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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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renovation. >> problem solved, done, easy peasy. finished. let's go have a cocktail. >> all in one week in american politics. monday on "special report," bret will have an exclusive interview with former border patrol chief rodney scott. thanks for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel. i'm back sunday and monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern. "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade starts right now. >> brian: all right, mike. enjoy your one day off this week that will be saturday. so get out the tank top and enjoy the sun. >> mike: from a great show. >> brian: thanks so much. good evening, everyone, and welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm brian kilmeade. let me tell you what we have right now on our lineup. mick mulvaney is going to be here and you are about to see them. there he is used to run the white house under trump and checkbook of the country as omv director. then talk to the parents of lieutenant colonel scheller who is in jail and what is going to happen on tuesday when he goes to pre-trial. brian kelly one of the successful duo in the history of country music. brian kelly is going to talk
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about what it is like going solo and what it is was like during the pandemic when he couldn't get on stage. geraldo rivera will make history tonight add this to illustrious resume. geraldo rivera will be here. geraldo rivera who has never been on the clock before. geraldo rivera will be here on the clock. i hope he is ready for it. yes. all right, so let's get started. first, we start in washington, d.c. where we might be witnessing the end of the biden agenda right before it begins. nine months. in democrats are locked in a civil war between progressives and moderates as two massive spending billings make their way through congress. the far left is holding the country hostage, refusing to pass a trillion dollars infrastructure bill to repair america's roads and bridges. kind of bipartisan. they got 19 votes in the senate. unless there is a vote on the democrats' $3.5 trillion socialist wish list. >> the framework enough agreed upon framework. >> we need a vote. we need a vote. we need to be real. are we going to deliver universal pre-k to this country or not? are we going to expand
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healthcare to our seniors and include vision and dental? or not are we going to invest in housing so people back home can actually get hot water in the winter time or not? >> brian: we need $20 trillion if you have it laying around. since progressives are refusing to back down, what will nancy pelosi do? she is not used to be out of control like this? house democratic caucus chair hakeem jeffries doesn't seem scared by the threats from the squad. >> when has speaker pelosi ever failed on a legislative initiative that she and the democratic president strongly support? >> brian: i followed his finger and hip advertised for a brief moment and now i'm back. so, which is it? will there be a vote that satisfies the socialist on the left or will pelosi pass the legislation for the liberals? who will be the first to crack? joe biden wasn't waiting around to find out as he rushed to capitol hill as fast as he could, which was not that fast. more on that later. he did it strong on the democrats pushing his agenda through after selling his party
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on his plan. joe biden seemed to abandon the timeline. listen. >> it doesn't matter whether it's in six minutes, six days, or six weeks. we're going to get it done. >> brian: really? unfortunately, many americans don't have six weeks to get an infrastructure deal passed as the fallout already hits their wallets and their jobs. see, the democrats' failure has led to a laps in funding for dot employees leading to thousands of furloughs. came to work and told to go home. don't worry the white house knew exactly who to blame. >> there are 3700 department of transportation employees who are furloughed right now because progressives have so far declined to support this bipartisan bill that would remove their baseline funding. aren't progressives squarely to blame for the furlough that's happening right now? >> well, to be clear, i mean, every member of congress is a free citizen who could vote to support this infrastructure bill, including republicans. they could come forward and
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support it. it just requires a majority to support legislation in congress and we haven't seen any real courage from the republican side in the house. >> brian: exactly. it's the republicans who haven't shown any courage. so progressives are holding the livelihood of those americans for ransom yet the white house is blaming republicans. kind of predictable. despite finger pointing and some name-calling congress might actually be coming together to get something done. progressive congresswoman jayapal spoke to the press after meeting with president biden today and now seems willing to make somewhat of a concession here's the quote. we are going to have to come down on our number a little. we are going to have to see if we can do that and see what we can do. so maybe come down off 3.5. now, with moderate texas congressman henry cuellar following up saying this. the basically said it's not going to be 3.5 trillion. this is what the president said to him it could be 1.9 or 2 trillion. the president threw out some of those numbers. so i assumed there was a reason why. but, with arizona senator kyrsten sinema already leaving the capitol, she had a medical
