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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 2, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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by the state. wait a minute, that's communism. withdraw the nomination. paul: thanks, that's it for this week's show. thanks to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, hope to see you here next week. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> present biden promising to fight tooth and nail for domestic agenda. democrats failed to reach a deal on infrastructure social spending bill. standoff between moderate and far left progressive's forcing house speaker nancy pelosi but for now, plans for about this week. welcome to another hour of fox news live, i am eric shawn. arthel: hello, divided democrat
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failing to see eye to eye on president biden's massive social spending plan with two senate moderate saying $3.5 trillion price tag needs to be cut down drastically. the president wants their support but liberal house democrats say bipartisan infrastructure bill cannot move forward unless the senate passes the larger spending package. meredith has more on all of this mark, tell us more. >> it's good job security here from washington news coming out of d.c. good afternoon. president biden said he remains confident eventually democrats are going to get on the same page get around to passing to massive spending bills but when might that happen? product the president had a chance to go up to capitol hill to encourage democrats to keep negotiating but the party is ending this week split between moderates and progressives. two key senators say they are
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not going to support spending three and a half trillion dollars on a social safety net but progressives in the house six they are not going to support the bipartisan infrastructure deal and in agreement when it comes to the larger bill for safety net. the president says while there are delays and frustrating bills, they are understanding. >> i am a realist and have been at this a long time. i know how to get this done. there is no reason why. [inaudible] are not supposed to do it that way nancy pelosi interest measures, she sent a letter to her member saturday in negotiations on going and democrats will and must have both bills soon democrats worn the longer it drags on, democrats potentially among
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those speaking out today is arizona senator kyrsten sinema blasting leaders in the house and the statement this afternoon she said failure of the vote on the infrastructure bill and jobs act is deeply disappointing for communities across our country the question how long will this last if there's no deal, what will this mean for democrat for next year's midterm election? present biden, he said he's confident he'll be working this weekend reaching out with members and the white house next week. the president will hit the road on these proposals as for where he's going to go. arthel: you have job security without the drama here. mark meredith at the white house, thank you. eric: communities along the southern border bracing for another surge in migrants.
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panama's prime minister warning that up to 60000 people will make their way to our country as the department of homeland security rolls out new guidelines. basically abolishing the arrow policy on this, live in del rio, texas or just call. hi, jeff. >> the mayor here says they have information but there are 2,250,000 migrants in mexico looking for a place to cross. so far we've seen groups of around five to six people authorities say that could change in a few weeks. this time when it comes to another massive migrant caravan like we saw a few weeks ago from a question of if, it's a question of when. one we saw a few weeks ago here, let that happen anywhere along the us-mexico border the biden
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administration this week will likely change who and how many migrants are detained. secretary of homeland security l.a. hunter mayorkas want the emphasis on those who pose a risk of safety or national security meaning someone's crashing status. previously during the term of ministration, agents were able to detain and before anyone who entered the u.s. illegally as a huge relief to those around the country for the first time they say that biggest concern is with a left at home. >> my heart, they don't have anything like this. food, freedom from nothing, nothing, nothing. it is hard. >> the biting of ministration
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regarding ice agents would be targeting or arresting. this week our judge ruled the biden administration can still expel individuals and families do to covid through title 42. eric: thank you. arthel: federal authorities have their hands, coping with merge of sievert's migrants but it's putting a massive strain on border communities as well. law enforcement last month busting a human smuggling house in rio grande city, texas the alaska 33 people. this year alone were patrol agents have broken up 400 microns houses. blames them biden and ministration if you think about the most basic government should be providing, national security, they have completely failed on that and created this crisis and
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unfortunately texas, they have to pay for joining us now, the mayor of rio grande city texas, thank you for joining us and i know you are busy going to get this how you can be a help and by whom, how many migrants you have the infrastructure to accommodate them? >> we do not. in fact, one thing united states of america is the greatest country in the world wanting to pursue the american dream and the idea individuals can rise above their circumstances in life. having said that, we do not have the infrastructure or resources to sustain a flow of migrants and we have taken necessary
