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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the one thing that consistently comes up in all of these little vignettes but it never changes, he never improves. no one comes up with a cure or a solution. a lot of yelling and shouting and pissing matches, but it continues. 25 years. see you tomorrow. here's "the five." >> dana: hello, everyone. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> president biden: i don't think they are appropriate tactics. the only people it does not happen to are people who have secret service standing around them. so it is part of the process. >> dana: president biden is trying to downplay and dismiss
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-- the progressive activist taking things to a whole new level and following cinematic -- sinema into a bathroom. >> we need a better plan right now. >> we need solutions. we knocked on doors for you to get you elected. we can get you out of office if you don't support what you promised us. >> dana: and is work of protesters outside joe manchin's house. >> senator kaine this is an -- senator this is an investment. this is building that state that we vote for. >> dana: president biden ceiling those two moderates for not backing trillions in new spending. >> president biden: 99% of my party. two people.
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i need 50 votes from the city. i 48. eileen at what i thought it should be pickup truck that legislation both the build back better piece as well as the infrastructure piece are things that i wrote. these did not come from god love, bernie sanders or aoc, i would them. >> dana: kennedy krieger i can't extent phones in bathrooms. in the public restroom. i can't take it. this is what happened if this happened to be, i probably would have completely lost it. he gets followed into the bathroom, not just by women but men, too. >> dagen: it is such a child is an english list -- control it is such a childish -- >> carley: of it is such a
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childish techie. do not do that to someone else and i really hope that this field is. i hope she takes this as some sort of inspiration to not bend to allowed mark because she should not. she should be looking at the bottom line. she should be looking at the tag and what they and the american people can afford and they can't afford to $.5 trillion. she knows it. joe vigil knows it. the entire democratic party knows it. but it might be of went my 16-year-old daughter wants to go to 11 and buy some stuff. how much does this stuff cost? the democrat or acting like my daughter. they want to pretend like it is not cost anything. aoc and hertz lot or think that -- per squad arson, it does not focus on the duck cost. because i don't you can't afford those lululemon pans. and i'm not going to buy them
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for you. >> kyrsten sinema seems like she would not be bullied into changing her behavior because of being followed into a bathroom. >> greg: she was trying to solve them. there's something about the fact that she is a woman which is why they did it because there's -- that she would not be parted, which is one. she should have been. she would have -- a guy followed her into the bathroom and i don't know. maybe is not identify as a guide. but if i follows my wife into a bathroom, would soon be a nonlife far. i'm sorry. i don't know where, when this happens, when is violence -- violence is certainly okay in this. if you are in the bathroom and someone is filming you get that is an assault. it is an assault on you. that is your privacy. you should kick that door after the break in the face, and that is the end of it. by the way, in this notion of equity and equality, it does not matter the gender, if they don't see it as a problem. should have any -- no problem
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fighting back. and understanding that law. if it would be illegal to go out and beat the crap out of someone,. >> president biden is wrong. it never happens to -- if you are a nonliberal concluding democrat, it can happen to you. yes, we can all have secret service like job. but unfortunately, a lot of us don't have secret service whirlpools. >> we should get a pool, though, though,, though, for all of us to sure. a hero. kyrsten sinema's position was let's pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. that was actually the position speaker pelosi was in web think that bill, trying to get support from that bill when president biden was like, actually, no. and i think there are a lot of democrats who are probably hiding behind manchin and
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sinema. >> i have had people follow -- not follow me into the bathroom but harassed and say horrible things and that is part of the business. you got to kind of deal with it. like, i'm with you guys but i'm not with you on everything. biden beatnik centers in the primary. immigrants rejected sanders. and standard -- and know that i think the majority of the democratic party is with biden and his kirsty smith even closing on this and there's not want to go down the path of aoc ed sanders. and i am -- the money sent of this, i know we're going to talk about it later. jen psaki, i don't think docent we disagree disagree on this. i don't know -- all he is saying is that it is paid for. you might not like how it is paid for.
