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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 4, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the remain in mexico policy because those were trump's policies. but that same type of stubbornness with bad policy i fear is going to apply to counter-terrorism in places like afghanistan and how bad do they let it get? jillian: congressman. we are out of time. thank you for joining us and thank you for your service have a good day. >> thanks so much. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> disagreements among democrats put president biden's agenda in jeopardy. >> why should would he be surprised he couldn't stand up to the taliban. how could we expect him to stand up to aoc. >> we k. could gather for christmas or too soon to tell. >> too soon to tell this man isn't going to say interesting the border but our christmas celebrations with our families? no one trusts him anymore. >> hiker says he spotted brian laundrie on the appalachian trail. >> called me and told me that she loves me. i have got to get to california to see her. >> basic own research says not just instagram.
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it's dangerous for teenagers. distinctly worse than other forms of social media. >> 56 on its way. it is off the goal post. no good. ♪ ♪ will remember me ♪ remember me. brian: that's what happens when you come home at the age of 45 years old and coming off the super bowl championship with a different team before the game he hugs bob kraft, talking about tom brady, he came out and got a one-minute tribute video after the game, after that missed field goal when the patriots lost and played great and tom brady did not have the west game. he went -- excuse me bill belichick went into the locker room and had a 20 minute private conversation. ainsley: sweet. i love that i was watching before the game saw them hug in
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the tunnel underneath. i was asking my family who do you all want to win? look how sweet that is the guy on the left bob craft game him a life a wonderful opportunity. steve: a lot of people scratching their heads why did you let him go again? why did he wind up in florida? ainsley: better taxes. he has more money in his bank account. steve: talking foxborough. tampa is beautiful. tom it. ainsley: how did bill bell. brian: hugged at the end of the game. drew breeze tom brady drew brees. ainsley: doing a great job announcing. brian: he got a brand new hair line. steve: he did. it looks sharp. >> brian: to me, if you listen to drew brees when he was playing the most natural broadcast move ever. i think a lot of people are
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upset because they wanted to seat drama of bill belichick and brady butting heads and in the end he hugged it out speaking of butting heads and all about the money. isn't that why tom brady lost to the patriots about the money. but talk about the butting of the heads in congress but usually it is between republicans and democrats this time it's democrat on democrat. nancy pelosi had set a deadline of taking a vote on the gigantic $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill by halloween. so when you look at this trick or treat spending bill. the price tag, it's interesting. because, you know, friday, joe biden said i support both bills. the big bill for 3.5 trillion and the little bill for 1.2 trillion. he says you know what? you will have to shrink it democrats. 3.5, too everywhere. think closer to 1.9, to 2.3. that's your range. in the meantime, you got joe
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manchin who says my range is 1.5 flat. ainsley: remember when nancy pelosi said we will read it after we pass it? they are like we will worry about the price tag once we pass it it's not about the price tag. it's about the needs of the people. and i'm thinking if you buy a house oar a car you look at the price tag. right? you buy it to what you can afford. this is so expensive and they are saying we don't care. we care about the needs of the people. we will worry about the costs later. brian: what was totally amazing is that they knew in august that joe manchin would only go 12.5 and put in detail with chuck schumer. they get to the deadline for this deal and they said wait a second, what does joe manchin want? i told you in august what you wanted. steve: surprise. brian: stlekd been dealing with this all month. 1.5. meet halfway? no. 25% of the corporation. yes, it is. they could have been doing all this stuff. instead they acted like a big mystery and moderates feel as though they were sold out. got a bipartisan deal.
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the president wouldn't take the wind, links them both together aoc wanted it that way. in the end there is no deal. it's put off and nancy pelosi looks impotent. the president looks clueless. and for at least for now, we have a chance for physicians call somebody a at this listen wherein we are at right now. >> i said from the beginning of this it's not about the price tag it's what we want to deliver. the critical thing is get our priorities in and figure out what it actually costs. >> we don't talk about in terms of thehe number. we talk about it in terms of the needs of the needs we need to tmeet for the people. >> we do want to spend money continue to vest in the economy. we believe investing in the american people and the modern economy is the way to grow. >> i think that president biden has been a good faith partner to the entire democratic party. he reaches out and he actually tries to understand our perspective and that is why i am fighting for his agenda with the build back better act. >> we're going to win this
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thing. we had a path, a strong infrastructure bill, to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and we are going to pass the reconciliation bill. ainsley: then bernie sanders originally said he originally wanted 6 trillion. brian: which he thought was too little. ainsley: yes. steve: 3.5 is the minimum for him to have to go down to the 2s. ainsley: where does he think going to get this money? brian: is he in the wrong country. ainsley: where did he honeymoon, russia? brian: yeah. steve: here is the brilliance bernie sanders he wanted 6 trillion, 10 trillion it costs zero. that's the new democrat talking point. of. brian: chris wallace did a great job pinning cedric richmond to the ground because he had nothing to say. ainsley: he says it doesn't cost 0, cedric. '.5 trillion. it doesn't cost zero. cedric said at the end of the day it will cost zero because we are going to pay for it. stevedug in on that narrative. people know if i buy a car for
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$35,000. it doesn't cost zero any get financing. brian: if i give you 35,000 you paid zero. steve: then you are out of your mind. ainsley: corporations are going to move to china they are so not going to have that money that they're banking on. brian: brian right. steve: if you are a democrat in the house of representatives today you hang up with a hangover. brian: they got screwed. steve: josh gottheimer said 1,000% have a vote last week. thursday don't have the goods. we have the vote today. ultimately they didn't have it we cannot threat small faction on the far left destroy the president's agenda. buff joe biden doesn't seem to think a far left faction is going to destroy his agenda. because he is now taken in with them and he has linked them together and, you know, who knows what's going to happen ultimately but right now if you are a moderate democrat, it's like i don't get it joe biden said i beat the socialist but now he is acting like a
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socialist. brian: weak. he is weak. listen to governor chris christie. chris: it's the death of 2020 joe biden. when he went to the hill 2020 joe biden is now officially dead and buried. the guy who ran against the progressives, ran against bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. ran to be uniter from this country. ran saying he was going to force compromise. he went up to capitol hill and he capitulated to the progressives, the liberals in his party. and why should would he be surprised? he couldn't stand up to the taliban. how could we expect him to stand up to aoc. steve: that's a good line. brian: that's great line. all you see is weakness all across the board. here's the thing if you are the moderate and you say by september 27th nancy pelosi i need a vote on this let you extend we will have this gee bait. okay. she knew at that time i imagine that chuck schumer had in his hand $1.5 trillion cap. so you have -- you had a month to negotiate it you didn't have to go back and forth with it
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will diplomacy. you could have got this done under the ware. ainsley: did you see kyrsten sinema followed into the bathroom. brian: into the stall. ainsley: followed into the bathroom. steve: didn't follow her to the stall. brian: they stood outside of it. steve: she closed the stall. brian: to her credit i appreciate that. ainsley: her grandparents were deported she wanted to see her grandfather before he passed away two books ago. she wasn't able to because of the immigration laws. look at this. steve: there is the video. of. brian: what does it have to do with sinema. go to the border and reinforce to the immigration laws. pay attention to the' agenda kayak you had a chance to at joe manchin's boat. these people are getting out of control. listen it, worked. >> what worked. what worked he? didn't move. steve: it did work. he said to the people on the kayak, hey, listen, why don't you come to my office tomorrow here the number call it. brian: did he budget?
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no. free afternoon? steve: 1.5 trillion. think with how washington works. that is his opening bid. joe manchin knows he is going north of that but that's the starting point for him. meanwhile 3.5 it is the starting point for the progressives are. brian: we are not in the emergency. this is not the pandemic. the bottom didn't fall out of the bank. this is pure agenda driven with our money that we don't have goes flat onto the credit card. keep that in mind 1.45 trillion is double what we paid to restore the banks in 2008. double. ainsley: what i don't understand though they don't get this they will be paying more when they go to the grocery store. brian: in inflation. ainsley: they will pay more. inflation is going to go through the roof. steve: groceries costs zero because you have got. ainsley: $5 milk does not cost $5 it is free. brian: can we get a more human? are we growing cactus?
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steve: are you hot? brian: is it this redick russ. it's not hot. it's humid. steve: it's like humid. ainsley: you left out the h so no one knows what you are saying. brian: curly hair in humid conditions. steve: having a bad hair day. brian: how dare you. ainsley: almost :11 on the east coast. after defending it fauci says immigrants not to blame. >> look at the people in the hospital. look at the people who died. this is not driven by immigrants. this is a problem within our country. ainsley: and you are not going to believe what he had to say about being with your family this christmas. steve: can't wait. speaking of the holidays. your christmas plans may be at risk as america faces a crippling supply chain crisis. ainsley: shopping now. steve: how the backlog could put your shopping and travel plans in jeopardy. brian: those people should be
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unloading ships not going after joe manchin's yacht. ♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning, back with your headlines, we begin with a left. a nurse's assistant shot and killed at philadelphia hospital. gunman, also an employee of the hospital fled the scene in a u-haul tract down by law enforcement. the suspect was wounded -- wounded two officers in a shootout before being shot and taken into custody. police say he was wearing body armor and carrying multiple weapons. the two cops were hospital licensed and expected to survive
3:17 am
their injuries. the suspect is in crip. thousands of teachers will lose their jobs today as new york city school mandate takes affect. school staffers expected to stand guard at their building to are block unvaccinated colleagues from entering. advise the principals to prepare a list of exiled employees and be ready for resistance telling administrators quote in the event of an escalation and as a last resort, principals may ask for support from the school safety agent assigned to the building that day yping out of california crews are raising to contain what is being considered one of the largest oil spills in the state's recent history. a suspected leak in an underwater pipeline released an estimated 126,000 gallons of oil miles offshore. the area has been closed to beach goers as officials work to limit the spill's ecological damage. the spill could last for weeks
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if not month. nfl action now quarterback tom brady gets plenty of love from patriots' fans from big return from fox burrow. [chanting brady] >> brady making history former team. he surpasses most passing yards all time and became the fourth quarter back to beat all 32 nfl teams as the bucs beat the patriots 19-17. after the game brady shared a hug with his former coach bill belichick. the new york giants picking up first win of the season thrilling 27 20eu 1 win over the saints. running on 6-yard run to steal it patrick mahomes throws five touchdowns as the kansas city chiefs bounce back from last week's loss defeating the philadelphia eagles 42-30. that pains me to read. and now to the cowboys.
