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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 1, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dana: bill could see the monitor. >> i don't know what you are talking about. my eyes are here, i don't know anything. no idea what asheville -- >> dana: you could beat him in an arm wrestling contest. >> bill: dana, see you on gutfeld. >> you didn't answer the question. >> dana: thanks, bill. >> bill: have a good weekend. >> a fierce power struggle is going on on this friday within the democratic party and it threatens to derail the president's multi-trillion dollar agenda. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm martha maccallum in for harris today. good to be with you today. progressive democrats have force evidence speaker pell easy to delay the vote on the infrastructure bill and threaten to tank the bill unless lawmakers agreed on the separate and much, much larger
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-- we're talking trillions, much larger bill that is the human infrastructure bill. pelosi promises they will have an infrastructure vote and still saying it will happen today, although democrats don't seem to be closer to striking a deal. senator joe manchin a key moderate with kyrsten sinema says he is opposed to the $3.5 million price tag. 1.5 trillion in comments outside the capitol is his top number. progressives are really ticked off calling him names throughout the course of this. "politico"'s headlines democrats grit their teeth after manchin lists demands. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez basically mocked the senator from west virginia. watch this. >> senator joe manchin said 1.5 trillion is his number.
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is that sufficient for the both of you? >> nor one year? here is the thing is that there is a lot of games being played with this number. so this is what senator manchin was saying two months ago and so the question that we have is which senator are we negotiating with? is this june manchin, september or august manchin, will december manchin >> bill: we'll see a different senator. >> despite all the divisions within his party jen psaki insists the president knows what he is doing here. >> democratic lawmakers calling on him to lean more on senators manchin and sinema. what's the president's reaction to that? >> he knows how to do this. a lot of people throwing stones aren't part of the negotiations. they're one-on-one. i think they should leave it to him and others to get it done.
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>> marsha blackburn from tennessee is here to react. jackie heinrich with the latest. a minute to minute story as it unfolds and she is at the white house. >> good morning to you. this is really evolving minute by minute as you said. the white house didn't call a lid last night until almost 11:00. you know how unusual that is. the aides, white house aides stayed in speaker pelosi's for hours on the hill and went to the senate side trying to work out some sort of a deal. it didn't happen overnight. reporters stayed here just in case it did. but the midnight oil continued to burn and pelosi says a deal could happen today. >> how disappointed are you there is no vote tonight, madam speaker? >> we'll vote today. we'll vote today. >> in fact pelosi pulled a maneuver even though lawmakers
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were told they could go to bed she kept the house in session so the legislative day technically continued so she could essentially call today the same day as yesterday and keep her promise that the bipartisan infrastructure bill would get a vote on thursday. because the two sides are starting from these places so far apart, everyone knew it could come down to a huge 11th hour push from the white house to get this across the finish line. >> at the beginning of the week it would be a week from now and look at what a diamond looks like in the rough and what it looks like polished. we're working together to get a polished bill to deliver. >> the price tag. social infrastructure package has dropped significantly. no longer 3 1/2 trillion. last i heard it was somewhere in the low to mid $2 trillion range and nothing with final and i have not received any more information from the overnight session. once the two sides agree on the framework the president will
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have to endorse this publicly to secure the votes. speaker pelosi will have to count her votes and if not everyone on her caucus on votes she might have to count republicans to see if they could make up the difference and it could potentially happen. she would keep lawmakers here all weekend to insure it happens. we have not seen the president. i'm told he is very involved in these talks. >> quick questions. any indication anyone is coming there today? manchin and sinema have been there. have the progressives been in to talk to the president at all and any indication republicans could be on board if progressives are not? >> we know that there have been estimates that a safe roughly 10 republicans are going to support the bipartisan bill. this is because it is essentially a hard roads and bridges bill with 19 republican votes in the senate. but there may be more. there may be less. there is an effort among the
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republicans in the house to whip against that vote. they see this as aiding and abetting the passage of the reconciliation social spending package. they don't want to see their members vote for it. of course, some of them will because they can bring that package back to their home states and say look what i did for you guys on hard infrastructure and broadband, too. >> fascinating. thank you very much. great to see you at the white house there today. cover of the "new york post" suggesting manchin's moderate counteroffer. the headline i only want this much as he holds his hand apart on the cover of the paper. it says only in lefty land is 1.5 trillion considered a compromise. republican senator josh hawley says the far left wants ultimate control. >> you talk about hurting working families. hurting working people. the democrat agenda is nothing but grinding them down in favor of what? their far left woke politics.
