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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 3, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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howie: it was the first real chance that challenged the nation's military leaders on the afghanistan debacle. and they acknowledged on the hill they advised president biden not to pull out all american forces. but another focus was the book by bob woodward describing how general mark milley made secret calls to china to insist there will be no u.s. attack spurred by a private concern about president trump's mental stability. the chairman of the joint chiefs described the calls as routine, saying he kept two defense secretaries and other top officials fully briefed. >> i personally informed both
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secretary of state pompeo and white house chief of staff meadows about the call. at no time was i attempting to change or influence the process, usurp authority or insert myself in the chain of command. >> do you regret speaking with bob woodward? >> no, i think it's important for me to speak to the media. >> when this is washed out, those who were saying that general milley actually was treasonous in what he did, i think are going to owe the general an apology. howie: one pundit did say she was sorry. >> i owe him an apology. he didn't act rogue. and and that was very important. it's important for me to acknowledge. howie: the book said milley informed some officials but milley's version, and he's doing
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damage control here, is far less dramatic if the general was briefing even the trump white house, it's hard to make the case he went a traitor ous route. some questions questioned why he spoke to woodward at all. >> when bob woodward calls, i'm busy. i have a foreign policy to try to save, instead of you're not going to believe how crazy donald trump is. howie: i don't fully agree with that. you may not like what milley said or did. he's entitled to offer his side to journalists and authors as donald trump did in speaking to the authors of several recent books. the rest of the media need to scrutinize what really happened. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ howie: the biggest take-away is that our top generals warned
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president biden that failing to leave a small contingent of in afghanistan could quickly lead to a taliban takeover. >> we should keep a he steady state of 2500, could bounce up to 3500. my position was, if you go below 2500, you're going to look at a collapse of the afghan military. >> it was a logistical success but a strategic failure. howie: the testimony seemed to contradict what biden recently told abc news. >> no one told -- your military advisors did not tell you we should keep 2500 troops, it's been a stable situation, we can continue to do that. >> no one said that to me that i can recall. howie: the pundits are sharply divided over the hearing and the actions of the military and the president. >> how exactly is our country safer or more secure with general milley leaking and gossiping all over town to every reporter that has a book deal? >> the nation's top general was
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set up. he was the victim of a classic political hit job. >> what sleaze balls she guys are. we told joe biden to keep 2500 troops in the country. we demanded it. on the other hand, we can't really tell you what we told the president because that would be wrong. >> republicans spent their time hammering their talking point, attempting to blame joe biden for the inevitable result of ending a forever war that republicans' favorite president vowed to end too. howie: joining us now to analyze the coverage, molly hemingway. and harold ford, the former democratic congressman. molly, back in the studio. i'm sure you agree that joe biden has every right as president to overrule his top generals. what do you make of the coverage of these generalses at midding they urged the president not to fully withdraw from afghanistan? >> some of this had already been
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covered by the media, they let people know they advised keeping troops there. what's interesting about this is not that president biden rejected their advice. he has every right to reject their advice, particularly on an issue where the pentagon worked hard to stay in the war even when public sentiment was opposed to it. the problem is he lied about it. he said he hadn't been given the advice. he has every right to do what he wants. but it seems like he wanted the best of both worlds, to make the decision and act like it wasn't in contradiction. it's important to know where the buck stops because this pull-out, the way that we managed this pull-out was such a problem, it's important that we know who to hold responsible and one of the frustrating things about the media coverage and the hearing, it appears that the answer for the american people is that the buck stops nowhere. howie: i want to get you in on where the buck should stop. there was a talk about this was a moving target in the sense that as we got close to the august 31st deadline some military people may have changed
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their mind about the total pull-out. but can you really blame the press for pointing out that what the general said, testifying on capitol hill, was totally at odds with what joe biden told george stephanopoulos? >> well, first of all, happy sunday morning, good morning to you. i think it's important for the press to hold and congress to hold more importantly any president accountable for war and peace decisions or decisions that affect our national security. i disagree with molly on one point. i think president biden accepted responsibility. we may quarrel about when and where and how often or how often he did not get advice to leave troops there. he said on multiple occasions he should be held responsible. i felt congress was not at the best moment when it invited generals to come before committee and repeatedly ask what advice they gave the president. president trump would not have
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allowed any general to p come ce before congress and answer questions. i give president biden some credit for not disallowing them to come before congress. i thought the montage of press commentary you had with the various shows, joy reed i thought said it pretty well, that biden wanted to get out of afghanistan. he campaign on it. now she didn't say this but joe biden will be held accountable for this decision and whether or not going forward this over-the-horizon strategy that he's projecting, whether or not it works. that's how it should be. howie: i'm sure you have points you would like to respond to. let me ask you to address this question, do you think much of the hearings were sympathetic to general milley. >> it is sympathetic. i don't know who is held accountable. i don't think the american media understand how crushed americans are about the manner in which we handled this withdrawal.