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understand what we are talking about. we have a debt ceiling debate in this country because we passed things that we never ever pay for. you may not like the fact that taxes are being raised on people. but at least he has the decency to say, we are going to not add ed to on top of that $27 trillion worth of debt. i think anytime congress votes in the future, for something that they don't raise revenue for, they should automatically a line and say, we will automatically raise the debt ceiling did not have a debate because now -- >> then it would be limitless. >> but everybody would be on the -- because a few remember congress and you voted -- i'm going to pass something that is going to cost 3 trillion, whatever that number, you are on deck. perfect it. as opposed to being able to say jesse work greg did it. >> that 6 trillion-dollar man after he is finished with this paper. i want to talk about this woman. i actually went into a bathroom
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and followed al gore but like this woman, i standards. once i realized i was following someone into the bathroom with a camera, i turned around. she is 47 years old. she is way too old to be doing something like this but she has a phd from george washington university. and she is following people into the bedrooms and screaming at them? she is also the bernie sanders field organizer. she introduced crazy bernie a couple times. she is not some low-level person on the totem pole. this is eight bernie breaux or -- a bernie bro or bro-ette. so it is with you kind of harassed politicians. it is --
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>> and sympathizes with sinema. >> and full disclosure, i did follow rahm emanuel into that mentoring. >> and did you say? >> he went in there for a long time. i had to leave after a wild. >> greg, it is a felony filming some interesting. that i don't know about. >> what about pepper-spray cracks things we need to know. coming up, the white house just got busted for misleading americans? we will tell you what that is about next.
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♪♪ right now ♪ ♪ over me ♪♪ >> and not be good one. the white house, a major line over president biden's massive socialist spending spree. continuing to push the idea that the multitrillion-dollar plan would not cost americans a dime. >> what we said from the beginning is it is not about the price tech. >> we don't look at this as a number. we look at what programs are we going to deliver. >> president biden has been a good partner to the entire democratic party. he reaches out and he actually tries to understand a perspective and that is why i am fighting for his agenda.
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this conversation should not be about numbers. >> just a few hours ago. jen psaki forced to admit that biden, mr. she has been misleading americans. >> following up on something that you said, you said the president will have a virtual meeting. it is going to be smaller? are you now admitting that the plant is not cost zero? or is it less than zero? expect mocha let's not done this down for the american public. the point is it is important to the american public that this is not going to cost the american public a dollar. >> there's the plan cost nothing? is the plan free? >> the plan cost nothing for the american people who make less than -- >> not a bad question. do you think you got anywhere from that? >> dana: i think so because i
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think people understand what is going on. 72% against it. it is not that you would not say yes. free college sounds amazing and so does free healthcare. but then you dig one question deeper and they are not there for that. so you mentioned in the first block that biden beat bernie. on to moderate. but right now, bernie is the feast of the administration. he is the one up there calling for the -- really should have been six key is -- aoc is out there. records up margaret's. and so -- where are the margaret's? the fact that the ark continuing to see things like it cost zero might make up a blunt about what has tried to say that republicans were the ones that defunded the police. people don't get it in the last thing i would say is the summer of disastrous when we saw bracket subject in the fall of
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the failures. one of the things that is happening is that people are focused on inflation. that watch. people are concerned about it. the fed says it is temporary. when people are seeing that, more than what they have been paying, they start to feel the victor park. >> then there should be took winter of will and the -- >> are you marking her clicks and the summer of number. >> you are all hopped up. >> greg: the economy is like a sinking ship. and we are in the buckets. through monday is not exist. even after it is expense. but you have to get more and more gets. we are finding a multi-marketing scheme. it may be that is the waved government has always been. the fact is i'm going to spend money i don't have. don't worry. i will tax it. then by the time we get that money from you because there is
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already another spending bill. what do i do with that? that is not going to cost you anything because i'm going to tax you later. it is a pyramid scheme. but maybe that is what it always has been and i was naïve not to see it. >> you are not naïve, grade. >> greg: thanks. >> you are better than that. to greg up office naïve point you are establishing these trillion dollars programs and you will need to be reported. and now the new spending level is multitrillion-dollar's each year. >> do you remember it went that stem this passed back in 2008 and we were all, like, oh, my gosh. this is insane. $800 billion? we could never afford that. >> i could barely say the word. >> and republicans were so mad at president obama. it was such a phenomenal number and that we are going, 2 trillion, $3 trillion in.
