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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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let us. you can watch our full interview with colonel doug mcgregor which is great. it's on we'll be back tonight and every night. the sworn enemy of line, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> americans held hostage. abandon behind enemy lines. >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." can you believe it? 37 days american trap hostage behind enemy lines and we want every single one of our fellow americans home safely. joe biden, hardly talks about it, never mentions it. maybe he has forgotten about them. we will not forget about them ever on the show. sadly, tonight, this is just one of many serious crises that
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joe biden has now caused and is now unable or unwilling to resolve. this weekend, the terrible news just kept coming and coming. first, after weeks after bragging about americans over rising anti-terror capabilities, the biden administration was forced to admit that last month's drone strike in kabul actually killed a humanitarian worker. ten civilians, seven children, and a zero terrorists. and after biden promoted covid-19 booster shots, for all americans over 16, his own fda refused to approve the shot and granting authorization to only high-risk individuals and people over 65. next up, biden bragged that america was once again respected in the world and on the world stage. france recalled their ambassador to the u.s. after getting shafted on a nuclear submarine deal. this is the first time in history that france ever
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recalled its ambassador to the u.s. and that is not all. the administration is also dealing with accusations of treason is leveled at the joint chiefs of staff's. general milley needs to put on administrative leave pending full investigation sooner than later. and then we move on to biden's border disaster, now a crisis worse than ever. seven months after it started, eight months after he lifted nearly all of president trump's border protections, okay, how is joe biden dealing with a multitude of crises that he caused everyone of them? here is what he had to say over the weekend. >> mr. president, does anybody -- mr. president, what were you doing? >> sean: nothing. he said nothing. then went back to writing, what is that, a tricycle? maybe your time would be better
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spent getting the americans you abandoned behind enemy lines now subject to the terrorists, the taliban, how about working on getting them home? how about securing our border? how about getting your message straight on covid? looks like a crisis right now, joe, under your watch, nearly 2 million illegal immigrants this year alone. you're going to set 820, 25, 30-year record. by the way, in the middle of the pandemic and also no testing of all these illegal immigrants. no vaccine mandates. and then they get dispersed all around the country after they spend time in your overcrowded cages with a high rate of covid positivity. and as you can see, he was at the beach all weekend. he answers zero questions, gave zero speech is. writing his little bicycle conducting zero important meetings. there are 12,000 now as we speak illegal immigrants under that bridge in texas and hundreds of
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americans trapped behind enemy lines in afghanistan. we include green card holders, fed us of americans, and covid cases around the country are searching everywhere. and now he is playing politics with covid and monoclonal antibodies. we will get into that later. and joe is, by the way, spending his long weekend at the beach doing nothing. and according to circle back jen psaki, biden is doing his best to protect people. on his bicycle? take a look. >> if you're talking about the situation on the ground and del rio, it's a challenging situation, devastating to watch this footage. it's important for people to also know that what we are trying to do is also protect people. >> sean: protect people? maybe you should have tested those people that came into this country illegally in the middle of the pandemic and you should have had your first vaccine mandate they are. by the way, with a vaccine mandate that millions of
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american citizens could not for one sequel illegal immigrant? look at your screen. look at the numbers of people. look at the high rate of covered positivity. look at the cages for kids that joe has been putting people in. there are numerous international travel restrictions for americans but not at the border. not if you are an illegal immigrant. you get special joe biden treatment. over a million and a half of these migrants from all over the world pouring across our border illegally not respecting our laws, our borders, our sovereignty. and as we speak, thousands are packed together and what are squalid conditions under the del rio bridge in texas. and according to the ap, some families have been under that bridge now for more than six days. i get this, at least two women have given birth under the bridge. when later tested positive for covid-19. now when these illegal immigrants eventually are processed, many of them will be put on buses and planes that you
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pay for in the dispersed all over the country. tickets paid for by you, the american people. no covid testing, no vaccine mandates. but you know what? jen psaki, you are right about one thing. these images, they are hard to watch. especially knowing that president trump gifted president biden with a secure border and energy independence and three vaccines. and also monoclonal antibodies. joe only mentioned it for the first time last week. but joe biden has screwed everything up. the stay in mexico policy stop the construction on the border wall, we pulled out of reciprocal immigration enforcement agreements with neighboring countries, and he actually pulled migrants come search the border. he sat at. well, they've been searching for seven months. another 200,000 last month low. no solution. this is so bad that even barack obama that's right, barack obama was department of
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homeland security secretary is sounding the alarm. joe, are you listening? joe, this is the crisis, you said it's a crisis. are you listening? >> we have to get control over our borders. 200,000 a month is a lot of people. the dhs just released the numbers for august. it's 200,000. august is typically a month where it is very low and to those kinds of numbers and the images you just showed your audience stops the ability, over one for ability of dhs, the border patrol, ice to cope with the incoming. >> sean: don't worry, joe is bike riding. i'm sure kamala harris is all over it. seven months into the crisis, bidens dh s did visit the border over the weekend, but we are seven months too late. 1.5 million plus illegal immigrants into the crisis in the middle of the pandemic. a little too little too late.
