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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 29, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: democrat leaders scrambling to satisfy the far left wing of the party as progressives to take president biden's agenda. >> they recommended we remain consistent about a steady-state
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look across to 3500. todd: top generals contradicting president biden saying he was not advised against pulling all us troops out of afghanistan. jillian: border patrol told to get the coronavirus vaccine by november or lose their jobs as illegal immigrants for over the southern border without being tested vaccinated. good morning, let's begin in washington as president biden's travel plans to solve the deepening divide among democrats on capitol hill. todd: nancy pelosi wants to vote on infrastructure. >> reporter: president biden canceling a plan to deal with in hiding in washington over two massive bills worth $4.7 trillion, with the infrastructure plan.
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democrat leadership is staying the course. >> the president is working together in lockstep with speaker pelosi, leader schumer to get this done. >> reporter: division among democrats is apparent, the reconciliation bill is not ready for a vote after saying an agreement has been reached. senator bernie sanders urging progressives to hold the vote on the smaller bill hostage saying, quote, no infrastructure bill should pass without a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. that is the agreement that was made and must be kept. physical infrastructure is important but the needs of working families and combating climate change is more important. if progressives let's left, moderate senate democrat kirsten cinema and joe manchin are not on board with the spending bill, the democrat division could work
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to their advantage. >> if it will work i like it. i encourage more of this. and they reach that conclusion and helps us tank the reconciliation bill. >> negotiations to raise the debt ceiling continue, janet yellen warns the financial crisis and recession. a house vote on the smaller infrastructure packages expected on thursday. todd: kayleigh mcenany says the president's agenda is being tanked by members of his own party and republicans need to send the message loud and clear to midterm proposals. >> trying to raise the debt ceiling or shutting down of the government on republicans. guests who runs all branches?
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need to stand up, because rashida tlaib or the far left flank or christensen of that were manchin taking it. >> they won't vote to raise the debt ceiling. >> house lawmakers on the troop withdrawal from afghanistan. >> president biden went against their advice to keep troops on the ground. a breakdown of the senate. >> the hearing kicks off in a few hours, chairman mark millie, lloyd austen and centcom commander frank mckenzie took heat from both sides of the aisle and expect the same to happen in a few hours, asking austin and millie to step down from their post immediately.
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>> an act of political defiance to redesign because my advice - my dad to get a choice to resign at iwo jima. >> general frank mckenzie, the 4-star marine general overseeing the mission in afghanistan claims he advised the administration to leave a presence on the ground in afghanistan. >> i have a few the withdrawal of those forces lead inevitably to the collapse of afghan military forces. >> i'm satisfied we had a thorough policy review of all the parties had an opportunity to provide an input was received. >> reporter: it was president biden, the commander-in-chief of
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the armed forces who insisted on several occasions nobody gave him specifically that advice. this is an interview from august 19th with abc news. >> military advisors, a stable situation the last several years. >> president biden: no one said that to me that i can recall. >> the chinese counterpart in october and this year in january, he said he would warn china if the us was prepared to attack, and de-escalating a tense situation, they were listening in on those calls, no secret, it was before the senate or the house. >> the state of florida suing
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the biden administration about a controversial catch and relief policy. >> they claim dhs secretary alejandra mayorkas, border agents must be vaccinated by november or lose their jobs. >> a whistleblower telling fox news us border patrol agents have until november 1st to get the shot, it is not sitting well with republicans saying the biden administration would rather crackdown on law enforcement crossing the border. >> people busting their tales and forcing their lot to do their job on the border, - >> alejandra mayorkas admits the surge in cases, and they are taking matters into their own
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hands. fox news learning florida is suing the biden administration on the catch and release policy, accusing him of violating breaking the law. >> suing the biden administration during its unlawful and destructive catch and release policy. we have to take every effort we can to make sure we are protecting the people of florida. jillian: as the migrant surge worsens even former president obama is speaking on the long-term impact of the crisis. >> we are naturally of people who want to help others. at the same time the idea the we can have open borders is something as a practical matter is unsustainable. >> reporter: white house press secretary jen psaki was asked
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about those comments yesterday. >> does president biden agree with president obama that it is unsustainable? >> thousands of migrants reportedly making their way to the us southern border from south america. todd: thank you very much. jillian: daniel hamrick, the drivers volunteering their time at the motor speedway painting the tip to breast-cancer awareness, this is to celebrate survivors and encourage screening as survivors painting the wall. todd: officially hanging up his gloves, and is retirement, thanking the world and the filipino people for years of support. he want to be the philippines president coming up.