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measures and emergency management to address the potential wave we might be getting in the future so our hearts go to these individuals risking their lives to come to pursue the american dream. however, it's not sustainable and border communities are seeing the impact economically and financially and humanitarian perspective, it is difficult. having said that, we've had an immigration crisis for beckett. the truth is, after every president we have had a humanitarian crisis for several decades and there's something we must address as a country but we've failed to do so. we will continue to see on a sustained trajectory without prioritizing immigration reforms
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subsequently having political will to address, we will continue to talk about this five or ten years from today, 15 years from today so it's a must, it must be addressed and i say this both democrats and republicans, take care of this issue once and for all. the last time we've had proper has of immigration reform from reagan years, it's been several decades and border communities impact away from a work communities are in favor of securing the border. the question is simply how? we need the help from the federal government. democrats and republicans. arthel: what you need most immediately? >> right now is to make sure we have a system in place and this pandemic, raised in a global
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pandemic and one thing as a mayor i need to protect my constituents, constituency. sometimes it's difficult when you have competing resources for scarce resources whether humanitarian aid and something we need to address and having enough resources to make sure we address this from a humanitarian perspective but at the same time be cognizant of the fact of the global pandemic and we need to address it with such. i agree right now but i say this because of the global pandemic. once we are out of the pandemic, it might be a different story, it's important we address from that view as well. arthel: i want to look at the southern border october 2020 through august this year with migrants from mexico and
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honduras and el salvador and guatemala, you've got rio grande valley your city most 404,000 from del rio is close to 215 thousand. tucson arizona, nearly 174,000, san diego is close to one 30,000 according to u.s. customs and border patrol in rio grande city, your city, almost 39000 more migrants and i want to know if you feel your people very much in charge of, you feel they are considering leaving as this grows and expands? how you deal with -- how do you brace for additional possibly 60000 haitians migrants heading for the border? >> we have a good working relationship with cbp. the officers are phenomenal,
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border patrol customs work hand-in-hand with local police department and sheriff's and texas department of public safety national guard so we have law enforcement entities working together so on that end, i trust cbp officers day in and day out there protecting, keeping the borders safe but by the way, when you're looking up the numbers, right now this year they are at unprecedented numbers but in 1986, 1.7 million apprehensions and in 2000, 1.6. this year we might end up with 2 million or so apprehensions more so we have these urges before, they've done a tremendous job but right now, we must address it from congress perspective,
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must address this because if not will keep seeing this but we don't have the resources, we are going to work with them as much as possible to make sure if we do have a way, it is quickly as possible because the majority are not going to stay in the community. like it or not, that's one of the things going back to the comprehensive immigration reform because if we don't like certain laws, we facilitate the process of moving about because it should not take 15 years to adjudicate, it just takes too long -- go ahead. arthel: i apologize because i've got to go but you make some excellent points. i don't know what your party affiliation is because that's not a prerequisite to join but whatever it is, i like how you
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speak and maybe they need to consider -- maybe you need to consider running for president one day. thank you for joining us and good luck with everything. >> thank you. arthel: eric. eric: to the oval office, maybe. we'll see. concerns about keeping tabs in the afghan evacuees in the united states. hundreds of them arrive while reportedly leaving military bases immaturely before finishing resettlement program according to lawyers, 700 afghans have already left and the number may be growing. many evacuees have friends and family in the country doesn't help them so they are getting in touch with friends and family and leaving the basis. in afghanistan, humanitarian crisis growing worse by the day, live in kabul with the latest on
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that and new questions back here at home about what brian mondrian's family may have note about his possible role in gabby petito's death is the search for him intensifies. we'll have the latest in northport florida right here on fox news live. ♪♪
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to of the great producers behind riddle, the storms source for hoffa. congrats to them and fox news. the manhunt for brian laundrie isn't testifying as dog the bounty hunter searches the beachfront campground in tampa. the tension has shifted to brian laundrie's sister over what she said about the last time she said he saw her fugitive brother. here's the latest on that. hi, charles. >> yeah, there's a lot of attention on the campgrounds, about 75 miles north of where we are in st. petersburg, florida where the laundrie family went camping camping about five days after he returned home. my attorney said bryant's history cassandra laundrie joined on the camping trip.
