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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 4, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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have maria grady from the wall street journal talking about what's happening from panama to colombia, on down with this immigration. ainsley: so tom cotton said yes? we were there for that booking. we had tom cotton on the show and you said can you do radio and he said let me check and i'll get back to you. brian: when you stare at someone for them, it's hard to say no. ainsley: not to your face. steve: thanks for joining see you tomorrow, everybody.
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>> bill: forces what could be a significant delay as we say good morning and merry christmas. remind me where we are headed. >> dana: it could be, and date. did you say your name? i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." i also noticed that you switch to the baby blue. we are officially and fall it looks like. it is on monday, and you're already on top of things. far left democrats have made it clear that the senate must pass the $3.5 trillion spending bill first. and on top of that, the party is split over the massive price tag they say they are not focused on the final number. >> it is about what we want to deliver if you let's get our priorities in, and then we will figure out what it actually is. >> we are going to pay for at all by raising taxes on the very wealthy and big corporations. >> we do want to spend money, invest. the economy, we believe investing in the american people as a way to go. >> we are going to win this thing, past the infrastructure bill. we are going to pass the
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reconciliation bill. >> bill: as the stomach continues, activists are getting bolder with their demands. have you have not seen it yet, a man and woman following senator kyrsten sinema into a restaurant. >> right now. >> we need solutions. >> we knocked on doors for you to get you elected. this is how we got you elected. we can get you out of office if you don't support the process. >> bill: we will get analysis from newt gingrich on that in a moment. first, we have the breakdown leaning our coverage on the help today. >> hey, good morning to you, bill. this is really an incredible what is happening. you've got this infrastructure bill that is really a rarity on the hill because it has bipartisan support, but we really don't know what is going to happen to her now. it has kind of turned into the redheaded stepchild, focusing on
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the social spending bill. some are questioning, you know, whether this infrastructure bill is really just dead, so right now, not taking a vote on it last week as promised by speaker pelosi. it is really enriching republicans and moderates alike. they'll believe progressives have taken the spell hostage. senator kyrsten sinema, democrat, calling the whole deal "inexcusable and deeply disappointing," blaming liberals for using the bill as an ineffective stand to gain leverage over a separate proposal while republicans are blaming the left for taking thet it is going to cost all of us. watch. >> make no mistake that progressives are in the driver's seat here. the moderates are in the passenger seat. riding along as they drive us right off of the fiscal cliff. >> and now apparently, as you guys mention, if you're critical of this massive spending bill, you're getting harassed. a group of immigration activists
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confronting senator sinema at arizona state university where she teaches. they followed her all the way from her classroom to the bathroom, where she had to shut the door of her stall, and they were demanding a pathway for citizenship for illegal migrants in that social spending bill, even though the sentiment dominic senate parliamentarian bill has not allowed them. we still have many weeks to go. it's incredible. it's going to be really interesting to see what happens. >> bill: no doubt. thanks. good luck. >> dana: here to help us sort it all out, newt gingrich, author of the new book, "beyond biden." just want to read one thing to you from senator sinema who said arizonans and everyday americans expect our lawmakers to consider legislation for no substantive reason. what americans have seen is an ineffective stunt to gain
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leverage over a separate proposal. didn't the president agree with the left on this when he went to the hill last week? >> sure. it was not a stunt if it works. they have decided blackmail is the only way that they can get it done. remember, the infrastructure bill, some 60% of it, it is highway trust fund, which is very, very popular. so there's a lot of pressure to be able to refund the highway trust fund, and the left, i think looking beyond policy, beginning the maneuver to set up the power for the next speaker. they are very determined to hold the infrastructure bill hostage. kyrsten sinema may not like it, but it is a legitimate parliamentary maneuver on behalf of people who want to get what
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they want to get. the question is will sinema and manchin hang tough? >> bill: if the price tag has been lowered, you wonder what stays and what goes. i don't know how you arrive at that, speaker, but here is aoc ncvs from sunday. >> the white house isn't making the demands to exclude universal child care or universal pre-k. this is coming from a more conservative wing of the democratic party, but those are the conversations we need to have because it is notoriously funny, and you can make $3 trillion bill, $1 trillion bill, make a $3 trillion bill that helps fewer people. >> bill: i need a flowchart for that. there was a deadline for september 27th. they blew by that. there was the deadline for september 30th. they blew by that. now they are talking halloween. we will see whether it happens or not. i mean, big picture,
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mr. speaker, do they get this done? if so, what does it look like? >> of the former speaker of the house, i have to confess nancy pelosi runs a dictatorship, and she runs a better than i thought possible, so maybe she can get it done. the problem they have got, and by the way, aoc is right. you could write this bill to only fund the program for two years. that would shrink the whole bill. it would shrink the whole bill. now you would be down to the number that in theory manchin and sinema could go for. i don't think they will get away with that, but they could. i get a sense that it is getting harder and harder to put this together. biden on the road in the middle of 400,000 people crossing the border illegally with inflation rising, i'm not sure biden is going to be actually able to convince anybody that they need to be for this. >> dana: here is another possible tactic they are going to use, and that would be to get
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the programs aoc was talking about appeared only fund them for two or three years, setting up basically for the republicans to have to answer it in 2024. are you going to continue the child tax credit and try to weaponize that issue? >> sure. perfectly reasonable as a strategy. the congressional budget office and others would score it as permanent because they say it is not going to be dropped. that is what happened. they call at 3.5 trillion. outside experts call at five and a half trillion because there are all sorts of sections to this bill that are not fully funded. you could, as a gimmick, come right down to $1.2 trillion, funded for two years, and then let sinema and manchin say okay, we met your cap here that would be a very interesting game of chicken. but for the country. terrible way to legislate. but if you are a big government
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socialist and you're desperate to get all this money, it's a rational strategy. >> dana: right. >> bill: thank you, sir. please come back here plenty to discuss. his point about inflation is very well taken. sometimes they go bad, but during the month of october and the month of november, there is going to be a hyper focus on inflation. we are going to bring in the story in a moment about all of these cargo ships that can get in. what that does, it drives everything up higher. we talk about gas prices as well, trying to lean on opec. there will be the possibility now that there is more of a focus on inflation. how do you pump more money out of washington into the system to drive at possibly higher? >> dana: how, indeed. i would love to cross examine, but we will see what they do. >> bill: what happens? >> dana: they probably funded for a year, right? they will ask anybody aren't you for equity?