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>> or military advisors to not tell you to keep 2500 troops. >> no one said that that i can recall. >> recommend 2500 troops in afghanistan. >> we should keep the steady-state and it could bounce to 3500. >> the input was received by the president. >> s top military generals contradict president biden's claims on afghanistan advisory, rushing to the president's defense. todd: here are some of the main offenders, cnn anchor jim shooter rights contradicting trump and supporters who say he would have done different we were better generally conference
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he received an order to try us forces from afghanistan by 2021. now huffington post correspondent which pops up in my day planner, trump really and truly wanted to leave biden with a complete catastrophe in afghanistan and would have evacuated 0 afghan allies. even democratic lawmakers were critical of this testimony but the mainstream media is all in but trump mode. >> let's take that out of the equation. we know who they are and what they represent, activists for the democratic party. jim shooter i wouldn't mind commenting on, he is billed as a serious and sober anchor for cnn. what is really mentioned his before he went to cnn he worked in the obama biden state department so he will defend
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this, that is his reflex because that is who he was before he played an anchor on tv but defending president biden on afghanistan is like defending, i will keep the eagles out of this, baltimore orioles before - 45 days in the first place. there is no defense particularly when the commander-in-chief says he doesn't recall one of the most important conversations he had as an adult to this point in his life when his top generals were telling him to keep 3500 troops in afghanistan to keep things in check at bagram airbase into avoid the catastrophe we witnessed in august and americans left behind and 13 us servicemembers dead. there is no defending this but you will find some folks that do that because it is in their dna at this point and we will continue moving forward. >> like defending the giants and eagles. i had to go there. in all seriousness do you think
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enough people will be demanding transparency and accountability that we will get questions that the american people deserve? >> i saw that happen at the press conference yesterday where you didn't just have peter doocy or jackie heinrich asking tough questions but terry moran for abc who pressed jen psaki and there was a notable back and forth as far as asking can you give me one military leader as far as recommending to the president that he should pull all troops out of afghanistan and not leave any peacekeeping force behind, she got very defensive which is rare for her, more defensive than usual. it is done too sporadically. of donald trump and dennis and said he didn't recall talking to general xyz about something this important the apocalypse would
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be upon us as far as media coverage and you would see a 24/7 on abc, cbs, nbc, cnn and others. todd: talking about biden but trump still, it has not gone away in their minds. another area where the media is going after somebody would expect them to support his kirsten cinema renewing their attacks against the democrats another -- senator for opposing the president biden's spending spree, writing so the point in case you are tuning in hashtag trojan horse saying she is a shill for corporate lobbyists but doesn't that line of attack failed considering most of america's freaked out about the debt that comes with this and not just your corporations. >> not just that but inflation already happening, it is hard to believe it will devalue the dollar more.
2:19 am
one point you made, but trump can't be an argument anymore because president biden has been in office coming up on 10 months. you can't continue to blame the other guy. whatever happens going forward the past summer president biden owns that and if you want to change course from donald trump you can do that. it is revolting to see the traps on christian, the party of goodwill and cinema - one of the largest spending bills in us history and the bullying will only strengthen cinema's resolve it doesn't look like the type that will fall over because people yelling at her and some columnists saying she should do something she does not want to do. jillian: have a good day. >> go ohs. todd: ohio senate candidate says the border crisis is deeply personal for him, took him 13 years to become a us citizen the right way. jillian: he returned from the border and joins us live.
