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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. "the ingraham angle" is next. we will see you tomorrow night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. youtube kicks uses off its platform for covid misinformation. the left in the media cheers, long overdue. what are these tendencies really about? remember when being a maverick in the senate matter? now the mavericks are on the left, the media is lashing out. first how to crater the us economy is the focus of the
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angle. today is national manufacturing day and marking the occasion mentions correctly american manufacturing is essential to our economy, employs 12 million directly and many more indirectly and noted how many manufacturing jobs were upended during the pandemic, 570,000 and it points out these laws adversely affected our supply chains. the disruptions left the nation's for a life-saving protective sequence, ventilators and others at a time we needed it most. there is the rub. when we import what we need and use from pharmaceuticals, plastic, computer chips, we leave ourselves susceptible to economic head wents and during covid it ended up being a matter
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of life and death. president biden talks about rebuilding our supply chains, supporting jobs and manufacturing but his policies are having the opposite effect. have you tried buying a refrigerator lately, a car, anything with a chip in it. even simple parts for something like a broken law monitor division lawnmower or snowblower. imagine what the companies manufacturing these goods are going through. look at the situation at the port of los angeles, half 1 million containers worth of goods and materials are sitting off the coast waiting to be unloaded. this is what looks like when a labor shortage means massive underinvestment in infrastructure. a lot of people said on the sidelines out there.
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basically can't keep up with the demand. if you are manufacturing something you need the parts, you need the elements of it so that what happens. orders are slowed dramatically, some orders canceled altogether and profit end up plunging. employees are laid off or their benefits cut. productivity is hampered and economic growth is eventually so everybody knows what is happening but few are willing to talk about that we got into the supply chain whole and how we can dig ourselves out of it. the hollowing over decades of our manufacturing and industrial base is one of the main drivers of the problem. businesses following washington that's relaxed trade policies offered their operations to maximize profits by paying lower wages for labor. now democrats and globalist republicans alike cheered this is a win/when for american companies and consumers get cheaper stuff. in fact conservatives - warned about the string good jobs.
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this:four years ago "national review" by kevin williamson is a prime example. you want the great enduring stupiditys of modern economic life is the belief that buying american is somehow beneficial to the united states as a whole. just by american credo protect american jobs? certainly not. it is difficult to imagine a more misguided view of things but there you have it. be reliant on communist china for anything critical to our survival is moronic in the short and long-term and most americans are coming to understand the fact. president biden didn't create the supply chain problem but his policies won't fix it. watching democrats twist themselves into knots over their multi-trillion dollars spending bills, how many trillions here, what can we agree to we see what they are about all this. >> the reconciliation bill is about priorities.
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>> childcare that is universal. >> we have a generational obligation, historic obligation to address climate change, to transition from fossil fuel combustion to clean and renewable energy. >> the conciliation bill was the culmination of my service in congress. it was about the children, the children, the children, the children. >> they have no idea how wealth is created, the children no more than they do, accountable strong middle-class to get people back to work, how to get people to want to work again, they don't even think about what things like this mean, why texas is doing better than new york, does nancy think about that, why ford is outpacing illinois. about why businesses are leaving states like massachusetts for tennessee, that is what gun manufacturers smith & wesson just announced they were doing.
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the democrats even care? doesn't seem so, they think money grows on trees, their answer to everything is to borrow and print more money, raise taxes and forgiving industries into the dust, we had a booming economy less than two years ago, we had record low unemployment, no inflation, china was back on its heels but none of those good outcomes brought us closer to the progressive political goal, discrediting capitalism, demonizing both creators and encouraging americans to become ever more dependent on the government. president biden had decent instincts on the value of made in america when he visited the truck plant in pennsylvania. >> in recent years, by american has become a hollow promise. my administration is going to make by american a reality. we will be expanding my made in america initiative to help cities, towns and tribes get a
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better deal when they buy a made in america product. >> but his administration is being hijacked by the same globalist forces that dug the hole we are in now. is turning our china policy over to john kerry, that was a bad omen. john kerry is a globalist married to a billionaire invested heavily in china. president biden's war on oil and gas will hurt any effort to bring manufacturing to the united states. to do that, to bring manufacturing back we need a dependable energy sectors that must include traditional sources. unilateral disarmament on energy that senators are talking about is only going to strengthen china's hand, be a drag on our economy and we know the ccp will do what it takes to keep their factories running no matter what. the wall street journal notes permits issued by the interior department for drilling on
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federal lands declined to 171 in august from 671 in april, that is 75% drop in permits and liberal states are walking the progressive plank, just this week the companies behind the 116 mile pin east pipeline plan that would have brought crucial natural gas supplies to new jersey called it quits, why? legal battles with environmental radicals, that is why in the state of new jersey. the cumulative effect of the left energy policies has been to destroy the energy independence we achieved under donald trump and forced american families and small businesses to levels of price inflation at the pump. the national average price per gallon of gas is a 7-year high right now. the price is an entire dollar higher than last year. the price of natural gas is double what it was last year so heating bills could be 30% higher this winter.
