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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 3, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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we repaired the chip right away. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech vo: plus, to protect their glass, we installed new wipers too. that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> arthel: breaking news from southern california where clean up crews are racing to contain a major oil spill off the coast of huntington beach. the coast guard says the leak started yesterday, about 50 miles southeast of los angeles, leading to more than 120,000 gallons of oil spilling into the ocean. huntington beach mayor says oil deposits and dead wildlife are now starting to wash ashore and that crews are racing to prevent an ecological disaster. our west coast bureau reporter christina coleman is working the story as we speak.
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she will join us in minutes with new information on this breaking situation. turning now to washington, where infighting among democrats continues to hold up president biden's economic agenda. house speaker pelosi setting a new end of october dead line to pass the 1.2 trillion dollars bipartisan infrastructure bill, but progressive democrats have made it clear the senate must pass the 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill first. now senate majority leader says the goal is to pass both bills by the end of the month. hello everyone. welcome to fox news live. i'm arthel neville. hi eric. >> eric: hello everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm eric shawn. president biden says he will quote work like hell to get his two massive spending bills across the finish line, but on the other side of the aisle, republicans are hammering democrats' inability to pass the infrastructure bill accusing party leaders of letting what they call the quote far left group of progressives run the
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show. >> when that bipartisan bill passed a 50/50 senate, it had 69 votes. it was a lot of momentum on its side. in any kind of a normal world, that would have been signed into law by the president. this was two months ago. bernie sanders, the far left democrats are driving the bus, and joe biden is just along for the ride. >> eric: nancy pelosi says it is what the country needs. david spunt at the white house with more on this. hey, david. >> hi, eric. president biden will be taking his message directly to the american people over the next few days and weeks. we just found out from the white house a few hours ago that the president will travel to howell, michigan. that's on tuesday, in just a couple of days, that's between detroit and lancing. president obama, president biden's former boss when he was vice president received a lot of criticism back in 09 for not selling the obama economic stimulus plan under their watch to the american people. the biden team promised they
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would sell things better and make sure americans understood the pros of what president biden is currently doing. but that was 09. this is 2021. congress is deadlocked more than ever. democrats barely have a majority in both the house and senate. they aren't fighting only with republicans, but with themselves. the house progressives want a 3 1/2 trillion, with a t dollars social spending bill. the moderates want a 1 trillion dollars traditional infrastructure bill, think roads and bridges. >> we don't have a time frame on it. this is just about delivering and making sure that we deliver both bills to american people because it meets their needs. >> but a moderate democratic congressman from virginia, who is leading the moderates in this case, work on a bipartisan structure here, he criticized house speaker pelosi arguing she passed a critical deadline that many were promised. he said in part quote it is deeply regrettable that speaker
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pelosi breached her firm public commitment to members of the congress and american people to hold a vote and pass once in a century bipartisan infrastructure bill on or before september 27th. eric, progressives like senator bernie sanders and alexandria cortez are praising the president for welcoming them into the mix along with the moderate democrats. >> i think that president biden has been a good faith partner to the entire democratic party. he is in fact a moderate, and we disagree on certain issues, but he reaches out, and he actually tries to understand our perspective. >> yesterday a confident president biden walked out and spoke to reporters on the south lawn, says he will take his time, pushing both those items on his wish list, but he and advisors are telling progressives behind closed doors they must come off their 3 1/2 trillion dollars top line for that social spending bill.
