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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 3, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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i could not do it. i get scared when i walk up the stairs. "justice with judge jeanine" is next and remember i'm watters and this is my world. ♪. [playing of the star-spangled banner ♪
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♪. ♪. will: good morning. welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. will cain, pete hegseth. sitting right here wait to go own air, a surprise walked on to
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the set. rachel campos duffy. said it wouldn't a be is a surprise because you sent me a note. rachel: pete called to see how i was doing. pete: we're glad you're here. rachel: by the way did you have the texas flag as the last shot with the american flag and star-spangled banner. will: i did not. i did not. if i arranged that shot would be probably the one where the two flags polls were not even, with the texas flag slightly below the american flag. pete: you know what he did arrange today, arranged to wear the purple tie on this sunday. thank you, will cain. will: totally did not do that but you need all the support. pete: after last sunday, looking good. i don't have a good transition.
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rachel: how about building back better? pete: building back worse. we can go there. all week we covered the fact that the democrats planned to deliver on the reconciliation bill and so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill. they wanted it monday, they wanted it thursday, they wanted it friday and they didn't get it. he refused to take questions from his own caucus. on his way to vacation yesterday in delaware, he managed to blurt out a few words to the press there. remember when donald trump would stand there for 30, 40, 50 minutes take questions from anybody? he blurted out a few things about his commitment to build back better, get his social i-t spending plan passed. here is what he said. >> everybody is frustrated. part of being in the government. it is frustrating. one of the things i love about you guys, biden vowed he would do this. biden commits. biden will work like hell to make sure we get both these passed. i think we will get those
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passed. reporter: thanksgiving sir, do you think this could be done by thanksgiving. >> done by 2:27 a.m., come on. i think it will get done, plenty of time for it to be part of changing the tax code for people next year. rachel: so interesting because if you talked to people like my husband who were, was in congress when president obama was there, when joe biden was vice president, owe was the guy they would send to the hill to, capitol hill to close deals. he was great at this. you see he couldn't get it done here. i think the reason was actually really well-synthesized by michael good win in "the new york post." he said the president is a weak befuddled president, to what you said earlier, pete. he is the emptyist of empty suits. all talk, no conviction couldn't stand up to the taliban and couldn't stand up to the wingnuts in his own party. he had a bad couple months.
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i don't think we need this bill. he don't think we need either of these bills. i'm against all of this. made him look like he was bipartisan, moving forward, doing something good. he couldn't do all of that. will: i think do you get what you paid for? think about all the moderates in the last election, what was sold, actually thought. what was sold a moderate presidential candidate in joe biden who had a history of deal-making to your point, especially in the senate, supposed to bring adults back in the room. pete: and unity, and unity, exactly right. that is the billboard outside the store you went into to buy something. think what you got. you got, i think fair to say, somewhat befuddled, clearly not a deal-maker, clearly not a unifier, can't unify the democratic party. critics said he was an empty vessel ready to be filled, in whatever direction, who had the most juice could do so.
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we see who has the most juice, the democratic wing -- progressive wing of the democratic party. he is not the deal-maker. he is not the moderate. he is an empty vessel. pete: you don't go to capitol hill unless there is a deal to be closed he didn't. michael waltz didn't fight for the country to become socialists. >> i didn't come to almost die twice to come to a country led by chinese economists. that is exactly the road we're on right now. what i think you will see play out for the last month. they will go the policies f they get the programs in place, to redefine the country. the judge as you said the problem with socialism you run out of other peoples money. margaret thatcher said that. that is the tragic road we're on until we can get the house back.
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pete: it is top line number doesn't really matter. don't forget about 3.5. 8.1. clutches of new dependency class hooked on government they think will benefit them. rachel: absolutely. i watched judge jeanine's show this morning, getting ready in the car, and her whole show was, she looked at venezuela. if you talk to people from venezuela, talk to people from cuba. they say we saw all of this before. as you said, getting people dependent on government. getting them used to sort of just scraps off the government table. this is what we saw this whole pandemic year, getting people what was essentially a pretext of a universal income. this is exactly where we're heading. michael waltz is 100% about that. when you do that with inflation, people are buying bitcoins, people are concerned where the
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country is going. i'm sorry, i may be crazy, i'm hearing people say i don't want to be like the cubans who waited to long to figure out what was happening. this thing, we are headed down a socialist path and i'm not sure if there is enough of us who see it to stop it. make we can halt it a little bit in the midterm elections but there is a whole generation of young kids who just aren't afraid of socialism. have no idea what it means. i think are going to be, our leaders coming -- will: who sees, who noticed the divide. who noticed this isn't the moderate deal-making president we thought he would be might look at popular culture, mainstream media. here is "saturday night live"'s cold open from last night. >> how is everybody's summer? mine was bad. [laughter]. not cuomo bad but definitely not good. america needs me. democrats need me.
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major infrastructure bill, must get passed. >> what i want from the bill, i didn't come to congress to make friends. so far, mission accomplished. that's right. i'm a democrat from west virginia, if i vote for electric cars they will kill me. >> thank you for not calling me kamala. i was designed in a lab to give tucker carlson a heart attack. >> it is me the cruella of the met gala. i wear a dress that said tax the rich. spent all my partying with the rich. oops. >> it will be more than okay. take it from me, governorrish andrew cuomo. pete: pretty good. still light they would never take real swipes at democrats. it is made for real comedy.
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here is the thing, we're talking about democrat disarray. it is true at some level. i think crazy part they're pretty good closing ranks at end of the day even with 50 votes. i think they know their goose is cooked what is happened the last eight, nine months. this bill they got some republicans to vote for on the infrastructure side, the other ones with the promises they can make people even health care for illegals. they say they're doing it we're more compassionate. they will find a way to close ranks. republicans have no mechanism to stop it, krysten sinema and joe manchin. if combs down to 1.9. make them down two year sunset, four year sunset to make lights like expensive. all tricks to get it in. they get a pass to dare republicans to undo it. republicans are terrible undoing. rachel: can i say one last point about infrastructure, i believe,
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i said this before to both of you, i think the biggest mistake donald trump ever made was not following his gut instinct when he got into office. he wanted to infrastructure. he was right person to infrastructure. he would reform the process for licenserring, permitting. we were getting roads. people doing this, $3.5 trillion humanitarian an waver infrastructure, these people are the same people that put together the stimulus package that you know, created no roads, no bridges, nothing, remember the shovel-ready jobs, nothing happened. so again, that was with $800 billion. almost a trillion. now they have -- pete: all has to be union jobs too. rachel: exactly. nothing is going to get done with this and we missed an opportunity, whoever were the establishment republicans who discouraged trump from doing infrastructure and told him to do health care first, shame on
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you, because the wrong party is doing it. will: your prediction the $3.5 trillion spending bill will work its way through the senate, reconciliation package, sinema, manchin will jump on board, may not be a $3.5 trillion package but 2 trillion-dollar package with trucks? pete: unfortunately i think so. that is their one lifeboat. it scares the heck out of me. look with the taxes and inflation, terrible piece ever legislation. will: before that happen, joe biden someone in the democratic party will have to figure out to make a deal work within that party. that is it what has to happen. they hadn't figured out how to do that yet. speaking of infrastructure, yesterday we had an interview on "fox & friends." talked about the texas military department, willing to put up a fence along the southern border. there is estimate of some say size of 80,000 people making
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their way north. here is what texas government greg abbott had to say. the texas national guard is increasing for caravans expected to cross because of biden's border policy they are working with the texas department of public safety to seal surge locations and arrest trespassers. that is what texas is doing with a major new wave of haitian migrants making their way north. rachel: there was a infrastructure project at the border. it was called a wall. joe biden stopped that. americans lost jobs. now we see the border patrol could have used that help with the wall with this surge. "the l.a. times" interviewed, an anticorruption activist in guatemala. here is what he says. so frustrated that conditions worsened since harris visited. he wants more conversation.
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americans can afford to look away from a country on the other side of the globe. if they ignore nearby ones you will have one million people at the border. pete, i would say, that as kamala harris said she wanted to look at root causes, not actually seal our border, or lift the morale and help out the border patrol, one of the root causes of people migrating, maybe not haitians but certainly central americans is the violence and strength of the cartels and living conditions that the cartels have created in so many of these countries in central america and also in mexico. they're richer now. they have never been stronger. of they are richer. we're helping them with their money making scheme by flying them across the country. pete: this from activist in
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guatamala, this is one of the countries that kamala harris was focusing on. their conditions have worsened. many haitians came in the first caravan, come from future ones lived in central and south america for year. the border is open for years. drop my identification and become a refugee in the united states of america. we're not talking 80,000. that is just the haitians. we're talking i heard numbers, 300,000, 400,000, upwards a million people that still know the border is wide open. i see the pictures from texas. it is heartening. i hope they have the police powers to do what they want to do. ultimately border patrol. rachel: can texas do that? do they have -- will: infrastructure in texas is not meant to secure the national border. that is job for the federal government. can they solve a problem the federal government is unwilling to do. it would be a first essentially a state step up to handle what
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is dictated in the constitution, power directed to the federal government. real quick, the word you used, that is important, signal. we can't solve the problems of central america. we can't solve the cartel problem. we can't solve the poverty problem. we can't stop other people's problems, but we can send a signal that by running to the united states you can't solve your problems. we have a legal refugee process, we have a legal process for all these things, to see potentially a million people show up at thee border we sent a wrong signal. rachel: it is by design. talk about fairness, this is not fair for people waiting to do this legally, see hundreds of thousands potentially millions crossing the border. it is not fair. will: additional news. gabby petito's mom goes to
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twitter. mama bear is getting angry. turn yourself in. the "dog the bounty hunter" says keep the tips coming in to help the search for laundrie. in north carolina a hiker says he has no doubt he spoke with petito's boyfriend. he said a man look look laundrie looking for california. okay back roads of the appalachia trail? a major oil spill of 13 miles, forcing closure of ocean waters off the southern coast. 3,000 bears leaked three miles offshore. overnight the spill already reached shores in orange county as the coast guard works with local authorities on containment. the cause of the spill is still under investigation. brandon brown taking the checkered flag at talladega after this multidriver wreck
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ended the race under caution. >> oh, my god. thank you dad, we did it. will: as brown celebrated his special his post race interview was drowned out by anti-biden chants from the crowd. i don't think we would have a sound. rachel: we would have a bleep a lot of that. we were in talladega, we never saw a fiery crash like that. will: no, we didn't. that was the xfinity race. the big race is today. they run two races at at tallada a year. we should go again. as race for governor "heats" up in virginia, they are rallying against democrats that back woke curriculums. >> i'm in the fight against the liberal indoctrination that the school board is pushing on our children. pete: how parents push back to
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." virginia parents are rallying for reform against, mcauliffe wants to be the state's governor. was the state's governor before. this race could be a bellwether for the 2022 midterms. a lot of parents, left, right, especially independents are not happy what is happening with the school system. particularly with regards to a critical race theory a mother who was speaking at this rally, interesting a cuban-american, here is what she has to say. >> america is watching loudon county. all of america, have been inspired by parents stepping forward to annoy terry terry mcauliffe by actually trying to have a say in their children's education. >> see, my parents lost their freedoms and had to escape from
3:24 am
communist cuba in 1961. i'm in this fight against the liberal indoctrination that the school board is trying to push on our children. >> it is not completely the teachers fault, and it is not completely these radical progressive school boards fault, it is our fault. the constitution is it clear. the virginia code is clear. all of the powers are given to them are given to them by us. pete: beautiful statement. it all true. those people will get an opportunity in november of 2021. it is off year election in the state of virginia. glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe. virginia is state unfortunately spending blue for the last few years, mcauliffe who has been governor, has 100% name i.d., it would be indication how sour biden's approval ratings are, democrats are generally are, issues like covid too which hit loudoun county, hit virginia,
3:25 am
like everybody else are starting to rattle it the cages of voters, saying i want a different alternative. rachel: crt. people are sick and tired after school system teaching their kids to hate their country, hate each other, be suspicious of each other. will: thought about you the other day, rachel, terry mcauliffe in debate basically said the quiet part out loud, he said something numerous in this show, you said i don't think parents should be primary drivers of children's education, educators. you made the point they think your children are theirs to do what with they make. by the way, lara trump did the same thing on judge jeanine's show. watch. >> they're not hiding it. your children are part of their new world order, to socialize america whether you like it or not. if the collateral damage is taking any patriotism out of our children's lives, making sure they hate the country, hate one
3:26 am
another, they're happy to do it. think about it. if you want, at the end of the day to socialize a country you don't want your students to be proefficient in reading and math. you want to indoctrinate them with critical race theory. you don't want them to have tools to actually have a life when ever leave school because then they can be fully reliant on the government, judge. that is the goal, that is their plan. the scary part they are not trying to hide it. rachel: i made the decision after this year, pandemic, after what we saw everything about the country, we have been talking about it, i made the decision i'm not coparenting with the government anymore. take charge what my kids are learning. getting more involved. that is why parent around the country are doing it. that is what is happening loudoun county. that is what the young man said
3:27 am
beautifully stated. those boards are empowered by us. too many conservatives are busy, we have our lives, we are running to soccer, we are running to this, we just sort of ceded education over to these teachers, over to these school systems we assumed have our value system and we're learning especially because of zoom and the pandemic that they don't. pete: we'll see how much that issue resonates. most statewide national races are not run on education. usually not a top issue. it should be but it isn't urnly n this race it is front and center. maybe it will be a -- will: feels like it will be this time. rachel: i think so too. new clues in the search for brian laundrie. the evidence k-9 search crews say they found leads them to believe laundrie may still be in florida. vaccine plan dates are leaving new york city schools understaffed. the fight teachers are bringing to the state in order to get into the classroom.