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it is true it had bipartisan support to end the war. that's why president trump and president biden agreed on that. the manner is questionable. the media love general milley in part because he shares their political views. that's what all of this talking with left wing reporters in order to sabotage trump is all about. he aligned himself with the democratic party. he talks in democratic party talking points about white rage and trying to drive out conservatives from the military. that's a problem because we have you unique situation in this country of having a civilian-led military. that's not something that happens a lot in history, not something that happens a lot in the rest of the world. it's delicate. you need to be responsible in the chain of command and you need to not be aligned with one party over the other. because the media is so aligned with one party, general milley is as well, they don't see the problem even though the rest of the country is horrified by it.
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howie: he provides access to journalists. did the brass being grilled at he these hearings which were carried live on the cable news networks, force the media to he resume coverage of the taliban's you brutal regime, and those we left behind, which pretty much vanished from the journalistic radar screen. >> i hope that none of it ever vanishes from the radar screen. a point you made at the outset of the show, president trump talked with bob woodward at the beginning in the height of covid-19 spreading across the country and no one quarreled with that, we quarreled with the things he may have said but no one quarreled with him taking the time to do that. i don't think general milley, secretary of defense austin is more aligned with democrats because they're serving at the pleasure of the president. i think they give advice that they think is best and as molly
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pointed out, our military is civilian-led and the president and secretary of defense ultimately the president makes those decisions with the advice of those around him. if we want to quarrel with someone about this, we should quarrel with president biden and if we're going to really look at the policy, molly, you and i were on a show a few weeks ago and you said this is a 20 year accounting that needs to take place before the senate and the house. let's call them all before and say when did you know that money that we was allocating to afghanistan were going to corrupt practices or people, when did you know that the troops were not trained properly? those are questions i want answered. i'm disappointed that they didn't ask that in the hearing. howie: i agree with you on this point, about a 20 year failure. does general milley's explanation of all the top officials he coordinated with about the call to china and the review of the gnaw clear launch chain of command, does it suggest that the events described in the book were
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over-dramatized or is this milley damage control? >> maybe both. this is what happens every time bob woodward puts a book out. he's excellent at spites spice -- spicing things up. howie: he's not saying this things didn't happen. >> he's the one who volunteered the situation just as harold mentioned, like president trump volunteered the information. woodward does have a problem of people who interact with him saying that he's not completely truthful with how he characterizes events. but bigger problem would be that general milley, who does like to advertise that he's woke, is spending so much time talking to left wing journalists even as the destructive things are happening. this was the worst foreign policy catastrophe we've had had in a generation and there's not nearly enough media coverage even as i agree with harold that is extends beyond the last few months, into the last maybe 18 years. howie: briefly, you have
