raising the debt ceiling. >> not only are republicans choosing to lose their job but threatening to use the power, their power to prevent us from doing our job, saving the economy from a catastrophic event. i think quite frankly it's hypocritical, dangerous and disgraceful, there responsibility knows no bounds, especially as were clawing our way out of this pandemic. democrats will meet our responsibility and obligation to this country. brian: who would ever be so irresponsible as a senator not
5:05 am
to vote to raise the debt ceiling after all, come on mitch mcconnell you gave them four months notice and he said forever to pass his bill back better plan with the reconciliation plan and the bipartisan plan, today he's going out and is going to be campaigning to tell everyone what a great plan that no republicans will vote for and you have to wonder 1984, 2003, 2004, 2006 is that the same joe biden that we saw is that the same one voting against raising the debt ceiling. ainsley: when the shoe was on the other foot when republicans have controlled congress he did not want to raise the debt ceiling he did not side with the republicans now that she was on the other foot and is blaming republicans mitch mcconnell said you have all the boats, you have all the boats that you need you control both sides of congress, if you want this and talk to the democrats. steve: the democrats don't would be blamed next year of the party
5:06 am
that spent a bazillion dollars that we didn't have and raise a lot of people's taxes, here's what joe biden said in 2006 why he would not vow to raise the debt ceiling, my bill against the debt limit increase cannot change the fact that we have incurred this debt already in no doubt incur more, it's a statement that i refuse to be associated with in the policies that brought us to this point in the course yesterday he said will have to reason because although the money the donald trump ran up, nonetheless were coming to the clift because according to the experts were going to run out of money the united states of america is coming up in two weeks so we won't be able to pay our debts, tomorrow chuck schumer has scheduled a vote, i don't know why they're going to do that, nobody has revealed how he might be able to get ten republicans on board because so far that simply is not going to happen. brian: maybe if he passes the
5:07 am
bipartisan bill and says i'll put that on hold and i'll do the bipartisan bill, do me a favor and raise the debt ceiling that would've been something but instead he wanted all in the vilified republicans and states donald trump's debt i love and they bring up the fact that look how much debt republicans ran up that a pandemic really destroyed the economy for the last year and what he has is a recovering economy and he's pretending were in a down slide it into great recession, great depression where the bottom is falling out of the banking industry, none of the sayings of happen that's what causes and raises the gangs in this country you wonder why the country took over and he was a little angry he said he was going to bring us together and brought the speech that immobile their inauguration and now we find out he had no intention of living up to it listen to what he was saying yesterday, the anger that he brought, the demand he was making of
5:08 am
republicans. steve: get out of the way republican. brian: knowing he has his track record. to your point they would be able to pass in the senate everyone at the democrats vote the same way because they get 15 kamala harris, the problem for them is kyrsten sinema of arizona and joe manchin of west virginia, they are not on the same page they think it is fiscally irresponsible at this point in that price point at 3.5 trillion now because the two senators are standing in the way, the attention of so many of these aggressive activist that we had to tell you about this because they crossed the line. ainsley: look at the video to the left we told you this yesterday when kyrsten sinema was teaching at asu she goes into the bathroom and this lady follows her while she's in a stall into the right joe manchin house vote and protesters were
5:09 am
trying to talk to him on their kayaks and yelli things ar around. ainsley: exactly because he lives on that vote. kyrsten sinema was catching a flight, heading to d.c., heading there or leaving, she's at the reagan international airport and someone comes up to her and starts talking to her and really aggressive and she was on a cell phone. brian: she was on a plane and sat down next to her. ainsley: this lady was coming up to her and talking to her, i hear you and she eventually hangs up and get on the airplane it is confronted by another person on the plane. [inaudible] >> can you explain to the making people what you're planning on
