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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  October 3, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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sunday. saints relocated to texas while the city recovered, played their first, quote, home game in jacksonville. eric. eric: well, you like to report that news, but you don't like to the report the result. >> who dat, that's all i have to say. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm lisa boothe along with jackie deangelis, sean duffy and tyrus. welcome to "big sunday show." here's what's on tonight. tyrus. >> what it is. the marine officer was the only member of our military held accountable for the botched afghanistan exit is still in the brig. now he has 2 million reasons to have some hope of getting out. >> jackie. >> well, the showdown looms on capitol hill. tonight senator sanders says he
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thinks a $6 trillion package was too little as the white house doubles down on the claim that the it doesn't cost anything. >> and sean. >> saturday night live kicks off its new season, fighting for kids' education. is that really a halving matter? >> it's not -- a laughing matter? >> it's not. but first if, the largest health system in louisiana will start charging workers hundreds of dollars per month if they are married to an unvaccinated people, the the chief executive releasing a statement saying this: this is not a mandate, it is not an employee/spouse or domestic partners can choose to select a plan outside of asher health offering. and and also tomorrow, newark city, enforcement of the -- new york city enforcement of the teacher vaccinations begins. some 15,000 employees including about 5,500 teachers refused to
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get vaccinated by friday, and one public schoolteacher who already had covid decided not to get the vaccine, and she told "fox & friends" this morning she thinks kids will be the ones most affected by all these man at this points. listen. >> -- mandates. >> they did not give us enough time to figure out what we could do if we decided not go along with this mandate. and they allowed us in our classroom for a month, you know, three weeks making connections with our students. i just don't understand why i could go in for three weeks, and now i'm a, you know, a public health threat. >> okay, team. jackie, i want to start with you on this, we just heard that teacher, we're also seeing staff shortages in hospitals around this country can. how bad is this going to get for industries across america in. >> it could get pretty ugly if these mandates continue to be enforced, lisa, and this is a huge problem. when it comes to the covid pandemic, we're 18 months out of this. we've got a vaccine in place,
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we've got remedies. you can't penalize people or because of their spouses in the case you just mentioned, you can't tell teachers they have to get vaccines, students they have to get them. i personally am vaccinated. i did follow the science. but i didn't do it necessarily for the community even though there's a benefit there, right? i got these vaccines so i would know my risks would be reduced as a result of it. people have to make that choice on their own. you can't penalize them, you can't pay them as they're trying to do here in new york city. you have to let people out in the world, let them function and make that choice on their own. but with respect to the employment situation, it's going to get a lot worse. we already have 10 million jobs we can't fill in this country. >> and respect to this teacher. she could make the argument, look, i had covid, so i'm also immune here. sean is trying to be the grinch that steals christmas. let's take a listen to this, and i'm going to come to you on the other side. >> we can gather for christmas
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or it's just too soon to tell? >> it's just too soon to tell the. we've got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're to going to do at a particular time. >> yeah. so, sean, be afraid of your family, you know, don't gather for christmas. this is also coming on the heels of what we just talk about with ashner health punishing doctors and nurses who are married to people unvaccinated. there's this pressure to punish people who have chosen not to get vaccinated in this country. where does this all lead? >> first off, in regard to dr. fauci, this man isn't saying anything about the southern is border, but he's going to say something about our christmas celebrations with our families? no one trusts him anymore. this is an assault on how freedom and the privacy of our health records. your employer's not asking whether you or your family have cancer or heart disease or any other disease. now they're going to ask us whether we have the covid shot?
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i mean, and the fact you're going to go after someone's wife or husband who has -- and you have no relationship with the hospital itself is absolutely outrageous. i think a lot of viewers at home go, well, why is this happening? what's going on many? well, if you look at health systems across the country, who is their biggest client99? their biggest client is the federal government in payments through medicare and medicaid, and they want to be the do-gooders that says, see, federal government? keep that cash flowing to us. we're doing exactly what you and dr. fauci want us to do. >> that's a great point. you know, tyrus, joe rogan has taken a lot of heat on some of the things he's said. recently we had cnn employees jim acosta and molly john bass attack him. listen to this. >> he could write off and say, oh, this is just some guy with a podcast, what's the big deal, he's a comedian. it's dangerous, it's so dangerous. >> joe rogan is not some guy.
