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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 4, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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governor. i turned it around. the beauty of language. thanks to congressman lee. katz, tyrus, our studio audience. next to the evil shannon bream next. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, senator kyrsten sinema confronted by activists again over her skepticism for the democrats massive spending plan. first in the bathroom at arizona state university and this time the senator was accosted at reagan national airport before she touched down. it also happened on border plane to washington.
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details coming up in a lab report. plus, more nba players speaking out defending their personal medical decision. pushing back against vaccine mandates. we will talk one-on-one with one of those players about his reasons. jonathan isaac, of the orlando magic, is just minutes away. and from homeless in seattle to moving on, i $1.9 trillion federal covid relief package is helping dozens of homeless in the emerald city move up from tents to high-rise apartments with beautiful views of the space needle and puget sound. we begin tonight with the ongoing inviting months democrats of the massive spending plan and the activists ambushes of moderates who oppose the party's embrace of things left-wing. kevin corke has the latest on all about tonight. good evening. >> good evening. it is now a hallmark of politics, especially on the political left. do what we say or we will berate, belittle, and navy and harass you into submission. and yet even with that in mind, it was utterly shocking to see what happened over the weekend
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as a political discourse in our content though my country continues to develop. cluster of activists following democratic senator kyrsten sinema into a bathroom, recording her and yelling at her while she tried to use the facilities. as you pointed out in the open, it did not stop there. she was also accosted while in flight by another person. not surprisingly recorded that encounter. and then of course when she landed at reagan national here in washington, there was more of the same. but i shocking as that was, for many americans, what really seemed to get them after listening to him today was the fact that the president of the united states seemed to downplay it all. listen here. >> i don't think they are appropriate tactics. it happens to everybody. the only people doesn't happen to our people who have secret service standing around them. so it's part of the process. >> part of the process. wow says joe biden. by the way, sinema,
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senator joe manchin also targeted by a democratic. they surrounded his house -- an attempt to badger him with questions. as for the white house, the press secretary, jen psaki, didn't exactly appear to disagree with her bosses take but she tried to qualify what he was saying. listen to her response. >> he's an expert on the process. has he ever been chased into a restroom? >> that's inappropriate and unacceptable and i think the contents of what happened is important despite the fact that we stand for -- the fundamental rights of people to protest, to object, to criticize, as they often do. outside of the gates of the white house. >> protesting is one thing but obviously chasing someone into a restaurant seems to be a bridge too far for number of americans, including over on capitol hill where there was a full-throated and bipartisan rejection of that type of activity. vic schumer said following someone into a bathroom and recording them is over the line. mitch mcconnell called on the
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president to engage directly with congressional democrats on this matter. shannon, as you know, all of this is happening is the debt ceiling continues to hover over lawmakers like -- with all his here in washington on the calendar for october 18th. today, the president warned that yes, the u.s. could default on its debt for the first time in history if the g.o.p. doesn't stop trying to block their attempts. the democrats, that is, attempt to raise the federal spending limit. shannon. >> shannon: kevin, we've a lot more to come on that. our panel is going to revisit those ambushes and more. kevin, thank you. >> you bad. >> shannon: breaking tonight, reports that the director of the national institute of health and tends to announce his recognition in a matter of hours. likely to take effect by the end of the year. dr. francis collins led the agency under three consecutive presidents and will leave the post as of longest-serving
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director. vaccine mandates kk and, thousand white americans are being dismissed from their jobs. dr. anthony fauci tries to walk back the morning about christmas that did not go over well with many americans. senior correspondent or angle taking a look. good evening. >> hi, shannon. as we sneeze into the fall, there are still a lot of uneasy americans when it comes to getting the covid vaccine. from health care workers to educators, mende deadlines are here with many refusing to get the shot. hundreds of new york city school teachers protested in brooklyn monday fighting the state's requirement that just about everybody who works with the city's public school system have at least one dose of the covid 19 vaccine or risk being barred from entering schools and placed on unpaid leave. >> i don't want the vaccine. i've medical reasons not to. i have natural antibodies. and everyone should have the right. >> saw an estimated 50,000
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steppers are refusing to vaccine. new york city mayor bill de blasio says the mandate is leading to extremely high vaccination rates in the city has a contingency plan in place. >> we are looking to the day where anyone who is not yet vaccinated decides to change them on to get vaccinated and rejoin us. but in the meantime, we were ready with thousands and thousands of substitute teachers. >> this as dr. anthony fauci clarified what he meant when he said it was too soon to tell whether americans should gather with their loved ones for the holidays. >> that was misinterpreted as my saying we can't spend christmas with our families which is absolutely not the case. i will be spending christmas with my family. i encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people who are protected, to have a good, normal christmas. >> health care workers in louisiana who are employed to the state's largest health system are reportedly being told