5:10 am
cutting from the bill back better you want to cut climate priorities. >> they were sending them out to harass her, democrats joe manchin, democrat, if you look at her background she was elected, she was so tough and has gone purple and conservative enough and wasn't looked at the party enough. whatever he was a maverick embraced by the left, look at this guy standing up to his own party that thumbs down when it came to revoking obamacare she's looking at this bill say no go for the bipartisan but not the reconciliation bill, i don't agree need all the spending and i don't think this works to our benefit as a country and i agree with joe manchin just judging by a profile i cannot do a biography i think that's going to make her more determined to stand up to the president who obviously had an opportunity to
5:11 am
defend her and barely did it, if it was a member of the squad that was arrest, you better believe me they better open up the remarks before they did the debt ceiling by saying it so wrong to go after people on their belief. ainsley: he did not do that here is a positive i said and what jen psaki said. >> joe manchin had people show up to his vote and senator sinema was chased into a restroom, do you think those tactics -- >> the not appropriate tactics, they happen to everybody. it is part of the process. >> is an expert on the process has he ever been chased into a restroom. >> will happen this weekend was her students in the safe and intellectually stimulating environment she's worked to create a teaching at asu was breached that is inappropriate and unacceptable, the context of what happened, here's what's important despite the fact that
5:12 am
we stand for the president and the fundamental rights of people to protest to object to criticize as they often do against the white house. ainsley: he did say not appropriate but he said this is part of the process, this is what we've experienced. >> i don't think that's happening every day, we would be covering every day. ainsley: it should happen to democrats or republicans, but to surround someone's house, someone's mother on the phone and held them it's not civil. steve: highly members under visible members i'm sure they get hey, whatever good and bad but joe biden is talking about that and being part of the process, that's okay but he also said is inappropriate and it is once again so much attention is being paid by the aggressive activist because those two members of congress hold all the cards.
5:13 am
president biden is heading to michigan to talk about bill back better, we had on an hour ago restaurant owner in detroit by steve, he said so for the biden administration has let them down because they had $30 million in the restaurant revitalization fund, he did not get any of it and now his face in the supply chain problems, watch this. >> the biggest thing the irs fund and the way the government hand selected businesses to get funding and then did not for the rest. there was 28 billion and the fun and 80 billion that was requested. a lot of us got left out in the cold. the manufacturing aspect and the supply was the worst it's ever been i been in business 30 years and i've never once had to worry
5:14 am
if i was going to get cheddar cheese the next day or chicken, it is really bad right now. brian: didn't get any money from the restaurant revitalization fund and with the supply chain problems he's having trouble getting cheese and chicken fingers why isn't the president happy to supply chain summit to work these things out other ways people are going to get christmas presents. ainsley: is affecting everyone you noticed it, underneath the ordering spot if you're ordering anything online expect delays. steve: i was trying to buy cream of mushroom soup, they were out of it. ainsley: that the staple in our house. brian: let's talk about mandate madness you would think you have the freedom to get a vaccination but it's not going to happen when's the last time you protested or fired because you didn't get a flu shot that's how you look at the shot, and i have
5:15 am
teachers in new york city's injured told and you can get a vaccination by friday at 5:00 o'clock it turns out they did not, 95% have gotten their shots if you think that 75% gets herd immunity you would think they would get to the point that they don't have to fire people in chanting these teachers my body my choice to keep everything in our have nothing now you have teachers without a job at unpaid leave. >> 140,000 remain unvaccinated but 95% are vaccinated. so 8000 are out of 148,000 of department of education employees, 3000 out of 70000 teachers in 12 out of 1600 principles. ainsley: they will blind in front of the schools is a no entry permitted if you don't have a vaccination card you cannot come into the building.