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ask your doctor about botox® today. ♪. pete: we're back with some quick headlines. over two million dollars have been raised for jailedded lieutenant colonel scheller. they are raising funds on behalf of the marine who faces possible charges over his public criticism of military leadership and the debacle in afghanistan. scheller is accused of refusing order to stop posting his critical videos on social media. of the his trial is set for tuesday. god bless him. the baby who was saved by marines in kabul airport is living safely with a family in arizona. he, his wife and child were all reunited in phoenix area. they hope quote at the start of a great future. those marines gave them the
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chance ♪ will: thanks, pete. as more people join the manhunt for the brian laundrie. our next guest says dog the bounty hunter may be anying around in the right place. he started search in for the desoto park. that there are clues they are closing in on laundrie's whereabouts. michael, what have you seen, what clues are showing up you might be on the right trail for brian and you dry? >> i wasn't out there the last couple days. we were called on to another search assisting alzheimer's victim as recovery which was successful. they're checking all the islands where he could be. searching for any clues is he out there. checking any encampments. we're using k-9s to clear the islands to make sure he is or is not there. will: that is fort detoto park.
3:35 am
there are islands out there to check. there are plenty of remote places for him to disappear into? what do you make on the other hand -- i think dog the bounty hunter guessed this could be true as well, he might be somewhere on the appalachian trail. there is report of a hiker who thinks he encountered brian laundrie on the appalachian trail. what do you think of that lead? >> with all leads they have to be prioritized and worked according to their credibility. i'm sure there is team up there to see about he is up there or that lead is credible. will: you have information, you are aware of the information when it comes to fort detote sew park, how do you use dogs, actual dog, not dog the bounty hunter to help help track him down in place like for the desoto park? >> around fort desoto park there, are one big island and several little islands.
3:36 am
some are wildlife swank sanctuaryies. the k-9s are used to work from the boat, detect human scent. they have worked successfully located some cams that we've been age to find on some of the smaller outer islands. will: in order to use the trail sniffing to find brian laundrie they have to have a original scent, right? have they been able to -- i know the family has not been totally cooperative. have they been able to find something to work off of? >> well, no. in this case there are two-ways to work theology. one what we call specific scent where we have a targeted odor from the victim or person we're looking for. the other method we call general human cent because humans carry certain common odor traits that the dogs can distinguish. we're using them in that mode. these islands are not big. they don't require a huge amount
3:37 am
of people on them. there shouldn't be any people on them because most of them are off limits. so if there is a person in there it is unique. so the dogs alerting on a general human scent will allow us to go in to check it out. will: i see. we appreciate you sharing the latest how this search could be going down, michael. we hope it leads to a fruitful outcome. thank you. >> thank you, will. thanks for having me. will: thousands of new york city teachers are on leave as the city's covid vaccine mandate takes effect. our next guest is a teacher for eight years. she is fighting to get back in the classroom. hear her story next. ♪.
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♪. rachel: welcome back to fox and friend es. new york city schools will scramble to fill thousands of vacancies tomorrow after the city's new covid mandates force unvaccinated teachers to go on unpaid leave or resign with severance. our next guest is among those employees. new york city school teacher nicole. nicole, welcome. >> thank you for having me. rachel: tell me what was your reaction when you heard about the mandate and how severe it is? they won't let you have a job in between while you are waiting for the pandemic hopefully to stop being a problem?
3:42 am
>> yeah, so, we actually found out two weeks before the school year was starting in august. they did not give us enough time to figure out what we could do if we decided not to go along with this mandate and they allowed in our classroom for a month, you know, three weeks, making connections with our students and you know, it was supposed to be september 27th. then they were allowing us to stay in the classroom for the rest of last week and now yesterday i received an email now i'm on unpaid leave. i just don't understand -- going to say i just don't understand why i could go in for three weeks and now i'm a public health threat. rachel: exactly. just going to ask you in that three week period, were there any outbreaks, were there any teachers that got covid, hospitalized, infected anyone?
3:43 am
>> yes. there were in my school, we did have many cases, positive cases. a lot of the information is confidential so i'm not aware of which teachers, which students that were you know made aware but, you know, there were, but there weren't that many from what i heard. rachel: okay. so let me ask you this. you have nine years of teaching experience. they will replace teachers like you i guess, some 5500 of them were substitutes. i was in school. i remember what substitute teachers were like. i was a substitute teacher for a while. how does that compare -- >> so was i. rachel: how does that compare to actual teachers that formed a bond, have so many years of experience in the classroom and especially coming off of a year of zoom teaching and so forth? >> yes. you know, this, something that they have been talking about,
3:44 am
they want us to do with our students, social, emotional learning, since the past 18 months we haven't been in school, haven't had that connection with our students. to come back, teach them, social, emotional learning, be there for them, you know, for me i teach esl. so my students come from other countries. they don't speak the language. i had some of them three, four years now. they're in tears that i had to tell them on, that i'm not coming back. you know, who are we supposed to go to now? rachel: do you feel, nicole, so 93% of the teachers in new york city are vaccinated. do you feel it is more of the vaccinated, those who are vaccinated, those teachers stood with those who were unvaccinated that this the schools or the department of education in new york would not have been able to do this to you? do you feel like you weren't supported by your fellow
3:45 am
teachers? >> in my school i felt a lot of support from my coworkers. they understood my decision. they were standing by me. my principal and my assistant principal were in tears but it was not like that for other teachers out there. there were many that they feel, now i'm going to have to take on the coverage. they're going to have to take on the bulk of the work and, again, it is the first month into the school year and it is going to be very detrimental to these students and for their mental health and stability and, you're just taking us out and like you know, i heard people are saying that we are, it is a form of terrorism, okay, that we are you know, unvaccinated. rachel: right. >> i have natural immunity. there has been many studies
3:46 am
going on right now, even senator ron cole spoke about it and he said the vaccinated are actually seven times more likely to get covid than people who have natural immunity. rachel: nicole, we have to wrap it up, but you're absolutely right about natural immunity. they are stronger than the vaccine. listen, i know you felt also abandoned by your union. we hope to have you back to get a follow up what happened but again, thank you so much for all that you do for new york public schools. hopefully this will be resolved. thank you, nicole. >> i hope so too. thank you. rachel: i will read really quick a statement by the new york department of education. this is what they said. vaccinations are the strongest tool in the fight against covid-19 and core of our vaccination mandate is the health and safety of our kids and staff. over 90% of entire workers, 93% of teachers and principals have gotten vaccinated.
3:47 am
with very robust in all place for our schools on monday. pete? pete: rachel, thank you very much. great interview. turning to a few additional headlines. authorities in florida believe they found the body of mia mercano. a body was recovered 20 miles from her home and a purse with her identification was found near her body. medical examiner is working to look at the remains and find cause of death. the only person that was missing with her was found in apparent suicide in his apartment. this photo right here is capturing the hearts of social media users t shows a billings, montana, firefighter reading to a little curve who survive ad car wreck. first responder, brian benton using the book to make the child feel at ease of at horrific ordeal. the department carries around a bag of donated books to share
3:48 am
with kids. beautiful. britney spears may be one step closer to freedom but a return to the stage is reportedly the last thing on her mind. sources tell "tmz" britney doesn't want to work right now. she earned it, rachel. some believe she may never perform again. i don't believe that. rachel: i don't believe it. pete: no way, in her britney. if you seek britney, i can't say the other one, enjoying recent engagement, celebrating of her suspension her dad jamie, after nearly 13 years in control of her life. i believe she is vacationing somewhere in the caribbean. rachel: living her best life ever with her hot new fiance. pete: baring all. we'll leave it there. will: football highlights coming up or something? pete: no, just britney. the global supply chain is in chaos as cargo ships face delays
3:49 am
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♪. pete: the christmas season is just around the corner and
3:53 am
americans could face shortages in toys, electronics and clothing as the global supply chain son the brink of collapse. you don't see it until it is gone. dozens of cargo ships anchored off new york and los angeles could wait four weeks just to dock as port delays are up 43%. trains in chicago backed up 25 miles to deliver their cargo. fox business correspondent lydia hu breaks this down what it means for your family. so great to have you. you're in the field all the time. great to have you here. what do you make of this? why is this happening? reporter: the short answer, pete this is driven by a labor shortage, not just domestically but internationally. find people to work in the ports, load containers, get them on ships, is tough. they're down all ends. it means a backlog at the ports. we don't have enough truck drivers to get them where they
3:54 am
need to go. we're waiting longer, paying more basically for all of our holiday goods, basically into the start of next year. pete: waiting longer, paying more, much of what we're relying on here is from china. thethe cost of freight from chia to the west coast. we have a graphic. it was 6 grand in january. it is up five-fold. reporter: it is way up. pete: we're dependent on china. reporter: estimates i'm seeing 25,000, 35,000 to get a container over from china. you got to think the companies paying the freight costs they're passing it along to us. big reason why we see inflation up 5.3% right now over last year. that means you're paying more than 5% for all of your consumer goods. there were examples in there where you're paying a lot more. in addition to paying more, there is just not going to be the selection. you will not see sizes, colors, all the variety of toys on the
3:55 am
shelf. the toy association estimate this is country sells 3 billion toys every year that are coming from china. and, i'm sorry, 85% of those are coming from china. pete: 85% of 3 billion. any of these delays, any of these costs could they create a manufacturing renaissance or opportunity for companies domestically or will we end up dealing with this? reporter: one would hope, federal chairman jerome powell talked about this earlier this week, saying he is expecting inflation, supply chain gnarl ups through next year. this will not be something we see immediate resolution too. there is open letter by organizations that represent the port workers around the world pleading for help to get some international standards going that will help you know regulate this process a little more. one of the challenges is that dealing with covid around the world, you're seeing
3:56 am
asymmetrical policies. all it takes one covid case in china to shut down an entire port. just one. they have zero tolerance policy. you shut down one major port there. we're all waiting longer here for thousands and thousands of goods. pete: great information. lydia hu, thanks for being with us this morning. great to see you. more "fox & friends" just a moment. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ upbeat, catchy music ♪ >> tech: i am safelite. >> tech: i am safelite. are you? >> tech: at safelite, we're hiring. >> tech: apply now to start your future. >> tech: i make a difference, and you can too. >> techs: we are safelite. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow
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♪. pete: we have finally made it. finally. rachel: we arrived. pete: took months, years, in the vaunted living room of the "fox & friends" studio f studio. difficult to get a new photo in that living room. shockingly somehow we made it. rachel: we made it. i think there was lobbying going
4:01 am
on. pete: many complaints to hr. union rep. why can't we get a photo in the room? rachel: do we have a union rep? pete: yes, brian kilmeade. will: all of that was washed away with the idea that brian kilmeade was my union rep. i felt safe in the job and now i feel very, very fragile. rachel: it makes me feel safer. will: that brian kilmeade is our representative? jo tough guy. pete: i'm sure he would negotiate ferociously on our behalf. take a look at it. when we do segments down there. rachel: we arrived. pete: that is it whether you know you made it there. rachel: i thought when i got my name in "the daily mail" but it is actually, got my name on that shelf. it is okay, just being in "the daily mail" for me meant i arrived. bad story but "daily mail."