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i'm not going to read that line they want me to read there dak prescott throws for four touchdowns as dallas defeats the carolina panthers 36-28. i can't read that line where it's like how about-can't do it. brian: how about those cowboys? jillian: can't do it. brian: they are playing really well. i have to say that. steve: thank you, jillian. brian: 19 minutes after the hour. you would never know it but there is a lot of good news out there. the delta variant is falling off a cliff in this country with cases it and deaths. that's great news. merck has come up with a drug for treatment once you get these symptoms that could absolutely suppress them all and have you do this thing called survive. they have to go through more testing but they are on the threshold almost everyone seas this is extremely encouraging. but, dr. fauci will not embrace that northbound will he embrace anything that goes against joe biden's agenda. is he a purely political figure who has sullied the reputation
3:20 am
of the medical profession in ways that will be looked at for generations negatively. steve: over the weekend, we crossed a grim milestone, 700,000 americans have died, still dying at a rate of 2,000 people are dying every day yesterday dr. fauci was on one of the sunday shows asked by the host. you know, there is this poll out, dr. fauci that says that 55% of republicans and 40% of people who are unvaccinated think that people who are coming to this country illegally are bringing the covid with them. how big a problem is that? that was the question. and this is answer. >> are immigrants a major reason why covid-19 is spreading in the u.s. >> no. absolutely not, dana. look at the date and it look at the people who have gotten infected and look at the people in the hospital, look at the people who died. this is not driven by
3:21 am
immigrants. this is a problem within our country. brian: really? 1.5 mr. people coming here unvaccinated. ainsley: refusing. brian: 20% sick it can't be that. if there is a-year-old -- excuse me a 12-year-old without vaccination that really alarms him. steve: there you have got the number 1.5 million migrant encounters at our southern border. brian: illegal immigrants. steve: this is how the government breaks it down. 20%, we were told, are sick. so that means 300,000 people came into this country with covid. how could that possibly not be a problem? really what he was doing is not looking at the numbers. he was making a political statement. ainsley: and there was -- a while back he said we'll be back open for christmas 2021. then she asked him about christmas. what does christmas look like for america as far as covid is concerned? listen to what he said. >> but we can gather for christmas or just too soon to
3:22 am
tell? >> you know, margaret, it's just too soon to tell. we have just got to concentrating on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time. let's focus like a laser on continuing to get those cases down. and we can do it by people getting vaccinated and also in a situation where boosters are appropriate to get people boosted because we know that they can help greatly in diminishing infection and diminishing advanced disease, the kinds of data that are now accumulating in realtime. brian: he should be accumulating that thing called data instead of looking at israel's data. we have great studies. all these states coming up and telling you how many infections, how many cases, how many hospitalizations where the exposure is. we don't seem to do any of our own studies. this guy never leaves television. we are going to have christmas. we don't need dr. fauci's perms to do it. a country of 350 million.
3:23 am
delta variant look at the shade map in "new york times" all white except for the upper northwest. it's going exactly the same direction as israel and the u.k., which is 100 percent open and to think that he cannot have a problem with protests for black lives matter but has a huge problem with football games with over 100,000 people. penn state had 100,000 people. where is the surge? clemens, 100,000. where is the surge? in florida, where's the surge. does he ever study any good outcomes? steve: over the weekend the cdc did update their guidance on if you are going-now that we're getting into colder whether if you are gathering in your house with other people not part of your family what they're suggest something open your windows and put a fan in one of the windows to blow air in. brian: yeah that will happen. ainsley: talking about christmas, you need to buy your toys now if you are shopping for your kids apparently the supply chain. steve: everything.
3:24 am
ainsley: everything is taking longer. lead times are normally two weeks. one business owner said. taking six weeks now. brian: build a bear doesn't seem so crazy, right? build your own. ainsley: thank you i got build a bear for my birthday. brian: don't have to get it off the ship. steve: the problem is can't get the part to build the bear. brian: just stuffing. steve: factory closures, covid outbreaks have closed a number of port terminals, that's the problem. big toy company that has 600 containers filled with toys. they can't get them unloaded. so they're just sitting off the coast. the other problem is, as you look at those containers on the ships. a year ago, each one of those containers would rent for $2,000. now they are going for $20,000 and, of course, the price is going to be passed onto the consumer. unfortunately, because of there aren't enough people to pick them up and make the stuff.
3:25 am
brian: trucks. steve: all sorts of things not going to get it in time for christmas. i'm not going to say the brand i can't get the doocy's favorite kind of coffee because apparently they have run out of pods. brian: back to taster's choice. ainsley: my mom loves that i had to make it for her. yeah. the ceo of nga one of the world's largest toy maker companies. he says i have been doing this for 43 years and i have never seen it this bad. h and m. bed, baath and beyond. nike. lots of different companies. walmart seeing delays. brian: incentives to get people back to work. i wish it was different. nobody wants to work anymore. and there is too many -- it's too easy for people to '. ainsley: it's free. nothing costs anything, brian. it's free. steve: it's zero. the problem is these are -- these shortages are all over the world. they're not just here in the united states. in that same story from yahoo news there is an item that says because retailers are having so
3:26 am
much trouble getting stuff to put on the shelves. they are buying things from two or three or four or five years ago and putting on the shelves. how crazy is that. brian: video game. ainsley: i have a colico vision. steve: pacman, i could have a sale in our basement. we have all sorts of toys from the 90's. ainsley: at first i was a little worried. i'm sure that it's being delayed a pain in the rear end for most of us. but. brian: do you remember when the grinch stool christmas they realized it wasn't about the presents. maybe this isn't the year. ainsley: friend in college family only gave three presents to each chimed. the wise men only bought three gifts to jesus when he was born. ains did you ever feel gind. not at all so special. maybe this year just going to do three presents. brian: i would do that. steve: here is the problem. if hayden says i want these three things. ance. ainsley: i know. she will be fine.
3:27 am
brian: disappointment. he has too much anyway. steve: well, the overall worry for the economy is that people are going to spend less there simply isn't enough inventory or good enough selection so at the end of the christmas season when all the retailers finally go into the black they don't because people didn't get the stuff. ainsley: sorry peter doocy. brian: good news, dr. fauci is not letting us have christmas anyway that's great news. meanwhile, 27 minutes after the hour. new york nurses face ulgt may tim on the covid vaccine get the jab or lose your job. that's happening already if there new york. we are going to talk to a mother-daughter nursing duo standing up for religious beliefs, live. ♪ jon: i'm john roberts and i have been with fox news for 10 years. one of the first stories i covered when i got to fox news was the increasing number of suicides among military members.
3:28 am
and i met this fellow and his wife. he was the grandfather of a young marine who died by suicide. he was a drill sergeant when he was in the military. so here's a tough little guy who is used to telling the troops what to do and cracking the whip. and he literally came apart during the interview. he could not stop weeping for the loss of his grandson. and that's probably one of the most moving moments i have ever experienced as a journalist. i have really learned at fox sort of a different perspective on journalism. it's not just telling somebody stories. it's about getting involved in somebody's story. it's about caring for that person. i think our audience appreciates that.
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an increased risk of infections —some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at appreciates. ainsley: new york nurses faces ultimatum telling them to get vaccinated or get out. next guest mother and daughter both registered nurses refusing to get the shot for religious reasons. karen doubty and her daughter alissa who just left her job leave us now. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. ainsley: karen, you have been a nurse for how many years is, it three decades? >> 31 years. ainsley: you decided you didn't want to get vaccinated for religious reasons. what happened? are you still able to work? >> yes. i am because of the lawsuit that
3:33 am
was filed by a bunch of nurses and doctors. i'm working temporarily under the religious exemption on a week-to-week basis. ainsley: that's in the courts, right? what if they say this exemption is not going to hold up, it won't work for you? >> >> then i'm going to have to figure something else out. i'm not taking the vaccine. ainsley: alissa, how about you? tell us your situation. >> so i left my job almost two weeks ago. i was originally told i either needed to give my notice or vaccine. so i gave my notice. i looked for a travel positions. unfortunately, i signed contracts with local travel hospitals. and they were pulled sort of at the last minute because they pulled the religious exemption rules for travelers. >> how do you feel? you sacrificed so much. you were there for all these covid patients. >> yes.
3:34 am
>> it's heart breaking, it really is. >> karen, how do you feel? you passed on your profession to your daughter. i know that has to make you proud. you sore delighted that she chose your profession. >> i'm very proud of her. yes. it almost hurts me more to see her go through it because she is just starting out and i have had 1 years and she was really taking off with her career in the icu and loved it she is a very good nurse. it was hard to see that happen to her, too. ainsley: karen, how do you feel about the vaccine? >> well, you know, we put in for the religious exemption for a few reasons and that -- the religious part of it, the spiritual part of it is not the only part. it's very new. there's a lot of unknowns. we don't know much about the long-term effects, you know, changing your immune system and how it works, perhaps. you know, so i just feel like it's better to be patient right
3:35 am
now. plus i had covid and i have natural immunity. so i feel like and lot of doctors and scientists say it yu are better protected and you don't have boosters when you have natural immunity. ainsley: alisa i know you love your profession and taking care of other people. do you feel like someone has let you down? who do you blame for this? >> you know, that's a hard question. i am obviously very disappointed with this mandate. going to put a lot of healthcare workers at risk. a lot of patients, especially at risk. you know, when you become a nurse it, becomes a part of your identity. and this is being stripped from us essentially. you know, last year we were called essential workers. we were called heroes this year we are forgotten about. we are giving deadlines to our careers and, like i said before it's heart breaking and really frustrating. ainsley: that makes us all so sad. i remember at 7:00 every night
3:36 am
here in new york everyone was banging pots and pans opening their windows and thanking all of you. thank you for what. do you alisa quickly, what are you going to do now if you can't be a traveling nurse? >> you know, i don't know. i'm applying for jobs. i'm interviewing. i'm really just putting, you know, praying about it and putting faith in something better is going to come from this. you know, this world cannot function like this forever. ainsley: amen to that well, everyone at home we have great faith based community watches us. say prayers for. they why hope you find another job. you have a good momma to help you out and take care of you god bless you. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome with democrats planning to spend trillions to fulfill joe biden's agenda, is america on the verge of becoming a welfare state? next guest shares a warning against the left's unprecedented attacks on the free market. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ha. steve: now that we are into october and holiday season is
3:42 am
around the corner. americans are facing a massive shortage n demand goods as many cargo ships and shipping routes facing record delays and backlogs. we are talking about a gigantic supply chain crunch. here with the impact on you and your family former ceo restaurant and labor secretary nominee andy puzder. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: we have all sorts of problems going on right now. the supply chain problems we saw last year are only getting worse and people are saying, you are not going to be able to buy the things you want for christmas, shop now. in fact, kamala harris said that i think, in september. but where is the administration on this? i mean, where -- this is a logistical problem. i would like to hear from pete buttigieg, the secretary of transportation talk about how is he going to fix it. >> well, i don't think they have a plan to fix it their plan seems to be to try and discourage people from working
3:43 am
by providing with as much government largess as they possibly can which is damaging. it's the one thing you don't want to do if you are coming out of a recession let alone a pandemic, where your supply chains were hobbled because people couldn't work or afraid to work because of the virus. and you have this incredible demand out there because people have money from that very generous largess during the recession. people have a lot of savings. and they are continuing to get government benefits. so you have this huge conflict between supply and demand and by discouraging people from working, you just exacerbate the problems with supply. you don't have the people toe manufacture goods and obviously you don't have enough people to deliver the goods. so, the government is going to have to do something here. they are going to have to do it soon. don't you wish we had a president who was familiar with dealing with these kinds of business issues and could step in and solve this problem? steve: this is something that is going to impact every american household. you would think that we would be hearing from the administration. but, to your point, maybe they
3:44 am
don't have a plan. so maybe we shouldn't hold our breath. meanwhile, joe biden has a plan and that is some day, don't know when, but the democrats are going to pass that gigantic $3.5 trillion soft human infrastructure bill. you have written an op-ed at fox business and the headline is biden and the dems are still eager to transform america into a welfare state. but here's the thing, andy. you hear the democrats talk about this gigantic bill and they say don't worry about it it's going to cost zero. because it is paid for. >> that's right. now, the adults are in charge. that's what we were told when president biden took office. so what we hear is because taxpayers, because taxpayer generated revenue is going to pay for something, that means it doesn't cost anything. and then we have got the press secretary saying it's unfair and absurd for -- to assume that businesses will raise prices to cover higher taxes. you know, these statements are
3:45 am
so economically absurd that i -- you know, i have kids, a grand kid in junior high who understands that's not the way these things work. something isn't free just because you generate the cash to pay for it and assuming that these taxes are talking about on the rich are going to be enough to pay for these programs is ridiculous. they are going to have to tax the working and middle class to pay for what they want to do. they're not being honest or forthright about it. steve: the democrats said over the weekend they're confident they are going to pass both the bills if they were so confident they would have passed one of them last week and they did not. andy, thank you very much for joining us live today on monday morning. >> thanks, steve, my pleasure. steve: quarter before the top of the hour news time with jillian. jillian: start with this the gabby petino foundation is now up and running. the effort launched by gabby petino's honor in honor of slained 22-year-old is timed help people find loved ones. it the sheriff and dog the bounty hunter are looking
3:46 am
potential sighting of petino's ex-boyfriend brian laundrie along the appalachian trail. claimed spoke with saturday tennessee near the north carolina border called into "fox & friends first" earlier. take a listen. >> laundrie returned home from a cross-country trip earlier this month. >> he looked like he was messed up or something. he looked at me and he said man, i'm lost. and i said well, i'm not from arranged here. where are you trying to go? and he said, man, i'm trying to go california. jillian: dog the bounty hunter duane chapman will join to us discuss tips and leads he is getting on laundrie's whereabouts. police in oregon are searching for three suspects in this armed robbery caught on camera. you can see here one of the suspects holding a handgun at an employee who confronted the shoplifters as they tried to lee. of the suspects ran off with an unknown amount of merchandise. all three men were seen fleeing the scene in a light blue honda
3:47 am
crv with no license plate. of the philadelphia police department street racers caused chaos and damaged roads outside of city hall. watch this. [tires squealing engine revving] jill disblil is unbelievable. unruly crowd performing doughnuts jumping on patrol car while blocking traffic launched fireworks late saturday night. no one was hurt and arrests have been made. steve: isn't that right downtown by the police station. jillian: that's why i said it's unbelievable because i know that location. steve: so i do. it's just nuts. jillian, thank you very much. let's see if janice dean is okay. she is on the streets. i don't hear anybody spinning donuts at 48th and sixth avenue. janice: don't give anyone any ideas either, steve. it's beautiful. listen, we are expecting some rain today but right now the rain has let up. which i love. take a look at the temperatures.