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another book coming out, don't you talk to people who are or were in positions of power in order to write a better book? >> i want everyone to keep talking to reporters, it certainly benefits me. i care deeply about the security of the country and at the very least know your job is first and foremost to care for our troops, to care about our foreign policy, that it's executed properly, that you listen to the commander in chief properly, that's more important than even talking to people like us. howie: isn't the media rooting for general milley who was a trump appointee because he told nancy pelosi according to a transcript that he agreed trump was crazy even though he testified that i'm not qualified to assess the mental health of president trump? >> i'm not convinced that the media is rooting for him. i think the media is -- at the beginning of this withdrawal from afghanistan, i thought that media that we asigned liberal tendencies to were as critical
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of president biden and his team including the secretary of state, national security advisors and others for what they thought were shortcomings in the planning. i don't think that the biases came out or manifested themselves at all, conservative or liberal, democrat or republican, in the coverage of this afghanistan matter. it was democrats who called for these hearings democratic chairs in the house and the senate. howie: there was a lot of critical coverage of the pullout from afghanistan, not about the decision but about the execution, because there had to be. it was an unmitigated disaster. when we come back, democratic left wingers in charge as the party a fails to get a vote on the infrastructure bill, and later katie couric tours with her memoir ed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
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howie: nancy pelosi even with a hill visit from president biden could not get a vote on the buy bipartisan infrastructure bill that was torpedoed by the progressive wing. they treated moderates joe manchin and kyrsten sinema and subborn obstructionist. >> kyrsten sinema, she has been an irritant in the process. she does not seem to believe in any form of public accountability at all. she is invited on every one of these shows every day and a every night and he refuses all of those invitations to explain her position. >> the events are a death floww to the false narrative. >> the far left is refusing to
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pass a trillion dollar infrastructure bill to repair america's roads and bridges. howie: mollie, i get that the joe biden and aoc wing are pushing hard for the $3.5 trillion bill. the coverage hasn't really been mainly focused on the amount of money, the tax hikes needed to finance it. instead, there's a lot of, particularly from the left, beating up on kyrsten sinema. >> it's striking how little discussion of actual policy we're seeing in this relative to other big battles we've had for big spending packages on the hill or big transformative legislation, you think how there were so many he debates in the media about obamacare or the troubled asset relief program, that was $700 billion. this is, as you know, at least 3.5 trillion, some people say the true cost is more like 5.5 trillion. you're talking about something that is many times more than what tarp was when you had vigorous debate about the policy entailed. that's not what we're getting. instead we're getting attacks on
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manchin and sinema even though they probably represent much more of their party than they're given credit for. howie: i think the beltway process stories are hard to follow, a lot of people's eyes glaze over. headline, white house facing grueling choices in cuts to biden's plan. where is the media coverage that says, to mollie's point, that with a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, the trillion dollar covid relief which was passed and the new bill partially written by bernie sanders that maybe this is so much money that it breaks the bank, why are those questions not more you aggressively pursued. >> they probably should be pursued more aggressively. the last 20 years, the staggering amount of money we've spent as a nation without raising revenue for it or disbelieving we needed revenue because we could grow our way out of it is unbelievable.