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here's the president. >> there's nothing in any of these pieces of legislation that's radical, that is unreasonable. >> and president biden in wilmington, delaware, this weekend, we're not sure exactly when he is returning to the white house. however he's going to michigan as i mentioned on tuesday. several other stops expected over the weeks and possibly months, depends on how long this takes to get through congress, but right now it's deadlocked. eric? >> eric: the moderates and progressives on both sides, david, thank you. arthel? >> arthel: as that stalemate grinds on, could there be compromise on the horizon? progressives are indicating they may be open to loring the price tag on -- lowering the price tag on the infrastructure bill. >> what the president has said is there's going to have to be some give and take. i think that's right. the 6 trillion dollars i originally proposed was probably too little. 3 1/2 trillion should be a minimum, but i accept that
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there's going to have to be give and take. >> arthel: clearly senator sanders was talking about the reconciliation bill. let's bring in real clear politics white house reporter. based on your reporting, is there room for give and take like it seems? are there signs for compromise ahead? >> we're going to find out where the rhetoric actually meets the road in the next couple of weeks. i think that what we're seeing right now is that the story coming out of last week was that progressives in the house were just as entrenched as moderates in the senate. we will figure out if they are as flexible. now, what we just heard from senator bernie sanders and something that was echoed by the progressive caucus in the house is that they realize that there's going to have to be negotiations here. there's going to have to be a give and take. they succeeded in welding together the reconciliation package, with the infrastructure bill, but they know that sinema and manchin will need a much lower number to pass the bill. the next couple of weeks, i
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think we're going to see back and forth on the top line spending number. >> arthel: you mentioned the next couple of weeks because they have to have something according to the speaker by october 31st. do you think the democrats can coalesce and come together for a passable bill by then? >> well, arthel, i remember when people were joking about how the previous administration had infrastructure week and how that dragged on forever. i think those jokes might be coming to haunt democrats because they are realizing how difficult it is to get something done on infrastructure now, something that, you know, both republicans and democrats seem to agree with on roads and bridges. on the other part, the soft infrastructure package, i think that what democrats are confronting right now is a real trust deficit because you had moderates who were furious that their progressive colleagues lobbied against an infrastructure bill that they supported, and i think that if you look at the statement from sinema who called what we saw this week inexcusable, you realize that, you know, sinema
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and manchin, their votes are going to be needed. progressives, they realize they are going to have to repair that trust and come to an area of agreement or else this thing is not going anywhere. >> arthel: speaking of the progressives, as we witness this faction of the democratic party, stand up to the old guard leadership. what does that portend for the future of the democratic party? >> you are right, arthel. if you are at home you are not paying attention to reconciliation versus infrastructure. you don't know anything about the parliamentarian, nor do you want to. you're looking at the top line number and you're wondering if congress is going to get something done, but the take away here, the take away here is that progressives are no longer on the flank. instead they have flexed their muscle. they have been successful in getting pelosi to, you know, to sort of force her hand, to scuttle that infrastructure vote and to move the ball forward. now, it is manchin and sinema
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who have their backs against the wall. you know, president biden in that caucus meeting, he said that the reality is that these two bills are linked. that's a tactical victory. now we're going to figure out whether or not they can turn it into a strategic victory and get a package that they are happy with. they know they will have to come down from the 3.5 trillion number. they are not happy about that. now their goal is to keep it from slipping too far. >> arthel: the republicans are sitting back, waiting for the democrats to implode offering no support for president biden's build back better bill. could this do nothing obstinate position backfire on the g.o.p.? >> we're going to find out. i mean, the infrastructure package itself is very popular. i think that the argument that republicans are going to continue to make is they're going to look at the reconciliation bill and say this has nothing to do with infrastructure. they are going to, you know, talk about a lot of the spending provisions in here that aren't related to the word infrastructure at all. >> arthel: that's the thing. they signed off on
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infrastructure, but it is this build back better bill that they don't seem to have any room for, any taste for. >> absolutely. i think it was noted in an earlier segment that they had come to the middle and they had supported the infrastructure bill, but they weren't going to take a step further and support the soft infrastructure bill. i think that republicans are entrenched at this point. they see the infighting among progressives and moderates. they want no part. and they are happy to let democrats have a crisis on their hands in congress for once. >> arthel: let's talk about the debt ceiling for a second. congress increased the debt ceiling three times under the trump administration. of course democrats signed off on it. why are republicans threatening to withhold support on a debt ceiling increase under president biden? >> that's the question that the white house has and one that jen psaki like to reminds reporters every time they ask about it. she points out that previous administrations, both republicans and democrats have raised the debt ceiling. the difference now is that republicans led by minority
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leader mcconnell are saying look, democrats, if you want to move forward with these trillions and trillions of dollars on both infrastructure and soft infrastructure, well, then if you are going to do that, and you're going to spend a lot of this money in the reconciliation package, lower the threshold to 50, you might as well go it alone and do it yourself. they are putting out a pretty significant threat there. the white house has noted sort of, you know, the consequences if the united states was to default. they have noted some of the previous statements that republicans have made on debt ceiling negotiations in the past, but for now, you know, it seems like they are calling mcconnell's bluff, but he's not budging. we'll see if democrats actually do in fact have to go it it alone and raise the debt ceiling through the reconciliation process. >> arthel: there's some hypocrisy in the air, phil. [laughter] >> arthel: it is not funny. as americans it is too much. white house reporter for real clear politics, thank you.
