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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: we are out of time, unfortunately. we could go on forever. we will be back however, tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the shoulders the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we hope you have the best night. sean hannity, the great sean hannity takes over next at 9:00. >> sean: think he was always. we appreciate it and welcome to "hannity." >> america held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines. >> sean: think of it, 45 days. 45 days since hundreds and hundreds of americans and their families abandoned behind enemy lines, 45 days since thousands of green card holders, apel eligible to be in this country legally, were abandoned. 45 days since thousands of siv holders and their families were abandoned and our afghan allies, and 40 days since joe biden lied to the entire world and promised to stay in afghanistan until every single u.s. citizen was
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safely out of the country. sadly, that wasn't joe biden's only blatant lie, because today on capitol hill, biden's top military advisors, they contradicted him over and over again. now, in a moment, we are going to discuss general milley's leaking, the allegations that some are even describing as high as treason leveled against him. first we go to our so-called commander in chief. remember august the 19th? he told fellow democratic socialist george stephanopoulos over at abc that his military advisors did not recommend a continued u.s. military presence in afghanistan. this is what joe said, listen. >> top military visors warned against this timeline, they wanted you to keep about 2500 tubes. 's >> president biden: no they didn't. >> they didn't tell you they wanted troops to stay? >> president biden: not in terms of whether we were going to get out in a time frame all troops.
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they didn't argue against that. >> your military advisors did not tell you know, we should just keep 2500 troops, it's been a stable situation for the last couple years, we can do that, we can continue to do that? >> president biden: no, no one said that to me that i can recall. >> sean: no one said that to me that i can recall. according to everyone that testified to them capitol hill under oath, they say joe biden was lying. they all told him 2500 should stay. listen. >> i won't share my personal recommendation to the president but i will give you my honest opinion in my honest opinion and view shaped my wreck mentation. i recommended that we maintain 2500 troops in afghanistan. >> it your testimony that you recommended 2500 troops approximately stay in afghanistan? >> as i've said many times before this committee and -- i can tell you my personal opinion and my assessment if you want. >> yes please. >> yes, my assessment was back
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in the fall of apostolate 20 and made consistent throughout that we should keep a steady state of 2500, could bounce up to 3500. >> sean: i don't show the personal opinions i have with the president, and less of course her name is bob woodward or rob costa. by the way, jen psaki, care to circle back and explain this? was joe biden lying? were you lying? we don't need covid test because they are not going to be here very long. you're telling a lot of lies in that white house. >> the presence at his military commanders were split. we now know the chairman joint chief of staff general milley -- general mckenzie and the commander on the ground, general miller, all recommended to keep 2500 troops. so who in his military advisors told him it would be findable every buddy out? >> secretary psaki: i'm not going to get into specific details of who recommended what. >> you are saying here that military advisors to the president said it was okay to pull all the troops out.
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>> secretary psaki: that's not what i said. >> the president pulled all u.s. troops are. you are saying there were military commanders who advised him that that was a good idea to pull all american troops out and that general milley, general mckenzie, general miller, they said something else, but the president's top military visors, others we won't name, told him sure, we can pull everyone out? >> secretary psaki: that's not how these conversations go. it's a risk assessment. >> sean: joe biden lied and she is spinning like a top. in other words, joe biden went against the advice and counsel of his top military advisors and yet, he outright lied about it. but that wasn't joe's only light because we learned a lot today. we learned that joe biden was less than truthful, in other words lying, about our so-called over the horizon anti-terror capabilities in a speech on august 31st. joe breaking the united states does not need the troops on the ground in afghanistan in order to maintain the fight against terrorists and keep our country safe and that our credibility
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around the world remains totally pristine. that is a claim that biden's top generals clearly dispute. look for yourself. >> our credibility has been gravely damaged, has it not, general milley? >> i think that our credibility with allies and partners around the world and with adversaries is being intensely reviewed by them to see which way this is going to go, and i think the damage is one word that could be used, yes. >> is the war on terror over? general milley? >> absolutely not. >> general mckenzie? >> the war on terror is not over in the war in afghanistan is not over either. >> has the exit from afghanistan made the war more challenging for us or less challenging? with respect to continuing to try and protect the homeland in u.s. interests abroad. >> senator, it's made it more challenging. >> general milley, do you agree?