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if that fact alone doesn't wake up the voters of new england who sent by democrats plus bernie sanders and angus king to the u.s. senate i don't know what will. here is the bottom line. everything the democrats are discouraging investment in job creation in the united states and it is going to encourage and prompt inflation. we need to end the attacks on the energy sector, fully reopen the economy without these mandates, stop crippling taxes and regulations that push businesses overseas and stay out of disastrous trade pacts like the transpacific partnership. if we keep going down the path we will end of the combination of unnecessary high unemployment and rising prices just like we had in the days of jimmy carter. elections cannot come soon enough and that is the angle.
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joining us is the president of ht k streets, a made in the usa manufacturer based in upstate new york. you don't rely on imported products. out that prepare you for the past 18 months, better than most? >> started in 1985 by my father anthony. i joined in 86 and ever since the mid 80s we had a domestic supply chain. we always purchased all of our raw materials and any essential components from companies located in the united states. laura: you didn't have to go hat in hand to china or india or the philippines in a pandemic to get essential items for your business. >> my business is manufacturing
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ppp. >> you were the only one up and running when the pandemic hit. >> in the united states i was the only company that manufactured in the united states. over 99% of ppe comes from china and other asian countries so when the pandemic came about. i had millions of pounds of ppe fabric in my warehouse in upstate new york so we were in a unique position because i have the raw materials, everything that i needed so my business exploded in 2020 so my workforce, i tripled my workforce, tripled, purchased a new building, this was done with the help of the state department and former governor, but we were
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able to expand and get production up, increased unemployment and supply critical ppe to major semi conductor companies, computer companies, biotech companies, all the companies that needed and we continue to do so. laura: people here about this and say we get it but so much cheaper to buy it overseas and americans don't want to pay anything, what it cost to have an american made products. into that, you say? >> if you're going to shut down your production in your production brings revenue of $1 million a day so you save $1,000 in ppe and lost $1 million in production it doesn't make sense so we have been able to identify the
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customer base that wants a domestic supply chain, doesn't want to take the risk and got burned during covid. global companies could not supply the customers -- >> this is a lesson to other american companies, keep at it, don't give up when the going gets tough and the american voter has to here this. i hope people learn their lesson after this pandemic that this battle will continue in building a sustainable supply chain in the united states is a foreign policy and the mystic sustainability issue. we saw during the pandemic how few resources, few products were made here which then hurt our response, now we are seeing how the ravages of the global inflationary crisis make it more expensive to heat your home, to buy groceries, even to buy christmas presents so it seems to me it is time for the federal government to play a role in the building american industry. here is someone seeking to do
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that, tennessee senator bill haggerty. the democrats are haggling over there multitrillion dollar waste of our money instead of focusing on manufacturing centers back to the united states why is this issue beginning to resonate? >> you did a wonderful job laying out the rationale for what all about the manufacturing sector the past couple decades. it has been policies of republican and democrat side better than this. things changed in 2017. donald trump came into office, we had somebody that was willing to stand up to communist china and you know how they compete, sealant electoral property and subsidize industries, block access to their own markets. they don't live the same set of rules, donald trump stepped up and made a difference and also made a huge difference domestically, made the united states a much better place to
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invest and create jobs, talking deregulation making us energy independent as you pointed out so clearly, the tax act of 2017 set of the boom in america, a blue-collar boom brought more jobs back from overseas, companies began to do risk supply chains from china. it had begun before the pandemic is. >> what they are saying now is don't worry because all the solar panels will be made in the united states and windsor turbines. do you buy that? >> not at all. you know those wind turbines and solar panels are made, back to china. that you are energy industry here making us more vulnerable to countries that don't have the best interests at heart, china wins in this scenario. >> and psaki wants everyone to believe biden is in control of the supply chain issue. >> we have a very aggressive and ambitious supply-chain effort to address challenges we are seeing in the supply chain. we impact supply chains that were impacted by delta and we are working in part to address
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and help many countries recover from covid so that we can get supply chains up and running. i will note we look at our relationship with china and all the components through a comprehensive package. laura: what is that? how is that going to solve the problem in the cost of energy is going up and inflation is going up our we going to be able to do this with the supply chain? >> their policies make us less energy independent, made us more vulnerable to countries like china for energy sources, incentivize unemployment, do everything to create more government dependency and the people as rationale to go back to work, now they are talking about taxing american corporations in job creators to a point no one will want to move their capital here, we will incentivize jobs yet again overseas with the policies they put forth.