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he has millions and millions of rabid fans who listen to everything he says. >> you know, tyrus, why is there -- this is this intense effort, why is there this earth to shed -- effort to shut down any critical or independent thinking when it comes to covid? >> first of all, very good. you said anchor, caught yourself and said employee -- [laughter] nicely done. >> i do try, you know? >> i will not let that go un-high-fived if we were in studio. [laughter] but this has nothing to do with anything other than jim acosta attached his boat to the trump train. so he could get all the attention in the world and get a book. can't do that anymore. so who's next? the incredible joe rogan who, by the way, with his real drama is he hasn't had me on the show yet, but i'm not even tripping. row began has been all about -- rogan has been about personal choice from day one if you bother to listen to anything the brother said. who can we go after to get the
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most attention. we are talking about this story not because of his great journalistic stuff he brought up, because he said the magic word, joe rogan, so he got attention for it. that is what this is all about. i've literally been since i've been vaccinated by my choice, i've been to a yankees game -- don't the ask me why, don't want to get into it -- a whole week of soldout audiences, i know there's sharks in the water. i wash my hands, i take precautions, but i've also avoided the cold, so i'm running the gauntlet right now. that's what it is, that's what america should be. all these little things going after teachers and kids is nothing but trying to keep everybody locked down for one reason. mark my words, they will come up with another one right in november, right around midterms for a lockdown for mail-in voting because they have figured out they accuse republicans of jerry handerring and making districts change, they realize their best shot of staying in
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office is having a lockdown and mail-in ballots. period, point black, it's not a fact the, as bill maher would say, i know it's true. >> i totally agree with you. there's going to be some new variant right before the midterms, absolutely. sean, it sort of blows the mind when you see public health officials not follow the science. listen to this comment from dr. fauci praising governor gavin newsom's k-12 mandate. >> i'm not going to be recommending things to other states, i'll let the leaders of those state, but i think what the governor did in california was something that was sound judgment. >> yeah. you know, sean, first of all, it's not even approve for under 12, right in and then secondly, we look at the data, and it's just statistically not a threat to children 15-18, so why is dr. fauci ignoring the science? >> well, listen, i think he's a politician more so than a scientist, and he wants to see everyone get vaccinated, and he'll use his power and control
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to make sure that happens. the truth is more kids are dying from being shot by guns than covid. listen, covid is serious. i know people who have died from covid. but our kids are not the highest risk level to die from this disease or really get sick or have to go to the hospital from this disease. and to say that this is great in california that all these kids, the employee lowest -- lowest risk group is going to get vaccinated is insanity. they're going after us at our jobs, in our schools, in new york if you want to participate in society, go to a restaurant, go to a shop, you have to get vaccinated, and now they're going after our families with hospitals raising our premiums for health insurance. they won't stop this they get everybody vaccinated, and when everyone's vaccinated, it still won't over because people are still getting sick with covid even though they've been vaccinated. this will never end. the control will never stop. and the control lets them cheat with mail-in balloting. that's what they want, they want
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to cheat. >> you're right, vaccine mandates make no sense because both vaccinated and unvaccinated spread it. and there's such a disparity between the numbers for the young and the old. great panel, great discussion. next, an update on the marine jailed for speaking out against biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal. well, he may have 2 million reasons to be hopeful he'll get out of the brig soon. stay with us. muck i've got the eye of a tiger -- ♪ fighter, dancing through the fire -- ♪ 'cuz i am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar ♪♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. >> welcome back to "the big sunday" $2 million raised so far for marine lieutenant colonel stuart sheller who posted a video on social media slamming the botched afghanistan withdrawal. take a listen. >> a tank commander has the simplest complaint if, boom, fired. but we have a secretary of defense that testified in congress in may that the afghan
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national security force could withstand the taliban advance. we have a chairman of the joint chiefs who has come out and spoke to military policy, we have a marine combatant commander, all of these people are suppose anded to advise, and i'm not saying we've got to be in afghanistan forever, but i am saying that any of you throw your rank on table and say, hey, it's bad idea to evacuate bagram airfield before we evacuate everyone? >> you know, the money raised by the foundation will go toward possible loss of military benefits and retiring legal costs on top of other expenses. his parents have gone public to talk about their son. >> our son, we're very proud of our son. our son is a hero. he fought for this country for 17 years. they left hundreds of americans in afghanistan where they're leaving our son tonight in prison, and that's not okay with