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>> absolutely. >> sean: the war's not over. joe said that he's turned the page and that is dealing with a very professional businesslike taliban that are now killing people and torturing women and taking away all of their rights. so joe biden was repeatedly told that our over the horizon capabilities were not sufficient. another lie. he was told and he knew that afghanistan would collapse without u.s. support. he knew abandoning bagram airbase in the middle of the night would leave americans virtually defenseless. he knew the taliban was rapidly advancing throughout the entire country. the whole world knew it. if they knew it in march, april, may, june, and july, and he still bragging about the training in the afghan military that was collapsing before the world 'assize. joe biden continued to rush through his botched and very preventable withdrawal anyway because joe wanted to brag that he successfully ended america's longest war. and then predictably, when everything went south, he just lied about all of it, which pretty much sums up the
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plagiarist joe biden's entire career. he's been and remains a spineless coward, zero integrity, and he lives with abandon, and speaking of integrity, the chairman of the joint chiefs, well, general milley is also seemingly lacking. this new book from woodward and robert costa is all about all but accusing milley, at least in the definition of many, of betraying this country, even though they are now defending milley, meaning the authors, they would burn a leaking source like a chairman of the joint chiefs? i don't think they would want to burn that so quickly, but according to the allegations in milley even tried to defend them today, milley promised communist china, our sworn enemy, a hostile regime in two secret phone calls he would give them a heads up if then president trump decided to attack. of the way i read the constitution, the commander in chief, that would be the duly elected president of the united states. under oath, police response was at best shifty, although at
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one point he just pretty much outright admits that yeah, he would give them a heads up. you decide. >> you are quoted in the woodward book as telling the top chinese communist military commander "if we are going to attack, i'm going to call you ahead of time." is that true, general milley? >> let me tell you what i actually said. >> so that's not true. i hope that's not true. >> let me tell you what i actually said, senator. what i said, if there's going to be a war, if it's going to be an attack, there's going to be a lot of calls and tension ahead of time. you're going to the calls -- >> [indiscernible] president trump would not attacked, that is your testimony this morning. >> that is true. and i was communicating to my chinese counterpart on instructions, by the way, to de-escalate the situation. and i told him if there was
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going to be an attack, there will be plenty of communications going back and forth, their intel systems are going to pick it up, i said i will probably call you, everybody will be calling you. >> sean: i will probably call you and tell you the attack is coming. well, that would be an admission. that would be because for immediate dismissal. now, woodward and costa probably taped him, so he knew he couldn't really outright lie, maybe it's time to release those tapes to congress. one thing that milley did fully admit to, he gossips like a mean girl in high school, to use a phrase, to every single reporter in town even though he says i don't disclose the conversations i have with the president. in lesser name is woodward acosta, then you tell them everything. listen. >> general milley, yes or no to this, did you talk to bob woodward or robert costa for their book "peril"? >> woodward yes, costa no. >> did you talk to karen leone and philip rucker for their
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book? >> yes. >> did you talk to michael venter for his book, frankly we did win this election, the story of how trump lost? >> yes. >> why would he was a sitting chairman of the joint chiefs of staff talk to a report of its writing a book about a prior administration? why would that be part of your job description? >> well, senator blackburn said earlier, i deal with the media routinely, two or three or four times a week i'm talking to the media. >> sean: this would be called leaking and this would be called viewing private conversations with your boss, how pathetic. remember general milley is the joint chiefs of staff, our highest ranking military official. why would he be leaking to any reporters and gossiping to reporters about his boss? how exactly is our country safer or more secure with general milley leaking and gossiping all over town to ever reporter that has a book deal? apparently he talked to a lot of them. how does that advance our national security? it doesn't.
