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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 5, 2021 12:00am-12:47am PDT

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i am in on the fight if you wanted. me versus you. i'll wind back. that's all the time we have left. the ball is in your court. please set your dvr. never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham is next. see you back here tomorrow night. night. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. laura: this is the ingrandmother from washington. the cdc says the covid vaccine doesn't stop the spread of the virus so why are we banning unvaccinated teachers in the classroom. we talked to one teacher who is taking her case to court. and domestic terrorists. what the national school board association wants to label
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parents who stand up for the kids and biden insults the american people and they are talking back. raymond arroyo has been seen and unseen but first big blue cities block america, that is the focus of tonight's angle. can't say we didn't try to warn them. is becoming more obvious by the day these power-hungry governors and radical mayors are endangering their states futures and will eventually be their states left behind, we tried to warn red and blue states if they went the way of europe and slow roll their reopenings the free states would leave them all behind and sure enough it has all come to pass. democrat run states and cities that dragged their feet on reopening and continue to weigh down their businesses and schools with all these mandates are bringing down the economy for the rest of america.
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one bloomberg columnist looked at 7 metro regions, new york, la, san francisco, chicago, dc, boston, and philly. while all those places accounted for 20% of job losses at the beginning of the pandemic, they are not responsible for a staggering 44.8% of the job losses and when you break out further the picture looks even more grim, national average unemployment rate is 5.2% but for new york and la it is 10%, chicago still atrocious at 8%. so why is this happening. because not everyone has the luxury of working from home, many high skilled service workers started to work remotely, low skill service workers in big cities bore most of the recent pandemic economic impact. anyone with a little bit of gray matter upstairs should have seen
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this freight train of an unemployment problem coming. it is also harmful, it is also a necessary. lawyers and accountants picked up knitting and beekeeping but doctor fauci and the covid enforces didn't consider what they were doing here. the facts tell us something very important about what is going on, about the trillions of dollars in new taxing and spending the president biden after everything we've been through wants to ram through. we don't need any of it. most of the was economy is doing fine and the blue city simply need to fully reopen, bring
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everyone back to work and just was we've been saying for months. there is plenty of pent-up demand out there and plenty of job opportunities for people just getting started in the workplace but the blue state mayors, your friends like lori lightfoot, eric garcetti, bill deblasio adamantly refused to do the right thing and instead are doing everything possible to prevent life from returning to normal. >> is my message to all the mayors of america, put these mandates in place. >> we cannot maximize the safety of our workplaces without people being fully vaccinated. that is my goal. >> the goal. imagine if they operated with the savvy of our friends in nashville or phoenix. the left demands obscene new levels of spending this is happening at the same time, energy policies they are dictating are having a devastating effect on the same working people getting hammered on the other side, the cost of oil recently spiked to its highest price since 2014 and we are seeing headlines in june that said things are going to get worse, natural gas going
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through the roof, this winter americans can expect the utility bills but it is not just utility bills. president biden's climate crusade will lead to higher prices on everything else. natural gas is consumed in large volume to make plastic, fertilizer, steel and cement, climbing gas prices are adding to the cost of producing manufactured goods at a time when investors are on the edge about the potential for runaway inflation. this isn't an accident. it is democratic policies. president biden's team and his supporters on the hill actually want you to travel less, to buy less and to enjoy life less, their war on oil and gas is an immediate tax on every american that we are going to pay every day until the gop returns to power and now on top of that they want to spend trillions more. biden and the left want to radically change america forever. >> need to expand medicaid and
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do something about expanding medicare. >> can you vote for a bill that has the hyde amendment and it? >> know. we cannot afford to increase carbon or fossil fuel emissions at this time. >> we can't afford you. can you imagine the fraud and cronyism that this massive level of spending is going to invite. the doj can't keep up with the ppp fraud. they moved the money out so quickly to people and businesses, now it looks like as much as 15% of it was wrongly award.
