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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  September 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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wake up to what's possibl with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ♪ ♪ >> hello i am lara trump along with alicia acuna, joey jones and charlie hurt, welcome to "the big sunday show", here's what's on tap tonight. >> vaccine mandate magness why the national guard could be called in the new world goes into effect tomorrow for one state. >> is apprising an emotional moment former president terms rally to honor a marine to help
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rescue a baby and. >> there's a solution to the drop-off and it's inspired by 90s music. lara: sources tell fox news another migrant caravan is headed towards united states and made a record surge at the southern border, tonight the biden administration is making a stunning admission about how many of those illegal immigrants camped out under the del rio bridge were released into the united states. >> of 17400 that were deported backward did not return on their own to mexico how many of them have been released into the u.s. >> the released on conditions in approximately about 10000 or so,
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12000. >> have been released? >> of the 5000 still in process. >> we will make determinations whether they will be returned to haiti based on our public health and public interest authorities. >> are we talking about a total of 12000 or could it be higher. >> he could be higher, the number of return could be higher, what we do we follow the law as co-groups has passed it. lara: texas governor greg abbott says the administration abandoned its constitutional duty to protect the border. >> secretary mayorkas and president biden, they earn dereliction of duty, it talked about the laws that they were trying to apply the united states constitution requires that the president and the federal government secure the sovereignty of the united states of america including the state in the united states of america
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and the biden administration has abandoned any pretense of securing the sovereignty of texas or the united states by having open border policies. lara: here's why the release of so many illegals in the u.s. is so concerning at least one third of them do not show up for the court appearances. a lot to get to, you heard greg abbott calling out joe biden in alejandro mayorkas say there dereliction of duty these men took an oath and swore to protect and to preserve and defend the constitution of the united states, the question is are they doing that are than dereliction of duty? charlie: without a doubt. listening to secretary meyer chris, you would be hard-pressed to find a single thing that came out of his mouth in the interview with chris wallace tht
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was actually true everything was alive, they say that they follow the law, they are not following the law they have abandoned they know they've abandoned the law they know they're not following the law. they say the haitians have been released with conditions, that is also alive, they've not been released with conditions they have been released with fake conditions that they can go and dismiss which is why they are knowingly violating the law. at the end of the day the thing to remember, we look at this as a mistake or crisis some sort of accident, it is not an accident part of the democratic party attempt to change the electorate in this country and they will stop at nothing to do it, in order to do that in the crisis, even if they solve that crisis of the haitians under the concrete over path the next what is around the corner and it'll be resolve the exact same way
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and there will be 10000 more people that they illegally let into the country because they refuse to abide by the laws as passed by congress as secretary mayorkas said. lara: i think it's pretty clear what they could do if they wanted to stop this, put back the trump policies, those were working. remember the border agency were called out by joe biden for the photographs with the supposedly whipping incident which we know did not happen, they are pushing back, take a listen to what they had to say when they asked about it. it is absolutely outrageous that president biden wouldn't give us a benefit of the doubt before spouting off, he should've supported us as federal agents especially in light of how abysmally he's handled the border crisis. , they are not taking this lying down, these border agents are saying enough is enough, we're
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trying to do a job and good for them for pushing back a little bit. joey: i want americans to know why it was so important for them to do everything they could to keep the migrants from crossing the border. we have over 100,000 or 100,000 haitian migrants in the country right now that were not city back to haiti because of the tumultuous emergent situation, the democratic congressman interviewed on fox then spoke about the exact thing. chris wallace pushed secretary mayorkas on the idea why they let them into the country to begin with if you gonna sort them out and send some back, most of them did not come from haiti we reported on fox many have torn up the documents showing the country they came from because they think they can be deported back to haiti because of what is happening there. so once someone steps foot on our soil we can take them back to mexico if they're not from mexico. that's why remain in mexico was an important policy and is not