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jillian: our next guest says the fight over immigration his personal to him after integrating legally to the us from colombia at the age of 5, he traveled to the border monday to see the crisis firsthand. republican ohio senate candidate joins us with what he saw. can you tell us your experience at the border and what you saw happening there? >> much worse than you could ever imagine. this was going on for months. i talked to the people of del rio, i drove into mexico to talk to them, people coming here for months and months except only 100 or 200 at a time and they are released in the us, there was a line built between two trees and one side of the river to cross easily and it wasn't
2:25 am
until tens of thousands of people, incredible application of duty by the administration. jillian: the border patrol agents have to be vaccinated by november or be fired, this is a whistleblower report coming out, and this is alarming because a lot of people are up in arms over the fact that migrants who are coming here illegally don't have to be vaccinated and some of them are released into the united states where american citizens have restrictions upon them. nurses and doctors getting fired if they don't want to get vaccinated. what do you make of what this whistleblower is saying? >> it is an assault on the border patrol and these people are overworked, victimized, you saw the administration latch
2:26 am
onto this idea, the idea they have to get vaccinated yet tens of thousands of people coming across, and evidently the people i talked to in jewelry oh, a case of leprosy came across, people stationed for months in a park in our tuna, and border patrol agents, front lines in this invasion have freedoms taken away, it is crazy. jillian: can we handle having fewer border patrol agents? >> these people are so overwhelmed. i talked to people who worked in del rio who when the bridges closer to take 3 hours to get to work because the only way there was hours away. a lot of stations between mexico and the us weren't even manned.
2:27 am
we can't afford to lose one single border patrol agent. we need many many more. we need backup. the us military should be providing aid and last thing we should do is anything that minimizes our border patrol is there. jillian: it to you 13 years to become a citizen. i imagine it was if not the, one of the promised moments of your life. what did the experience means you and how it is seeing what these border agents are dealing with and sounds and people who live there across these border towns what they are seeing right now. talk a little bit about that. >> we shouldn't have any debate about there's only one way to come to the us. a line, people need to wait in line. in my case it was 13 years. my mom convinced me, it was so - i read the declaration of
2:28 am
independence, the federalist papers. jillian: well, we appreciate you joining us and sharing everything you saw at the border, senate candidate in ohio, thank you for joining us. todd: let's go live to the queen city of charlotte, north carolina. the people of cincinnati might beg to differ. jillian: janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. did you hear the thunder boomers last night? >> janice: we had a cold front moved through, some areas got storms, lightning and thunder in my neighborhood was quite impressive and now we have cooler dryer air, 57 in new york, much cooler air moving
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into the northwest as well. there are some changes as we get into the fall season and the potential for not only cooler weather but rain and even mountain snow across the northwest. it is happening and there is the heavy rainfall, the front will stall and move slowly bringing potential for storms and heavy rainfall which could lead to flash flooding especially in texas so that is an area we have to watch. the rest of the country not bad in the northeast enjoying the taste of fall, 67 degrees, so great and we are watching hurricane sam, category 4 storm. it will stay away from the us. we have to keep a close watch because it comes pretty close over the next couple days especially this weekend and the high surf and the rip currents, my husband is excited about going surfing on the east coast
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>> a former marine officer called out military leaders is in, quote, free trial confinement. jillian: their son should not be in jail for fallen marines. >> he was going to go there for the principle stand, he does not deserve to be in prison. >> he preserves his right to speak and only spoke because what he saw happening in kabul he couldn't take it. >> they did not receive communication from lawyers regarding the initial hearing date. facing center pressure chairman
2:35 am
of the joint chiefs of staff general mark millie declares his china calls insisting he was not trying to undermine donald trump. >> i was communicating to my chinese counterpart on instructions to de-escalate the situation. at no time was i attempting to change or influence the process. todd: here with his reaction, pete hegseth on the streets of nashville, tennessee. >> not only it is a a political position but he has always been an utterly political animal. not just that he was calling the chinese with approval or not approval and there's a lot of ambiguity about that but we are not going to attack, i will give you a heads up if there's an attack but we have a strategic