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weeks after cassandra told abc news she hadn't seen brian since the day he returned to florida september 1. in a statement, law enforcement agencies are well aware any prior communication by cassie that does not reflect this, simply a difference in relating answer to a question misinterpreted by cassie or poorly posed by the inquirer. has documents obtained by fox news that shows the laundrie's checked in to the campground september 6 before checking out a few days later on the eighth. dog the bounty hunter said he received this tips about the camping trick in a private meeting near the desoto campground and bring the 23-year-old to justice. newly released body cam footage by the moab police department shows an emotional potato speaking with police during the
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suspect this incident weeks before the appearance but no arrests made. >> the two people who came to us and said they saw him punch you, independent witnesses. >> to be honest -- [inaudible] >> where did you hit him? you slack him first? in the face? reporter: the ball at city police department says they are investigating how the officers handle the domestic dispute. the question so many people's mind, where is brian laundrie? we have no answers yet. eric: heartbreaking. >> great fun page on the new york post, 21 children killed within nine months by other children, most of them numbers of gangs and our response from name mayor de blasio? he wants walmart steyer readers.
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arthel: mayor bill de blasio facing heavy criticism over a new plan, nypd focusing on customer service hours after a teen girl was hit in the head by a stray bullet at a playground yesterday. she's hospitalized in critical condition in the suspect is still on the loose. reporter: no arrests in the shooting of a 16-year-old libertine was in a brooklyn park one contract rang out from a bullet wound to the head. hours later, a 16-year-old boy in brooklyn was struck in the lake after he got into an argument at a brooklyn park. according to data compiled by the new york post, so far this year, street violence claimed the lives of at least 21 kids in new york city and fatalities compared to the past two years. spike in crime affects all new yorkers.
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his number of shooting victims increased slightly but the last 24 hours were especially violent, eight people were shot compared to two on the same day a year ago and this week, bill de blasio to improve what he calls it customer service. he called for a plan that would require readers to meet members of the public when they arrived at a local police precinct. biting private crime and improving community relations are not usually bringing back the officers, they have the ability to infiltrate these gangs and gun dealers.
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>> crime is up, city hall says so to our current arrests. they've increased 30% compared to the last two years but everyone still agrees there are still too many guns on the streets. arthel: thank you very much, david three. 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill is stuck in limbo while president biden tries to bridge the divide over and even bigger spending plan so what will it take to make a deal? that's up next. ♪♪
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one of the things i love about you guys, biden vowed he was going to do this. biden is going to work and we look at the past. i'm on the phone with them a lot. eric: biden is going to work like hell and travel across the
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country. getting up more support for his spending plan, moderate and left-leaning democrats to push the $1.2 trillion infrastructure legislation and $3.5 trillion social spending legislation in jeopardy. my house democrat this morning in the president's visit yesterday and when sat down with members of congress to reach a deal. >> i think what the president was trying to do, he was trying to play mediator. trying to lower the expectations of progressives saying listen, it's not going to be 3.5 trillion dollars, i don't have the majority president roosevelt or obj had, i have a 50/50 load on the senate, three in the house so we have to compromise. eric: what happened? white house correspondent, jeff,
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always good to seal. they are stuffed between progressives in the democratic party, they are flexing her muscles. you think is going to blink? >> you are certainly right, but the moderate have and it is a divide. president biden was basically trying to address when he came up to the capitol hill friday and is encouraging compromise. i think interesting points that came out of that meeting is number one, he's come to realize $3.5 trillion is not going to happen so he's encouraging progressives to come down on that and you've seen progressive leaders say that they are willing to come down on that number but what they are not willing to do is let and infrastructure bill go through without mayor guaranty their priorities in the separate bill are going to be voted on so who