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they will be charged a monthly premium of $200 if their spouse or domestic partner covered under the company's health plan is not vaccinated. and that employees will lose their jobs if they are not vaccinated by october 29th. and other hospitals throughout the u.s. also fired have coworkers who are refusing the vaccine and the mandate. does mandates for health care workers now the subject of multiple lawsuits. shannon. >> shannon: laura, thank you. >> we are dealing with something that to me it feels like has turned into a political war. to say we live the land of the free. you are not giving anyone freedom because you are making people do something essentially. >> it is my belief that the vaccine status of every person should be their own choice. completely up to them without bullying, without being pressured, without being forced into doing so. >> i don't think you can
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pressure anyone. i talked of my family and we made a decision we think is best for us. >> shannon: one of the most public fights over vaccine mandates is happening in the nba with several players are defending their choice of not getting a shot and talking about their personal cases. one of those players bucking the vaccine trend, author -- jonathan isaac. great happy with us tonight. speak up happy to be here. thank you so much for having me. >> shannon: you shared your own story. he talked about having covid, the fact you are fit, young, so for you, you've made your specific choice. you have taken a lot of heat. probably not surprised but i want to give you a chance to respond to some of your critics. rolling stone writes this pair the orlando magic 23 old starting forward is deeply religious and -- when nba players started lining up, isaac started studying black history and watching donald trump press conferences he learned about
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antibody residences and came to distrust dr. anthony fauci. i want to impact soil leave leave it to you >> that came out before the press conference that i had this past monday. i'm glad that it came out because it gave me the opportunity to set the record straight when it came to monday. but i gave them my reasoning -- part of the reason why i didn't take the vaccine at this point in time as i believe that the conversation is so much bigger than just people who have taken the vaccine, who haven't taken the vaccine, who have had covid in the past and that natural immunity is not being spoken about. it's really for everybody, people who have not had covid yet the work have taken the vaccine or not, everyone should be free to make their decision for themselves. and i believe that we are entering a period of time where the governor is setting a precedent out and lighten any emergency -- your freedom as a whole becomes negotiable and
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whoever who is in power or whoever he agrees with the people in power. >> shannon: are you nervous at all to speak out about your personal experience and your personal opinion? >> i say yes and no. i always knew that a lot of the backlash is going to come and a lot of people are going to be upset but i believe that what i'm saying is rational and it's free and we lift in the land of the free end of the home of the brave and we have the opportunity to say what it is we feel is right. not just for me but for all the people because they don't have a voice and their rights and their liberties are being threatened at this time. >> shannon: i went to quote something from one of the legends, kareem abdul-jabbar. he was talking to rolling stone about this article. he said there is no room for players who are willing to risk the health and lives of their teammates, the staff, and the fans simply because they are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation or do the
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necessary research. what i find especially disingenuous about the vaccine deniers is that there are arrogant -- it sounds like what you have been saying is that you do believe the experts, you are not a vaccine denier, but you have done the study and research but how do you respond and say you may be uninformed about what you are saying? >> i think i am pretty important in my decision. fauci himself was asked the question what you have to say people who have had covid and i don't feel the need to take the vaccine and he says he doesn't have an answer at this time but at the end of the day, we have to put -- we are talking about a virus with a 99.7 survival rate in the vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission. that is where all the craziness and everything is talking about, talking about all of the science where natural immunity has not been discussed in a real way. it should be a policy that respects again, reiterating that at the end of the day, because of what we are talking about,
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which i laid out with the percentages and everything, it should be everyone's free choice. people should be losing their jobs over something of this sort. that's not to minimize people -- but in the grand scheme of things, i believe with natural immunity, with this snowballs on a lot of the people who have made the decision to a degree have been weaponize to woo out and bully people and force people. it's a slippery slope when it turns into something that you don't agree with. and don't want to take a vaccine surveyed -- when it's something you don't want and the people are pulling you about whether you should do it or not and people to stand with you and looking for someone to be a voice and there is no one there. >> shannon: to be clear, talked about the number of -- do you think it is the right choice for some people? >> i would say absolutely. i think you should take the