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allowing people to cross the border until we know they should be here and it's an important thing to do so the border patrol workers that are on horseback doing the last ditch effort to people and tricky people crossing the river, once people get here they will stay here through the adjudication process of the haitian migrants we might have a legal process to send them back because of what's happening in their own judicial system they worked against us in that scenario. it's an emergent problem and why it's so bad that were demonizing the people who are last line of defense in doing this legally inappropriately. lara: it's an impossible job they have done there. delaware's more with secretary mayorkas and chris wallace, the secretary says there should not be any enforcement at the border including a border wall, listen to this. >> why did you allow them in the country, why didn't you build a wall or offense to stop them from walking with a flood of
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people coming across the dam and looks like a highway that allows them to cross the rio grande. >> is a policy of this administration, we do not agree with the building of the wall, the wall provides and individuals can make a claim for humanitarian relief, that's one of our proudest traditions. lara: one of her child is under proudest traditions, would i enforce anything on our southern border that is not a proud tradition, what is he talking about. alicia: we did not have a whole lot of answers with the statements made by the secretary. if you listen closely chris wallace is questioning was appointed and directed clear and the answers i would argue were not, even further chris wallace did assess secretary if he could acknowledge of things have the appearance of being out of control the border, not an answer but a lot of references to past administrations, previous years and in the end
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saying this is something that's been happening all along, the question the american people have, what are you going to do about it now, you're in charge now and are still waiting for an answer on that. lara: of course there waiting for an answer, i don't think we'll get an answer, charlie i want to go back to you what you just touched on it so profound more people need to talk about it this is not an accident when you see this happening, this is intentional, these are the new voters for the democrat party, people in this country are so upset with what's happened in the first statements of the biden presidency do they think people will vote for them legitimately, absolutely not. this is your new voting block. charlie: that's their design, we will see how it plays out but that is absolutely there intentional design. the thing as much as president trump got hiller read over the
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wall the kindest humanitarian thing you could do for these people is to build a wall and prevent these scenes from playing out, no one benefits from this, least of all people who believe in upholding the law. people who had humanitarian claims for refugee status, you're supposed to go to the first country available have already been to the first country available that's where you go and humanitarian crisis you don't go through five countries and they come to the united states, that's an entirely different thing that is called jumping the line in our legal lawful immigration system. lara: up next, vaccine mandate madness, the national guard may be deployed tomorrow when one states vaccine mandate kicks in, will explain why when "the big sunday show" continues.
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♪ ♪. alicia: welcome back to "the big sunday show", tomorrow new york state vaccine mandate for healthcare workers goes in effect and the governor will deploy the national guard if she has to. >> her expectation all healthcare workers in the state of new york will be vaccinated by monday. we will have a deployment program that were going to be announcing with anticipation, but this can be 100% reverted. alicia: 84% of the state hospital workers are vaccinated, 94000 employees were not, harry and meghan markel went to the festival to promote vaccine equity. >> we know that it feels like this pandemic has been going on forever, it is a lot and some people are just over it. but if everyone is over it, it's
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never going to be over, every single person on this planet has a fundamental right to get this vaccine. that is the point that it's not happening. it is wrong that so much of the vaccine supply has only gone to just ten wealthy nations so far and not everyone else. it is not okay. alicia: let's get this conversation started admitted begin with joey and as much as you would like to talk about prince harry and meghan markel, my big question is what i saw the near government is doing in addition to the national guard she's going to loosen up the rules so other healthcare workers, doctors and such can come in from other states and practice, my question how on earth is this sustainable, you are talking about people who will be there on a temporary basis. >> is not sustainable and unethical, 94000 healthcare workers who have been education in medicine and healthcare, i got the vaccine and the j&j and
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one day it's 90% effective in the next to 65% effective, the headlines change, if someone has an education and works there every day and they're making their own decision to not get vaccinated, they have the right to keep their job in the governor's role and responsibility to work with the ministry there's of the healthcare facility if they have to shuffle things around that is one thing but they say they're going to get the vaccine or you can't come to work by the waiver get regular military, are national guard to backfill and begin workers from out of state, the governor is really planning her own citizens down there. alicia: what about the flipside, the governor's argument and people who support her, she should try to protect the people going into these hospitals and going into these nursing homes, does she have a point. joey: listen nobody protects people -- sorry i thought you said joey i thought you were giving me the whole time.