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appointment. what does that mean for an agreement? will we actually get something done tonight? will we have a vote tonight? now let's ask people who know about this process, marc short spent years negotiating with congress on behalf of the white house as director of legislative affairs under president trump. mick mulvaney had a bunch of jobs including balancing the country's checkbook while serving as omb director. you have been down this road before. the president says six minutes, six days, six weeks that doesn't matter. that matters because nancy pelosi promised something didn't she. >> yes and so did he, brian, thanks for having me by the way. he promised republicans in the senate that the infrastructure bill would not be tied to the social welfare bill and now it clearly is. he has a credibility problem with the senate. nancy lied to her moderates about voting but that is sort of to be expected. biden is supposed to be legislative bipartisan genius and for him to get caught lying to the senate is going to be a problem not only now but going forward. there's a way out, which is for the republicans to essentially say look, we will help you on
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infrastructure. we will help put debt ceiling if you walk away from the social welfare bill for good. that's a bipartisan possibility. but, you have to have trust in the president to do that and that's not there right now. he has got a competency problem. he has a trust problem and that's no way to sort of be the president of the united states. >> brian: if people can follow this at home, marc, i know you can moderate democrats said i would go along with the 3.5 trillion if you promise to go along with the bipartisan bill by september 27th. it's october 1st. what happened to pelosi the that christian get things done and wrangle the cats and make sure legislation got passed. is she losing her touch? >> i don't know, brian. i do think her conference is different. she definitely has more radical socialists as part of her conference today. think about this for a second. we are now describing moderates as people who have voted for $6 trillion in covid spending. >> brian: i know. >> above the 4 trillion already spent in the regular budget, plus now they are asking for a trillion dollars in infrastructure and that is a moderate relative to where the
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progressives are. so, the definitions have changed a lot. she has a more unruly conference. but, to your question is well, i don't think time is on their side. i think big bills like this do have multiple life cycles they come and pass. but biden's numbers have continued to deteriorate ever since the debacle in afghanistan and the surrender there. and so members are back in their district, swing districts, the closer you get to the midterm elections they are saying why am i going to risk my career to vote onto this massive tax and spend bill when the president can't help me out next year because his numbers continue to collapse. >> brian: mic, let's show the people at home what's in the 3.5, 5 billion for electric cars, 5 billion for tree planting in existential fashion finally. 1 billion for electric k58 vehicle. you have to subis i died and charge them. 50 million for climate incentives a lot harder. 50 million for gender. community cleaning for illegal immigrant. tell me how the urgency is there
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how we can afford something like this. >> brian, we can't. it's important to not look at the numbers. i know that sounds strange coming from the budget guy. go over those policies. don't put a number attached to those. because you can cook the books. believe me we all know how to do it. the thing that i heard tonight scarces me the most settling on a number that's 2 trillion. all you have to do to get there from where they are right now. we have this give away but only last two years or three years instead of five or ten. that's a way to game the congressional budget office scoring. a way to get the number down so that some of the moderates and marc is exactly right who know what is a moderate is oh well $2 trillion but it's the same policies, the numbers are not as important as the policies. and that's where we should be looking. numbers are huge, there is no question. but they sore big that people don't understand what they're. we should focus on the policies because they are terrible. >> brian: mark, there is a strategy to bringing the president down. you don't just bring him down because you could potentially be embarrassed. they usually come down, i understand to close the deal. what if he doesn't? >> well, i mean, it seems that
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he hasn't so are fall. he was down yesterday as well. i think the reality is that, again, they have a much more different conference than they used. to say and i'm not sure he can close the deal today. again, i believe there will be multiple life cycles to this and i suspect it will be resurrect some point now and between the end of the year. again, i don't think time is on the democrats' side. and when you look at those programs that are in there like the electric vehicles, charging stations are actually for rural areas in america. i don't hear that big outcry from rural america saying we need more charging stations and electrical vehicle batteries made in china. tax americans to create jobs over in china. makes no sense. >> brian: mick, you were one of the founding members of the freedom caucus. thorn in the side john boehner, paul ryan had trouble wrangling everybody together and they said he wasn't strong enough. in the end, how did republicans get things done and, is this very similar to what nancy pelosi is going through?