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here are the full report at the border and del rio, fox news computer sara carter. i know you and your team have been accumulating a lot of video over the weekend. first give us a snapshot of what is going on now. we will also walk through what you have been seeing in the days -- the last number of days. >> i have to tell you, sean, i've never seen anything quite like this and neither has texas department of national safety nor the national guardsmen as well as border patrol. you can see right behind me there is border patrol agents and more than 12,000 haitians as well as people from ghana and other part of the world. huddled up underneath the bridge here and del rio. the temperatures have exceeded over 106 degrees today. it is scorching hot. i had an opportunity to chat with them briefly before coming on with you. we didn't even get a chance to
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video that chat but with the people here were telling me is that they are frustrated, they are hot, they are dehydrated, they have had a number of people that have had to go to the hospital. there are small children there as well. some of the women that were pregnant in this group behind me actually miscarried their children because of this heat. there isn't enough food, there isn't enough water, and another big complaint that they have for the biden administration, and the reason we see so many people behind us right now, is because they become so agitated they were holding up fines, protesting, chanting until the border patrol came up here and kind of calm things down. the fact that they are wondering why they might be sent back to haiti when everybody else was let into the united states. and i think that's a really big question, sean, that the biden administration has to answer. why are the haitians being returned while everybody else appears to be let into the country. i also spoke to border patrol
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officials who told me that dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas is not being forthright with the american people when he says they are returning people back to haiti. he says that 300 plus that were sent back to haiti don't actually show that there were 200 plus actually released adults into the united states. that is, adults without children. so that is the question that has to be answered as well. over the weekend, we just saw the numbers grow. in the darkness, people were laying in this terrain which i can tell you from my experience is filled with all kinds of elements from rattlesnakes to tarantulas to brown recluse spiders which are very dangerous and deadly. we've seen children harmed by those elements out here. and there is just not enough resources. lieutenant governor went out here today taking a tour. we know governor greg abbott is keeping a watchful eye on what is happening here.
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and the biggest concern right now for dps and for everybody else that is out here guarding this area at the border is what if they lose control of its? what if something goes wrong? what if the haitians decide we are just not going to sit here and wait, we are going to move our way in. and i think there's a lot of questions that this be a needs answer because we are facing a national security and a humanitarian crisis that we have never seen here before. >> sean: and health crisis. mark -- what you said is true. there have been a few men that have been sent back but very few and most people are getting in. we are going to keep an eye on the border all throughout the night and the whole week. by the way things are looking. sarah, thank you. after the inaugural address, he bowed and said bring us all together. we have a brand-new fox news poll, the vast majority of you the american people believe that he has done the exact opposite. 54% of americans think the country is less united under
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biden. this is just one of many broken promises from the president. maybe the worst i've seen in my lifetime. leaving americans behind in afghanistan. after promising, no, we will stay as long as it takes, now he is is abandoned americans reportedly in hiding. because the taliban as conducting mass killings all over the country. and by the way, the so-called professional and businesslike taliban, as the biden administration likes to define them, they just closed the ministry for women's affairs and they told female government employees in kabul, stay home. and by the way, schools, they are closed now for girls. day 37. americans and our allies that we promise to get out if this day ever came abandoned behind enemy lines to die and rot in hell on earth and joe never talks about it. here with reaction, floater senator marco rubio.
