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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 3, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am america levin. this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great guests, . >> gordon chang.
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also stuart varney of varney and company, talk about what biden and company are doing to the economy and this budget. but before that, i keep hearing nancy pelosi and others say, if we do not vote to raise the debt ceiling, then what will happen is the full faith and credit of u.s. will be destroyed. because we will default on our debt. i want to walk you through this these are more scare tactics, this is what they do. let's unravel it. we're not going to default. here is why. whether the government shuts down or goes on, you keep paying your taxes. the treasury keeps collecting your taxes. to the tune of approximately
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320 billion a month. so i looked, what part of that goes toward debt service. approximately 44 billion. wait a minute if federal government is receiving all forms of income taxes and user fees, 320 billion a month, and 44 billion is debt service, how would we default? we won't. that is the point. then, if we don't raise the debt ceiling, they say, then we're not paying for all of the expenses that took place in the prior administration. that is another bald face lie. that money is already gone. to raise the debt ceiling we're talking about forward spending. additional programs. that is what we're talking about. they want to raise the debt ceiling to pay for their massive reengineering of society, redistribution of
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wealth and imposition of their socialist agenda. that is what they are talking about. it is a fact. and every single house democrat just voted to do that. those of you who live in these district that are marginal or slightly republican, and you have a democrat who claims when they go home they are moderates, they don't, they just voted to blow the lid off of the debt ceiling until december 22, 2022. they want to do it to get through midterm election, so they don't have to vote on it again. that is what phony moderates in the house are about. and what do i think they will do? in the end, i could be wrong. i think with democrat and biden will push most of what they want their agenda in this bill and just slice the cost. slash it. but these people ponzi schemers, they don't care
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about debt and the rest. they will lower to 2.2 trillion, keep vast majority of redistribution of wealth, and massive expansion of welfare state in there. they will say, okay, they are paid for. now, if all of this is paid for like nancy pelosi says, there is no cost like jobe joseph r. biden says, then why have debate about debt sealing it paid for. some additional points to make. there is a requirement that if we get to the net, 320 billion a month, minus 44 billion for debt service, there a priority in which the money has to be spent. that includes social security, medicare, the v.a., federal pensions among other things, those will be paid no matter.
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what they are first in line after the debt service. the reason you have to pay debt service first 14 amendment compelling it says: >> those come first. then the entitlement program, the rest. congress and president have to work out priorities. they have to live within the budget. they can't borrow any more. they are telling us that economy will collapse, we'll default on our debt, we'll not, that people will not get paid social security, they will. and they are trying to scare the hell out of you, this is what they do, they play chicken to massivly expand
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the budget. nancy pelosi said and james cliburn, said and others have said, if the republicans don't raise the debt limit, then the president of united states can under 14 amendment. couple things, i already said there is no reason to raise the debt limit to pay the debt service. one has nothing to with the other, they confound it and they confound you when they say that they really want is for a president one of theirs to lift the cap al together. think about this. if the president of the united states has the power himself to raise the debt limit high has the power to make -- he has power to make sure, under that theory, that debt is paid, not the
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debt service but the debt. so he could raise taxes, borrow money, he could do whatever he wants, that is what nancy pelosi said they will threaten if they don't get their way, think about how totalitarian this mind set is. 14 amendment says. public debt of the united states authorized by law, including debts incurred for payments of pensions and -- shall not be questioned. okay. it won't be questioned. 44 billion a month, and democrat and mouth pieces of america say that debt, not debt service. if biden or pelosi or any of them try that, they would be clearly violating the constitution of the united states why? because the pore function evercore -- core function of congress is financial. you are smart people. this is not nbc or abc or
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cbs or cnn or -- this is fox, we have short people in audience, congress shall have power to lay andic to pay debts and provide for common defense and general welfare of u.s., congress, nothing about the president. second clause: >> president does not have the power. this is the same democrat party same congress that was suing donald trump left and right to prevent him from moving funds from one account to the other, and court said he had constitutional authority. but when they are in power, they don't want any limits. i just want to make this clear as i could. again, recap. we get 320 billion a year in to federal treasury, 44 billion toward debt service, this ises on to do with the debt, they want that
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increase debt ceiling to notion, that -- to nothing, that is what house just voted to do. republican have said no we're not participating good for them. what do i think will happen? i think that democrats will draw down the budget, i could be wrong to less than 3.5 trillion. to something like 2.5 but keep the stuff in there. so they can get a leg in the door on those things if they can, so-called moderates can say, we cut a trillion. keep an eye out for, that i hope i am wrong, nancy pelosi said the other day this is for children and women. i have no idea what she is talking about. if for the children we're bankrupting the children, our children, grandchildren, generations yet born, we're spending wealth not yet created. why? there is no need. 50/50 senate, they
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have no mandate for this, we'll turn country around for generations to come. a disaster. can you imagine adding sev -- more. they put every radical idea they could think of. critical race theory or degrowth climate change movement or an attack on capitalist system, on and on, they put everything they could think of into this omnibus bill, 2500 pages, 2500 pages of like this. like this and we should fight this tooth and nail, not just financial reasons but every other reason. among other things there are billions in this bill are in radical left community activist groups. what are they going to do with that money? what do you think?