4:02 am
my favorite, my favorite. pete: never make it for good reason. will: we made it to the living room. we'll see how long the picture sits there. pete: could be removed. will: very easily. for weeks to come. we move to this. a fascinating story about vaccine mandates, you become somewhat accustomed to the stories when it comes to various state employers, private employers requiring their employees to get the vaccine in order to continue employment but how about this? this is from a hospital in louisiana. it is called oxner health and they have implemented a spousal requirement for a vaccine mandate. you heard me right, a spousal requirement. so if you work at a given corporation and your health care provider, you get your health care coverage through that corporation, they now have requirements in louisiana with this one health care system that your husband or wife, your spouse will have to get the vaccine in order to stay on their health care coverage. here is what they had to say,
4:03 am
jason bailey who is the ceo of this health care system. oxner is implementing a new spousal covid vaccine as part of the 2022 medical plan premium f a spouse is covered by one of our medical plans in 2022, unvaccinated against covid-19, a 100-dollar per paid period fee will apply. $200 a month to keep your spouse on the health care rolls. rachel: quite unbelievable. warner thomas is the ceo. pete: i believe it is ochsner. my wife is from louisiana. rachel: it is the system. this is what he has to say. this is not a mandate as non-employee spouses and domestic partners can choose to select a health plan outside of oschner health plan. that is disingenuous. pete: it is. rachel: your spouse is part of the plan, you don't have to be
4:04 am
part of plan or you can pay this fee. this is penalty, i wonder other health companies following suit. pete: i didn't see this coming. play the roulette of what, tie it to your spouse. going home, getting infections. the logic of the left. what takes this is difference from insurance plan. i thought about your own insurance plan. i never been asked when my kids to an insurance plan what is their health status, my wife's health status when i signed them up. they don't ask you that. maybe there are places where they do it. maybe there are instances when it comes into play. generally speaking if you're employed somewhere your family can come on the health care plan. the army didn't even ask that. here they're saying we need to know. if they don't have a shot you're paying more. will: warner thomas is the ceo
4:05 am
of ochsneer health system. jason bailey found this, tweeted it out. in this statement ochsner health says your spouse has to be fully vaccinated in order to avoid the penalty that statement, fully vaccinated is what stood out to me. because what does that mean to be fully vaccinated? i think we have inappropriately now starting to divide ourselves into the vaccinated, unvaccinated. i have news for everyone watching, pretty much all of us are unvaccinated according to dr. anthony fauci who said to "the atlantic." he suggested third shots could become common practice, today took a stronger tact, quote, likely for complete real regimen you would need a third dose. the conversation was in context of places like new york city require vaccine passports. go into restaurants you have to prove your vaccination status, going forward, it could be to
4:06 am
show that you had your third shot, booster shot, that according to fauci is the definition of being fully vaccinated. sop welcome to the world of the unvaccinated. almost everyone. rachel: again, not really weird that this health insurance company isn't following the science of natural immunity because people who have already had covid like me and pete, have better immunities than people who are vaccinated. that is why it was so interesting when i interviewed nicole breker, a new york public school teacher, shoe he is about to lose her job even though she had covid, they want to force her to get vaccinated, nursing moms, moms who are teachers, going to fertility treatments, force them to get the jab whether they have covid or not. and if they don't, they're going to lose their jobs. here is what she had to say.
4:07 am
>> they did not give us enough time to figure out what we could do if we decided not to go along with this mandate and, they allowed us in our classroom for a month, you know, three weeks, making connections with our students. for me i teach esl. so my students, are, they come from other countries. they don't speak the language. i have had some of them for three or four years now and they're in tears that i had to tell them on, that i'm not coming back and you know, who are we supposed to go to now? i don't understand why i could go in for three weeks and now i'm a public health threat. pete: yeah. from teachers to nurses, health care workers, from heros to zeros. thanks for what you did for quite some time. see you later. here is the door. the other thing on insurance, think about it, didn't we have a big fight about preexisting conditions? i don't really know how that works but aren't you not allowed to discriminate on a preexisting
4:08 am
condition. couldn't you argue that being not vaccinated is a preexisting condition? i don't know where that logic leads. rachel: i think everything about hipaa is eliminated. nicole, this teacher, nine years of experience on the job, they will replace her and 5500 teachers with substitutes. i was a substitute. that was my job for a long time when i was young 20 some-year-old. i can tell you know, we played videogames. that is how it was. we played videogames. pete: wheeled in the tv. rachel: wheeled in the tv. passed out paperwork. this is not serving children well. when we already know these children are not in any danger. she was working, as she said for a month and nothing happened to her. she said a few other people got covid. people get covid around they don't necessarily die from it. will: really good observation about the preexisting conditions. so many. rachel: great point. will: so many hypocritical moments, talking about vaccine
4:09 am
passports whether or not they systematically racist or whether or not a vaccine requirement with the health care coverage violates previously held position not discriminating against preexisting conditions. the hypocrisies you are flooded with them. can't keep up with it. then there is this. bari weiss former "new york times" op-ed editor. why i am suing ucla i refuse to discriminate against my students. then the problems began. a ucla professor named gordon klein in a podcast with bari weiss, here is what he said about the choices he made at ucla and the ramification. >> i received a email approximately one week after the death of george floyd asking me to grade my black students with leniency. the request did not come from an upset student for himself nor did it come from somebody who himself was black.
4:10 am
he was in my view being rather condescending and elitist. i was very upset that somebody would dare infannize black students. that was outrageous. the dean proceeded to suspend me later that day. banned me from physically going to the campus where i had was no safety risk for the better part of 40 years. no employee ever should cower at the cancel culture power of their employer. pete: very interesting. i remember this is from last year. not this incident in particular but we cover ad number of incidents saying you don't have to do anything to black students or other students, white students affected by it, feel affected what is going on with george floyd. don't come to flat. don't worry about papers. in this case he held everyone to the same standard. the person declaring students should get leniency is not a person who says she he or she was affected by it. asking the professor lower
4:11 am
standards in certain people in arbitrary way. rachel: he responded what if you're from minneapolis, white affected by it. reporter: he wrote what if you're mixed race. get half leniency. asked the question back to the student, canceled. boom. can't have that conversation. rachel: he made a great point insulting it is to minorities. pete: right. rachel: to think minorities need a break us george floyd happened in minneapolis. the incident happened there and somehow students in you know, california need to get a break and have their grades adjusted because they're so fragile that they can't handle it. i mean it's so demeaning. it is so insulting. i don't understand why black people haven't stood up find out who is the white guy demanding this. will: absolutely. insulting them. >> it is an insult. pete: what was soft bigotry of low expectations that whole idea
4:12 am
certain people can't cope and standards shouldn't apply. will: set up the next story? pete: yes. rachel: okay, tom brady is this guy who plays for the patriots. no he used -- he used to play -- i got the scoop on this. used to play for the patriots, married to gisele a model. that is the detail i got. he has two kids. had a messy divorce. now he plays for the buccaneers. will: good job. never been divorced. rachel: that was girlfriend. you're right t was a girlfriend t was bad. will: getting caught in details details -- pete: went as well as i hoped it would. rachel: so evil. will: tom brady returning to new england tonight as a tampa bay buccaneer where he won the super bowl. pete: gisele will probably be there. rachel: good. will: the first time returning to new england, first time as a
4:13 am
tampa bay buccaneer. he put out a tweet. so many different directions what we do or don't have. we do not have his tweet. i believe we might have the sound where he talks about returning to new england to play against the patriots. big game, sunday night. watch. >> just excited to go up there to beat a really great football team. that is ultimately what this week is about. it is not about the quarterback, the fans or home crowd, relationships for 20 years. it is about relationships for two good teams going at it. lags week was a huge test. we didn't quite meet it. we have another huge test. we need to meet the challenge. rachel: he sounds sick. pete: there are tweets that belichick is messing with his health. belichick is a wizard. it will be a huge game. will: i don't know how he messed with his health? pete: it is out there.
4:14 am
conspiracy theory, brady got sick because belichick -- new england onlyteam tom brady has never beaten because he played there his whole career. will: i'm taking the bucs, giving up six 1/2. almost a touchdown. tom brady understands the environment, understands the crowd, understands belichick, understands stadium. pete: doesn't belichick know him? throw the kitchen sink. will: you remember "the princess bride" one of the challenges was poison? you know what i know. the challenge for belichick and brady. rachel: i do have something to contribute to the segment. i do know gisele and tom brady are very healthy. i'm really surprised by. this i saw this whole segment what they eat. they don't eat like any meat. they have smoothies. will: don't ito mate toes. strawberries. rachel: crazy diet.
4:15 am
maybe your theory is right. i'm with pete on this. pete: more germs the better. will: you heard my pick for the game. you can make yours at fox bet. pick many games today. bucs-pats one of them. take your chance to win $100,000 of terry bradshaw's money. rachel: wow, that is a lot of money. will: don't want to do bucs-pats, look at this line up of games you could, you could potentially place a bet on. cowboys-panthers, 1:00 on fox. giants-saints, washington football team, lie ans bears, cardinals-rams, late window. pete: feeling good about your boys. will: i actually do. you feel good about vikings. pete: best 1-2 team in football. we're about to get better. rachel: sure. will: st.s-packerss not sure. turning to a few additional
4:16 am
headlines, activist in guatamala warns the migrant crisis could bring one million people to the u.s.-mexico border. that activist met vice president kamala harris when she visited earlier this year. she said conditions only got worse in central america. republican governors around the country are set to hold a border crisis news conference this week in mission, texas. miami's effort to control the shout beach party scene are being labeled as racist. the city has seen, been trying to reduce noise and crime levels in the area with the mayor calling the entainment district, quote, a magnet for crime. critics including former head of miami-dade's naacp chapter say the push for police makes black tourists in the area feel like, quote, second class citizens. mick jagger goes incognito to grab some beers at a north carolina watering hole. this instagram photo shows the
4:17 am
rolling stones legend drinking at a salon in charlotte. owner said one recognized jagger as he posed for a photo at the bar. jagger and the stones were in town to perform as part of their no filter tour. pete: no one recognized him? will: somebody must. pete: he wasn't drinking at salon, the saloon. will: did i say salon. did i ron burgundy it? pete: saloon in there. will: i stumbled through that. i noticed, several times. there are times i don't know. can't read. rachel: it happens. pete: i get that. rachel: i have something to talk to you guys about. three of my favorite people had their birthdays this week. my husband, sean, birthday is today. turns big five- pete: big five 0? rachel: big five 0, my older and youngest valentina had birthdays this week. it was a big birthday week in the duffy household. get the picture of little
4:18 am
valentina and davida together this summer in northern wisconsin. sean's favorite place to be. pete: happy birthday to all. what are you doing for the five-0? rachel: not much. have a barbecue. will: get him a motorcycle? rachel: hell to. he got moat cycle early in our marriage, i made him return it. i said we have too many kid for me to be a widow. i made him return it. pete: fair point. very cool. rachel: president biden's agenda is stalling in congress as division in his own party grows. congressman jim banks says dems have failed. he will join us next. "snl" returns with a dig at the president's summer. take a look. >> how was everybody's summer? mine was bad. not cuomo bad but definitely not afghanistan good. rachel: did the show tyke it too easy on the president? local comedian tim young has
4:19 am
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♪. >> what is your message to moderates who are frustrated with the delay in the vote? >> everybody's frustrated. part of being in the government. biden will work like hell to make sure we get both these passed. i think we will get them passed. rachel: president biden sweeping economic agenda facing an uncertain future as democrats fail to unify over his scaled back $3.5 trillion spending package and a vote on the infrastructure bill which is delayed yet again. pete: our next guest says this proves the democrat party has been overtaken by radicals. indiana gop congressman jim banks is here to explain. congressman, thanks so much for being here. explain that, yeah. so this process to you exposes that the radicals are at the helm here? >> well there is no yes about it at this point. bernie sanders earlier in the week tweeted to house democrats not to support the fake infrastructure bill that
4:24 am
nancy pelosi promised to bring to a vote on the floor. so what do they do? they brought joe biden to the capitol. usually when the president is of the same party as the party in power you bring the president of the united states to the capitol to meet with your conference to close the deal. in this case he blew up the deal. he came to the house conference meeting for the democrats and actually blew it up and now we see that they were supposed to hold a vote on thursday. they changed the rules, extended thursday so it lasted all the way through friday. they still couldn't get it done which is good for the american people. you have democrats fighting with each other, josh gottheimer who represents the more moderate faction of the democrats says he can no longer trust speaker pelosi. you have joe manchin cutting back-room deals with chuck schumer in the senate which upsets bernie sanders. you got senator sinema yesterday saying she is frustrated because she can't take the democrat leadership's word either. this is a bad recipe for the
4:25 am
democrats. it is good for america. as long as democrats are talking about passing trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars of socialist spending bills there is a chance that they could send our country down a path where we don't want to go but the good news they failed that this week. will: congressman, how do you explain the divide between the democratic party? do you see it as a real idealogical difference between the far left progressive wing like aoc and kyrsten sinema? they seeing what the polls say may or may not want and they're trying to be responsive to the constituents? what is the explanation for the divide? >> make no doubt about it democrat party today is bernie sanders's democrat party. not our grand pa's democrat party. bernie sanders and socialist, progressives, radical wing, aoc, sanders and others control the democrat party today. why sinema, gottheimer, manchin,
4:26 am
why these guys are so frustrated because they know the majority of america is center right. they know the majority of america does not want this country to become a socialist country but the socialist democrats control their party. i'm as hopeful that i can ever be the republicans will win back the house majority next year in the midterm election because the country doesn't match up where the radical democrats are today. rachel: i understand why you're hopeful that republicans might win in the midterm, however i don't know if i share your hope. pete was talking earlier, the democrats are good at unifying. they may come together as biden said come you know, before thanks giving say, come up with a bill. even if it is two trillion, they will get their programs in, they will get the socialist agenda. they know they will lose in the midterms might as well get the government programs in, get people addicted to government and dependency and they win? >> you might be right. i hope not.