3:48 am
we have a cold front that's moving in towards the east coast ahead of it that's where we have got the warmer, more humid air mass and the potential for showers and thunderstorms not only today but throughout the workweek. so there's the northeast. we are getting a break in the weather right now. which i'm very grateful for there is the forecast temperature radar as we go through the next 12 to 24 hours. a lot of that heavy rainfall to the north of new york city and then we also have the potential for heavy rain for the southeast. not only today but through the workweek over parts of the mid-atlantic as well where we could see several inches of rain. they need the rain but too much of a good thing is going to lead to some flash flooding. we will keep an eye on that. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. all right, steve, my friend. back to you. steve: all right. j.d. . the supreme court is back in session with several high profile issues on the docket. we're going to preview some of the biggest cases with mike huckabee coming up. and a facebook whistleblower comes forward claiming the
3:49 am
social media giant it raise conflicts over public safety. hear what she had to say on "60 minutes." coming up next on "fox & friends." top of the empire state building, kind of. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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brian: did you see this last night the whistleblower releasing documents proving the social media giant new of harmful effect on users like you. now revealing herself in an explosive interview. , the thing on saw on facebook conflicts of interest what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. facebook over and over again chose to optimize for own interest like making more money. it chooses profit over safety. subsidizing and paying for its profits with our safety. brian: foundation center for technology kara frederick. kara, what's your biggest revelation? we heard about the clips and whistleblower. we are going to see her on capitol hill on tuesday. what's your biggest take away?
3:54 am
my biggest take away she confirmed those in the belly of the beast work for these companies confirmed what we already knew. facebook cares about three things, their bottom line, profit, in her words, they care about their brand and reputation and growth at all costs. so, in my mind, she basically just said everything that we already knew but maybe most americans who haven't worked in these companies need to know. so that is a confirmation for me. what was terrifying is that facebook are not even the least tabs parent. look at tiktok owned by parent company bite dance headquartered in china. they are we holden to the chinese communist party. if this is happening at facebook. think of what is happening behind the scenes at some of these other big tech companies? brian: true. here is what facebook said when they knew we were doing this segment. every day our teens have balance protecting the vulnerabilities of people who express themselves openly with the need to keep our platform for a safe and positive place. we continue to make significant
3:55 am
improvement to tackle misinformation consent. discourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. however, if they could get more users and get those users to stay on longer, that means greater profit, and they knew there was a downside to that. is it their responsibility to have a social conscience? >> oh, absolutely. and this is a response to competition. i think facebook is running scared. by their own internal research they said by 2023, they are going to lose an additional 45% of teen daily users. they are targeting other demographics. they're looking to basically find these untapped markets, tween markets they said explicitly they're looking at. they are trying as hard as they can to make sure that their growth increases. look, they -- over 90% of their user base is outside the united states and canada. so that doesn't really look good for what's happening within the united states. so when they prioritize that growth at all cost over a social conscience, yeah, they are gonna
3:56 am
get more and more toxic. brian: republicans and democrats on the same page with these social media companies. let's see if they have the same objective. because they all guns are going to be blazing starting tomorrow. kara, thanks so much. >> of course, thanks, brian. brian: meanwhile still ahead on this show, president biden's decision in afghanistan led to aircraft's leaving kabul with empty seats, lots of them. stranding countless of afghan allies and americans. senator tom cotton and demanding answers and so much more, next. ♪
3:57 am
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ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> disagreement among democrats puts president biden's gleand jeopardy. >> why should would he be surprised he couldn't stand up for the taliban how can we expect him to stand up to aoc. >> too soon to tell. >> this man isn't going to say something about the southern border but say something about christmas with our families? no one trusts him anymore. >> a hiker says he spotted brian laundrie along the appalachian trail. >> he says my girlfriend and i got into a fight but she called me and told me she loves me and i have got to get to california to see her. >> facebook's own research says it is not just instagram. it's dangerous for teenagers distinctly worse than other forms of social media. >> it is off the goal post no. good. you could hear the doink.
4:01 am
♪ [inaudible] ainsley: that's the bridge? brian: nice. ainsley: it is really nice. brian: great bridge. ainsley: why start in boston this morning? brian: i object think because the patriots lost when they missed a 5' yard field goal. to this guy named tom brady boston red sox host the yankees in the wild car playoffs. ainsley: it was great. because they all hugged him. the patriots. obviously he used to play with the patriots. a lot of the folks, including owner, bob kraft, met them underneath the stadium and hugged him. steve: just like that. ainsley: and bill belichick. tapping his head. steve: remember me? ainsley: i remember. steve: why did you leave again? ainsley: you believed in me.
4:02 am
brian: i felt like the patriots going in a different direction a lot of people felt it was time to turn the page. steve: wrong. brian: making less money to play for the patriots and allow more cap money for the rest of the team. let me try somewhere else. i believe when he won the super bowl. ainsley: what a lot of the people are doing they are leaving for florida because they don't have to pay as much in taxes. brian: and he had better wide receivers and a better line. ainsley: true. what happened to gronk he didn't play last night. was he injured? steve: i think he is hurt. brian: tammy just said he is injured. ainsley: in our ear. steve: she is the voice in our ear. brian: put up the injured reserve? steve: that's an audible. brian: let's talk about spending. steve: plenty of it. ainsley: talking about that in washington. the democrats are saying basically look, we will worry about the price tag later. it's going to cost you zero, actually. steve: great. ainsley: bernie sanders is saying 3.5. that's not enough. my original price was
4:03 am
6 trillion. brian: meanwhile they had a win. ladies and gentlemen, we had a bipartisan win and it would have been for joe biden. he would have taken full credit and 1 republicans who voted and put that bill into the house and simple majority. but the radical left, the squad, the socialist squad said i'm not going to vote for that 1.2 unless you give me 3.5 trillion on the side for my vanity projects. and when the moderate democrat side. keep in mind track fight, said no no, we will pass the 1.2 first. and then we will take a look at ther other thing said no, you have to link them together. when president biden said i agree on linking the moderates said wait a second, you just threw me down the street. said to have a vote on 1.2 on the 30th you said it october 1st you said it. and in the end you never had the vote. so the moderates field shunned. america is going what is going on here? and i just love every other interview where democrats say it's only because republicans won't play ball. they actually played ball. 19 of them voted for this.
4:04 am
and you probably would have had 23 yeses among republicans in the house. but you chose to put this spend aroma together and no one is buying it. steve: well, with the progressive wing of the democratic party, they have got to close to 100 members. what what they say has a big impact even on the quieter moderates in the house. but, nonetheless over the weekend the democrats say we are confident we are going to pass both the little and the big infrastructure bill if they sore confident. why didn't they do itst leak we? most in the meantime has set a deadline end of this month halloween so this trick or treat bill will eventually come up for a vote. ainsley: that's for infrastructure? steve: infrastructure and, you know, soft infrastructure as well. but, ainsley, to your point. they don't want to talk about the price because, you mow, forget about the price. just think about all the good free stuff. watch this. >> what we have said from the beginning is it's never been about the price tag.
4:05 am
it's about what we want to deliver. the critical thing is let's get our priorities in and then we will figure out what it actually costs. >> we don't look at this as a number. we look at this as what programs are we going to deliver. at the end of the day, it will cost zero because we are going to pay for it. >> we do want to spend money, invest to grow the economy. believe that investing in the american people and a modern economy is the way to grow. >> i think that president biden has been a good faith partner to the entire democratic party. he reaches out and he actually tries to understand our perspective and that is why i am fighting for his agenda with the build back better act. >> we are going to win this thing. we have got to pass a strong infrastructure bill to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and pass the reconciliation bill. brian: i will tell you what senator kyrsten sinema who said i'm going to do what i said i was going to do. independent. that's how i got beat i beat martha mcsally because of it
4:06 am
thwarting the vote ineffective stunt to gain leverage. have you josh gottheimer who is a moderate, a problem solvers caucus says we cannot let the small faction on the far left destroy the president's agenda. think about this, what harold ford said last week, why don't you take the win? worry about the other stuff afterwards. you are still going to have more time to do your reconciliation package. had you chance. president going to bring somebody together, you actually had a bipartisan victory. he could have said look what i did that trump couldn't? but instead he has an epic fail. he looked clueless. he had joe manchin's number in august. he pretended, he sprung it on his own left wing socialist squad last tuesday or last thursday it becomes public, schumer had it the whole time. biden had it the whole time. they could have been negotiating for a month and they were stunned. according to washington insiders. prominent democratic senator who
4:07 am
said i cannot believe there were no tactics, there was no strategy. they can't believe-like look at how ron klain's white house runs. look at afghanistan. look at what is he doing with china and now look what he is doing domestic agenda. does anyone know what they're doing? ainsley: such big government. think about how you run your household. yeah, you would probably love to have your own plane and a yacht and a fancy apartment in new york city or the biggest mansion in your town. we will worry about the spending later. congresswoman jayapal says this. we will figure out how to pay for it later. you don't pass a bill unless can you afford it you don't buy that yacht or plane or mansion unless can you afford it. you live within your means. and this is ridiculous. this is big government. they want to jack up corporation costs, which means corporations are not going to be here in america. they are not going to provide jobs for all of us. they will leave and go to china because it's cheaper there. steve: when joe biden went up to capitol hill on friday and he said 3.5 is a nonstarter.