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are you not? >> bill: i am, yes, i am. ♪ ♪ >> a thing i saw on facebook over and over again, what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. >> bill: that is that whistle-blower who released tens of thousands of internal documents, showing social media giant knew of its harmful effects on teens. she spoke out ahead of her testimony tomorrow. live in washington on the story today. good morning. >> this is big. she admitted to secretly copying tens of thousands of pages of documents before departing the company in may. the former employee is frances, who said she went public when her employer took no action after finding out that it was dangerous for young girls in particular. >> as these young women begin to consume this content, they get
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more and more depressed. they actually use the app out more, so they end up in a feedback cycle where they hate their bodies more and more. >> the former product manager had worked there for almost two years when she left. she was hired to combat election interference, but that the platform thrived off of chaos, catering and allowing cartels and traffickers to openly use the service. >> misinformation. it is enticing to people and keeps them on the platform. >> yes. facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site. they will click on less ads, they will make less money. >> she did not come forward to destroy the company but does want is a regulatory change here tomorrow, she is set to testify before congress. >> bill: the argument there is that facebook deliberately misled investors, withheld important information from
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investors, and those are actionable misconduct that the sec can bring essentially a lawsuit against facebook four. >> dana: she previously worked for other large tech companies like google, pinterest, and yelp. >> bill: thank you from d.c. >> dana: accusing president biden of turning a blind eye to the worsening crisis at our southern border, and a migrant search is not the only issue. >> bill: canceled out a christmas dinner, you say? why dr. fauci says it is too soon to know whether you can gather for the holidays. >> dana: a potential new lead on the search for brian laundrie. can authority soar through the noise and determine what is credible? to answer that, nancy grace. she joins us next. >> i looked at some more pictures. most of the time, i was seeing the side of his face. the profile of you. i was like i am absolutely 100% sure that is a guy.
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>> fox is serving an audience that is not served by any other channel, but it is mostly different because it's authentic. it's real. i came to fox, having been fired for low ratings, so i had failed. i was only 40. i had been given more chances than most people get by far, and i have blown it. fox hired me, and they kept promoting me, being kind to me, giving me chances, and one of the things i did right at the beginning was resolved to say exactly what i thought all the time.
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nobody has a more loyal audience and fox. >> welcome to tucker carlson tonight. >> i am worthy of the attention that we get for our viewers, and i believe in making the greatest ever that i can while i am doing this. >> bill: it is vax mandate day here for teachers and other school stuff. don't come to work without proof that you have gotten at least one shot of the coda vaccine. kim ng after sonia sotomayor, who is from new york city, declined to block the mandate. they must comply with a similar rule by october 15, but gavin newsom is going one step further and says students also must be vaccinated. so that is now in play. we mentioned this a couple of minutes ago about christmas. here is the debate. anthony fauci, cbs sunday. watch. >> we can gather for christmas,
6:20 am
or it is just too soon to talk? >> we just got to keep concentrating on continuing to get those numbers down here not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we are going to do at a particular time. >> dana: they are going to start calling him scrooge. >> bill: next hour, we've got the story about how delta is on the decline in a lot of different spots, which is really good news. marc siegel is going to come on for that. we will let you know what the good news is. >> dana: fox news alert now. near the appalachian trail, confirming they took a call from a man who said he saw gabby petito's fugitive fiance, brian laundrie near the tennessee border on saturday. >> it took him a second to get anything out, and he said man, i'm lost. i need to go to california. i was like wow. i don't know the directions to
6:21 am
california. he was like yeah, me and my girlfriend had a fight. man, i love her. she called me. i need to go to california to see her. >> dana: let's bring in nancy grace, host of "crime stories with nancy grace." what is this clue? if it was brian laundrie, what does it tell you about where you might be? >> well, number one, how did he get a hold of a white truck? is it in his name? did he borrow it from someone? did his parents facilitate that? was that even brian laundrie? here is the reason it could be laundrie. it is a very rugged trail. if you are out there for a couple of weeks, that takes some real know-how. we know criminal behavior, they go back to their mothers home. they go in the woods. if they are a for sure, they got on the water. he's been there before. that makes it likely.
6:22 am
now, unlikely. the fact that he is in a vehicle seems unlikely. the fact that he was so open, let his face be seen. divulge his direction. very unusual. specificity. rich in detail. this guy got a great look at who he thinks to be brian laundrie. he saw him head on. and profile. he described his manner. and he seems very certain, 100% certain, as opposed to a vague tip. they are going to follow up on edge. do i have to remind everybody if they are in route off? then then head out for years on the appalachian trail. >> dana: what about the one part where he apparently told us guy -- he said my girlfriend and i had a fight? >> okay. you know what's interesting about that? a little known fact, and i thought it was just me. until that happened over and over and over for ten years plus. prosecuting.
6:23 am
when defendant start talking, they very often, almost always, we have a little bit of truth into their life. they had a girlfriend, had a fight, and that is very coincidental. so that is the kind of thing that would add some value to this tip. >> dana: the other thing is you believe that there could be additional charges coming for brian laundrie? >> i have no doubt in my mind that brian laundrie is going to be charged. not just with manslaughter or homicide, but murder one. a lot of people wonder why are the fats getting more dna evidence from the parents? they pick up that envelope on the back porch. it was dna. why? to compare the dna that was found in come on, around the body of gabby petito. possibly on a murder weapon. and if that's true, his dna is on a hammer, it is over.
6:24 am
he is charged with murder one. >> dana: do you think the parents will also continue to get visits from the fbi? >> i think they will. and now you can throw that sister into the same plot to steal because now she is divulging she saw her brother more than once before he took off on his walkabout. and i think cops are going to be scrutinizing her and her statement as well as the parents. i don't think they can be charged under our law for doing nothing and remaining silent, but if they lie, they are going to be charged. >> dana: i remember when the sister did that interview with "good morning america," she very specifically said i have not seen my brother at all since he came home, but it turned out that is not true. that was suspicious. >> it's not necessarily a crime to lie to "gma." but if you lie to the cops, you are on the hook. >> dana: thank you for making my monday. it is only 9:24. >> bill: fox news alert.
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one of the largest oil spills in california's history. it could close some popular beaches for weeks as divers now race to find the source of the leak under water. plus, fox news exclusive caught on camera. groups of migrants trying to run and hide. texas troopers found and arrested dozens of them. tom brady went back home again. this was a cool moment, right? complete with a kind of hype you would find around the super bowl. >> had a few emotional moments, thinking about the people that have really meant so much to me and my life and that are a part of this community. just very grateful for the amazing time here.e he time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give
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>> we've had some great memorable thoughts and memories. but i would have to say probably my favorite and the most powerful would be something a couple years ago. we did a wheelchair giveaway.