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they will build an army of electoral volunteers, every election they will be there and ability, thanks you to subsidizing them to affect the outcome of an election. i told you before, dem kratd democrat party is very diabolical. is does not embrace americanism. it is american marxism. a very diabolical party and a lie. how are we supposed to know what is in 2500 page bill. we don't get to participate or get into the capitol building. we can't get into the specifics, other than tell them kill the whole bill, that is not representative government that is behind closed-doors smoke filled
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room, in this case probably marijuana, they are trying to force their will on american people in fundamental ways. >> this bill has to be killed. whether they bring it up next week or week after. in whatever form it is, when we come back. gordon chang and stewart one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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mark: welcome back america we have one of great expert on communist china, gordon chang, latest great book. great u.s.-china tech war. welcome i have a question for you right out of staff. joint chiefs of staff had a phone call with chinese military. among other things according to reports, milley told this general, communist general. in one way or another that united states, we're in a stable situation, you don't have to be concerned about us launching a war. something to effect that, of course, if something like that were to occur i would
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give you a heads up. let me ask you, what would the communist china make of such a call from the head of joint chiefs staffs in u.s. >> i think that chinese military and political leadership thought that united states was in disarray and terminal decline that would have made chinese, i think it will make them more aggressive, more belligerent, they think that u.s. will not be able to oppose them. i know some people actually say that general chong thought milley was threatening to attack china. you know, we just don't know how the chinese reacted. but whatever it was the case, i'm sure that this did not work to the benefit of the united states because it either made chinese more aggressive one way or the other. mark: i'm perplexed by this. . i think back in history. we don't know every call ever made.
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but i can not imagine under period reagan he would haded of joint chiefs call soviet union at some point or on his own without talking to commander in chiefs, and tell them, united states is stable, don't worry, we're not planning to attack you, if we do i'll give you a heads up. i just think what general milley did was a disgrace, there is no justification for any of it. since there -- no indication that president trump was prepared to go to war with anyone. >> he was the least war-like president in decades, there are no objective indication this china they would they would be attacked. there were no unusual of chinese forces, and there was nothing in chinese propaganda that signaled they fell there was a warlike with united states,
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when general lee heard that from join al-milhy, i am sure -- general milley, i am sure general lee thought that the devil is going on. i think this the chinese are thinking there must be an american spy in china. if milley thinks that we think we're about to be attacked. mark: you are suggesting it could have credited instability. would general lee go up the chain to xi . >> absolutely, in china's structure. xi jinping is head of chinese military. and military is very tightly controlled in china because the communist party civilians are worried about
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the military because there have been a number of attempted coops. certainly xi jinping knew about this immediately. mark: yet president trump did not. because general milley did not go to president trump to let him know about the conversation he initiated twice with head of communist military. this is appalling to me, head of communist party in china would have known. that commander in chief of u.s. did not know. does that bother you. >> it bothers me, this is this is breaking the chain of command. this is a military office usurping the administration, this is a serious matter. >> general milley said i told secretary of defense esper. acting secretary of defense miller, i guess his name was, he was there about 3 days, i don't think that is that when you make a
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comment. i looked at statutory powers of the head of joint chiefs. of course, he reports really to two people. the secretary of defense and the commander in chief. there was nothing that prevented him from informing the commander in chief about what hee was doing. he said the other day, he believes in free speech. freedom of the press. so he goes to hostile reporters who are writing hate trumpre books to talk to them. comes to two crucially important calls to communist chinese regime in china, they are our number one enemy, he does not feel necessary to tellre that to president of united states, i'm not buying any of this. >> i'm not either. we front a number of people that they didd not believe that milley talked to the secretary of t state.