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after today it is clear, general milley needs to resign or be fired. he absolutely needs to be investigated for the leaks, the calls, with china, whether he was trying to assert the power of the united states, whether he was coordinate and with our sworn enemy, what he had in terms of conversations with speaker pelosi, and about this botched withdrawal for afghanistan that he is in part responsible for. as senator josh hawley put it, milley and austin abandon -- they abandon our fellow citizens and they must be held accountable. watch this. >> it seems to me that you put a high priority on making sure that you were favorably portrayed by the d.c. press corps. fair enough if that's a priority, but at the same time we do rapidly to deteriorating -- frankly disastrous -- situation afghanistan resulting the death of 13 soldiers, including one for my home state, hundreds of civilians, hundreds of americans
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left behind and in my view, that mission can't be called a success in any way, shape, or form, logistical or otherwise. general, i think it should resign. secretary austin, i think you should resign. i think this mission was a catastrophe. i think there's no other way to say it. >> sean: and we abandon americans and he called them out. senator hawley and senator tom cotton, they will join us with more in today's hearing in a moment. but first, we turn to an all-out civil war. that is the democratic party on capitol hill tonight. democrats, they control the house, the senate, the white house. they are now struggling to raise the debt limit and pass a continuing resolution to fund the government past friday. the problem they have is the democratic radical socialist, which is pretty much the entire party, they are demanding first $3.5 trillion in their new greendale socialism first get ram through congress, all while refusing to sign off on a smaller infrastructure bill, which is questionably infrastructure, but put that aside. now the $3.5 trillion bill also
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known as the build back better plan, well, that costs more in real dollars as a percentage of gdp, that cost more than lbj's great society and fdr's new deal combined, and that doesn't even include the 1.2 trillion already passed in the 600 billion proposed that past. the bill expands medicaid, obamacare, includes money for government funding, housing, government-funded medicine, government-funded healthy food, government-funded green energy programs, day care, early childhood education, free college, and to pay for all of this they are going to raise taxes on individuals, small businesses, and corporations that will pass that cost onto you, the consumer. this would represent what is the single biggest transfer of wealth from you, the american people, to the federal government, and we will all pay the price. by the way, the price of oil hasn't been this high in years and guess what? that means you pay more to fill up your tank, heat, cool your
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home and for everything you by in every store, because it's delivered by a truck that needs diesel fuel. for details on that coming up in a moment, but first, joining us now with reaction of the missouri senator josh hawley. senator, why you had to say to them and remind them why can't they acknowledge that they did abandon our fellow americans, they abandoned hundreds -- we don't have an exact number. at one point in the hearing today one of the people testifying actually said it could be as high as 4,000, i don't know how many americans were abandoned. i can't say. then we abandon green card holders, then we abandoned their families, and we abandoned our afghan allies, all behind enemy lines, and it's 45 days, senator. you see a lot of help getting them home? >> not based on what i'm hearing, sean, enters with the real reason, why won't they admit it, it's because they don't want to take any responsive bill. general milley doesn't want and responsibly, austin doesn't want
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responsibility. most of all joe biden doesn't want to take any responsibly, but it's time that they did, which is why all those guys should resign. milley needs to resign, austin needs to resign. milley, he is sitting here trading gossip with bob woodward while afghanistan literally burns erie literally burns. the account ability has got to start right there. he needs to resign, austin needs to resign, the president should fire them. >> sean: you said that to austin, don't only we are not leaving americans behind, why did you have to remind him of that? >> you know, it's just extraordinary that he would sit there until the committee -- because what he said, sean, was we haven't left americans behind. he said that, he's under oath that he actually said that. you know what, it's a joe biden talking point. joe biden's white house is said we didn't actually leave americans behind. guess what? we are not in afghanistan, the american civilians sigil are, many of our fellow citizens still there, still trapped, and they are denying it. the administration is denying it. it is just shameful. for that reason alone, austin and really ought to resign. if >> sean: did we ever get an