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vaccine if you are afraid because of your medical history were you just want to take it if you are in the degree of older people who have a greater chance, even though it is a small chance of dying from the virus of being hospitalized. but because this virus -- because as vaccine has not stopped infection or transmission, -- >> shannon: listen, i can't wait for your upcoming book. you are very open about how your faith guides your decisions. >> i think this time right now really drives home the need to have your trust in something that is greater than man. at the end of the day, nobody is perfect. we all make mistakes as men. people mess up on medicine all the time, things like that. at this point in time, it really does drive home that my trust in. i'm protected and not even with the vaccine and the snowball --
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i hope at the end of that he is sovereign and everything will be taken care of. >> shannon: you and i both believe -- sinners saved by grace and there is something much bigger at work. jonathan isaac, thank you so much for your time. >> i appreciate you. thanks so much for having me on. >> shannon: and breaking news. dea agent is dead tonight. a second agent clicked on my critically wounded following a shoot-out on on board a amtrak train. passenger who also died had opened fire at officers for conducting an investigation for illegal contraband before the train -- the tucson police officer was also wounded in the exchange of gunfire and was lisd as stable. marshaling justice department resources tonight to address what he called an increase in their harassment, intimidation, and aggressive violence a good
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school officials and teachers nationwide. garland is directing the fbi and u.s. attorney's office is to get the ball rolling in this initiative over the next 30 days. critics say the move looks like an attempt to silence parents who have been increasingly vocal in their pushback against school mandates and curriculum. often showing up at school board meetings. the biden administration reporting a trump caravan on taxpayer pending going to family planning clinics that refer women to abortion providers. the department of health and human services says the new rule to restore the federal family planning program the way ran under the obama administration, clinics were able to refer women seeking abortions. that effect takes place novembe. at the university of pittsburgh. even some pro-choice doctors to ask questions. tracking the story, good evening, not. >> good evening. some lawmakers are even alleging
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gross misconduct, outrage, but the university of pittsburgh is strongly defending these procedures and even hired a d.c. based law firm to investigate its fetal tissue practices. nearly 100 federal lawmakers including senators josh holly and ted cruz sent the biden administration a letter suggesting the university of pittsburgh federally funded research on fetuses may have been obtained by illegal abortions alleging some of the fetuses could have been kept alive versus killed for research. that letter reads in part "exploding the body parts of aborted children for research purposes is repulsive and should stop." the university of pittsburgh says these are false accusations and in a letter following a pennsylvania state legislator hearing back in may, the vice chancellor writes in part, "fetal tissue research yields tea shoot which would have otherwise been destroyed to make medical advances that can improve and save lives. university of pittsburgh fully complies with federal and state
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regulations governing this research." critics are alleging this investigation into their practices are not adequate enough and that the results are going to take too long, up to 18 months. we will keep you updated. >> shannon: thank you for tracking that. we will check back. what figures to be a monumental supreme court term is now officially underway. justices began hearing arguments today on a docket loaded with controversy all cases. >> for the first time in 18 months, the supreme court gathered for in person arguments monday. in a mostly empty courtroom. justice thomas known for rayleigh speaking from the bench dove right in. some say newly confident in his role as a leading voice for the conservative wing. justice kavanaugh participated remotely, having tested positive for covid-19 last week. the term kicking him today include several potentially landmark cases. >> part of the blockbuster nature of the term will depend on whether they really go very
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far and say overrule roe v. wade or simply narrow it in the abortion case. >> november 1st, the court will consider this as law banning most abortions after 16 weeks. numerous states at pat foul pass similar laws hoping to take direct aim at roe v. wade. the justices will also re-examine the death penalty for convicted boston marathon bomber. the lower courts throughout saying the trial judge didn't do enough to protect against jury bias. >> his attorneys were not allowed to ask the prospective jurors about what they watched in the media and that was viewed by the defense as a real loss to them. >> guns are also on the docket. in a challenge to a new law that requires residents to apply for an application to carry guns in public, to show a special need. the plaintiffs were denied their permit requests which they based on self-defense. gun rights advocates argue the permit should not be reserved
9:19 pm
only for former law enforcement and high-profile celebrities. speak of the justices have been notably vocal of the last few months from justice breyer warning against plans to try to pack the court to telling the court is not comprised of a bunch of partisan hacks. what exactly is this gigantic alligator chomping on? not for the faint of heart. and a spectacular light show in germany to mark a special occasion. the day's best videos, next. ♪ ♪ on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort.