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one study puts the losses a staggering $76 billion of ppp fraud. and at the same time all this is happening president biden is flat-out lying the. he claims we can take trillions of dollars, wasted on government programs and the net cost is 0. >> raising the debt limit is about paying off our old debts. has nothing to do with any new spending being considered. has nothing to do with my plan for infrastructure or building back better. 0. both of which, i might add, i paid for. >> it would be laughable if it weren't so troubling but desperate men do desperate things. the democrats are headed for a wipeout next year's congressional elections, they know president biden is a failure and harris is where so now they are trying to borrow and tax as much as possible even though our only economic problems result from the foolish intransigence of their own mayors and their own governors and as they get closer to defeat, they will harass people like manchin from the water.
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>> this is an investment. this is investing. >> they went after senator cinema in what should be a very private moment. so much for dignity and return to normal the president biden promised. there just pathetic people watching their dream to control americans and standards of living slipping away. they see it, they feel it. president biden is on board with the ones who are in the water or in the bathroom but that was ages ago. the bathroom ambush wasn't appropriate. >> i don't think they are appropriate tactics. the only people that doesn't happen to our people with secret service standing around them. it is part of the process.
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>> forget manchin and senate. all 50 senate democrats should be denouncing this type of behavior. their silence speaks volumes about how far left the party has gone. the democrats are right to think the spending debate is their last chance. it is their last chance to show that they haven't been completely taken over by the left. it is their last chance to show they still believe in our basic economic system and their last chance to encourage that we will return to normal. if they don't take it, if they keep pushing for trillions of dollars that will spur inflation, hurt americans more the voters will know who to blame and that is the angle. joining me is larry kudlow, former trump white house economic advisor. president biden did promise to bring us dignity and normal course of business, it was going to be back to normal. where are we right now? >> save america, kill the bill,
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that is the first order of business and your point about these blue cities, the blue cities with high welfare dependency and massive spending in the highest tax rate in the country, are a microcosm of what the biden plan is nationwide. he has thrown his lot with the far left progressive movement. that happened in the house caucus, no dealer infrastructure. he just did what the progressives wanted. now it is a question of you have to beat him on the substance, have to beat him on the policies. laura: president biden did what he does best when he gets into a pickle, blame the other guy. watch. >> raising the debt limit is about paying off our old debts. there's nothing to do with any
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new spending. the reason we have to raise the debt limit is because of the reckless tax and spending policies under the previous trump administration. >> he scratches his face when he knows he's not telling the truth, you did encourage some borrowing, we spent more money than we had during the trump years but had sound economic results on the other side of it. >> we had sharp tax cuts and the results were terrific on low unemployment across the board. middle-class gains 10,$000 in family income. poverty went down. inequality went down. those are terrific achievements but there was a lot of pandemic rescue spending and borrowing in 2020 but other than the defense buildup trump's budget management was fine.
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i love it when biden plays the victim and blames trump. i just love it. you blame trump for the disaster in afghanistan, blaming trump for the catastrophe at the border, now he wants to blame trump for economic policies. biden is going to reverse these policies as you said in your introduction, all this spending will create higher inflation, tax hikes are going to sweep across the board and lose jobs and shrink the economy and lower worker wages. you've got a big government dependency on welfare. give joe manchin some credit, he wants to means test any entitlements, but time limits and end back work fair. there's a link between work and federal systems. the progressives, bernie sanders
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don't want work fair. they don't want means testing and that cuts to the very heart of the american soul. work is dignity and the democrats are trying to overturn that. >> congressman cliburn has some thoughts on why we shouldn't think $3.5 trillion is all that much money. >> we need to stop talking about these 10 year numbers. that is what got people in the black. they don't realize when you use the 3.5 number you are talking about 10 years. if you can focus on what we are trying to do we will get to a good place. laura: your response? >> those numbers aren't the real numbers because it would be over $5 trillion. i just want to say these democratic talking points on the sunday news shows and so forth, the bernie sanders budget is dead. with you think it is $5 trillion or $4 trillion or $3.5 trillion, save america, kill the bill.
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manchin and cinema have basically killed that bill. you can play budget games, you can have budget gimmicks, long-term programs that are permanent, welfare and entitled, you can score on 3 years or 5 years and bring the top line number down but what i said before i think is absolutely crucial to the future of this country. people should receive assistance if they are truly needy but they need to be tested, there are time limits and they should go back to the clinton gingrich welfare reforms of 25 years ago. there should be work requirements and education requirements so that people who are underwater confined the latter of opportunity.