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some of the fox family and friends were there. and it was just next level. we loved the speech. the venue. the whole landscape. the whole setting. it was incredible. our fan base up there is really, really strong, so they were ready for a party. when we bring up a veteran who has a risk at for our freedom and our country, and get to give them a little of their life back, something that can get them around a little easier. give them their freedom back. it's powerful. and it's bigger than us. it's bigger than music, and we love supporting our veterans and having some of the fox team there to show their support for our veterans and our soldiers. it just hits you in the gut. hits you in the heart. powerful. i will never forget that night. it was amazing. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: fox news alert. governor greg abbott accusing president biden of turning his back on the lone star state's border crisis. coming to weeks after he requested federal-aid to deal with the search of migrants, and he is still waiting. back on the border in la joya, texas. hi. >> dana, good morning to you. we have seen the state of texas having to use its own resources to help out the federal government down here at the border, and we went and asked that our cells. the texas state trooper as he was looking for migrants out in the brush. take a look at this remarkable video we shot. there were dozens of illegal immigrants we came across last night basically just an one little dirt field about a mile wide. they were laying face down in the brush all over the place. these are runners who recently crossed the rio grande. obviously do not want to be caught by the feds or texas state troopers, but you can see from the video, it was almost to the point where as they are walking in the
6:33 am
darkness, they had to keep an eye out for where they are stopping. make sure you are not stepping on somebody because they were dozens upon dozens of these migrants who are actively trying to hide from both border patrol in texas state troopers who had an incredibly busy night out there last night. this is in the la joya area, one of the busiest hot spots, and mostly the single adult men and women. they are hiding because they know if they get caught, they are likely going to get returned back to mexico via title 42. had a chance to talk with one of the women who was caught. she was emotional, saying her daughter is already here. she does not want to be returned appeared she pulled out a cell phone, called her family to let them know that she had been caught. this happens every night out here in la la joya. texas governor greg abbott asked the biden administration for federal emergency declaration done here at the border because of the situation. the biden administration rejected the request. now governor abbott is appealing that decision.
6:34 am
he said "president biden has turned his back on texans living along the border, and fema's refusal to declare a federal emergency puts our health, safety, property risk. the state of texas is appealing this detrimental decision by fema because the biden administration's refusal to solve the crisis of the border had led to a strain on local, state, federal resources." well remember those images a couple of weeks ago about those thousands of haitians in del rio. it potentially waiting for another way to come. panama's foreign minister recently met with u.s. officials and warned them they were a potentially 60,000 more on the way right now. also included that they have apprehended a few people with potential ties to al qaeda as they were trying to move more into mexico. we will send it back to you. >> dana: basically saying i am trying to get people's attention. she is frustrated that people want to listen to her.
6:35 am
>> bill: 60,000. meanwhile, supply chain crisis that started during the pandemic is only getting worse. a trillion dollars worth of toys and clothing, electronics stock and the commercial pipeline. skyrocketing shipping costs are causing delivery disruptions, which makes so many other things more expensive, and that is helping drive inflation. maria bartiromo, nice to see you. how did we get here? can we start there? was this all covet? >> yeah, sure, though. it is partially covered and also the covid response. this shutdown in the factories, people had to shut down their manufacturing facilities. then the relief package that went into a log back in january meant money going to people to stay home, and that's exactly what they did. now we have a major shortage of truck drivers, among others.
6:36 am
some of those people are at home. they don't want to go back to work. now we need truck drivers to transport all the products, so that's partially how we got here. i will give you some new information, build here the last and we spoke, i told you that i spoke with the director of the long beach port, who told me this is not going to fix itself until at least the second quarter of 2022. this morning we see that it is in fact impacting broad economic growth. a number of economists are taking their growth expectations down for the third quarter in the fourth quarter. they now expect third-quarter growth coming in at 2%. we are right now on the doorstep of third-quarter reporting earnings, so a whole host of companies in the coming weeks, expect a number of companies to say that guidance is bad. they are not expecting business to pick up because of all of these manufacturing shortages, so yes, you are spot on in saying buy your christmas shopping now. you're not going to have the
6:37 am
selection you thought you did. we are now looking at the end of the year much lower than the federal reserve expected. the expectations for growth not coming in for the overall year of 2021, way down from the target of 7%, which was their projection back in march. we are looking at intention to buy big ticket items like homes, cars, appliances. intentions to buy those things that multi-decade lows, because inflation is also eating into our purchasing power. >> bill: there it is again. talking about it already this morning. maria, i saw where this could last until the end of 2022. you mentioned mario cordero. over the weekend. watch here. >> all the imports and also the american exporter is being affected on this. this is a global issue. we are dealing with this.
6:38 am
the cargo is moving here. there has not been a day where it has been stopped. >> bill: i know you had him on your show too, maria. here's a quote. "no one is really in charge." all right. what's what's the plan? this administration has blocked detail on so many things. what is the plan here? >> i don't think there is a plan at this point, bill pete you've got conversations on going about throwing more money at the economy. they are fighting right now over that three and a half trillion dollar reconciliation package. more money facing it. only going to be more inflation, cutting into any increase we saw in wages. we are going to get some information this friday. the september jobs report. the participation rate at 61.7%. that was unchanged from august 2020. if we see the participation rate go down, that is another indication that this is only getting worse.
6:39 am
people are not going back to work. that is one of the elements here of this disruption. >> bill: good to have you on here nice to see you. want to come soon. >> dana: tampa bay buccaneers quarterback tom brady return to new england and did what he does best. come from behind and win. the hall of famer, beating his former team. 19-17. he made history at the same time. he surpassed through various for most passing yards of all time and becamee the fourth quarterback to beat all 32 nfl teams. brady shared a hug with his er coach, bill belichick. >> bill: you stayed up all night to watch this. >> dana: i watched him run on the field. it was one of the first things i checked this morning. >> bill: pretty good game. brand-new quarterback, rookie from alabama. decent game. >> dana: how do you know he is from alabama? just kidding. >> bill: because i watch a lot
6:40 am
of football. >> dana: i know you do. thank god because we are going to talk about it on monday. >> bill: she was educated in moscow. has some radical ideas. and this would be her job. she is going to get confirmed. we will check in on that. plus, since the taliban to cover, at the beginning of the war with isis. general jack keane is here today in studio to talk about this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: son breaking news, saying that china flutes or planes into defense today. beijing's largest force of show ever. the third time since friday that china's air force has flown near the island which is sees as a breakaway province, taiwan. and it comes the day after the u.s. urged china to stop its provocations. jack keane, fox news strategic analyst. good morning to you.