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one residence backyard and the guy who shot the video said the small alligator was at least 6 feet long. now to indianapolis. take a look at what happened when a semi truck collided with a crane. the video captured by a firefighter shows the semi stuck on the track gets hit. the train was unable to stop and right into the truck and sent debris flying up to 50 feet away from the crash site and it's hard to believe when you watch this but nobody got hurt. and if her wanted to see what the inside of a hurricane looks like, this is your chance. giving us an eye inside hurricane sam, a category 4 storm that turned up 120-mile-per-hour winds and 50-foot waves in the atlantic ocean last week. the video was shot by an unmanned drone. it actually rests in rides on the surface of the ocean, not in the sky above it. not many of those out there. the trail camera in canada got
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no close and personal look with a bear. the bear just finish marking entry according to uconn wildlife -- ran basically right towards the camera. don't want to get anywhere near those pause. the 31st and a ratio of germany's unification took above the liechtenstein castle yesterday. trent and lights, 200 drones lit up the night sky to the sound of music. the multimedia show was the latest from him who is also divine comics designed to rally valid show perhaps the beautiful fall foliage. a hiker capturing the changing colors, the leaves of new hampshire. according to the state's tourism department, leaves have changed by rd 45%. if you have a video you think should go viral, hit us up at shannon bream or at fox news had nigh on social media.
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-- a portion of the nearly $2 trillion federal covid relief package. correspondent dan springer explains for us tonight from seattle. speak up a handful of seattle's more than 12,000 homeless will soon be going from the street to a new apartment with stunning views of the space needle and puget sound. part of the $1.9 trillion covid relief package, the city bought three brand-new apartment buildings were $50 million for hundred 65 homeless, a price of three and a thousand dollars per unit. >> everyone deserves a high quality affordable place to call home and the fact that we are able to produce high quality affordable housing at a price point that is good for the public through large subsidy is a win-win. >> in los angeles, a new neighbor, a 19 or homeless. costing taxpayers $160 million
9:28 pm
or $580,000 per unit. part of an expensive push to get the homeless off of sidewalks and out of city parks and into government-subsidized housing. even if it means buying new buildings from developers. >> affordable, deeply affordable permanent housing is the solution but it takes too long to build. so in the meantime, why should we let vulnerable people, especially women, seniors, live on the streets? >> some seattle policies may be contributing to homelessness. tenants are having a harder time finding an affordable place to rent. seattle is a fiction moratorium was extended for a sixth time in the city council passed laws forcing landlords to give six months notice of rent increases. >> a lot of people are deciding it is too risky for me to put someone into my home under the current conditions. >> in 2020, a large real estate broker saw a 46% increase in landlord client selling and getting out of the rental
9:29 pm
business and it's up additional 30% this year. nearly all of those rental homes sold have been permanently taken out of the rental market, making it harder for working families to find an affordable place to lease. >> shannon: dan springer, thank you so much. and now time to bring back kevin because it's time for a little midnight snack conversation. among our favorite. and this could get very heated. the best and worst halloween candy. people have opinions. speak of this is fantastic. good job are our producers. candy survey 70,000 customers and they asked them to weigh in on the best and worst halloween candy. this will make people upset, other people validated. show you the worst according to this poll. black licorice, number ten. and it keeps going down. you see some others. smarties, candy corn, by the way, taking the number one spot as worse candy among halloween
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candy. >> shannon: i demand a recount. >> mommy say the best. for the best, some of these are old favorites. butterfinger, hershey bar, kit kat, i think though should drink higher. number one, no surprise, re-sees peanut butter cup. from the worst in the best, what is your favorite and least favorite? >> shannon: if your neighbor is giving out black licorice, they hate you, they hate trick-or-treaters, they don't want to have any friends. but i didn't know -- i brought my prompt because you know how i feel. i'm going for peanut butter cups. >> i love re-sees too. i think my favorite is still going to be snickers but i will never turn that down. by the way, i love cake cats. they have all these different flavors so i buy those two. as for the worst, i know you are not going to like this, and i know we agree on 99.9% of everything, it you can miss me with the candy corn. >> shannon: that just means
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more for me. how about that? we will share. i like it. we will have good news in just a minute. see you then. activist accounting moderate center kyrsten sinema as democrats go after their own and -- there is a major deadline looming. we break it down next.