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>> thank you, arthel. >> eric: now to the crisis at the southern border. you know the non-stop surge of migrants, it is not only straining our worlder patrol -- our border patrol but also putting major pressure on border towns. people have been for years and decades dealing with this issue and the increasing crushing number of migrants that are crossing now. even some democratic mayors in the region are calling out the biden administration for its handling of the situation. jeff paul is live on the border. he's in del rio, texas. in del rio, the state is now building -- starting to build temporary fences because of the continuing influx. hi. >> yeah, eric, and the mayor here in del rio, where we are, who happens to be a democrat, says that he's worried about that huge influx, like we saw two weeks ago underneath the international bridge repeating itself, with thousands and thousands of mostly haitian nationals, flooded across the u.s. mexico border. he says for them, that was a success story and that del rio
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looks like it could be an entrance point once again. the mayor says he tried to tell federal officials that something like this, that huge influx of migrants was possible back in february. he told them at the time cities like del rio and others along the border need infrastructure, processing centers, food, and shelter. the mayor says he sounded the alarm that something big was going to happen, but nothing was done. all of those federal resources that we saw a few weeks ago underneath the international bridge have now been cleared out, according to the mayor. he and other public officials like the county commissioner are worried about the next migrant surge. the commissioner says border towns like del rio are small and really can't handle taking upon thousands and thousands of people essentially over night. >> it is stressful. you know, it is difficult for a community this size to handle groups of that magnitude and be able to deal with it and to think that, you know, when you hear rumors that there's another
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30, 40, 50,000 people coming, to imagine what you would have to deal with under those conditions would be extremely difficult. >> now, the migrant surges that we're seeing don't just impact border towns in america. on the other side, in cities where we are, just across from, in del rio texas, they have a shelter set up right now across there. we had cameras over there look at what was happening, about a thousand people being housed trying to figure out their next move. on top of that, a lot of folks work across the border in mexico and are legally permitted to come to the u.s. to work, and when they have huge migrant surges, like they did two weeks ago, they closed the bridge down. all those folks could not make money. eric? >> eric: this as the foreign minister of panama is warning that 60,000 haitians are on their way. so it will continue. jeff paul, on the border, thank you, jeff. arthel? >> arthel: jeff and eric, we are learning more about a major oil spill off the coast of southern california. more than 120,000 gallons of
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crude have leaked near the city of huntington beach. the mayor says the spill could be the region's most devastating environmental crisis in decades. christina coleman has been working this story from our los angeles bureau. she joins us now with the very latest. christina? >> hi, arthel. yes, it is a mess, at least 126,000 gallons of oil spilled into waters off the shores of orange county, just south of l.a. crews have been hard at work scrambling to contain the crude before it kills more birds and fish and makes its way further into nearby wetlands. in addition to the stench from the petroleum and deadly impact to wildlife, city officials say the spill has forced them to shut down activities at the beaches in that area. they say the oil plume runs from huntington beach pier down to newport beach, and this was the last day for the iconic annual pacific air show that normally
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draws thousands of people to the beach. how did this happen? well, authorities say the oil leaked from a broken pipeline connected to an offshore oil platform. it was discovered yesterday, but it's unclear what caused the issue with this pipeline. the orange county supervisor says it's important to get to the bottom of this. >> the ramifications, from the visible oil and odor that our residents are dealing with at the moment, the impact to the environment is irreversible. >> i strongly recommend due to the possible increase from vapors and fumes that people please do not swim, surf, or use the beach for exercise. >> at this point, the pipeline is still leaking, but city officials say preliminary patching has been completed to repair the oil spill site, so more work ahead, but some progress as crews respond to this incident. arthel? >> arthel: to think that huntington beach is known as surf city.
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christina coleman, live in los angeles, thank you. eric? >> eric: the search for brian laundrie is continuing, and it has hit a dead end in florida. one man tells fox news that he saw laundrie hundreds of miles away. we have new details on that reported sighting and why laundrie's family is coming under growing scrutiny. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone.