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9/11, we had to spend, '07, '08, we had to spend. the pandemic, we had to spend, a few things sprinkled in between. the country has gotten where they hear the talk but they don't believe it. so i think mollie's main point here that i would agree with is that democrats aren't articulating what the bill and what the values are. i happen to believe there are probably values. they have to share that and a enumerate that for the country to understand. i thought when president biden was before congress a few days ago, i was days appointed dash appoint --disappointed. i thought he would say we need to fund the things that need to be funded. howie: there's everything from climate change to pre-kindergarten. biden told reporters both bills will pass in six days or six weeks which is what you say when you blow past the deadline because you don't have the votes. the media have focused on president biden's negotiating
8:21 am
style, how he lets everyone vent. this after all a of that press hailing him as the next lbj. >> that's what's amazing about this moment. this is not in the media coverage. we have one time in our history had a congress this narrowly divided. we have a near tie in the house. we have an actual tie in the senate and we have a president who was elected on the claim he would be a moderate and unifier. howie: he wasn't bernie sanders. >> nothing in the coverage even deals with this reality that we have a sharply divided country. it's as if the only people in congress are these democrats. of course, in a year, there might be a dramatic change precisely in response to this lidge subluxation -- legislation because it's not like the other things harold mentioned. it's about doing a spending free-for-all to left wing interest groups while dealing with inflation. people understand this is reckless in a way that's different than what we were doing help for businesses that were shut down by the
8:22 am
government. if you propose 3.5 trillion and you drop to 2 trillion, that's a cut. that's insane. that's not how it works. howie: kyrsten sinema is saying it's inexcusable not have a vote on the bipartisan bill. she was mocked on saturday night live last night. the media, the liberal media in particular, up in arms because joe manchin wouldn't say how much spending he would accept. turns out he said $1.5 trillion. it wasn't done in front of the cameras. it was done privately. so did he get unfairly slammed by the media? is he unfairly slammed by the media? >> no, i don't think so. he has every right and sinema has every right to stand where they're standing. if you disagree, you have to lay out a case for why we should do something larger. democrats rejected bernie sanders. democrats nominated joe biden and the country accepted joe biden. the party is not where senator an deers is and some -- sanders is and some others are around the spending.
8:23 am
i think his proposals are not serious. what mollie said, this is a tied senate an three vote majority in the house. manchin said it best. he said if progressives want this then elect more progressives. howie: when you have such a narrow margin you can't necessarily pass the next new deal. harold, mollie, great to have you both this sunday. up next, julie banderas on why instagram is under fire. later, glenn greenwald on censorship at youtube over vaccinations. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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howie: the wall street journal expo say of facebook triggered a storm of criticism with one senator likeening the company to big tobacco. the instagram chief says the company is pausing a he proposed instagram for kids site. >> i want to be very clear. if anybody leaves using instagram leaves feeling worse about themselves, that's an
8:27 am
important issue we need to take seriously. howie: joining us from new york, julie banderas. the internal documents unearthed by the wall street journal makes it clear facebook knows it makes one out of three young girls feeling anxious, depressed, even suicidal thoughts. this seems to have touched a nerve. >> it absolutely has. the fact it just reached this point a couple days ago where they came forward to say they believe that instagram accounts for kids might not be a good idea is a shame. i think when you hear the vice president talk about how he understands how it might make young girls and children feel about themselves, yeah, that's the whole point of social media. that's why most adults, most parents should keep kids off of social media. cyber bullying is something of such a great nature these days that have led to such a high suicide rate among children, young tweens, it's quite frankly disgusting. i also want to touch on
8:28 am
facebook's independent oversight board, how they are now coming forward and saying they're actually going to put a check system in place. how long has facebook been around? i don't know. i don't know the exact number. they're putting a check system in place called the x check program so it's going to case celebrities and millionaires and those that have some privilege on social media in check while at the same time the same oversight board kicked donald trump off of facebook. how many celebrities can you think off that have been kicked off of facebook for spreading a false narrative? i can't think of one. howie: that's a very good point. for them to say -- mark zuckerberg keeping a low profile here -- to say we're reviewing this instagram for kids 12 and under rather than saying we're getting rid of it seems like damage control. 60 minutes is going to air an interview with a facebook whistleblower who is going to say new things. the company is t treating this as a pr program. is the impact on young girls, is
8:29 am
a lot of it social media's fault. >> i think it's the parents' fault. to be honest with you. i know there's always advanced technology out there. we as parents need to be responsible for our children. so i think for parents to blame instagram and facebook is a weak position. i also, however, believe that they need to filter the content that is viewed by kids. now, there is facebook kids messenger which is something i have on my phone. it's a way for my children to communicate with other kids. it all goes through my iphone. i can actually see everything that's being exchanged in regard to messaging. i believe it's a dangerous place. i think parents need to stay on top of their children. i think parents should not give kids iphones when they're 10 years old. howie: it's great to criticize facebook and hold it accountable. you're right, parents play an important role. i'm glad you point that out.
