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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 4, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: it is monday, october 4th. all hands on deck to secure the border, steps being taken in texas to prepare for the next massive wave of migrants. jillian: america on edge as the search for brian laundrie continues. we're talking to the man who says he encountered the fugitive over the weekend. and the location might surprise you. todd: and new york city looking for thousands offs substitute teachers as public school vaccine mandates go into effect today. taxpayers set to pay a premium for it. jillian: good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro. a live look at the white house
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as president biden prepares to promote his build back better agenda with a road strip tomorrow. jillian: lauren blanchard joins us live as fractured democrats remain confident they'll agree on a price tag for the massive spending proposal. >> reporter: good morning, todd, jillian. today the president is headed back to the white house after a weekend home in delaware. his focus is raising the dent ceilings but tom -- debt ceiling but tomorrow he'll push towards pressuring lawmakers to pass trillions in spending. >> this piece of legislation costs zero. we'll pay for it all by raising taxes on the very wealthy and big corporations. >> i believe we're on track with both tracts to pass both the bipartisan infrastructure bill as well as the reconciliation build back better bill and our goal is to get it done in the next month. >> reporter: last week the vote was delayed, delayed and delayed again. democrats can't aagree on the final size of the $3.5 trillion ild back better bill.
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>> this is not about a team. it's about individual sort of preferences. both of these bills need to pass. both will not pass if people try to separate them. >> reporter: progressives are increasingly angry with moderate senators against the social spending bill. joe manchin says he wants a number closer to 1.5 trillion. he was surrounded by protesting kayakers on his houseboat in d.c. and kyrsten sinema followed to the bathroom by an immigration activeist. >> we need solutions for the build back better plan. >> we knocked on doors for you to get you elected. like we got you elected we can get you out of office. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi says she wants the vote -- the delayed infrastructure vote by the end of this month. republicans warn a halloween deadline will be scary for more than just one reason. >> on halloween, that is going
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to be the next vote on this package that should be scary to every family in america because it would raise taxes that every family would pay, not just the rich. >> reporter: and senate republicans want the congressional budget office to give the president's bill a true price tag because they say the democrats' claim it will cost zero is reckless and wrong. jillian: lauren blanchard live for us. thank you. todd: wyoming senator john barrasso says the president is bowing to progressives. listen. >> what we're seeing is like watching an episode of the twilight zone. i thought joe biden went to the hill on friday to try to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed. instead he surrendered to the radical wing of his party and now you have this big government socialism reckless spending bill being basically used to hold hostage the things that the american people want, roads and bridges, highways, all of those things. now we're at a point where the president is weak and really
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bernie sanders, the far left democrats are driving the bus and joe biden is just along for the ride. todd: a new poll by the associated press shows the presidents approval rating dipping among members of his party, 92% of dems say they supported the president in july, only 85% said the same as of last monday. exactly four minutes after the hour now. thousands of teachers set to lose their jobs today as vaccine mandates go into effect in new york city and as dr. fauci is sparking controversy with his comments on holiday gatherings. jillian: jackie ibanez joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, todd and jillian. dr. anthony fauci previously suggested the holidays could go on as scheduled this year as more americans get vaccinated. but his latest comments suggest he's open to pushing back that goal post. listen. >> we can gather for christmas or of it's just too soon to tell? >> it's just too soon to tell.