4:27 am
we're going to fight on our side as much as we can to prevent them from passing whether 3 1/2 trillion dollars, plus the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. whether they scale it back to half of that. we'll get out tote are the american people know how dangerous the policies are in this bill that will put government more in control of your lives from cradle to grave. that is the vision that they have cast. the good news this week, even though they promised to pass something to their conference, they failed. so we are glad that they failed this week. we can't give up, trying to lose focus to our country. doing everything we can to prevent it. will: pete: we hope the failing continues, thank you so much for your time. rachel: thank you, congressman. pete: an uptick in crime in new york city is putting kids in the crossfire. crime has claimed at least 31 children this year including brian. his mother joins us next with her plea to democrat leaders.
4:28 am
plus secretary of state antony blinken heading to paris this week as our country's relationship with france remains strained. former member of the european parliament, nigel farage, joins us live to weigh in
4:29 am
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♪. rachel: violence in new york city is spiraling out of control leaving vulnerable children caught in the crossfire. so far at least 21 kids have been killed in the city just this year. that is more than triple the number for the same period in 2019 and 2020. our next guest's son is among those victims, 17-year-old brian was killed by stray bullets back in march. he would have turned 18 this month. his mother joins us now, blue lives pat letters joseph
4:34 am
patrice. first tell us about brian? >> brian, he was a very quiet child. always to himself. and among himself he was the one that would always make them laugh always be the one to stop a fight you know. rachel: a gentle child a gentle boy. seems like such a wonderful young man. our heart really breaks for you. the city of new york has put a lot of emphasize on covid. in fact more children have died of gunshot wounds than of covid of new york city. what is your message to the mayor of new york and to just new york city officials in general? >> well first around foremost i must say that i am very outraged about the amount of shooting and killing that has been going on in our neighborhood and in our
4:35 am
community. among those 21 kids, plus the six that have recently got shot and killed this past week, they all from the african and latin american origin you know? i also believe that this is because there is very limited or no resource for youth development at all in the black or latino neighborhoods. i'm beginning, i'm begging and pleading for the state to form a committee to investigate why young kids such as my son bryan sanon was failed by our society. rachel: yeah. thank you. go ahead. >> it is imperative funding needs to be increased for youth activities and guidance in low
4:36 am
income neighborhoods. parents should never have to bury their children. this is becoming more and more prevalent each day. i believe that this committee should come up with a viable solution to prevent further deaths of innocent children due to the amount of guns on the streets. rachel: thank you. >> i would like -- rachel: thank you. i want to get, i want to get to joseph. joseph, if you raid "the new york times" and other media they will say that this increase in violence among young people is because of the lockdown. what do you think is the reason that we're seeing this increase in violence this year? it is really substantial. >> well first of all my hard goes out to her family and families just like hers. her son could possibly be here today wasn't for policies, defund the police, bail reform.
4:37 am
her son may be here today for not having proactive policing anti-crime conditions units and street narcotics enforcement unit. ever since this administration came in eight years ago, it is purely political. i don't care what police executive you ask, what skin color, stop-and-frisk was a great tool, best tool an officer ever had. saved lives. district attorneys punishing people for committing crimes. it drove down crime and kept people alive. >> i want to thank both of you for being here today, juliana, you in particular, that our heart goes out to you, we hope city officials are listening to both of you, that this situation gets under control. it is heart-breaking. thank you both for joining us today. >> thank you, you're welcome. rachel: of course. secretary of state antony blinken is heading to france to try and patch up america's relationship with its oldest ally. former member of the european parliament nigel farage is here to react next.
4:38 am
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4:42 am
live theater in hollywood, florida. rachel: just like years past the show honoring unsung american patriots dedicated to our nation is hosted by pete hegseth. pete: tonight we honor the real 1% of america. this is an award show unlike any other. >> everybody glad you're here. so proud to be part of patriots awards tonight. god bless all of you. ♪ o the land of the brave and home of the free and the home of the brave ♪ pete: that video was from 2020 when we had to do the award show virtually because of covid. if you were there from 2019 t was rip-roaring event. same thing. thousands of tickets on sale. hollywood, florida, wide open in a heat looks something like that, packed with patriots. no. just, "fox & friends" will be there.
4:43 am
tucker carlson will be there. hannity will be there. laura ingraham will be there. fox folks will be there. book signings, meet and greets. if you're a fox fan you will get a fax experience. it will not just be something watching on tv. it will be an event. it is a big deal. they do a great job with it. the tickets are cheap. you get a chance to go there in person, to meet some favorite fox folks. there won't be a dry eye in the place. all these garbage hollywood award shows this is the real deal. rachel: pete is hosting. why wouldn't you watch. pete: we'll see. i will try not to mess it up. on to this story as well. secretary of state antony blinken will travel to paris this week in an attempt to patch up america's strained relationship with france, comes ai had mid criticism over our country's submarine deal with australia and the controversial
4:44 am
withdrawal from afghanistan. french media even running a cover story, one magazine entitled. the suicide of america. the magazine quote, blamed america's retreat from afghanistan on quote, a woke dictatorship and questioned whether the american empire is collapsing. here to react, former member of european parliament nigel farage. so great to see you. we're not used to seeing france critiquing our culture. they are quite robustly right now. what do you make of this? is america exporting woke politics across the pond? and are they right? >> good morning. well of course, the french are always quite critical of the americans in the sense they can never forgive you for saving them in world war ii. an odd piece of galic psychology i just don't know. so it is not easy. to begin with the submarine deal which has been struck by the usa, the uk with australia that
4:45 am
is to give australia 21st century submarines with nuclear reactors in the back, not the diesel ones the french wanted to give. they're a little bit sore. however, when it comes to the point about woke and cancel culture, yes, i'm afraid this stuff was invented in the usa and it is being exported to western europe. the further criticism about they're asking a question, is this the end of the american empire, let's be frank about this, biden's calamitous withdrawal from afghanistan removed america from the world stage and with that, much respect that people had for the country. i think on that point, the last two points the french actually got something quite serious to say. pete: i think i'm missing it too. you're saying the reverberating effect of what happened in afghanistan has shaken our allies to the core? this whole belief america will see things through, we'll be
4:46 am
there? >> yes. pete: they said donald trump would blow up alliances. didn't joe biden instead? >> trump would never have left unless a proper deal had been struck between the afghan army and the taliban. that wasn't in place. so yes you're quite right it was donald trump that was going to ruin nato t was donald trump that was going to make america isolationist. he did the opposite. he was out there campaigning for peace, the "abraham accords," the fact he visited, crossed the line, north korea showed you he wasn't a warmonger president, trying in foreign policy terms to do good things with american power. now biden unilaterally withdrawn from afghanistan but frankly from the world. i say this to you on the morning when we have learned there was a very large incursion of chinese communist jets over taiwan yesterday. you can see the world is not in
4:47 am
a great place and we now don't have under biden's premiership the leader we so desperately, desperately need. pete: so well-said, nigel. the continent of europe gave us socialism and we gave you wokism right back. nigel farage, always great to hear from you. "snl" is back, attempting to mock parents fighting for reform in school board meetings across the country. >> forget covid, the real threat is critical race theory being taught in our schools. my question is, what is it? pete: what message are they attempting to send? we'll answer that question next. ♪. think wearing less makeup means no need for a wipe? think again. neutrogena® makeup remover wipes remove the 30% of makeup ordinary cleansers can leave behind.
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♪. >> the name of robert e. lee middle school will be changed to robert e. lee was bad middle school. there is lots of questions about the school district covid safety policies. >> forget covid, the real threat is critical race theory being taught in our schools. my question is, what is it?
4:52 am
[laughter]. why am i mad about it? >> i teach either science at robert e. lee was bad middle school and look, i know we're trying to keep the students safe but i looked into it, i can't find any proof that separating students by race is going to stop covid transmission. will: "saturday night live" kicking off the 47th season mocking parents fighting for their kids education. the skit making fun against nationwide movements against critical race theory and vaccine mandates. comedian tim young joins us to react. good morning, tim. glad to have you with us. here we are, "saturday night live" is back. i thought comedy was about punching up, finding vectors of power within our society making fun of that. here "saturday night live" looking for vulnerable, punching down, looking at parents, making fun of them. >> nothing says none of these people have kids like that
4:53 am
sketch, right? i'm watching that. earlier on they were attempting or pretending they were making fun of biden and democrats. almost like they were you know, it was like a friend. they didn't want to get a mean phone call from the dnc from them so they took it really easy. who they beat up on? parents who have real issues in this country. will: will: joe biden and for example, alexandria ocasio-cortez, you would think for any comedian that is fertile ground that is ripe material. maybe too on the nose but joe biden, stumbling, bumbling, losing his train of thought, various vocal tones. here, have at it, comedians. >> exactly. you know who nailed it. greg gutfeld and tom shillue. tom shillue's impersonation on the gutfeld show way better than anything they put up last night on "snl." will: here is my question, tim, as they kick off the 47th season, rachel, pete, myself, we grew up, we wanted to stay up late on saturday nights to watch
4:54 am
"saturday night live," even if they weren't getting up the 4:00 a.m. to get to our jobs, i don't think it -- >> nothing loves fox news to stay up and comment on it you guys, that was painful for me. during the weekend update they showed clips from norm mcdonald. showing out of touch, how watered down they have become because you he know, libs being too woke and social justice, look old norm mcdonald work compared to what they're doing now. so much more relevant. hit both sides. they used to hit both sides back in the day. they're talking points. it isn't worth watching. get your talking points memo from the dnc around read it. will: almost as if donald trump gave every single, comedians, gave them energy for five years. what he did revealed, interrupted the decline in relevance for a whole swath of people and now that he is gone
4:55 am
we're seeing how hollow an vacant it is underneath. there is nothing for them. >> ratings for "snl" and cnn, cnbc. the bogeyman is down. where is alec baldwin, i'm sure. they need to get the numbers up. only way to do it is donald trump. will: as soon as ratings numbers come back, they will go back to bang more cowbell. it will not work, that is a saturday night live skit, by the way. relevance from the days, even of will ferrell, it is gone. tim, thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. will: you bet. lieutenant colonel stuart scheller remains in the brig awaiting a pretrial hearing for speaking out. texas congressman louie gohmert is calling for scheller's release. he is live ahead. students at new jersey college fighting back against the school's covid vaccine requirement. the lawsuit they filed to defend their rights coming up.