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us. and i challenge the american people, is that okay with you? >> we want stuart scheeer released. we would like him to have his hard-earned pension reinstate, his medical benefits that he is going to need after the deployments he has endured. but if they won't do that, at least release him and let him out of the ma enradios. -- marines. >> it's heartbreaking to hear that x. a letter from gop lawmakers to the marine commander, this confinement appears to be simply for messaging, retribution and convenience. given his excellent record and more than 15 years of dedicated service, we do not believe and have not seen any evidence that the lieutenant colonel poses a great risk of criminal misconduct. you know, it just -- you try to, you try to put your head around
2:17 pm
this, and it just doesn't make sense. you're attacking, i get it, insubordination, but wouldn't that be just a talking to? why do you think, and i'm going to go to you first on this, sean, why do you think it's so important to quiet anyone who questions this administration? >> because you can't have dissent, tyrus, right? i'm going to read you a quote from the marines. the marine official said they consider scheller a flight risk and believe china may intend to use his comments as propaganda. remember back earlier this year in alaska when blinken met with the chinese and the chinese were using biden and democrat comments as propaganda to call americans racist? they know all too well about propaganda. and this story, what really frustrates me is this is someone who stood up and said if i put my rank on the table, i'm going to inspire other people to step in and it their rank on the table and all out this botched
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withdrawal from afghanistan. no other officers stood up, and that's the problem in america. we all look at brave people who will stand up and is risk everything to push back on these politics, but if we don't stand with them, if we don't join the fight, join the cause, we are going to lose to the woke leftists. more people have to get in the fight, and it's shameful that more military min -- men and women didn't join his call. someone else should be in jail, not me. >> all right. let me play you some new sound from scheller. roll that. >> i was the only officer in the entire american coalition fired in the debacle of the afghanistan pullout. i acknowledge that i should have been fired. however, the hypocrisy of the general officers who are not being held to the same standard is a microcosm of the entire problem that is going to bring
2:19 pm
down the great institutions of this republic that we love. >> jackie, you can see one side of it, you know, he shouldn't speak out of rank. but in terms of messaging, do you really have a problem with what he's saying? >> oh, absolutely not. what i have a problem with is the fact that he's the only one getting fired. look at the administration in this botched withdrawal. why doesn't anthony blinken have any responsibility here? he should lose his job. what about kamala harris? she was the last person in the room when the decisions were made. and what about the president being accountable for what happened? leaving americans on the ground, abandoning afghan partners who helped us while we were there. this is really a problem back to what sean is saying, this is the administration to a certain degree turning us into the ccp if, turning us into russia, controlling the messaging and basically showing people you will be punished if you speak out. what i'm really proud to see here is andy gallagher, he went
2:20 pm
through a whole trial himself, he knows how much money it costs, so 27,000 donors, other vets from this country, other countries as well have stepped up to say we're going to help here. we're going to make sure you have enough money for your legal defense, for the pension that you're walking away from. this is really sad, and we have to fight for our freedom of speech in this country, and he's doing that. >> you know, and i, i saved you for last, lisa -- [laughter] because i know it's coming, it's coming. can you believe they said with a straight face they were concerned cha he would flee -- that he would flee to china and they would use his statements as propaganda as if they don't have cnn in china? i give it to you. >> yeah. he did the one thing you can't do which is speak up against the regime. go through the things you're allowed to do. you're allowed to get 13 service members killed due to your incompetency, that's okay. you're allowed to drone an entire family including seven children, lie about it. that's okay. you're mark milley, you're allowed to attempt a coup,
2:21 pm
that's okay, but you can't speak out against the regime. jackie's right, real communism is taking hold in america. we've seen it throughout the past couple of years with covid. it's destroying small businesses and companies that are more decentralized by with empowering the centralized which are these big corporations. it's paying people to stay home and becoming beholden to the government. it's the vaccine mandates, the driving independent thinkers, critical thinkers out of the military and out of the work force. and what all of it does is to beat people into submission and to destroy those who dare not submit. and that is lieutenant colonel scheller. and that is why it is so important to fight back, and thankfully people are donating and members of congress are stepping up as well because this is a fight not just for him, but for all of us. >> again, i'm not an expert on the field of talking, but i've got a feeling the brother might have a job waiting for him when he gets done with all this. talking about speaking your mind and loving this country.