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>> you know, the way that john boehner treated us or got around us was he actually cut deals with the democrats, which i think ultimately contributed to his early departure. i don't see nancy doing that i don't think she she has the ability to stand up to her left the way that boehner stood up to his right wing. but, what you need to see is nancy knows. this she needs to make them vote. it's easy to say how you are going to vote much harder to vote and they haven't been tested on that yet. >> brian: doesn't look like have to have a vote. promised a vote last night and monday and wednesday. we will see if we get one over the weekend. you guys have been down here before. thank you so much for sharing your inner sight. marc and mick, have a good weekend. >> thanks. >> brian: we talked to the parents of stuart scheller who is still behind bars at this hour speaking the truth to power. first vaccine mandates in the military, our schools, and even the nba have people asking the same question, is my vaccination status worth losing my job? will cain will break it all down
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>> brian: welcome back, everybody. vaccine mandates keep coming across this nation and really getting staggering and really paying a price here in this country. for example on the west coast governor gavin announced all eligible students will be forced to get vaccinated. student, high school kids and kids over 12. here in new york the deadline just passed at 5:00 today for teachers to get their first shot or don't come back on monday. fox news correspondent matt with
4:17 pm
the latest. >> brian, with you are in new york city. roughly 15,000 of the city's 150,000 public education employees have not got the vaccine and they now risk their jobs and livelihood. a group of teachers asked the u.s. supreme court for an emergency injunction blocking new york city's vaccine mandate but this afternoon justice sotomayor denied their request new york teachers argue it's their right to be regularly tested versus getting vaccinated like here in california where, for now, teachers are currently being asked to get a vaccine or be tested weekly. new york mayor bill de blasio, public health officials say the vaccines are safe and 90% of new york city public school employees are already got at least one shot. but here is one new york teacher who says she worries she will be fired and unable to support her family. that's a horrible place to be in especially if you are a person like me who, one, has immunity, has antibodies and, two, has suffered in the past from blood
4:18 pm
clots. >> and today here in california, this state became the first to require all in person students get vaccinated. governor newsom's new mandate will not take effect until the fda fully approves the vaccine for children 12 and older. once that happens all state school staff members will also have to be vaccinated here in california. brian? >> brian: unbelievable. thanks, matt. meanwhile this. this might be unprecedented. members of the united states military taking their own commander-in-chief to court. two u.s. soldiers are asking a federal judge for an exemption to president biden's vaccine mandate for all military members because they are among the 240,000 troops already had covid and therefore natural immunity and they're not alone. according to the pentagon john kirby, the spokesperson, roughly 10% of our 1.2 million service members are still holding out on the vaccine and could face disciplinary action. is it fair to force this vaccine on men and women fighting for america? will cain is here co-host of
4:19 pm
"fox & friends weekend." will, they are in trouble: these military men and women, they might just have to walk. are they going to get fired? we are really at the point where we are going to give up 200,000 people? >> will: can i back my way into talking about the military because although it is incredibly important, the line in the stand for me, brian, is our children. if we cannot draw the line in the sand at our children, there is no alamo. we have to believe in science. we have to follow the data. and the data is clear. children are not great threat to themselves or anyone else whether it comes to covid. it's simply backed up by every piece of data that we have. in fact, we know from baier's reporting vaccine adverse effects reporting. we know the risk to children from the vaccine outweighs the risk to covid. comes in the form of hospitalization. you are more likely, as a child, to end up in the hospital because of the vaccine than you are because of covid. that's data from the cdc and
4:20 pm
from are. why are we going to push this a antiscientific mandate on to our children if we don't stand up now. we will stand up for nothing. >> brian: great point. and now we are going to see the parents who are already upset in some states and some sectors and some districts with the masks. now they are going to say get your kid vaccinated or don't bring him or her back. so, you think it's getting emotional now. forget it you don't look at democrats and republican parents. that's my kid, i will make my own decision. >> will: that's exactly right. >> brian: thank you very much. with the military we will lose a best of your knowledge of seals. we have department of defense tally 267,000, 36,000 civilians have gotten this 26,000 contractors. among the 65,000 civilian employees. so we have had some fatalities, very few in retrospect but why would the president of the united states force this standoff with the military? >> will: it would force the standoff because the vaccine has become a universal good with no
4:21 pm
downstream effects. no negativity, no risk. that's the proposition that we're being sold. >> brian: that's what they are telling us. >> will: that's the bill of sale on this vaccine. >> brian: is the delta variant is falling off the cliff had great news. >> will: places like florida and texas places that had highs. rising in some cases in the north covid delta variant is seasonal. it will move around because this virus is endemic. it is with us. i know we are tight on time to answer the original question. what sacrifices will we make? will will we deplete our military and nurses in the hospital? will we already have shortages in the labor force especially in critical snrurecket will we deplete them because everyone also a to abide by religious proposition that is the vaccine. >> brian: other wave is sports. what happens in the nba the union says i'm not going to force a mandate on my players, it's a nonstarter. certain cities will. certain teams say, listen, if you test positive, you are not going to get paid. in new york, you are playing indoors, you are not vaccinated. you are not allowed to take the court. listen to what some of the