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it's been like a week and a half that he has even mentioned afghanistan. then you have all these other crisis i am mentioning. you see what is going on down at the border. you see what is happening with the economy. you see what is happening with covid. now we are begging opec to produce more oil. i don't think my lifetime presidency could be this bad this quickly, but it is happening before our eyes. >> joe biden was elected on the promise that he was going to return to normalcy, competency to the american government. that's what he said. what you see now is a cascade of calamities and they were all created by him. and by actions he took. you can go around four months arguing that there's not gonna be border security and crew, creating the perception that people can get into the country and not expect that thousands of people to come. and we are witnessing now is heartbreaking to see. it's understandable and it's 100% caused by everything they have said and done that is led up to this.
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by the way, where's the vice president who is supposed to be in charge of border response? i think right now she seems to be in the witness protection program because she is nowhere to be seen. we could spend an hour here talking about calamities and disasters that have all been brought about by this administration, their incompetency on the wrong decisions that they make. >> sean: we have the pentagon now admitting drone strikes killing humanitarians and children. we have an fda panel rejecting joe's booster shots that he said we all needed. currents recalling their ambassador. milley under fire as you rightly say. i agree with you. at a minimum he should be put on administrative leave until we find out whether or not what is reported is true. then we have blank and now totally out to lunch lecturing the taliban on inclusivity. they shut down the women's affairs office today.
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the border crisis exploding. covid prices exploding and they want to spend three and a half trillion dollars in the new green deal. which one would you like to take first because that is a pretty long list. >> it is. the one about -- not just americans but permanent residence and green card holders that are literally in hiding. the associated press documented that darkness, hiding, jumping from place to place of the taliban does not hunt them down and we know that is an ongoing situation there and then of course we talk about the border. the situation was gentlemanly, they didn't create a but they have to address that. you can't have the highest ranking military official bragging to a reporter about how they stepped in and superseded the authority of an elected commander-in-chief and actually undermined him by talking to a potential adversary. one more thing about the fda in the booster shot, this is all produced out of the white house pray they wanted to show -- these were the guys saying they are not going to politicize covid, not going to politicize e
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vaccine and science. those announcements about additional booster shots with a political statement and scientist at the fda i believe voted 16-2 rejected it for everyone other than those over a certain age. it's a broken promise, and competence. it is not even ideological anymore. it's incompetence and a lack of leadership in the country is beginning to pay a tremendous price for it. >> sean: as you look at the border, senator, i think in light of the pandemic we ought to have health checks, certainly testing, have vaccine mandates. that ought to be part of it. also national security backgrounds. because who knows who is going to try and infiltrate whatever population is there that might have bad intentions for every american. we are not doing any of these things. we are going to set a 25 year record copley at a minimum by the end of the year of illegal immigrants and they won't even recognize that as a crisis. if you want to acknowledge a
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problem, how do ever solve a problem question marks because they want technology because they created. people would talk to some of these people that are down -- they are all surprised and angry. they said we were told that we came with a child and we could stay. others said they didn't even give us a deportation letter. others have been lied to and told the border is wide open, just come on in. some of them spent thousands of dollars to make that journey. all of it created by the perception, by the words, by the actions of joe biden when he was a candidate and then when he took over as president. and one more point, there are multiple countries around the world that you can't come the united states from some parts of europe and other parts of the world legally. you can't find a plane ticket and fly here with a visa because of covid restrictions. but we are basically allowing thousands of people to enter the country illegally, no vaccine, no checks whatsoever, and is just one more absurdity.
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it sounds so crazy that you can't believe it's true but it is happening all at once and that's what happened when incompetent people get a hold of the government. >> sean: and milley just get pushed aside. americans in afghanistan, just forget about them and not talk about them? that's what's happening. >> it is what is happening. i am glad your show and others are not letting the happening pair they don't want to talk about bad news. i don't know where to begin and then interview like this because we going all day about one thing after the other. and more to come. we are going to have a covid search in other states outside of the south as we get into winter and fall and they are restricting access to the antibody treatments that have been phenomenal. in florida, they kept thousands of people out of the hospital. >> sean: now they are rationing that and being while you fought for it, governor desantis fought for it, and other governors around the state. these are rough times. thank you for your time tonight.