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is going to blink? i don't know, i don't know each side is going to blink but each side, the democrats realize and even republicans realized the democrats failed to do this right now, failed to come up with something on both sides of those and don't produce something that it's going to be damaging to them. >> how damaging and what do you expect if this falls through? >> number one, if all of it falls through, if they don't get infrastructure or reconciliation package than it shows even with majorities, they are majorities they can't produce on the promises they have made and that's going to be a tough sale for term elections which will be felt historically for democrat because of the fact president biden and democrats have the white house and majorities historically midterm elections to a different party so i think
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basically, they need to be able to say it may not be everything we promised but we have produced president biden's agenda. if they can't, it's going to hurt them at the polls and if they can do it even if they don't come up with everything they said they would, at least they can say this is what we got done and we want to do more. eric: how do the progressives put a face on something like that? this is from a moderate in the other from a progressive. representative josh of new jersey, the small faction of the far left destroy the president's agenda. elected to achieve common lies, commonsense solutions for the american people not to obstruct from the far wings, far left willing to put the president's entire agenda including historic bipartisan infrastructure package at risk, they put
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bipartisan company at risk from that's a scorcher. when you've got alexandria ocasio-cortez saying that this morning on twitter. the reason d.c. insiders are freaking out is because 1618, people for members who reject corporate money. big money still has for now, obvious can't dictate the way, is this a battle for the soul of the democratic party? >> you frame it that way, the democratic party has divisions and they are definitely on display right now it is important to remember president biden has both sides of the party when he was running and the issues represented both of these are supported by the moderate and that's who he is and he did left 20 election all
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of these things are is lesion part of the script that showed segment there is nothing as unreasonable or out there desire to have a more affordable to address climate change progressives support by the man in the white house as well. eric: what is your prediction on this? how do you think this will roll out. >> i've been asking sources of the white house and no one is wanting to bite. my guess is the fact that he made clear on friday they weren't going to have the infrastructure right away meaning it's going to be a little while.
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there is clear acknowledgment of the fact that it will take further negotiations to figure out what is on the social spending bill and they couldn't just do that late night while waiting to do and infrastructure bill boat so i think it is a waste. eric: also kristen cinema and joe manchin over at the senate, they've been reading the charge against this, do you think they will then rollback a bit? can there be compromise once it's done? >> that is the trillion dollar question. [laughter] i think the answer is yes, they have not said no we won't do this, senator manchin indicated 1.5 trillion he would support for the social spending bill. president biden is meeting on the health friday saying we should be looking at
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1.9 trillion -- 2.3 so they will find a sweet spot somewhere but they have to keep talking. eric: a billionaire, a billionaire and then you're talking real money. [laughter] >> that's a lot of money. eric: jeff, always good to see you. the spectacular white house. he fell. arthel: humanitarian crisis unfolding in afghanistan, country's fragile economy in freefall since the taliban take over. people are going hungry and with the taliban in control, there are fears things will only get worse. trait is live at the afghan capitol kabul. >> arthel, good afternoon. afghan people are in desperate need of support with the taliban in control of the international community reducing the amount of
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eight coming into the country. consequences are set to have a devastating effect on the afghan people especially the most vulnerable citizens. the following images may be considered disturbing. three month old weighing less than 4 pounds, the young afghan is severely well-nourished and without treatment, both i. when the family needs money for food, the girl was then killed. >> i have nothing from i don't have a brother or sister or a mother, i'm just life for my son. i can't sacrifice myself for my son, one day you will grow up and help me. >> the people of afghanistan are suffering. half of the population at the international assistance to survive. with taliban in control, many traditional pathways are shut and hospitals are running out of supply to treat these vulnerable little kids. the afghan capitol kabul, kids
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are being treated for malnutrition. last month five died here waiting for international aid to arrive. >> we need a lot, we only have a small amount for kids. we can only pay in emergency cases. reporter: the images speak for themselves, 1 million afghan children are at risk of starvation this year alone. arthel: heartbreaking. we'll be right back.