4:08 am
you got hack a bunch of it off. he said think closer to 2 trillion. his range was 1.9 to 2.3 trillion. what's interesting, though, given that is according to the "wall street journal" this morning, apparently the democrats are considering two different things. they are either going to reduce the overall cost by eliminating program so less free stuff for some people or cutting the duration. rather than 10 years, maybe we make it five years. they got to figure a way to bring the number down because right now, the number scares people. but as andy puzder who was the -- one of the cabinet secretary nominees for donald trump, he said that just about 45 minutes ago. when the democrats say that it costs zero. that is just not being honest. watch. >> what we hear is because taxpayers. because taxpayer generated revenue is going to pay for something, that means it doesn't cost anything. and then we have got the press secretary saying it's unfair and
4:09 am
absurd for -- to assume that businesses will raise prices to cover higher taxes. you know, these statements are so economically absurd, something isn't free just because you generate the cash to pay for it, and assuming that these taxes they are talking about on the rich are going to be enough to pay for these programs is ridiculous. they are going to have to tax the working and middle class to pay for what they want to do. they are just not being honest or forthright about it. steve: at the same time they are trying to sell it and suddenly aoc said yesterday we are going to have to compromise. ainsley: chris wallace interviewing cedric richmond it's going to cost zero dollars. it doesn't cost cost zero. and cedric says at the end of the day it will cost zero because we are going to pay for it. makes no sense. brian: meanwhile the other major story is what is happening it at our zero dollars. it's estimated there is 400,000 new illegal i streaming across
4:10 am
our border over the next -- in october it when it's said and done. if they drop title 42. which will evidently there is a momentum to do that was supposed to keep single males back and certain segments back nonfamily members of children you get sent back right away even though we know that's not happening under title 42 because we are in this pandemic. however, that could be dissipated and causing another surge at the border. meanwhile, look what is happening in arizona. this tweet went out from the acting chief patrol agent in the tucson sector a group of 106 migrants from costa rica, el salvador, guatemala, honduras and nicaragua taken into custody by the tucson agents nearly 130 were unaccompanied children. several agents responded and transported the group to #tucson for processing. it begins. ainsley: 130 of the 160 were children. steve: if you get 5,000 or 10,000 bucks a head.
4:11 am
ainsley: per child. steve: that starts to add up. what's interesting is while the federal government under the direction of joe biden will not stop people, in texas, that's a whole different ball of wax, essentially. because the governor there, greg abbott, has called out the national guard. he says they are gearing up for increased caravans attempting to cross the border caused by what he refers to as joe biden's open border policy. he said they are working with the texas department of public safety to seal the surge locations at the border and arrest trespassers. instead of, you know, for the longest time, over the last couple of years, when a migrant comes into the country they immediately, you know, they immediately give themselves up because that's how you start the process. to sign the guest book and then they release you into the interior. but, given the fact that now in texas, they're actually going to arrest you, and try to send you back, now, that explains this tweet from bill melugin talking about people who are trying to
4:12 am
get away. he wrote lots of runners out there in the brush here in tonight, there are illegal immigrants laying down and hiding all in this field we are n a texas -- near a texas neighborhood. we are embedded with a texas department of public service trooper who is helping border patrol find them. mostly single men. so, while the balance of the border, you know, it's easy for people to come across. now suddenly, they don't want to get stopped in texas because those people will mean business. ainsley: greg abbott is building that fence or walling. taking under their care because the president obviously is no. he says they're doubling the number of those national guard agents to 2500. they are preparing for this big new caravan. and then there is tracy norris with the texas military department and commander of the texas national guard. he says i have never seen the border like this. one of our soldiers described it as like six flags. that in some places they will be lined up to come across. brian: right now the "new york
4:13 am
times" reports tens of thousands of haitian migrants are attempting that dangerous trek from colombia to panama no demetric mexico. they are coming up to our border right now. we got plenty of warning. will he stop it? and last night on "fox news sunday," jonathan swan of axios, he says the traffickers and cartels are utilizing the biden administration's open door immigration policies to persuade more immigrants to cross border into the united states into an unprecedented flux from haitians through the u.s. southern border in del rio. so it is the biden policies that are the go sign. and where is the vice president, the border czar? she mysteriously went to palm springs to go speed walking with her husband. why wouldn't she use this time if she wanted the job to fly down to panama, deal with the foreign minister, go colombia, deal with that country. how do we stop it in mexico and you stop them in their tracks. if you do that people would appreciate the effort. and then you make -- you have
4:14 am
legitimate relationships with these leaders and you see for yourself what they're doing and dealing with. you provide leverage and aid in order to persuade them in a gentle way or in a direct way. they better start clamps down. steve: why would kamala harris want to go because her boss essentially was asked why he doesn't go and he said, you know,. ainsley: never been. steve: why do i need to go. brian: he gave her the assignment. the vice president got the assignment from the president. go do your job. steve: the buck stops with him and he apparently has no interest in taking a look. nonetheless, brian, you mentioned the biden policies, so did michael waltz, the congressman from the great state of florida. >> they are going to be overwhelmed very quickly. you know, my question is how bad does this administration let it get? right? you know, the worst thing you have is bad policy, coupled with stubbornness. and this is exactly what we are seeing on the border. they refuse to work with mexico
4:15 am
to secure their southern border. and to reverse course and go back to the remain in mexico policy because those were trump's policies. steve: well, the good news is, according to dr. fauci, even though 20% of the migrants coming into the country have covid. we don't have to worry about those people because the problems in the united states are in the united states from unvaccinated people. ainsley: the majority of america, probably more moderate and i think they voted for joe biden for a change and also because they thought he was going to be moderate. aoc. we had aoc over the weekend saying is he a good faith partner that's why she is fighting for his agenda because he listens to her and he understands her perspective. and then you see what happened in afghanistan, you look at our southern border, you look at gas prices through the roof. you look at we're not going to be able to have toy force christmas or a lot of them are going to be delayed because we can't -- we are incentivizing people not to work stay at home. can't get truck drivers. brian: no wonder dr. fauci is about to cancel christmas.
4:16 am
we are not going to have any presents anyway. it will all work out. steve: forget about dr. suess with the grinch dr. fauci. brian: dr. suess not a real doctor but he does seem smart. ainsley: he was canceled. brian: i will say this. i think it's pretty amazing for dr. fauci to look at 1.5 million people who you know nothing about crossing into tour country and says not a problem. but, if you see 100,000 college students at a game, that's a problem. when most of these schools anyway are mandating these vaccines on top of that, it's incredible how political he is on a daily basis. ainsley: especially when they say 20% of the migrants coming over the border are sick. brian: refusing a vaccine going to give for free. steve: the number could be higher. we only know it's 20% because if you are showing stomtion symptoms thenthey. ainsley: you could have covid and not have symptoms. brian: give human traffickers a
4:17 am
mandate vac sane nate more people across the border. ainsley: make your kids get it but not the traffickers. brian: a lot of cotton balls. ainsley: hand it over to jillian she has headlines for us. jillian: johnson & johnson planning to asked the fda to authorize booster shot as one shot vaccine linked to rare blood cloth condition. recommend go ahead blood cloth in deep veins about be listed as a rare side effect of the company's vaccine. the fda plans to meet october 15th on whether it will grant the emergency use authorization for their booster. an 11-year-old girl is dead after flying bullets hit her and her sister saturday in milwaukee. police saying the girl and her 5-year-old sister were in a car with their mother when a shooter in another vehicle opened fire. the younger child is in stable condition. family members say the girls were on their way to chucky cheese. no arrests have been made. it's the end of anner are a in
4:18 am
cleveland indians win final game before they change their name. defeating the texas rangers 6-0. the franchise spent 107 seasons and nearly 17,000 games under the indians moniker which critics deem to be racist after announcing they reviewed the name last year the team is now set to begin the 2022 season as the cleveland guardians. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: have to change all the logos. jillian: yep. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: 7:18 on the east coast. even after the white house admitted mirgs aren't being tested for covid. dr. fauci says illegal immigrants are not to blame for the spread in the u.s. dr. marty makary why the border crisis is still a concern. brian: i love that picture of dr. fauci. parents in virginia come out in droves against the democratic candidate against the governor who says parents should not tell schools what to teach. two parents making their voifers
4:19 am
heard make their voices heard join us live. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: my name is shannon bream and i have been with fox news for 14 years. i was trying to come to fox news for a long time. i worked at other affiliates but always had my eye on fox. it was a place that my dad had said this is a news network that tells stories i care about and people like me are on this news channel. he was former military, former law enforcement. god-fearing, just as patriotic as you could be. and for him this was a unique place. in washington, shannon breen, fox news. >> he was excited when i got my job at fox that meant no matter where he lived or i lived he could seat work i was doing.
