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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 4, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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george soros is trying to do with the cityrd of austin, texa. you can find out what he's trying to do to the city of chicago. we did a whole episode about it. "chicago in crisis" streaming now on fox nation. the entire episode on george soros. he went -- we went to hungary to find out. that's worth watching. see you tomorrow night. >> americans held hostage. abandoned behind enemy lines. day 51. >> sean: day 51, our fellow americans, that's right abandon.ha thousands of americans. green card holders are eligible to be in this country abandoned. afghan allies, tens of thousands of them, abandoned. their families abandoned behind enemy lines thanks to joe biden intimate is more clear than ever joe biden and his radical
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socialist friends are completely, totally incompetent and clueless and have no desire to help bail out our fellow americans. they caused this. this is entirely preventable. they are not lifting a finger to help americans in need. everything they do because it is an unmitigated disaster. look at the record. afghanistan, the border covid-19, labor day last year versus this year. 300% increase. look at the economy, look at inflation. look at eliminating energy independence that we had achieved under the trump administration for the first time in 75ev years. we are paying about $1.50 more a gallon and joe is begging opec to produce more energy. you could ask texas and oklahoma and north dakota and alaska. they can increase their production and guess what, we could be energy independent again. you can secure the border finish the wall. keep the remained in mexico policy. that problem would be solved too.
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should go back and get our fellow americans in afghanistan. biden's approval ratings with an all-time low and this year at sporting events all across the country, jimmy kimmel, pay attention, guess what. they have been chanting the following. f joe biden. take a look. >> [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. >> sean: the biden administration is a train wreck. democrats are in a civil war and we, you the american people have no reason to be r happy over any elect end over the h weekend moe chants. look at talladega speedway. >> you also told me, you can hear. >> sean: the media mob doing everything possible to protect joe biden. first it was the candidate
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production program. now it's the presidential protection program, task going more impossible by the hour. another crisis for joe biden his insane spending bills socialism bills, they are stuck in limbo. they cannot be passed the moment. doesn't seem like any time in the near future. s majorities in the house, senate democrats are unable to pass their own trillion dollar infrastructure bill as well as their radical new green deal socialist film. $3.5 trillion, there build back better proposal. that raises taxes on all of us. the holdup, of course we have a civil war standoff between liberal democrats and the more socialist bordering on communist democrats. on friday but many are calling a weird, hollow gesture.t joe biden did nothing. he limped over to the capital and encouraged his fellow democrats to get along and play
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nice. according to a political reporter, joe was willing to take questions from congressmen and senators on the press, his staff.f. oh, going to get in trouble. they get mad at me. they are going to yell at me if i take a question. i'm not allowed. joe, you're the president. it's a must n as of joe biden isn't in charge. his staff knows that he's a cognitive mess. we know for a fact that radical socialists ruling the democratic party with an iron fist. per usual, they are definitely not playing nice. look at this in arizona. one unhinged group of activistsg including several illegal immigrants stacking democratic senator kyrsten sinema. they chased her into a bathroom stall and they stayed outside the stall and kept filming. wow. >> we need to build back better plan right now.
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>> we need solutions. the build back better plan has the solutions we need. >> sean: stand there and film while she is going to the bathroom. senator sinema, one of only two democrats refusing to rubber-stamp guidance in saying and it is insane. we can't afford it. these policies will fail. false promises. you'll get up your freedom. it will result in more poverty like every socialist utopia in the past has done. 3.5 trillion. there are eco-socialist amnesty for all spending bill. she is calling out democratic leadership for their "inexcusable, deeply disappointing actions." senator sinema's colleague joe manchin, also refusing to sign off on this monstrosity. the liberal democrat from west virginia will only commit to a meree $1.5 trillion bill. okay. some level of fiscal responsibility i guess.
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i don't agree should be spending a penny especially after all the money we had to spend as it relates to the worst pandemic since 1917 and '18. even manchin is confronted by activists on his house votean on the potomac. first, you might be wondering what does joe biden think about his fellow democrats being stalked and harassed by other democrats? you would think maybe joe biden would speak out, right? according to joe, it's just part of a process. for those that don't enjoy the secret service protection that he enjoys. take a look. >> joe manchin had people kayaked to his boat. senator sinema was chased into a restroom. do you think those tactics are appropriate? >> i don't think they are appropriate but it happens to everybody. the only people that it doesn't happen to our people who have service -- secret service.