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we've just got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time. >> reporter: frustrating to so many. the president's top medical advisor praising the experimental merck covid pill after its results revealed a reduced risk of hospitalization or death by 50% but fauci warned americans shouldn't wait to get vaccinated because they believe they can take the pill. >> that's a false narrative if someone says now you have a drug. the easiest way to stay out of the hospital and not die is don't get infected. this idea about we have a drug, don't get vaccinated, doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: the vaccine mandate in new york city public schools takes effect today leaving thousands of unvaccinated teachers on unpaid leave and forcing others to resign with severance. the city's department of education is looking to hire nearly 3700 substitute teachers. teachers for choice coalition
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founder michael cain joined us in the last hour to explain why he is fighting for religious exemption. >> my group, teachers for choice right now, is filing a he restraining order on the grounds that the exemption process was illegal and unconstitutional. we were the heroes last year. i was teaching in person last year while many of my colleagues had accommodations working completely remotely. now they want to get rid of us. >> reporter: across the country in california, critics are taking aim at governor gavin newsom's new vaccine man a date for students, the first state to require the covid-19 shot for kids with no testing exemptions. todd: jackie, thanks. jillian: congressman steve scalise has this to say about vaccine mandates. >> if you're here in america, even with antibodies against covid, we're going to get you fired from your job? hospitals, we started to see numbers that are alarming in the middle of this pandemic and a resurgence of the delta variant,
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hospitals that are seeing thousands of their employees leave, some are firing their employees, you saw it with police officers. i guess liberals don't care about this because they want to defund the police but you're seeing police departments where they're putting mandates in place where the police officers are quitting the job. the military goes after our men and women in uniform. this is crazy. we should be encouraging people to get the facts on the vaccination not to threaten and shame them and kill their careers and livelihoods. all over that. jillian: scalise added he says it's outrageous the migrants coming to the u.s. illegally don't have to worry about getting a covid test or being vaccinated. todd: international aide experts say president biden's rushed withdrawal have left more than 100,000 afghan allies behind. the president of one relief organization telling fox news, quote, the u.s. government did not have a plan going into this. it just turned into this haphazard come got in, some
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didn't. this happens as kabul could plunge into darkness over the taliban's lack of paying electricity suppliers. a potential blackout could bring afghanistan back to the dark ages. jillian: the state department reiterating the rock solid commitment to taiwan amid increased provocation from china. u.s. officials are warning beijing to cease aggression after 77 aircraft including two nuclear capable bombers flew into taiwan's air defense zone over the weekend. todd: alexandria ocasio-cortez is being challenged by desi quare. he spoke about why he decided to join the race. >> my family fled cuba because of a communist dictatorship that was put into power by people using socialist lies that people like aoc and others are using today. i got tired of seeing it, watching it grow the way it's been growing and after seeing that nobody's getting the job
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done the way it should be getting done i decided to step in. todd: he is not only one pressing aoc, ted cruz recently asked the progressive dem to go to the border and see migrant children in biden's cages after she posted this infay you muse photo during -- infamous photo during the trump administration. to the nfl we go, tom brady getting love in his return to new england. >> brady! brady! brady! brady! todd: i thought it would be louder. brady making history against his former team, surpassing drew breeze for the most passing yards of all time. the bucs defeat the packs 19-17. meantime -- jillian: congrats. todd: happy todd this morning. giants picking up the first win of the season in a thrilling 27-21 overtime victory over the
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saints. when barclay scored that, daddy yelled, mckenna was very scared. it's not about her. jillian: patrick mahomes threw five touchdown as the chiefs bounced back from last week's loss, defeating the eagles, 42-30. and finally, the buffalo bills in a blow-out, 40-0, holding the texans to 109 yards of total offense. todd: our producer, john, big bills fan. i think they're going to the super bowl. you do not. why? are you backtracking why .jillian: it's only a few weeks in. let's calm down. todd: i can't calm down. this one always bringing up the boat trip to make me feel sad. the worst record in the nfl since the boat trip. jillian: it's 10 minutes after
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the hour. snl returns with a dig after democrats for the division in their party. some say they missed the punch line for taking it too easy on the president. .todd: we're asking consistent cha, comma joe, -- concha comma joe, what he thinks about that, next. ♪ they're ain't no excuses
