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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 2, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> president biden said he will find hard his domestic agenda a day after he made a rare visit to capitol hill and the president tried to add a standoff between and progressive democrats over the infrastructure and social spending bills that define his economic plan. but still no deal and house speaker nancy pelosi has set a new deadline of october 31st pass of $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package pretty here's president biden when told this morning as he left the white house or delaware.
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biden: as part of being in government. and look, one of the things that i love about you guys, i watch today that he would bow he would do this. but it's going to work like heck to make sure this passes. [inaudible]. been on the phone a lot. >> welcome the "fox news" life. arthel: and i am arthel neville. eric: and i am eric shawn in those of one of the few big stories were also following the prices on the southern border may be about to get even worse and reportedly up to 400,000 migrants are expected to claim asylum in the u.s. and 60000 patients may be on their way and newly released police body cam video has some disturbing light in the relationship between the late gabby petito and her missing fiancé brian laundrie we live "fox news" coverage in all of this, in bellport, florida
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read and jeff always on the southern border has the latest from him officials go to mark meredith, marked the lighthouses on the stalemate or the presidents domestic agenda on capitol hill. guest: there is plenty of drama up on capitol hill but there's really not much to show for the presidents economic agenda is quite simply in limbo right now with the president said today, it was a priority for simply delayed. biden: i'm a realist, i was in the senate he long time and i know how the legislation works, there's no reason why these bills should pass. in hampton vote to do it that way pretty. eric: some moderate democrats are urging the house approve the bipartisan infrastructure deal quickly progressive state the not going to back the infrastructure do we get a much a deal on a charter social safety net so that can move forward an issue here is really
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the pricing moderates want to spend far less amount of money than with the progressive want to spend. we asked the president earlier today how soon if ever this going to get work out. >> to think by thanksgiving that this will be all done by thanksgiving. biden: i think by 2:27 a.m. earlier and i think. [inaudible]. far more. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. sue and so the house speaker is facing on the question about what her plans are she said the vote was going to happen this week on the infrastructure and she then said that was going to happen because it will fail and she said her members a letter today urging them to get on the same page and she said, since it all starts with the priorities and sing what it adds up to is important to know all this as of 20 because the bill back better is paid for negotiations will continue now with more time for decisions and legislative language and review of public
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awareness and republicans, they laugh at the suggestion that this will cost $0 and they know flat out lie and it's interesting, because about the democrats take the stage of these last 48 hours and some of the dysfunction on the help making no mistake about it republicans are ready to campaign hard against these priorities alisa larger social safety net in next year's midterm elections. some republicans are supporting that if it's hard point to this desiree saying that look at what is going on in washington. sue and especially with the progressives, pretty strong about the timing well yesterday but how is this affecting us pretty fall pretty. guest: he's also just in a good mood playing with oppressive videos other does these comments and even said, i love you guys and he's watching this and i think he certainly was just enjoying the back and forth but i will say when it comes to the full numbers the president has approval ratings in recent weeks, too soon to tell this disarray between the democratic party will have an impact on this week's important issue with
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what happened with covid-19 that entered the mandates and club from afghanistan but make mistakes the whole has left and if he gets through certainly with the full numbers but if he doesn't, to be very interesting to see what happens next november. arthel: and meanwhile the humanitarian crisis at the southern border to be surging to a whole new level. u.s. officials are now bracing for up to 400,000 migrants to try to enter the united states and this month alone, those numbers and all been seen in decades created this go to jeff all come alive on the border in del rio, texas. guest: he got a mini town here on the border and you're going to find communities that are sort of bracing themselves for what could be right around the corner, two weeks ago we saw thousands upon thousands of vacation nationals coming to the u.s. and the authorities here in the ground say, the various american play out once again in
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a matter of just a few weeks. anywhere here on the us-mexico border and take a look at images, these are exclusive to "fox news" and what we are saying just across the border, air in del rio texas, this is in mexico and facilities now are set up for about a thousand migrants while we wait to figure out the next move in some cases, one of the options could be to try to cross into the u.s. once again. the security secretary alejandro n. mayorkas said of the 30000 nation nationals across in a span of about two weeks 9000 were returned to mexico. but in cities like del rio officials here say in this large caravan could be even bigger than before. >> we have information right now there's another 20 - 50000 individuals in mexico right now looking for a place to cross predict del rio is it success story for them it's already looks like the point of interest again. guest: so far this week is been