5:16 am
steve: the kids suffer even more. last week we were talking about the people working in hospitals were going to get fired, a lot of them got fought out fired but because of the teachers union, because of the steel somebody did want to get the shot they're gonna go on unpaid leave, it turns out a whole bunch of people who were faced with unpaid leave got the shot yesterday but nonetheless 4000 employees by the united federation of teachers including 2000 teachers the one group of school employees that is most reluctant to get the shot, school safety officers, 84% of them have gotten the shot, yesterday close to 2000 of them. ainsley: we interviewed two of them earlier, we've interviewed somebody parents and the ones a special needs always say i don't have the tools at home to teach my kids, they need their
5:17 am
teachers, they were heroes when we were going to the pandemic and our being told are not going to get paid and they have to stay at home we interviewed two of the teachers, one has been teaching for 20 years in brooklyn at a special needs school, the other one in the bronx for 11 years and she teaches special needs children both of them are told they can't go to school, religious exemption and the other one does not want to get the shot. >> i'm disappointed that i cannot be there with my students at this time i was looking forward to coming back to the school year so we could work with the students because they lost two years already. looking back at exemption should be accepted it seems most exemptions or the medical were not accepted and we found it was unfair because we have the right to apply for these exemptions and accommodations and they should be honored. >> i did not apply for religious exemption because he went in and made no stipulation as to what
5:18 am
would be accepted and he nearly made it impossible for us to have any right under the new stipulations that he put in place. brian: i hope these teachers are the ones i wanted to go to the classroom and they still didn't want to get vaccinated i'm not saying that's the case, you can have that both ways before hundred 98 kids have been killed by covid since the pandemic began, which is terrible but is not even on a chart if you're looking to gauge it if you're looking at groundings, gun violence, fatal injuries, that outstrips any covid deaths and we destroyed schools, mandated people, destroyed teaching careers all for the protection of the kids who were about to lose more quality education. brian: the mayor said as soon as the teacher gets a shot or people who are missing yesterday can go right back to work and go right back.
5:19 am
brian: the mayor is still sleeping right now. ainsley: the teachers who are being not necessarily trained and there being taught as a sub. >> let's talk about the vaccine, johnson & johnson is asking the fda to approve a booster shot for the covid it vaccine, the company data finding the booster increases against the coronavirus 94% of moderate and severe cases the shot would be recommended for anyone 18 years or older. a woman in times square caught shoving a computer into the side of an approaching subway train, watches video is good happening just a second, just hours later a man accidentally shot himself in the leg in the same neighborhood, the third times square shooting this year and in the bronx borough a wild shootout caught on camera showing two groups taking aim as by standards docked for cover they are looking for suspects in
5:20 am
both incidents. the mayor of los angeles with an art show in hollywood it's not clear whether eric garcetti brought any of the pieces some costing $500,000 the gallery vowing to keep it a secret which could pose ethics issues the white house is saying as well he is divested from a private chinese equity firm that's a look at your headlines. brian: we still don't know they won't answer that question. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour the attorney general is collated the fbi to counter threats against school staffers as parents remain adamant to get critical race theory out of the classroom. bill bennett reacts to the fight against woke curriculum. ♪
5:21 am
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steve: the department of justice has directed the fbi to use the full authority to investigate any threat targeting school board officials this is days after prominent school board association the national school board association asked abiding a administration for help against parents who are critical of people who work for the school board in the schools and whatnot here to react fox news contributor and former reagan education secretary bill bennett, good morning to you. >> happy 2015 over three. steve: that's write all this week, over the last couple months we've seen loudoun county elsewhere, parents are upset with critical race theory and upset that the kids have to wear
5:26 am
masks and mandates and stuff like this and now you have the attorney general saying if anybody threatened somebody who works for school we need to have the fbi look into whether or not it is a credible threat. >> yes, the fbi no one should be threatened, no one should be attacked physically, violence is obviously not appropriate but the criticism of school board members is entirely appropriate given what's going on in the schools we should have more of it, this is the empire strikes back, years ago when i was at education secretary i had the phrase called the block which is the education establishment so you might say this is the revenge the blob is striking back but to use the power of the fbi to suggest that parents should shut up which is what they're saying and let the schools do whatever they want to do, this notion that parents
5:27 am
should not have a major say in the education of their children, this is what is at stake right now. steve: historically if there is a threat, i know the national school board association cited some guy in illinois went to school board meeting, one of the people on the board but there was somebody who apparently, a letter was sent to a school board member and they said were coming after you and forcing you to wear a mask for no reason other than control and for that you will pay dearly that is something that historically local law enforcement would look into but now you have the full weight of the department of justice behind it. >> local law enforcement can handle that we don't need to fire the fbi but if they're doing that maybe doug walked to the people following senator sinema and others in the bathrooms and intimidating them, they are saying this is terrorism, when parents speak up