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but, you know, still ahead, biden's spending spree may have a multitrillion dollar price tag, but the white house says it won't cost us a thing. seriously? ♪ there ain't no good guys, there ain't no bad guys -- ♪ there's only you and me, and we just disagree. ♪ to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. your dell technologies advisor is here to help. so you can stop at nothing for your customers.
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>> welcome back to "the big sunday" the showdown over biden's spending spree looms tonight over capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi now putting a halloween deadline in mace to make the vote -- in place to make the vote happen, and tonight the white house is doubling down on its claim that the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package will cost absolutely nothing. >> this piece of legislation costs zero. we're going to pay for it all by
2:27 pm
raising taxes on the very wealthy and big corporations. >> i've got to stop you there. it doesn't cost zero. whether it's 3.5 trillion or 2 trillion, or 1.5 trillion, whatever, it costs that amount of money. now, you can pay for it either by borrowing it or by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy, but it doesn't cost 0. finish. >> at the end of the day, it will cost 0 because we're going to pay for it. >> all right. and bernie sanders says his original idea of $6 trillion, that's still not enough money. >> what the president has said is that there's going to to havo be some give and take, and i think that that's right. i think if anything, jonathan, when we especially talk about the crisis of climate change and the need to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, the $6 trillion that i originally proposed was probably too little. 3.5 trillion should be a minimum, but i accept that there's going to have to be give
2:28 pm
and take. >> all right, sean, i want to start with you, and kudos to chris wallace for calling out cedric are richmond on how he's doing the a math here, knocke it doesn't cost zero, it costs something. you're saying you want to tax people to get money, but by the way, if there's a huge balloon in this bill and it's a larger number, you're also going to have to boar be row. the part you didn't see there was where he talked about the tax cuts, essentially saying they weren't paid for. well, they were stimulative, they paid for themselves. how do these people get on tv and speak like this? >> you have $28 trillion in debt today the, another 8 trillion on the horizon. anyone want to go buy gold? [laughter] i'm concerned about the u.s. dollar, right? but to your point, jackie, the trump tax cuts original nateed -- originated in the house x we saw more people were working s and they paid more taxes in to the federal coffers. so revenues under that tax bill
2:29 pm
went up, not down. and what democrats are saying is here is we can raise taxes and and nothing's going to happen, people's behavior won't change. well, of course it'll change. you'll see companies and jobs move overseas where they can pay lower taxes. and when you lose those jobs and companies, that's not revenue that comes into the federal coffers. even though you raise taxes, you get less money. by the way, we're going to have massive new entitlements in this 3.5 or 5.5 trillion, but also this green new deal spending, you're going to have regulation, but you're going to have a whole bunch of fraud. remember solyndra, the company that was going to make the solar panels? it was political wrangling through government to companies who can't make it in the marketplace. >> they're going to destroy our big energy companies like exxon and chevron, tell them that they have to produce if more, and they're never going to be able to get that solar panel technology, all of that up and running. all we have to do is think about what happened in texas, by the
2:30 pm
way, when it froze over because its wind mills didn't work. lisa, i want to get to you on what bernie sanders had to say. there was one piece of it that i actually thought he was reasonable about. he said give and take. he knows that concessions are going to have to be made. >> see, that's the problem if you've been around for a big, for a long time. i think that's the problem with all of this. we have too many leaders in office who have been in government for way too long and are so disconnected from reality, and that's how we get this gaslighting that is taking hold now. oh, this doesn't cost anything, don't worry about it. democrats are that person with 20 different credit cards that are all maxed out, put 200 on this, 500 on this, 300 on this. joe biden has been this placal office, in government for almost 50 years. nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, chuck schumer, all of them almost 40 years. senator schumer is very similar in that regard. you have all of these people who have not existed in the real
2:31 pm