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when we come back, another bad weekend for the mob and the media. i have a message for the liars and those that like to only selectively play parts of this program and forget the other important parts that you need to hear. also, reactions. mike rowe joins us as we continue busy breaking monday at news night. thank you for being with fox.
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>> welcome to fox news live. the fbi executing a search today and the florida home of brian laundrie's parents. the search came one day after a body matching the description of his fiancee, gabby petito, was found in wyoming. he was a person of insurance had been staying with his apparent sense returning a loan from a cross-country trip without petito. he has since left the home and a search for him is underway right now. covid-19 vaccine works and says and cages all my kids aged six -- they will seek out the racy authorization. the lower dose of the vaccine to the children and says they still developed coronavirus fighting antibody levels just as strong as teenagers and young adults for the vaccine is reproved for anyone 12 and older. now back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log on
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to >> sean: now the media mob that can never seem to help themselves. they continue to spew never-ending hate, rage, hysteria towards anyone and everyone who dared to value let's see, something like medical privacy, doctor-patient confidentiality, there is to tell people to make informed medical decisions based on information and reason and research. and humbly, i do admit i am not qualified to be your doctor. i never went to medical school. of course their latest target is yours truly. listen to democratic sycophants humpty dumpty and some guy that has no audience, trevor noah. >> and that is the problem. do your own research. everybody has a super computer in their hands that empowers them to do their own research which is great. isn't it? >> can we all stop saying i need
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to do my own research. nobody who is saying that is getting in a lab and doing tests. at best you are reading other people's research and more likely you are probably reading a tweet about a headline about a blog post about someone else's research. >> sean hannity could learn a thing or two from trevor noah. >> sean: okay. dr. humpty. the epitome of health. these people on tv, are they really that stupid, low rated as they are? do your own research does not mean you need to get in your own virology lab and do your research on covid and the genomes and the breakdown of the sequence of a virus. that is not what we are talking about. of course, i've been telling people over and over again take this virus seriously. i have seen the worst of this virus. talk to a medical professional. your doctor, your doctors. i'm like a broken record. why?
6:28 pm
i know i don't have this question in front of me but for all of you there that have given this camera to me. i went every american, regardless of politics, to be healthy. take it seriously. we have seen what has happened here. here's a quick refresher of what i have said in full context. actions underway all over the country. this pandemic is a serious crisis. but i am not a doctor either and i'm not going to play one on tv and tell you what you should do. that would be your individual choice. be smart, protect the people you love. follow the science. read it. talk to your doctor and doctors. i've said many times, i am not a doctor, i can't tell you what to do. i don't know anything about your medical history or your current medical condition, but i am not a doctor. you are. i will say it again. do your own research grade take into account for very unique medical history. they cropped out one small part of my very clear, consistent, unambiguous message. and i can read everything.
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by the way, even the cdc website, nih website, read all opinions. all the medical stuff, the studies, the efficacy of three separate viruses. take ownership, in other words, of your health. i am being very clear. at the end of the day, what do i say? talk to your doctor and/or doctors. research. you know the difference between dm and ra vaccines between the j&j vaccine? get the times interviewed robert malone. he actually has been saying natural immunity is better than the m filmic mrna -- he founded it for the men's irna vaccines. should we listen to his science? research monoclonal antibodies like regeneron, and god forbid
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you contract covid, vaccinated or breakthrough case and you are fully vaccinated and you still test positive, research the therapeutics if you contract covid. but again, ask your doctor. talk to the people that went to medical school. whether it's a breakthrough case, you're fully vaccinated or unvaccinated. i went every american to stay healthy. in other words, educate yourself. what medical school did humpty dumpty go to? or any of these other fake news, cnn commentators. where did they go? their one-size-fits-all medicine for all the other tv commentators? did they go to medical school? i said over and over again, i believe in science. as a matter of fact, i did a whole special on face transplants and hand transplants. i've been in operating rooms watching brain operations because i love science so much. i believe in the science of vaccinations. i've slid it over and over again. take a look at that. this program has long touted the
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belief in science, the belief in the science of vaccines. very pro-science, very pro-vaccine. i am pro vaccination science. and i'm also pro-freedom. i believe in the science. i believe in the science of vaccination. i believe in vaccine science. i do. and i do believe in science and i believe in the science of vaccination. and by the way, what medical school did dr. joe biden go to or dr. nancy pelosi or dr. senator -- except rand paul is actually a medical doctor and so are others. what medical school did any of these one-size-fits-all medical doctors on tv go to? they didn't. do they know anything about you? do they know anything about your unique medical history where your current medical condition? no, they do not. they can all choose to practice medicine without a license if they want. i am being honest.