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>> arthel: the search for brian laundrie is expanding outside of florida after a possible sighting along the appalachian trail in north carolina. this as questions remain about the death of gabby petito, more than two weeks after her body was found. charles watson is live in north port, florida, with the very latest. charles? >> hi, ar arthel. authorities in north carolina say they have received multiple calls in the last day or so about brian laundrie sightings along the appalachian trail. the most detailed description coming from a florida hiker identified as dennis davis. he tells fox news digital that he spotted and spoke to a man he believed to be brian on a deserted road near the north carolina tennessee border, early saturday morning. davis says the man was driving a white pickup truck and appeared lost and dazed, as he asked for directions to california, using
1:23 pm
only back roads. listen. >> he said yeah, me and my girlfriend had a fight, and man, i love her, and she called me, and i need to go out to california to see her. and i said well, man, i-40 is right there. nobody was calling me back. you know, i'm sitting there for an hour now, and so i got in my car and i actually drove back by the site. >> at the time, davis says he didn't immediately notice the man he was speaking to until he pulled over and looked up photos of brian. that's when he says he called police. the heywood county sheriff's office in north carolina says they receive the call from davis and sent a few deputies out to the area where he says he saw brian. the sheriff's office says the deputies spotted a few vehicles and ran the tags, but found nothing of importance. meantime, as the search for brian stretches into day 15, the fbi is remaining quiet about where their efforts stand, as they try to track down the
1:24 pm
23-year-old on bank fraud charges. seemingly frustrate on how the search is playing out, gabby's mother turned to twitter for a message for brian, nicole smith says quote, mama bear is getting angry. turn yourself in. i have to tell you, the laundrie family home here in north port has turned into quite the site. for days we have seen cars probably like this one you have seen behind us, driving down the street, phones out taking pictures and videos. this goes on all day long. arthel? >> arthel: people want answers. people want someone held accountable. charles watson live in north port florida thanks. eric? >> eric: the search for brian and the family whether they could face any consequences, criminal defense attorney, also a former u.s. assistant attorney and former prosecutor. alex, brian's parents, chris and roberta and his sister cassie could they potentially be in any legal jeopardy? >> sure. i think it depends on what they
1:25 pm
knew, when they knew it and what they did about it. there was a period of time before gabby was reported missing when the laundrie family was together. obviously brian is now missing. if they did anything during that period of time to help him flee the vicinity, the county, the state, or the country, they certainly could be facing charges for that. in addition, what did they tell the police? did they say anything to the fbi investigators which turned out to be false? they could absolutely face false statement charges as well. >> eric: looking at pictures of de soto park. apparently the family went there for a few days. what do investigators look at, and how can they find out whether or not the family has been telling the truth or has not been telling the truth? >> well, i mean, i think they have to start with the crime that occurred. here we have what appears to be a murder, and so then you work back wards. if brian is the lead suspect in that murder, as i think we all believe, were there instruments of the crime? was there evidence that the family took with them? the timing of that trip is incredibly odd. it certainly as an investigator, you would try to see where they went and have an hour by hour
1:26 pm
sort of timeline of what the family was doing when brian returned without gabby. >> eric: in terms of the fact that gabby's family says that the family didn't help at all. they were asking about gabby and got no response. you know, does that behavior -- what could that indicate? it may not indicate something criminal, or it could potentially. >> there's two different things. if the family suspects that their son has committed a crime and decides to be quiet about it, that's their right. i think we all wish they had done something differently. but if that suspicion turns into actual knowledge or even constructive knowledge, they just looked the other way, turned a blind eye to what they knew or what he told them, anything that they did to assist him at this point could be an accessory after the fact. that's a crime in itself. >> eric: accessory after the fact. gabby's family has their suspicions. here's their lawyer talking about some of this during a press conference >> the laundries did not help us find gabby.