8:30 am
next, should youtube be banning anti-vaccine videos? glenn greenwald weighs in on that. later, how katie couric supported matt lauer after he was fired for sexual harassment.
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check it out. serena... scary movie... serena... scary movie... serena williams ready to serve. ahh! quiet, please. get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream, with no annual contract. >> sounded good. i still can't decide whether i'm captain or katie. hi, everyone, i'm happy to be with you tonight. howie: katie couric is coming out with a memoir and, man, does she burn a lot of bridges, in going there, she says when wee co-hosted the today show she froze out younger women to avoid self-sabotage, saying there was always someone younger and cuter around the corner. she said she faced insurgency at the network, feeling misunderstood. she admits to some unforced errors. after nbc fired matt lauer, she
8:35 am
revealed she texted him, i am crushed. we're back with julie banderas. why would katie couric after a distinguished career feel the need to take shots at deborah norville, she was candid in saying she was he protecting her turf as a woman. >> i think she's a disgrace not only to women in this business but to women in general, a disgrace to young girls, i used to look up to her and think to myself one day i want to be an anchor like katie couric, i want to hold serious interviews and be taken seriously. she is a disgrace on every level. when you look at her book, she should take her own words and apply them to herself. when she says something about martha stewart, took some healthy humbling, humility is the most important thing in our business, as long as you have humility, you will be a success.
8:36 am
if you are insecure, such as katie couric, then your career will ultimately go down in flames. she should take another page out of her book when she talks about dianne sawyer must be stopped. she was a graceful and a lovely journalist who took her job seriously but wasn't stabbing people in the back. howie: i think the last one was a little tongue in cheek. katie couric was not saying these were terrible women. she is pointing to herself for being conscious of her turf. she was a $15 million a year anchor at the cbs evening news. she blames the insurgeons at cbs, -- insurgence at cbs. do you see blame shifting here? >> i think it was great she was able to carry these light interviews. i thought she had a bubbly personality. unfortunately, she has chosen to tarnish her entire legacy because katie couric is no
8:37 am
longer ever going to be seen as the lead anchor of the today show, she will be seen as a woman hater who supported a miss mysoginist and alleged rapist. she tarnished her legacy which i think is a shame, considering someone like myself, i pride myself on helping young women who are rising in this business. what she did to ashley banfield was disgusting. she was a talented woman, she went to nbc and after a year her show was canceled and she's was canned and basically her career never went any further. howie: it was a very difficult episode for her. may not all have been katie's fault. since you made an allusion to matt lauer, i don't think it's fair to throw around things like alleged rapist. he was fired after allegations of serial sexual harassment. what do you make of the supportive texts from katie couric, long-time co-host,
8:38 am
obviously. they were close. she was obviously torn. but what about the female staffers who accused him of misconduct? >> i also just want to be clear when i say alleged rapist, a woman did claim he did rape her in his office. and on a trip. howie: in dispute, obviously. >> these are obviously, he said, she said. he was never charged to be clear on that. as far as text messages, look, i understand. i've worked with a lot of men in this business. some of whom had personal issues. you do get attached to your co-anchor we've been working with for years. i don't have a problem with her loving her form her he co-anchor -- former co-anchor and supporting him. but to cast doubt on accusers, that's the problem i had. of course she knew what was going on. she writes in her book about how matt lauer's wife at the time called the control room to find out who it was that his -- that her husband was having sex with and she makes it a mockery in her book. she herself is a widow.