world, not existed in any sort of competitive environment or any sort of real scenario. they're so disconnected from the reality as being such a product of washington, d.c. and i think's why president trump was so effective. he really was that outsider, that ceo-business approach and was able to look at problems the in an entirely new and fresh way, and i support term limit as a result of all of this. >> yeah, no, that's a great point. tyrus, as we start to look at some the things that are in this package, you talk about the free community college, for example, for illegal immigrants. you are a taxpayer, so am i. do you want to pay for that? >> no, no. and i'm not going to because, luckily, it's -- there's two or three parties in the democrat party, there's socialist, then there's the progressives and the moderates and literally thank you for moderates. thank you for being the adult in the room. and they know that they're not going to get this a passed, and it has give and take, please are. if it was give and take, they
2:32 pm
would have passed the one that was a little high at 1.5 trillion. i mean, what's another billion here or there, for actual infrastructure in this party -- in this country, and what did our progressives and administration? no, we want this, we want that. they're not interested in any type of -- they want their way or no way. and the good news is that we have some adult in the room. november's coming so just -- moderates, hold on. [laughter] red meat is on the way. let's go, america. let's get our votes is and get these fantasy administration people out of the way. >> yeah. there's a lot of pressure and a lot of weight on the shoulders of senators manchin and sinema. we'll be watching this very closely. all right. meantime the, guys, live from new york, let's mock parents for fighting their kids education. next, snl pokes fun of school board meeting, but not everyone's laughing. ♪ ♪ come with me now ♪♪
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>> my name's greg gutfeld, i've ben here for 13 years. when i think of fox, i think of people just like me. i actually believe that they know me and i know them. with shows that i do, it starts with revulsion -- what are gladiator boots? [laughter] and number two, it's confusion, like, wait a minute, i almost agreed with that. [laughter] and then, number three, it's like allegiance. okay, i get it. [applause] also cannot stress enough the freedom i have. we are allowed to explore whatever we want and do the best we can. i would like to say to the audience, thank you for keeping
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be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. ♪♪ ♪ >> el us why you -- tell us why you had to hide away for so long ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." the season 47 premiere of "saturday night live" didn't hold back on mocking one of america's most divisive issues, the fight to keep critical race theory owl out of our classrooms. >> the name of robert e. lee middle school will be changed to robert e. lee was bad middle school. [laughter] >> forget covid? the real threat is critical race theory being taught this our schools. my question is, what is it? [laughter] and why am i mad about it?
2:39 pm
>> i teach earth science is at robert e. lee was bad middle school. [laughter] and, look, i know we're just trying to keep the students safe, but i've looked into it, and i can't find any proof that separating students by race is going to stop covid transmission. >> you know, tyrus, i don't find any humor in that, do you? >> i do. [laughter] i'm laughing all the way to the bank. thank you, "saturday night live," for doing woke comedy, because that just brings more people home to the greg gutfeld show. we were just doing saturday nights, we're whooping you all in the ratings, and now i'm going to have to worry about getting lazy because there is zero competition the. making fun of parents? yeah, that's how you get everyone running to the tv screen. nice job. and here's the cool part, it wasn't funny. be funny. but trying to be clever and impressing your audience of one
2:40 pm
or whatever woke writer is out there, really helps you in the rating department. just, you know, it's just unbelievable to he. but keep up the mediocre jokes. i'm loving it. i'm going to have another belt here. we don't pay for emmys because we don't need 'em. >> well played. the greg gutfeld show is a ton of fun, although i've never been invited. anyway, so, sean, we've seen something like 1.5 million students leave government-run schools. home schooling rates have tripled since pre-pandemic levels. are these trend lines temporary or permanent? >> listen, i think over the the pandemic we've seen the woke liberal garbage that's been taught to our kids. they haven't been educated, they've been indoctrinated, and i think a lot of parents want a different direction for their child. if i can't find a school that fits with my values, i'll do it at home. and it's a lot of sacrifice for parents to do that. but going back to "saturday night live," it is supposed to
2:41 pm
be funny, but this is nbc, right? and to think that they could make fun of joe biden and his mumbling and bumbling or whispering into the microphone or combing his hair legs or aoc going to the met wearing a dress that says tax the rich when she's with the richest people of new york city? probably the are richest people, you know, in america, for sure, a dress that would cost the same amount to fix abuela's roof down in puerto rico, it's insanity that they can't find -- i agree with tyrus, we're on the fast track to crushing it on fox because you have greg gutfeld and tyrus that are killing the competition because they're not woke. >> the corn pop does sell, he was talking about the chain, i watched it, like, a billion times. jackie, i want to play this sound from parents just speaking out about some of the things that are troubling them. >> you see, my parents lost