2:36 am
adversary or at worst enemy in the chairman of the joint chiefs taking it upon himself whether there was tacit knowledge elsewhere or not to maintain communication because he thinks he is the keeper of america's defense prerogative. it was jarring to watch that yesterday and you add that on top of the fact that he openly talked about these books to brandish his image whether off the regular on the record not to mention him attempting to defend the embarrassing withdrawal in afghanistan. he was in the hot seat but it didn't feel he felt any weight or accountability. all the anger and frustration came from senators, marsha blackburn saying you three might be the three who broke the military was a poignant moment because it is not just losing a war a perception of it but the
2:37 am
feeling the generals at the top are so politically defense of their own image it doesn't have as much to do with defeating the enemy or looking good in the dc game. jillian: it was their recommendation to keep at least 2500 troops on the ground and you go back and revisit that president biden interview with george stephanopoulos claiming no one said that that he can recall. there is a distinct difference and he said he said. >> that was a stunning take away from the hearing yesterday, they set out but what a lot of us suspect or knew to be true to begin with. the military has been against arbitrary date set withdraws from the beginning of these conflicts and a lot of that is drawn into law. i understand the pushback on that from a political sense but for president biden - he has been saying that for months
2:38 am
getting a lot of cover that was following what generals were recommending and we saw direct contradiction of that, we will see if there's any actual pressing of a falsehood. he spent that much time on issue of this much confidence, there's no doubt he heard loud and clear the military wanted to keep troops there. he made his own call and lied to us about it but this is on president biden. >> the dc game lately, woke issues allegedly distracted leaders from afghanistan according to a former military official, here's the quote they never met once on readiness but they met every week on transgender issues, extremism, racism, sexual assault, sexual harassment etc. spending all the time on these things, they were distracted. we said this would happen.
2:39 am
if we learned our lesson? are we going to pull back from this or is it going to continue on and on until the military can't take it anymore? >> like so many institutions, corporate america, whatever aspects, is infected with leftism, woke - will with critical race theory, they call it diversity, equity and inclusion. as a lower ranking officer i saw the extent to which units, leaders, commanders are obsessed with sexual-harassment training, diversity training, inclusion training, you only have so much time for training and that inevitably takes away from focus on readiness. that term readiness, were fighting which is what the trump pentagon and defense department were focused on. once its tentacles get into an
2:40 am
institution it is really really hard to push it out, you have to be very intentional about that. they wrap it in readiness, this will make us more inclusive and more capable of fighting as a cohesive unit when what it does is divide and distract you and based on the outcomes on the battlefield, heavily divided and distracted brass in washington in these types of woke perspectives and i can tell you having been there that distract the military as opposed to get it more ready to fight and win wars. jillian: you are in national teeth, you will have more coming up on "fox and friends," looking forward to seeing that, thanks for joining us. >> the wrong side of john rich's redneck riviera. i will see everybody on gutfeld tonight. todd: my guess is peace will have a cocktail. coming up, progressive democrats threatened to blow up negotiations on president
2:41 am
biden's spending agenda so who is running the party? cheryl casone breaking it down next. jillian: carley shimkus in national park ahead of tonight's congressional baseball game. ♪♪ let's get it started hot ♪♪ let's get it started here ♪♪ br 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ michael: this is the story of two brothers. david: my grandfather, pinchas. michael: my great-great- grandfather, rachmaiel.
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jillian: a live look at the white house president biden canceling the trip to chicago as the infrastructure plan is in jeopardy. todd: cheryl casone breaking it all down. ed: >> reporter: president biden canceling the trip to chicago to try to sell the two spending bills as a progressive revolt is underway. he met with joe manchin and christensen the two moderate to argue these bills are too expensive. senator bernie sanders telling house dems to reject nancy pelosi's plan to bring the infrastructure built before first. >> i thought we were on a path, then there was an intervention in the past week or 10 days saying - hopefully it will reach the level that we need in order to pass those bills. >> reporter: progressives want to the larger bill passed first.