4:22 pm
players are saying now. >> the vaccine status of every person should be their own choice, completely up to them without the -- without bullying, without being pressured or forced into doing so. you know, we are dealing with something that, to me, feels like has turned into a political war. you know, for someone who is not extremely into politics. when you make something so political and not everyone is into politics, then you can also turn those people off. >> brian: so, they have a player, wiggins out in golden state, california, is he not going to be able to play unless he gets vaccinated. kyrie irving in new york not going to be able to play unless he gets vaccinated. does president biden want to take on his base, the african-americans the base that propelled him to the white house? >> will: african-americans are the most country. >> brian: they never bring this up. >> will: i never thought the nba
4:23 pm
and i didn't think this nba most fashion popular machine based industries in our country. here is the nba standing up against that tide of popularity. green, first guy jonathan ink who i think will be on the will cain podcast this week. incredibly educated on this topic. >> brian: will cain watch this weekend 6 to 10. are you ready for 8 hours on television? >> will: always. >> brian: check out podcast number one at fox. also here tonight wink senator ron johnson. i could tell you more but i don't have time. there he is. senator johnson, welcome. first off, the vaccine mandate. you are moving legislation to move it forward. why? >> because the mandate is unconstitutional and it makes no sense, brian. what we do know, again, follow the science. we know that even fully vaccinated individuals can still get infected, they can still transmit. so, why would we segregate the society based on vaxxed versus unvaxxed. i was on the floor yesterday.
4:24 pm
our cdc is not providing us the information we really need to experience can have an informed choice over their own health autonomy. but england is providing some pretty good information. we found out from england in their briefing number 23 covers about seven and a half months worth of data. 600,000 new delta cases, 2500 deaths. 1600 of those, 63% of those deaths were with the fully vaxxed population. so, again, what is the point to these divisive mandates that are going to be devastating for healthcare, it's going to affect military readiness as your previous guest talked about. i'm talking to whistleblowers that have gag orders on them. they can't tell the truth about what is happening inside the military, inside our healthcare facilities. this is going to be a disaster and there is no reason for it whatsoever. >> brian: yeah. we were supposed to have one of those whistleblowers on and they got threatened by the military so they pulled back. right now in this country roughly 75% of the country has gotten a single shot.
4:25 pm
just about 65% have gotten half vaccinated. so consider that back to that within the natural immunity, we are at herd immunity right now joining us in this legislation senator loomis, senator marshall and mike lee and looks like dan crenshaw is moving something on the house side. has any democrat expressed they want to join you? >> no. there will be all kinds of different pieces of legislation pushing back on this mandate. but, brian, something else tell america, we do not have an fda approved vaccine being administered in the u.s. the fda played a bait and switch. they approved the kohman naty version of pfizer drug. it's not available in the u.s. even committed it. i sent them a letter three days later what are you doing. extended the emergency use authorization for the pfizer drug vaccine available in the u.s. here more than 30 days later they haven't asked that very simple question if you are saying that the pfizer drug is the same as the komanati why
4:26 pm
didn't you provide fda approval on that. there is not an fda approved drug, they announced it so they could push through these mandates so people think now these things are fda approved. they are not, and, again, maybe they should be, but the fda isn't telling me why. >> brian: do you know what? in the minority you have a lot less power and that's pretty obvious you would be even more aggressive. senator ron johnson, keep up the fight. >> have a good night. >> brian: you too. have great weekend. soon on "fox news primetime" country music store brian kelly you know him from florida georgia line. have you heard his solo album? we'll talk to him about that and so much more when we come back. you are watching "fox news primetime." >> martha: i'm martha maccallum and i have been at fox news for 17 years. so, when i came to fox in 2004, still had sort of that scrappy feel. it had been around for a few years. and it felt like you could kind
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>> did any of you throw your rank on the table and say hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram airfield before we evacuate everyone? did anyone do that? when you didn't think to do that did anyone raise their hand and say we completely messed this
4:33 pm
up? potentially all those people did die in vain. we don't have senior leaders who own up and raise their hand and say we did not do this well in the end. i demand accountability. >> brian: we all felt that way. but that lieutenant colonel is paying a price. that is lieutenant colonel stu scheller back in august military rank botched withdrawal from afghanistan. if you don't mind me saying embarrassed the country. he was relieved from from military duties speaking the truth after that video was posted and military ranks were on a war path to silence him ever since. scheller continued to talk. now earlier this week scheller was arrested for violating the military's gag order which prevents him from publicly criticizing the pentagon. stu scheller father of three, husband and son and he is locked away in the military bringing brig forcriticizing the obvious. family not allowed to see him. not standing down. parents of lieutenant colonel join us now.