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it is like, joe mentioned is like, 1.5 is my feeling. bernie is like, -- there's a lot of real estate in between and no one is being honest about the fact that, yes, taxation is assessed. there's no such thing as a government investment. government cannot earn morning. government is not create things. they your bank account and now they want to do good with the irs. over $600. the irs wants thanks to tell them what you are spending money on. every single purchase over $600. that is a taking. air taking money think they are taking mission. and the american public. plenty of them who make less than $400,000 a year are being absolutely hosed. >> what do you think about that? do you think that is cool? >> i think that i think that is one and hope that is taken out of the building in the '80s, we spent billions of dollars that hundreds of billions of dollars and i think it created -- was an investment in our
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country. it was an investment in taking down communism. one of the reasons i think you have stopped private-sector partnering with the public sector to send people to space is because there's so many ways that term communications and all, education services will do better. now, i don't necessarily do so we can quarrel about whether or not there's enough in here to do those things. the government doesn't do smart things and can't do smart things. in this built, i disagree slightly with everyone. if we are going to look at -- i mean, people in our network have sent there's a big joke and little joe. joe manchin is the most important person domestic policy in the policy. >> but they can't stand him on the democratic side. >> i think to greg's point, we got a big fight here. that is what --
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>> 1.5 trillion is moderate proposal. and my head is going to explode. >> i'm just -- >> it is crazy. and we can't afford it. and you know it. >> i don't want your head to explode. jesse. >> you should talk to your hair is carried in my mind last year. >> you don't need need to tell people what my number is. i'm not even congress, yet. next, dr. fauci making americans curious about what he just said about covid and christmas. why give your family just ordinary eggs when they can enjoy the best? eggland's best. the only eggs with more fresh and delicious taste. plus, superior nutrition. because the way we care is anything but ordinary.
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>> welcome back. dr. fauci being accused of causing more covid confusion. the top dog clean clean up after wanting americans about how they should spend their holidays. >> you can gather for christmas were just too soon to tell, its. >> you know, it is just too soon to the topic we discussed that -- we just got to work on getting those numbers down. >> i said something over the weekend that was taken completely out of context. that was misinterpreted as my sink we can't spend christmas with their families. that was absolutely not the case. i will be spending christmas with my family. >> and isn't he kind of, i mean, he says, we should spend christmas together and he has to come back in late october, early november. >> i understand the caution.
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okay? we have seen him. this is how he has talked in the past but i think you could anticipate a question like that and say, let's get through has the lead. halloween and there's plenty of time to think about that. there's so many of his may get appearances that it has become like white noise. anybody is hanging on his every word is already doing what the cdc says. if they find themselves in a position of needing to reach more people or get a different message out there in some way, you need to add a new messenger to this because of the was, people are not tuning in. >> do you agree with that, great? >> greg: i was not listening. no, i agree. any question you asked him what be the same because hedging his best, he has nothing to lose and being safe. because he is not a leader. he is a bureaucrat. he runs a department. so he is never going to choose a path where there's an element of
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risk. is -- use him to factor in his expertise in a greater discussion so that leader comes in and he goes, that is fine. he would never say, get back to work because that is the risk we had this discussion comfort year and a half ago. it will come down to an adult making that list. equation. it somebody has to take the reigns, not, and because you are never going to -- you are never going to get that mr. down to earth zero. anybody trying this kind of people because the only way you can get the best can get the best done to evil is by eroding freedom. if you want it down to zero, you can put 30 in a room lock them up. >> even australia is going to have christmas. >> exactly. except it is upside down. >> and they go to, peach. it is like our fourth of july. christmas is associated with --
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>> a kangaroo comes down the chimney. presence in his pouch >> he is the top infectious disease doctor and the highest paid employee in the federal government but he goes on the top-rated sunday morning news show and throws water on christmas and he goes, no, no, no, i was taken out of context? he said that and then blames other people for misinterpreting what he said wonders why people don't trust the science. we trust the science. we just don't put the scientists because the scientists like fauci have flip-flopped on everything think he's the american people, we might not have to change what we are doing in our day-to-day lives that much but how did that turn out for the good thing is we won't have to deal with answer need that much longer if things keep going to wait we are going. >> what do you know?