5:28 am
against school board members, this is overkill and this will not go down well and it should not go down well, we are in serious discussion here about american schooling, i talked to a parent the other night who said i pulled all my kids at a public school because the teachers were saying what gender do you want to be today, what gender do you want to be next week, what pronouns do you like, this is a full employment for homeschooling villages schools given the reaction of the public school establishment, i am trying to fight that with colleagues, we're trying to take on the whole idea of critical race theory but in a broadway in a positive way offering a curriculum the story of america it is eighth-grade, for eighth graders and they take american history the junior year in high school and it's pretty much a requirement all across the country and it meets state
5:29 am
standards, literacy and history it's a fantastic program and rather than encourage the darkness we think we got a light a candle and that's what were trying to do here. >> is former secretary of education you can't stop teaching if there are educators who are looking at right now and thinking i want to know more about bill bennett's story of america, how do they access this curriculum, where do they find it. >> we are making it right now we're putting it together but you go to the d-day, businessman, entrepreneur collins in dallas, a very generous philanthropist has decided to do this, he has asked me too help with the use of my book american last best hope we going to tell the truth about the american story i wrote a book on american history which is well reviewed, believe it or not by liberals as well as conservatives they said it was balance straight down the middle
5:30 am
and were going to make this book available and other lesson plans, it's in english and spanish and we think it's the answer to the current debate about american history let's get this right, let's tell the truth. steve: when it's available come back and we'll talk more. thank you very much. >> i'll bring a can of mushroom soup next time. steve: just rub it in that you can get it, i'm telling you. >> i'm not sure that i can. steve: coming up andrew yang who was running for president is ditching the democrat party and calling out the political system for being too polarized leo terrell left the democratic party and is going to react coming up life a live look at the nasdaq market site where i have the honor of ringing the opening bell to celebrate the 25th anniversary of fox news i'm going to head over in a couple of minutes, you're watching "fox & friends" live from the heart of new york city. ♪
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♪. ainsley: fox news is gearing up for our 25th anniversary celebration and seems to be heading down to wall street where he will ring the opening bell this morning. steve: i'm going to have help we will have all the bosses, john neyland, the ceo, jay wallace, and a lot of the folks who are here as i was like jon scott is going to be there, eric shawn, laura green, neil cavuto. ainsley: how fun. steve: it in our were going to ring the bell, tomorrow we will bring some highlights. thank you for making is number one in campbell news for many years it all started 25 years ago this week. ainsley: so exciting you been watching all of the snippets that we do in the hour-long
5:37 am
special. brian: as of the fact that there are people on there that are normally. ainsley: a lot of people behind the scenes from the beginning you can watch it on fox nation. brian: have you watch me doing interview? ainsley: i'm going to step aside. all you. brian: this democratic presidential nominee andrew yang analyses leaving the party he sounded off saying i am confident that no longer being a democrat is the right thing, our system is stuck many of the people i know are doing all the good that they can but their impact is constrained now that i'm not a member of the party or another i feel like i can be more honest about the system in the people in it, here to react to your terrel of the democratic party, i don't know how well you know, do you understand the sentiment. >> i understand but is not being honest/.
5:38 am
he left the democratic party just like i did he is not welcome it is too far left you never seen andrew yang with aoc or the extreme left he does not believe in open borders he is not being honest he is not in that progressive wing, he ran for president and he ran and progressive new york city for mayor and he lost, what is he's trying to tell you is the party is to extreme just like me he needs to join he said east joining an independent, really he needs to become a republican look at me look how happy i am being a trump republican. brian: i've never seen you happier, i will say andrew's self-made success story i remember when he was first on the scene he had a lot of young people especially social media president saint who is this guy i wondered why he was a democrat, he's a self-made guy. >> is been a democrat for 26
5:39 am
years but everyone in this country knows the democrat is far left it is not the same party that i belong to it is the party of george soros and what andrew young is not being honest about where he talks about moving into an independent is that the party left me last year, that's why i left, if andrew yang really wants to galvanize this country, tell the truth, he led the democratic party to the two extreme. brian: we have a president this is is moderate but when you have a choice of siding with the moderator the extreme socialist he went extreme socialist way, why? >> because it would become irrelevant. the democratic party has been hijacked by the extreme left, joe biden has no choice it's taken over by bernie sanders, aoc and the far left, he is a man on an island and has no other alternative.