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answer to a plan to try and rescue our fellow americans that they abandoned? is there any plan in place to try to get them out? because the last time i heard from tony blinken, he actually said, if you have a chartered flight with americans on it, you're not allowed to land in the united states. if you get a third party country to accept her charter, that's fine, but if you need our approval, it will not be forthcoming. why would we allow a plane chartered with american citizens on to land in america to get them the hell out of that hell hole of afghanistan run by terrorists? >> i have no earthly idea and you are absolutely right in terms of they are not being a plan, if there is one i didn't hear about it today and here's the other thing, sean. we also learned today the reason all of those americans, our fellow citizens, got left behind, is because joe biden waited too long to order an evacuation. he didn't have the guts to order an evacuation when they needed
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to be one. he allowed our military to draw down to zero with american civilians all still there and when they needed to be evacuated, he wouldn't do it, he was worried about how it would look, and now here we are, americans are left behind, he has abandoned them, 13 shoulders to soldier is dead. >> sean: let me put up on the screen, you will probably not be able to see it. it's a map of afghanistan, all those red sections, you can see the corresponding dates, may, june, and the july and july, by the way, when joe biden was saying that the military is some of the best trained in the world, they had over dickstein percent of the country, they've been on the march for months, and everybody knew what was happening. joe never fired a single drone shot, nor did he move up the date when we had control of kabul to safely evacuate every american from evergreen cardholder, every family member and every afghan alley and it would have been nice if we took our billions of dollars in sophisticated weaponry with us
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as well, senator. >> that's exactly right. when biden says stuff like nobody saw this coming, that is simply false. you can look right there. the facts that you put on the screen, they were on major offensive in early spring, his own general on the ground warned biden that the afghan government would fall then get biden did nothing, he didn't order an evacuation, he did give american citizens out, he didn't have the guts to do it when he should have done it and now, because of that, we have americans -- >> sean: so biden lied and americans died. fair? biden lied -- >> fair. >> sean: senator, thank you. >> that is a fact. >> sean: let's talk about the abandonment of our fellow americans. senator cotton, i know for fact because you've been kind enough to keep me in the loop and you've been on my radio show, your office has been working around the clock to help get americans abandoned back to the
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country. now, i don't know anything about the groups involved in this but my understanding is the fbi is investigating did they do something wrong by trying to fill the void because joe biden abandoned them? >> well, i don't know what they could have possibly done wrong, sean, and if they are wrong, i don't want to be right, because you've had thousands of americans over the last 45 days who have joined together, battle buddies who have reconnected from their time in service, trying to get out the afghans who worked with them, nonprofit organizations, very rich, generous philanthropists across this country funding charter flights or funding homes here in america, all designed to try to correct the failures of president biden. that's what we've heard today, that president biden repeatedly rejected the advice of his military commanders and that's what led to this disaster and now he's been lying about it. >> sean: that's my next question. everyone of the people that testify today that they advised biden about 2500 people.
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i just play the tape of biden denying that. so the president lied. why would the president lied about that? >> i think the very simple question is covering up his tracks in the middle of an ongoing fiasco. he gave that interview to george stephanopoulos i think the day after kabul failed and we saw afghans clinging to the sides of the sea 17 and plummeting to their death. joe biden has always liked to talk tough about how he stood up to the generals when he was vice president and he was the only one who said that barack obama shouldn't send more troops there. he liked to talk tough earlier this year saying he rejected his advice of military generals that was everyone, the secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs, the commanding general of central command, commanding general in afghanistan, all of them we now know said you could keep the small force there. back in the spring he liked to peddle the story that showed him being tough and last month he was lying about it because he wanted political cover. >> sean: is that the role of the chairman of the joint chiefs to talk to authors like woodward