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jillian: welcome back. critics slamming twitter after the platform labeled a young mother's obituary as misleading because it attributes her death had to complications from covid-19. todd: here to react, joe joe concha. the tweet that was labeled misleading, it said jessica byrd with no underlying health conditions passed away from covid vaccine complications. she did t not want to get vaccinated. rest in peace. twitter has removed the misleading label. why do we let them get away with these rushes to judgment which are always one sided, joe? >> todd, they'll always get away with it. the problem is that twitter is a private company and they can't be told what to do in any way, shape or form. if they decide to censor anybody
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or call something misleading, they can go ahead and do that. because their stock is double id -- has doubled i believe in the past year. we can talk about breaking up the company or section 240 which gives them liability coverage but it's never going to happen, unfortunately. i feel horrible for the family. you have two kids there, 5 and 3. they lost their mom and the narrative appears to be that only trump supporters, only those living down south in rural areas don't want to get the vaccines but you see that african-americans are very hesitant to get the vaccine based on the numbers that we see, teachers in new york are very hesitant to get the vaccine, so that's where we are at this point where we have a narrative that's being pushed that there's vaccine hesitancy only among trump supporters when it's more than a few people that we may consider democratic voters at this point. jillian: let's talk about this
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for a second here. snl obviously you watch this every weekend. >> i used to. i haven't watched in two years. jillian: let's play a clip of this and get your reaction on the back end of it. >> we have a major infrastructure bill and it has to get passed. >> i'm a democrat from west virginia. if i vote for electric cars, they're going to kill me. >> get this bill passed today just like me it deserves a second chance and a third chance and up to at least 11 chances. jillian: this was the 47th season opener. what do you make of what they had to say over the weekend? >> well, not a lot of people saw it apparently because ratings were down, jillian, 35% from the previous year. and owen wilson as the guest host, i guess that's fine.
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that didn't attract a lot of people. plus, i remember when the show was funny. i swear, i watched it going all the way back to at least repeats of the bill murray and chevy chase and belushi days, then you go through eddie murphy and the great dana carvey and will ferrell. the shows has become an extension of cnn almost and cnn ain't funny either so that's kind of what we're getting at this point and i just remember when 2016 hillary clinton lost and kate mckinnon goes on the air two nights after and starts playing the piano and is singing -- i forget the song but she was crying basically and the crowd is just there in stunned silence, that's what snl has become, it's not comedy anymore, it's something but it's definitely not something that makes you laugh. todd: as wees always say in these moments, gutfeld making people laugh and look at the
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numbers that he is getting. it's a shameless plug for our network but it's true, people want to laugh at night. they don't want to cry. joe, i'm laughing this morning. jillian: thanks, joe. >> i'm wearing my giants suit by the way for you, that great comeback in new orleans and then you have jillian do the read that the eagles lost, i mean, that was cruel, whoever produced that segment. todd: let mien joy one out of the 18 -- let me enjoy one of the 18 weeks of the season. jillian: it is 20 minutes after the hour. north carolina police are following up on a tip from a hiker who says he spotted brian laundrie along the appalachian trail. todd: and we're talking with that hiker, next.
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todd: to a fox news alert. an unidentified victim shot and killed at a philadelphia hospital. the suspect left the scene in a u-haul. he was shot and a taken into custody. two cops were hospitalized but
2:25 am
are expected to survive their injuries. ♪ todd: the gabby petito foundation up and running, the effort launched by petito's family in honor of the slain 22-year-old is meant to help families find missing loved ones. a north carolina sheriff and dog the bounty hunter are looking into a potential sighting of brian laundrie after a hiker said he has no doubts he spoke with laundrie on the appalachian trail over the weekend. jillian: the hiker's name is dennis davis. he joins me now by phone. can you tell me about the encounter you said you had with brian laundrie? >> sure, jillian. it was -- i drove up to the north carolina, tennessee border on friday night, coming up from florida. and i got to -- i got there about 12:30 a.m. on saturday morning. i was parking my car at a
2:26 am
parking lot where we were going to end our trip on-at the end of the week. and it was called the davenport gap. as i was parking there, i actually went past the parking lot. i saw it in the rear view mirror. i was doing a he three-point turn in the road, it was a fairly country road so i made the turn. as i was coming back towards the parking lot, another vehicle was coming towards me. they flashed their lights and the gentleman waved his hand at me. so i stopped and we spoke. so we were side-by-side, our cars. he was in a pickup truck sitting right next to me. and as soon as i looked at him, he looked like he was messed up or something. but it took him a minute to ask me anything. he looked at me and said, man, i'm lost. i was thinking, i'm a hiker, i'm out here, i'm lost, i missed that parking lot, maybe that's what he is too. i said i'm not from around here, where are you trying to go?