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a try instead of your regular liquid detergent. you'll be a ganiac too! your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit spewing the democrats internal fight complaints from messing new spending measures are getting ugly as kyrsten sinema being confronted and harassed in airports, on planes, even in a public restroom. president biden called the part of the process -- let's discuss the issues. with americans for tax reform, and facts in his political analyst, gianno caldwell. welcome back. >> good evening. what >> shannon: want to start by playing something by senator bernie sanders. here is his take on how the
9:38 pm
american people feel about this. >> we have the american people very strongly on our side. we have the president of the united states on our side. we have 96 members of the democratic caucus and house on her side. we have all but two cosenators this point. >> shannon: the senator says the american people are on his side and ready for trillions more spending. >> i don't think he -- also when they talk about this isn't going to cost anything and has zero cost, they are really telling you -- you would be talking about its value if you thought it was a good idea. going to steal the money from someone else. >> shannon: all rights. in the midst of this pressure on senator kyrsten sinema and senator joe manchin, those two primary targets, what happened this weekend with senator sinema being followed into a bathroom
9:39 pm
by -- filming on their phones and berating her that kind of thing. tonight we saw on a plane and that reagan national airport. here is peter doocy today earlier asking the president about this. >> do you think that those tactics are crossing a line? >> i don't think they are appropriate tactics but happens to everybody. the only people it doesn't to our people who have secret service standing around. >> shannon: that is apparently not the senator. >> contrary to popular belief, it doesn't happen to every representative or senator out there. i think this was a harassment plain and simple a very senator who chooses to stand by her principles rather than her parties left agenda. truth be told, i think the polling isn't on the side of the democrats at all. the majority which sits in the middle, the scent -- the majority of independence not only that you have a number of
9:40 pm
independence, the majority disapprove of joe biden's handling, especially on the economy. some of this particular time, especially without senator joe manchin and senator sinema on the democrat side, they are pretty much dead on arrival here because they're not going to be able to get the 50 votes for reconciliation or 60. so it's pretty much dead at this point. >> shannon: so democrats don't have everybody on this issue. let me play this really quickly because the president said it is the republicans fault. here's what he said today. >> republicans just have to let us do our job. just get out of the way. you don't want to help save the country, and get of the way. so you don't destroy it. we don't have time to delay with elaborate procedural schemes. >> if he is talking about raising the debt ceiling, mr. biden four times voted against raising the debt ceiling
9:41 pm
and insisted in '84 and 2003 and 2004 and 2,006 of the republicans do it themselves which is exactly with the republicans telling democrats now. he must think we have a bad memory. this is written down. this is in the newspapers. the democrats have the power to raise the debt ceiling tomorrow morning if they want to. >> shannon: quick final word. >> it absolutely agree but this really speaks to what we are going to see the midterms because joe biden has been governing crisis after crisis of his own making. with that being the case, republicans, if they continue to push forward and not compromise on this because they would have a target on their back politically, they are going to do well and the midterms coming up here fairly soon. >> shannon: we shall see. i fear like a year is a in politics. finger-pointing in washington is basically olympic level sports
9:42 pm
that we will watch as it plays out. thank you both for your time. >> thank you, good to be with you. spoony reports that 60,000 haitian migrants are heading to our southern border by way of panama. oxford is when on patrol with state troopers and we have an exclusive video, next. >> the diversity of views. so thank you all of our friends and colleagues at fox for helping us deliver our message of free markets and free people to millions of viewers each week and happy anniversary. here is to another 25 years. ♪ ♪
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every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. 1 exclusive new video from the southern border tonight. our fox news crew on patrol with texas state troopers encountering migrants on the run. vilma lujan has tonight's report from la joya, texas.