2:42 pm
their freedoms and had to escape from communist cuba. i became active fighting for our freedoms not just because i'm president of the largest republican women's club in virginia, but because i am a mother. i'm in this fight against the liberal indoctrination that the school board is trying to push on our children. >> and it's not completely the teachers' fault, and it's not completely these radical progressive school board policies. it's our fault. the constitution is clear. the virginia cold is clear. all of -- code is clear. all of the powers given to them are given to them by us. >> jackie, we heard that first person talk about having -- coming from cuba. we've seen a lot of parents speaking out who have come to america from communist countries, and they are ringing the warning bells to us letting us know, look, we're seeing a lot of parallels with this indoctrination in our schools to what they saw in the countries that they fled. shouldn't we listen? >> i mean, absolutely. and i think it was really in
2:43 pm
poor taste of nbc to air that sketch. there's nothing funny about it. to make fun of parents like the woman you just mentioned who was speaking is well informed and speaking from experience. it's really a shame and shows you how out of hand this all got. this could go back to the previous segment where we were talking about controlling the messaging, and that's essentially what nbc is taking on itself to do here and why it's so wrong. we've also talked about history repeating itself. we look back, we should learn from what's happened in our country, the rich history, and we should teach kids about it. we shouldn't tell 5-year-olds kids that they're bad because of their skin color. it's a serious problem. and you are going to see the exodus of these schools. it's not just because of covid and the pandemic. parents realize now they have some options and there's something they can do about it, and they're going to choose those options because they don't want to have their children programmed at school and then have to bring them home at night at the dinner table and try to
2:44 pm
deprogram them. that's a full-time job. >> yeah. and just to put a bow on it, snl is garbage, everyone watched gutfeld. gotcha, tyrus. still ahead, it's homecoming for tom brady, and they're blaming bill belichick for making him sick. we despate the conspiracy theory -- debate the conspiracy theory when "the big sunday show" continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built
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♪ we're coming home again. >> hey, everybody. welcome back to "the big sunday show." tonight tom brady will make his return to gillette stadium toll face the new england patriots for the first time sense ending -- since ending his 20-year career9 with the team. >> i'm excited to get up there and try to beat a really good football team. it's not about the quarterback, the fans, the home crowd or relationships of 20 years, it's about two good football teams going at it. and we've got to do a great job. it's going to be a huge test. last week was a huge test. we didn't quite beet it. this is another huge test.
2:49 pm
we've got to meet the challenge. >> you may have notice that he sounded sick there, and that made fans kind of speculate about what's responsible and who's responsible. one fan tweeted: belichick resorting to biological warfare? pretty cheap move on his part, mike. tyrus, i've got to come to you on this. we heard your into a ya cheer -- booyah here yesterday, but what do you think? is belichick responsible for putting something in tom brady's drink to potentially win? >> oh, tyrus. >> i feel like the middle child going, everybody just stop fighting! why can't can't we just love each other? 100% belichick did it. [laughter] he's our lovable cheater, and he only gets caught a couple times which means he usually gets away with it. listen, luckily for us, at least for tampa bay, this ain't a single contest. his arm is fine, so it's going to be a long night for new
2:50 pm
england fans and doesn't matter who did what or whatever. the g.o.a.t. is coming back to the farm, and everyone's going to be quietly happy to see him but with old mom belichick watching, we all gotta go, boo! love you, tom. it's like being a republican this in california. >> this is the arm may be fine, but is the throat, the sickness going to have an impact on tonight's game? >> no, not at all. he's got a cold. i had an opportunity to interview him. it was actually a highlight of my career. when we talked about his fitness, his nutrition, this guy is iron. that's why he won seven super bowls. this reminds me of that time in 1977 when michael jordan played with the flu and till came out on -- stale came out on top? that's because he was the best. >> jackie, i think you had little hearts over each of your eyes -- >> it's possible. [laughter] >> hearts across everywhere.