2:27 am
he said man, i'm trying to go to california. i was like wow, that's an odd thing to say. i thought to my c he said my girlfriend and i got into a fight but she called me and told me that she loves me and i've got to get to california to see her. and i said well, i-40 is next to us. you can get on i-40 and drive to california. after that, he kind of just looked at me and he said no, i think i'm going to keep driving down this road. i think it goes to california. and of course this is just small country road. jillian: dennis, did you at that point in time think this was brian laundrie or was it after that you thought that guy looks familiar? >> yeah, it was not right that minute. i did not have a picture in my mind of what this guy looked like. of course, i wasn't thinking i was going to run into him. so i -- but i did think at that moment, i did think this guy was weird. there was no way i was planning on sleeping in that car in that
2:28 am
parking lot and i thought there was no way i'm staying there now after this encounter. so i drove my car and i was headed west on i-40 and all of a sudden it kind of dawned on me, what if that was that guy. so i got off on the next exit and quickly pulled up my phone and the very first picture i pulled up of him was a portrait view of him and when i was speaking with the man when it was happening, the thing that stood out to me about him was this thick, dark black beard and mustache, very short but very thick that he had and the first picture that i pulled up was that portrait view of him with that black beard and mustache and right at that minute i said this is absolutely him and i immediately kept looking on the internet to try to find out how to contact the fbi. jillian: have you spoken to police? >> i got my first call from the police last night at 7:00 p.m.
2:29 am
jillian: and what did they say? >> well, i spoke with a local police department. so that night i made two calls to the fbi. i made a call to the 911 in tennessee and the last call i made was to 911 no north carolina. -- in north carolina. the officer called me from north carolina and he was following up. he had obviously -- there was a lot of media calling, trying to figure out what was going on and he called me back to confirm to me that -- he apologized for not getting back to me but he confirmed that the north carolina police that night did dispatch someone to go out to the site and look for him. the officer told me that they had sent somebody out there. the officer was out there for 50 minutes looking and they pulled over one vehicle in that time just to check to see if it was him and it's the only vehicle they saw in that 50-minute span.
2:30 am
it was about 3:00 a.m. in the morning when they finally got out there. when my encounter with him was at 12:30. jillian: it does make you wonder, you described it as a white pickup truck. this is the first time we would be hearing if it was truly brian laundrie, that's the first time we would be hearing about a white pickup truck. a lot of people estimating he was on foot. we'll continue to follow this and see. at this point, any lead i think that police are getting, they're i'm sure getting a lot, so dennis davis, thank you for joining us with what you saw. prior youth i time -- appreciate your time. todd: we have temps headed into the mid-70s today. how is it looking in the rest of the great land. jillian: we have the forecast with janice dean. >> it will be warmer in the northeast. ahead of front we have warmer air coming from the south and potential for flooding for the
2:31 am
southeast. it's 69 in new york, 69 in jacksonville, in the 60s across the great lakes. the central u.s., 10 to 25 degrees above average, we're in between two systems. the past 24 hours you can see the potential for showers and thunderstorms along the frontal boundary. we're going to watch the sow east where we see the potential over the next couple days for heavy rain and flash flooding so watching that. there's the forecast rainfall. you can see the areas, they need the wet weather but too much of a good thing can bring flooding. there's the forecast today. central u.s., warmer than. and then we are going to deal with some much needed moisture for the west as well this week. that's some good news. and we're still talking about hurricane sam just hanging on. it continues to move north and eastward. jillian: keep on going. todd: bye, sam. border communities are seeing a spike in fentanyl overdoses and authorities say the drug crisis is being fueled by the border crisis.