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that's who wins, the far left wokes, the ones really behind this 3.5 trillion agenda. they want to remake this country. that's what this is about. >> marsha blackburn is the republican senator from tennessee who sits on the senate judiciary committee and rarnging member on product safety and data security committee. good to see you. thank you very much for being here today. so as we look at 11 clock on the east coast today what is your best take? you've been watching this process from the house side throughout your career. where do you think this is headed? >> i think they are headed to a stalemate, martha, because what nancy pelosi and joe biden and chuck schumer are doing, they are talking to people in the beltway. they are not outside of the beltway. and the american people have decided that this socialist agenda is about tearing down
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this country. it is about stripping our institutions, federal control of our schools, and of our healthcare. closing our churches. these are the things that people are seeing. they are furious about inflation, the price at the pump and what they are saying is stop it. that is why the president's numbers are tanking. it is why pelosi cannot get the votes together. because most people across this country, they love this country. they love what this country stands for and they know that this 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending bill which is about 5 trillion and the 1.9 trillion they've already done is drive up the debt so they can increase the taxes and say oh, by the way, don't look at that number, it's paid for and people do not believe it and thank goodness they are waking up. >> yeah. they said it would cost zero
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dollars. i don't think people will see that when they see the increase in taxes, especially the small businesses that pay taxes on companies that could hit $400,000 for the company. here is jen psaki yesterday pressed on these divisions that are quite clear right now in the democrat party by jackie heinrich. watch this? >> has the president at all lost control of his party? some people say that it appears that progressives are running the show and banding together and making their demands. other people are saying joe manchin is playing president. who is in charge? >> this is how democracy works. i know it feels foreign because there wasn't much that happened over the last couple of years. >> what is your response to that, senator? >> oh, what a laughable response, martha. we know that joe biden is not in charge. we know that the kabul behind
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the person is running the show. pelosi and shoomer are a big part of that and we also know the left is trying to take control of the democrat party and they are doing a pretty good job of it. but you have some folks that are still a few little moderates hanging around that are saying we aren't going to let you do this. problem is, they've already done it. the american people are seeing what they are about. they do not want 3 1/2 trillion dollars in new spending. they do not want to lose their faith, family, freedom, hope, opportunity, give all that to the federal government and let the federal government run their lives from sun up to sundown. >> i remember during the debate, the presidential debates at one point now president biden was pressed on whether or not he was going to be a very liberal, progressive president and he said, you know, it's my party now. i'm the standard bearer of this party now and you know who i am, meaning i'm a moderate.
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you've seen me throughout the course of my career. where is that right now? he seems to be very behind the scenes in this process. we'll see what happens. i want to turn your attention to the border and the crisis there. the department of homeland security will no longer deport migrants solely because they are undocumented. instead dhs will focus on those who pose a threat to national security or public safety. you have a massive caravan of mostly haitian migrants making its way to the border and told thal by panama's foreign minister who said it is about 60,000 people going from his country. you and your colleague lindsey graham to the president demanding he turn the caravan around. did you get a response and how would he go about doing that? >> we have no response. and he should be the president and secretary mayorkas should be working with these governments.