4:34 pm
so upset that you have to go through this. so glad you are fighting. stu, let's start with you, what could you tell me about how your son is today and the condition of his case? >> >> well, we haven't seen him or talked to him since monday morning when he asked us to call his attorney and he asked us to tell everyone this story. so we have been on -- we have been blitzing to tell the story to americans for the last five days and americans have responded. so his case today, he went to a hearing yesterday. we thought charges would be brought. they dropped 640 page document on his legal team with less than 24 hours. but charges were not filed yesterday. even though he still remains in jail. they haven't really technically told him why. i would like to give special thanks to representative louie. >> brian: gohmert. >> gohmert from texas who stepped up, traveled to camp
4:35 pm
lejeune and agreed to try to have discussions between the marine corps and stuart's legal team they left yesterday and agreed that they are going to work all weekend on a possible positive separation, honorable discharge. full v.a. benefits. but we found out today from louie gohmert on the hannity radio show that they have kind of changed their disposition in the marine corps. they are digging in and they would like to burn our son, lieutenant colonel scheller. we have been told to prepare that it could be a long prison term. i want to thank americans. you have found your voice. you have stood up. >> brian: right. >> you have contacted your congress people and they're writing and they are putting pressure on the marine corps, the pentagon, and we appreciate
4:36 pm
that. because this is not. >> brian: ridiculous. >> not about stuart although he is our son and it is about stuart, it's about america. we need to take america back. so we are telling people to -- we are tell them to pray. >> brian: go to pipe fitter we have already raised 1.8 million. the average donation is $74. that shows you how many americans are involved in this. kathy, to you, your son has fought with valor for 17 years. five deployments. a bronze store. accommodation for valor. this is the type of -- somebody we should be propping up not putting in the brig. so what is your message to the rest of the country? >> my son is an exemplary marine. and has been for 17 years. he spoke out, he knew he should not have. that he was torn between ending the war as poorly as it was. >> brian: horrible. >> versus keeping it to himself. he knew that everyone else felt the same way.
4:37 pm
he thought if he took the lead, others would stand up and call for accountability. they did not. >> brian: right. >> so he is taking the full brunt himself. he knew what he was doing. i think he thought he would be risking losing his pension and his retirement. i don't believe he ever thought he would be facing years in prison. >> brian: he should not. we will stay on this. everyone go to bat for lieutenant colonel scheller. no donation is too small. pipe fitter thanks so much, guys. i will talk to you soon. >> thank you, brian. >> thank you. >> brian: you are welcome. also here tonight a person following this story closely fox nation and fox news own lara logan. why are they forced to go through this for speaking the truth? i understand chain of command and discipline this guy saying you gave up bagram airport. you threw 20 years in the streets. you embarrassed us with an evacuation and you left americans to die. and you jail him? >> yeah. and all of that is true.
4:38 pm
right, brian? so what they are really doing is jailing him for speaking the truth. and, you know, i listened to the parents. and i want them to know and i want everyone in america to know that i stand 100 percent with their son because he did something that everyone in america has been waiting for for years, brian. you know it, and i know it, right? and when i watched his videos, do you know what was extraordinary? he said he thought about everything that he was giving up. and it was enormous. >> right? his -- all those years in the marine corps. his family stability, everything. and he said that he realized if he wasn't giving up a lot, then it wouldn't say much about what he was, you know, why he was doing this and so that's what his message is really to every american. is that the more you risk, the more you fear losing, the more important it is for you to stand up and be counted. because, this is not going to end with limb, right?