5:40 am
brian: i guess you're right but joe manchin had no problem telling everybody with a microphone i've never been a liberal i've always been moderate and that 2:00 a.m. and i wonder why joe biden doesn't want to say that, thank you so much. straight ahead republican governors are heading down south to get a look at the border crisis as a crisis in every sense of the word kevin stitt will preview that trip, tim montana is inviting friends to visit ski competition to support military nonprofits that includes fellow country singer michael ray, he will join us live. ♪
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>> we have nation-state threats, terror threats, they are real, they exist and they want to come across the border. >> when you hear the border is secure now as it was before, what do you say. >> that is not true. ainsley: that's retired border patrol chief rodney scott sounding the alarm on the threats that are facing our country from our southern border after he was forced out of his position by dividing the administration the warning comes as ten republican governors from across the nation are heading down to texas to join greg abbott for a news conference about how the escalating crisis is impacting more than just border states one of the governors is kevin from oklahoma and he joins us now, good morning governor. >> at morning, how are you
5:46 am
doing. ainsley: are you going down there after the biden administration denied texas the federal money to help with the border crisis, is that one of the reasons. >> absolutely, this crisis president biden has created at the border is unbelievable, we are having methamphetamine, fentanyl deaths increased by 150% we have indicted a drug kingpin with 2000 pounds of math coming in from mexico this is not just hurting oklahoma, it is hurting allstate somewhere border state and the state of texas. ainsley: the governors go together represent texas, idaho, montana, nebraska, ohio, oklahoma, south dakota and wyoming let's talk about this i was reading this 700 afghan evacuees who have walked off the military base, that's been reported before receiving the settlement services do you know anything about these people have we vetted them at all? >> i don't know specifically
5:47 am
about that but when i talked to national guard and oklahoma national guard, these allies in these people that risked their lives as interpreters, it is right for them, they have been vetted and came illegally, and oklahoma we believe in freedom and were welcoming some of those interstate. ainsley: wiki. the stories that some of these planes people were jumping on seats were empty but if they could get a seat they were necessarily vetted the administration say they are betting but they were hearing stories about them taking a bruise in the military bases and a letter from gop senators to secretary mayorkas and austin says this the security betting procedure to clear afghans entering the country remain unclear in a complete and unless changed are insufficient to preserve the safety of the american homeland, a lot of americans are worried about that and now we have an open border as well. >> when i think about the southern border, the hypocrisy
5:48 am
on covid is unbelievable in this administration they are not letting british nationals come to oklahoma, come to the united states to check other businesses that are paying taxes and yet there letting tens of thousands of people across their border and 18% are testing positive for coping, it is disingenuous, political theater, everything that comes out of this administration is political. ainsley: that afghanistan veterans and oklahoma city memorial marathon, thank you so much for doing that, tell me about it. >> is my third time to run the marathon as a run to remember it's very important to our state i want to honor those men and women that fought for our country and for freedoms, i also had kristen who ran on behalf of the goldstar family lost her brother in afghanistan it was a great time and we have a challenge can you beat the governor so we encourage all of oklahomans to put a relay race
5:49 am
together and challenge them to come and run and beat the governor and it's a lot of fun for city interstate. ainsley: have you recovered? >> i have, i didn't run quite the whole marathon i did 3.1-mile lag. ainsley: you did that in order the goldstar families and veterans from afghanistan, thank you. coming up next, we had to nashville where joey jones is hanging out and country star tim montana and rachael ray but let's check in with her friend dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> you have all the good country music. ainsley: we try. >> thank you so much, were gonna talk about this the last relentless pounding of kyrsten sinema continues, president biden said it is part of the process, is it really, we will ask karl rove, whistleblower would testify on capitol hill at 10:00 a.m. after widespread outages made the bad week even worse in the justice department will investigate parents who are
5:50 am
bullying school boards across the country, or are they fighting for their children, plus ted williams has a hunch about brian laundrie and hotel is all about it.
