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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 14, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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i actually like this. this is personality, you can see her face. >> it's from the new fashion movie. >> lawrence: it's fake hair. >> tucker: it's from the new fashion movie "the devil does acid." who bakes that, it is pathetic. >> lawrence: thank you for much, new york, i will be here tomorrow. you know who is next? tucker carlson. he is standing by next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we almost never use the term deep state on this show. there's something about it that sounds paranoid, even a little nutty. as of just a few years ago you mostly heard the phrase from relics on the far left, the kind of people who lecture you about the united fruit company. the term then and now suggests
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that our democracy is fake. elections and domestic politics are just a sideshow no matter who you vote for in the end, the same people still run everything peer that is a pretty dark understanding of the american system. if you are a normal person who grew up here it is the last thing you want to believe about your own country. it seems crazy. then you read stories like this one. according to reporting this summer in the days after last november's election, the chairman of the joint chiefs of scratch held a meeting with senior military officials at the pentagon. general millie wanted to inform them of what he described as a serious threat to national security. a threat so grave it impaled "the stability of the republic. that threat, millie said, was the sitting president of the united states. donald trump question to the election. for this, -- force against the u.s. president. where the guys with guns, millie said. apparently he had been preparing for this moment.
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he had conversations with the head of the csa and the nsa. he had also spoken directly to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, donald trump's chief political rivals. now according to a new book by bob woodward and bob costa, apparently he went even further than that. last year, millie called his counterpart in china, general. he did not tell his boss, the president come about this call either before he made at or after. here was millie's message for the chinese military. "general lee, i want to assure you the american government is stable and everything is going to be okay. we are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you. and then reportedly millie said this, generally, you and i have known each other for five years. if we are going to attack, i'm going to call you ahead of time, it is not going to be a surprise. let that sink in, if we are going to attack, i'm going to
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call you ahead of time. it's not going to be a surprise. so according to this account, our country positivist top defense officials secretly colluded with the chief military rival to undercut the president of the united states. how would you describe that? deep state is not strong enough. that's treason. it is a crime. it apparently mark millie is not the only person who was implicated in this crime. others knew what was happening as i did. intelligence agencies almost certainly heard mike millie's call. if they can read emails from a cable news show on fox, over the the chances that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was speaking to a senior chinese general and what they were saying. chances are about 100%. yet, the nsa did nothing about it. the cia was meanwhile fully on board with this. we are on our way to a right-wing coup, she told millie that. in fact, there was a coup in process but it didn't come from the right. it wasn't brewing in alabama.
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instead a constellation of employees loyal above all to the democratic party and permanent class in washington ignored the united states constitution and then they invalidated the votes of tens of millions of american citizens. how did they do that? because they invalidated democracy. democracy doesn't mean anything if the people you would like to have no power, and mark millie did his best to make certain the elected president had no power. in early january, woodward and bob costa reported, millie called another meeting at the national military command center. he informed this group that they reported to him, not the elected president of the united states and that is not a small claim. the national military command center controls among other things the nuclear weapons inside our missile silos as well as the nuclear weapons on board submarines. mark millie was seeking personal control of the american nuclear arsenal. he ran around and demanded officers submit to his
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authority, not the president. according to woodward and costa come all present in the room agreed to this. mark millie was in charge. if this is true, it is one of the scariest things that has ever happened in this country. often people say they're worried about authoritarianism coming to america. well, it's here. it's what it is, authoritarian government by unelected, unaccountable leaders willing to use violence to preserve their power. that is what this book describes. it is shocking. not surprisingly our news media spent today celebrating it. it turns out the self-described defenders of democracy don't really believe in the system they claim to revere. the idea of giving voters power over their own government repulses people like this. so they are relieved to discover that in fact our democracy is fake. here's a selection from some of the programming. >> i would call general millie a hero. he behaved in a heraldic manner.
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>> what he did was ensure the guardrails were in place, so i give him high marks for this based on what is described in the book. >> i think millie felt ill used in lafayette square when he was used as a prop, so one can understand millie's anxieties. >> we were in a period of extraordinary danger. i think general millie is going to be treated very favorably by history. >> tucker: the first guy use on this clip is a moron, obviously, there is no surprise there. the second guy was a retired military official. but the last two? george well? barry mccaffrey? these are people who whatever you think of them or who they vote for, you would have imagined might defend american democracy when it came right down to it, but no, they didn't. they cheered its ending. they are happy to see mark millie secretly conspiring with the chinese military to end civilian control of the
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pentagon. it turns out that is the government they want and you should not forget that. now that we know all this, what happens next? in some ways he is the center of the story. a retired army colonel who last year advised the trump administration on foreign policy. he coauthored a memo asking u.s. troops to leave afghanistan finally after 20 years. that memo is one of the reasons that mark millie decided to organize a coup. he joins us in studios tonight. thank you so much for coming on. we were talking before air and you come up suddenly, did not seem shocked by this. it does seem that people who don't know the system as well as you do stunning that the staff would be secretly calling a chinese general in saying we will warn you if we are going to move against you. but this does not shock you. >> i'm not shocked. keep in mind we have yet to hear from general millie.