2:32 am
jillian: a mother who lost her 17-year-old daughter joins us with a warning for parents everywhere.
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bleeding problems are common and may increase with blood thinners. serious infections with symptoms like fevers, chills, weakness or confusion and severe decrease in blood counts can happen. heart rhythm problems and heart failure may occur especially in people with increased risk of heart disease, infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you have signs of bleeding, infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. i am living with cll and living proof that imbruvica is right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. todd: texas national guard gearing up to block an increased number of cara vans attempting to cross the southern border. jonathan swan says the biden administration's border policies are to blame. listen. >> when you overlay a global pandemic with, you know, in
2:36 am
haiti the earthquake and the assassination of the leader, the economic crisis in the region, and it's only getting worse. some of it is inducement from the biden administration policies and traffickers using that to message to people in the region come on up, come on up. todd: governor abbott tweeting this video of the tactical vehicles headed to the border to block the incoming wave of migrants. jillian: drugs laced with fentanyl coming across the border at an alarming rate. todd: misty garagino lost her 17-year-old daughter to an accidental fentanyl overdose earlier this year. she joins us now. condolences for this horrible loss. before we go into the details, tell us about your daughter. >> my daughter was kaley, she was amazing, 17 years old.
2:37 am
the funniest kid around. scheduled to graduate early, an honor roll student, very normal family. she was a middle child. she's got two brothers. and just like anybody else's daughter. jillian: beautiful. can you tell me about the conversation you had the night before she died? >> yeah. we've had a pretty severe spike in cases around our county, so i just had a talk with her about, you know, do you know that this is happening? she was very open and honest and told me, yes, it's definitely something i see that's going on, i have some friends, seemed very knowledgeable about it. i explained to her there is a very real chance that if you experimented with this, that you could potentially have a pill that was laced with fentanyl. she very much seemed like she understood and assured me that this would not be something that she would experiment. todd: let's take a look at some
2:38 am
numbers. total weight of fentanyl seized at the border as of august of this year, you see almost 10,500 pounds seized so far. double, way double last year at this time. as you search for answers, can you figure out why the government has let it get this bad? >> oh, goodness. you know, we're in arizona so we are right up against the border. borders are open. people are very easily coming across. more easily than they ever have been before, which just makes the problem so much worse. jillian: what is your message to other parents? >> to talk to your children, educate them. i feel like awareness is really the key at this point. kids are going to experiment. it's just a different age now and so talking to them and making sure they understand the dangers, whether it's a pill, anything else. it could potentially be a one
2:39 am
and done thing. jillian: that's your message to parents. what about the administration, what do you want to say to them? >> this is a tough one. we have some serious problems here in the border towns. we need help. people are just coming across and arizona is losing youth at skyrocketing rates. we have to do something. we have to do something. todd: misty, obviously our condolences to you and your family on the loss of that beautiful young lady and thank you for being here this morning to drive home the point that this can happen to anybody because of the pervasiveness of these counterfeit pills infull traiting our nation. -- infiltrating our nation. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. todd: a louisiana health system imposing fines for employees who have an unvaccinated spouse at home. talking to one of the employees impacted. jillian: and some are wondering where transportation secretary pete buttigieg has been as the
2:40 am
supply chain chaos gets worse. cheryl casone is on that story, next. bogeys on your six, limu.