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fairly active along the rio grande and we've seen mostly groups of around five or six at a time and many of these people are coming from venezuela and cuba and the body of the administration can still expel migrant families under title 42 dhs just issued a new directive sort of in the stands under the trump administration, ice ages were directed to arrest anyone found to have illegally crossed the biden administration worth the focus to be in any money poses a threat to national security or public safety. arthel neville thank you jeff eric. eric: for the concerns of the migrants crossing at the southern border, skyrocket soon and even put more strain in the ages who are ready overwhelmed afraid national order patrol council president, sarandon what would this seemingly growing of migrants mean for you guys in the ground. guest: we are already have so
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many ages and processing rather than in the field and we have way too many gaps in our coverage and the cartels are exploiting as we speak and all you have to do is listen or look at the drug overdoses in this country knew the children dying right now from the amount of drugs on the streets right now, it's more than i'd ever seen my 24 year's law enforcement career. and if we do not get this under control, the biden administration does not do the right things they don't look back at what worked under president trump, we're going to be in more and more trouble and more for children will continue to die. 's be when they are implementing title 42 for example in, will should they do do you think to try to stop this. guest: title 42, if you look at the number of cutouts they've given under the trump administration would put everybody under title 42 of the one of cutouts, when you look at this administration from the cutouts that they have given, that's a population were currently seeing large families
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with children under the age of six and sing people from venezuela in title 42 and if you look at this, there's way too many cutouts and then of course on top of that, when you consider that of the 30000, the people they cross the border in del rio, this is del rio of loan 12000 were released into the united states is estimated about 6000 voluntarily went back to mexico with an are going back to the just looking for another crossing point. so if we continue to reward people for violating outlaws, nestled were doing, were rewarding them for violating the law in this administration has to stop and they have to in the catch and release magnet that draws so many people across our borders illegally. >> i'm sorry say that. eric: seemingly not doing that are ending these policies pretty. >> no not read that is the problem and when secretary
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alejandro n. mayorkas talked about new enforcement priorities, policies doing is announcing to the world that are borders are in fact open up argued is implementing amnesty through policy. he is coming of the legislation and the branch who supposed to issue laws but instead, he is going through policy to allow amnesty out the policy will be challenging and overturn but in the meantime, the damages going to cause, the number of people that will draw to our borders illegally is going to be astronomical and again, it ties up our hands and we can't do our job effectively because we're too busy dealing with things that we should not be dealing with in the cartels are making money and of her fist. sue and were looking buy the part of the del rio and thank you predict just to see what the issue was about 14000 haitians are self have been expelled. katie does not want them back and they sent dumping them back as we can handle them in their
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reports that 60000 haitians are on the way rated and is too late. >> yes and again, and should be a surprise pretty any time policies are rewarding people for violating outlaws more people are going to come just the tip of the iceberg pretty just from 80 were dealing with people all over the world and we are dealing with people from everywhere china brazil columbia el salvador this isn't just tahiti problem. this a problem throughout the world and what were doing as we are encouraging vulnerable women and children to put themselves in the hands and the stagers cartels to be smuggled to the united states. and it's really upsetting to us, that when we see the democrats give lip service to caring about people and their policies encourage the systems in the hands of the criminal
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organizations and they are making all of this money because of what we are doing here in the united states and we have to address the root causes here, not in other countries will be help any control of the government and if you're in the '90s states in those through causes and you would drop the illegal immigration. eric: and i'm looking at the videos, it is a humanitarian crisis continuing and seemingly only growing larger. granted, on the border patrol council, thank you for the work. guest: think you are a it. arthel: well eric, gabby petito's missing fiancé brian laundrie continues almost three weeks since he went missing. is a bounty hunter and launch a private search at the beachfront and to mike, new questions about what brian laundrie sister told investigators last month. charles watson is live in florida with more on this.
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charles. guest: hi, a lot of the singeing on still the campgrounds where the brian laundrie's family said have gone camping in the days after brian laundrie returned without girlfriend gabby petito from the trip out west. three weeks into the story it continues to mount about what the brian laundrie family knows anything about brian's whereabouts. after it was revealed that brian laundrie's sister joined in on this september 6 family camping trip an interview with abc news, cassondra claims that she had not seen brian since symptom or third predict and they tell "fox news" that the last time cassondra saw brian was actually september 6, 5 days later. in a statement they said that law enforcement agencies are well aware of these dates and prior communications by cassidy that does not reflect this and a difference of relating answer to a question misinterpreted by or poorly posed by the inquirer.