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laura: the bank surveillance they want to do, how will that work? >> feels like communist china surveillance. they will insert themselves in every aspect of american life. people don't want this. my constituents are letting me know clearly they are deeply concerned about the overreach of this administration, you talk about financial transactions and oversight there, think about what has happened this year when the irs released by the taxpayer information, no one has paid the price for this you putting confidential taxpayer information to attack their enemies, the public is very concerned about this blasting they should do is skip breakfast information. >> government as their growth industry, always will be, good to see you and youtube just took extraordinary steps to ban accounts that are advised to express the celebration of the media is already place, very widespread, tells you what you need to know about who supports
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that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? ♪ ♪ >> laura: democrats' plan to jillian: democrats plan to ensure that companies end of enforcing the buy vaccine mandate is bankrupt the ones that don't.
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the 2400 page provision enables a 10fold increase in osha fines, to slap companies that define the vaccine mandate with fines as high as, this can't be right, 700,$000 for each violation. here is jonathan turley, fox news contributor. osha is going to protect us in the workplace and do all the right things for the american people, this agency but put businesses under with these fines. any legal challenges arising from this? >> from a policy standpoint, morale improves. the administration went through
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period offering money to take the vaccine, ohio offering a $1 million -- it didn't get people in through the door so this approach, would really. and many businesses out of existence if they got their way and a lot of people are preferring to walk away. i talked to a doctor this weekend of a major hospital on the east coast, 20% of doctors and nurses saying they won't get the vaccine, he said i don't know what we are going to do. we can't fire 20% of our staff without having serious problems in the hospital. it is not clear how this is going to play out the courts are likely to uphold it. the constitution doesn't protect you from bad policy. elections do. of congress wants on this road it can do so.
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the courts, there will be challenges looking at this, but for the most part congress is allowed to do a lot of stupid things. laura: explain how the jacobson case of 100 years ago, it could be differentiated from the current pandemic giving changes of medicine, natural immunity, the lethality of this virus for most people could that be overturned at the court? >> jacobson will only take you so far. that was a case in which the supreme court said that a state could impose a vaccine mandate. president biden has gone back and forth whether he has the power to do the same thing directly. he is clearly being advised that he cannot because he cannot. the federal government does not have that power. that is why they decided to go
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through osha to say vaccines are needed for workplace safety but there are still some problems. governors like new york, there is a question whether they will recognize religious exemption. that could lead to serious challenges. courts could overturn that type of mandate. then there's the issues you mentioned which is natural antibody, many people have said their doctors told them not to take the vaccine because their natural antibodies after recovering from covid are as high or higher than they would get from a vaccine. look at the science and whether that is true or not but there is an issue there for judicial review and it hasn't really been tested that thoroughly. >> the science shows broad and durable immunity accrues after
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exposure to covid but this is going to end up at the court. i can't wait, have you back. it is not just the biden administration, big tech looking to punish vaccine dissidents, youtube purging all videos and accounts that they determine in their examinations spread misinformation about vaccines not just about covid vaccines but all vaccines. facebook is already doing this for months and the media gatekeepers of modern liberalism are giddy about this. >> youtube did something that might save a lot of lives. >> x i vaccine misinformation always a huge home on youtube for over a decade anti-vaccine creators flourish to there. >> they can choose to be pro-science or anti-science and to be pro-science -
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>> does that apply to other issues like abortion? joining these independent journalist glenn greenwald. this isn't just about silencing vaccine skeptics, is it? >> know. the censorship being practiced by big tech monopolies is across all these platforms and covers virtually every political topic that we debated and i was listening to those people celebrating the censorship of alternative views on the grounds of science, science is about debating and questioning all kinds of hypotheses and letting the truth emerge from that debate. this is the opposite of science, this is mandating orthodoxies and pieties be ingested and no challenges of questioning of them be permitted. it is not just -- for that reason it is incredibly despotic. the history of the pandemic from the start has been our
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authorities said things that turned out not to be true and they want to make it so you can no longer challenge those authorities when it comes to our most crucial debates. >> think of what science used to be in favor of, eugenics, lobotomized and people that had mental issues. there's all sorts of things scientists were saying were good, scientists in nazi germany thought a lot of things were appropriate to do, experiments on people and so forth. once you start doing that this goes beyond the current debate but folks at m s nbc, rachel maddow is able to infuse youtube's move or take it together with russia. >> the company is facing blowback and threats about this policy from another places the kremlin because the russian government has been using its