4:20 am
>> shannon: so many stories we are tracking here. >> shannon: i will call him to talk about a story we are breaking. part of me feels like is he look down with special connection with fox. last conversation we had before he passed away he told me how proud he was of me and my work at fox and i will always remember that knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> are immigrants the reason covid-19 is spreading in the u.s. >> no if you look at the data, this is not driven by immigrant, this is a problem within our country. >> but we can gather for christmas or just too soon to tell. >> you know, margaret, it's just too soon to tell. brian: it's too soon to plan for christmas. we don't have any presents
4:25 am
anyway. dr. fauci shutting down the idea that illegal immigrants flooding our border could contribute to a rise in covid cases but he wants every child inoculated and season saying too soon to consider christmas gatherings. here to react john hopkins public health professor and fox news contributor dr. marty makary. dr. makary do you agree on those counts 1.5 million untested. 20% of which are positive or some type of illness could not possibly affect the number of covid cases in this country? are you also on the fence on christmas. >> look, i think we are going to be in a much better place in a couple weeks or november by the latest. cases are down 35%. this virus is so contagious, it's burning through that last segment of the population with novak sin nate or natural immunity. by december almost every adult will have had covid or vaccination by that time. brian: look at the cases in this country, two thirds eligible for
4:26 am
a vaccination have gotten it, he has a much higher criteria than did he a year ago, doesn't he? >> yeah. plus in the language that he is using implicit denial that we're moving from an epidemic to an end item mic phase. that is we have to learn to live with it down graded over 90% of seniors vaccination sin nateed. the risk is not equally distributed in the population that's what they file communicate. brian: yeah. we don't want to give people good news, do we. meanwhile here is great news, merck says oral covid drug slashes hospitalizations and death risk doctor makary, this is fantastic news. now how do we get it? >> had this is first of all the most profound treatment 50% reduction in the death rate an oral pill with a simple five day course. it's safe, it works against all variants. it can be used in combination with other therapies like regeneron. the fda, brian, today needs to enact and expanded access
4:27 am
protocol to liberty this medication. we have 1.7 million on the shelf. we need to give it to people who are sick with covid today under thunder protocol why they consider emergency use authorization. brian: they have done it in the past, haven't they. >> they have con it convalescent plaza that mast of the spirit of trite try give president and other people before it was authorized by the fda. brian: dr. makary, why aren't they doing this we saw merck's stock go up. why don't they go to bat with their own drug. >> they have to be careful with the fda. this they do something out of line with what they want. fda is vindictive they will hold up authorization and approval. brian: are you kidding? the fda is vindictive they are not just doing their job personality disputes. >> this is the most political fda in history. long history of pulling products from companies unrelated to mistakes in other medication and device applications. so, companies have to be very
4:28 am
careful. that's why you generally don't see pharma complain guilty about bureaucracy and red tape of the fda. brian: they're afraid? >> yeah. they're afraid the backlash. brian: that's healthy, dr. makary, thanks so much. appreciate it that's great point. i hope people are listening to that and don't get too offended to actually act on it have a great day. >> thanks, brian. brian: got announcement. the president's freedom fighter out. november 7th in charleston west virginia great. november 21st orlando florida. are december 3rd florida. december 4th clearwater, florida go. to brian get tickets life on stream. streamed on fox nation. meanwhile, still ahead, the white house afghanistan withdrawal despite countless measures and allies being left behind. it didn't pass the laugh test last week with those generals. the next guest says we still deserve answers in chaotic exit. tom cotton not letting up around the bend to our studio and to the couch. he joins us now.
4:29 am
say hello. ♪ ♪ >> hi, this is governor ron desantis from florida. i want to wish fox a happy 25th anniversary. i very much appreciate what you guys have done, particularly your coverage and support of the men and women who wear our uniform in our military as well as the men and women who wear the blue and protect us every day in law enforcement. thank you for what you have done. ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. brian: bombing afghanistan mosque on sunday raising fears to some that the country is on the brink of a civil war. ainsley: it comes as experts say biden's rushed withdrawal led to aircraft leaving kabul with empty seeds seats. we saw some of those images, remember? here some more 100,000 afghan allies left behind. steve: a lot of americans too. pledging blackouts as government fails to pay electric bill on
4:34 am
time just like a lot of other people. g.o.p. senator tom cotton served in afghanistan. he joins us live. senator, good morning to you. >> thank you. it's good to be back in studio with y'all. ainsley: happy to have you here. steve: go back about a month ago. you were actually trying to help some of the afghan allies get out and you did successful. but now the news, apparently these airplanes were flying in. and flying out empty because people would not allow the americans and our allies to get on the plain. brian: can i tell you exactly why that happened. talked to people on the ground. two reasons. first so, chaotic that even our own citizens, green card holders, our afghans who had fought with our troops and were approved for special immigrant visa couldn't get into the airport. so people who were supposed to be on those planes couldn't get in time to board them. the second reason is they were trying out of the kabul airport, one run way. get to the point too many air planes backed up and too many coming in had to take to have to get them out. got to balgram multiple runways
4:35 am
and more space to park airplanes. you wouldn't have had that problem it goes back to joe biden's ill planned disorganized chaotic decision to withdrawal from afghanistan. brian: don't you think the state department deserves some of the discredit because antony blinken, according to the defense department, it was up to state to organize a lot of this stuff? the reason why these people didn't get out. the reason why the manifest weren't full the state department sat on its hands. >> absolutely. we heard last week from the generals who helped organize this air lift that the state department refused to call for the evacuation of noncombatants for american civilians and green card holders until the very last minute. the military was planning for it as early as april and may right after joe biden made this decision should we do that tony blinken state's department sat on its hands the taliban on the gates of kabul what is so
4:36 am
unfeweriating see these seats empty. we remember how we felt on those mornings reporting on this. hearts go out to all the people stranded left behind and wanted one of those seats. their livelihoods their lives depended on it when you say they couldn't get through the gates at the airport, we didn't have our troops thereon the ground to help our american citizens or our allies get ton these planes, then you read some of them who had credible documents were stopped and were not allowed to get on the planes while others that hadn't been vetted were allowed through. what's the vetting process now for all the people that are here that came from afghanistan, have we vetted all of them? >> no, absolutely not, ainsley. joe biden screwed it up coming and going. first we left a lot of people in afghanistan who should have imont out. seconds we brought a lot of people out who shouldn't have gotten out. people had no particular attachment to the united states and fought with our troops. seen reports of a young female soldier being assaulted at fort bliss in el paso or sex offenses by began men by fort mccoy and other offenses there is really no vetting. brian: and just walking off the base.
4:37 am
>> hard to do in afghanistan. one reason it took so long interview people face to face. afghanistan is a night or day world country. you don't call up the fbi or the high school or local police. we have almost no way to vet these people. the biden administration is taking their name if it is their name testing it against databases and if they don't come back well they must be fine to go. steve: i heard one interview somebody was interviewing who exactly did we fly out? the number was 75% of the people, the afghans were not special immigrant visa holders. in other words, we fli flew out 75% of the wrong people unbelievable. >> basically whoever was able to get into the airport, especially on first chaotic days after the fall of kabul. again, we have no idea who these people are taking it on face that they're using their real name and testing against incomplete databases and saying well if we don't have a record of you being a terrorist you must be type. you north going to attack americans and commit sex offenses against american women. you are not going to bring any kind of disease or anything else into the country and you don't
4:38 am
have right under american law to be here. you are not like the brave afghans with whom i served to ho fought along side us who risked their lives and family lives who we left behind. ainsley: what do we do? send them back or what happens. >> the biden administration is basically clearing everyone through. just like all the migrants we saw at the border in del rio a couple weeks ago. basically the word is out across the world if you get to our southern border can you get. in a lot of special immigrant visa holders would have been better off to get out of kabul and go to mexico. brian: got everyone else coming through through colombia and panama costa rica and right through. senator, great to see new person. >> great being back. steve: you while you are in new york city do your christmas shopping nothing is going to be on the shelf. brian: put it on layaway. >> i have heard that. brian: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. the supreme court is back in session today with several high profile issues are on the docket. mike huckabee joins us next to preview the biggest cases hitting the bench. i'm sure he had a great night's
4:39 am
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4:44 am
>> one most important cases deal with the mississippi abortion law this could be a real landmark case and frankly it should be. things are very different than they were in 1973 when roe v. wade was decided. first of all, the viability of an unborn child. the fact that we know a lot more about the science of the origin of life and when life begins for a human being. that should be factored in. but a lot of people still don't think they understand roe v. wade very well because the truth is if it were overturned it doesn't mean abortion is illegal. all it means is that the states make the determination not the federal government in some states abortion would be outlawed bike like my home state of arkansas. other states where abortion could be less restricted there could be more abortions. so when we will say oh if we lose roe v. wade, well, actually it doesn't change as much as i wish it did. i wish we would apply person heed and i hope and pray that one day is what is before the
4:45 am
court if we ever establish from conception that an individual is a human being, then they are protected under the fourth and 15th amendments, not to have their life and liberty taken from them without due process which, of course, in abortion there is no due process. another big case, ainsley, is the gun case in new york. this says that you have got to prove that you deserve, you have a need to be protected by the second amendment. this is a big case because new york and other gun restricted states have sort of said that it's not really a constitutional right no matter what the constitution says. and if states begin to apply that to the second amendment, they could apply it to the first and tell you, no, you can't go to church unless we say you can and no, you can't speak unless we say you can. and no, you don't have protection of your private property unless we say you can. that's going to be a big case, too. a maine case that deals with religious exemption whether or
4:46 am
not tuition assistance do you get that in religious school? landmark case could say have big impact on us all. ainsley: speaking of huge. your daughter has raised so much money for her race for governor. she has broken records. she has raised $9.1 million. the race -- she is not even the -- the election is not until next year. asa hutchison to put it in perspective in 2016 raised 6 million. she has two years to go and raised 9 million. >> pretty amazing. i told sarah if i raised that kind of money i would be president right now. that's amazing it breaks all records. and she is doing well. ainsley: what does that say though? >> she is working very, very hard as well. ainsley: what does that say in the voters do they want more conservatives? i. >> i think they do it strong capacity and core convictions
4:47 am
not a political wind mill but somebody who believes deeply and knows what she is. who she stands for, and that she is going to be consistent. that's what people look for. not just folks who stick their finger in the wind and say, what do the polls say rather what does god say in my heart? that's what i need to govern by. ainsley: i see you on all those commercials. did you get a good night's sleep last night? >> man, i won't tell you i slept like a baby because that means i tossed and turned and wet on myself. i slept great but not like a baby. ainsley: brian has a lot of questions for you. he is interested. thank you so much, governor. let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. hey, janice. janice: hey, ainsley, the rain has stopped. i'm a happy person. cold front, frontal boundary bring potential for showers and thunderstorms all and down the east coast. i'm concerned a little bit around the southeast and mid-atlantic where they are going to see several inches of explain a relatively short
4:48 am