6:46 am
department of defense saying that the commitment to taiwan is rock solid. you have been watching these developments. what do you think beijing is up to? >> clearly over the last year, there has been significant diplomatic military intimidation of taiwan, but there is no doubt with 90 aircraft's this weekend 50 plus today, since the collapse of afghanistan, it's been obvious. but he has accelerated the military intimidation as well as the psychological intimidation. they are blasting into taiwan. the fact that the united states did not defend adequately, a 20 year ally in afghanistan, walked away, surrender the country. that is what they are saying your fate will be as long as you stay in line with united states. this is significant, what has taken place. i think presidents before it is likely up -- i think what his
6:47 am
major objective is, when it comes to xi come you got to pay attention to what he says. he has said time and time again, we are going to resolve this issue with taiwan. if it has to be by force, it will be by force. we are not going to pass this problem onto the next generation. it may be moving forward in terms of his intent to accomplish that. not in the near term. that is what they have every five years, where they likely extend him again. in his tenure as the president. but this is getting to be a more dangerous situation. >> bill: you are saying invasion of taiwan, which leads to an all-out war. how many casualties? no one can say. and what with the united states do? >> that's a great question. i think he has three conditions he's looking at. economic headwinds in the next five to ten years. the economy is slowing down. he's got massive debt. his productivity is going down. those are serious issues.
6:48 am
he's got huge democrat problems with his workforce. one baby only permitted in china for years. what that means. he's got 200 million people moving out of the workforce. urging senior citizens to take care of them. one other condition is that he knows that our allies, led by the united states, retooling their capabilities. it is going to take a number of years for us to do that, so there's a window of opportunity. in the last one is the one that you mention, bell. the last condition is the united states. while the united states come to taiwan's assistance? and actually defend taiwan. that is a calculus which will influence his decision on whether to take action or not. that's just the facts of it. >> dana: what you think the answer is to that? when the defense department's other commitment is rock solid, do think it is?
6:49 am
>> you know, i'm just not sure. it has nothing to do with the defense department. it has to do with the decision-maker. we just assign awful strategic decision that led to the surrender of afghanistan to a terrorist organization, and that decision, the president of the united states. regardless of the pentagon, and i appreciate the statements, and it really comes down to president xi's assessment of president biden. >> bill: you are talking about an event that would lead to the next world war. because now, general, the scenario you described here, our western european allies would have to take a sigh. our southeast asian allies would have to take a side. australia, new zealand, korea, japan. >> and no doubt about that. there have been some good things done. president trump started the alliance in the region with japan, australia, india. president biden has strengthened that. right now as we speak, when all
6:50 am
these aircraft were flying, we have to go in the region. the united kingdom has an aircraft carrier. the queen elizabeth, in the japanese have an amphibious helicopter in the region, so we have presence, and that is also sending a signal, certainly. to the chinese and particularly to their military leaders. yes, this is going to be a crisis, i think. that is going to get worse before -- >> bill: this is profound. we respect your views entirely. we are describing here, the world going back to war at some point after 2022. i mean that is profound. xi is 68 years old. you said listen to what he says, and he has said it repeatedly, that this issue will be resolved. >> he has a tendency to do what he says. it may not lead to all-out war that you are thinking of. what he could do is use one of taiwan's islands, closer with a military capability.
6:51 am
what are we going to do? are we going to react to that? what military forces into taiwan if he does not. he could blockade a major port. all smaller steps to break their resolve and will of taiwan. he could go for what i call "a quick kill." that is massive air and missile attack. going after the elites inside of taiwan. and force of surrender very quickly into to three days. or he could do what you're suggesting. an all-out attack. and now he does have enough amphibious ships. he didn't have a number of years, enough amphibious ships for that invasion. he has built a lot of commercial carriers. not just his navy, but like we do. when we move our troops overseas, we use more commercial carriers than we do navy holes. he's got all of that now. >> dana: everything that you warned us about in afghanistan came true, so you're obviously worth listening to.
6:52 am
also, congratulations to you and your yankees. >> we are in for a fight. there is no doubt about it. we are playing the boston red sox. god bless them. congratulations for 25 years a fox. >> dana: you have been a big part of it. first day of the new term. abortion, gun rights, religious liberty. they are all on the docket for the justices, and we are alive at the court for what to expect. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate. you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean-
6:53 am
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6:57 am
>> the u.s. supreme court kicking up a new term today birds of a hot button issues on the docket including abortion and gun rights. the justices are back in the building for in person arguments . so on the covid friend, david i outside the court today. david, good morning. >> good morning parade they run on time here at the supreme court for the justices will tak their seats for the first time since february of 2020 in the courtroom in about three minutes
6:58 am
. i spoke to a man who's argued around 21 cases in front of the u.s. supreme court he says this specific term has the most hot button issues in several decades , but let's start out with abortion rights. that is gaining probably some o the most attention for this coming term. mississippi, that 15 week band, about a dozen states have passe restrictive laws over access to the procedure. gun restrictions, you are at strict regulations for licensin concealed carry handguns and public. the supreme court previously allowed handguns at home for self protection. on the terrorism front, there i on equity on them obey and religious liberty taxes dextro wants a pastor to be able to la hands on him and pray during execution also school choice an religious choice for main student spirit. >> abortion, gun rights, and affirmative action would be monumental.