8:39 am
couldn't she put herself in a woman's shoes to know she was scorned by matt lauer and not make a joke of it. it's not a joke. howie: i'm going to put you down in the critic category. i've known katie couric a long time. she does have journalistic accomplishments. we don't have the whole book. this is so at odds with her upbeat persona, i think she may have done herself some damage. julie banderas, thank you for taking time with us this morning. glenn greenwald will takee about vaccinations and -- talk about vaccinations and youtube and the nba in just a moment. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real,
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howie: some nba stars are fee using to get vaccinated. one of them is jordan isaac. he learned about antibody resistance and came to distrust dr. anthony fauci. >> i was pretty badly misrepresented in the rolling stone article and because of that i can't understand anyone who may say they don't transparently or overtly trust the media. i'm not anti-vaxx, i'm not anti-medicine, i'm not anti-science. i didn't come to this decision by watching donald trump press conferences. conference. howie: joining us from brazil
8:44 am
is glenn greenwald. glenn, the nba's 90% vaccinated. what do you make of the rolling stone article description of jonathan isaac who told reporters he didn't feel he needs the shot because he had covid which is not an insane argument. >> i think that's the key point. it's become this huge article of faith in sectors of the media and liberal culture that anyone who is questioning the need for the vaccine for themselves is either incredibly primitive, stupid, morally defective or combination of both. if you listen to jonathan isaac speak, is it possible to say he's ill-informed. he's saying i'm 23 years old, which means my risk is extremely low, i'm extremely physically fit with no underlying health problems and i already had covid which means the natural immunity from having recovered is greater than what the vaccine can give me so, therefore, as low as a
8:45 am
risk as it is to get the vaccine in terms of adverse consequences, i still fear the vaccine more than i fear covid. i'm somebody who got the vaccine. but i listen to that and i think people like that should have the ability to make that choice for themselves and there's no way to listen to him and to conclude that he's stupid or ill-informed. that's a rational, cogent way of making a decision but they instantly label him anti-vaxx because all that term means at this point is somebody who questions dr. fauci or the world health organization or the scientific community. howie: i think everyone should be vaccinated. i also think somebody like an nba player has to make a personal decision. other stars like kyrie irving may not be able to play home games because of new york's vaccine mandates and the mandate question is a difficult debate beyond whether the safety and effectiveness which everyone should agree on for these vaccines. let me move on to google's
8:46 am
youtube which as you know has a huge reach, has now said it will ban any posting of anything, i'm going to read the exact language, any content that falsely alleges that approved vaccines are dangerous and you cause chronic health effects, claim that vaccines do not reduce transmission or contains misinformation on the substances contained in vaccines. your response? >> so you have to remember that google which owns youtube is probably the single most powerful corporation in the world in terms of control over of data and speech and their wealth. do we want this mega corporation policing our discourse and determining what can and can't be said on the internet? the reality is, howie, there are mainstream news outlets like the guardian which reported on a study that said that for boys from 13-18 the risk of a bad outcome from the vaccine is greater than the risk that if they got covid they would actually suffer any serious uh
8:47 am
illness. the idea that you can't debate these things without google intervening is compete madness. how authoritarian do you need be to want a corporation like google telling us what we can and can't say, not just on covid but many political debates. it is journalists who are supposed to defend free discourse and free inquiry, leading the way not just cheering google but demanding more and more censorship. howie: i'm not seeing many if any critical stories challenging youtube's action here. i don't think people should be able to use social media to lie about the vaccine. the key question is debate. and then i read in youtube's explanation, well, the company will allow personal testimonials on vaccine as long as the channel, the youtube channel, doesn't show a pattern of promoting vaccine hesitancy. that sounds pretty subjective. >> that's the key, is no one thinks lying is a good thing or
8:48 am