4:56 am
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♪ ♪. rachel: i am back, i was off yesterday i was recovering and i'm back and i back with you guys, i'm happy to be here and i'm going to forgive you guys for throwing me into the sports segment that i wasn't supposed to be an and watching me fail which you guys seem to have enjoyed a lot. i had to resort to the top culture angle of the story but i had no idea, it was fun, thank you for doing that i'll have to do that one time i noticed you
5:01 am
were the ringleader. pete: if you missed it will through rachel under the bus hard we were attempting to set up a football game a lot of great games on fox beforehand, brady belichick set it up and it's true i did talk to under the bus with some love because you said i don't get it he's returning to new england i don't get it. he won a super bowl with the tampa bay buccaneers. brady returns home to play bill belichick and the new england patriots, big slate on fox all day long starting with the cowboys and panthers there at 1:00 o'clock. but sports is for later today, now will get you set up what's going on in the country. president joe biden says he's ready to get to work, a little
5:02 am
late but it's time to get to work, $3.5 trillion spending plan that he can't get moderate democrats on board with you the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan that he can't get progressives to get on board with, he cannot unify his party much less the country buddies going to work like hell, listen. >> is part of being a government everybody's frustrated one of the things i love about you guys, fighting bad he's going to do this biden commits, biden is going to work like hell to make sure that we get these past. >> you think by thanksgiving this will be done by thanksgiving? >> i think it be done by 2:27 a.m., i think it'll get done. will: can i just say we get to the merits in the substance, i am so tired of being lied to,
5:03 am
being given pseudo- reality, why do you have the outdoor masks on when you're 30 feet away from people, but when you come close to them you take it down to yell in their face. why do you get your third booster shot made it look like the white house, why do you pretend that border agents with patient migrants, why is everything fake, why does everything have to be fake. rachel: it's fake news. i love how he said and go to work like hell when he's on vacation. that's another part, what is interesting to me about this we talk about this earlier, if you talk to anyone like my husband, sean duffy when joe biden was vice president barack obama was the president joe biden really was a dealmaker they would send him literally to capitol hill when they wanted to get things done to close deals and if you
5:04 am
talk to people like my husband they would say he could do it the guy was likable, he knew how to do it and he could close deals and use that charm to do it. he went over to capitol hill, he got nothing for it, he got nothing done and i was reading the new york post and i think michael goodwin sums up very well why he got nothing done, he's a week befuddled president and theist of empty suits, couldn't stand up to the taliban, can it stand up to the wing that's in his own party, he is a disaster. i think that sums it up, i'm not so sure that he's beholding to the aoc and bernie sanders wing of that party or is there this cabal that went into this empty suit that agrees with those guys but not really aoc running it. pete: he was a vice president for obama for eight years he
5:05 am
wanted to fundamentally transform america, he got some of that done, i love your crescendo of why, why the questions to ask, but they don't actually really care about that and they're happy to put it over here while they attempt to fundamentally transform america. he'll go to delaware, they will keep making phone calls, susan rice will keep working, whatever kamala harris, who knows what she's doing, she's not helpful on capitol hill, she's not respected. but there committed to getting this bill done and that's the scary part. we played all the crazy part in the $3.5 trillion bill and it does not matter, what matters they're going to get the clutches and on the new dependency class, cradle-to-grave dependency, socialism in the pipeline and they will dare future republicans to do something about it and if history shows us ronald reagan said the closest thing to eternal life is a government program. once it's in there it's almost impossible to get rid of that's why we had jim banks who is
5:06 am
ahead of the republican study committee conservative group in the house and reaction about this bill and what joe biden is trying to do earlier in the program. >> when the president is the same party of the party in power you bring the president of the united states the capital to meet with your conference to close the deal in this case he blew up the deal, the democrat party today is bernie sanders democrat party is not a grandpas democrat party, bernie sanders and the socialist progressive radical wing, the aoc's in sanders and others control the democrat party today that's why cinema and got hyper in mansion, that's what these guys are so frustrated because they know that the majority of america is center-right, they know that the majority of america does not want this country to be a socialist country. pete: the majority of america we should just say it this way it's obama's third term that that the whole team the whole ideology, avenues you referenced earlier this unity back to norms guy. >> i think he answers my
5:07 am
question congressman is right if the majority of the country doesn't want a socialist future if he is right and we can't just talk about conservatives and republicans in this calculation if he is right and the only way to lead this toward the future is to lie to them and provide them with a fake image of america fake on the border, fake requirements of facial masking the only way to lead people in the only direction they don't want to go is to delude them and provide them with a false reality and perhaps after being filled with fear they will turn to you for reliant and for $3.5 trillion. rachel: perhaps i do see some giddiness on the part of republicans they do feel very good about the midterm election, i'm generally an optimist about america and generally bullish on america that's why i have nine kids, if you don't have nine kids unless you're optimistic about america. but lately i become a pessimist because if i look at my kids
5:08 am
friends, if i look at my friends kids who are young people, they don't share the same idea about america as all of us, i am scared to death, people our age and older don't want this to turn into a socialist country, there against all the spending, they know the spending which by the way is going to be $5 trillion in new spending this year if they get what they want, it could be three, it is still bad, we are in trouble and you're right there putting in the socialist programs that are gonna make people depended on government and receiving inflation and monetary policy that we seen in other countries that is led trouble i'm sorry young people don't see what's happening, they don't care, i'm sorry it makes me sad to say but they don't have the same vision of american the same love of america as so many of us do. pete: i share your concerns. rachel: that's with democrats
5:09 am
are counting on. pete: we need to move on but a deeper conversation maybe the response is simple as the old cliché if you don't have a heart before the age of 25 or a mind after the age of 25, you know what i'm talking about that may be true, to the second point maybe i need to have a deeper discussion of the role of generation, generation x versus the boomer generation, what values havehese generations and he needs to take charge in the near future, that's a deeper conversation but if you're right about the younger generation. rachel: ronald reagan said every generation has to fight for freedom right now we have the greatest assault on american freedom, socialism is at our doorstep it is already through the gates, look aoc, that is our future and we have a problem. pete: i don't know if this is going to add to your optimism or pessimism, we head down to the
5:10 am
border and we had the biden bill haitian group of illegals, there's 80000 coming, hundreds of thousands behind it and we know the biden administration is doing nothing, the border is effectively open. your optimism might be the state of texas is saying were not to take it anymore or at least they're attempting to here's a tweet from government greg abbott texas national guard is gearing up at the border for increased caravan attempting to cross the border caused by biden's open border policy. they are working with the tech but unto texas department of public safety to surge locations of the border and trespassers, images of humvees, we heard news of texas building its own border fence trying to do something, i said it before, feels like texas versus the world, the world is coming, or federal government is doing nothing about it and can texas muster enough at the border to effectively be the border patrol agents that the biden administration has
5:11 am
neutered, we want to help so but that's not what state should have to do. the new question comes is texas doing enough. will: let's not just give texas credit let's require of texas more, let's require governor greg abbott. rachel: what can they do. will: anything possible if it's truly crisis in texas and stand up for the constitutional powers to do so or not, you do what is required of you, i joked with you yesterday what my platform would be if i run for governor of texas. i'm gonna tell you something about texas you need to stand up you have a crisis on your border as much as the american border, here's what coming your way according to the los angeles times and anticorruption activists in guatemala one of the places kamala harris visited for the root causes, he said the following he said though frustrated that conditions have worsened, he wanted more, not less u.s. engagement, he had a contract with the biden
5:12 am
administration messy exit from afghanistan americans can afford to look away when the country is on the other side of the globe but if they ignore nearby you will have 1 million people at your border, someone needs to stand up, be a texas or the united states of america. rachel: i think the root cause is us signaling that it's okay to come over, these people were happily living in chile in south america, many in brazil and who wouldn't want to come to america were the greatest country on the earth and we still are right now, i don't know how long that will last i know my pessimism continues but who could blame them, this is our one chance biden has opened the border and that's why these people are coming over and it's gotten worse. pete: that's at the activists were saying, here's came here, of course they were it was never really real solution to begin with. not more u.s. money but more u.s. engagement and that means pay the united states, we count on you for being a leader in
5:13 am
providing clarity in the leadership can mean our border is closed and we actually mean it so stay where you are and will be an honest broker for people want to come here illegally which is great the border hopping only helps the cartels and makes the conditions worse so were gonna take a strong stance instead we say what they can do another we talk about removal proceedings and needs relief and the rest of the world knows as of the caravans keep coming if you are losing people that want to leave because conditions are so bad, who is left behind. will: you're only going to have more root causes upon root causes, the administration knows that. pete: a few moments ago we played "saturday night live"'s latest season kicking off the 47th season they make those across the country for stated if a call race theory, i think that is an example of whistling through the graveyard because "saturday night live" and perhaps the democratic party doesn't realize the tsunami mounting on their shores parents are fed up and it's coming most
5:14 am
pronounced in virginia where you have seen in loudoun county, against could call race theory and now it's made its way into the virginia governor's race with a fight is beginning to take place, look at ken cuccinelli talking about this by in a virginia parent as well. >> america is watching loudoun county, all of america and has been inspired by parents stepping forward to annoy terry mcauliffe by trying to have us say in their children's education. >> my parents lost their freedoms and had to escape from communist cuba and 1961, i am in this fight against the liberal indoctrination that the school board is trying to push on her children. >> it's not completely the teacher's fault, it is not completely these radical progressive school boards fault, it is our fault, the
5:15 am
constitution is clear, the virginia code is clear all the powers given to them are given to them by us. will: the last speaker, spot on. it is our country, our classroom i know the leaders running for office including terry mcauliffe want to say is a government who decides, no issue, his parents, his family, you make the call either you run for school board either you vote or not either you homeschool your kids or find out a catholic school that they can go to instead, your choice and will see what happens at the ballot box. rachel: you can decide if you want to coparent with the government or not, your choice, turning to your headlines gabby petito's mom joins twitter with a skating message for brian laundrie, nicole smit writing in her first-ever tweet mama bear is getting angry turn yourself in, this is dog the hunte bounty hunter says to keep the tips coming in to help the
5:16 am
search for brian laundrie and a north carolina hiker says he has no doubt he spoke with potatoes boyfriend on the appalachian trail a man that looked and sounded like brian laundrie asked for directions to california using only back roads. a major oil spill standing approximately 13 square miles forces the closure of ocean waters off the southern coast officials say 3000 barrels leaked 3 miles off the shore local officials are warning of the potential ecological disaster as it reaches short in orange county. the coast guard is working with local authorities on containment and the cause is still under investigation. just in time for thanksgiving, 35000 bottles of turkey and gravy soda are set to hit store shelves this week seattle-based is providing a limited supply of their beverage for the first time since its debut in 2003 as
5:17 am
a craft soda maker celebrated 23rd anniversary we have it for you to try onset, with all the supply chain problems if you want this you should probably order it now. >> smells pretty sugary, turkey and gravy soda. rachel: these guys love competition i dare you to finish it. who drinks more? pete: i want to taste it. will: i want to taste it first. pete: surely they loaded this with sugar, subzero sugar, how is that possible. there's no sugar in turkey and gravy. rachel: is not terrible but it also doesn't taste like gravy as much as i thought. will: i'm getting more turkey. rachel: a week gravy. pete: when they brought the bottle out i thought this is good to be torture, it's not
5:18 am
torture. rachel: it is a hint of turkey. will: a lot of interesting ideas come out of made in canada, thank you canada. rachel: i don't know about canada. pete: shall i read. lieutenant colonel stuart scheller jailed ahead of his pretrial hearing as his parents fear for their son's future texas congressman met with scheller in the brig, he joined is coming up next. rachel: the field of dreams complexes under new management, find out the hall of fame behind the purchase of the iconic site. ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. ♪ upbeat, catchy music ♪ >> tech vo: this couple counts on their suv...