period of time and means potential for flash flooding. be aware of that especially middle tennessee there they have gotten so much rain, record breaking rain over the last couple of ceex weeks. the forecast today very warm 10 to 258 degrees above average over the plain states and unsettled weather for parts of the yeffet and in the southwest and in terms of tropical. we have low pressure aren't bahamas. not a huge deal. still have hurricane sam throughout but will not affect land at all which great news. we will keep you up to date from fox weather. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: thank you, janice. >> got it. ainsley: parents are standing up for children's education and calling out wokeness in the classroom. two parents discuss thousand could impact state's tight governor's race next. >> this is a battle for the hearts and souls of our children. and one important way you can fight back is at the ballot box. ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
steve: last week, the democrat nominee for virginia governor terry mccullough made his position on schools clear. now virginia parents are speaking out, joining together for a rally this weekend. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach them. >> america's watching loudoun county. all of america, and been
4:53 am
inspired by parents stepping forward to annoy terry mccullough by actually trying to have a say in their children's education. the nerve! steve: the nerve! but what impact could the governor's race have on the whole country? joining us right now to share their take are two virginia parents who were at the event over the weekend, joe mobley is a disabled u.s. army vet and father of three and patty hidalg o is the president of loudoun county republican women's club and mother of six, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. steve: joe, let's start with you you say that terry mcauliffe has it all wrong when he says parent s should not tell schools what the to teach, yes they should. >> yeah, it's him demonstrating
4:54 am
his fundamental non- understanding, a lack of understanding of how the government works. the school board is elected by the parents, the parents are the authority, the citizens are the authority over the school board, and actually, over all government in the united states, so i know he was governor before , but he seems to be confused about how these things work. steve: and patty, you say the given what terry mcauliffe has said you worry that the left is trying to breakup the family. explain that. >> yes. so i am a mother of six sons and i happen to be president of the largest republican women's club in virginia, but putting politics aside, i'm a mom, and what terry mcauliffe said is just wrong. parents are the first educators of any child, and we do elect these local elected officials to represent us and our children, and what he said is that parents are not allowed to have a say on what our children learn, and
4:55 am
that's just wrong. steve: so, and patty, here's the thick that should terry terry friday terry mcauliffe is you just mentioned you are there at the largest women's republican club in the commonwealth of virginia. you have a lot of democrat women who are trying to join your club , because they feel the same way you do about this issue. >> that's exactly right. that's why this is not about politics . it's about parenting, and our club has had several democrats join it but even more so, there is a recall for five of the school board members, and several democrats have signed it, so this is not a democrat/republican thing. this is about our children. steve: and joe, you know, it's not just at the local level. you think that crt which terry mcauliffe feels should be taught in schools, you think that that is going to bring a lot of people out to vote in the election for governor. >> absolutely. it's something that's an issue
4:56 am
for virginia. it's an issue for the nation and like glenn young has been saying virginia led since the beginning , thomas jefferson, george washington all proud virginians, this problem of oppressor versus oppressed, the problem of the administratiors being the authority over children is not just virginia, it's nationwide. steve: let's see what happens down there. joe and patti, we thank you both for joining us live. >> thank you. >> thank, steve. steve: you bet. meanwhile in other news, dog the bounty hunter is not slowing down in his hunt for brian laundrie. the lead he's following up on, coming up straight ahead on this monday, "fox & friends." this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
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5:00 am
>> president biden is hitting the road to sell his spending agenda but will voters buy it? >> he's going to use the true democrat playbook, which is the four letter word called " free." >> we can gather for christmas or just too soon to tell? >> that makes no sense. >> by december, almost every adult will have had covid or a vaccination. >> the global supply chain is in chaos as cargo ships face delays to dock. >> this is a huge opportunity for pete buttigieg, just having this what he's doing to try to stall this problem. >> over and over again has shown it's paying for its profits with our safety. >> if this is happening at facebook this is what's happening behind the scenes at some of the other big tech
5:01 am
companies. >> that should do it. they're announcing it to the crowd right now. >> nothing in this sport can be accomplished without incredible teammates, i've just been blessed. >> ♪ just another manic monday, wish it were sunday ♪ z ainsley: i'm glad it's monday. we're going to have a great week toking, wake up houston, thanks so much for joining us that is the home of joel oostein, i've been to his church. >> brian: that's where the astros cheated. ainsley: didn't president bush live there, 41? steve: absolutely i went to his
5:02 am
house, barbara went into the kitchen and made us snacks and it was terrific. brian: like every first lady should. ainsley: [laughter] steve: today is 10/4 the first monday in october, and that means the supreme court is officially in session later today. ainsley: first time in 18 months brian: so this was supposed to be a huge week for the president of the united states, he was going to bathe himself in glory having passed a bipartisan bill and choosing telling, choosing to tell everybody that i can bring two sides together, after all, the senate gave him a bipartisan infrastructure deal that he could honestly have said that donald trump was not able to do, but instead of taking the win, he went for the socialist squad, who said i will not sign off on that unless you give me 3.5 trillion, and they acted surprised that the socialists were demanding this when they knew the roadblock for them be joe manchin, who gave them in
5:03 am
writing, his threshold which is 1.5, so they will negotiate for another three and a half weeks making the moderates in sensed because they were promised to vote from nancy pelosi on september 27. steve: you know, and i think a lot of republicans think, you know, the democrats are so good because they all act as a monoli th, everybody is on the same page. we learned last week graphically is the fact that joe biden who ran as a moderate, although these days looks like a socialist now he's behind both bills, he's behind the moderate bill and the bipartisan stuff and he's with as well, the progressives with a 3.5 trillion. he said we're going to have to do a monty hall deal, let's make a deal, but nonetheless, joe biden is trying to negotiate with the far left and the moderates and so far, it has been a disaster. ainsley: aoc's in his corner now she says he's a good faith partner and that's why she's fighting for his agenda and he tries to understand the
5:04 am
objective. steve: she likes that. ainsley: they obviously have these democratic talking points because we heard last week this is going to cost you zero. we heard that over the weekend, cedric richmond said it's going to cost zero, chris wallasce is saying wait it's going to cost 3.5 trillion and at the end of the day it'll cost zero because we're going to pay for it whatever that means. congresswoman jaipoll is saying its never been about the price tag but about what we want delivered to you, the american people. not worried about the price tag? republicans are so worried about inflation. we're already seeing high gas prices, we're already seeing groceries costing more, christmas presents, you have to order them now because they are so delayed. steve: for next year. brian: when you propose this stuff, a world war, a pandemic, which is now thankful ly the worst is over, was right after the great depression, the great recession. now, he's pretending as if we have to pass this to get jobs. no, we got 8 million jobs that
5:05 am
are unfilled. we got tankers that can't get off-loaded because we have no people. ainsley: trucks don't have drivers. brian: as we mentioned inflation. this makes no sense. what i found fascinating is the radical left said there was no pressure ever from the white house to decouple the bill. really? you had no pressure? not even brought up to you? separate the bill, let us get this win, i'll come back around. reconciliation can still happen by the end. we'll use some of this leverage and here's how we'll do it. you could almost say this is lazy. he's going on vacation every weekend. he is not meeting one on one with anyone. he's not doing any press interviewed and this is what he should have been working on. steve: and he had to show up because nancy pelosi essentially handed him this humiliating defeat and she looks terrible because she said we'll have a vote on thursday, okay, we'll try friday, couldn't do it on friday, so he had to go up and try to broker a deal, and then what we have seen over the last
5:06 am
72 hours is democrats are trying desperately to put on a happy face. the democrats are confident they will pass something by the end of this month, so this trick or treat bill according to them is going to actually happen but don't hold your breath. nonetheless here they are putting on the happy face on tv. watch. >> what we've said from the beginning is its never been about the price tag. it's about what we want to deliver. the critical thing is let's get our priorities in and then we'll figure out what it actually costs. >> we don't look at this as a number. we look at this as what programs are we going to deliver. at the end of the day it will cost zero because we're going to pay for it. >> we do want to spend money, invest, to grow the economy. we believe that investing in the american people in a modern economy is the way to grow. >> i think that president biden has been a good faith partner to the entire democratic party. he reaches out, and he actually tries to understand our perspective and that is why i am fighting for his agenda with the
5:07 am
build back better act. >> we gotta win this thing, pass a strong infrastructure bill, to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and we're going to pass the reconciliation bill. steve: we ran a sound bite earlier from chris christie on one of the sunday shows of abc show and he said, we shouldn't be surprised that joe biden came to the progressives. he couldn't stand up to the taliban. ainsley: yeah. and then did you all see what happened to krysten sinema and joe manchin? joe manchin, he lives on that house beat in d.c. and all these kayakers were protesting around his house boat and saying here's my phone number, call me and meet me in my office and i'll get my aid to come down and escort you up to my office. but then, what happened to krysten sinema was unbelievable. she's a teacher at arizona state university. here's the video. she's walking in to the bathroom and they're following her with cameras and video taping her telling her their stories. steve: that is such an invasion of privacy. ainsley: it really is. recording her while she goes in
5:08 am
the stall. brian: by the way she talked about immigration. you're here illegally, that's one thing. it's not krysten sinema's fault, the main problem we have now is our border integrity. we have none. congressman michael waltz understands the danger from the terror from the south, from the way we dismounted from afghanistan and now these social programs will wipe out entrepreneurship in this nation. he put it in perspective, as a former green beret, whose now in the national guard. >> well it's just the policies are that bad. this has been the most massive overreach, given how few votes that they have, that it's just not adding up in the house of card came falling down this week, but biden's going to go on the road and he's going to use the tried and true democrat playbook, which is the four letter word called "free" and promise free this and free that. i did not almost die for this country to have a country led by socialists that then leads to a world led by
5:09 am
chinese communists. that's not a future that i want for my children or grandchildren, but we have to make the case that that's the road that they have us on, as as they are promising freebies for everybody. brian: it does not add up. meanwhile let's talk about the pandemic. anthony fauci does not take into account that cases have decreased 35%. two-thirds of americans over 18 are fully vaccinated, and now we have a drug that if you get it, it could actually squelch the symptoms and the disease thanks to merck and it's going to be readily available. ainsley: what's the name of that drug? brian: unpronounceable. dr. makary had no problem but merck created this great drug so he talks about taking christmas away and that there's no way that illegal immigrants at the rate of 1.5 million over the last six months are hurting us at all when it comes to fighting this virus. listen to the now follies. >> aren't immigrants a major
5:10 am
reason why covid-19 is spreading in the u.s.? >> no, absolutely not, if you just look at the data and look at the people who have gotten infected, look at the people who are in the hospital, look at the people who have died, this is not driven by immigrants. this is the problem within our country. >> but we can gather for christmas or it's just too soon to tell? >> you know, morgan, it's just too soon to tell. we've got to concentrate on continue together get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time. let's focus like a laser on continuing to get those cases down and we can do it by people getting vaccinated and also in the situation where boosters are appropriate to get people boosted, because we know that they can help greatly in diminishing infection and diminishing advanced disease, the kinds of data that are now
5:11 am
accumulating in realtime. steve: sure, and over the weekend we got the bad news 700,000 americans have died, still dying at the rate of 2,000 a day, and he's absolutely, i don't -- brian: we've turned the corner on this. steve: he was being political, wasn't looking at the numbers because if they let 300,000 migrants into the country with covid, sick, clearly that does have an impact. he wasn't looking at the numbers he was making a political statement but just the fact that he, at the end, was talking about the booster, did you see the story over the weekend that according to pfizer, after seven months, after you've gotten your second shot of pfizer, you have zero antibodies in your body, which means that after seven months, you need the booster, and that should be a priority for the administration, if that is true. brian: if that is true. dr. marty marty makary is with us earlier, and we played that sound bite and here's what he says is the problem.