1:27 pm
they're sure as not going to help us find brian. so brian, we're asking you to turn yourself in, to the fbi or the nearest law enforcement agency. >> eric: the fbi's taken material from their house. also we got that camper. do they look at bank records, tax, cell phone records, that sort of thing? >> the electronic evidence will be interesting here, in terms of text messages, even where the cell phones were connecting. if they took cell phones on that frp kaing trip -- camping trip, the fbi knows every cell site where it was connected to. they will have a pretty good idea of their physical location, those sorts of things. even web history, i mean, the son comes home. gabby isn't there. what is mom putting if in her google search history? that's something the fbi can get in terms of evidence and likely already has. >> eric: couldn't there be explanations? could she say i was just curious? you don't know the conversations between her and her son. >> sure. look, that's something we will have to debate at the other end
1:28 pm
once we know what the police have and when this comes hopefully to a conclusion sooner than later. >> eric: this quote is chris and roberta laundrie don't know where brian is. they are concerned about brian and hope the fbi can locate him. speculation that the parents assisted brian and avoiding an arrest or warrant that was issued after brian had been missing for several days is just wrong. how do you think this potentially will all play out? >> look, he's got to say that, right, because if he says something different, then they are acknowledging a crime. the timeline of even his statements, you know, not even acknowledging that brian was missing till three days after the family supposedly can't find him. all of that will be detrimental to both the search and think eventually to the family when the truth comes out. >> eric: thank you very much. brian laundrie, as gabby's mother says turn yourself in.
1:29 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> arthel: october could be a crucial month in the fight against the pandemic, with the fda set to meet about more booster shots for adults and whether to approve a vaccine for children under 12. we'll break down what your family needs to know. that's coming up next. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®.
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>> arthel: for a look at other top stories, chief justice roberts was the only supreme court justice in attendance for the traditional [inaudible] in washington today. the service taking place before the court starts a new term tomorrow. eight of the nine justices will return to the courtroom after 18 months of remote hearings, due to the pandemic. justice brett kavanaugh will stay home after he tested positive for covid on thursday. a spirit airlines plane catching fire moments before take off yesterday after a large bird struck one of its engines.
1:34 pm
the flight from atlantic city new jersey was supposed to head to ft. lauderdale florida. officials stopped the plane and safely evacuated after the fire. two people were treated for minor injuries. and the powerball jackpot keeps growing. it is now up to 670 million dollars, one of the highest totals in the game's history after no one matched saturday's winning numbers. stick around. the next drawing is monday night. >> eric: school workers in new york city won't be allowed to report to work when classes resume tomorrow unless they have proof that they received at least one shot of the covid vaccine. this after a supreme court justice who was new york city born and bred declined to block the mandate. david lee miller live in new york city here in the newsroom with the very latest. hi, david lee. >> eric, new york city schoolteachers have only a few hours left to get vaccinated. the vaccination mandate deadline
1:35 pm
for all department of education workers was 5:00 p.m. friday. but the mayor says employees who get a last-minute shot over the weekend can keep their jobs. public school workers sought an 11th hour injunction against the mandate, but it was denied by the supreme court justice. about 5500 are still unvaccinated. an elementary schoolteacher who has refused to comply with the mandate calls the city's demand psychological warfare. >> i may have to do this. it goes against every single thing. if i do decide to do this, i will never stop fighting unless i am dead. i will never stop fighting for my coworkers who won't do it. >> teachers who refuse the shot can take a year of unpaid leave with health insurance or call it quits and take a severance package. according to the teachers union, about 500 teachers have received
1:36 pm
a medical or a religious exemption. the city says if needed, it has 9,000 vaccinated substitute teachers ready to go to work. eric? >> eric: david lee, thank you. arthel? >> arthel: eric, the fda has announced a series of key meetings on booster shots and vaccines for kids, younger than 11 years old. the meetings late they are month -- later this month will focus on booster shots of the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines and pfizer's request to go ahead with vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11 years old. here's dr. anthony fauci on what to expect. >> you don't want to get ahead of fda. they said that they will look at the data and will meet. i believe if the recommendation is to go ahead, that the fda will move expeditiously. i can't predict whether it will be before halloween or into november. >> arthel: fox news medical
1:37 pm
contributor is joining us now. let's take this step by step. what do parents need to know about covid vaccines for kids? >> well, so far, what we know right now arthel is it's approved for those age 12 and up. this cohort between ages of 5 and 11, the data for this age group is being reviewed. evaluation and assessment of the data is being conducted by the fda and then also by the cdc to make sure, number one, is it safe? is there a good safety profile? number two, is it going to work? is it efficacious? will the benefit of the vaccine outweigh any potential risks? i want parents, patients to understand the fda conducts a rigorous testing regiment to evaluate all these issues to make sure anything that we give to americans is safe and effective. that goes with all vaccines and all medications that we consume. >> arthel: very good. i want to read now a partial statement from acting fda commissioner. this is from friday.