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it's part of the process. see you and you won't stick up for your fellow senators. i guess it's all part of the process. you getting f joe biden'd all over the country. getting videotaped in a bathroom stall. is that part of the process you support? what happened to standing up for a woman's right to privacy. what about showing up at someone's house and shouting them down where they live? that's part of the process? what if someone came to your basement in your midday nap? it's not appropriate. it's wrong. i the it's unethical. you should've stuck up for both manchin and sinema. mob rule is never part of the process but that's right, you wouldn't even talk aboutht the 4 riots in the summer of 2020. democrats only want to talk about january 6th. they don't want to talk about the riots that killed dozens of americans, injured thousands of cops, pelted with bricks and rocks and bottles and molotov cocktails and people, dozens of people killed.
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thousands of cops injured. joe biden, it's what he's been an entire life. dishonest, lifelong swamps were politician ingrained with all ways swamp. joe biden just can't stop lying -- about $3.5 trillion bill back better bill. it's bumper sticker and a slogan and a lie. he is someone this claiming still climbing. people on his staff are claiming that we spend $3.5 trillion it will cost you nothing. that's a lie. even "the washington post" accused biden of lying, gave him a few pinocchios for that one referring to his lie is a dubious gimmick. he was reaction former vice president of the united states, mike pence is back with us. it's great to see you. i'd like to have a adults back in action and working. that would be good.
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let me start with this question. did you ever imagine in our lifetime that we would ever see a president of the united states. i know that you wouldn't do it. i know donald trump wouldn't do it. mike pompeo wouldn't do it. abandon fellow americans 13 days after promising that he wouldn't abandon any americans? did you everat see that happeni? >> let me be clear on this point. for your viewers. the biden administration's disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan was the greatest foreign policy debacle since the iran hostage crisis and it never had to happen. the deal that our administration negotiated actually was finished in february of 2020. that was a matter of weeks after president trump given the order to take out qassem soleimani. it was just a few months after
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we had eliminated the isis caliphate and taken down al-baghdadi. keeping the dealag to work with the afghan government, not harming any american personnel in afghanistan and not be a safe harbor for terrorists, or we would hit them harder than we ever hit them before. we went 18 months without a single american casualty in afghanistan. weakness arouses evil, sean, and there's no question that the weakness evidenced by the biden administration i would say beginning when they were silento when thousands of rockets were rain down on our cherished ally israel from hamas sent signal into afghanistan that we would not respond. you saw, as you saw it earlier you saw the taliban march in and walk into kabul.
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i really want people to know that i believe with all my heart that this never had to happen. i would grieve for the 13 service members who were lost. karen and i prayed and spent time with the family of corporal humberto sanchez from indiana. it's hard for me to say it but it just didn't have to happen. it's an example of what weak leadership means on the world stage and it's such a contrast to the heavy handed leadership of this administration at home. we have a president who is weak abroad but very content to be lecturing the american people about vaccine attempting to drive through the congress would be not just the largest spending bill in history the country, it would be the largest tax increase in the
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history of the country. the joint taxation committee in congress that it would raise taxes in just a matter of a few years on americans who make over $40,000 a year. w we have got to dig in, tell the story of what they're doing. i truly do believe that the voice of the american people can turn back this massive big government socialist bill.ig i am doing my level best. >> sean: i want to stay on one issue and i have this confirmed by secretary of state pompeo and mark meadows and others. i don't know if you've heard the calls and if you did, what you could share with us. before any deal was ever discussed, in terms of america's withdrawal from afghanistan that it was very clear by the president, donald trump, that if they don't follow every period comma, dotted i and crossed t
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he said he would obliterate them over and over again. conditions on a ground-based withdrawal, included america keeping bagram airbase forever. strategically important location. and that in fact it was said over and over again, what happened to the caliphate soleimani, al-baghdadi and associates, the al qaeda leader in yemen will happen to you. do you understand? did you hear those calls? >> i was standing across the resolute desk from president trump when he talked on the speakerphone to the taliban in february 2020. he said we all want to end the violence. i share the conviction that the vast majority of americansns believe that we wanted to get our troops home. but we wanted to do it with honor. we wanted to do it in an orderly way and we wanted to leave behind the kind of conditions that would be reflective of the enormous service w and sacrifice
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of our troops over the last 20 years. the president made it clear. he said if you break this deal we are going to hit you harder than we've ever hit you before. he said i don't like saying that but he said, i just want you to i could hear in the voice of mullah abdul ghani baradar. he knew president trump meant business. they moved the date for the withdrawal beyond the spring and into the fighting season, saying september 11th. i have to tell you, the idea that we abandon bagram airbase in the middle of the night without telling her allies and worst of all that we left americans of american allies behind was unconscionable. i have to tell you, the generals of event testify before the congress, the focus on the advice the president got, the
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american people know the buck stops at the president's desk. the people in the days ahead weeks ahead, elections ahead are going to hold joe biden accountable for their disastrous withdrawal. can i sayy one more thing? nothing of the? current commandr in chief's failings in afghanistan and i want to say this from my heart, to every veteran who served there and the families of our fallen, nothing of the disastrous withdrawal i'm afghanistan by joe biden will ever diminish the service and sacrifice of all of our service members over the last 20 years who went to afghanistan and defended our freedom. they will be honored forever in the annals of the history of this country and god bless them all. >> sean: a look at their success, the policy success. the trump-pence administration.