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propaganda network worldwide to gleefully spread anti-vaccine disinformation all over the democratic west because they are that concern for our health. >> never heard her talk about china in this manner which is where the virus started but on one level the fanaticism has to be respected. >> there's an irony which is people like her have been fixated, obsessed with the kremlin for the last five years and one of the things the kremlin does is than to send, they use the platform, technology platforms to ensure that only their views circulate, china does that as much as anyone and these are their allies, like-minded comrades in that effort, they think they are superior morally, intellectually because they are doing it in your best interest but the tactic is the same and this is the thing that disturbs me the
12:31 am
most, there's always going to be censorship in society, natural human impulses to silence other people, that is why there's a free-speech guarantee in the constitution. the role that journalists are supposed to play supposed to be to defend free discourse, that is why free press is in the first amendment and the most was something in our society is journalists leading the way and not just celebrating this tech censorship but demanding more and more of it. >> also not questioning what is happening in places like australia where police are literally beating people in the street to disagree. >> they want that here, they want much greater enforcement of their will. it has nothing to do with
12:32 am
science anymore at this point. on the one hand they will see if you are vaccinated you are no longer really at risk from covid and the other claim that you are unvaccinated you pose a threat to vaccinated people, entirely contradictory. what they want to social control, they crave what is going on in australia, they look at that and say that is what we should be doing to our political enemies. about unvaccinated people are just trump supporters and deplorables but african-americans, latinos, people on their side. laura: thanks for being here. remember when the media used to love john mccain, on the giving manchin and cinema the same treatment? the answer, senator josh halley on that in moments.
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ready to turn your dreams into plans and your actions into achievements? explore over 75 programs and four-week classes at national university. your future starts today at ♪ ♪ >> laura: remember when being a senate maverick was really cool? all the accolades from the media? laura: remember when being a senate maverick was really cool, all the accolades from the media, john mccain war that mantle for years and i got the variation from the media and the left, and greater and when he
12:38 am
delivered his effort at overhauling obamacare but now that senators man the chin and cinema put themselves between the american people and the $3.5 trillion effort to remake the entire country, it does not seem so great after all. >> time for both senators to major markets close the deal was what is it you want? >> why didn't senator cinema create this deadline that if we don't do something thursday i am going to walk, who legislates like that? she's a first-term senator. >> these people are destroying the country in my opinion. they must be brought to task. they are the enemies right now democracy. >> two republicans in the democratic party who are making problems for the democrats, manchin and cinema.
12:39 am
they are republicans, come on. >> joining me on now is republican senator josh howley. i guess you have been moved to the side as the most unpopular senator in washington. they are not getting a lot of accolades now. >> the far left extremists have completely taken over the democrat party and if you don't capitulate to them they will come after you and try to destroy you. what they care about is you agreeing with them to bow in front of their agenda and that is what they want. i'm not going to do that and i hope they come and stand firm at the end of the day and present an alternative. what democrats are trying to do in the left is trying to do is remake this country. >> what is amazing about all
12:40 am
this, just no way to legislate. how do you legislate? i would like to turn it back on him and say how is this the way to legislate when you go to one guy and say what is your price tag without talking about what actually is in the bill, with attacks on oil and gas or raise the standard of living of most americans, just the price tag, that's not a way to legislate, we need growth and jobs. >> it shows democrats are desperate. they know the president is in a free for all, let us into abject disaster, humiliated the nation with the abandonment of american citizens and disaster at the border, someone who is not up to the task and democrats are
12:41 am
frantic to jim through their unpopular agenda and to just about anything to get there. >> cori bush, represent st. louis area, has her own thoughts about this process. >> the compromise, if you wants to talk about it talk to me and i will tell you what it is like not to be able to pay for child care or medication. to hold the line on something that hurts people now and to say i will toss you some crumbs and hopefully you say you ain't. >> don't know what to say. democrats have no idea how the real world works, make up payroll, what does it mean to
12:42 am
hire a new workforce, give it away to people and it gets better. >> you've got working americans paying the inflation tax created every single day paying more money for food or gas or get their car repaired because inflation is out-of-control thanks to the democrats and they want to make it worse, you talk about hurting working families, the democrat agenda is writing them down in favor of far left woke politics, they are the ones who are behind this $3.5 trillion agenda. >> are we going to call them wokeys? i haven't heard that before. wokeys, i am going to use that from now on.