6:59 am
>> notable today will be the first time that the new justice will be on the bench, she's bee on the court from us to hear, but it's been closed as i mentioned for a year and a half due to the pandemic. it won't be a full court today. kavanaugh tested positive for covid 19 even though he's fully vaccinated, he has no symptoms in will join the court virtually . he is one of the justices peopl are looking at both sides of th political spectrum because on abortion, it's not clear his position as it is clear with many of his other colleagues. >> we are watching and waiting. >> did you note the supreme court there is a paul, the confidence in the supreme court gallup poll is 40 percent in september. it was 49 percent in july. part of the thing that's happening here is as these big cases are going to move through people are starting to position. >> i was looking at, gallup started doing this question of the supreme court 21 years ago and this is the lowest they've
7:00 am
ever found for the previously was around 40 to percent. >> i remember that. >> one of the big memories abou what happened there. i think i met you remember it t get absolutely great tallahassee , 37 days. >> 36 days? very good. you know the details. democrats ours scrambling to as president biden warned it's tim to get out of the foursome cuts. welcome to a whole new our of "america's newsroom". >> the spending spree showdown is still looming pray far left democrats consider key scaling back their demands. this after blocking a vote on the bipartisan bill for bridges roads, airports, and waterways great house speaker nancy pelos setting a halloween deadline to
7:01 am
make the boats happen. former speaker newt gingrich says it's not going to be easy. >> nancy pelosi runs a dictatorship and she runs it better than i thought possible. so maybe she can get it done. i get a sense that it's getting harder and harder to put this together and that biden on the road in the middle of 400,000 people crossing the border illegally with inflation rising i'm not sure biden is going to be able to convince anybody. democrat will join us. live from the new moon northlan of the white house this morning. president biden will return her to the white house shortly and return to negotiation. and unsocial programs. the congressional democrats working on a couple of in the infra structure proposal, but now about lets me be going to b
7:02 am
about $2 trillion in spending o education, childcare and healthcare pray democrats say they will cover the cost by raising taxes on corporations and those making more than $400,000 a year. >> this is just about deliverin and making sure that we deliver both bills to the american people because it meets their needs. at the end of the day it will cost zero because we're going t pay for it. we want to grow the economy. the democrats are a party that want to grow the government. and you heard it right there. they are continuing to try to mislead the public by saying it is free. it is not free. >> the social spending bill was a about three and a half trillion dollars which but to attract or moderate democrats and get this through the congress, the white house is no pushing a range of up to $2.3 trillion. the moderates also want immediate vote on the separate trillion dollar infrastructure bill senator kiersten cinema writes the failure of the u.s. house to hold a vote on the
7:03 am
infrastructure investment and jobs act is inexcusable and deeply disappointing for communities across the country. what americans have seen instea is an ineffective stand to gain leverage over a separate proposal. democratic leaders have now linked to the tube per the infrastructure bill and the social spending bill. that something they are working on now. >> thank you rich, good to see you at the white house press. >> republican congresswoman nancy mays, who is a fiscal conservative from california. the member of the congressional progressive caucus. and know you guys have done a few things together including cybersecurity. but right now, let me ask you about the white house continues to make the claim that $3.5 trillion bill is actually going to cost nothing. what your constituents believe? >> i can tell you the american working class knows it's not going to be free and that it
7:04 am
will cost something. they're is going to be a massiv tax hike in order to pay for it and come at the left wants to say, democrats want to say that this is going to be free. it's not. they're and not only going to tax the rich and the corporations. the devil is in the details rea when you read about the spendin packages infrastructure in the 5.5 trillion, whatever it and set being, there are many tax breaks for the rich and many taxes that will be laid down on the backs of hard-working americans this goes to show how radical of the left has gone pushing this kind of agenda. it has made it very difficult for republicans and democrats t work together in dc, which is why you saw the debacle on friday and in the next few week of figuring out how it's going to work. >> before we turn it over, if the bills were separated, if th infrastructure bill world to ge as standalone vote, would you b a yes?
7:05 am
>> i would not. less than 10 percent of the $1.2 trillion actually goes to roads and bridges. 40 billion only going to roads and bridges. that surface transportation and another 70 billion is going to public mass transit. they're our 42 new taxes and that bill and republicans didn' get to negotiate how much transportation infrastructure committee on how that one point true trillion dollars would be spent. on the house i'd at least it wasn't done in a bipartisan way. >> thank you for coming back here. i see the lights are still on o capitol hill. to play a clip from bernie sanders on abc this past sunday. man, his price tag as an enormous pray just give us a quick listen here. >> with the president has said is that there's going to have t be some give and take. i think that's right great if anything, when you especially talk about the crisis of climat change and they need to transform our energy system awa
7:06 am
from fossil fuel, the $6 trillion i originally proposed is probably too little. three and a half trillion shoul be a minimum, but i accept that there is going to be give and take. >> 6 trillion is too little. do you agree with that? >> let me put a couple of thing in context. senator sanders is talking over ten years. donald trump added $7 trillion to the deficit in his term. by the way he was the largest added to the deficit other than george w. bush in abraham lincoln and abraham lincoln was under the civil war so let me b frank, yes there's going to be at class, i'm not hiding that there's not going to be a cost. they're will be a cost to provide people with childcare. >> but just to be clear. we're looking at some big numbers on the screen appear in new york. all sanders was talking about was the climate change initiative and during that comment he went from 6 trillion to three and a half trillion. i ask you, i mean what is an
7:07 am
appropriate number here? if he is leading the progressiv movement on the senate side for sure, there was a lot of influence on the house. what are you going to go for? >> the president is going to decide with the compromises, bu here is the issue. yes the taxes are going to go u on the wealthy. you know where they're going to go up, in my district? we've reduced $11 trillion in the last year with the pandemic. you know will be helped, the heartland, this outcome of places that have been left behind. we are going to invest in childcare and making together t community college. >> this is a highly contagious issue, we're going to follow it the entire month. one thing you've been able to d cooperatively his work together on a bipartisan cybersecurity build to make sure that our defenses are in top shape. how did you do that?