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energy independence for the first time in 75 years, the lowest legal immigration animals 40 years stay in mexico policy worked. while building work. eliminating catch and release. now it's process on release. we're going to have a 30-year record of open borders, process release. energy independence, lower taxes, less bureaucracy. the economy was booming. record low on employment for every demographic group in the country. free and fair trade. nato paying their fair share. the world believed that the trump administration would use force appropriately when needed and there was a genuine fear. peace through strength worked. as you look back on all of these issues, all of this now in nine months has disappeared. i knew it would be bad. i tried to warn people. i didn't think would be this bad this fast. >> you took the words out ofis y
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mouth, sean. i knew it would be bad. we worked our hearts out in that campaign last year. but i didn't know it will be this bad. the truth is from the very first day of the biden administration they have been working to unravel and undo all of the policies that resulted in a stronger, more secure, more prosperous america. this latest massive bill that they are trying to force through to congress is just the latest example of that. we cut taxes on working families and small businesses and created 7 million good paying jobs. we built 400 miles of border wall and negotiated with mexico on the remaining mexico agreement to reduce illegal immigration by 90%. now we are in the middle of the worst border crisis in american history. on my podcast that we recorded
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today, i talked to rodney scott chief of the border patrol until about five months ago. he said literally from election day forward, the rhetoric coming out of the biden-harris team was emboldening the cartels emboldening people to begin then long and dangerous journey north to our border. the crisis that you see today is a result of them unraveling are policies that were working at the border and the messages they've been sending south of the border. i have to tell you, on one issue after another, i am absolutely convinced that the american people can see that in our administration, we are putting common sense, conservative principles into practice.. our nation, our border was more secure. our economy more prosperous, our liberties more secure with 300 judges in our supreme court -- on ournd courts and three on the supreme court and now the american people can see this big government socialist agenda writ large, open borders, higher
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taxes, a weekend apologetic foreign policy that i've got toa tell you, i know we have a couple elections this fall in places like virginia and new jersey. we have got some big elections and i think g we're going to get it all back. i think the american people see our record, they see their record of liberalism and incompetence. i think the american people are going toke take the reins enterg this country around. we are going to win back the congress in 2022 and we're going to win back america 2024. >> sean: i know a lot of it made over the disagreement with the president as a release january 6th. my sources, my understanding is that you two have a strong relationship to this day. when is your relationship with the president? >> you can't spend almost five years in the political foxhole with somebody without developing a strong relationship. january 6 was a tragic day in
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history of our country. but thanks to the efforts of the capitol hill police, federal officials, the capitol was secured and we finished ourhi work. the president and i sat down ark few days later and talked through all of i can tell you that we parted amicably at the end of the administration and we have talked a number of times since we both left office. but i believe that our entire focus today should be on the future. i have campaigned a couple times for glenn youngkin, will be a great governor for the state of virginia. i've been traveling all acrosshe this country helping our team running for the house and senate. i'll be helping governor's candidates throughout america. i know the media wants to distract from the biden administration's failed agenda by focusing on one day in january. they will use that one day to try to demean the character and intentions of 74 million americans who believed b we coud be strong again and prosperous again and supported our administration in 2016 and 2020.
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for our part, i truly believe we all ought to remain complete the focus on the future. that's where i'm focused. >> sean: i want to commission also on the 534 riots that took place in 2020. the ones where kamala harris was promoting bail funds to get the rioters out that killed dozens of americans, injured thousands of police officers pelted with bricks, rocks, bottles and molotov cocktails. mr. vice president, we hope you'll come on regularly. thank you for being with us. straight ahead, the far left continues attacking all who oppose the radical agenda. newt gingrich weighs in. how should the republicans react? plus flip-flop fauci. he is at it again. wait until you hear what he has to say about you and your personal freedom. doesn't seem too much in favor of it. straight ahead.