2:46 am
jillian: when i hear the words potentially catastrophic i was having. >> reporter: jamie dimon, we also listen to this. one of the most respected men on wall street, jpmorgan's ceo warning the us default would be catastrophic will make every time this comes up it gets fixed but we should never get this close. i think this whole thing is mistaken. one day we should have a bipartisan bill, get rid of the debt ceiling. it is all politics. it will react to the impact on jpmorgan's clients. heather: he's worried about the debt ceiling and i worried about christmas and supply chain issues. >> reporter: it will impact everything and you should be worried. stocks tumbling yesterday. first read on consumer confidence had a 7-month low, people feel the effects of higher prices to your point, the s&p 90, the tech heavy nasdaq
2:47 am
423, jerome powell worried about inflation being larger and longer lasting than first thought because the global supply chain bottleneck due to covid, it has been 18 months but everything from trucks to fires to clothes are delayed, consumers will see prices go higher. the big debate on wall street, if i hear the word transitory one more time i will lose it because it is not transitory. it is baked in and it will go through. >> an article talking about the bottleneck you were talking about, the cost of shipping overseas in some instances eight times what it was a short time ago. it is unbelievable the numbers. >> reporter: a lot of the places we get our goods from have low vaccination rates, still dealing with covid. this country is way ahead of them. jillian: just hours from now lawmakers find themselves on opposite sides of the diamond for the congressional baseball game. todd: carley shimkus live in
2:48 am
washington dc. carley: there has been movement, look how cool this is in nationals park, empty now but the stadium will be packed with people later today, we expect 15 to 20,000 people to be here and those ticket sales will raise $1 million for charity. speaking of attendees, organizers believe leaders from the house and senate will be in attendance including nancy pelosi despite her wild week on capitol hill, all the fighting going on with the budget and spending packages but they will put that aside for a couple hours to focus on unity and bipartisanship and lawmakers are excited to get out here and play ball because last year the congressional baseball game was canceled because of the pandemic so that have that pent-up energy ready to go.
2:49 am
this took on a new meaning on june 14th, 2017, when a gunman opened fire at the republican congressional baseball practice shooting several people including congressman steve scalise who i will be talking to later in texas congressman roger williams who is the right of me. he's a team manager. this is his event. he knows what is going on here. and i will talk to congresswoman kat cannon, friend of the show. i was talking to one of the organizers of this event who said both teams are ready, republicans have been practicing since april and they have a lot of ground to make a because democrats are won ten of th last 11 games. who will win? you have to watch on fox nation streaming live at 7:0 five eastern time. carley: go to the manager and say i am a left-handed seventh-inning specialist, you need to put me in.
2:50 am
carley: i am not. todd: is she the seventh? know. carley: i won't be taking your advice. my lack of athleticism was on full display two years ago. todd: frontline starter, carley shimkus. jillian: you have many other talents. carley: thank you. jillian: after president biden said he was not advised against a formal troop withdrawal from afghanistan. mi don't go away. t right now. high thryv! thryv? yep. i'm the all-in-one management software built for small business. high thryv! ow. get a free demo at oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? ow.
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guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! >> no downtold your military advisers did not tell you we should keep 2500 troops. we can continue to do that. >> no. no one said that to me that i
2:55 am
can recall. >> i recommended that we maintain 2500 troops in afghanistan. >> we mained consistent throughout that we should keep a steady state of 2500 and auto coo bounce up to 3500 maybe, something like that. >> u.s. top generals contradicting president biden he ignored their advice to keep troops in afghanistan. jillian: michael waltz will be questioning pentagon leaders today. thank you for being here and your service as always. look. >> sure. jillian: you have the president saying one thing. you have the top generals saying another thing. and there is no middle ground here. so how do we get to the about the of this? >> well, i have never seen a grand canyon size gulf between the commander-in-chief and his generals as we are seeing unfold. i think you will see it today with the house armed services committee that just a quick review, we had biden say on national television he wasn't advised. nobody told him to leave troops. we now have the top three generals saying that they did.