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and rucker and bender and so many others and what did you make of milley's admission that he said he did talk to his chinese counterpart and admitted that he would -- my interpretation, he was very clear, he admitted yeah, i will probably tell you myself if we are going to attack them, and what about plotting and planning and scheming and getting whatever he did with nancy pelosi -- we don't know the details yet -- but also getting a loyalty oath from other top military leaders. can you tell me, does that seem like the job of the chairman of the joint chiefs or see somebody that not only needs to be fired but investigated? >> sean, he contradicted the claims and certain relevant aspects of what bob woodward wrote in that book, and i certainly don't always take bob woodward at face value. i do want to get all the facts though, to produce the call notes from those calls as well as the participants of all of
6:22 pm
those calls. these are things that are noble facts, we can get to the bottom of them, and we can make an assessment and get all the evidence. i asked to produce those in a timely fashion without needless classifications and reductions, so we should see that very soon. >> sean: let me ask you a question. general austin testifying, he can't confirm or deny the 4,000 americans are left out of afghanistan, now they say less than a hundred. i hear from people like yourself and others that are working hard to get innocent americans home, i personally don't believe there are 4,000 american citizens he said left in afghanistan. but i cannot confirm or deny that. senator, is it possible that we abandon thousands of american citizens? why don't we get a definitive number, how many people did we stab in the back and abandon there. how may people? >> it's the same story we've
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heard from the secretary of state tony blinken whose responsibility it is to know if the answer to those questions but i do think when you add up the american citizens and great cardholders. >> sean: [indiscernible] he admitted that. >> and their families and that's to say nothing of the fact, sean, that of all of the thousands of afghans we brought out who had no connection to the united states at all, we know almost nothing, we also left behind thousands of afghans who were approved and vetted. this is all the result of the chaotic, disorganized which we saw today. >> sean: god help all of them, and i mean that, because honestly, every day that passes is not good for them. and there's no plan to even begin an effort to extract them. it is unconscionable that we did this to our fellow americans. thank you, senator, good job today. when we come back, straight ahead, milley admitting today that biden has made america less safe with his botched
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afghanistan withdrawal. we got the tape, larra logan has reaction, straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: one moment of clarity during today's hearing, general milley admitted biden's afghanistan exit debacle has damaged greatly u.s. credibility abroad and made the world less safe. take a look. >> these are yes/no questions, please, general milley. has the militaries task to defeat terrorism from against and gotten harder? >> sean: yes. and what else that we learn today? that this was all caused by joe biden and he didn't listen to his generals and lied about saying he didn't. he lied to the american people when he said no one advised him
6:29 pm
to keep 2500 troops in afghanistan, lied by everybody would testify. he lied when he said that would stay when everyone american was out of there. at the biden team lied when they said there was no parallel between what happened in saigon and what happened in kabul. we know biden lied back in july when he claimed no one from the intel community was warning him about a taliban takeover. we know biden lied when their ministrations at the drone strike took out ice is terrorist in reality they killed humanitarian workers and innocent civilians, including seven children, and joe biden lies to the american people, and those lies have put our national security at risk. here with reaction to all of this, no stranger to war zones or self, is fox nation host lara logan. your take on today? >> well, you know what i didn't hear in the hearing today, i didn't hear an apology to the afghan people for the lies that have been told about them.
6:30 pm
i didn't hear an apology to the democratically elected president of afghanistan who has not quit and is still in the fight. i didn't hear an apology to all of the american serviceman, the veterans and the active-duty shoulder to soldiers who have literally stood shoulder to shoulder with the afghan operations forces who are still fighting today, and apologize to them for dragging them down in the absolute shame of betrayal, which is where we are, and you know what else we didn't hear? any mention of what we are going to do about it, right? everybody is acting like this is over, some kind of done deal, and so we need accountability, but what about we need action to reverse what happened now? why do we accept, as the american people, that all of these weapons, 80 plus billion dollars of advanced military hardware is to be in the hands of our enemy? has to be in the hands of terrorists and has to be in the hands of our adversaries like china and pakistan and iran?