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will: the parents of stuart scheller as lawmakers join their site. >> we found out today from louie gohmert on the head of the radio
5:23 am
show that they have changed their disposition in the marine corps they are digging in and they would like to burn our son lieutenant colonel scheller, we have been told to prepare that it could be a long prison term. will: louie gohmert went to see the lieutenant colonel in the brig and defending his release, thank you so much for being here in everything that you are doing, it does not surprise me those of us that know you, know your heart from men and women who served. before we get into the cake, you visited him how is lieutenant colonel doing. >> he is doing okay and by the time we finished talking, he was upbeat, he was being treated well, it won't surprise you with your service but were faithful in the brig of people running the brig will actually likes to, but that is not the case with the upper leadership, in fact what we discovered they had a
5:24 am
psychological operation to try to turn social media against them, their monitoring and have a memo and hopefully fox can put that up, it is incredible instead of worrying about the well-being of their troops there worried how they're doing on social media, absolutely incredible and also tells you they are more worried about social media then they are on their troops that got killed in afghanistan. it is really abysmal what this leadership of this military has turned into. pete: doesn't surprise is unfortunately so, i see that document trying to spin the media image as opposed to engaging with the truth telling of lieutenant colonel who knew that he would be reprimanded and
5:25 am
simply wants an honorable discharge, instead of engaging with an argument speaking on behalf of so many people who are grateful for his courage when his parents come out and hear that they want to burn him, what are you expecting without the marine corps is going to treat him when they could us but we don't agree with you and speaking out will then retire and discharged honorably, delta get to forgot one type. >> the fact is you know he had 17 years in, that mean he doesn't get to the 20 he does get retirement, even just letting him excepting resignation, he gets hurt, this leadership is saying that is not enough, it reminds me of the nasty divorce is that of occurred i have seen them in my hometown where one party says no were knocking to reach an agreement i'm going to stick it to him, they're usually the ones i hurt the worst in the
5:26 am
leadership think they're going to stick it to stu when they're doing all kinds of damage and causing people in this country to say wait a minute i thought i wanted to be a marine but i'm not sure i want to be in the service look what they do to people that are standup there a bunch of cowards but look at what they do to somebody who has courage and if you read his certificate on the bronze medal that he exuded this is one courageous guy that thinks more about of his men then he does himself, he's an amazing person. pete: there's no doubt about it, we have 15 seconds, what is next in his process. >> the good to be reviewing of being incarcerated tomorrow and tuesday, we're hoping that they're going to realize this is not a way to go, you don't want to be meaner then you treat the enemy. pete: lieutenant colonel, he is not the enemy.
5:27 am
thank you for whatever you're doing, we appreciate it. new jersey students are fighting harsh covid vaccine mandates by taking the college to court, a student who is kicked out of on-campus housing joined the side with her story coming up next. ♪
5:28 am
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tylenol rapid release gels.
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will: time now news by numbers, $635 million that is a grand price total the powerball jackpot the sixth-largest jackpot in the drawings history, get your tickets now because you could be the winner, the winning
5:33 am
numbers, 20, 30, 42, 47 and 52, the powerball is one. next 4.38 that's how many carrots this yellow diamond is, the largest diamond found in arkansas in the state park. the woman who found it says it was sitting on the ground, come on. that is a finders keepers. rachel: how rich is she. will: big rich, estimated to be 1000 times larger than the common through our solar system. experts say it poses no threat in ten years. pete: five students at the college of new jersey fighting back against their schools covered vaccine requirement with
5:34 am
a lawsuit. rachel: the students claim the mandate is unconstitutional and discriminatory facing all students for weekly testing despite medical or religious exemptions. pete: here now a junior from the college catherine diker and her attorney. rachel: . pete: i'm sorry i've mispronounced her name, students pushing back on the mandate, tell us about your fight and potentially what success you hope to a couple. we are filing a suit that the mandate is unconstitutional and have ruled unconstitutional the twice testing, the segregation in all the things being proposed from the mandate.
5:35 am
>> in my personal opinion what i hope to accomplish by being a part of this lawsuit is to get people to open their eyes and realize what the school is trying to do is pin the unvaccinated students against those who are vaccinated rather than focusing on the community which also includes students who have chosen not to. rachel: tell me how you feel excluded how did the students who don't want to be vaccinated either because they've had covid where they have a religious objection, how do they feel in this environment what is the university administration doing to make them feel other. >> i'm definitely a student not vaccinated feel very uncomfortable, professors have been given all my medical information and every day when i go to school i feel as if i'm living in the shadows. pete: from the affidavit catherine is reported to of her
5:36 am
professors approached her of her medical status, even though she didn't share her medical status with them asking her to voluntarily and discreetly segregated from other students, how can they get away with that. >> were working to make sure that they can, they put the students on a list and gave their professors a private medical information and we have to assume that they also did it with telling the professors and giving them the stamp of approval to approach the students because it happened to catherine and all places as well as a huge violation of their privacy. >> the college of new jersey has a statement, they said our policy which provides medical and religious exemption to the vaccine requirement are consistent with those of other universities across the country is been upheld by a number of court to defending this complaint. pete: really quickly is there anything else on campus is any requirement like we ask for your medical history or prove this, is any precedent to this
5:37 am
invasion of privacy? >> there is no precedent we see this going on all over the country right now and i understand tcn j is position because they believe it falls under jacobson but were able to distinguish that we think we will be able to moving forward with litigation. rachel: catherine, you are so brave, god bless you and i have a daughter who is facing the same discrimination at her university, she is also standing up, god bless you and keep fighting in thank you catherine for representing her in defending her rights in her medical liberty in her medical privacy i believe we have to say that america. >> thank you so much. will: what happened to my body my choice. rachel: what happened to hipaa, what the heck. pete: president biden approval rating is slipping with the bunch of latino votes, the shift in support and talking about bad
5:38 am
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends" the new york times admitting biden is doubly big-time and is impacting him where it hurts the most from voters 63% support biden 6% drop since june since a border crisis continues some are wondering will latino and hispanic communities ever restore their faith in him, here to react the president, welcome to "fox & friends". >> in morning rachel, how are you. rachel: we know the numbers are dropping, you live in a border community, do you think those numbers are even lower in some of the crucial states. >> rachel i would not be surprised, i see this is a continuation leaving latino
5:43 am
voters what's going on with the spending and the loss of control in the border, the debacle of the withdrawal and afghanistan and of course the spikes and inflation i wouldn't be surprised it's responsible for a watershed moment that they voted for for somebody decade you're starting to see that like the rio grande valley in texas. rachel: if you look at the pool biden camps at the immigration border 56 disapprove, only 33 approved it's interesting you brought up afghanistan, my dad became a conservative, republican when he was in the military a lot of hispanics join the military to the american dream into the middle class, they see what happened in afghanistan that's obviously a turnoff for many hispanics have military families same with the
5:44 am
border patrol, let's talk about inflation hispanics tend to have larger families and other demographics inflation is hurting us in the regulations and the giant spending bill that they're trying to pass right now. >> the continuation that we are seeing is almost connected from this administration on so many issues, it's almost an indifference to the hardship the somebody are facing, latinos across the country care about economic issues because there blue-collar and working-class they see how this administration as an antagonist one inducing the hardship, not as a friend, this administration has done very little to connect latinos to understand the matter to latinos, this is a continuation of what we saw in the election, a lot of people warming up to
5:45 am
donald trump and now they rejected the bad policies of the biden administration especially with this insistence to spend on top of spending they know there is a green energy request that's going to be trillions on top of the trillions are asking for who's gonna pay for, it's going to be the latino community in future generation of young latinos. rachel: were gonna have to have you come back, i would ask about socialism, hispanics, venezuelans, cubans and central american see that as a big problem, a hard no. it is so great talking to you as always. >> take care. pete: great to see daniel. rachel: always good to see. pete: turning to some your headlights six people are shot including a 13 year-old boy at a birthday party in iowa, policing the group was at a ramada inn hotel in cedar rapids with a dispute between guest escalated
5:46 am
into gunfire two of the victims had non-life-threatening wounds but the third suffered serious injuries authorities are calling it a senseless and inexcusable act as they search for the suspects in the chinese air force has sent more aircraft in the taiwan air force after the largest incursion ever other airspace are they planning something? nearly 80 chinese fighter jets and bombers, to which are capable of carrying nuclear weapons have moved toward the democratic wrong country in the last two days. this comes in the growing pressure from beijing on taiwan which china views as a breakaway problem. it's not going in the right direction. call him the goat, authorities applauding this connecticut state trooper from hurting goats off the highway. officials say the trooper was able to get the back
5:47 am
home but did issue them a verbal warning for reckless use of a highway, officials say they have no idea how they goat their. those are your pond headlines. rachel: lots of puns in there. will: let's check in with adam klotz for a fox weather forecast. >> good morning beautiful weather outside on fox square mostly the case across the country there are a couple of systems that we are tracking to become a little bit grainy but the temperature 63 degrees in new york city and 60 in chicago a big cold front in the middle of the country if you live in the mountain west temperatures quite a bit cooler in some cases into the 40s or the 50s in some of those areas as were paying attention otherwise a big rating mass moving across the country, that is across the southeast from indiana, ohio and portions of pennsylvania a good day to sit on the couch and
5:48 am
watch football and some of the areas, otherwise we still have a hurricane sam, this is not a threat to landfall but if you live up and down the east coast we have a flag warning for dangerous serve there can be rip currents up and down the east coast also, those are your weather headlines here on this beautiful sunday on the east coast, for now tossing a bakken. rachel: thank you adam. pete: summer jenkins is smiling. pete: the field of dreams complexes under new management and they aren't looking to change the historic grounds, more on their mission. ♪
5:49 am
♪ look good feel good play good. gillette proglide, five blades and a pivoting flexball to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. look good, game good. gillette.
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pete: the field of dreams complexes host of the motion picture in the summers yankees versus white sox matchup is now
5:53 am
under new management, white sox hall of fame blogger frank thomas announcing entitled this is heaven purchased a controlling interest in here to discuss l.a. dodgers general manager and coo of this is heaven dan evans, glad to have you with me this morning, i'll never forget as i was there this past summer, i looked up towards the house where the movie was shot and there was frank thomas dressed up like james arnold jones in the movie he was sitting on a bench overlooking the cornfield in the movie site, i never would've guessed, it was because he was working on purchasing the entire complex or controlling it. >> thank you for the intro, the soundbite was fantastic. frank has a passion for baseball the first ballot hall of famer is been great to me, little did we know that a month and a half later we were going to be in
5:54 am
this position and anyone who watch the game that night remembers how wonderful of an event it was. pete: i've covered sports for a long time i've been a sports fan my entire life, it's rare in 2021 in modern-day sports, you get a fan base and you get people unified around something, i have to tell you the reception of that night of that event of the complex itself was unanimous, it was amazing and we should do more of this and football games should be played in texas, daytona should go back to the beach such an inspiration and overwhelming success. >> we agree and i'm happy you had that experience, i had the extremes every time i go there just a feel-good place is like your favorite ice cream parler when we walk out, you're all smiles, i get it and were not going to lose sight of that that's one of the important things moving forward for ownership group.