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>> cases and deaths are going down. hospitalizations are going way down. florida has kicked it. the south has gently kicked it. but you have 77% of adults in this country vaccinated plus boosters, plus antibodies. we are going to be pretty good. i think it is going to be, something we can manage. >> and the one thing doctors have is the vaccines. >> they have been horrible in their vaccine marketing because part of his alarmism is a sink that you have to get the vaccine, and even if you are vaccinated can construct next week still get sickened by people -- my problem is, he is talking about christmas and hanukkah. we have not gotten to halloween and thanksgiving. >> columbus day. >> thank you. data. >> we are getting rid of that. >> christov not get to have a halloween last year. my daughter had to.
2:32 pm
a twilight cake. the biggest pro tips to come to new york city element because these giant buildings are full of single people who both dumped their entire bag into your pillowcase. they are going to get it because they have been vaccinated and fauci is not the voice of reason anymore and we need a second opinion. >> coming up for work facebook employees blowing the whistle on how big tech is hurting the country.
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♪ ♪ >> it is shaping up to be a bad week for facebook. the company is experiencing massive worldwide outages across its platforms. a facebook whistleblower gave the wall street journal a trove of help the company is toxic. >> there or competence of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. and facebook chose to optimize for its own interests like making more money. a version of facebook that it is
2:38 pm
to take his our society apart and causing violent around the world. it chooses profit over safety. it is paying for its profits without safety. >> greg: facebook is sitting it reflects the good, the bad, and ugly of humanity. that should be a movie. you know, i will state that the outages work a distraction from that whistleblower and i stand by that. >> what were these outages? did we lose facebook? i cannot even know about that. >> and instagram and whatsapp bric-a-brac. >> i live my life. i read. i go to visit library. why is it was laughing? is it that clear that i -- >> because no one does. >> here's what i thought. this woman comes out and says facebook is to bring societies apart. it is causing ethnic violence around the world. okay. last century essentially, what did we have, that is russian
2:39 pm
civil war. was what won world war ii, multiple ethnic cleansings. there is no facebook then. we are going to now blame facebook for 2021? not as deadly as most of these in terms of conflicts and civil war. and we are getting to -- i don't know, it civil war? civil rights movement, antiwar protests. 2021, we sit on their coaches and we complain. that is as tough as it gets knob lick i would not all of a sudden sake facebook is not the root of all beautiful. is people like cbs news executives who point the finger at facebook while it is them, the legacy media, it is actually touring this book country apart. all facebook is doing is letting people interact and talk about all of these evil things the regular may get is doing like present news, putting out fake news. you know? racial hoaxes, all of that kind of stuff. those are the real village.