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about 200 said that he received a tip about the brian laundrie family camping trip in a private team is scattered islands near the camp ground hoping to find brian and bring the 22 -year-old to just as in meantime newly released body cam video footage by the police department has an emotional person speaking with police regarding the incident weeks before his affairs and despite multiple reports of a violent dispute between gabby petito and brian laundrie can officers decide not to apply mandatory domestic violence arrest law because they didn't believe in apply to the case. >> in no way shape or form, they can perceive that would happen here on the site between the obviously want to be together printed cannot perceive at this we digressed to a situation where he's going to be a pattern man. [background sounds]. guest: mom police department
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said tenants conducting a thorough investigation to see how is officers handled the domestic dispute between brian laundrie and gabby petito. arthel: thank you charles. eric: will looks like china is being more aggressive over taiwan freighted taiwan's military said the chinese air force spent about 20 aircraft into the air defense zone today. it does not violate their territory does come a day after 60 fighter jets, the largest ever seen by beijing which considers taiwan apartments and some concern about beijing's intentions. arthel: for march is planned across america today to support the abortion ruling rated their bills and rallies were abortion just as an taking place just over a month after texas implemented one of the nations most restrictive measures, a man
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the procedure early as six weeks into a pregnancy emmy for most women even know the pregnant. and empowers private citizens to sue anyone who performs or helps with an illegal abortion. eric: will present bite his domestic agenda and has been delayed this weekend because the democratic party is fighting, the two senate moderates calling on a much larger growth of progressives in the house. on what could happen in about the split between the progressives and the moderates. ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ]
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. arthel: speaker the house nancy pelosi extending the past $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill until october 31st on this after bowing to pass the measure this week and is also after the president made a rare visit to capitol hill yesterday as he struggles to get moderates and progressives together behind his broader social spending package. let's talk about this. a senior editor for the federalist pretty chris before we get into the quantitative politics play, one of those this pretty so the republicans are united as you know i guess the larger spending bill, if cost
11:21 am
is in fact the issue and because need to be made, what you think, what items survive the cuts in which programs do you think should be protected, not just for the direct beneficiaries of those programs, for america is a country. guest: will both parties are in for surgery spending, behind bridges and tunnels a lot of republicans are generally pro- spending the appropriators so think the term union party here in washington dc, for all of the politicians about what letters next to the link of the new come together in the spending this is what the senator this mcconnell things must many not concerned about it, sun valley generally wants to going to be in favor of an infrastructure built absolutely happy 2000 infrastructure built. arthel: talking about the other bill, universal can a garden. things like that and what you think, anything in there that would benefit, not just the direct beneficiaries but the country as a whole.
11:22 am
guest: universal kindergarten in the family are things that certain populace have been coming around to the last couple of years in the cynically shipped in the red republican party has look at the sort of things, the real pushback that you will give them the gop is for some of the green new deal spending, and those takeovers, the new york times piece that said this bill will be a fundamental transformation of the american interactions of government from in the womb until they die is basically the only kind of peace it would really push the gop to fight back on but also really on the tax policies that things and they were able to pass and are president trump, these are and things like unlike healthcare investor publicans are comfortable talking about, they feel think success and willing to fight on that all the way pretty. arthel: and speaker fighting, they were monitoring senators mansion and progressives and as long it is not simply driven it in me out, massively driven by a
11:23 am
personal agenda to get reelected, how might their dissensions benefit the overall process the long run and they're not simply rubberstamping the internet there pushing back to groupthink politics. guest: there is a rules split in the democratic party because we not seen in the last couple of years especially with manchin being upper reelection to be more conservative generally given his state and the problem here the mitch mcconnell made, they are losing ground, 6 trillion-dollar figure originally brought a bicep bernie sanders, so probably going to get past an inverse of dollars the republicans and democrats come together to claim that this is a went to both sides but if you're a conservative or maybe even more progressive, you'll have serious problems without prison biden speak is dispelling it is a he's more on the moderates and coming down right now firmly on the side of the progressive caucus and so is nancy pelosi pretty and maynard and republican left
11:24 am
with the freedom caucus. arthel: but president and i read that he said he is looking at possibly reducing the price tag to maybe $2.3 trillion so but as we've witnessed this and as you know, we all know there's the democratic party standing up to the old readership. so add to the republican party take back control of congress, the questions to you is do you think that we would see that on the other side of the fence and less rubberstamping of all legislation that might come across the desk, where do you think it'd be to your point earlier, you said that would be like they said senator mcconnell, having a fight with the tea party or having them come together and is it possible that the same sort of only partyline voting will still continue the if the gop regains control of congress.