5:12 am
essentially, when it comes to turning the corner and learning to live with this pandemic. >> cases are down 35% and we've always known this delta virus is so contagious, it's burning through that last segment of the population with no natural or vaccinated immunity. by december almost every adult will have had covid oregon vaccination by that time. in the language that he's using, there's an implicit denial that we're moving from an epidemic to an endemic phase which is we've got to learn to live with it, this is downgraded we have over 90% of seniors vaccinated. the risk is not equally distributed in the population and that's what they fail to communicated. steve: all right, so let's see where that goes. in the meantime let's talk a little bit about you're going to see some scary headlines over the next week or so because we're already in october, and people are starting to think about christmas and the holidays and because of, you know, there were all these manufacturing delivery bottlenecks last year, with the pandemic, in 2020, now,
5:13 am
its actually gotten worse. there's shipping and delivery delays, factory closure, covid outbreaks closed the port terminals not enough cargo containers and what that's adding up to is stuff you want, in many cases, you will not be able to find. ainsley: you're not the only one that is having delivery delays, so are the stores and that's why many are worried about the christmas season, h &m, bed, bath and beyond, nike, walmart, some are really concerned about are they going to be able to get the toys in time and are they going to be able to ship them to you in time for christmas. the ceo of nga entertainment, which is one of the world's largest toy manufactures, says i've been doing this for 43 years and never have i seen it this bad. steve: as we look at these ships , the problem is they cannot offload those cargo containers. ainsley: they don't have man you manpower. steve: at the ports because of covid and not just in the united states, but around the world. each one of those little containers, last year, cost the
5:14 am
company $2,000 just for the container. this year, because of the shortages, each one of those containers is to $20,000 and all that cost is going to get passed on to us. pete: people on those ships can't leave so they can't get off the ship, can't get the stuff off the ship, what a disaster. where's our transportation secretary? steve: good question. brian: andy puzner was wanted to be the labor secretary for president trump. he was nominated there, very successful business person, he weighed in. >> i don't think they got a plan to fix it. their plan seems to be, to try and discourage people from working by providing with this as much government large as they possibly can, which is damaging. it's one thing you don't want to do if you're coming out of a recession let alone a pandemic, you don't have people to manufacture goods and obviously, you don't have people who can, enough people to deliver the goods, so the government's
5:15 am
going to do it. steve: and the other thing is there aren't enough people working in the stores. jillian in her headlines an hour or so ago showed a portland, oregon ralph lauren store, one of the outlets, being held up by a guy, with a handgun. there was only one guy working in the store. he was the cashier, the manager, stocking things up and it was the security guy. they can't find people to work in the stores. walmart, right now, if you're looking for work, and we know a lot of people are but we know a lot of people are not, walmart's looking for hundreds of thousands of seasonal employees so if you want to work through the holidays, walmart is ready for you. brian: right. just hopefully there will be toy s on the shelf to sell. ainsley: have you started doing christmas shopping? brian: i'm thinking about it. i think we should all decide as a nation to make our own present s for people. steve: it's funny you should say that. brian: i'm thinking about doing a spider because that's the last time a made a gift, i made fold able legs and a little round circle. steve: a spider? brian: people seemed happy
5:16 am
about it. ainsley: they have eight leg, right? steve: see , my wife and sally both, during the pandemic, became needle pointers and so they, my wife has been working on stockings for all of the children and all of their spouses. ainsley: how beautiful. steve: each one takes two months she's been working for two years now to get everybody one of those and that's what, it's the christmas gift forebode because it's not only a great gift because it's a part of her and it took two months to make. brian: what about rug hooking? make rugs. steve: she's not a rug hooker. ainsley: wait a minute if she makes gift and that's their present do they take them home with them or are they all going to be on your mantel? steve: that's going to be the enticement to come to our house for christmas. ainsley: okay. here's your gift, it has to stay here. brian: it's like pioneer woman stuff. people in the midwest, because they all match, so they got to be there. ainsley: tell kathy i have them
5:17 am
for everyone in my family too but i did not make them. i did buy them. brian: go to vermont and just make some syrup. ainsley: what? brian: put a funnel in some tree. that's your gift, isn't it? steve: that's available. ainsley: or go to tj maxx, they have a lot of syrup on the shelves in the back. straight from vermont. steve: 17 minutes after the top of the hour, straight from new york headlines. jillian: i feel very not talent ed, like less of a human compared to what your family is doing. steve: there are videos and classes at your needle point store. jillian: still not going to do it. good for her, good morning let's begin your headlines with this fox news alert. a nurse's assistant is shot and killed at a philadelphia hospital. police say the scrubs-wearing gunman, also an employee of the hospital, fled the scene in a u-haul but tracked down by law enforcement. the suspect wounded two officers in a shootout before being shot and taken into custody. the two cops were hospitalized and are expected to survive
5:18 am
their injuries. police say the suspect was wearing body armor and carrying multiple weapons, and is in critical condition. >> developing out of california. crews are racing to contain what's being considered one of the largest oil spills in the state's recent history. a suspected leak in an under water pipeline released an estimated 126,000-gallons of oil, miles offshore. the area has been closed to beachgoers as officials work to limit this bill's damagement huntington beach's mayor said the closures could last for weeks if not months. >> the whistleblower who released tens of thousands of internal facebook documents proving the social media giant knew of its harmful effects on users is speaking out in an explosive interview. >> over and over again chose to optimize for his own interest, like making more money. it chooses profit over safety. it is subsidizing and paying for its profits with our safety. jillian: heritage foundation research fellow joined us earlier betting there will be
5:19 am
more behind the scenes big tech revelations. look at tiktok they're owned by a parent company bite dance headquartered in china so they are beholden to the chinese communist party and if this is happening at facebook think about what's happening behind the scenes as some other big tech companies. >> in a statement they called the whistleblower's statements not true saying they invest heavily in safety and security. >> the new venom sequal is making serious marvel money this weekend. >> everybody! >> i promise. jillian: the film hauling in over $90 million from the u.s. on opening weekend which is a record in the pandemic era playing exclusively in theaters and even beat out the original 2018 films opening by nearly $10 million. people are craving new movies. are you calling like movie phone steve: my wife just e-mailed me, that's the picture of the stocking that she just
5:20 am
finished for peter's wife hillary. ainsley: good job, kathy. steve: now hillary knows what she's getting for christmas. ainsley: i actually did see a movie this weekend, i saw the jesus music, it's so worth going to see even if you aren't into contemporary music or a christian because it talks about the evolution of it. steve: tells the whole story. ainsley: yeah, it starts with all these hippies, and how they were at woodstock doing drugs and things they weren't supposed to do and many became christians because there's this pastor in the southern part of california and he dressed like a hippie. steve: it's a story a lot of people don't realize. ainsley: all the musicians we've listened to over over the years and talks about their can't rosenstein jerseys and divorces and how the christian community shunned them, because they are supposed to be perfect, it was a really good movie. brian: very similar to the sopranos which was more about the mob. ainsley: they might need to see this movie.
5:21 am
brian: okay, good. yeah. steve: the theme on both of them , don't stop believing. brian: absolutely. a hiker claims he spotted brian laundrie in tennessee, as the search ramps up for gabby petito's former boyfriend, we'll take a look at that story in just about that's all i have to say. i have five seconds. steve: dog is coming up next. brian: yeah.
5:22 am
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>> as i was coming back towards the parking lot another vehicle was coming towards me. they flashed their lights and the gentleman waived his hand at me, so i stopped and we spoke. he looked like he was messed up or something, but it took him a minute to ask me anything and he looked at me and he said man, i'm lost, and then he said my girlfriend and i got into a fight, but she called me and told me that she loves me, and
5:26 am
i've got to get to california to see her. steve: that's the guy who claims he saw gabby petito's boyfriend, and the search for him is ramp ing up as a hiker claims he saw brian laundrie all the way north in tennessee, near the appalachian trail this weekend, dog the bounty hunter's team is working to confirm that claim today as he scores the florida camp site believed to be connected to laundrie and dog the bounty hunter joins us from st. petersburg, florida. dog, good morning to you. >> good morning to you all, thank you very much. steve: okay, so that guy we just heard from right there, dennis davis, i know he's been in contact with you. you have had hundreds of tips from people all across the country calling your 833- tell-dog line. anything promising? >> like you say we've got tips from here to tennessee and beyond, so we're going over those tips today. friday, we found a makeshift
5:27 am
very primitive camp that had some promising things around it, so we've gathered up all those things with gloves and baggies and turned them over yesterday to the fbi. we also are now working, you can't work in conjunction with the fbi, but you can talk to them, so we're now talking to the fbi, and working with local law enforcement. now, there's leads coming in that are beautiful and then there's a lead that was coming in that showed a picture of him and all that, so we googled the guy's name that sent that lead in and he went to high school with brian so there's fake leads coming into try to get us off the track since the day we got here, and of course, there will be some good leads coming in so right now, it's all up to the leads that we get , which direction we go. steve: okay, and as we look at some of the video from down in florida over the weekend, what are you doing in that water wais
5:28 am
te deep? >> well there's about 11 island s so the only way sometimes when the tide is high, when the tide is high it's three to four foot higher. when it's low, again, three to four foot lower, so during high tide, you can get a boat almost up to the island bank and at low tide, you gotta get out of the boats and walk up there, and then each island's got like right in the middle of the island is dry land, so you know, he could be island-hopping back and forth, back and forth, so we've left cameras in places where he'll never see them and we've got, you know, we're setting that up that whole area right there. we've got some of the greatest volunteers from ex-military to police officers. we've got really good four dogs that hunt for scent, so we are covering these islands like mosquitoes would a banana. steve: and dog, rather than
5:29 am
follow at this point any leads out of state, your gut tells you that something is going on where you are right now. >> well, you know, my part of the expression gut tells me that something, yes, really strong at first. we had really strong leads at first, we're sure, absolutely, we found out that the sister had gotten on good morning america, i haven't seen him since they left. liar liar pants on fire, and then the parents, we haven't seen him so the parents and the sister were in the campground where our home search is from right now, and now, the truth is starting to come out. so i know for sure, he was here, to say he's here right now, i can't tell you that 100% but we're keeping concentrated on the search where he was last with the parents and his sister. steve: all right, duane "dog" chap man joining us from in
5:30 am
florida sir thank you very much forgiving us an update on your search. yes, sir thank you for letting me to get the opportunity to ask people to please help. steve: that's right his number, 833-tell-dog if you have a tip. thank you, sir. >> yes, sir, aloha. steve: 8:30 in the east. chicago mayor lori lightfoot vows to make sure every police officer in that city is vaccinated as the union fights the mandate and some officers might even leave the force over it but can chicago afford to lose more after another violent weekend? we'll talk about that. plus, tom brady has a record breaking performance in his anticipated return to foxborough herschel walker gives his thoughts on brady's big moment, straight ahead on "fox & friend" >> ♪
5:31 am
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brian: here we go. thousands of educators will lose their jobs today as new york city school vaccine mandate takes effect. i'm not kidding. the city's department of education now wants substitute teachers to fill the vacancies left by the unvaccinated. you're talking about thousands, lydia hu joins us live outside of staten island school and how the mandate will impact the
5:36 am
quality of education for students and do they actually have the subs, lidia? >> yeah, good morning, brian. these parents are sounding the alarm saying that this vaccine mandate undermines the quality of education, because it forces the teachers out of the classrooms with substitutes in their place, as you say, now this mandate takes effect after a lot of back and forth in the parks means that the department of education employees including the teachers, the school safety officers and janitors who have not gotten the shot will not be permitted to enter the school buildings. now the latest numbers show that as many as 7% of teachers or 5,500 of them were not vaccinated as of friday. we had a chance to talk to a special education teacher, who sued the department over this vaccine mandate. she's over a decade of experience in the classrooms here in the city and now she's on unpaid leave for declining the vaccine. >> if anyone thinks that a substitute with an emergency
5:37 am
covid-19 certificate can replace me, that is a joke, so he can say all he wants and we are replaceable but the truth of the matter is we aren't. unique, vulnerable population of our students who are going to suffer the most. reporter: now the department of education says that 90% of the entire department is vaccinated and they insist they have enough vaccinated substitute teachers to fill in, but as we know the school days just getting started here, parents are speaking out about this , we're going to follow this story all day as it unfolds. brian: so many more than the teachers too, there's other school workers, lunch room people, all unvaccinated. lidia, thanks it is chaos leave it to new york. ainsley, take it away. ainsley: thank you, brian chicago's mayor lori lightfoot says chicago police will be vaccinated as the union fights the mandate. listen. >> number one cause of death in 2020 of law enforcement was covid-19, nothing else.