2:40 pm
>> that was a pretty impressive defense of facebook. we should let everybody know that you are on the double board. you actually changed the way i think about this. i have -- tech is always -- has a head start on humanity. so we build these things and then start using it and we don't know the effect it has until many years past. you can look at that as the highways at the superhighways. >> so if you think about what this is about here, and notwithstanding what jessie said. they have internal documents that have been turned over that showed that facebook is aware of how some of their content is not altogether -- positive and healthy and it is addictive particularly to young women. as a father of a seven-year-old who does not mess with social media, and you think about some of the other things in this memo that said that they were aware that these young women were so conscious of how they look and
2:41 pm
it might have impacted negatively. but they did not change any of the boat algorithms. i don't disagree with you. if you can't break link yourself as a company as big as this company is. one of the five biggest companies in the congress captain congress is going to do it for you. zuckerberg and his team are going to have to come before the senate. they generally don't work together. they have come together. it might be blooming salt pepper. we are good to close facebook and twitter and others into tell us what other internal documents do you have guys that shows that what you are going is harmful to young women and children? the recent disconnect is because they are trying to devote another set of products for children and people -- witness expect let's be clear about what is going on here. at least fix what we have. >> i'm looking to stuff, blaming all of the political violence.
2:42 pm
>> and that -- i think because this is a children's issue. and if they know what they are doing and they are not fixing it, congress should regulate the bailouts out of these guys. >> i agreed with you on the children's stuff. >> kennedy, you have a daughter. >> kennedy: yes. they are going to play basketball and track and soccer all at the same time. but they are on social media, and it scares the living out of me. it is not just the social pressure which i think is enormous. and we have no comparison. i logan michaels and i think their upbringing is so different from mine and a large reason for that is social media. there's going to be more platforms. kids are not on facebook. it is like snapchat, snapchat scares me a lot more than facebook. what they see, what they have access to want to talk and all of these companies do is create
2:43 pm
algorithms to make them more addictive. they really do. property figure out young brains and adolescent neuroscience and they appealed to cigarette companies did in the 60s mega, '70s, and '80s. i agree, a company, a private company, or if they are not selling their extinguishers. they are selling narcissism and dopamine. >> yeah. >> they know what it is doing. it is not like their zinc people at the company are saying, you know what chris spears, what is happening with these products. and it is not healthy. go ahead. go ahead. does not matter. >> well, i think for those who hate facebook up to date was a great day for them because there was no facebook. but now that left is complaining that that means there is no whatsapp. now they are mad. i'm skeptical that the government is going to come in and make everything better. when has that ever been true?
2:44 pm
>> and facebook is probably like, when did we have a good press week? local our tech whistleblowers youtube? >> is to tiktok owned by china? [gets tongue-tied] >> xi jinping is that cl. >> there you go. >> the fastest is up next. wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it.
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♪♪ everybody wants to rule the world ♪♪ >> welcome think it is nice to have you and it is time for "the fastest." first up tom brady making his highly anticipated return to new england. tom coming out on top, leading two of -- after the game, with his former coach. neither of them like the other. what did you make that hug jesse quick eight i did not think it
2:49 pm
was awkward at all. did you want him to make out in front of all those cameras? >> 30 million people tuned in front of the game par. >> tom brady, i want to thank bill belichick because you drafted me when no one else drafted me. apparently belichick went into the tampa. locker room into spent almost 30 minutes with reading, just the two of them. i agree with you. that is what belichick does everybody. he could do that with his kids. >> put his kids on the coaching staff. >> and he has never worked hug them. >> day not? >> i think when men hug, it looks awkward. but i think that feeling was genuine. >> and i like it that he got the locker room chat. >> that has to be hard to. in a please quickly you see the people that you no longer work with and you have to and you have to hug. imagine if i left and went to something like cnn, but i had to
2:50 pm