11:25 am
guest: in the gop gains control, for like they'd to be somewhat partyline except on issues of spending because they don't actually have power really do not going to possible that they will get the senate most likely get the house and certainly not winning the presidency before on his term is up and without that, they usually allows them to act more conservative and they all say they're all in line to the side of conservatives and will president trump's ideas might be even if that's not necessarily true because never actually have to answer to those because of not going to get past. arthel: okay, i have marked to get him based on that couple of follow-ups but i am out of time freedom sure will have you back on again pretty thank you very much for joining us. guest: thank you. eric: california the first state in the union to require covid-19 vaccinations for all students to attend school from kindergarten - 12th grade mna would go into effect after the fda approved
11:26 am
vaccines on those age groups. live in los angeles, with the progress on vaccinating the kids. before high yes, this mandate will impact more than 6.7 million students here in california and most populous state, it will go into effect for all schools until after the fda fully approves the groups ages five - 11 and 12 through 15 in school endorsement for the age group 12 - 15 is likely within just a few months mna will be enforced the first goal term following approval now this is getting mixed reactions from the parents pretty. >> i think it's time to apply that everyone gets it, is been long enough nick had enough testing rated i thank you so the parent's decision and the government in no shape or form should be having mandates like that read i am a veteran i serve this country.
11:27 am
reporter: during the announcement democratic governor gavin newsom pointed out that there is already public health protections in place for students. >> every parent has had this conversation since they brought their kids into school public or private and they have to be vaccinated. there's ten vaccines, measles mumps rubella, i can go on and on and on. so this is just another vaccine. guest: he. >> also a statewide state home order last year and mask mandate and he said it was necessary to protect people from the virus but some of nuisance critics said that covid-19 rules are driven by politics. if kevin kiley that at every turn the governor has had a top special interest built to dictate pandemic policy is abuse of trust without presidents in our state history. now it's a vaccine mandate goes
11:28 am
into effect, all students and teachers and staff will be required to get vaccinated as well. eric: thank you printed. arthel: there are new concerns now about keeping tabs on afghan evacuate is in united states and hundreds of them are reportedly leaving military bases prematurely before finishing their resettlement programs and according to 700 have left already in the number is reportedly climbing grade many of those evacuees apparently have friends and family in this country. eric: violent crimes on the rise in the country and not just in big cities, in new york, several shootings have young people in cities from nashville to albuquerque are sing murders spike especially cities in the midwest pretty straight ahead, the founder of the anti- crime group, the guardian angels. crime plan as he tries to apply for city hall and republican
11:29 am
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to be with 16 -year-old girl is fighting for her life in a new york after she was hit by a stray bullet while hanging out with friends and brooklyn playground after school yesterday. lycée the suspected gunman took off on a bike and is still at large in this comes as mayor bill de blasio sparked outrage over a new plan to get nypd focusing on customer service made is finding violent crime. miller's following all of this for us david lee read. guest: when the police arrived in brooklyn playground on friday afternoon, the down 16 -year-old silvers on the ground with a gunshot to the head. according to investigators, only minutes earlier she was talking to 14 -year-old female friend
11:35 am
when a gunshots rang out and the alleged tutors once one of three boys on bikes fled the scene rated and near post shows that so far this year the shootings and stabbings have claimed the lives of at least 21 kids in new york city is three times the rate of fatalities not just last year but pre- covid-19 2019 and only hours after she was critically injured a 16 -year-old boy brooklyn, starting the leg by gunfire after he got into an argument that apart and that investigation continues the shooter was still sought by police most recently for our prayed, a people and city were shot that compares with two of the same day last year rated year today, the numbers of shooting victims are slightly up from a year ago. 1004 and 31 - 1449 printed the latest round of violence is a day after near city mayor bill de blasio came under criticism saying that the nypd what he cad as part of the plan come the leaders will meet members of the public when they arrive at a local precinct in the nypd chief
11:36 am
of patrol, and improving community relations does not distract from reducing shootings. >> it takes all city to keep the city safe and so by no means, because we are focused on the community, we can't focus on you think that we can't focus on gun violence, you're truly mistaken predict. reporter: will elect a barons all the candidates, democratic adams and curtis have both made crime the top priority. arthel: thank you. eric: and as david lee just told us, there's been a rise in crime in new york city is not unique predict the fbi said the murder, just 30 percent across the nation, and 2020, and homicides having eight in places large and small, midsize cities having the largest seven homicides are up to 40 percent of the midwest leading the highest per capita percentage jump in new york city the democratic candidate, former