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in the northern triangle and putting the pressure on them and mexico to say to these caravans, which are all being handled by the cartels, martha, no one comes across that border unless they have paid the cartel or if they are working going to work that fee out. also facebook should be shut down. they are the ones that are putting up here is the information how to contact the cartels. so these social media sites need to take all of this information down. joe biden should be firm on this. we are a sovereign nation. our border is not open. do not come. he should be working with these other countries to stop this. there are people from 150 different countries that have crossed that border. so far this year 1.5 million people, it is not slowing down. they are trying to overrun the
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country. every state is a border state. every town is a border town because of the sex trafficking, human trafficking and drugs. >> since you bring up facebook their chief of global safety testified in front of your committee and you questioned her on the "wall street journal" is reporting. the company learned through its own research that instagram was toxic for teen girls' mental health. didn't do anything about it. a display of bipartisan outrage there. watch this. >> instagram is that first childhood cigarette meant to get teens hooked early exploiting the peer pressure of popularity and ultimately endangering their health. >> you are not committing to any specific steps but you do acknowledge there is a problem. with eating disorders, with suicidal tendencies that may be fostered or promoted. >> have you quantified how many
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children have taken their own lives because of your products? >> this is not causal research. >> it is your company's reporting. you knew it was there but you didn't do anything about it. >> not at all optimistic after the head like facebook doesn't do anything about doing the right thing. there is bipartisan support for this and i feel as though we've been hearing. you've been very active on this issue. americans are frustrated when you see left and right singing the same tune where is the legislation to upgrade the regulation for these companies. where is it? >> the browser act is an online privacy bill that we've worked on for several years. i introduced it first in 2012. and martha now there is bipartisan agreement that passing an online federal
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privacy standard is an imperative. you are seeing us move forward on that and i expect we'll do that very soon. also beefing up the copa, the children's online privacy protection act. we'll do that. putting in place more penalties and enforcements. because you have people like facebook that are in violation of that law. then also you will see us do something on data security and on some section 230 reforms that not only get to censorship and preferenceing but also to product placement of illicit and illegal products that many times are online, with some of these big aggregator sites. it has taken time, i will tell you that. working on privacy, this has been for me nearly a decade to allow you, the online user, to own your information. >> we know you've been working hard on it and we hope we do
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see the results but you reference there. please keep us posted on it. i have think it's a real frustration and great to hear the bipartisan support for some new controls. senator, thank you. great to see you as always. thank you so much. coming up new released footage raises questions about the obvious dispute between gabby petito and brian laundry. the new angle and words in it coming up next. also this. >> durham knows this was the clinton campaign hiring the law firm, folks there going and putting together information, false information. >> special counsel john durham is clearly not done. he issued a new round of subpoenas in the russia probe. for now it looks like all roads are leading to the clinton campaign and their law firm. andy mccarthy, former assistant
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>> martha: the search for brian laundrie is entering week three. on thursday the f.b.i. inspected a camper van the family used on a trip in early september after brian returned alone from wyoming and went off with his mom and dad for a few days as we've reported. previously unreleased body cam videos on the august 12th visit in utah told gabby telling a police officer laundrie hit her and she walks it back. watch this closely. >> he actually hit you because you know -- did he slap your
8:23 am
face or what? >> he grabbed and with his nail and it cut here, i could feel it. >> martha: jonathan serrie live in north port, florida with the very latest on this case. jonathan. >> hi, despite the physical altercation gabby made it clear to the officers she did not want brian charged and even took responsibility for their fight. watch this. >> so there are two people that came to us and told him they saw him hit you. two people saw him punch you. independent witnesses by moon flower. where did you hit him? you slapped him first? on the face? >> officers were convinced of gabby's story but reluctant to apply the domestic violence arrest law because they felt her case fell outside the
8:24 am
intent of that law. >> in no way, shape or form that i can perceive what happened here, a little slap fight between people who say they love each other and want to be together can i perceive it will digrease to a situation where he will be a battered man. but then again i don't have -- >> so the officers agreed that if gabby did not intend to hurt brian, that it would not meet the definition of assault. they asked her if she intended to hurt him. she said no and so they allowed the couple to proceed on their trip after separating for the evening to cool off for a while. martha. >> martha: it goes on. thank you very much. special counsel john durham has issued a new round of subpoenas that include one to the law firm that represented hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. durham is investigating the