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all truthfulness of the chief military officer in the u.s. and it also goes to usurping the chain of command. president trump should have known about this immediately, he should have known about it before hand given sensitivity of chalking to china, i believe milley should not longer be head of join chief. >> probably is current president of u.s. is keeping him there, and democrat in congress, they complain about people left in afghanistan, they have no intention of removing milley, they are praising him to the hilt. when we come back, i want to ask, what do communist chinese take away from the way we withdrew from afghanistan. i'll be right back.
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after receiving a flu shot. people with weakened immune systems including those receiving therapies that suppress the immune system, may experience lower immune responses. vaccination may not protect everyone. side effects include pain, redness, and/or swelling where you got the shot, muscle ache, headache, and general discomfort. other side effects may occur. all flu shots are not the same. i raised my game with fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. ask your doctor or pharmacist for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. >> welcome to fox news live. >> president biden will be going to michigan tuesday to rally support for his infrastructure and social spending packages, the president met with congressional leaders last week and then spent weekend home in delaware. democrat now seem to be in agreement, the spending package will worst between 1.5 to 3.5 trillion.
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>> no one has yet claimed responsibility for a bomb blast that killed at least 5 people at a mosque in kabul. islamic state extremists are suspected. victims are identified as civilians, this is first major attack in afghan capital since 13 american soldiers were killed during the u.s. withdraw in august. now back to "life, liberty and levin." ." levin. mark: ♪ ♪ welcome back, gordon chang, we have established it is overwhelmingly likely that xi, head of china, knew this the phone calls, and our commander in chief president trump did not. purposely. so you have to assume milley knew that his counterpart would run it up the flag, yet he, perhaps secretaries
8:28 pm
of defense kept it from our president of united states if that is not undermining the chain of command, i don't know what is. if that is not a military individual going rogue. i don't know what. is my question is, given what has taken place in afghanistan, including leaving of american citizens in enemy territory and patriotic afghan allies, are being picked off, brutalized and murdered. given when took place, how is communist china digesting this. >> this the debacle in afghanistan reinforce notion the u.s. is finished as a great power, we see this from their propaganda. they said, mark you know u.s. could not deal with rag tag insurgents of taliban how could they hope to counter magnificent
8:29 pm
china. and -- they were telling taipei, 1 we invade, you will fall in a couple days and u.s. will not come to your rescue, we know that deterrents is breaking down when china's top two diplomat came to anchorage in middle of march, say we could not talk to china from a position of strength, they were chilling words. mark: they are doing to taiwan now. these overflights in to taiwanese airspace, direct threats to taiwan. they got away with that they did in hong kong, they see u.s. as a paper tiger now. >> they do, they actually use that phrase paper tiger, the images that are circulating around chinese media after the release of the huawei chief financial officer, president biden did that. this is just shows u.s. in an inferior position, this
8:30 pm
is really a dangerous moment. the chinese know, you know, they should not invade taiwan or they have not invade japan or something like that but i think they are starting to feel they can do this, and the u.s. will not react. i'm not saying that their perception is correct, i am saying that is what they think. what they think is important, that will compel to them act, they could act in ways that could trigger history's next great war. mark: this is very important. so what general milley said he was trying to avoid, they just created in way they left afghanistan. and their failure to stand up to communist china even when it comes to one of their spies, so, i think that biden administration foreign policy, which is really impossible to define other than appease ment and sell out that
8:31 pm
provocation that chinese may act on. >> yes, as donald rumsfeld said, weakness is provocative. the fall of afghanistan, we enforced in their minds the notion that the u.s. first of all is just feeble. but also incompetent. leave morgue than what -- 83 billion dollars worth of equipment and 400 americans maybe more. leaving our afghan allies there. leaving and not doing very much about our british and other nato allies. china looks at that, says that, well, the united states is finished. >> gordon chang we have frozen our defense budget. and communist china are goingful bore ahead with nuclear missiles and
8:32 pm
conventional weaponry. with a navy, with submarines. and pushing on all fronts looks like xi is doing a imitation of mao. and opposing his will on every day life, the people there, this is a very, very risky period for the reasons you said we have a president in my view, incapable of being command every in chief and u.s. know that. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. ♪ upbeat, catchy music ♪ >> tech vo: this couple counts on their suv... as they travel for their small business. so when they got a chip in their windshield... they brought it to safelite... for a same-day in-shop repair. we repaired the chip right away. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them.