5:55 am
>> your new ownership group do plan anything and how you bring fans when there's not a big baseball game, being hosted, what are your plans and site. >> the first plan is to keep the iconic look on the entry as it was and as it is when i mess with that, if we screw around with that were making a big initial mistake, we will do it again and major-league baseball game on annual basis at the field were looking at softball and baseball fields away from the field of dreams movie site we have 190 acres, when we do things like that we can help you realize their dreams and go to college and the big thing for us, it's good for the field, it's good for geyersville for the county in the state of iowa. >> i'm no vested interest in saying this, fans should go visit, to live up to expectations i can promise you that if you're movie finra baseball fan, the field of
5:56 am
dreams, i think everyone should go, we really appreciate talking to you. >> thank you, we love that people visit us. best of luck. is critical race theory bad for business, what corporate america is backing off the push for the progressive brownie points, that is coming up. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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smile, sarah. things are looking up. see how much you could save at pete: pictures of will, pete and rachel on "fox & friends" on the sunday morning, a little out of breath i came running but i'm on time. pete: we would start without you
6:01 am
if necessary but you came running endpapers and hands. you came in here without our breakfast, i saw you. rachel: you didn't bring it in. >> he's going to get you know how complicated it is. >> i think you carry a burden of multiple failures. pete: you want to know what happens on "fox & friends" usually orders on saturday i order on sundays and rachel stepped in and out of rotation. rachel: that i got into it with you guys, here's the thing we have sunday duties and there's something on sunday that's a little more difficult, logistical issues. rachel: covid. the food doesn't come. rachel: he's more reliable. last week i'd order twice because the guy left but i too
6:02 am
breakfast is. pete: behind this youth "fox & friends". will: look at that commitment he is winded he should've been studying and preparing over this final hour but he was worried about us. i'm worried about you as well, we can rock 'n' roll, here we go first of all in louisiana ochsner health system has a new plan to charge employees for the vaccination status of their spouses if you're on the health care plan of your spouse in louisiana, i'm saying it correctly, held in louisiana this is a tweet from jason bailey pointing out that there implementing a new spouse of covid vaccine as part of 2020 medical premiums, if your spouse or domestic partners covered by whatever medical plans the 2022 and unvaccinated against covid-19 you'll receive a hundred dollars per pay period fee, that is $200 a month. rachel: the ceo of the company and the louisiana, p was telling
6:03 am
us is a big company there, huge company if you live in louisiana you know this company here's what they had to say is not a mandate as nonemployee spouses and domestic partners can choose to select a health plan outside of the ochsner health offering that is very disingenuous. pete: it is and if you're playing covid bingo at home in your like me you did not see this, every day we talk about all the time, what is next between kids and mandates and vaccine passports and all the things coming, what booster shot, what age, how young, i know this is a health insurance plan and i could be wrong i haven't heard from anybody to the contrary when you sign your family and for healthcare you don't normally have to report the health status of your dependents, your spouse, your kids, in this particular case they seem to think it is okay to determine whether spouse has
6:04 am
covid or not if you work for the healthcare network, we mentioned earlier, pre-existing conditions, is not a thing, does it apply here. >> i don't know. rachel: such a great point that you brought up, democrats have been at the forefront, it's a big stickler for them, the actually got republicans for as i think they should have, i'm not opposed to pre-existing conditions, i think that should be something that people cover. but apparently covid is not included and if your spouse is not vaccinated now you have to pay for that or get them off the plant. >> another thing to me you be paying this penalty if your spouse is not fully vaccinated, what does fully vaccinated me, if i can read between the lines, everyone almost everyone is unvaccinated, here's what i mean fully vaccinated status according to anthony fauci with the atlantic means three shots
6:05 am
he's previously suggested a third shot could become common practice until a stronger taxing is likely for complete regiment that you would need a third dose, he went on an interview to essentially define fully vaccinated as someone who is already gotten their booster shot. so if you knock on your booster shot, your unvaccinated, the division of america to the vaccinated and unvaccinated put you back at square one, welcome to the world of unvaccinated. rachel: it doesn't take into account the science of natural immunity, this is something that a broker from the new york city public cool teacher interviewed her earlier this morning, she had to leave her job as a near city schoolteacher because she already had covid and she didn't want to take the vaccine, i would either i didn't want to take the vaccine, irony had covid here's what she had to say. >> they did not give us enough time to figure out what we could do if we decided not to go along with the mandate and they
6:06 am
allowed us in our classroom for a month, three weeks making connections with her students, for me i teach tsl, my students come from other countries, they don't speak the language and i've had some of them for three or four years now, they are in tears that i had to tell them that i'm not coming back. who are we supposed to go to now, i don't understand why i go in for three weeks and now i'm a public health threat. >> allotted teachers like her did not want to take the vaccine, in her case she early had covid others are on fertility treatment and ivf and they don't want to disrupt that, others are nursing and have religious exemptions, there is lots of reasons, another point i want to make, that teacher has been on the jobs for nine years has nine years of experience there go to replace 5500 teachers who don't want to take this vaccination for whatever reason with substitute teachers,
6:07 am
i was a substitute teacher, you really in the tv and pass out a few worksheets, again are they putting the children first, we know the children are not in great danger of covid, they are now going to get second rate substitute teachers who are not connected to the two teachers or students and don't have the level of experience that somebody with nearly a decade of experience has, always putting the kids last to put their politics, covid politics first. >> that's how leaders have acted that we need to vaccinate for a very long time the last couple of years and we talked about this, there is never a stark moment where i cared who my governor is and where they are as an authoritarian index, it truly is touching every aspect of people's lives, you kinda wanted to say the covid thing were all in it together immunity together, moments like now show you, where you live really,
6:08 am
really matters, if you go down to florida or texas or other places, people are moving on, people are saying freedom matters, i have a choice, i go, if your new york city good luck coming to the tourist, for whatever personal reason chosen to not get the vaccine you're not having breakfast or lunch and you're not going into most buildings and the teachers can go into classrooms, nurses who are heroes are now zeros and losing their jobs, i don't how this translates but in 2022, whatever variant and wherever we are at that moment we could still be a massive issue and how your local authorities handle this should be front and center as anything else. rachel: by the way you will see less security because a lot of police officers who also don't want to take the vaccine for whatever reason and they're going to be let go as well. will: don't forget nurses and healthcare workers as well. the last two years have been defined by any two stories one is a response to the pandemic,
6:09 am
many businesses including universities and government have gone full woke, full critical race theory including school districts, has at her big business, charlie gasparino had an op-ed and he said the following crt is also counterproductive, big companies, big investment banks rely on teamwork, crt does the opposite dividing people along racial lines between presses and the oppressed, that conclusion consultant with whom i spoke with the training is happening because it's exhausting and idiotic to tell people there are inherently evil and expect them to go work together. rachel: how about fight in a work together, that is another issue. >> we are vacillating between optimism and pessimism. rachel: do you believe this do you believe the hr directors, whether they call it university
6:10 am
officers, it seems like job security to pipe up this division. >> what incentive do they have to change it. >> of ceos look around the workplace culture and fracturing the teamwork they supposed to be cultivating or giving reasons to look different at other people that is the exact opposite is not what happened, that's not what you want in your local department and this gives me maybe a little bit of hope there's always a little bit that maybe there is a pendulum swing i don't believe overall there will be a pendulum swing because the progressives in marxist are pushing their cultural agenda all the way they will not allow a inside particular companies there may be the type of thing where you already seen a lot of that and ultimately if you train and teach and push it you know your poisoning your workforce and go woke, go broke i don't know who pointed that israel and the bottom line. rachel: another guy who said everything woke turns to beep, i
6:11 am
will tell you small companies might be able to do this and say we don't want this in our workplace, by the way small companies getting crushed by this whole supply chain most people can survive it are the big companies in the very big companies, i am sorry the left is taken over a lot of territory and they run those and they were smart to overtake those because that is where this is coming from all the way down. rachel: because they capture k-12 in the universities, young workers coming and have been baptized. rachel: they love it. pete: they almost expected know how to treat the code so it reinforces in. will: i think you're right but as part of a complicated recipe where ceos have shown themselves to be spineless and they thought by going di they were buying an interest policy by getting canceled and there is a headline saying employer tells all new employees i am hiring you until twitter tells me too fire you. the insurance policy premium is
6:12 am
coming due in the realizing this cost me a lot this initiative in critical race theory initiative is costing me my productivity and as they lose fear of the woke mob in the ability of the reason why there on business, that is for some some are woke down to their boards and it's a obligated mixture of reasons over two years. >> there is an entire party he was completely invested, the whole power comes from dividing and identity politics, you should have that working against us to. >> the hunt for brian laundrie enters the full week. as they were to retrace the steps, they are speaking out in the first-ever tweet. pete: charles watson is live with the scathing message to the man on the run. good morning. >> gabby petito's mother is breaking her silence about how the search for brian laundrie is playing out while there are new
6:13 am
claims of o'brien siding, more on that moment we begin with this tweet from gabby petito's mother, saturday nicole schmidt sent out a tweet saying mama bear is getting angry, turn yourself in. the fbi, local law enforcement and now dog the bounty hunter are on the hunt for brian who was wanted for bank card fraud and considered a person of interest in the death investigation of gabby petito, her body was found near grand teton park in wyoming more than two weeks ago they tell fox news thousands of tips have ported since he joined the searcher week ago but nothing has led to brian just yet, in a meantime of florida engineer tells the new york post that he spotted in spoke to a man he believes was brian laundrie on a deserted road near the appalachian trail and north carolina, the passerby identified said the man he encountered was driving a white pickup truck and appeared lost in days as he readable don with a fight with his girlfriend and
6:14 am
asked for directions to california using only backroads. the brian look-alike rebutted his suggestion to take i-40 before driving away at the time the gentleman didn't immediately notice that brian looked alike until he pulled over and looked up photos of the 23-year-old online, he also tells he put in three calls to local police and the fbi and growing frustrated that he hasn't gotten a response yet. fox news is working to independently look at those claims. rachel: thank you so much we appreciated. turning to your headlines as new york city is experiencing a record search and shoplifting, one is being branded the cities man of steel isaac rodriguez is 74 including 57 arrests this year alone. he is in jail but the revolving door of justice ripping off walgreens 37 times this year.
6:15 am
over $2 million had been raised for gl lieutenant stuart scholer, the marine who faces possible charges over criticism of military leadership in afghanistan will draw as he receives report from republican lawmakers including louie gohmert who joined us earlier to explain the punishment. will: is incredible, instead of worrying about the well-being of their troops, they are worried about how they're doing on social media. rachel: stuart scheller is accused of refusing orders of his critical videos on social media. in dancing with the stars content student cheryl burke and cody are off the dance floor they will compete from home after contracting covid-19 they tested positive after she began her quarantine in september, saying on instagram he has mild symptoms, the pair have turned
6:16 am
each one of their living rooms into dancing areas and will compete separately and virtually. cody i have to say am a big fan of his i love his backstreet boys peloton right, it is amazing, i'm glad his symptoms are small. will: at the beginning of the segment i came running in because i was on breakfast duty. here you go, madame, here is your sausage egg and cheese. rachel: that is amazing, i am actually going to forgive you for not calling me while i was sick this week or not texting me. pete: we got sausage egg and cheese with jalapenos. they're all the same. are we becoming the same person. rachel: we are. before we get out of the segment i want to talk about one thing
6:17 am
really quick at weird transition but lieutenant colonel scheller on the segment that we just did with him in the interview with louie gohmert is so important one of the things that i noted listening to his father was when the lieutenant colonel made that statement he made that statement according to his father in hopes that others would join him and no one did and now he's only one suffering the circumstance, you look at it whether it's the teachers and the nurses, somebody getting fired because the others are not jewelry en masse numbers, all of our viewers your concern is all of us on the couch, part of the problem we all look at the news and equally distressed by the news, are we actually standing up with people like scholer and the nurses in the teachers who are having to put their livelihood on the line to do the right thing.