6:31 pm
that is not an acceptable situation, not a k for general milley to sit there like a schoolboy and say yes, america is less safe. we don't need that from a general, we need a general who's going to lead. that is what we the people are asking for, leaders who are going to lead. and they are going to get accountability. we the people are going to get accountability because it's their government, it's actually there military and it's actually their institution, and i want everybody to know that the president of afghanistan, who is the democratically elected leader, he called me, he watched the hearings today and he called me to offer his thanks to the american people and to the congressman of both sides of the aisle, democrat and republican, who have the courage to stand up for what was right and to get some degree, some tiny little bit of the truth and he wanted me to tell you on his behalf
6:32 pm
that he is very grateful because he never lost his faith in the good of what america stands for and believes in, and the other thing that you should know is that the resistance that they want to write out of history, rights, the cia and all the other information warfare operatives out there have been very busy pushing their false narratives that the afghans also rendered, they want you to know that in the last 48 hours, they've killed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of taliban all across afghanistan, that the fight has not stopped, it's continuing to this day, and that a representative for the democratically elected government of afghanistan and its president will be present at the united nations in new york at the general assembly and they will have something to say at that meeting. one thing, sean, that is being left out of this whole conversation that is the most critical of all when it comes to what we do moving forward, is
6:33 pm
pakistan. because the truth is, yes, there was corruption in afghanistan, people can point fingers at the resistance, at the taliban, and so on, and there's plenty of blame to go around, right? and accountability. but this is what has been true from day one, it's the simplest thing of all about the entire conflict. you cannot defeat an enemy who isn't in the country. that's it. if your enemy is not in afghanistan, there's nothing you can do about that. you can't win that fight. you have to go across the border into pakistan where they actually reside. >> sean: you know, if we were going to leave $80 billion worth of military equipment, the most sophisticated, the latest, greatest, best technology on the face of the earth, maybe we could have left it with the people that actually wanted a free afghanistan, not the terrorists that now control the black hawk helicopters and the drones and the night vision goggles and to billions of dollars of equipment.
6:34 pm
thank you. we appreciate it. >> we still can. we have the capability to change this right now with thermo uabs and all because of other equipment. we don't have to accept this outcome. i wish someone had asked general milley how much of our advanced capability have we actually used and they will tell you it's 10% or less. so what do you got it all for if you're not going to use it? exactly. >> sean: they are not lifting a finger. if they've abandoned our fellow americans. they've abandoned their families, they have abandoned green card holders. they've abandoned our afghan allies, and this is not going to end well. you know it and i know it. i pray to god i come in the air one day and i get to say i was wrong. because they will be safe if i can say those words. thank you, lara logan. don't forget her show, 21st century terrorism revealed. it's blowing up on it when we come back, merely admitting to speaking with bob
6:35 pm
woodward for his book and every other author about their books about president trump while defending his now infamous call with his chinese counterpart and actually saying yeah, it will give you heads up of donald trump attacks. eric trump will respond next. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: general milley today also came clean about gossiping with reporters like bob woodward and michael bender and other anti-trump books by claiming that he hasn't actually read any of them but again, ask yourself i was only so eager to gossip about donald trump? at one point he said i don't want to reveal my conversation with the president. i guess unless you're writing a book. do we want a chairman of the joint chiefs, top military
6:40 pm
officer, disclosing publicly what the president of the united states of america is saying? why was he politicizing our military? why was he holding secret calls with china and making assurances that he would give them a heads up if we ever needed to attack them and scheming with nancy pelosi seemingly to undermine the constitutional authority and chain of command of the president of the united states and getting loyalty from other military leaders, almost a loyalty oath, talking to china alone, admitting that he said he would tip them off? that would be a fireball offense and he must be investigated immediately. he should be relieved of his duties immediately. that undermines our national security, it undermines the constitution, it undermines our commander in chief. herewith reaction to to all of these revelations, eric trump, i read this and i hear this and i say okay, at one point he says i
6:41 pm
don't reveal my conversation with the protestant in less you are writing in anti-trump book. it more important he admitted he was going to tip off china. he admitted that, we played that tape earlier. your reaction? >> my reaction is very simple, . you've got one goal, it's called winning wars. when you see milley, he stopped mike out there talking to every person in the press corps in washington, d.c., talking to china and he's out there talking to white rage and he's out there talking about his plans to rename every military installation in the entire -- the only thing this guy isn't focused on is actually winning wars and see a taliban, a bunch of people who three weeks ago where writing on the mopeds with guns that were built 70 years ago, beat the united states of america and now we gave them -- the united states gave them black hawk helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles, what is milley doing? milley has one job, as i said
6:42 pm
before, and that is to win a conflict to protect america and win wars. he's focused on his own p.r., focused on all these other nonsense priorities of his, and i want to know one thing, sean. it's interesting. about two seconds after my father had a conversation with ukraine -- it was a perfect conversation -- but all of a sudden his transcript are flying around, where are the transcript of the calls that milley had with china? why aren't they being demanded by everything a person in washington? because you better believe if my father was in office they would have already had the transcript right now. >> sean: i will tell you the other transcript i want because i've confirmed this with her father, i've confirmed this with mike pompeo, with mike meadows and others, that before any deal was struck with the taliban, your father in no uncertain terms said you know what i did to the caliphate that i defeated and baghdad -- al baghdadi and associates and the al qaeda leader in yemen? do you understand i will obliterate you?