2:51 pm
i got hearts too. >> that's true. listen, that is true. so, lisa, do you -- i mean, he's coming into gillette stadium, i mean, huge career there in front of the fans. the pressure's going to be on. is that going to impact his performance tonight, or is he going to show up new england tonight? >> well, to jackie's point, interviewing tom brady would be the highlight of my career as well. he's hot. [laughter] i think it's very clear that tom brady is under attack, and it's bill belichick's to doing here. look, i rooted for the buccaneers because i like "gronk", i like tom grady. i don't like bill belichick. he seems like a bad guy, and i think it's really dumb how he cuts the sleeves of his sweatshirts but then wears a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. if you're cold, don't cut your sweatshirt. and i also think fox sports is about to sign me for that analysis. >> that was tremendous. >> yes. >> that was actually really
2:52 pm
good. >> thank you. >> i think women across the country are swooning for tom, but give me a readout, tyrus, is this going to be the highest watched football game thus far this season? >> the highest first half watch. this is going to be one of those 42 the-13 qualms. -- 42-13 games. so the first quarter, oh! then at one point they're going to be the like, tom, please stop. and, listen, you can wear cutoff sleeves with long sleeves when you win super bowls. and when you don't, you look weird. get it together. [laughter] bucs, 42 -- >> but if you cold, why cut the sleeves? is. >> nobody knows why. it's about super bowls. no one asked van gogh while he cut his ear off. well, he couldn't hear 'em anyway. [laughter] i don't want to talk about this anymore. >> all right, tyrus. we'll watch tonight. up next is the big four.
2:53 pm
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together into a narrative so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. ♪ >> welcome back. it's time now for the big four, our predictions for the four stories everyone will be talking about this week. well, i'm looking at housing prices. they are soaring, and that means that mortgage payments haven't been this unaffordable since the
2:57 pm
2008 financial crisis, and we all know what happened then. a couple of things that are happening here. number one, regular home buyers, first-time home buyers are going to to the sidelines or they're overextending themselves to pay these exorbitant prices. so you're seeing a little erosion of the american dream here. and you potentially are going to see a bubble. not to mention the real estate, commercial real estate market as well because of the pandemic, so much movement out of commercial real estate. we're going to see this as a huge theme and something really to watch. a lot of companies could be in trouble, sean. >> i don't know, jackie, that makes me really nest. but okay, mine is not that. i'm going to turn away from all the democrat in-fighting and turn back to the board as we have a massive new surge, numbers we haven't seen in our lifetimes coming to the american border to put their hand in the american cookie jar. i think the real issue is going to be when border state governors step in and try to enforce the border, there's going to be illegal conflict
2:58 pm
between those states and the federal government, and i think the politics are going to be interesting in that the governors want to secure the border, all the while the federal government does not. it's going to be interesting. so check that out. what's yours, lisa? >> yeah. i probably need to get a little more creative, but mine is joe biden heads home to delaware amid fill in the blank crisis, and the reason why i'm predicting this is this is what he does. we saw the taliban taking over afghanistan, and he was trying to go on vacation. that's what he does. tyrus. >> mine is, mine actually is a story that is 50 years in the making. [laughter] understand? 50 years it took to get to this point. to say happy birthday, sean. way to go, man, it's all about you. >> thank you. >> i think the big story this week is you don't look a day over 25. i mean, i literally can't tell a
2:59 pm
difference between now and that young man with the axe handle. if it wasn't for tom brady, you'd be stealing all the hearts, but it's all about you. he went from an axe handle to a phone handle. happy birthday, man. the big 5-0, the new 2-5. >> happy birthday, sean. >> thank you so much. very grateful for that. that first picture was me in the real world back in the day, and i actually met rachel, my wife, through reality tv. we were the first reality tv couple. i look a lot younger, but i'm still 37 if years old right now, but i look 27, right? >> how do you do it? >> how do you do it? >> any tips? any tips for it? 50's not that far away. any tips? >> i'm telling you what, good wife, and rachel's cooking a steak dinner tonight with potatoes and maybe a little bit of wine, so i'm looking forward to a birthday celebration. it was fun celebrating 50 with all of you. >> a good family life are. >> yeah, that always does the trick.
3:00 pm
happy birthday. 50 never looked better. all right. well, that does it for us tonight. "the fox report" with jon scott is going to start right now. ♪ muck. ♪ you say it's your birthday ♪♪ jon: growing frustration on capitol hill as disagreements among democrats put president biden's economic agenda the in deputy. good evening, i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: moderates, far-left democrats and party leaders are battling over massive spending proposals, a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal and a much bigger $3.5 trillion social spending package. president biden says he's confident they can get them done. he prepares to hit the road


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