7:08 am
>> well, it's very rare, i thin there are 5-10 percent of opportunities for us to work together in congress. i want to thank him for the opportunity to do that because we both know that cybersecurity is national security. this program will help ensure that our federal agencies are cyber workers are better skille and share those skill sets around various agencies. where we can work together during very divisive times righ now, we should. we should try two lower the temperature of american politic to do best for our nation i'm grateful for the opportunity to work with him on this critical piece of legislation that just passed out of the house last week. >> a lot of that work will be done right there in your district. >> we are out of time, but quickly, congratulations on getting something done. a democrat in republican. >> i want to say, the rf is a soft coal disagreements, but sh never makes it personal. she's willing to reach across the oil and i'll and we need more of that. >> i think we've got the start
7:09 am
the start of something, you to. we are going to bring you back together as the debate goes through october and likely november and maybe even december . is that a deal? >> i am up for that. >> bicoastal and bipartisan. >> now we lock them together. >> barely. >> and urgent cleanup underway as a massive oil leak of the southern california coach threatens the beaches. huntington beach, california, w understand they are still tryin to find the source of that. what is the update now? to get the next 24 hours are going to be critical but more o that oil from reaching the shore , but also as you mentioned , the critical wetlands like you see here, you've got the boom here, you got two more on the other two sides here. they're are about seven of thes basically wetlands along the
7:10 am
coast here as the oils will continues if you go out on the ocean, the coast guard coming o cleanup teams out there as well trying to corral these oil slicks and patches and trying t section off the oil. that was as of saturday morning before the company said it had to the leak actually stopped. so that is big. they're is 23 different oil platforms off the southern california coast. the wells in question we are talking about our about 8 miles off of huntington beach. they're is a 16-inch pipeline o the ella processing platform that carries crude from multipl different wells out there and sends it 18 miles to the port o long beach. the company reported the leak saturday morning. we don't know if it was corrosion, failure on a weld, some kind of a gas may be by an
7:11 am
anchor, a tank, or a fishing boat. after reports came in of dead fish and birds showing up on th beach. the county closed it on saturda night. >> oil deposits all along the shore and, you can see the oil slicks out in the ocean. we know that there is going to be a lot more hitting our shore over the next few days. >> the ramifications will exten further the impact to the environment is irreversible. >> so, to try to mitigate the damage to wildlife right now th oil sticks to the feathers of the charter, the egrets, and it makes it impossible to fly. that is not uncommon for as bil decides to have birds, fish, an mammals die. i want to give you some idea
7:12 am
where we are bird this is the pacific coast highway. right over there is the pacific ocean. if you look in the distance dow there you see some of the oil platforms. this is where the ocean obviously meets the santa ana river. a critical area to stop that oi from coming inland and off the beaches because that's it's expensive and difficult once he gets in the sand. >> this is probably going to be with us for several days unfortunately, it may be beyond. >> terrible to see that. some potentially good news in the fight against covid. drug maker merck to seek approval for its antiviral pill. they show the treatment because debts and hospitalizations i have faired. >> 's covid in retreat? doctor fauci is accused of bein a grinch warning the christmas holidays our in jeopardy. all of that coming up straight ahead to. ♪
7:13 am
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7:18 am
>> we could gather for christmas , or too soon to tell? >> it's too soon to telfair for up to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time . >> too soon to tell. president bidens top corona advisor growing a on christmas. new york times headlines, covid in retreat. new cases in the u.s. have fallen by more then a third in the past month. i want to bring in the professo of medicine at nyu in also fox news contributor. good morning to you a great christmas to their side, is covid in retreat?
7:19 am
>> right now it's and metric retreat. the numbers are going lay down part hospitalizations downgrade we are seen outbreaks in the pacific northwest into in the northeast which is surprising because of the high level of vaccine uptake, but right now it's in big retreat. i would rather be dr. santa tha dr. grinch over there. i would tell where are you going , how are you getting there ? how are you going to get tested if you have to be tested. i like to like those test that you can do it home that you can mail and the results online. pretty spectacular. i'm all for planning travel carefully, not being dr. grinch. >> back in august i believe, maybe it was july, you had predicted delta would reach a point where it would level off. >> that appears to have happene as a lot of the experts have predicted, correct? >> i'm not interested in pattin myself on the back.
7:20 am
i probably got this one right because i had a feeling the combination of vaccine plus those who get covid and get immunity from it, natural immunity would help to level it off especially in the regions where it really got high. the big thing about the pandemi here is that we follow it day b day and we look at the emerging science and it helps to inform us. i did say this. >> you and a few others were weighing in on that based on what you are seeing in the uk and other places overseas. merck has that u.s. government will by 1.7 million doses from merck of this antiviral treatment. dr. scott gottlieb was on cbs over the weekend and he has a new book out, but says it's not enough. >> by virtue of the indication that this is probably going to be approved for it would cover us with one month of the delta wave and the strategic national stockpile has between 50,000,080,000,000 courses of therapy. so contracting those doses
7:21 am
wasn't enough to cover any appreciable portion of the pandemic threat. >> what is your view on that, doctor? >> think scott is right from th beginning of the pandemic we have been talking about not enough testing at all and not enough planning ahead in terms of treatments. vaccines we did a big operation warp speed, but with the therapeutics we've been behind. this bill looks like a game changer. it is a pill. you can get tested at home, found out you've been exposed, find out you have a mild case and take the pill in your chances of going to the hospita go way down. weed eat way more than that. we need a hundred million doses of its available or at least filthy million. we have to prepare for having this tool. rapid testing, the bill, looks like this likely, and again, vaccine. >> california is the first date to require kids in the schools, schoolchildren now to have the covid vaccine. like you get mumps or measles.
7:22 am
do we need that, doctor? >> i think they're getting ahea of themselves with that. the fda advisory committee is just now going to be weighing i on whether they shot is safe an effective for 5-11 -year-olds. they're pulling in their advisory committee. the only studied 2200 kids so i wrote last week you better pull in the advisory committee on this and then the fda wrote to me that they're doing that. i'm so glad they're doing that because they didn't do that for the 12-17 -year-olds. why does this matter? if you see a rare side effect you need experts out there at the university of pennsylvania who is the top facts and knowledge is for kids in the country to say it's a rare side effect. it is safer your kids, it's a for my kids. they are going too fast. gavin newsom is way ahead of himself. besides, he allows teachers to have an opt out or they contest their way out of getting the vaccine. for kids, who again, it's not even approved yet for 5-11, he'
7:23 am
talking about no test out there. completely unfair to put a standard on young children who can't fight back versus what yo do with teachers. it can't be a different standard . >> thank you so much. a lot to run through and you di it very well. >> thank you. >> a new analysis that shows liddy leaders have been draggin their feet and spending federal covid relief money. look at this breakdown from the associated press. city spending only 8.5 percent of their funding. and states only 2.5. congress passed the nearly to trillion dollar american rescue plan earlier this year after hundreds of mayors and governor pleaded with the federal government for immediate action in then so all this money gets spent, that none of it is being. >> and remember when it passed we brought in a bunch of mayors from across the country. this is john bromley from cincinnati he is the centerleft democratic mayor and said this about the new funds coming in.
7:24 am
>> we're going to hire more police and firefighters that we stop hiring erring the crisis. instead of defund the police, w are increasing our funding. we are going to pave roads and bridges that need to be fixed and that dc politicians promise us for too long they would help us with with our money. this is our money coming back desperately give the community asked people around town how they wanted to do it. we'll get an update on cincinnati, but in ohio alone, the akron beacon journal reported two weeks ago that to hundred 25 ohio, you missed it how these have let yet to apply for it that millions of dollars the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been earmarke for that particular state that is just in one part. >> do they not needed? gig i am assuming that anyone would find a way to use and spend the money. the question is why don't you apply? it would suggest a lack of urgency.