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alicia: i would love to. charlie: it would be smarter if we let joey, on the face of it this just proves that the vaccine mandates don't work, they've been such a terrible job of convincing people about the efficacy and safety that you even have the most important people as joey was saying healthcare workers who have real hesitancy about this in the idea, in addition to being creepy and authoritarian to force people to take a vaccine that they are not sure about, is simply does not work, as we see right here. it is appalling and you make a great point i understand everybody's concerned this is a very serious disease and is a public health issue that people like the governor of new york needs to be concerned without a
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doubt apparently they're doing all along not only their failing to convince some of the most informed healthcare people in our country that the vaccine is the way to go, they have to turn to the military and the military is not represented by a union, they don't have a choice, they're being forced to take the vaccine, literally forced to take the vaccine, its appalling situation and i don't think any of this and sitting on the sidelines and were comfortable about the vaccine. alicia: that's a very good point. the governor also said on saturday, keep in mind the deadline for the vaccine, the first shot is monday 11:59 p.m. the new york state workers that are fired for refusing to get vaccinated will not be eligible for unemployment and we have done so many stories here over the past year end a half about how many people from new york city and new york state left there to go live somewhere else,
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there is a shortage of healthcare workers over the country, how does this not because more people to leave. >> i think it's going to unfortunately and it's amazing because a lot of these workers that are potentially going to lose their jobs and lose any benefits that they would have had otherwise these are the heroes from last year, remember we were saying thank you to healthcare workers and thank you to all these people who were keeping things moving forward in new york city all around the country these are the people that are going to lose their jobs and have 0 benefit because of this policy, it is so sad to see this into charlie's point, it have you ever wondered are they really forcing people to get the vaccine, yes, the answer is yes, here's the greatest example of all and it's just so sad that these people are being put in a position to do something that they don't agree with or basically lose their job and have no means of supporting
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themselves. alicia: thank you guys, and emotional surprise for a marine who lifted a baby to safety and cobble a former president trump rally, what he said when he took the microphone in front of thousands of people next. ♪ get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. paper money. it's the future! get outta here. i'm leaving with my gold. it's not crazy. help me, mother. it's an omelet. ("this little light of mine") just crack an egg.
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♪ ♪. charlie: welcome back to "the big sunday show" one of the enduring images from afghanistan of the taliban take over the marine take on trampoline and an afghan baby to a safety over a wall and kabul former president trump brought the servicemember on stage during his rally last night in georgia. >> lance corporal hunter in
2:26 pm
clark, come appear. [cheering] a handsome god, he comes from a military family and went to school right here in. georgia. >> i am the guy that pulled the baby over the wall and probably one of the greatest things ever done in my entire life. the support from all of you means a lot and i'm glad to be home today. thank you. [cheering]
2:27 pm
charlie: i have to say i miss those rallies, they are very serious, the very subsidy too, their whole lot of fun in the very spontaneous but i think i like them because of the wonderful display of america you think the country is ready to get back to rallies like that. lara: answer is yes look at the crowd with my father-in-law, how refreshing that were taken as servicemember, somebody who serves our country and were propping them up and recognizing them and applauding them instead of vilifying them that we so sadly seen so many times by dividing a administration as we talked about previous segments is what america is all about getting behind one another new heard the usa chance, can we use a little more of the trump rally
2:28 pm
spirit right now in america. i hope we see them coming back in a rapid fashion going forward. charlie: i think you're right i think people would be delighted to get back to those. garbage during momentum the site during the rally of the 13 empty chairs at the rally on the front row, what was your reaction to that when you saw that. >> i think it's a phenomenal thing, wheezing college football teams, the atlanta braves not far from the rally did something similar they drape 13 flags overseas in the stadium the next day and honestly i hope this is a moment that as americans we say the former present of the united states is honoring these men and women who gave their lives bringing a georgia marine on stage, that were my heart, and the present of the united