8:25 am
origins behind the f.b.i.'s trump/russia probe and subpoenaed the man as tech executive one in this indictment, a clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. a grand jury indicted him for making a false statement to the f.b.i. basically saying he was there as a good samaritan giving them information when he was being paid by his law firm. republican lawmakers are demanding further accountability. >> this was not just a false statement that sussman made to mr. durham and his investigative team this was the false statement made back in 2016 that sussman made to the f.b.i. and brian, not just anybody at the f.b.i., the chief counsel jim baker and baker did what? passed that information on to who? struck and paige, the people doing the investigation. >> there is a great piece on this topic for the national review out today and will help
8:26 am
us sort out this tangled web. tell everyone how you assess these two new subpoenas. >> it's a natural, martha, they have an indictment against sussman for providing a false statement about who he was working for. and that it looks likely from the 27-page description of the context of the statement that is contained in the indictment that durham seems to be working from a narrative that the trump/russia collusion theory was something that was actually essentially concocted by the clinton campaign and by using their lawyers and researchers at the fusion gps firm, what they did was they found ways to pedal their suspicions to the
8:27 am
f.b.i. which used those suspicions in court applications to get more evidence, which allowed the clinton campaign to run around to the press and say trump was under investigation for being a russian stooge. so i think that's what he is looking at. now the big difference between being able to show that that happened and prove a big crime. it's one thing to say that people were ?rofld a political dirty trick. another thing to say they funneled knowingly false information into the government knowing it was going to be used in court proceedings? so i think that's where we're probably at at this point. >> martha: you talk about their effort to gather evidence and part of that effort was the way that they used the fisa court in order to surveil. so once they had sort of the seed of this and they say we think there is this server, a server that the trump campaign is connecting to russia.
8:28 am
we have now know that wasn't happening. so they were trying to it looks piece together more evidence. then they had to find out other connections potentially to russia of people working in the trump campaign and we all know what happened to carter page. expand on how that fits into this, andy? >> well yeah, i think there are two different things. i think the f.b.i. was trying to do exactly what you are suggesting and from the clinton campaign's perspective i'm sure they would have been delighted to be able to show that. but what they wanted was the cloud of suspicion around trump for political purposes. and as far as that's concerned, it didn't matter if the allegations were true or not. what mattered did they have a story they could sell to the public that trump might be in cahoots with the russians. what durham is looking at. it this is a three-stage thing. they are looking at the hacking of the dnc, the steele dossier,
8:29 am
and this alpha bank angle. and every place where you see that you find perkins law firm involved. the outfit that got crowd strike to analyze the dnc servers. what we didn't find out until years later is that crowd strike has a theory that russia was responsible for the hack but they can't prove it. that was something that was kept under wraps. with the steele dossier perkins is the one who got fusion gps and steele to put it together and got pushed on the f.b.i. for the fisa court and now we have this alpha bank angle where perkins law firm goes into the chief counsel of the f.b.i. and tries to sell this theory that the trump campaign has this back channel for communications with the kremlin. so all those different stages, the story collapses and the law firm is in the middle of it.
8:30 am
>> martha: and is there a big crime here, which you said is the question. whether or not has the research gone awry or bad or whether it goes to a big crime and that is what everybody is watching. let me ask you this. the justice department inspector general horowitz released a report that details widespread shortcomings in how the f.b.i. gets its surveillance warrant. he focused on the so-called wood files. documents meant to insure every statement to the fisa court is true. the report, the i.g. reviewed thousands of applications over a five year period. he will take a broader look at it after he slammed the looking at carter page. where do you see this going? >> i think we're probably more at the end than the beginning of this, martha. what horowitz suspected was that there was widespread abuse by the f.b.i. of the fisa process and i think the answer he has found is that it's very,
8:31 am
very disturbing what he has been able to locate. now the question is does congress overhaul fisa based on what horowitz discovered? >> martha: that's a question you've raised for a long time. andy, thank you very much. a one-sided system for investigating americans and it deserves the scrutiny that it is under. thank you very much, andy. so coming up right here on the "focus" new york city's mayor getting roasted for announcing a nearly $6 million nypd initiative focusing on customer service as gun violence spikes in the city. a media frenzy over this. getting used as iranian propaganda versus a u.s. ally. one more problem for the vice president this week.