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xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> i'm anxious to tell you what's coming up in 16 mince. so i will. tom cotton, please wake up. you'll be joining us live as we learn the ugly news about how many planes left empty from kabul with 100,000 afghans and allies and americans left behind and mike huckabee reacts to the
2:45 am
supreme court is back on the bench ahead of the blockbuster term taking on abortion, gun rights and the separation of church and state. besides that, i think it will be an a easy term. dan bongino will be here, he won't wear a tie or collared shirt. he gives an unfiltered take on america's growing crime crisis. turns out eggs against -- he's against crime. and a football legend talks about dramatics of tom brady going back to fox bore roar and winning in -- fox borrow and wins in overtime. he wants to tell you what he would be doing differently in georgia. and dog the bounty hunter updates us on the hunt for brian laundrie as a hiker claims he spotted the fugitive 700 miles away from home. all that and more unless i read the wrong promo in 15 minutes. jillian: you did not read the wrong promo. >> good luck, the rest of the way. todd: thank you. jillian: as the supply chain
2:46 am
crisis continues, pete about buttigiegis accused of remainin. todd: cheryl casone is here with more on all the chaos. cheryl: blaming corporate america. good morning to both of you. a recent survey of 1,000 u.s. consumers found 82% are worried how disruptions in the global supply chain will impact birthdays, holidays and the ability to get necessary supplies. one port official telling trey gowdy it's only going to get worse. >> the supply chain we have radical disruption here not only in the national supply chain, but in the global supply chain. this is a wake-up call for members of the supply chain that we need to kind of, again, think out of the box here and address these issues that in the future we're really prepared to address the kind of volume surges we've been experiencing. cheryl: which begs the question, where is the department of transportation. secretary pete about buhl appears to be -- pete buttigieg appears to be mia, hasn't made
2:47 am
any comments since august on this crisis. fox news reached out to the dot which would only say, quote, the goods movement chain in the united states is mostly controlled by the private sector and there is very little information sharing. labor secretary marty walsh also silent, nothing posted on his twitter page. jillian: we'll stay tuned. we're hearing something from a facebook whistleblower. cheryl: the former facebook employee who blew the whistle on the company says the company engagerred in a he betrayal of democracy. >> as soon as the election was over they turned them back off or changed the settings back to what they were before to prioritize growth over safety and that really feels like a betrayal of democracy to me. i don't trust that they're willing to actually invest what needs to be invested to keep facebook from being dangerous. cheryl: she said facebook is tearing societies apart and causing ethnic violence around the world. jillian: cheryl casone live for us.
2:48 am
thank you. todd: louisiana's largest hospital system looking to make healthcare heroes pay the price if their spouse is unvaccinated. akshner health says a $100 per papered fee will apply if an employee's spouse is covered by a medical plan and is unvaccinated. here to react, jimmy fairclaw and a registered nurse, valerie monte. thank you for being here. valerie, what was your reaction when you first heard about this fee? >> i felt like we were really being bullied already and this is just a way of overreaching, more bullying, including our families, which is totally unacceptable. todd: here's the statement, quote, this is not a mandate as nonemployee spousings and domestic partners can choose a different health plan. we spent 9 million bucks on
2:49 am
covid care for those covered on our health plans. you say this is all about the money and not concern for staff. why? >> i just feel like they say they're concerned for us, the staff, worried about the nurses and i, from what i understand, it's all about cms and their reimbursement for the - you know, as long as the staff is vaccinated and i don't even understand where the healthcare, the -- if call it a fee. i'm calling it a fine, being fined for our spouses not being vaccinated as well. which, i mean, i guess it really doesn't matter if my case because i don't intend to be vaccinated so i'm sure i'm terminated soon. todd: i'm sorry. is there any legal precedent for this? >> no, there's not. this is really -- i agree, it's tied in some level to the funding but i think the truth of the matter is, this is the next
2:50 am
step in the bullying process, trying to cause employees who don't want to be vaccinated to become vaccinated. you need to keep in mind, they received hundreds of millions of dollars in the cares act and made at least that amount in the services it provided during the pandemic. for them to squeeze 2500 or 3,000 employees for additional surcharges is unbelievable. they want to make an economic case for this, they need to put on the table the amount of funds that they generated from covid. it's been very lucrative, the pandemic itself, so that's a complete pretext. this is all about coercion. todd: valerie, what do you make of the fact that in 18 short months you have gone from healthcare hero to potentially shunned by your healthcare employer over this? >> i'm disillusioned and really heart-broken because for 36 years i've just given everything
2:51 am
for this industry and just for it to now throw me out like trash is really hard. todd: again, valerie, i'm sorry you're going through this. jimmy, please keep us posted on the legal process here because i find it fascinating. i'm sure the audience finds it fascinating as well. jimmy and valerie, thank you. >> thank you. jillian: president biden is hitting the road to sell his spending agenda but will voters buy it if his own party can't agree on it? we're talking to congressman michael waltz about it, next. ♪ i'm going-- the world works with servicenow.