5:51 am
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brian: i would like to check in with janice dean with the fox weather, is janice around? >> i see you right there. >> current temperature 60 here, 60 in chicago, pulled her ears from the west we will have snow across the rockies and the sierra, happens this time of year, the potential for showers and thunderstorms in flash flooding unfortunate for parts of the southeast into the tennessee river valley that is the area that got record-breaking brain a couple of weeks ago that will be a concern as the system moves up towards ohio river valley, forecast rainfall over the next couple of days, the bull's-eye right there in the mid-south we will watch that and watch the potential for flooding and know what they do if there is a flood, very warm across essential u.s. above average temperatures 10 - 25 degrees
5:55 am
above average, i don't know what's happening today, satellite radar weather system moving into southern california and snow in those mountains, you dazzled me brian, you did great. you got the recurring speed when you're watching the music video for whiskey and rain for michael ray who will perform as the second annual tim montana the clay chute the event raises money for military nonprofits. brian: he joins us with tim montana in joey jones. joey, take away. >> were just about to get started i know you're wrapping it up were about to get started a few shotguns to raise money at some point were to play country music we are michael ray, why is it that country music is where
5:56 am
patriotism and love in this country and supporting military why are they an ominous. >> i think country music is a passion, it's an american story in the and in the road when it goes hand-in-hand because it is hand-in-hand, part of the same livestock. >> tim, mid-contract, that's the title of the song what is it about that that inspired this event. >> the song clicked and talked about that and i wanted to write that the fabric of america were all one piece at the end of the day no matter where were from were american-made, that is a good title that's reason for the charity event. here we are marketing and branding it's all about giving back to the unity of this country.
5:57 am
>> music inspires people changes lives and make things better and today is inspired an event on the second annual run and there's a lot of amazing patriots in the raising money in our publicity for really good calls. brian: i guess you guys can hear me why was it important out of everything that you had to do why was it important to be here today. >> is one of my best friends and he call me too be a part of this event and anytime i can use my platform and get back to our country and veterans they gave us reason to go from a small town in florida to have a record deal and be here for these guys anytime i get back to show my support to them i'm always going to show up to do it, it's very fortunate for me too be here. >> i know when we talk to you earlier you were telling us about these charities and where the money goes will you tell the folks that are tuning in more about that. >> were raising money for special excursions they take active duty guys between employment and hunting and fishing trips and help them
5:58 am
relax and take their minds off the war zone in appointments and children have falling patriots that have scholarships for fallen shoulders it's always important to take care of active duty guys as a veteran and families to cover both sides. ainsley: what are the stories that you have heard. >> incredible stuff when we get these guys in the woods they are decompressing a master we got to raise a bunch of money that cannot afford that, hearing the guises stories and hearing them speak at this event fixing the speaking with the movement is emotional and powerful it makes you want to do more to help. >> these two charity service the family and active-duty i'm a wounded guy and a lot of charity service me and take care of me but the charities that take care of the other heroes that are not as publicized and talked about that's an amazing thing. brian: absolutely makes especially challenging this year with a terrible way that we left
5:59 am
afghanistan he of the invisible rules have people wondering about their service what you do for that and what is this do for that mindset. >> you bring the folks to this event and americans around the country he support these charities and events like this matter because they give people insight into how patriotic this country is in their community that's how we combat that and letter people know we love them and appreciate their service. ainsley: you make me want to work out get a tattoo. brian: in ainsley's case and others had to. ainsley: i don't have any, not yet. >> i have a guy here he will hook you up. brian: thank you so much for charity american thread we appreciate it.
6:00 am
ainsley: if you want to join in the celebration of the 25th anniversary you can send us your video shot out e-mail them to brian: am enjoying not only watching the channel but the officials of the specials each one really surprised me. ainsley: fox took a chance on us, even in this together, thank you for watching every day. brian: this is my junior prom theme song i never thought i would hear it again good morning i'm dana, bill is off


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