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backup up and ready to after being gone for five hours of disruptive the lives of billion of users. the problem is linked to a data glitch. not only disrupted facebook but also its family of apps including instagram. whatsapp matched messenger and oculus. facebook said services were bac
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in operation but it would take time to fully stabilize. meanwhile officials investigate by california's largest oil spills suspect push-ups and gerbe have struck a pipeline on the ocean for causing a major leak. the pipelines billed 126,000 gallons of heavy crude yesterday. it's been plugged but not befor contaminating southern california's most pristine beaches. communities may be facing ecological disaster. now back to hannity.
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>> we need a throwback better plan right now. >> we need solutions, the build back better plan needs to have the solutions that we need. we knocked on doors for you to get elected. just how we got you elected we can get you out of office if you don't support we promised us. >> sean: any outrage from the left, none from joe biden. imagine if this were conservatives. the media meltdown would be never ending. that's not all because joe manchin faced the ire of leftists while he was on his house vote in d.c. take a look. >> senator, thisis is an investment! this is not spending. this is investing. that's why we are here fighting for people. we love west virginia. we need you to stand with us.
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>> sean: i don't know if that's like liberal hell. i don't know. joe biden appears to be okay with all of this. he says it's just part ofbe the process. i guess it's part of the process that people spontaneously at talladega, football games all across the country are chanting how they feel about joe. here with reaction. a book called "beyond buying," a must-read. former speaker of the house fox news contributor newt gingrich is with us. talking to the former vice president. you're looking at this monstrosity. open borders, abandoning americans in afghanistan. looking at eliminating energy independence. i'm looking at inflation. i'm looking at china and their territorial ambitions.
11:31 pm
and i'll be honest, i never thought it could be this bad this quick. i'm actually concerned because i feel our enemies are emboldened and that there's really nothing that they won't do at this point. >> i think you've got with biden such a weak president. i am very worried that you're going to see the chinese communists decide to occupy taiwan. the number of airplanes that have flown over taiwan from china in the last four days is just astounding. it is a prelude potentially to them taking over the island. it's because biden looks so unbelievably weak. i did a podcast recently with the gallup poll expert who spent 40 years now in central america. he describes that in the biden world, you now have people who fly from haiti to ecuador and
11:32 pm
then come up through colombia to the united states by the tens of thousands. you have africans flying into brazil to come up to the united states byhe the thousand. all of this is spreading and accelerating. you're going to have 400,000 or 500,000 every month. no society can absorb and assimilate that scale of migration. these things are real crises. the totalitarian left, which is what you're watching in that bathroom and what you're watching around senator manchin they are playing with fire. what you showed from talladega what you showed from the football stadiums, there are a lot more of us then there are of these crazed radicals. if we ever decide to respond in kind, they'll be gone. >> sean: the question then is we really don't have a lot of options. i have always thought the democratic party, they stay
11:33 pm
united under every condition. they don't ever break ranks. sinema and manchin are getting an unbelievable amount of pressure. the question is, okay, now joe manchin says i'm compromising. i went from 0 to 1.5 trillion. not sure with the number kyrsten sinema is if any that she would support. the bottom line is they need both of them. it doesn't look like they're going to get them. how does this -- what does this mean to the democratic party? what does it mean for the country? it's good for the country if it stopped. >> look. i can't quite figure out what manchin is doing because on the one hand, manchin sayshe bill has to include the hyde amendment which says you cannot use taxpayer money to pay for abortion.o there is nobody on the left who's going to accept that nobody. i don't know if he is setting up an excuse tow kill the bill or f that's just a maneuver to negotiate.