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socialism and welfare dependency is never going to be work. it will be the ruin of this country. laura: everyone has to call and email there congressman and senators and tell them to kill this bill. let's get back to work, america. thank you for explaining this tonight and democrats only have one party to blame for their failure on reconciliation and the debt ceiling and they are going to try to blame trump. the president biden won't stop. >> not only are republicans refusing to do their job, they are threatening to use their power to prevent us from doing our job, saving the economy from a catastrophic event. quite frankly i think it is hypocritical, dangerous and disgraceful. there obstruction and irresponsibility knows no bounds. >> on in arkansas senators on cotton. your irresponsibility and selfishness knows no bounds. the senate parliamentarian said the democrats could raise the debt limit on their own so how is the gop's fault?
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>> president biden's hypocrisy knows about. president biden voted against 3 times in the bush era, something human is today or maybe has just forgotten it but the democrats have spent or want to spend $7 trillion on a partyline basis to enact their agenda and they want us to give them votes to borrow that money, that's not going to happen. republicans are not going to give democrat $7 trillion to an actor social agenda and don't know what they are waiting on. mitch mcconnell so you have the votes, trying to ram to the socialist agenda on a partyline basis, democrats have called mitch mcconnell the grim reaper of the senate, they shouldn't be surprised when the grim reaper of the senate tools their ideas. >> because of caucus members said he's open to compromising on the 3.5 and as the reason for it.
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while alrey beck studies and even the cdc has to acknowledge that. it is kind of a strange thing, but doctor fauci had many things to say about vaccine mandates for schools. >> having a vaccine requirement for schools is not a new novel thing that is peculiar or specific to covid 19. we have been doing this for decades. my children could not have gone
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to school if they had not gotten vaccinated with measles, mumps and rubella. when we see push back on that it is as if this never happened before. it is ongoing with other vaccines. laura: have you had to get a rubella booster or smallpox booster? i don't think so. a little different. >> i think that is a really good point. there has never been a vaccine requirement to teach in new york city public schools in new york state that has not been there at all. with covid vaccinesmparison bet vaccine and mm are shot is ridiculous. you can compare the covid vaccines of the flu shot, if you want to take the flu shot or if you don't want to take the flu shot it is scary when you see people like the good doctor who i'm glad to see on the show with me today taken out of the debate and this becomes far more
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political than it becomes about science. >> we are going to have the fda approval of vaccine for 5 to 12-year-olds soon. you get the sense this, they are ramping this up, this is coming. where are we going to be then? if teachers are upset, not all of them but some of them are then what are parents of 5 to 12-year-olds going to be saying in a few months? what are they going to do? >> makes no sense to me. this should be a choice parents make in conjunction with consultation with their doctors just like we do with many other treatments. making this forced mandate breeds distressed in public health and in other vaccines.
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the vaccine movement the movement that was against vaccines was a tiny fringe movement before this. by these coercive measures they've taken that movement and turned it into a much larger movement. it is damaging to public health, damaging to children because it bread distressed. i don't understand the push behind it especially for kids, the risk of covid is so low, to mandate the vaccine is not a sterilizing vaccine unlike the mri vaccine which is. it is very different. to treat it as if it were the same doctor fauci is conflating things intentionally to get his way rather than acknowledging a basic scientific fact. laura: maybe you will be able to celebrate christmas but maybe not if we have to check in with doctor fauci, we will be following this case. thank you for joining us tonight and the brand-new chant heard across the country and biden's new insult to the american people, only raymond arroyo can
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break it down, seen and unseen is next. >> i got into this business because i wanted the action. my job is chaos. i want to get out on the front lines of the biggest thing that's happening. i want to get it to the viewers. when i went to iraq, my instructions were to go there, cover it, see with ac. experience what they experience. good, bad, ugly and bring it home. jumping on helicopters with paratroopers. those are real bullets. i would be dumb if i wasn't scared sometimes. i hope i was bringing a little bit of comfort to families. if they saw the report, saw their loved one or saw a guy who knew their loved one, they knew they were okay at least that moment in
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we can to cut to the chase. >> this is the same justice department that is trying to enforce mask mandates for children all across the country and the other reason people are ticked is president biden is refusing to answer legitimate question. he was asked a foreign-policy question about ethiopia. 's response -- >> >> president biden: i will not answer about ethiopia, we don't want to confuse the american people.