even healthy. it isn't. the problem is, the history of the vaccine is one where these authorities have gotten things wrong, really critical things wrong over and over. so if you had gone in march of 2020 and done a youtube video saying i think you should all wear masks even if you're not symptomatic, you would have done deemed at that time for -- that you were spreading covid disinformation because fauci and the w.h.o. were saying don't wear a mask, it's unnecessary and may be even dangerous. what is a scientific -- what if things evolve over time? it's crucial we remain free to question pronouncements of any authorities, and the power of big tech monopolies is used more and more to erode our ability to do that. it's dangerous. howie: you talked about the role of the media. new york state is in the process of firing a certain number of hospital and healthcare workers who refuse to get vaccinated. there's a headline in salon, it's time to start firing unvaccinated people. trump fans are overdue for a
8:49 am
lesson in consequences. what do you make of that and the particular almost taking glee in trump supporters allegedly, obviously they're not the only group, losing their jobs over these mandates. >> i mean, it's pure stateism. who would celebrate people losing their jobs with economic struggles and in the middle of a pandemic, especially over ideological dinchs. that's demented. that's -- sociopathic. they want to maintain a narrative that's false that it's just trump supporters who are vaccine hesitant. the reality is, there are large percentages of african-americans, latinos, people who live in large urban cities who are vaccine hesitant and have long been. what they're doing when they're calling on people to be punished who are vaccine hesitant, it's
8:50 am
calling on them all to lose their jobs or be punished instead of trying to persuade them that you would do in a civil society. howie: i hate anybody who takes pleasure or glee in people losing their jobs or getting sick if they were opposed to the vaccine. i'm glad we had a chance to talk about the free speech inmri cases here. -- implications here. still to come, britney spears is flying high, a political story sinks corey lewandowski and jon stewart's come back on the buzz meter, next but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone.
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8:54 am
instagram video of her flying a prop plane after a judge removed her father from the conservatorship she says was oppressive, this came as netflix posted a program about the pop star and a documentary revealed jamie spears hired a private eye firm that recorded bedroom conversations. >> her phone, her private conversations were used so often to control her. they would also monitor conversations with her friends, with her mom, with her lawyer. howie: this was absolutely abusive and britney's social media campaign paid off. a political story caused corey lewandowski his job. a republican donor is saying during a las vegas event last weekend donald trump's former campaign manager revealed he touched her leg and buttocks, talked about sexual performance
8:55 am
and influence on trump and she felt intimidated. his lawyer dismissed what he called accusations and rumors. the make america great again action pac said he will no longer be associated with trump world. kristi noem also severed ties with him. pat robertson is stepping down after 55 years at the christian broadcasting network he founded. the minister has been an influential and controversial voice of the christian right. he is 91. ozy media is dead, four days after a new york times expo say, the new chairman resigned, an outside probe was ordered and now it's toast. ben smith disclosed the network had a co-founder imperson ate aa youtube executive during a conference call with goldman
8:56 am
sachs. they say it was clearly a house of cards waiting to collapse. jon stewart launched his tv comeback on apple tv. he warned the new program won't be as funny as the daily show, he's getting lousy reviews. he started with a deadly serious topic, iraq war veterans who haven't been able to get healthcare after being exposed to toxic chemicals. >> burn pits. burn pits. we did that to ourselves. and as these smoldering ashtrays of freedom burned, they released a bouquet of carcinogens and it has had devastating consequences for the people who served. howie: he chatted with ailing veterans, interviewed the va secretary. knows 45 minutes of this sober stuff doesn't have mass appeal, and he's right. crew saiding rather than -- crusading rather than comedy is
8:57 am
a tough sell. i'm howard kurtz. i hope you like our facebook page. you can continue the conversation on twitter. you might want to check out my podcast. i'm out of time. we're back here sunday. you know the time. we'll see you then with the latest buzz. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. eric: we start with breaking news in afghanistan, the taliban says the number of civilians report say aides were killed when a bomb exploded outside of a mosque in kabul yesterday. all a possible preview of the deadly hatred and violence against the taliban by isis-k. hello, welcome to "fox news live" on this sunday. i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. the bomb went off near the entrance of a mosque where a memorial service was underway for the mother of a taliban


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