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the democrats, they are working on it. they wanted to vote on what is the most massive spending social engineering, welfare expansion bill in history. what kind of impact will that have the society. >> in my opinion, disastrous in many respects i do want money, economics that is my field. let me address that. you go out there you spend 5 trillion on the social program. you really change the culture. and you really change the economy. can you imagine we have never done this before. can you imagine throwing out there all these trillions, printed by federal reserve. more trillions, borrows and spent by congress, now maybe another 5 trillion coming from congress. just to create a socialist
8:38 pm
economy. i have lived in a socialist economy. i don't like it. it is frankly awful. let me address the economics, when you spend all this money and you tax so highly, you depress the economy, and you depress the dine vitality of the economy. i lived in britain, in 1970s it was awful. back then, the british government owned and ran the coal mines, many of the car companies, the airlines, the trains, and water production, they owned it called owning the means of production that was 1970 britain, they controlled wage levels you were allowed to be paid, you depressed any entrepreneurial activity. you ended up with inflation. because the government does not produce stuff
8:39 pm
efficiently and productivity goes down. point number one, economically, the result of this massive program, if they actually get it in place, i think it is an economic disaster. i would like to address the cultural side. feeling like to be in a socialist economy this is bloody awful. it is awful. no scope. if you feel your dynamic, upwardly mobile, you think you have brain, talent and drive. well, britain was a class society back in those days. you knew that there was a a -- ceiling to break above, also culture of something for nothing, that is some socialism is, it depressed your spirit. to put it like this, it is appallingly dull. you have no idea how dull it is to live in a society which thoroughly controlled by the government. it is awful. i would suggest, that if we get this 5 trillion dollar
8:40 pm
deal, it is awful economically, and depressing culturally. mark: beautifully put. i notice as i go -- through this it will change people's individual lives in ways they cannot imagine. an dark on private property rights -- an attack on private property rights and mobility, and individual ism and red tape. fundamentally alters u.s. of america. our constitutional construct. it is a war on capitalism, everything that is made this country strong, principles on which the country are founded will be thrown away. in one big omnibus bill. did you think you could have a 50/50 senate, a 3 or 4
8:41 pm
majority vote. >> alter a constitutional republic 1234. 1234. >> no. >> i would be astonished. two years ago. i would be astonished to look to the present and see how far we have gone down this socialist road. it is amazing, i would like to know where it came from. i think it came from success of progressives in getting elected in 2020, they are now a group within the house, within the house. the slim majority are in nancy pelosi in the house, speaker nancy pelosi needs their votes to do anything, so they call the shots, and our universities are essentially turning out activists, left ist activists, that is how they have' upset
8:42 pm
educational culture. i would be -- i am amazed that is what is happening, i first came to america, now 1970s, it was not a great place to be, jimmy carter was the president. president nixon -- it was a controlled economy. but please, ronald reagan sit us free, just like margaret thatcher in britain, ronald reagan in the united states, we have a glorious economy, i adored it, to go from there to now, i find astonishing, i shocked and surprised, i think you are too. mark: i am different disgustd by it. >> i am too. >> joe biden is a one man wrecking ball. you look at border and im break, we don't have
8:43 pm
immigration. it is a lawless border. >> can i interrupt. i know your show, but i have to break in. i first came to the united states, this is 1970s, we all knew that if you over stayed our visa, you were in deep trouble. we all knew that if you were here illegally, does not have a political leg to stand on. now you have all of the support that government can give you, and democrats urging you to ocome in, this is a deliberate open border policy, we don't have a constitutional republic if we don't have some control of the border and who comes in. that is the way it is, i am shocked we've come to this i use that word a lot. but i am truly shocked. at what we've come to in a short period of time. >> are right on. to massively, expand
8:44 pm
welfare state then over the border to illegal immigrants that is a recipe for complete disaster. yes. >> people now, they are coming in. for the benefits, american citizens will not be able to afford benefits for themselves. we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back, stuart varney, let me ask you something out of your known area. among other things in this budget, and biden with his executive order, we have social issues rammed down throats of american people, among them critical race theory, what is your thought. >> i have a in my family my immediate family, 3 have three races, two religions. we have 7 ethnic nationalities, i won't go through themm all, that a multiracial family. it a very american family, actually, there is nothing that drives me up the wall