2:29 pm
states takes a q and does a little bit more to honor these men and women. the buck stops with him and this isn't just about blame, i'm knocking to go there right in this moment but we need to honor the men and women that's 13 lives lost, we spent 20 years over there and those 13 names are especially bad and that is someone who lost dozens of friends over those years, that is not how we wanted to end it and i appreciate the former president honoring them and acknowledging them. charlie: obviously we spent a lot of time and justifiably so talking about the disastrous mistakes that have been made by the commander-in-chief and top generals in kabul and afghanistan. do we do a good enough job in the process of separating out what i would consider atrocious poor judgment of military leaders in a place like kabul from the really extraordinary
2:30 pm
service and heroism will people like that marina president trump brought up on stage. alicia: we need a little more about technology people to do wonderful things. i cannot watch that video without getting choked up when the corporal gets up there and you could see the emotions he's gonna hear that for the rest of his life, to feel to be there with him and also to appreciate him and to appreciate all that was done it is so beautiful that they were able to acknowledge and honor the 13 u.s. members that were lost at the abbey gate attack. but getting back to question i think you have a good point reporters have it from all strikes doesn't matter which side everybody's pressing is a administration someday not as others but pressing a administration in the military leaders on exactly what went down, it's been a rough month or so for this administration and
2:31 pm
country but it would be nice to see more honoring of u.s. service members and all the sacrifices and they do or think we need as a country and we need to acknowledge the mistakes and equally as important to know the lives in the names of our heroes. charlie: absolutely. i really do think it's vitally important for all of us both in politics and every day americans to remember however, bad decisions are the highest level of the military, you have the best that america has to offer underground carrying out the duties and performing unimaginable tasks and doing it with enormous grace and a norm is humanity and is an important thing for all of us to remember. next to murder mysteries a new
2:32 pm
twist in the murdoch murders, nancy grace is on the case, plus dog the bounty hunter explains why he's joining the search for brian laundrie. ♪ one ups the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up whatever they're doing? for sure. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide pods ultra oxi. speaker 1: but everything looks like the clear. no ugly white spots in there. speaker 2: all gone. yay! [all laughing]
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most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. >> a fox news alert the fbi turning to the brian laundrie home to collect evidence. charles live with the latest on the search for brian. >> we are learning the fbi showed up to the brian laundrie family home to collect personal items belonging to brian laundrie needed for dna matching, the fbi arrived today in much smaller numbers than we saw when they raided the home earlier in the week but we see
2:37 pm
to agents appear to write something down on the piece of paper before leaving a short time later with what appears to be a problem paper bag the laundrie family attorney told fox news the fbi requested personal items belonging to brian laundrie to assist them with dna matching and brian's parents provided that the we reached out to the fbi what the dni matching is for them are waiting to hear back and police continue to search for brian in the swamp area for the eighth day now dog the bounty hunter is joining the manhunt, he knocked on the front door of the laundrie family home on saturday fox news digital spoke with the moments after that. take a listen. >> the strongest lead i see, one of her friends said he had been in the appalachian mountains by himself for a couple months. now he's not just a camper, he
2:38 pm
is an outdoorsman. the memorial service for gabby wrapped up moments ago and hope, the petito family plans on holding a press conference on tuesday. lara: now to another murder mystery nancy grace is unraveling possible motives in the murders of a mother and her son found dead on their lawn by the family patriarch who is a prominent attorney in south carolina. >> in this area where we are right now which is murdaugh country, their name is not only revered but fear depending on who you talk to. so far we can connect five dead bodies, five dead bodies to the murdaugh family, are they coincidental connections?