6:43 pm
if we do make a deal and you don't follow it. he also would have kept bagram airbase. joe biden said i inherited a plan. he didn't follow your father's plan. at your father's plan would have been conditions based on top of everything else. your father's plan was in may, it's a nonfighting season, as weird as that sounds, it's a nonfighting season, that's when the poppy crops come up, et cetera. >> yeah, all of that is right. i mean, sean, we're supposed to have the greatest military leaders in the world, the greatest generals of all time, look at patton and eisenhower and douglas macarthur. go through all of them, do you think they would be impressed by milley? you think they would be impressed by a guy who was literally beaten by the taliban when we are the greatest military fighting machine in the world? and what does that do in the eyes of every country on the world? what does that do in the eyes of the russian and the
6:44 pm
north koreans and the chinese and many of our adversaries around the world? it is such an embarrassing defeat, you told me you literally can't beat a primitive, underfunded army, and you're supposed to go against these sophisticated countries around the world? >> sean: and if your father lied like joe biden has lied and got caught flat out lying, there would've been a thousand calls for impeachment already. joe biden lied about -- go ahead. >> joe biden lied and he got 13 incredible people killed over there and now you look at the taliban. you know what the taliban did today? they cannot sit guess what, women, girls come you're not allowed to go to college in kabul and you're not allowed to teach women -- are not allowed to teach at kabul's main college -- i mean, look how far this is actually setback afghanistan. not just the loss of life, it's not just the fact that a terrorist organization took over an entire country, but they are actually changing society the
6:45 pm
whole country. women's rights were sent back decades and decades in that country and so many other travesties are going to come out of this, you know, all because of the incompetence of really a couple of people, one of them being the commander in chief of the united states, joe biden, the other being milley, who should actually focus on starting to win wars, because that's what our generals are supposed to do, sean. >> sean: well said, eric trump, thank you for being with us. when we come back, i want to talk about out-of-control spending, the democrats, and all-out civil war has broken out, and the white house, by the way, continues to bizarrely claim it will cost you nothing. that would be called another lie. kayleigh mcenany and joe concha will break it down, straight ahead.