2:56 am
biden saying he has no problem with his allies. our credibility is fine. we have our generals saying no, it's damaged. biden saying the war is over. the generals are saying no, al-qaeda is still at war with us. and i think the biggest thing is biden standing before the nation and saying this was a huge success. record air lift. well, i can guarantee you the americans left behind that are still there don't think it's a success. and i was just yesterday dealing with an 80-year-old american couple who are still stuck there and we're trying to get out across a border. so, i don't know, again, if is he clueless, heartless, or what's going on in the white house, but we are going to continue to expose that time after time after time again he ignored military advice, he is ignoring congress. and he is ignoring the american people who do not think that this was the big resavings accounting success that he does.
2:57 am
todd: congressman, in light answers that you heard yesterday, what questions do you want answered today? >> well, you know, i want to get to the bottom of this notion are over the horizon counter-terrorism. where does this leave us now? right? this notion without any bases in the region, none in any surrounding countries. none of those countries have agreed to host any of our bases, we closed down bagram air base. our local allies are being hunted down as we speak, and we now have a terrorist's worth, an army's worth of equipment with the terrorists. so, when future american soldiers have to go back again, to deal with this problem, they are going to have an absolute disaster on their hands. but, in the meantime, how do we keep the homeland safe without any of those tools? and i think this is nothing more than a talking point. we saw with the botched strike that killed ten civilians that
2:58 am
you can't just do it with drones alone. and so, what is the administration going to do when al-qaeda isis and others, when that threat reporting begins rising and rising and rising how do we deal with it without any of those tools and without any boots on the ground? jillian: yeah, especially when the over the horizon takes hours in certain situations, you know, to be able to get there in the meantime great questions we can't wait to hear how they answer those today. we are reporting on fox news right now there is a whistleblower that says border agents need to be fully vaccinated by november 1st or lose their jobs. you couple that with the idea that you have migrants crossing the border into our country right now, not vaccinated, the administration not making them get vaccinated and some cases then they are released into our country, what do you make of this news? >> well, you know, you put this on top of the lies and they are -- they are just lies.
2:59 am
there is no other way to describe it in terms of these agents whipping people and running over people on horseback which we have now seen not to be true, you know, at the end of the day, the white house and this administration is not supporting those brave men and women who are waking up every day to keep our communities and keep our borders safe. and, you know, they are putting the burden on them rather than on their policies disincentivize thousands of migrants, many of which have covid, none of which have been vaccinated, from coming across our border. and nothing seems to surprise me anymore with what this administration is willing to do or not willing to do in terms of securing our border. todd: it seems that whether you are talking about the rank and file in afghanistan or the rank and file on the border, our government these days really just likes to seem to stick it onto the brave men and women who
3:00 am
do all the hard work and it just doesn't make a lick of sense. jillian: and, also, we are out of time, sir, also, you know, if there are border patrol agents that get fired as a result of this, can the rest of them handle this job that they are already having such a hard time doing with? we are out of time. thank you so much, congressman. thank you for joining us. >> same thing in hospitals and schools we are seeing in new york. todd: "fox & friends" now. ♪ ♪ >> i recommended that we maintain 2500 troops. >> your top military advisers wanted you to keep about 24500 troops. >> no they didn't. >> our son called for accountability. i don't feel like they accepted. for that, they should drop their rank and they he had should resign. >> press continue to ram through $3.5 trillion wish list. >> cost of the program is zero. >> i know none of us are mathematician but yes, are glory even "the washington post" called the zero dollar claim mythical. >>ing gabby petino's parents held a joint press conference. >>


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