1:38 pm
she says, quote, we know from our vast experience with other pediatric vaccines that children are not small adults, and we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of clinical trial data submitted in support of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine used in a younger pediatric population, which may need a different dosage or formulation, so i ask you, are there bona fide exceptions, doctor, and for those children who cannot get the covid vaccine, how can parents protect them? >> yes, absolutely. first and foremost, it is important that every other adult who is eligible to be vaccinated to make sure they are vaccinated so they can protect those who are not eligible. also, yeah, you're absolutely right. there may be children, for example, who have just had covid, and they shouldn't be vaccinated right away. there are children that may have severe reactions or allergies, and they can't be vaccinated right away either. it is a matter of safety, a matter of overall benefit versus
1:39 pm
the risk. this is what the fda is going to analyze, and it's just in a matter of weeks where we'll get this information to see if it is going to be an overall benefit. if you take a look, arthel, if you have a child who is vaccinated and they're exposed at school, for example, they don't have to quarantine. they don't have to miss school. they will be protected by the vaccine. we may be able to lessen the potential surge that we might see in the winter. >> arthel: interesting. let's take a look, though, you mentioned those fda meetings that are coming up on expanding vaccine emergency use authorization. on october 14th and 15th, moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots for adults 18 and older. they will consider that, emergency use authorization. then october 26th, pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. so at this time, is it safe -- i want to ask you because everybody is wondering about this, is it safe and effective to boost the johnson & johnson
1:40 pm
shots or moderna shots with the pfizer vaccine? >> good question, so far preliminary data is leaning towards yes, but it is still recommended right now to wait. wait until we have the final data that's out, but the preliminary data says that your protection if you get a second dose for example of j&j skyrockets, goes up, same thing with pfizer. likely we will see the same thing with moderna. cdc does recommend to wait, for example, if you have had two doses of pfizer, don't switch over to moderna. if you have had two doses of moderna, don't switch over to pfizer. i have to admit. i have patients that have done that, that have mixed and matched. they probably developed this hybrid immunity, but the overall recommendation is let's wait for the final data. that's what i'm doing. i've had moderna. i will wait a couple more weeks and then get my booster too so i can be protected and better protect my patients. >> arthel: in the meantime, those who got the johnson & johnson vaccine, they will be getting a second shot, not a
1:41 pm
third shot. will that booster give them sufficient protection? >> yes, up to 93% which is what the last preliminary data that has come out. it showed it definitely increased their antibody protection. what we know is over time, the antibody levels go down, and they decrease, and that's the whole purpose of the boosters is to protect those who are most vulnerable, those who have had breakthrough infections that we know will end up in the hospital, those over the age of 65, those with underlying medical conditions or who are immuno suppressed. it will increase your level of protection, but we also want to ensure durability. we want to make sure you have strong long lasting protection which will help put an end to this pandemic. >> arthel: you heard in david lee miller's report, the teacher in new york city who doesn't want to get the vaccine. what do you say to these people who don't want to get the vaccine because they for some reason don't think it is safe? >> well, i would remind them that the vaccines are highly
1:42 pm
safe and effective. they saved lives. the majority of those who have died and hospitalized the past couple of months are unvaccinated. so you want to look at the risks versus the benefits. overall you're not just protecting yourself. you're also protecting your community. >> arthel: thank you very much. you're one of my mom's favorites, by the way, doctor. >> thank you. love your mom. >> arthel: she heard you. thank you. eric? >> eric: your mom is one of our favorites too, arthel. there's some new signs in afghanistan that terrorism is back. we have details on that deadly bombing in kabul today and whether or not the taliban can stop even more attacks that are coming, they say from isis-k.