5:38 am
it's foolish, foolish to be trying to take a victory lap when so much is at stake, but unfortunately, that's in keeping , with the leadership of this fraternal order of police. they will be vaccinated. ainsley: this as the city sees yet another violent weekend with 40 people shot and three killed since friday. here to react is president of the chicago fraternity of police , john catsenzara. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: what's your reaction when you hear he say police will be vaccinated? >> well it's rhetoric we've heard from day one, the irony is she talks about her officers that have died from covid. thankfully we haven't had an officer pass away for almost a year now so clearly, we've adjusted to our new reall reality. this isn't diminishing their memory because we'll be having a formal memorial for those officers we lost last year at the fop this week but for her to talk about officers in the line of duty is disgusting. she has no credibility on the
5:39 am
topic. ainsley: she's worried about people dying because of covid but what about all of the people dying because of the violence on the streets in chicago just this weekend alone 35 shot, three or four, i've read four killed, heard three as well but still these are people's lives. >> ainsley, we have had 185 expressway shootings in chicago this year. 185. that's just the expressways. the violence is out of control, and the superintendent and the mayor keep trying to say there's a decrease in the increase of the decrease. it is absurd, and i could tell you, we know, we will have thousands of officers who are willing to not get paid to not get the vaccine, and this isn't just the fraternal order of police like she keeps harping on this is the sergeant's association and lieutenant's association and captain's association united in this fight our members should not be forced to get a mandated vaccine for all of the city workers. ainsley: if they refuse to get the vaccine how many did you say will probably be affected? >> you know, we don't have
5:40 am
exact numbers but it's roughly i would figure about 3,000 if we go with the informal surveys that have been done so far. ainsley: if they don't get vaccinated they aren't out on the streets protecting the community so the people of chi are affected. >> absolutely and the violence is only going to get worse and this is a department that has lost the retirement and leave of absences to other departments almost 900-plus officers so far this year already. we can't afford more officers off the street. we just can't. ainsley: john, thank you for everything you do. >> thank you. ainsley: have a good one. lawlessness runs wild in philly as officers watch while street racers cause chaos outside of city hall. dan bongino is on deck to react to that. hi, my name is sam davis and i'm
5:41 am
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5:45 am
steve: so another monday where we talk about how an american city is recovering from another violent weekend in oregon police searching for three suspects who threatened a ralph lauren outlet store worker, with a gun, after being confronted about shoplifting. ainsley: and in philadelphia, a wreckless street racer damaged roads right outside of city hall doing those donuts. steve: look at that. brian: former nypd officer and unfiltered host dan bongino has been supplied that video prior
5:46 am
to this segment and wants to react. dan, crimes still a major issue, almost on every candidates punch list if they want to get into office. that, to me, is heartening but this is out of control. >> yeah, i mean, think about how we got here. isn't it disturbing we're even having this conversation? you know, i'm doing a segment on my podcast today, called, you know, things conservatives knew months ago, right? common sense stuff, and one of the things we knew months if not years if not decades ago as conservatives was when you enforce the law, brian, shocker, you get less law breaking. i mean, the fact that there are liberals watching the show today stunned by this assertion says everything about the state of america you need to hear. we actually live through the high crime and chaos era in la, new york, we're still living through it now in chicago, and we know what worked. i mean, many of you are new yorkers brian you've lived in new york, a lot of your adult life. remember what happened back then
5:47 am
, we had the david dinkins era, red comes rudy giuliani comes in and they say hey, i've got this crazy idea, like if someone jumps a turnstyle, maybe we should arrest them for jumping the turnstyle, and do you know what happened, a lot of the guys they arrested and detained had warrants for other crimes and they jumped the turn style, because they commit another crime on the train which then didn't happen. now that we're not doing that and crimes exploding, you have to understand, it's only liberal s scratching their heads. conservatives are like okay, you defund the police and crime exploded, yeah, yeah, we get it. steve: but you're also forgetting, dan, here in new york state, you know, they redid the criminal justice stuff, and now, it's almost impossible to get arrested where they, you know, they actually prosecute you. >> yeah, and here's why this is such a big deal. outside the obvious, if you keep criminals in jail they won't commit crime, i get the obvious
5:48 am
point but again, liberals watch the show, so you have to talk really slow, right? when you look autocrime inology research, there's a very small, thank god, by the way, small percentage of the population that commits the overwhelming majority of the crime. forgive me i don't have the exact number but it's small less than 20% of the population commits roughly about 80% of the crime, so when you get even half of those people a quarter or even a tenth of those people , steve, off the streets, it's not directly proportional. it's almost like geometric the decrease in crime, because if you have one guy committing 10 crimes over the source of the week it's not a one for one deal. you get him off the street, that's 10 less crimes that happen next week. again, i mean, i know leftists are listening to math and stuff are hard, but that's why broken windows policing worked and that's why things like bail reform, where we let people out, 10 seconds after they commit a violent crime, that's why you don't, you see this explosion
5:49 am
that again, is geometric, not just arithmatic. ainsley: tell us about the fox nation patriot awards that are hosted down there in florida where you live and you'll be on stage. >> i know, i love it. i've been at last year, we had to go kind of digital with it but i was there with you all remember the first year, we were down in tampa? steve: tampa. >> and remember all the , you know, we had the hockey coach who gave the great speech. finally like an awards show for people that matter, you know instead of like hollywood elite so i'll be there, i'll be there with bells on, maybe no bells but i'll act like i have bells on it's going to be awesome. get your tickets and say hello to everybody. i'm happy to do it i can't wait. brian: much needed red, white, and blue event dan, so look forward to seeing you down there >> me too, thanks for having me in studio this week for the hospitality i appreciate it. brian: we don't regret it. ainsley: good to see you in person. >> good. steve: go to fox
5:50 am
patriot awards. brian: pete hegseth is hosting meanwhile tom brady returns to foxboro and beats his former team while catching up with his former head coach, and herschel walker is here live to talk about that and his senate run in georgia but first let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino , because i am dying to find out what they have planned over the weekend. bill: we're still working on that. dana: over the weekend? brian: didn't you meet all weekend about today's show? bill: of course we did. dana: it was non-stop unbelievable, just like you guys bill: good morning. great show this morning nice to see you all. newt gingrich is going to answer the question, where to now? dana: let's see if he knows, maria bartiromo is going to be here as well talking about the supply chain holdups, what is the issue. bill: also nancy grace and lina khan, some clues over the weekend we'll see if they add up on that. dana: we have to talk to jack keane because china is being aggressive towards taiwan what does that mean for us and them, we'll be with you in 10 minutes.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
jillian: good morning we're back with this one of new york's most beloved public figures has died. jimmy neary, i en of the iconic restaurant passed away in his sleep on friday.
5:55 am
the irishman opened via establishment on st. patrick's day in 1967. his family wrote in a statement posted on the front door, "you are all a critical part of his family, and enriched his life in countless ways, as he always said i love my life." he was 91. ainsley, brian, steve? ainsley: he was a wonderful man. steve: we used to live three blocks away. ainsley: it's an iconic restaurant and kathy lee gifford , she took me there one-time when i needed advice about work. steve: and a beer. ainsley: i'm sure we had that and some wine, and he comes over and sat down with us and some friends from south carolina every time they come up they go to that restaurant and i meet them there. he loves fox, he loves america, just a really really good guy. steve: 54 years in president. god bless him. ainsley: rest in peace, jimmy. steve: coming up on four minutes on top of the hour and janice dean is out on the streets. good morning i'm glad the rain held off for my reports today let's take a look at the maps we do have showers an thunderstorms
5:56 am
in the neighborhood across the northeast a frontal boundary that stretches down toward the gulf coast and that means heavy rainfall not only for parts of the north east but down towards the mid-atlantic and southeast there is the forecast temperature radar as that cold front kind of stalls out of the potential for some flash flooding as well, in these areas so just keep aware of that and know what to do if there's a flood watch or warea and you could see some of that rainfall is going to move in towards the southeast which i'm a little concerned about they need the rain but not so much it causes flooding. we also have the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the southwest and the northwest and in between that. warmer than average temperatures , still not fall yet , for parts of the northern and central plains we will certainly keep you up-to-date, brian back to you. brian: thanks so much janice now this. tom brady, one of the biggest regular season games in the history of football goes back to foxboro for the first time, the quarterback reigning super bowl champ making history by surfaceing former saints
5:57 am
quarterback, but it was also a great game, brady afterwards shared a hug with his former coach, there were talks they were not getting along. here to discuss former nfl player, u.s. senate candidate himself, herschel walker. is this a time in which you had to tune into not ball and watch some of this drama? >> well, you know, i think that you can get past that drama right now. you see the two together. you saw that they hugged and i think people don't know after the game, coach came over and saw tom, brought tom over to the locker rooms of the patriots and i think that's in the past. i think tom has proven that he's still one of the greatest of all-time. he proved it to me last year, i tell you what, i'm a fan. i'm a big fan of tom. brian: no doubt about it, and then afterwards, bill bellechick went in and 20 minutes after the game to the bu ccs locker room and evidently they talked again for a while so so i think we can put the soap opera to rest, herschel i want tok talk about
5:58 am
you as a senate candidate. now that people are firmly in your corner including the former president of the united states, you also got somebody else, mitch mcconnell, was rumored to be against your nomination. now, he's getting in line, what does that mean for you? >> well, you know know, senator mcconnell and i, we've had a couple of talks, very very good talks and i think he's starting to see now that i'm here to unify this party and that's what we got to do is come together and do something great for this country which is what i said i wanted to do. that's the reason i decided i was going to run. it's not like i had, i don't have other things i could be doing but what's important right now is georgia. what's important is the united states of america, right now, this georgia run is very very important. this georgia seat is very very important to this state, to this country. brian: here's why they're coming after your businesses and personally and talking about what you wrote in your biography about mental challenges are you okay with that? >> i am.
5:59 am
i'm okay with it, because it's not about herschel walker or the state of georgia and that's the reason that i'm running, and i'm so happy right now, this is my first quarter that i had after five weeks. we've had a lot of small dollar donors and i think i'm very happy with that, i'm still trying to raise money, telling people to go to because this is important, and doesn't matter what they do or how they come. right now, it's not about herschel walker. it's about the state of georgia and this country. brian: herschel we talked a little sports talked about mitch mcconnell endorsement and of course, where you're going from here we'll talk to you again. herschel walker, thanks so much. >> thank you, god bless. brian: all right i'm going to gradually walk here smoothly and say goodbye, but i feel like i talked enough you guys should talk for the last 10 seconds or 20 seconds. ainsley: you did a great job on that interview. what do you have coming up on radio? brian: we have tom cotton, michael goodwin, we're going to
6:00 am
have maria grady from the wall street journal talking about what's happening from panama to colombia, on down with this immigration. ainsley: so tom cotton said yes? we were there for that booking. we had tom cotton on the show and you said can you do radio and he said let me check and i'll get back to you. brian: when you stare at someone for them, it's hard to say no. ainsley: not to your face. steve: thanks for joining see you tomorrow, everybody.


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