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i am just not qualified to do so. but please take it seriously. talk to the medical professionals you trust in your life. protect the people around you. real doctors that went to real medical schools, i choose not to listen to medical advice of the clowns on tv that have zero medical training. but dr. humpty dumpty, dr. trevor whoever your name is, dr. joe biden, don't exactly look like the pity any of health and fitness, any of them, to me. talk to your own real doctors. by the way, what is the opposite of do your own research? don't do any research? listen to those phony doctors? i don't think so. all the other, i'm not a doctor but i am going to play one on tv and i actually know absolutely nothing about your medical history or current condition. but of course, that wasn't the only media malpractice we saw over the weekend. and less hysteria from the media mob about d.c., january 6, rally
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on saturday, the event was a complete and total dud. and there is more media apparently, more cameras, apparently, than actual participants. to people who have been part of the rights on january 6, should they be charged for their actions when they break the law? yeah. we have been clear from day one you can't write and expect not to pay the consequences period. we must protect our elected officials and institutions. where's the commission looking into the approximately 574 riots all throughout the summer of 2020? where is that commission which marked the rights that injured thousands of police officers, pelted with bricks and rocks and bottles and molotov cocktails, the riots that killed dozens of innocent americans, the rights where police precincts and vehicles were burned, the riots where entire city blocks were taken over. is this a case where i guess the only riot that matters in the
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swamp is the one that impacted them? are they saying they are more important than all of these other americans, son killed, all these thousands of police officers hurt? where is the of equal justice for all? the rioters last summer, where are those arrests? do we have equal justice and want equal justice and application of our laws are not? why is there one standard for democrats and their allies and another standard for everyone else? democrats pretty much never said a word about the rioting over the summer of 2020. kamala harris, we know that she did by promoting the bail fund. you know what happened with that when one of the people that's got bailed out ended up killing somebody. day after day, the media mob is playing defense for the failures of joe biden. an ap reporter is even causing biden self conflicted -- uncontrollable events. seriously? how are they uncontrollable when he cost them?
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the border, afghanistan, the chaos, the crisis is a direct result of him and his bad agenda. here are the reaction, joe and ari. what i love about some of the things you do if you are great at messaging. i think i said these things about covid over and over again because i do care about people. and i think telling people to talk to the real doctors is better than playing one on tv, but maybe i'm wrong. >> well, dr. hannity, you nailed it. you know that and what i think is one of the most responsible monologues i've ever heard. yes, people should be vaccinated. people should follow the signs. but when you watch cnn and some of these other shows, they try to bully and shame people and they are totally ineffective. it's like saying to somebody who is overweight to put that food down, stop eating it, what is wrong with you? and that is how cnn or treating people who are not vaccinated. i want everybody who can get
6:36 pm
vaccinated to get vaccinated but you don't shame them and you don't treat them that way if you want to be effective. as for the riots, the bigger problem was not the coverage of what just took place, but died of a protest. i get it, there's a protest after january, they want to cover it have early. it was the height of -- it was cnn and msnbc indicating how dangerous this was going to be, how that chatter was out there, what a threat, could be a repeat of what happened in january. the high bid because they a political interest in stirring the anti-republican pots and painting everybody with a broad brush that all republicans and all trump people are rioters. that's an even bigger problem than the coverage of the debt event. >> sean: joe, you stand alone from what i call the twitter blue check mark media colds and that you are more honest than they are and i guess some people don't like you for it. let's get your thoughts on both
6:37 pm
topics. >> there's a lot to unpack here. regarding media tone and coverage of this administration, look no further than when jen psaki and she really is the face of this administration. more than the president and vice president who are absentee than for the most part. she has received the most glowing treatment of any white house press secretary in history as evidenced by that what we saw from "the new york times." today the daily press briefing, she went full baghdad bob. if someone walks into the country across the river, to somebody asked to see their vaccination card? she responds they are both assessed for it if they have any symptoms. they are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. it's not the same thing. not planning on staying here for a lengthy period of time? why should some families with young children walk hundreds of