4:39 pm
right now, there are soldiers in the guard and in the army who are being forced, officers forced to resign their commissions. there is border patrol agents that are forced to get out because they are being subjected to a forced vaccine mandate that the biden administration has exempted itself from. you know, that even the vaccine companies have exempted their employees from. so, look at the double standard here. americans have seen these tactics over and over and over again. and what we are seeing now is that they're actually going go to the extreme of jailing someone for something like this. they could just charge him. they could do disciplinary action but they're not, right? >> brian: that's so true. i don't know too many reporters who have seen more military action with you and interacted with more military officers. the problem is there aren't many lieutenant colonel schellers in making big decisions. if he was in charge, this wouldn't have happened. the colonels that actually fight the wars, should be making these decisions, not the generals that stay in air conditioned offices
4:40 pm
and decide what table -- how it looks on the table top, correct? >> look, you know, what's even worse than that, brian? you are correct. but on top of that, the generals who are actually responsible are not taking responsibility. but they're holding someone lower down in the chain of command responsible. so, you know, that is the kind of hypocrisy that americans have just had enough of, right? they see it every single day. they recognize these tactics now. and do you know what? they are not working, brian. they are not working the same way. try to accuse border patrol agents of racism, that didn't work, right? >> brian: yep. >> over and over again what you are seeing is that he are being exposed. you cannot change the truth. there is only one truth. this man is an american hero. he has got millions of americans behind him on all sides. democrat and republican. don't be fooled. this is an american issue. it is not a left-right issue. >> brian: i wish democrats would join. lara, we are not going to let up. we are going to talk on tv and radio as much as possible.
4:41 pm
he will have a hearing on tuesday and we'll be all over that. lara, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up on the show math larry, prince harry and jeffrey epstein oh my. i'm talking about a book by this woman d.c. katie couric.i wonder if gerald. he goes on the clock. word is he is very nervous. joined by country super star brian kelly. is he going out on his own. he will be talking about that and what it is like being a performer during the pandemic you can't go on stage but i am. don't forget to save these president freedom fighter tour i will be in charleston west virginia november 7th. orlando florida on the 21st. december 4th meet me in clearwater and december 3rd. i gave you a lot of dates. tape the show, play it back, it will all make a lot of sense.
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♪ i'm going to make your name one of those. >> brian: florida georgia line break. you could say we gave them big break on "fox & friends" 10 years ago. >> gave yourself a couple years to break out. guess what, you broke out. >> worked out all right. >> i say stick together. let's hear your songeght what are we going to hear? >> we are going to sing cruise. >> brian: since then the duo seen overwhelming success 13 billion streams, 4.8 million albums sold. 19 number one singles they are now considered one of the most successful country duos in history. can i only take part of the credit. and as the pandemic we received artists like brian kelly are we taking the stage but in b.k.'s case the big difference is he has a solo album that he rolled out, 17 songs. it's called sunshine state of mind and he is here to take a break from politics as you are. and let's talk to one of country
4:48 pm
music's biggest stars about how he handled the last year and why he went solo at least for now while keeping the duo together. brian, how did you handle the last year not being on stage? >> man, it was definitely difficult, you know, herb was going through a hard time. it felt like we weren't going to break through that storm for a while. and my wife and i, we kind of dug n florida and hung out with our dogs and i was feeling super creative. man. i think that was kind of my silver lining. these songs and these titles and a lot of inspiration really, really was coming on strong. and i felt like god opened up a door and i really wanted to walk through that, man to fulfill a lifelong dream of putting out solo stuff on the side. i never had that much time. you know, it was an incredible experience. and my collaborators, my co-writers, the musicians that played on this record, it just -- it's all super authentic, it's super me. i'm really proud of it i'm super
4:49 pm
thankful for all these songs resonating with those that have heard it. and 17 songs felt like the magic number to really complete this project and make it whole. >> brian: , brian, we should tell your fans, florida georgia line didn't break up. you decided to write some on your own. tyler is writing a little bit on his own. you guys met in college. did you ever forecast this much success? >> you know, from day one, we were big dreamers. you know, we sat on the first couple songs we wrote we would sit on a tailgate outside drinking beer and just dreaming of, you know, being in arenas, being in am if i theaters and packing out places and throwing big parties. so, you know, god is definitely honored us and blessed us and our fans have been so loyal and supportive and our minds are blown to be honest with you, man. i don't think we ever thought we would be this big that fast. and it has taken a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication and a big team to move this train, but super grateful, man, for where we are at and for just