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>> sean: also developing tonight in the washington sewer and swamp, democrats continue to try and ran through their far left socialist $3.5 trillion wishlist, but get this, democrats infighting, showing no signs of slowing down, two senators say they are not on board with the multitrillion dollar reconciliation package while senator sanders is now suggesting that he's a no vote on the infrastructure deals not accompanied by the reconciliation package and just wants -- what do they want here? $3.5 trillion on top of all of the money they've already spent, three community college for illegal immigrants, more green new deal special interest giveaways, electric this, electric that, universal pre-k, corporate capital gains, tax cut hike -- tax hikes, you will pay for that. government-funded child care, great. they already mess our kids up in public schools so many places, now we're going to indoctrinate them more. more paid lead, extending
6:51 pm
obamacare, a major boost to iris funding so all of us can be audited every year, not just me, biden is still bizarrely trying to claim that reckless spending plans actually cost "$0." okay, joe, sounds like you're using the old-style abacus that you were trained on. we actually today have something called a calculator. simple math, joe. you don't need to go to mit to figure it out. anyway, meanwhile biden continues to rely on barack obama to sell his destructive agenda who told abc the country desperately needs the trillions and trillions in new spending. here with reaction, author of a brand-new book for such a time as this, outnumbered cohost kayleigh mcenany as well as fox news contributor joe concha. i don't know, i look at the trillions of dollars, joe, and you know what i see? -- you should have your own show on media. >> i've heard. >> sean: i see the new green green deal radicals running the
6:52 pm
party and they are even telling nancy pelosi nope, she wanted to vote in the infrastructure bill, they said no deal. so now the whole party is in disarray and who knows what joe manchin and kyrsten sinema will do in the senate. >> that's the thing, if this thing fails, it will be democrats that ultimately put it in the ground, sean, and spending billions for programs like tree equity, that's billions with a b and providing free college for those here illegally in this country. you look at the committee for responsible federal budget and they look at the numbers without spain and they say this $3.5 trillion bill would call for the u.s. government to borrow $1 trillion, they also say it would add 3 trillion added to the national debt over ten years. that's backbreaking stuff and they also say the price tag is really actually 5.5 join -- >> sean: joe, wait a minute. they said that this isn't going to cost us a penny, won't cost us 1 cent. >> hence my point, right? this is going to cost us a lot.
6:53 pm
even "the washington post" fact-checker called the $0 claim "mythical zero" and said that the president, whoever writes mr. biden's script, being misleading and this sort of messaging, it's going to put this bill at serious risk because in the court of public opinion this is getting left out of the room. either way, to your point, this bill is either tanked by "the squad," aoc wing of the party who promised to tank it was so called human infrastructure built -- moderates, right. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, it only takes one. it's hard to see how this bill becomes reality, and the irony is again, democrats will only help themselves to blame in a civil war that is only getting worse. >> sean: okay, so now the question republicans are to do. donald trump gave the republic and party, let's be honest, a shot of adrenaline, a spine, a backbone, and he show people how to fight, and you know what, it's not been ball, right? it's a blood sport, as they call it in washington, so my question is, republicans now, they are out of the process, they are not being included at all. democrats now are facing a debt
6:54 pm
ceiling problem. they have control of the house, the senate, and the white house. so i don't think any republicans should lift a finger to help them raise the debt limit so they can waste all that money that they say is free. >> sean, you're exactly right. but here's the reality that we all know. you will have nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, joe biden, trying to blame a lack of raising the debt ceiling or the shutting down of the government on republicans. it is nonsensical, it would be confounding, because guess who runs both branches, the house, the senate, the legislative branch and the executive branch? it's democrats. but they are already trying to blame this on republicans, so republicans come into your point, sean, need to have a spine, need to stand up, say this is categorically on democrats. if this doesn't pass it's because of either aoc and rashida tlaib, or, you know, the far left flank, or it's because of kyrsten sinema and manchin taking it. one of the two democrats, it is
6:55 pm
categorically not republicans. they will try to blame it however on the right as they always do. >> sean: let's play a little john mclachlan, predictions. does it pass? joe concha. >> it does not pass whatsoever. bye-bye! >> wow! got to disagree! i've got to say, democrats always stick together, they do, so they do have that one attribute. i think it will pass. >> sean: eleanor clift, next. all right, we're done. >> thank you [indiscernible]. >> sean: exactly come eject your mind. now we are really going back in time, you just aged all of us, except her, who doesn't know who we are talking about hopefully. all right, that's all the time we have for the segment but when we come back, our video of the day, courtesy of nancy pelosi. straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: speaker nancy pelosi forgot joe biden is even the
7:00 pm
president. >> we have to do those more intimately to address the full obama agenda of building back better. >> sean: no, nancy. that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, what is the snap comeback tonight? >> laura: you are forever teasing elderly. you are provoking them. there is ageism. >> sean: what the hell is ageism? >> laura: nancy is doing her best to put us into debt and you are putting a stumbling block in her way. that's rude. that's awful. speaker pelosi, i can't deal with him.


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