6:38 pm
miles to sit under underpass? and this is a vacation for five nights these have in mind, they're coming to stay here permanently. my hair hurts from hearing the argument and everyone here is now dumber for having listened to. i wore you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul. >> sean: thank you both. amid the democrats efforts to print anything and anything as human infrastructure in their ongoing efforts to create a massive entitlement state and the mass government dependency, let us not forget the value of hard work and the value of the jobs that hardworking americans do every day to keep the lights on, food on the table, gas in their car, heat and air conditioner. and by the way, our economy running. and right here on talks, we are getting a glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary men and women because there's a new show from micro called "how america works." it explores the nitty-gritty
6:39 pm
work and reminds us of the true meaning of infrastructure because what you will find is it is you, the hardworking men and women in this country, working class americans. you make this country great, not these idiots in the swamp. and even amid efforts by some in hollywood and the mob to minimize them, look at the emmys last night. high-profile celebrities like at that big biden, the mets gala, they are partying mass close while the workers were forced to wear masks. here to react all of this, narrator of the new show, "how america works," premiered today, by the way. our friend mike rowe is back. great to see you. you have the two goats shows and life i would want to do. "deadliest catch" and "dirtiest job." but really, the fact that you went out how many years with all
6:40 pm
these guys and the hardest jobs that people do and they are dirty and they work really hard and it makes this country great and people, we forget those people. we shouldn't. >> it's out of sight, out of mind. that is a platitude for a good reason. it is true. we can't see it, we can't appreciate it. and if we can appreciate it, we can't hope to remain connected to it. therefore, when we walk into a room in a flick a switch and the lights come on, we don't pause. we just expect it. same thing when you flush the toilet and everything that goes away. we don't pause to say wow, that's a modern miracle. this program tonight on fox business is just another way to remind the country for the work that is being done that keeps us all connected is not necessarily glamorous. it is not necessarily obvious. we go everywhere from inside the hoover dam to the very bottom of oil shafts to commercial fishing vessels to foundries and forges
6:41 pm
and all sorts of things, and unlike "dirty jobs" i'm more a fly on the wall. i am just narrating this. but as a result, you get to see unfiltered exactly with the work looks like. and honestly, as you know, you can either tell it or you can show it. and when it comes to work, there is no substitute for showing at. >> sean: i am mesmerized by this. i've said this many times and people look at me like why did you get into this radio and tv business? i just feel i was blessed beyond anything i deserve. i think things that i've has been grounded in life are very simple. one, i do believe in god, the creator of all of us. natural law. and 20 years starting as a dishwasher and every job he can possibly do in a restaurant and then ten years in construction and doing real work. i think it really helps me keep
6:42 pm
my feet on the ground because i know what it is really like to work hard to have earned $5 an hour, because that's what i was making some years. >> but this is the thing. work ethic has nothing to do with what you do. and everything to do with how you do it. so with slightly different. on the one hand, we celebrate jobs. on the other hand, we celebrate the people who do them. but we can't forget also to look at the impact on the vast majority of people who benefit and prosper as a result of that. you can approach your job here as an anchor with the same work ethic as a plumber or pipe fitter or a welder. anybody can adopt the mind-set of a true tradesmen, but when it really comes down to celebrating the jobs that keep symbolization on the rails, you have to peel back a few layers of the onion, and you have to spend time with the people who actually do it. >> sean: mike rowe. thank you.
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don't forget the new show, "how america works," monday nights, 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business paired straight ahead, major developments in the gabby petito case over the weekend. set up dates. we will talk to nancy grace when we return. stay with us.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit ♪ ♪ >> sean: now more major developments in the disappearance of gabby petito.