9:48 pm
>> it's early monday morning near la joya, texas, and we are in bed with a texas state troopers searching for illegal immigrants hiding in the brush. within just a matter of minutes, the trooper and a border patrol partners were finding migrants seemingly everywhere in one small area near a residential neighborhood. some of them laying face down in the dirt in an effort to conceal themselves. some wearing camouflage. all of them single adult men or women. the trooper and a border agent backed up by a surveillance balloon above cold and narrow stats, an all seeing eye providing overwatch during the dark of night. and just a couple of hours, dozens of illegal immigrants were apprehended here. a busy night for border patrol with an assist from texas dps. two weeks ago as 15,000 haitians did tell mike to send it on del rio, governor greg abbott asked president biden to declare a
9:49 pm
federal emergency. the biden administration refused and now governor abbott is appealing that decision saying in part president biden has turned it back on texans living along the border and his refusal to declare federal emergency of the -- form rice director tom says that decision is yet another example of the biden administration not taking the border seriously. >> proving again that he doesn't believe in border security appeared the root causes -- kamala harris doesn't have to go to central america. just has to walk down the hall to the biden administration. there is your root cause. speak on panama's foreign minister recently warned of 60,000 more haitian migrants who have moved through panama and are currently heading north security than united states. reporting in la joya, texas, bill melugin. >> shannon: meanwhile, greg abbott says the texas national guard is gearing up at the border in response to a
9:50 pm
large migraine caravan approaching the rio grande. talking about the state of it tonight with evan or dan patrick. great to have you back. want to start with where bill melugin finished up and what he also added in his reporting is that there is often reports of people coming across. he talked to panamanian officials who said they'd stopped several people with ties to al qaeda who were planning to head north to our border. what you make of the situation question mike >> when you have an open border, anyone can come in and they're coming from all over the world. week keep track of the country they come from. name a country, they are coming here from there. i look at this comparing it to afghanistan and afghanistan the president left the taliban in charge and are border the president is leaving the drug cartels in charge. in afghanistan, americans were left behind. and on the border, americans are being left behind here because he doesn't care about those people who live along the border. and almost all of them are democrats, elected officials, the mayors, they were all crying
9:51 pm
for help, calling for the state help which we are but they're asking the biden administration to help them in the biden administration is turned their back on them and what i worry most about is what happened in afghanistan because i got out of control. we lost 13 brave soldiers. i'm afraid it's a matter of time before we see massive violence on the border if he gets out of control. >> shannon: we are asking enormous things from our border patrol. as you said, there are plenty of democrats who are raising the warning flags and saying to the biden administration we need your help. in the meantime. i want to just play a little bit of an exchange involving secretary mayorkas. you've probably heard this. i want to get your response. >> is the border more secure now under your leadership? >> it is no less secure than it was previously. >> shannon: there in texas. is the border any less secure now? >> it is far less secure than i ever was and again more dangerous. we have the haitians here i was down there a few weeks ago and
9:52 pm
15,000 people there and we brought in the reinforcements to help border patrol because they were outnumbered. we were all concerned. what if 15,000 people decided to ride, revolt, and ron, what would happen in that class? i worried about this group coming. so the president is setting up a further disaster here that could lead to violence. people are afraid, afraid for their own lives. afraid for their property. this president has abandoned the american people in texas coming the american people over the country who are impacted, every state gets these people eventually, just like he abandoned americans in afghanistan. you can interchange the pictures and del rio under the bridge with pictures outside the walls of afghanistan. this is chaos whether the economy because of inflation, whether it's out-of-control spending, whether it's afghanistan, whether it's the border. total chaos all the time by this president and the people in the border have had it. we in texas have had a but we are standing in a line for the
9:53 pm
rest of america the best we can. spending over $3 billion of our taxpayer many that we shouldn't have to spend securing the border to the best of our ability. i suggest that we hire all the border guards, about 9,000, we will hire them in texas. because of about a billion dollars. i would love to come work for texas and will tell the president get out of our way, we will control the border. get out of the way. let us do the job because we care about the safety of texans and all-americans and the community that's going on for those people that the drug cartels are sending here. it is a total disaster and it's all his fault and it's all by design. >> shannon: as you and i have been discussing, there are real human lives, people who are being traffic by the cartels and being taken advantage of. we care about humanity, we have to care about that situation they are placed in. lieutenant governor, thank you so much. and some good news. for we say good night. going to need it.
9:54 pm
a world war ii veteran from north carolina got quite the surprise with 100s birthday. included police cars, fire trucks, also 34 jeeps. this will celebration organized by the group which holds events like this to get back to the community. his granddaughter says he called the whole thing off on and she added this, "i've never heard him use that in his vocabulary. "thank you for your service and happy birthday. >> i am all about that. and by the way, for this good news good night, we are going to be very close to home. just over the bridge. and where just this past friday, historic day at the tomb of the unknown over arlington national cemetery, first time in 84 year vigil over the tomb officials completed an all-female guard change. happening on the 30,770th day.
9:55 pm
the old guard. want to say congratulations to all those and a hearty we wish you well to those who fought. >> shannon: we do. if you ever come to washington, you must go there and see the changing of the guards. it is a beautiful ceremony for those who have given so much. kevin, thank you. see you back here tomorrow night. i am shannon bream. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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