11:37 am
nypd cabinet and current brooklyn borough president eric out of's, he blames the court system for contributing to the crime rates while releasing inmates from the city jail. >> people talk about closing the building and i city close the pipe line that feeds the building a 30 percent of our prisoners in the country according to one report, 40 percent of the inmates have mental illnesses and it should not be there, 55 percent are disability. i want closable you want to close the pipeline that feeds the building. eric: fox news life. but so far, no luck. in the components here, just release a crime public and republican candidate was choice words for the progressive prosecutors. after the guardian angels. suckers, when need to change. guest: the whole outlook of these progressive democrats,
11:38 am
rising violent crime rates. and as you pointed out, great front page of the new york post to point out the 21 children killed within nine months by other children, most of them members of gangs. the response mayor de blasio, he wants style readers to meet you in precinct. maybe they'll have players there to defund the police, black lives matters, how ridiculous. i was at the projects all night when the shootings occurred. i was trying to sort of like get information it might resolve this crime. young men and young women were coming up to be insane is not for nothing curtis but the streets and here are snitches in the get snatched and end up in ditches. and i didn't say anything, because nobody downtown in manhattan whose going to protect me and i am on my own and that's what i pledge to all of them they would be protected
11:39 am
confidential informants and money for information. in a witness protection program. that's what helps break the back of the italian organized crime and it can break the backs of these many street gangs which now control the projects in the neighborhoods and in some instances, the subways in the parks. eric: chicago and the gang violence is overwhelming. are you optimistic that can to beat well it seems like a big task to try to break that cycle predict and get people to trust the police any of the prosecutors to stop releasing people. and the district attorney of manhattan is not going to have there for nonviolent crimes and offenses pretty how you deal with apple they want to seem to be just getting worse. guest: eric shawn want to shut our presidents because they want the inmates in the streets which will add to more chaos and more anarchy. on these prisons to remain open. on these inmates to be behind
11:40 am
bars because they are a danger to society and more importantly, to the residence of the neighborhoods that they are from read the inner city radio they talk about how unfair it is to put an inmate into solitary confinement. and as i go into project after project, how many elderly black and hispanic men and women are forced to live in solitary confinement in very small apartments because they cannot go outside predict they fear lead poisoning to the mayor is talking about everybody needs to get that shot, the vaccines will okay, but he doesn't talking about all of the shots it's taking place in the neighborhoods giving people lead poisoning for you to no attention to that whatsoever as you know eric shawn over 42 years of me that a priority is founder and leader of the guardian angels here and in 13 countries and 130 cities all over the world and all of united states. eric: a lot of progressives would say there trying in the
11:41 am
jealous the wrong place for some of these people than the mental health issues that has to be taken care of printed putting people behind bars, in some cases, is just not the proper way to do it pretty. guest: what if you going to the prisons and i know all of them talk about walking into these prisons as if their experts. there's never been locked up, you remember in my early days, i was arrested, and adversary eventually became a friend, 76 times. i could put through the system and i was locked up with inmates and i have seen it from the inside and from the outside and these men, not only men, young adults middle-age adults to use weapons of destruction and recap major violence in the inner-city areas must be held accountable, has to be and they got to be locked up and you can't have a society like aoc when there are no prisons, no police, the
11:42 am
inmates rule. that is the definition of anarchy. that is not america, lead of the free and home of the brave in this way up on the guardian angels back in 1979, that is my by running so hard to be the mayor so that we will have saved subways streets and parks and most importantly, safe schools can you imagine rated there was a movement in the city of new york to remove metal detectors and to remove security offices from the schools. the gangs are now going to back since all of a sudden you can go back to school. so now again the banker as a mask that you can barely detect who he is because everybody has to wear a mask in school. going to be allowed to carry guns and following the cycle of revenge and edges that is led to more bloodshed. no, i stand for the people and i stand the children who have been victimized, and often the children of color who have retail make on their own community. sue and i don't think the guns
11:43 am