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in the case t of sinema, she has shown very tough, very calm very much just being her own person. frankly, they can't pressure her very much. she has been elected in the state which elects mavericks. it elected m barry goldwater. it elected john mccain. she is perfectly in that kind of tradition. the big government socialists are desperate, and that's what s you're seeing, desperation which i think the rest of the country is beginning to react to. that's why you're getting these chants at football stadiums and at talladega. the average american is fed up with being browbeaten by a bunch of crazy left-wing radicals. >> sean: mr. speaker, always great to have you. thank you, sir.t- also developing tonightys flip-flop fauci acting as a full-fledged card carrying member of this new radical extreme democratic socialistle party. not even trying to hide it. he is not only to ruin christmas
11:35 pm
once again and suggesting maybe you can together with your friends and family after all. he's also trying to claim that covid isn't spreading at the southern border. okay. that's a lie. by the way, also coming to the defense of gavin newsom on vaccine mandates and thinks that you need to give up your freedoms and just let him make the decision for you. because he's telling americans that we needri to give up our personal freedoms for the so-called greater good. if you have any doubt where fauci stands politically, we will dispel that doubt. >> you have a responsibility to society. i think each of us particularly in the context of the pandemic bits killing millions of people you've got to look at it and say there comes a time when you do have to give up what you
11:36 pm
consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society. there is no doubt that that's the case. >> sean: author of "such a time as this," outnumbered cohost kayleigh mcenany. bookstores. dr. fauci declaring americans should give up individual freedom for the greater good of society. they are going to pin clay travis down and put the shot in him whether he wants it or not or whether his doctor says or not. is that where we are headed? >> sean, you are right about alabama kicking ole miss' ass. >> sean: i think it's 100. i'll double down this weekend. >> we will pick a new one. i have to say that fauci, the constitution matters the most in times of emergency and crisis. that's when the foundation of our country's documents matter the most.
11:37 pm
the idea that he is trying to argue too much. that we can celebrate christmas together and now he is saying i didn't say that but you did say it. on cbs, we all heard it. this is just continuing the madness. i legitimately wonder how many people are listening to a fauci for any element of their life advice of this -- at this point who still have a functional brain. we hadad a normal christmas in y house last year. i have young kids. their grandparents didn't want to worry about not seeing them around the christmas tree. the idea that there is anybody out there listening to fauci now about thanksgiving or christmas it is pure unadulterated madness. he needs to resign. nobody listens to him anymore. he's an embarrassment. his advice has become all a bunch of crap. it's a disgrace. >> sean: he has been all over the map. kayleigh, i'm glad i'm older because my kids are older and i will tell you many of their
11:38 pm
friends got covid, many of them without a single exception, they all did fine. not one kid had any trouble. i don't want any kids to get it. i don't want any kids to be a symptomatic and give it to grandma and grandpa.a. but again, those are the people that have been urge the most to get it anyway by their doctors. with that said, your reaction on fauci. >> sean, i walked the hallways with dr. fauci in the west wing when he decided he wanted to cancel thanksgiving. saint dr. anthony fauci did indeed cancel thanksgiving. he said his daughters weren't coming up. he decided to tell america let's cancel think giving but by the way will be back to normal by christmas of 2021. here we are two years into covid by christmas of 2021, we will be two years in and he wants to cancel christmas. sorry, fauci. you're the grinch.
11:39 pm
you are not canceling christmas and you're right about young children. we as a nation have decided to sacrifice some children on the altar of covid, keeping schools close when they were open across europe. masking two, three, 4-year-olds when the w.h.o. recommends against it. we are sacrificing our children. what a travesty that is. >> sean: when we come back wait till you hear this song. you're gonna want to set your dvr and you're going to want to record this about joe biden abandoning our fellow americans in afghanistan. it is five for fighting's blood on my hands. wait until you see our video with his song. that's next.
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute?
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but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> sean: grammy nominated recording artist john ondrasik oh five for fighting has released a new song calling out joe biden's failures in afghanistan and his abandonment of our fellow americans, their families, green card holders thousands of them, tens of thousands of afghan allies. it's called "blood on my hands." with his permission, we took the liberty of putting some video to accompany this song that has now gone viral. it's almost become an anthem around the country. take a look. [gunfire]
11:46 pm
>> ♪♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ and i don't understand ♪ ♪ what's happening ♪ ♪ there's blood on these hands ♪♪ >> if there is citizens left, we are going to stay until we get them all out. >> ♪♪ americans left to the taliban ♪ ♪ now how is that happening ♪ ♪ winkin' blinken ♪
11:47 pm
♪ can't you look me in the eye. >> let's take a step back. this is manifestly not saigon. >> ♪♪ when did you decide this will defend your sacred motto ♪ >> logistical success of tactical failure. >> ♪♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ flag of the taliban ♪ ♪ over afghanistan. >> will you recognize the taliban government?