1:43 pm
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1:47 pm
people were killed in an early morning bombing that occurs outside a mosque in kabul, the deadliest attack in that country since the u.s. troop withdrawal in august. we have more on the terrorist group that may be behind it. >> eric and arthel, another worrying development from afghanistan. frankly, it is one that so many experts and government officials alike had warned about. when the u.s. leave and the taliban take over, there's likely to be an increase in attack, that leads to chaos, and down the road that leads to civil war. the attack today took place at the entrance of the mosque in kabul, targeting a memorial service for the mother of a taliban spokesman. at least eight civilians were killed and more were wounded. although there was no immediate claim for responsibility, isis k are the key suspects. since the taliban took over, attacks by this isis affiliate have increased dramatically. indeed, there was another deadly isis attack today in jalalabad that left four dead, and in the last week alone, isis k have
1:48 pm
claimed a series of other attacks in the country's east, killing dozens of civilians and taliban fighters. today's attack was also the first such assault in kabul, since an isis suicide bomber killed 13 u.s. soldiers and over 200 civilians near the kabul airport during that chaotic withdrawal in late august. experts have warned that a civil war in afghanistan could replicate the chaos seen in syria from which isis was able to carve out its first caliphate. the only difference being the u.s. had a presence in and around syria. they do not now in or around afghanistan. the bottom line if taliban can't offer security to the people they claim to govern, by stopping attacks like this, if they continue to struggle to pay government salaries and continue to subjugate a large portion of their population, i'm thinking of women, this will quickly lead to chaos, then civil war which is not a good thing for u.s. national security. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. >> eric: that's certainly the
1:49 pm
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>> arthel: conclusions in two separate missing women cases. the body of sheridan wahl discovered behind a south
1:53 pm
carolina fire station while police believe they have found the remains of a florida college student. we have more on the investigation. >> these two women were both living and attending college in florida. both were reported missing just days apart and both met a brutal end, but police do not believe these cases are connected. yesterday, authorities in orange county florida revealed that they located the body of 19-year-old valencia college student who was reported missing by her family on september 24th after missing a flight home to south florida. >> our hearts are broken. everyone wanted this outcome to be different. >> her body was found in a wooded area near her apartment complex. on the same day she went missing, investigators discovered that a 27-year-old maintenance worker had improperly used an access key to enter her home. >> we are not looking for any other people. we believe pretty conclusively that the maintenance worker is responsible for this crime. >> police say the victim had
1:54 pm
repeatedly rebuffed romantic advances by the man. he was found dead by apparent suicide. in the death of 21-year-old university of south florida student sheridan wahl no potential suspects have been named. >> -- a body on my property. >> was it wrapped or anything just laying out? >> no, she was just laid out. >> her body was found on september 21st on the south carolina road 10 miles down from where her burned out car was located. wahl had been visiting the myrtle beach area and had planned to return to tampa on the 19th, the day her mom reported her missing. in this case authorities have remained tight-lipped. her cause of death is still pending. arthel? >> arthel: so tragic, thanks, alex. eric? >> eric: turning back to our top story at the top of the hour, southern california, dark, thick crude oil is now spreading up the coast of orange county. it happened in huntington beach. that's where clean up crews are right now trying to contain a
1:55 pm
major oil spill that came from an under-sea pipeline that ruptured. you are looking at live pictures from our fox 11 cameras. now in huntington beach, the coast guard says that leak started yesterday about 50 miles south of los angeles. it's led to more than 120,000 gallons of oil so far spilling into the ocean. you can see the bulldozers trying to shore up some of the defenses against the oil that's been spreading and coming on to the beach. the huntington beach mayor says that dead wildlife and dead birds are now washing ashore. crews are trying to prevent an ecological disaster of course because of the fish and the wildlife, this is live pictures. the pipeline that ruptured somehow extends about three to five miles offshore to an offshore oil platform. the beaches there now closed. workers trying to contain an oil spill on this sunday afternoon,
1:56 pm
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arthel: for the first time since hurricane ida hammered louisiana, the saints are back playing in the big easy. that's the good news. that's the bad news, they lost to the giants, 27-21, in overtime. don't worry, we will be ready
2:00 pm
for washington football team next sunday. saints relocated to texas while the city recovered, played their first, quote, home game in jacksonville. eric. eric: well, you like to report that news, but you don't like to the report the result. >> who dat, that's all i have to say. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm lisa boothe along with jackie deangelis, sean duffy and tyrus. welcome to "big sunday show." here's what's on tonight. tyrus. >> what it is. the marine officer was the only member of our military held accountable for the botched afghanistan exit is still in the brig. now he has 2 million reasons to have some hope of getting out. >> jackie. >> well, the showdown looms on capitol hill. tonight sen


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