7:25 am
>> to me, it would suggest a lack of urgency for things they might need would assume everybody knows it's happening. many states decided to spend this money on things that have nothing to do with covid bet on projects they have wanted. >> the irony of that is we are going to this whole infrastructure battle right now. some of the mayors went right t the idea that he needs to fix roads. that's not what the american rescue plan was about, it was about covid and coming out of the pandemic. get one if you could take that money and say to the progressives on the hill, we artie did this and maybe add that to the infrastructure anyway. i see a compromise brewing. i don't think will do it, though . >> probably not. >> as study other charlotte, north carolina. watch. >> we can figure it out, or we can just send you back to louisville without your chair. >> a quadriplegic man says eigh american airlines refused to load his chair because there wa
7:26 am
too much luggage aboard the plane. now he and his wife are demanding answers. we will talk to them next.
7:27 am
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>> potential certain. of the appalachian trail they confirmed that they heard from man who believes he saw andre driving a right pickup truck on saturday morning. nancy grace is weighing in on that investigation last hour. >> this guy got a great look at who he thinks to be wrong in laundry. he saw him head off and profile. he described his manner and he seems very certain, 100 percent certain as opposed to a vague tip. they are going to follow up on. >> a follow-up today. you the home in northport, florida with the latest today. >> the haywood county sheriff's office in north carolina says i received nearly a dozen calls
7:33 am
over the weekend can turning possible sightings along the appalachian trail. authority say none were as descriptive as florida hiker dennis davis who says he has no doubts that he spoke to brian early saturday morning noon at the north carolina and tennesse border. the man who appeared to be brian , flagged him down in a white pickup truck. the man appeared dazed and confused as he rambled on about a fight with his girlfriend and questioned him about directions to california. >> i said it's right there next to us you can get on i 40 and drive to california. after that, he kind of just looked at me and he said no i think i'm going to keep driving down this road road. all of a sudden it dawned on me what if it was that guy. so i got off on the next exit and quickly pulled up my phone, the first picture i pulled up was that portrait view of him with that black beard and mustache. right at that moment i said tha is absolutely him.
7:34 am
>> dana says he called local police and the fbi if you sheriff's deputies were sent ou to the location that have nothing of importance. brian has been missing for nearly three weeks at this poin as authorities try to track him down. he remains the only person of interest in the death investigation of his girlfriend gabby petito. the petito family says they wer prepared to launch the official website for the foundation, but apparently that site is restricted right now because there are so many scammers out there trying to profit. >> a collegiate man who relies on his motorized wheelchair say he was left bedbound for 19 hours last weekend after american airlines refused to load his electric wheelchair on a plane saying there was too much other luggage. on top of that, he says when he got it back several days later it was completely broken. joining us now is matt weatherb
7:35 am
he defines on his wheelchair as a lifeline. so good to see you. matt, tell me what you heard th ground crusade? >> basically, once i was artie boarded on the plane and ready to go, a woman came up and told me that they might not be able to fit my chair, which has to g down in the cargo area. i have flown on this aircraft many times before with the same chair, so i know that it fits. so the only reason it wouldn't fit would be because there was already too much other luggage in there that they refused to rearrange or refuse to take off the plane in order to fit my chair. the age i was traveling with confirmed that she had overhear one of them saying that there
7:36 am
was too much other stuff down there and come to find out later , it's actually a federal requirement to fit a mobility device ahead of other passenger luggage on the plane. could you think a good point is that you depend on your wheelchair for your life, somebody else might be inconvenienced for a little while if they don't have their bag, but the law says it should've been there. caitlin, when the wheelchair finally gets to you, you have been watching your husband have to deal with being in bed for over 19 hours. what was that like? >> i wasn't actually home right i flew back on monday, so i was hearing about it from far away so i already felt helpless as i is. kind of trying to play the middleman and figure out what's going on. mostly i was just sitting in my own thoughts. on the verge of tears just thinking about how humiliated h must've been.
7:37 am
he was supposed to get boarded first. he didn't get boarded until after several other passengers which number one, to get loaded or boarded on a plane full of passengers where they actually have to lift him up and brought to seat with four men, that in itself has to be humiliating, and then the whole plane had to watch all of this go down. basically, i felt like he was discriminated against. he's not afforded the same abilities that able-bodied people are. not only is that his lifeline, but he can't move without a. he was wheeled out of the plane. his only choice was to get off the plane or fly without the chair. the chair didn't come until 8:0. so i was worried that he was in
7:38 am
bed all day getting pressure sores and events that with his compromised immune system. >> and want to read to you what american airlines said they sai we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our customers we regret and apologize for the negative experience, we are working closely with him to fully understand what occurred and to ensure his wheelchair is completely fixed as quick as possible. it's not that that easy to just replace one of these chairs. its important equipment that yo need, but what i thought was interesting is when you came forward with this story, you found out that there are so man other people who have experienced the same thing? >> yes. unfortunately, not only friends of ours and people that we already know, but we have had other people that we have never even met before reaching out on social media or what have you because they have had a similar experience whether they are chair was damaged or it was
7:39 am
accidentally put on the wrong flight. which is just something that can't happen. there needs to be better training for these ground crews to not only just understand tha it really is a lifeline for somebody in a wheelchair and just how to operate it properly. >> the message we've been getting from people in the thin he said to me right away as i'm never flying again. a lot of people with disabilities won't fly, they will drive the 12 hours it take so they don't have to worry about something happening like that. >> let's get the word out because you shouldn't be inconvenienced that way.
7:40 am
everybody needs to know about i and i admire your courage in your relationship seems to be a loving one and a good example and role model for all of us. thank you. >> nice people. 20 minutes before the hour now. nancy pelosi getting high grade from the media after failing to pursue president biden's progressive agenda. where is the disconnect on that? saturday night live losing its edge? the season premiered over the weekend. several new cast members did th humor miss the mark? a thing or two too say about that is coming up next. >> get this bill passed of a, just like me it deserves a second chance and a third chance . up to at least 11 chances.