in schools necessarily wants the inmates released, finally, let's take a look at the cities. new york is not even near the top of the list coming of st. louis, detroit baltimore memphis, little rock pretty in milwaukee and des moines and on and on indianapolis, look at this list of cities across the country. what to advise them quickly your plan to try to stop this crime. guest: i had guardian angel groups in many of the cities you must have stop question frisk and the police have to have the handcuffs taken off them and put in the criminals and especially the gangs and they have to be able to preemptively stop them and take your guns away and lock them up reading have to have a gang task force unit that has updated data are not just local gangs, but also against this basis is in foreign countries, ice is an amazing database of gang bankers who are here from
11:44 am
central america, mexico, and the gravy is and yet local law enforcement in many places, are not permitted to access that data base. how crazy is that we must do this to get control of our street and we broke the back of organized crime, we should use the same methods to break the back of the street gangs who are terrorizing middle-aged and elderly people and other children in the inner-city areas predict sue and were up against the right, that is a message from curtis, and the founder of the guardian angels curtis. guest: learn more. eric: we will be right back with more news. singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive,
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arthel: companies around the world as a result are working on these other ways to treat those breakthrough covid-19 infections. box businesses jury has more on
11:49 am
that pretty. guest: emergency use authorization for the first ever oral treatment for covid-19. the antiviral bill is being described as a five recovered f. [inaudible]. and reduces the risk of hospitalization by 50 percent and the significance here while those treatments are in infusions merck's treatment can be taken orally at home reducing the burden on hospitals across the country rated the government expected to order 1.7 million when and if authorization is granted and regeneron is developed a drug cocktail of their own medicine to be effective and so effective that the government just ordered another 1.4 million doses of their antibody treatment. and now a state and local and federal lawmakers pushed back the mandate, the therapeutics to treat those infected, could be
11:50 am
equally as important as what one of regeneron's top scientists helena, told us. >> i think we florida very informative lesson, and showing off that the vaccines which undoubtedly are critical and they do not protect everyone in some individuals will still be at risk for the severe outcomes. two things go together to make you cannot substitute therapeutic for a vaccine but you can also not dispensing therapeutics. reporter: the government should do not put out twice as much monoclonal antibody treatment in september as it did in august and now, deaths from covid-19, leveling off. as the good news. in new york, sherry willis, "fox news". with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪
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arthel: democratic virginia governor refusing to walk back his statement about parents rules and when the kids being taught taught in school and is the latest controversy that they the weather for the upcoming midterm. alexandria is live in washington with more. guest: republicans did not want to state wide race over virginia
11:55 am
since 2009, big numbers pulling ahead, could be a major indicator of things to come for the midterm so the democrats are throwing their weight into this race. today's gentlemen get the campaign trail with former democratic governor and seeking to win back the position of standing by a statement he made on the list debate. guest: i'm not going to let the parents and schools actually make their own decisions them i don't think the parent should be telling the schools what they should teach before the question is what todd is in school is become a major point of contention and is mccullough's appointment republican special report. >> appears on their children to receive a great education it and they want to be involved in it. what we've heard from causes he does not want them involved in it. reporter: the virginia family first rally kicks off in martin county to set up with the group sees as education programs and
11:56 am
the valleys taken place as early voting in virginia is already underway and closely tying the former president trump and the tactic that state to see if it pays off. arthel: thank you alex, eric prey to. eric: american bumblebee, declaring an endangered species, the results of the federal review predict the population of infections have declined by 89 percent because of habitat loss besides disease climate change and competition from honeybees, they say the bumblebees, give protection under the endangered species act anyone who kills them, i farmers or pesticides prayers could face fines of $213,000. arthel: don't kill the base we will be back at four eastern, thank you for joining us.
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anyone could ever give. ♪ ♪ paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report," i'm gigot -- paul gigot. a multitrillion dollar reconciliation bill would mark a historic expansion of the into entitlement state, and as democrats continue to hash out details of that package if, republicans are looking ahead to the midterms, tying vulnerable democrats to the president's spending and the tax hikes to come even as democratic leaders insist that the cost will be zero. >> it's the not about a dollar


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