4:50 pm
taking that first move to nashville for both of us, man. a lot of the people, there is a lot of fear with that sometimes you don't know anybody. how are you going to get involved in the industry? but, just taking that leap of faith is the first step and i'm super glad we did it a long time ago. >> brian: brian, real quick, when it comes to country music always seems to be god. >> we have religious and very patriotic. that fits -- that's how you describe you. is that the right way to describe you? >> you nailed it, brian. >> brian: red, white, and blue. >> that's right. >> brian: pick up his new album. >> there is a song right there. >> brian: brian, always great to see you. congratulations on the 17 songs. i can't imagine being that creative in anything ever and download and this know you will be back on stage soon called sunshine state of mind. i would just like to be able to have that much time to take the picture on the cover. thanks, brian. appreciate it. [laughter] >> come on down and see me, brother. >> brian: all right. sounds good. meanwhile a "fox news primetime" first we are going to break news. geraldo rivera is about to go on
4:51 pm
the clock. he is nervous. he has done everything in his career except this get yesterday to check the box, geraldo. ♪ ♪ there's software. and then there's industrial grade software, forged from decades of industrial experience and insights.
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>> a few minutes left and they shall pay to for the first time and fox news pride time history the geraldo rivera is on the clock three stories, 60 seconds each and then a promo. are you ready? kicky first off, for today show host taking no prisoners, that tell-all bulk about her tv career. she's catching a lot of heat great is this a good move? why is she doing this? >> she's doing it because she's katie couric. i love katie couric, her late husband was my substitute host on cnbc until he passed away in 1998. i love the family. she can do no wrong in my book. go get the book. it so hot sheet they say she will never work in the business again. she said in the book that matt
4:57 pm
lauer, the disgraced nbc anchor a decent man, it was heartless to abandon him. he wrote a sympathetic text to him. diane sawyer was survival at cv when katie was at the today sho and nbc. she said diane would do anythin to get an interview. katie playfully suggest she answer. >> it's okay to write the book. it's okay because you wrote a book. >> i think it's going to be number one. up next, everyone loves a reunion. everybody, but jerry seinfeld who shot that down when it came his way. saying the idea seemed sad but if it's a new series, they need to invite this guy back on the show, can we watch? >> what's is the mood? what's going on tonight? what about the defendant heard the so-called, new york, for a.
4:58 pm
how are they holding up? >> was at a great moment in you career? vicki it was a great honor to b in this seinfeld finale. and i guess they all figured that they couldn't top that, so why bring it back. jerry says it would be bad to bring it back. in original. he says that's not the way you win emmys. he was still promoting the fact that seinfeld was going to netflix, so jerry says going forward in life, seinfeld was great while it lasted, but now it's over a. >> we saw you running on the beach on another tv series. >> the highest rated baywatch ever. >> finally, copps is back rate starting today of fox station will be airing 32 of. new episodes drop every friday, and you, we'll be hosting a post- show wrap-up tell me what i will miss because i'm not invited? to get it will be invited.
4:59 pm
co-opts all access will follow all original copps who had been banished by the political correctness. it was canceled after 31 sensational seasons. fox has the guts to bring back copps. the cop should be honored, they were a couple of bad apples, generally speaking copps are great people. they do their job. they want to keep people safe and all they want at the end of the shifters to go home to thei families. we show them in action, the blu is back on fox nation exclusively. the first episode, all new has dropped an hour ago. >> would you feel like? >> very exciting. >> could come thank you so much. we will see you on air. thank you so much for watching. i have been, ben dominates will
5:00 pm
be hosting next week in that is been looking, what a beautiful picture. that means he's serious about hosting the story. the patriot words will be wednesday the 17th at 8:00 p.m. the first one was awesome. there we took a year off becaus of a pandemic. it is back. right now tickets on sale at fo now in three seconds you will hear the kettle home and tucker carlson will say something interesting. ♪ welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy friday. we get all of our history from wikipedia. it's convenient, but it so politicized and dishonest that on a lot of topics, certainly anything related to partisan politics, it's not even worth reading anymore. on the other hand, a lot of stuff, huge sites in there are some gems remaining on wipea


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