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california will be the first required covid vaccination for all students to attend classes in the garden through 12th grade. the mandate will go into effect after the fda approves vaccinations for children younger than 12 years old, that has not happened yet. here are the details on what it
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does. reporter: gavin newsom says this is another first for california in terms of fighting this pandemic. >> california was the first state in the united states to require statewide school mass clearing requirements, the first day in america to require all of our staff to either be vaccinated and/or get weekly testing. reporter: the mandate will be unforced for students after approval for that age group but likely in effect for students 12 and older as early as january. >> it brings peace of mind. for me, i should have been done a long time ago. >> there's vaccines that have been tested rigorously. reporter: some parents feel the
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vaccine mandate is backing them into a corner when it comes to deciding what's best for the health of their children. >> i'm upset, i don't like it for my kids. what are we going to do? honestly, we are going to homeschool. it's not fair we are being backed into a corner to make decisions, either get the vaccine, continue going to school or not. reporter: some school districts have a vaccine mandate in place including a unified, second largest school district in the country, a mandate such go into effect january for students 12 and older. eric: thank you. our self. arthel: what could be a major breakthrough in the treatment of covid, work says it's experimental cutting hospitalizations and deaths by 50% among people infected with the virus. health regulators clear it, we
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could have the first oral at home, treatment. professor at ucla's department of epidemiology, what we need to know about this new medication? who is it designed for? >> thank you for having me, this new drug is definitely an important tool in our toolbox, covid-19. what it does, it reduces the ability of the virus to replicate and that means it's not going to be able to take over, something like tamiflu might work about the same conflict. if you do get covid, there is a drug that can only be administered prescribed by your doctor and be able to take it at home, if you reduce probability of severe disease of hospitalization or death. i want to make it clear, it's not a magic pill not available right now and it will reduce
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probability of being hospitalized or die but it not a zero risk scenario. it's another tool in our toolbox but the first thing everybody needs to be able to do to prevent severe disease, hospitalization or death is kat vaccinated. arthel: let's look at the current u.s. vaccination rate, 214.5 billion and 64.6%, fully vaccinated, 184.8 million, 55.7% and people vaccinated with a booster so far, 4.3 million, 2.4% of the people so basically you are saying if this doesn't take the place of vaccination, you have to get the original vaccine, correct? >> that's exactly what i'm saying because really and truly you do not want to get covid, not only because you could risk
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hospitalization or death but there are other effects, there is long covid sows like my late father-in-law think it's better to stay out of trouble thing to get out of trouble. arthel: i want to play this quickly from a leadoff bond, a researcher for regeneron, how therapeutic zero hand-in-hand. >> we learned a very important lesson showing us vaccines undoubtably are critical. they do not protect everyone in some individuals will be at risk of this, you cannot substitute therapeutics for a vaccine. arthel: i think it's called -- how might this help control this pandemic? is still here and get all parts working again, the economy and
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jobs, supply chain social outings like restaurants and concert? >> there are multiple ways this can help. the first thing is, if you hard to be something at home cut hospitalization and death, it's important because what we are seeing our crisis care scenarios, hospitalized are overwhelmed and icus are overwhelmed and having this treatment available reduces the burden on the healthcare system. that is enormous. of course this also means if you do have a breakthrough case, there's another layer of protection available to you so also very important. every thing we do, it is a layered approach we need multiple tools in the toolbox and that's what we need to do to get back to normal and get back to life as we knew it. arthel: the main key is the vaccine and by the way, i want
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to let everybody know 64.6% of americans are partially vaccinated, 55.7% fully vaccinated 2.4% have had a booster so we leave it there, it's always a pleasure to have you on. professor of epidemiology at ucla, will see you again. thank you very much. arthel: eric. eric: this is heating up from a month to go until the election and one candidate sparked a controversy with comments on the role parents should play. what a racist and next here on fox news live. ♪♪
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heated race for governor in virginia, a former governor get his job back. live in washington with more. >> national debate are playing out, it's a watching.
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all of america and then inspired by parents stepping forward to annoy terry by actually trying to have a say in their children's education. the nerve. >> former attorney general, a statement made by virginia's former governor trying to win back his seat. he said this during the last gubernatorial debate i'm not going to let parents going to schools and make their own decisions. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. reporter: how much parents have to say it's major in contention. here's a special report. >> parents want their children to receive a great education and they want to be involved in it. what we have heard is he doesn't want them involved in it. >> not wanting to see him pull
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ahead, democrats are throwing their weight. republicans have not won a statewide race since 2009. he focused on former president trump my toxic democrats saying nationwide are eyeing up. eric: thank you so much. sometimes it's like an election every single day or week. [laughter] arthel: it's good for business and job security especially on the weekend. [laughter] eric: good for democracy, i suppose. that's it for us for now. we'll be back. arthel: right us tomorrow.
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hello, tyrus and welcome to the big saturday show. >> the biden administration have bad the border crisis could get behind closed doors. shocking new numbers and how bad the crisis is right now. >> mark covid craziness, to go back to school but not the teachers.


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