12:43 am
the white house wants you to believe these are outliers that poll after poll is revealing an inconvenient truth for president biden, he lost america's trust, what is driving it and why a rebound may not happen.
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♪ ♪ >> president biden: again, i will include -- this is a this is a process. it is goingpr to be up and down. that is why i don't look at the polls, not a joke. laura: for his sake i hope you selling the truth because poll after poll has shown america is losing faith in president biden and contrary to wishful thinking it isn't temporary and isn't only because of the horrifying afghanistan debacle, jobless claims are up for the third straight because inflation wars. thousands of migrants pouring over the borders with an estimated 60,000 more haitians on the way. so president biden hasn't defeated covid as he promised on the campaign trail and his mandates growing more unpopular by the day. a new poll shows 2 thirds of likely voters oppose firing
12:49 am
workers who object to the vaccine. showing is the cofounder of their politics and jason chaffetz host of the podcast jason in the house. as we lay out these crises top to bottom, which one of them produces the most this rule emotion among the voters against president biden? >> in a short-term it was afghanistan. we saw his numbers plummet across the board particularly as they watched what happened but in the long-term the one that is going to produce the most political adverse political effects is his policies around the economy. if inflation continues to more and we see high jobless numbers that will hurt democrats at the polls last -- next november and in 2024.
12:50 am
voters see that in every day lives and continue to see that or it gets worse democrats will pay a price. laura: beyond the inflation issue biden's handling of the border continues to drag him down, a new poll showing 33% approve of his handling of the border, 66% disapprove. republicans over the years told us a more lax border policy, more generous migration policies are wildly popular, the gallup poll shows it was wildly unpopular. what does this show? >> he put kamala harris in charge and we haven't seen her other than the airport. you have these people coming across the country. the one poll number they are doing pretty well is with chinese, russians, iranian's and people who wants to come here
12:51 am
illegally. with that segment you're doing pretty well. with americans they sympathize with border patrol and don't want to have covid outbreaks, they are not even tested for covid and the american people, not what they signed up for. the border was under control until president biden changed the policy. laura: a little detail in the new poll should have the white house and democrats worried because biden's approval among independents was underwater by 22 points. other recent polls, how big a deal is that in the presidency, independents are fleeing. >> decisive,
12:52 am
the biden administration is fighting, what is going on in congress and at the border, trying to keep support among democrats, 85, 90% of democrats taking flak from the left, where immigration policies are not permissive enough and if it doesn't go through, lose support among progressive democrats and that will drag these numbers down even further. trying to cater to the left-wing of their base, they lost republicans from the get-go and lost independents, that leaves them, can't afford to lose support from democrats. laura: say they get some reconciliation through, say they get it. do you think that will change
12:53 am
much for president biden and democrats in the midterm? >> i don't. it was the ideas that it was all paid for, 100%, it is paid for by the american, we have massive regulation, the more you grow government the more regulators you have and government will not suddenly operate better, not like the highways will get better or education will get better. it will be government flush with money and that hurts the average american. it is limited, not unlimited like biden or harris. laura: if they get something through will that give them much of a bump? >> it is not going to hurt them because it will keep support
12:54 am
among democrats. they will lose support among democrats. with tangible results for the american people in day-to-day lives, by fueling inflation then in the end it will hurt democrats and president biden. laura: prices go up and wait until they get the heating bills. lebron james and i agree on something.
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ready to turn your dreams into plans and your actions into achievements? explore over 75 programs and four-week classes at national university. your future starts today at
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>> a fox news alert, president biden's the mystic policy agenda installed, the house of representatives is not voted on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. late-night meetings have consumed capitol hill as democrats try to salvage their legislative plans.
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collision block the house from voting, to the more house republicans would back the package but that's not enough to make up the deficit on the democratic side of the aisle. progressives want details nailed down on the democrats's $3.5 trillion social spending package before they back the infrastructure bill but the house and senate voted to a verdict government shutdown. that is the latest from washington. i am chad program, fox news. >> it is friday october 1st. nancy pelosi forced to delay a vote on the bill again as progressives revolt in an attempt to save president biden's spending agenda. what we can expect to see on capitol hill today. jillian: panama officials won the us that 85,000 h


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