2:39 pm
lara: alex murdaugh is facing charges of insurance fraud in filing a false police report after investigators say he hired a former client to kill him. three months after the murders of his wife and son maggie and paul. the south carolina law firm where he recently resigned distancing themselves from murdaugh releasing a statement that reads in part we were shocking dismayed to know that he violated our principles and code of ethics, he lied and stole from us, no member of the firm was aware of alex's scheme, when he betrayed our trustee requested his resignation immediately we have not spoke to anybody that is aware of his addiction to opioids. we have to acknowledge that incredible work of the local reporters on the ground because there has been so much that is happened in a short period of time and they have really kept people up to date. >> absolutely, please forgive me
2:40 pm
i'm about to fan girl over a local news reporter for an organization called fit news i pay for a subscription and south carolina now because the intricacies of the story are so many, it's impossible to count in mandy and the people that she works with that incredible job of going into the minutia, were the reading about this on a annual level and the local reporting because are doing every day and they brought the attention of this incredible saga, and the attention of the rest of the world and now i can't wait to see nancy grace's specialty was she's got, she's doing some great work but i have to do a shadow to the local reporters during the day to day work checking on everything and confirming all of it. lara: you can fan girl here anytime, we will accept that. speaking of nancy grace, i want everybody to take a listen to
2:41 pm
her response to the 911 call, you can hear more in the upcoming special, take a listen. >> how do i know alec murdaugh did not go to the hospital, come home shoot them dead and called 911, if i listen to is 911 is very convincing but he's a lawyer, he knows what 911 calls should in a perfect world sound like. how do i know he's not faking. lara: murdaugh mystery with nancy grace ayres tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, it sounds like nancy isn't totally convinced about the 911 call, people can go online and listen to it but in retrospect this guy apparently hired someone to kill him one of the insurance monies for his son this is months after questionable murder of his wife and other son, i don't know what is your thought.
2:42 pm
>> it's common sense there is a rotten human being and they do rotten human being things. it's a small town corruption and it means absolutely insanity, multiple people killed that were connected to this family now multiple people within the family, we at least know he was crazy enough to hire somebody to kill himself which tells you these other things but at the end of the day i hope for the innocent people involved the young lady that was killed in a boating accident i believe a cleaning lady that supposedly fell i hope a lot of truth comes out and the people that are mourned over this family with the evil deeds and some sort of solace to the circumstances that their family members died from i don't have a lot of love loss for the specific family was torn through their own community destroying people's lives including their own.
2:43 pm
lara: we know the opioids have played a role, alex murdaugh has been in treatment for opioid addiction, i am going to go back to when my father-in-law was president and running for president opioids was the real focus in making sure that we address the opioid epidemic happening in america i haven't heard anything about that from the biden administration from joe biden we have an open southern border we know these products are flowing over but it's a real problem in the united states and it doesn't get talked about enough and they clearly played a role in the situation. >> clearly and obviously in a lot of ways president trump is the first president and certainly decades who recognized the profound importance of drug abuse like opioids and went to great links to do something
2:44 pm
about it, it is something that has been largely ignored by presidents from both parties for a long time in washington. but i have to piggyback a little vm boy is him of what alicia was saying and not to make it a political but when you look at the reporting that we've seen out of south carolina and florida with the laundrie potato case, when you compare that too so much of the reporting that was done by the press in washington over the past five years in the atrocious stories that the press either made up or believed, hook line and sinker even though the details were completely laughably unbelievable and they tortured america for years with their insane lunacy with these made-up stories, it's kind of astonishing but it's important
2:45 pm
to remember at the end of the day if you're in our business which is the news business, it's really important to have honest, smart, hard-working people digging up facts just as you point out in a case like this that is also a heck of a lot more interesting to people then made up stories about whatever happening in russia or whatever. lara: let's get some of those local reporters on a massive scale and bring them on up. drop off lines at school to be a nightmare, one cta is getting attention for their hilarious solution fired by the boy began in sync. that is next. ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu.