8:32 am
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>> martha: iranian state affiliated media is promoting a video of vice president kamala harris this week. she praised the college student for voicing her concerns over the u.s. funding israel's iron dome system that protects it from rockets fired and accusing israel of genocide the student said. watch. [[inaudible] >> i'm glad you did. this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth is
8:38 am
not being suppressed. >> martha: okay. the second time this week that iranian media has aired a clip of the vice president. the first was when she said that images of border patrol agents on horse back chasing haitian migrants, i don't know if they were chasing them. holding them back from crossing the river evoked times of slavery and they got mileage out of that in iran as well. joining me is jimmy failla host of fox across america on fox news radio. jimmie, not a great week for the vice president. >> man, first of all hello from nashville, martha. you are the first sober person i've seen in three days. i mean it. but everybody can use a drink after watching that kamala video. this is the problem with this administration. iran sees weakness. there is within the democratic party loud voices who don't
8:39 am
support israel and people thrive off slandering america and allies whether the border patrol, israel. when she says it's important that your truth get expressed, there isn't your truth, there is the truth. israel is not any of the things it was characterized as. i'm not surprised kamala didn't push back. why? she doesn't like to talk to the problem. this is a border czar who doesn't go to the border. she takes her family to go rafting south of the border before she will go to the actual border so i'm not surprised. >> martha: she could have easily said clearly israel is our ally and we supported the iron dome system for a long time. i respect your opinion. you are entitled to your opinion as an american but that's the policy of the united states and move on, right? >> imagine that. >> martha: sometimes you have to wonder why some of these things are so hard.
8:40 am
this is not a your truth. there is the truth. if we have your truth pretty much anything can be true and this simply isn't the case. the daily caller piece that looks back at the first eight months of the being vice president and kamala harris says according to their headline is already trying to save her political career. it reads some democratic stage gifts are concern she could become a toxic figure for her party ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections. usually they boost support for hard hit party members. >> no doubt about it. she has never been popular. when you think about her effort to win the white house herself when she dropped out she was polling behind isis at the time she dropped out of the democratic primaries and she is a liability for them and they know this now. i have a theory, though, biden never forgave her for what happened on the campaign trail whether she was accusing him of
8:41 am
being racist or saying she believed his sexual assault accuser tara reed. she was a politically expedient but they are giving her difficult assignments and makes worse with her stupid sociopath i can laugh. >> martha: it is an awkward position that the white house is in and i did see she brought in some new come inindications folks who have focus in crisis management. she has three years to go and time to fix it up. i'm not aware of the poll you referenced of isis but -- >> i was kidding. stop it, i was kidding. >> martha: all right. so critics torching your city mayor bill deblasio after this new initiative. the city will hire greeters to cost $5 upon 7 million to work on customer service.
8:42 am
it came after a 16-year-old boy was shot dead outside a drugstore two nights ago, he was the second teenager to lose his life to be shot and killed in new york city in two days. >> naturally bill deblasio wants to respond with wal-mart greeters at police stations. bill deblasio is the biggest embarrassment to new york city. understand what's going on right now in our city is not a crime problem, it is a stupid problem. we have leaders like deblasio who have pushed this fallacy that somehow the cops pose a greater threat to the community than the criminals. that has emboldened criminals and harder for cops to do their job. they have been slandered by guys like deblasio at every turn. any police event that happens bill deblasio gets every cop's back turned on him.