8:49 pm
more than critical race theory and this equity movement. is divisive. how am i to have my grandchildren. i have a young black grand child with 4 white sisters, how am i supposed to encourage him e to go to school, stand up and complain about his sister who are privileges, how divisive can you get. this equity thing, the way i read it is african-american need more equity in everything. whether it is job or money or housing or covid or whatever it is. that too is divisive. that is picking this group against this group. i think it is un-american. it basing so many things on the colorf of your skin and ethnic background, i don't think that is the way that constitution is written, but that is the way we're going. mark: i wrote a book on
8:50 pm
this, "american marxism,"o you have to haval ought times, -- at all-times is forces fighting each other, that is the way that is the construct. you have people, out of the closest y marxists, they hate the economic system, they hate their country, they look for ways whether it climate change, a degrowth movement or immigration or race. critical race theory. americans have to be at each other's throats. let me ask you, if we're not fighting with each other, if we're not attacking the country, if we're not demeaning this society. then what purpose does the far leftdo and democrat party have? they exploit these things, that is what they do, if we're happy, if we're productive, if we're unified and get a long, there is no need for a 5 trillion dollar budget. >> the socialists are never
8:51 pm
happy, you have seen bernie sanders laugh or smile. maybe he will laugh at someone else. but the man has no humor. he is angry. the socialists are jealous, you have got it, i don't. i am taking it. that is the nature of socialism, they are angry all of the time. it such a negative movement. isn't it. you know, it would be nice if we could just get together and go forward. dynamically, profitably, officially. american -- the march we would all benefit. but once we're divided, unhappy and jealous and fighting, this is the opposite that sends us backwards. it a terrible thing, mark. i keep using that word
8:52 pm
tonight, but i am so insensed what is happening to my adopted country, i have the choice to live here, i made the choice to become an american citizen, i wanted to be part of a society that was going forward, dynamically, i loved it i still love it i am dammed if i'm doing to see is handed over to a bunch of jealous angry socialists, that might be my last word. mark: well not here, i hope not, thank you so much, first your show is excellent, varny and company, nice to -- varney and company, nice to meet you, i wish you and your family the best. >> thank you very much for having me, mark, i really enjoyed it. mark: we'll be right back.
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[♪♪♪] mark: welcome back, america.
8:58 pm
what stewart varney is talking about is this. "american marxism." i think 1.1 million copies of this book have been sold. people wants to inform themselvs about it. they want to w parade the word. they don't want to lose this country. we have been talking in the abstract about different theories. but i want you to look at your children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. where are we driving this country? into racial strive? open borders? more strive? basic economic conditions? no society can have a massive welfare state and open border. political decisions that are very, very destructive. democrats want to spend in a way
8:59 pm
that will destroy the currency. what kind of a generation are we? whype would parent and grandparents do this to their own flesh and blood? do they think it's not going to happen to them. somehow the laws of economics don't exist? so when politicians tell you like bind and pelosi, they are going to send $5.5 trillion, and there is no cost, is that believable? are these responsible people? why would you allow your children and grandchildren to be destroyed. or because of sanders and markey and all the rest. they will be long gone. when your children and grandchildren havehe to struggle with the debt and what it's done to our constitutional system, undermining unalienable rights.
9:00 pm
no generation should do this to future generations. the last generation didn't do it to us and we need to stand up for our children and grandchildren and defeat what's being proposed. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty & levin."." levin". >> good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution" this is the positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. the man who is our racist president viciously insulted by calling him his boy, biden seniors advisor. >> what is the philosophy of the president? >> we will consult with congress.


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