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todd: president biden set to sale his agenda directly to the people as the divide in the democratic party appears teacher than ever. jillian: here is reaction is florida congressman michael waltz. thank you for being here. appreciate your time this morning. >> sure.
2:56 am
jillian: what does it tell you that the democratic party is so far apart on this issue? >> well, just the policies are that bad. this has been the most massive overreach, given how few votes that they have that it is just not adding up. and the house of cards came falling down this week. but biden is going to go on the road. and he's going to use the tried and true democratic playbook which is the four letter word called free and promise free this and free that. free at a care. free pre-k. free elderly care. free community college and marchen said it best this week that we can't afford the existing programs as they stand. medicare, medicaid, and social security are going insolvent. we will go bankrupt within the next five years according to the congressional budget office. and that you load it up with all of these other things, and it's going to collapse the program because the tax increases that they are proposing don't pay for
2:57 am
it. will hurt the economy. and what is going to pay for it is sell more bonds. to the chinese. and that's more debt. todd: a lot of negativity surrounding the democrat party. i'm not so sure republicans should be spiking the football just yet. aoc seems rather pleased with the president. listen. >> president biden has been a good faith partner to the entire democratic party. he is, in fact, a moderate and we disagree on certain issues. but, he reaches out and he actually tries to understand our perspective. todd: congressman, what the republicans need to do now while looking ahead to what needs to be done over the course of the next year gearing up for the midterms? >> well, we have to make the case that i was just talking about that this massive amount of debt is actually going to hurt the programs as they exist
2:58 am
in the long run or actually really in the short run if you believe the stems that have just five years away from these programs going under water. because of this massive anchor that the progressives are putting on it make no mistake that the progressives are in the driver's seat here. that the moderates are in the passenger seat riding along as they drive us right off the fiscal cliff. and here's the thing. china ends up as the big winner. because their theory of victory isn't world war iii. their theory of victory is us going bankrupt and then not being able to afford to build the aircraft carriers and the planes and tanks and ships that we need to many do pete and maintain our role as a global leader. and i did not almost die for this country to be led by a world led by chinese commune
2:59 am
irs. that's not a future i want for my children or grand chirp. we have to make the case that that's the road they have us on as they are promising fro bees prom freewayys foreverybody? proximate result do you see that happening? >> border patrol are apparently going to be terminated over vaccine mandates. they are going to be overwhelmed very quickly. my question is how bad does this administration let it get? the worst thing sufficient bad policy coupled with stubbornness. that's exactly what we are seeing on the border. they trophy work with mexico to secure their southern border and to reverse course and go back to
3:00 am
the remain in mexico policy because those were trump's policies. but that same type of stubbornness with bad policy i fear is going to apply to counter-terrorism in places like afghanistan and how bad do they let it get? jillian: congressman. we are out of time. thank you for joining us and thank you for your service have a good day. >> thanks so much. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> disagreements among democrats put president biden's agenda in jeopardy. >> why should would he be surprised he couldn't stand up to the taliban. how could we expect him to stand up to aoc. >> we k. could gather for christmas or too soon to tell. >> too soon to tell this man isn't going to say interesting the border but our christmas celebrations with our families? no one trusts him anymore. >> hiker says he spotted brian laundrie on the appalachian trail. >> called me and told me that she loves me. i have got to get to california to see her. >> basic own research says not just instagram.


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