go-tos you every weekend. >> i would still love you. >> with -- like, tompeck you never call or text. >> and now, up next, one restaurant taking a stand against unruly kids by banning patients under the age of 18 from dining without their parents. so harold, this is the kind of think when you don't have kids, you think it is a great idea. but when you have kids, we want them to be able to go out with their friends. >> i think that restaurant is right and i think they should ban those parents, too. >> the parents are the ones. >> when you see this stuff happening in restaurants, it is not young kids. it is parents. >> it is middle of the ducks high schools, and they do. do you know what they do at two public works they are -- they don't pay for drinks. and an end think it, like,
2:51 pm
lemonade and cocoa. and they don't pay for it. >> i'm with you on that. i don't care about smoking e cigarettes. they are throwing fries and employees. >> you can't do that. >> that is too much. those things can hurt. you get, like a curly fried to the eye. >> you would be encouraged by next week. >> and then the floor is a mess. i would feel so bad. >> that is why toddlers and teenagers are the exact same. when you take each other to a restaurant that is why dogs love tiny kids because there's free food. >> would you be okay with strangers hitting your kid? >> could wagers just walk up and -- wagers just walk up and whack them. >> we don't encourage violence
2:52 pm
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hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. >> one more thing, greg. >> greg: we haven't done this for a while. [laughter] >> greg: robots are great. i don't think they are really robots. check out robo dynamics. out of the university of missouri game, tigers facing off the volunteers like you care. look at this clever cute. it's not really a robot if someone is controlling it i have always felt boston dynamics selling aus a bill of goods. >> is that robot twerking? >> by the way it is doing the
2:57 pm
running man. deign day running robot. pretty good. >> greg: i don't know if this counts as a robot but i want one. don't leave a lot of poop. just batteries. >> jesse: most sports gutfeld watched all weekend. >> greg: i didn't know there was sports. >> jesse: grandparents wish them a happy 65th wedding anniversary. 65 years of marriage. september 29th, 1956. got the whole tammy together to celebrate. they watched the rutgers game. that's whereby they met at rutgers. rutgers got slaughtered i think they lost by maybe five touchdowns, terrible game but great day. nan and pop, congratulations. >> kennedy: we love you guys no matter where you are. every october 4th for the last 12 years it is national taco day and today is no different taco supplied this massive taco we have on the table. if you are hang kerring go taco
2:58 pm
bell is giving out free tacos today. the chain that started it all go hit them up if you are in southern california. >> dana: taco john. >> kennedy: gave tack taco. also a succulent taco around the corner from where we work here and we're big fans. >> dana: are you making tacos tonight? >> kennedy: i usually like to make them on taco tuesday. >> dana: two days in a row who wouldn't want that indeed? you all thought that the goat was in inning last night. turns out all the gots were in atlanta. kroger, the grocery store, they hired all these goats to come to eat weeds at the supermarket but they got away. they were like running all over atlanta and they were very hard to corral. they grades their way through the city and had a great time. those are the real goats. harold? >> harold: that's a great
2:59 pm
picture but the real goat was in boston last night. the firefighters and first responders have so much pressure on them to not only do the right thing and keep us safe and put fires out, but the firefighter billings, montana an accident was being cleared decided to treated a little girl on the side. ryan benson the firefighter. the billings firefighters put up t. up on instagram account and it went viral. the little girl part of the accident found her way on the side. the books are donated to the billings fire department they do this with kids the fighters do. god bless ryan and that little girl. >> jesse: can i put something out there? >> greg: your book. >> jesse: not about the book. i think they need to lower the decibel level of the fire engine. it's a little too loud. does it have to be that loud. i know the point of the siren alert people get out of the way. all that it's so loud. >> kennedy: mine are awful.
3:00 pm
>> greg: imagine the screams of the patients suffering inside, jesse. >> jesse: you do agree with me though? >> harold: jesse ever calls just don't. [laughter] >> dana: 10 to 9 and a half. that's all is he asking for. >> greg: need to study this. >> dana: great monday, everybody. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. >> bret: they are pretty loud. >> jesse: thank you. >> bret: thank you, all. good evening welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight as president biden struggles to sway members of his own party to support his domestic agenda, he is blaming republicans for not cooperating on an effort to raise the federal debt limit. the president saying that the g.o.p. is risking what he calls a self-inflicted wound that takes our economy over a cliff. meanwhile the president appears to be minimizing a verbal attack against one of the democratic senate holdouts who is taking considerable flack over immigration. we will go live to the southern border in a bit for a live repo


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