12:43 am
>> i can read his mind, he said i don't know when the tapioca is ready, ready soon, ethiopia, tapioca sounds the same. i am hungry. tell us about the situation with the health system in louisiana. >> the largest medical system requiring not only their employees but their employees spouses to be vaccinated or they will face fines of $200 a month. the cost of covid care is expensive and the unvaccinated should bear the cost, this is only the beginning, you know what is going to happen? next it will be the children, then relatives and who knows -- laura: is only the spouses or could there be overnight guests too, anyone who crosses the threshold, it sounds like - all these young kids are shacking up
12:44 am
these days. >> they keep adding people, it was the employees, and everybody the employee comes in contact with but i have a one word response to all of these vaccine mandates and that one word is a latin, disney's all that and opened on broadway, the required vaccination of cast, crew, every member of the audience, they had a covid outbreak, had to shutdown the show for one night, tried it again, now they are shuttered for two weeks, two weeks so clearly these breakthrough cases - >> write a song for covid to single one jump ahead of the vaccine, the cdc has a lot to answer. >> it is non-sterilizing immunity as time goes on. that is a sad fact. we had an update tonight, north well which is the largest employer of healthcare in new
12:45 am
york fired 1400 healthcare workers effective tonight so they are going to bring in all the foreign workers, deblasio - o come from local, bring in foreign workers, great to see you in the left is demonizing parents to stand up to the rogue school boards that is destroying the country and the curriculum of schools and the biden justice department maybe will criminalize the actions of those parents, we are going to tell you what is at stake here next. stake. it's a lot. next.
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>> laura: this is good. the biden doj is wading into the laura: the biden doj is waiting to the school curriculum mores but not on the side of the parents. merrick garland ordered the fbi and us attorneys offices to investigate the supposedly eyes in threats against school board officials a few days after the national school board association asked the biden administration to use the patriot act against parents claiming some of the threats they are getting or a form of domestic terrorism. joining me is a parent in loudoun county, virginia where all of this is happening. you have gone to school board meetings advocating for your children and you have a right to do so. now they want to label your potential domestic terrorist. >> they sure do.
12:52 am
i actually had one school board member in my situation posted a picture of me online in the context that i was part of the terroristic boardroom take which is not what happened. i was singing on the national and the which is a song of unity and i had to get a cease and desist order for that to be taken down which did happen but i am a small business owner in my county so it could do some damage. laura: the thing i find most interesting about this, the response confirms the efficacy of your protest or your advocacy i should say. if you weren't being effective, if they weren't worried politically they wouldn't be running to the doj. they want to protect themselves from scrutiny period.
12:53 am
>> that letter to the president to declare us domestic terrorists on par with al qaeda was their effort, parents know what is going on. we are doing everything we can to get it out there by being on the media, by trying to recall our school boards, we need to keep the pressure on because they want to silence us and we can't let them win at that. we 19 the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia said parents don't have a right to argue about what is going on in their school curriculum. >> enough said. anyone who votes for him, that is what they are going to get. we need to pay attention. this is an important election for is coming up, hopefully we
12:54 am
can flip the state but our efforts here were never political. it began as a grassroots organization. we are just angry parents, we are not democrat, we are not republican to where moms and dads. laura: isn't it quite a diverse group, when i was on these facebook pages, there were asian americans, sikh americans, a bunch of different people. this is not like - >> this has nothing to do with anything except a parent's burning desire to protect their kid. when you come to that - - >> we will be following domestic terrorism, that tells you everything we need to know, we will be right back.
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>> laura: well, big news
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tonight, according to politico, the nih director -- he's been there for over three decades -- francis collins, is going to announce he'll be leaving laura: big news according to politico. the nih director who has been there for three decades, francis collins, is going to announce he will be leaving the agency. will fauci be next? francis collins is an subject to many foia requests and some of not been responded to. will they ever be? we will keep you up to date. gutfeld is next. >> to protect me and millions like me. >> tuesday october 5th. activists deploy more aggressive tactics against moderate democrats standing in the way of president biden's spending plan but the commander-in-chief says this is part of being a politician. >> at the same time president biden


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