8:43 am
they have no respect for them. he has always used them as a viable weapon when it was trending. he was bashing cops and that's why there are more city cops rooting for the boston red sox than bill deblasio. >> martha: he said cops had been gruff and dismissive to people when they showed up to ask questions at the precinct. everybody should be poll it to the people in the community but 5.7 million to hire greeters to work at all these agencies is absolutely -- especially with the homicide rate. it boggles the mind this is the priority. thank you very much. good to see you. >> you are the best, martha. >> martha: thank you. how about nashville? all right. coming up here folks on the "focus" the president's afghanistan situation, which has obviously been an
8:44 am
extraordinary challenged have pitted the state department at the pentagon. each one is saying the other guy is the problem. education secretary miguel cardona mocks parents' concerns about mask mandates and critical race theory in the classroom. his comments the pushback and now an attempted clarification and we'll show you all that coming up next. best time in history wnerse to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash
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>> martha: biden administration taking heat over comments on mask mandates and teaching critical race theory in schools. education secretary miguel cardona seemed to be sort of mocking the concerns of parents when he told business insider quote, i think it's a prox lefor being mad that their guy didn't win meaning president trump. gop senator mike braun pressed him about that comment and gave him the opportunity to explain it earlier this week. >> i was a little disturbed in -- i want to see if you really meant the comment. is that something you would want to take back? >> i know that across the country our school board meetings are a little bit more intense but i will tell you,
8:50 am
school boards are unwavering in their support for returning student to schools. the lack of civility is frustrating. >> i'll take it you don't want to retract it at this point. >> martha: so after whipping up quite a bit of controversy he tried to clarify his comments last hour. watch this one. >> i have think what the senator was trying to do there is bring up issues around some of the controversies happening at board meetings. i do believe parents have a right to voice their opinion and should be at the table. and that's how we lead at the agency and that's how i've led my entire career in education. >> martha: as it all plays out new york city public school teachers are hoping they can block the city's vaccine mandate with an emergency appeal to the supreme court calling it an unconstitutional burden. power panel t.w. shannon former co-chair of fox voices for
8:51 am
trump and former -- and a campaign consul ant. laura, is it appropriate for the education secretary to say they are riled up because their guy didn't win. >> he said what he said. the politization of masks, that politization started under the last president and continues under governors ron desantis and governor abbott in texas. we have to stop making it political. wearing masks works. for children getting the virus at higher rates we know we need to see masks and vaccines to protect our kids. i think it is really important to not make this about politics and i think that was clear with our education secretary. it's a small but vocal minority. the vast majority of parents want to see kids safe. masks on and vaccines in arms. >> martha: if they feel that way they should do those things. t.w., go ahead.
8:52 am
>> i think it's a travesty that these democrat talking points are still the same. blame donald trump. the reality is secretary cardona and the rest of the biden administration seem to be fixed on blaming americans and punishing them. the truth is there are three reasons why americans are hesitant to get vaccines. joe biden, kamala harris and fauci. fauci bum beld the response. mixed messages and masks and vaccinated mandated outlandish things that americans are pushing back again. we're taking become the freedoms from the totalitarian policies pushed by the joe biden administration. that's the reality. >> martha: all right. let me turn your attention to this. the state department and the pentagon are now pointing fingers at each other over the administration's botched exit from afghanistan which we heard that chairman of the joint
8:53 am
chiefs said it was a failure this week. that is not a biased opinion. it is exactly what was stated by the chairman of the joint chiefs and an tony blinken rejecting the discussion his department is responsible for the delay we saw in the ability for sivs and others to withdraw. >> i don't think anyone can say that we took any of the decisions that we took alone, one agency making the decision. everything we did, we did collectively as a team through a process. and every voice was heard and listened to in that process. >> martha: all right. so in terms of voices being heard. senator tom cotton is calling out secretary blinken why he didn't personally attend a meeting about the planning of the afghanistan withdrawal. if blinken is saying we all worked on this together, this
8:54 am
is just a very straight forward question and tom cotton wrote a letter reading conspicuously you reportedly didn't attend the exercise in may or sent your top aide but a third ranking official. where were you on may 8th, 2021 at this high-level meeting to discuss the withdrawal from afghanistan? so laura, do you think it's a question that he needs to answer? where was he on that day? >> i think that he have answers all the questions. friction between the defense and state department is generations old. a day ending in why they disagree about something. frankly what we need to focus on is the 20-year war has ended and joe biden made the tough choice to do what americans want and get americans out of afghanistan. >> martha: it's clear from the
8:55 am
testimony this week it was his choice. the president's choice. t.w. final thought on that. >> success has many fathers but failure is a bastard child. joe biden wants to take credit for ending the war but blame everyone else for the pull-out. the buck stops with joe biden. >> martha: all right. we have to leave it there. thank you both t.w. and laura. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". i will see you back on the "the story" at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. see you then, guys. when did you see the signs?
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