7:41 am
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>> the question now. our major news outlets gushing over speaking nancy pelosi. you did not unite her caucus. her approval rating is at 35 percent. media columnist for the hill, fox news contributor joins us now. good day day to you and good morning. look at history. politico 2017. pelosi defiant as restless democrats consider options. time magazine 2018, nancy pelos
7:47 am
becomes a meme with the postmeeting sunglasses moment. we remember that moment? >> i do. vividly. >> 2021, why nancy pelosi is being heralded as masterful. does that add up to you? >> when you do the math here, i had up to three. three times she was supposed to hold a vote on the floor of the house, she promised it on monday , on thursday, on friday, and it did not happen because she cowed down to the squad win of the party. the media coverage of pelosi ha always been overwhelmingly positive. she is 20 points underwater, bu when she pairs of the state of the union address when she does last year or does that sarcasti clap when donald trump was giving another state of the union, she's referred to as a master legislator. right down the master legislato has had to push off another vot to halloween, nearly four weeks from today and we still don't know if this is going to get through. i guess she could put through a
7:48 am
skinny version of this. maybe there's a skinnier versio of the spending bill. i would imagine they would see they can make there being done which is shortening the term of the programs brings down the price tag, but when she get people free stuff, it's hard to pull that back. it appears they will be in the same place for weeks from now that they are now. let's see if the master legislator gimpel went out of her head because if she doesn't she's 81 years old she will los the house next year and that will retire nancy pelosi for good. we are always remember what we done lost, and this could be th last thing she is run before an it won't be a good thing for he her to get a thing for coverage of our capabilities has taken a bit of a hit in the last month, but partly that's because president biden decided to side with the squad, so now she's left out there saying well i guess i'll try again for the en of the month. they also wanted to get to this. saturday night live decided tha they would go after the left an all of their disarray, but they chose aside and it was the progressives. watch.
7:49 am
>> and r's historic has to get past. >> i'm a democrat from west virginia if i vote for electric cars, they're going to kill me. >> i wear a dress that said tax the rich and then spent all night partying with the rich. groups. >> basically it went on to make fun of several and it tried to make the case imprecise that th regressive point of view was th one to go with. >> that lines up exactly probably with cast members there . you remember the cast members o the show actually we're thinkin of boycotting the guy who invented the electric car basically who was hosting so yo see where they are aligned there . you may remember, you are both teenagers at the time, dana carvey's rendition of george hw push or darrell hammond of bill clinton of where farrell doing george w. bush. they were all impossibly funny. bush 41 even invited carvey to provide to perform at the white house brady remember one
7:50 am
memorable s&l skit about. evelyn baldwin's imitation of donald trump was more angry. in the head jim carried doing biden last year to the characteristic in that mask. so yes, these imitations we saw on saturday they weren't good. they were sympathetic particularly with a it aoc. in it's almost like they're a friend to their viewers. ratings are down 35 percent fro last year's opener. one third of the audience was gone. >> one of the newsletters i received said that that cold open was a must watch, so i spent time watching it and it wasn't a must watch. >> a waste. >> okay, i didn't stay up i watched it the next morning. >> take care. >> homeless people on the west coast about to go from the street to penthouse with a view all on the taxpayer dime. for the first time, drone footage captures what it's like inside one of the most devastating forces of nature.
7:51 am
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step three we are going to hear from the president soon because his plans for america are in trouble. the far left and his party just got the upper hand forcing a delay of votes almost massive spending bills, trillions of dollars the white house and liberals i caused 0. tammy bruce is in focus. critics are going after dr. fauci who questioned whether any of us should get together for christmas. jason rantz is in the "faulkner focus," top of the hour. >> eviction moratoriums have been pushing landlords to the break. seattle, l.a., san francisco. spending taxpayer dollars on new apartment buildings to try to reduce the homeless population.
7:57 am
dan springer is on that story, live in seattle. a town that's been hit so hard. >> yeah, that's right, bill. these west coast cities with big homeless problems are trying something new. building or in some cases outright buying brand-new nice apartment buildings to get people off the streets. this is deftly not your typical homeless housing and that's reflected in the cost to taxpayers. this building and a pricey capitol hill neighborhood has stunning views of the space needle in puget sound. the city paid $50 million for this and two other apartment buildings for a total of 165 units costing $300,000 per tiny studio apartment. city officials say it's a good deal because it would cost them even more to build. >> everyone deserves high-quality, unaffordable place to call home. the fact that we are able to produce high quality, affordable housing at a price point that is good for the public is a win.
7:58 am
>> in los angeles, this 19 story $160 million apartment building is going to be built right in the middle of skid row, a high-rise for homeless. 275 apartments at a staggering price tag of $581,000 per unit. developers tell me they build the studio apartment buildings for around $150,000 per unit. cities are paying a premium using federal funds intended for covid relief, part of the $1.9 trillion relief package. seattle's policies may be contributed to more homeless through the eviction moratorium was extended for a sixth time, leaving many landlords to get out of the rental business. regulations are also creating a disincentive to building rentals. >> we see a disconnect between what's being said and what's being done behind the scenes in terms of their city policies. they make it harder for us to bring apartments to the market. >> these three new apartment
7:59 am
buildings in seattle will house just a fraction of the 12,000 people who are currently homeless in and around seattle. >> bill: thanks, dan springer. we'll see how it works out. >> dana: within the story about covid funds. states aren't necessarily even spending the money. if you've decided you have a homeless problem a new proof this is going to work, i guess there are worse ways you could spend it. >> bill: the money is sitting on the shelf apparently. a lot of the areas of the country. before we go, shall we? >> dana: sure. >> bill: they have this drone video that went inside his hurricane. it's amazing. >> dana: it's pretty cool. it shows you just how powerful one of these storms can be. how does the drone not get injured? the drone is not a person. how does it not break? >> bill: you love the ocean.
8:00 am
>> dana: i like to look at it. i have great respect. >> bill: that will increase your level of respect for mother nature. >> dana: when a hurricane comes ashore and how powerful that wall of water can be. >> bill: that's a monday. >> dana: are you looking forward to monday night football? do you know who's playing? >> bill: i don't even know. it's the chargers and the raiders. >> dana: harris is up next. >> harris: emotions are hot and the divide is mighty. how do we know? president biden is getting ready to speak trying to convince republicans not to block him on the debt ceiling. all the while he cannot even get his own political party on board with his legislative agenda. i am harris faulkner. you're in the "faulkner focus." democrats have set a new deadline to pass the massive spending bills. the deadline is on halloween. last week progressives held firm, refusing to votehe


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