6:18 am
will: as thousands marched for abortion rights roby weight is speaking out for the first time. and with the illegal search overwhelming border patrol, the republican governors are headed to the border to witness a crisis firsthand, nebraska governor pete is with us and joins us next. ♪ br 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ ighting for one goal, this one mission, life. i get to keep her. we get to have her and enjoy her. and she gets to grow up, which is the best gift anyone could ever give. a lot of people think dealing with copd
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will: the texas national guard prepares for more illegals heading toward her southern border, ten gop governors are showing their support for the lone star state the group which includes our next guest will join governor greg abbott and sounded the alarm on the growing crisis. >> nebraska gop governor is here to explain. thank you very much for being here you are a handful of republican governors heading to the border along with greg abbott what you gonna be talking about i think more importantly what you plan to help them do. >> what were trying to do is highlightoing on at the southern border to get the
6:23 am
biden of initiation to take action they have undone the trump policies, they tried to stop the remaining mexico, they've done the scope of enforcement stop construction on the wall, essentially all the policies about open borders that have encouraged thousands and thousands and thousands of people trying to cross illegally into texas and it's creating a huge security issue, humanitarian crisis in the administration needs to act to stop this, it is endangering people. before we get back to that the impact it has on nebraska, not a border state but everyone is at this point. what is the level of illegality doing in your state. >> of course one of the things that happens when you have borders that are in control like this, you have all sorts of trafficking whether drug smuggling or human trafficking and for example we have people who have cross illegally and taken advantage of and exploited with pay checks and coming
6:24 am
across the border in nebraska and dangerous by set no, these are things when you don't have control of your border we will see more and more of that to the president needs to act is really a big crisis. pete: a lot of people look at this issue and say joe biden is not doing anything, we know the administration is not what you do anything, all of their policies have been intended to and everything donald trump did to control the border. what were a lot of people feel like there's press conferences and photos and all those things, what can and should texas actually, i know you're there to support greg abbott, ten states step upward to do the job that the federal government won't do. >> that's what you're seeing the states have to step into a federal gap like nebraska, iowa,
6:25 am
idaho, florida, we sent our state troopers down to support the department of safety down to texas and the texas legislature has been governor grab greg abbott resources and border security is supposed to be a federal concern and not something the state is supposed to do but is left to the states to take action because president biden is failing. rachel: you're prepared to sidebar personnel to texas whether trespassing or what wha, you're prepared to do it. >> that's what you're seeing in texas right now, were all going down there to support governor abbott, he's the one to step up and take the actions seeing your august 1 million contacts by customer border patrol, 273,000 last year, nearly five times the number of people coming across,
6:26 am
is making it dangerous for the residents of texas, governor abbott is stepping up to protect the citizens, president biden needs to remember these are his citizens he needs to step up. pete: is an invasion and i'm glad you are supporting governor abbott and a lot of people looking at him to step up and stared out the federal government and protect the sovereignty of texas. governor pete ricketts, thank you for being here. we appreciate it. as thousands marched for abortion rights, so-called across the u.s., the babies whose conception sparked roby weight is speaking out for the first time, how he feels about the decision that could've ended her life.
6:27 am
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will: quick headlines united airlines sticking by the vaccine mandate for employees, the company ceo scott kirby tells
6:32 am
cdc firing unvaccinated staff is the right thing to do. more than 250 staff have complied with united's policy since last week's policy in 2000 employees have requested exemption on medical or religious grounds. several airlines are looking to get rid of business, bloomberg reporting several other scrapping the section for premium economy which are 40% more profitable than per square foot the business. rachel: as thousands of women marched for abortion rights across the united states, the baby whose conception sparked roe v. wade will speak out in her first tv interview and a preview of her interview shelley lynn thorton form before her mother won the lawsuit seems to avoid answering when asked how it feels to be the baby behind legalized abortion.
6:33 am
here to react as live action president and author of fighting for life lyla rose, welcome to the show, it is always great to see you, no issue has divided america, no human rights issue since slavery since abortion, tell me what you expect to see in this interview and why were so fascinated with shelley lynn thorton with roe v. wade. >> shelley thorton is living, breathing, walking among us, a witness in a testimony that abortion kills an innocent human being she did not become a statistic she's not one of the 60 million children that have been legally killed in america since the supreme court decision since roe v. wade and jane roe of roe v. wade never had an abortion. but she was used by pro-abortion lawyers to be the plaintiffs in the case.
6:34 am
were all fascinated because this is life and death working itself out right in front of us in the public square of opinion, should the court protect innocent human life and demand that children deserve the same legal protection as anyone else or are they up to be killed, it is particularly tragic to think that yesterday there were thousands of women in the street marching for abortion, marching for the right to kill someone like shelley thorton when she was a baby, let that sink in, shelley is a human being like every single every one of those children and she deserves to live. >> so much has changed since 1973 when the landmark decision was made, back then women saw really grainy ultrasounds and hardly tell within the will and is pretty tough to deny the humidity of a fetus based on technology, how much is somebody in the pro-life movement fighting for the unborn and the most vulnerable among us in the most voiceless, some people who have no lobby other than people like you, what do you think the
6:35 am
technology and what other devices are you using in your arsenal to fight for culture of life and fight for these babies. >> i think that's a great point, technology has been a huge advantage to see into the window into the wound the science is really clear when human life begins and begins at fertilization in the embryonic heart beat is a three and a half weeks after fertilization many women don't other pregnant yet, that's why texas have a band that went into effect a few weeks ago and is so powerful because it says we protect children with heartbeats and now everybody realizes the heartbeat is that early, the more people that are educated just like you're saying the more people that become pro-life, my action sees it all the time there is a huge brainwashing that is happened in the last 40 plus years since roe from media groups in academia and government and politics brainwashing that children are
6:36 am
not children in the womb but they are in they deserve protection and that's what we hope the supreme court will finally acknowledge when they take up the jackson case this coming year. rachel: the others is looking like science deniers after their notion that they develop. thank you so much we appreciate you joining us and keep up the fight. the global supply chain is in chaos as cargo ships face delays to dark, maria bartiromo during this next to explain how the backup could affect your family. ♪ [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health.
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will: you not going to want to miss it fox nation hosting the petrie award wednesday november 17, 8:00 p.m. eastern at the hard rock live theater in hollywood florida. pete: just like in years past the show will be hosted by our cohosted pete hegseth and unsung american patriots dedicated to our nation. >> fox nation patriot award. >> what makes our country great is heroes, am i right, heroes.
6:41 am
>> the most valuable patriot award goes to marine corps sgt rob jones. [cheering] >> i just had a great purpose in creating a story about veterans that we could all use. >> and the home of the brave ♪ ♪. rachel: the oscars, the emmys, all the grammys are also woke and boring this is the one award show you do not want to miss we are going to be there my husband sean and i will be there the first time we are rehearsing were excited. tickets are on sale at award speaker you've got a c is not just to show it's an event, you get to be people that are here on fox and book signing, photos, meet and greets, a couple
6:42 am
cocktails and theirs would be thousands of people packet the theater, such as "fox & friends", tucker's going to be there, sean not just on stage but therefore the event fox petrie award. we hope you are there with the holiday the christmas season around the corner americans facing a massive shortage of and demand goods dozens of cargo ships off the new york and l.a. could wait for weeks just to dock the increase in time takes for those ships to go from dock to dock court delays up to 43% this year. rachel: here is the impact of you and your family maria bartiromo do i have to start ordering toys now, what does everyone have to do. >> good morning, everybody yes you do, there are so many categories right now that have been identified where we will not see those products on the shelves because of what's going on at the port.
6:43 am
last week i had the director of the port of long beach on "mornings with maria" on fox business and he told me he's not expecting this to normalize until the second quarter of 2022. what is going on, two things are colliding number one the covid related shutdown a number of manufacturing facilities in china were shut down because of covid that is one thing they were not able to produce the products, never to all the money being thrown at the academy and that is keeping employees at home so there is a shortage of truck drivers, these two things colliding means that we don't have the products that we want and what is simple supply and demand tell you when you don't have the supply but you have the demand, prices go up, get ready to pay up this christmas in this holiday season whatever products you want whether toys, bikes, nike sneakers, et cetera all the goodies that you're expecting that you'll be buying over the
6:44 am
holidays you may not get them, a lot of people are saying by your products now tried to get giftgiving shopping related things and now because things will not be on the shelves, is not going to normalize until 2022, this is a result of bad policy meeting all of that money being thrown at the academy and obviously the covid situation shutting down factories, it is real and you probably felt it going to the grocery store, everything is more expensive right now. rachel: it's hard to get you looking at delivery times 20 weeks out some cases i heard that truck drivers are getting paid a lot of money, i think one was offering $87000 a year plus a signing bonus of 12000. >> anything to lauren people, the prices are going to go up, salaries moving higher because there are not enough of them. pete: i know you're gonna talk about that on the show would also gonna do on "sunday morning features".
6:45 am
>> we've been hearing bits and pieces of the durham report and where it goes next. we can have breaking news this morning and cast patel coming on he was the gentleman who took the private and many of the private depositions behind closed doors of the players around the durham investigation, we know michael sussman hillary clinton's lawyer was indicted, what else is a 27 page indictment tell us about the conspiracy charges, we want to know if more big fish are going to be real then from john durham were getting get into it with kash patel and were talking about where we are with a massive failure on friday were nancy pelosi and docketed across the finish line and postpone the infrastructure vote now she's looking at the end of october october 31 is renewed day to get a vote on infrastructure, it is going to be tough, big failures on the massive spending plan. will: we will be watching don't
6:46 am
miss "sunday morning features" as well as monday "mornings with maria" weekdays on fox business. rachel: my podcast we will have devin nunes talking about this conspiracy that is coming to light, the so-called russia collision that is on my podcast. pete: let's check in with adam klotz for a fox weather forecast. >> good morning beautiful weather out here on fox square, temperature sitting around the 60s, there is going to be whether to track as we move through the sunday largely really nice temperatures you're looking at 60s, 50s running to the middle of the country that is a true cold front up to the west of the mountain states down to the 60s, 50s and 40s and even 30s the rainy patch to pay attention to is on the eastern half of the country they will be heavy showers from the southeast running up into the tennessee river valley and into ohio, new york, pennsylvania little bit later today back out on fox square, still beautiful you guys are
6:47 am
over my shoulder in the building that is covered in all this branding, 25 years of fox news what we are seeing with that, were gonna see the 25th anniversary on this thursday there will be a whole bunch of special programming particularly here on "fox & friends" that will be on thursday of this upcoming week. will: across the country at diners in south carolina, florida and in the ozarks, tune in on thursday for that. a big football weekend on fox, nfl kickoff breaks down the games to watch today. plus news not to you but perhaps to rachel, tom brady returns to fox, he is not a patriot, a long way between the goats. rachel: i was the last to know. ♪
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will: the nfl season is here get your snacks ready fox has a full slate of must see matchups you do not want to miss you to break down the game to watch is fox nfl kickoff post marissa
6:52 am
thompson, are you excited about the cowboy game. >> if you say so, my excitement is directed toward the patriots game if you want to start with the cowboys, it is your show, let's do it. will: the cowboys beat the panthers out one at fox. >> the last time we spoke i was not on the carolina train i was like there's no way to get a beat the states my colleagues as they will carolina looking since 2015 that was the year that they went to the super bowl sam darnall played great football but they will be without christian this week which is why i like the dallas cowboys they're playing great football as prescott and the injuries that they sustain they have been able to rise to the occasion i like the cowboys today by three. will: we both got the same strong, the saints get another crack they're going to get the giants also at one the saints are up-and-down schizophrenic and don't know what to expect.
6:53 am
>> will tell you what a huge win for them today are going back home in the comfort of being in new orleans being displaced because of the hurricane. getting familiarity, we know that the fans in the superdome on how loud they get for their hometown team and they're going up against a giant team who might begin season i went for they can't get anything right there in new york, i like the saints by ten. the giants think. i was going to let you say. will: here's a game you excited, tom brady going home he knows what it's like to play and he knows what the fans will be like, he knows bill belichick's playbook, the patriots tonight sunday night football, what do you think. >> i have been watching this clip all week long, it's a matchup of tom brady going back to new england and i can't stop watching it, it is ridiculous, i
6:54 am
am excited for this, is that going back to high school reunion and you get to see her ex-boyfriend and you like the hot chick and everything worked out for you. so i like tom brady. i know somebody that this happened to her name is marissa. i love the buccaneers for a lot of reasons, jones is a rookie quarterback we know bill belichick will have to play against tom brady but there's a ton of different things they could do, they will be without rob conversely the patriots and injuries on both sides, hopefully in his latter half of his career will help the back half of the defense secondary that he struggled for the box, this is a game where brady the last time on the field he ended his tenure with the patriots intersection and i know that he wants to make it right there and this is the is it. will: go make your waivers today
6:55 am
fox that what is a dollar's i don't know what it's like if you're in l.a., if you're in new york with your hot chick homecoming analogy around of applies in the new york studio, i promise you i don't know if you can hear the microphone but they are applauding your analogy. more "fox & friends" right after this. ♪ here she comes ♪ ♪ a walk and talking true love ♪ ♪ saying i've been looking for you ♪ ♪ surprised a new love ♪ ♪ has arrived ♪ ♪ out of the blue clear sky ♪ ♪
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