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as authorities have recovered a body and a national park cow and wyoming matching the description of the 22-year-old hair and boyfriend, brian laundrie, has gone missing or gone into hiding. the fbi has executed a search warrant at the laundrie's florida home. and get this, a 911 call her back in mid-august reportedly described a domestic dispute where laundrie was heading and slapping her weeks before her disappearance. it was a reaction to all of this is the host of crime stories on fox nation, nancy grace. nancy, when we talk at the end of last week, i've watched you for a long time, you've put your your heart, blood, guts, every bit of your soul into the cases that you follow passionately. both of us, without saying it, we knew instinctively this probably wouldn't end well. but we were hoping we might find this girl. where are we now?
6:50 pm
>> so much has happened, sean. and you really are putting perfume on the pig when you say domestic dispute. he was slapping and hitting her. now, in addition to prosecuting, nothing but felonies for ten years. i also volunteered at the atlanta battered women's shelter for nine years manning the hotline and i actually cringed. i didn't even want to keep watching that body cam video when the cops were called after a dispute between gabby and laundrie. but as it turns out, as you accurately pointed out, another call where someone not connected to gabby described a man heading and slapping the woman. she was running up the sidewalk. ended up getting into the white van with florida plates and driving off.
6:51 pm
so it was about him hitting her. that tells me a lot about what you may happened to her out of it the park where her body was found. anna tells me a lot about why he came all the way home, by the way, new information, a license plate reader on i-75 caught him -- caught the van coming into town to his parents september 1st. 10:30 in the morning. where has he been since then? how do i even know he stayed up at home? and now he is "missing." they called off the search there. he is not out there. i think if he went in there and killed himself, the tracker dog would have picked up on something. they got nothing except getting out of the car and waiting in there. i wonder what the parents are keeping from us? >> sean: i can't believe he comes back with gabby's van --
6:52 pm
>> her van. that's not his. >> sean: what this witness had come i've not heard the 911 call, i know you have gone more in depth than i have. it sounds like every parents of a daughter's worst nightmare. >> awful. >> sean: awful in every way. and i'm thinking then they'll talk to the police and then they got a lawyer. and this girl is missing. and there is only one reason somebody is not going to talk to the police in my humble opinion. it just saddens me. >> they also wouldn't let the sister talk to him or the sister hadn't talked to him, they wouldn't talk to gabby's parents, why? what were they going to say? tell them the truth whatever laundrie had told them? in the last hour in his mustang that he allegedly drove to carlton reserve to camp out.
6:53 pm
25,000 anchors of swamp in the rainy season? they took that. it's being processed. and the cop went into the laundrie's home and came out with a lot of evidence. taken in a vehicle so the fbi could search. i guarantee you they are looking at all of their iphones, their laptops, their ipads. maybe they are even asking alexa what she heard to find out what brian laundrie told his parents. >> sean: you have done so many more of these cases, and as i said, you go into each of them with so much passion, what is likely now with him, on the land, on the run? is he being assisted? >> a lot of people think he went off and killed himself. i don't see that because wherever he is, he may have been there since september 1st or 2nd. they have a big lead on us, and i think the only people know where he is or his parents. if you still alive right now, i
6:54 pm
guarantee you they are using burner funds, they are using alternate ids on emails, there have been assigned an mobile, alabama, don't think i was him. but the world is looking for brian laundrie. >> sean: all right, nancy. prayers are with the family. how do you ever recovered from something like this? >> they told me they couldn't even look at that video. just made them sick to look at their girl crying out there in the middle of nowhere. >> sean: all right, nancy grace. thank you. make sure to check out her brand-new show on the gabby petito cage's which is available on we have more "hannity" coming up straight ahead.
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with us. please set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of "hannity." in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. "the ingraham angle" is up next. have a great night. we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." from washington tonight, pfizer tells us its vaccine past the trials for 11-year-olds. but why won't they release their data? he is going to tell us. and raymond arroyo has a canned mist "seen and unseen." that just came out. this new and highly embarrassing footage behind the scenes stuff from aoc's big night at the met gala and another disastrous enemies. he watched so you did not have to. but first, holding america hostage. that


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