11:48 pm
>> sean: joining me now singer-songwriter john ondrasik is playing tomorrow night. he has been touring all over the country. he is on the upper west side in new york city on broadway. we have been friends a long time that i've known you for a long time. you're really not that political. this hit you hard. i'll be honest, john. it is day 51. we abandoned americans, their families, green card holders eligible to be here, thousands of them, tens of thousands of allies. walk us through the process. you don't usually do political songs, although "superman" would need to be exception. >> sean, i had no intention of writing a song. i take no joyen in writing this song but when we saw those images, it certainly shook all of us. when our 13 soldiers were
11:49 pm
killed, i was very angry, like so many. i banged on my piano. it didn't take shape, the song until i got a call from a friend after our troops had left. she said i needt. to contact because i am organizing evacs for amcits. you're going to rescue americans we left behind. there was silence on the line. i couldn't believe we were living in that world. finally when the president gave his extraordinary success speech, i was hoping general milley and general austin would come out give us some clarity on it because i know that they knew that was not the case. they echoed the same.d what a great airlift line, and narrative to distract from their failures. that scared me. i wrote those lines in the song
11:50 pm
wrote itself i took no joy in putting out. i put it up because somebody in the arts had to t say it. >> sean: it's an amazing thing that you're saying. no joy writing it, no joy putting it out. you've had massive hits. 100 years, riddle, superman. when i spoke to you about this because it has gone so viral. i said, are you aware of what's happening here? you were. you are very aware that the song was -- has almost become an anthem for our military guys guys that did many tours. then you told me what the reaction is when you sing this song on stage now. w which will be doing in new york tomorrow. >> it is surreal. like nothing i've ever seen. at the end of my show i asked my quartet to leave and i take a few minutes before i play the song and put b into context for everyone, it's a moral message. not a political message. the american promise matters. no man left behind matters.
11:51 pm
accountability matters. when i seen the song, you'll hear soldiers screaming hoorah you'll hear people crying. i'll have veterans, regular citizens across the clinical spectrum come up to me. some of the veterans can't even talk, they are so ashamed that we left those behind that they fought with. some of our military heroes are down there. they have drained their bank accounts. they have quit their jobs. they went down to save those that save their lives and they are risking their lives as we speak. the american promise is not dead. our government has abandoned it. take heart. people are doing it. >> sean: imagine the state department, the same ones who said you might want to make your way to the airport but we can't guarantee your safety. this was so preventable because we saw the taliban moving forward in march and april and may and june and july. the afghan army collapsing as joe biden was praising them in
11:52 pm
july. you watch how preventable this is we have full control. we could have gotten every single person out of there. all of our military equipment out of there. they didn't do it. then they take a victory lap and then they talk about turning the page. they are abandoned behind enemy lines. they are hostages to a terrorist group. that is not an america i recognize. it's not political for me either. >> this is the greatest shame in america in a generation. if we don't admit our complicity we have accountability, this is going to fester in our moral soul and it will continue to erode. the biden administration may not have accountability for blinken and milley and austin. stephen thanks for being with us. in new york city tomorrow night. veterans get in free.
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>> sean: before we go, failed late-night host jimmy kimmel his ratingss do suck. he is trying to take cheap shots. j want to have another fight with yours truly for accurately calling out the never-ending struggle joe biden. so jimmy, obviously your memory is short. you're desperate for attention. pick a fight with hannity because you know i'm going to hit you back i'm going to hit you back ten times harder. i am up for a fight any day. anyway, biden did abandoned americans in afghanistan, jimmy. are you upset about it? he created a massive self-inflicted super-spreader disaster of the border.
11:59 pm
do you care about health? inflation in this country is going to the roof. supply chains are strained throughout the country. biden abandoned energy independence. now he is begging opec to produce more oil. here is your biggest problem. i'm going to give you unsolicited career advice. you're not funny anymore. your ratings suck because of it. maybe if you stopped being so political, higher better writers. every once in a while when people are chanting f joe bidene you might want to run it. if you want to have this fight okay. buckle up. i have got archives that go back your entire career and we'll have it out. anyway, joe was booed all over the country again this weekend. you know if it was from, you would run it. pretty fascinating. keep watching greg gutfeld here on the fox news channel. the cable news channel. you know what, it's fast becoming the top rated late-night show.
12:00 am
"gutfeld!." i am in on the fight if you wanted. me versus you. i'll wind back. that's all the time we have left. the ball is in your court. please set your dvr. never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham is next. see you back here tomorrow night. night. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. laura: this is the ingrandmother from washington. the cdc says the covid vaccine doesn't stop the spread of the virus so why are we banning unvaccinated teachers in the classroom. we talked to one teacher who is taking her case to court. and domestic terrorists. what the national school board association


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