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♪ ♪. joey: welcome back to "the big sunday show" arizona is getting creative with their student drop off the school year, the pta designing for parents to read as they drop their children off the pta posting on facebook check out the signs are amazing pta
2:50 pm
team came up with and made the morning drop off. we are so excited to put these out tomorrow and we hope will help lighten the morning mood, here's some of the signs don't go blocking drop off lines, the tlc song waterfalls, tell the kids bye-bye bye like the in singsong and pivot out of the drop off line like he said pivot repeatedly on friends and can't park hear from mc hammer can't touch this. this is fun, laura all go to your first did you know all those songs i had as a producer in the break i did not know all the songs. >> you're supposed to say can't park do do do do. we could go back to the top, of course i knew all of those my kids are probably going to be horrified when i knew all the songs but truly this is great because in the days of covid i feel like the drop off lines are so long and have a little
2:51 pm
entertainment value, kudos to this pta i actually love it, quick story about my drop off experiences my kids are to inform luke and carolina, there they are my daughter carolina hysterical whenever i leave and obviously there in pre-k in the very young but our sons class decided they would let them bring one animal, 120 with them and as any good parent or child has a monkey that is our favorite we have 15 of the monkeys, if you lose when you're in trouble and he figured it out anytime you take all of them to school i'm sorry for the teachers and the monkeys coming to school. >> is this what ptas are supposed to do up in loudoun county is this what pt is really meant for. >> i would like that myself. why not make the parent smile instead of hissing them off. remember the drop off i have a
2:52 pm
blended family, one in college, my son, my daughter, three stepsons, none of them have let me do a drop off in a very long time, not even the picture in front of the school, the pictures that i put up there were ones that they previously approved for social media. joey: at least you have a new playlist for when you drop them off. >> i think you probably have your own drop-off story you are telling me. >> i don't know how much i offered to any of this the only time my wife has allowed me too drop a kid off on the first day of school i took akin to the wrong class with the wrong teacher in the wrong grade, although i did get the right school, of course all the kids that have been traumatized many times by other things, whenever
2:53 pm
mom goes out of town or leaves or anything like that they know it's all trouble for them. charlie: i have a 12 euros on the lives of his mom north of me he went to albany and then a middle school and the first time i picked him up i did not know how it worked so i swung around the line and pulled in the handicap spot and walked in and got them apparently that's not what i'm supposed to do but if you vip parking, it works i was circumventing the system. and on top of that a 2-year-old girl we live just close enough i could take her to school and are side-by-side so my advice to the parents is to circumvent the slide ride your side-by-side, live in the country and don't be where there's big lines in somebody people. lara: that's the best one of all. joey: my little girl has her own side-by-side now up next the big
2:54 pm
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2:58 pm
about. charlie started us off. charlie: my pick for the big four, house democrats will try to pass bidens spending spree to keep the government lights on my favorite thing, democrats owe every aspect of this, they own the debt ceiling, they own any shutdown that occurs from this and they also owned the largest spending bill in history and it's important to remember there always recognized washington the biggest lie out of washington today is the thing is paid for, it is not the bill will be sent to your children and grandchildren. alicia: >> all take it up next, mine is a little less serious, my husband is been glued to the tv all weekend, cover your ears if you don't want to know the outcome of the ryder cup, the united states defeated europe today in the ryder cup in addition to capturing the cup, there was another memorial,
2:59 pm
member will display of patriotism on friday, look at this. >> the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ that our flag ♪ ♪ was still there ♪ ♪ >> you love to see that the patriotism, americans clinched the win, some interesting stats, like other golf tournaments there is no prize money, just the pride of knowing that they one. congratulations to the american team. joey: a probable future his nephew dominates his opponent at high school football, watch this. here's the deal about mr. manning he is going to be a georgia bulldog because
3:00 pm
everybody wants to be a georgia bulldog and they're doing their tricks over there but were going to get in. alicia: were running out of time but shaquille o'neal has decided he's retiring from celebrity status he doesn't like the way they behave and he doesn't want to be attached to them he says are freaking crazy, i kind of agree. that does it for us, the "fox report" starts right now. ♪ >> a memorial service for gabby petito on long island as family and friends remember the 22-year-old who was found dead in a wyoming national park one week ago. good evening i am gillian and for jon scott and this is the "fox report". a private service was held this morning for potatoes family. members of the public joined hours later for an open service authorities have ruled her death a homicide, her remains


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