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we are accepting what bob woodward wrote in the book is essentially gospel truth and i'm not doubting woodward's integrity but we know from experience of that from time to time, he is somewhat flexible in the interpretation made, put a spin on it that may or may not be accurate. >> tucker: i hope this is one of these cases but millie has not responded as of 8:07 eastern. the claim is that he made a phone call to his counterpart in the chinese military and the former president has issued statement suggesting that he did not know. so that alone, is this within bounds or is this is far out-of-bounds as it seems? >> no, there's some things we know, first of all the chairman of the joint chiefs has no statutory authority over operational forces of any time. that means he's not in position to order anyone in the armed forces to say or do anything. he can't do it. he is preeminently the senior
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military advisor to the president. that's what he is, so in theory before he would make such a phone call he would discuss the subject of the phone call with the president, the commander in chief. he certainly would not do something without coordinating with the national security advisor and the secretary of state, because this is beyond defense. this is a foreign policy statement that he is making. these are important things to understand. the third thing -- >> tucker: so if that is true, if this account is correct, from layman's perspective, it sounds like a grave offense. >> he's violated the law, if this turns out to be true. we really need to hear from him, congress needs to bring him over, he needs to be placed under oath and answer questions in front of the senate about this entire affair. he's been very straightforward. they then will have to determine whether or not the law has been broken but from our standpoint knowing what we do about who has the authority to do what and how he fits in within the broad scheme of things, this is wrong.
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remember, the president is not able to act independently and launch a nuclear weapon. he has a consultative process. people who are members of the standing committee with whom this is discussed, this chain of command that runs through the secretary of defense, the strategic offense has nothing to do with general millie peer general millie as an advisor can speak up and suggest what they should or shouldn't do but i think there is something else that people need to understand. if general millie feels as strongly as he apparently does according to this description, about president trump, he has at any time the right to say i cannot be part of this without prejudice. that does not mean he has to leave the armed forces, it means he leads his position and someone else can be brought in. that is what you do if you feel strongly that you are dealing with someone you cannot support. >> tucker: i will just make this call because it is very
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obvious, millie is a dishonorable man. we know this because of his testimony before congress. i think it is very clear. on the other hand, we know for a fact that he was speaking in a capacity, i guess, as a political partisan to the leaders of the other party. >> yes, that is true. >> colluding against trump on a political and partisan level. >> he made it clear on numerous occasions that he was talking directly to the speaker of the house nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer, reassuring them that he was in control of things at the pentagon. plenty of people who saw that including the acting secretary of defense. that is unfortunate. >> tucker: that seem so corrupt. >> it is so corrupt it is suggests to me that this is a one to saul, he the wind. that much i can accept without hesitation. it's just the entire narrative i would like to have that examined and explored under oath in the right setting.
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>> tucker: i've got to say maybe the most profound casualty here is the faith that people have that our system works and that their views are represented in the way the country is run, that is the most basic promise of democracy and it seems time and time again as we learn these details that the opinions of the people who live here and pay for at all have no bearing on anything. >> i think it is very clear the american people are not represented by washington, d.c. it is occupied territory. ralph nader used to call washington occupied territory. it was occupied by corporations, occupied and controlled by donors, so the american people aren't asked to bear much of anything about anything whether it is immigration, going to war come intervening somewhere militarily, none of those things are done so we know that is already a huge problem. i just want to make one point very clear, though. president trump is not someone who is prepared to launch a nuclear strike out against anyone. that is absurd nonsense absurd nonsense. >> tucker: the whole thing is b.s.
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trump is the first president since jimmy carter who didn't launch a war. right, yeah, the whole thing is a lie. a lot of things are lies, we are learning. thank you. out of nowhere, we told you last night a rap star called nicki minaj just became a huge problem for the democratic party. she represents a lot of democratic voters but she wasn't going along with the propaganda on covid and the vaccine. that story gets started, we will tell you how next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, if you've been awake at any point in the past 24 hours you have probably seen this picture of sandy cortez showing up in a $35,000 deal in new york with a dress that says "tax the rich" on the outside. she wore the dress to start a conversation about what it means to be a working class woman of color and not at all to focus on
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her butt. >> have you seen the back? >> no, my gosh, "tax the rich." what a model. >> we started having a conversation about what it means to be working class women of at the met and while the med is known for its spectacle, we should have a conversation about it. >> tucker: she is so dumb and so annoying but also kind of clever and she is bating us here, obviously, it it's tempting to rise the bait. working class? right. sandy cortez grew up very far from the bronx, her dad ran an architectural firm, she went to bu. like so many vapid rich girls are primary interests are wearing trendy clothes and talking about herself. working class? please. sandy cortez is a paid defender of entrenched power. we could go on and on and on. we would merely be feeding her narcissism, so tonight we're going to pass, that said, no
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more sandy cortez talk. instead we're going to focus on the story of another female pop star who suddenly joined the american political debate and that is a rapper nicki minaj. she entered the conversation abruptly with this tweet yesterday, "my cousin in trinidad want to get to his friend got it and became impotent. he became swollen, he was weeks away from getting married another girl called off the wedding so pray on it, make sure you're comfortable with with your decision, not bullied. two things about that tweet, we put the graphic on the screen and suggested that nicki minaj's cousin had swollen testicles. we corrected. nicki minaj's cousin's testicles are not swollen, it is nicki minaj's cousin's friends testicles who are swollen. but it has nothing to do with the physical effects of the vaccine that makes our political class mad. it's the next part of nicki
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minaj's tweet that enrages them. the part where she says you should pray on it, make the decision yourself like a free human being, and "don't be bullied." so our media and public health officials didn't like this because they make a living's bullying people, so the greatest race lady at msnbc told nicki minaj to shut up immediately. >> people like nicki minaj, i have to say this, you have a platform, sister, that is 22 million followers. okay? i have 2 million followers. you have 22 million followers on twitter. for you to use your platform to encourage our community to not protect themselves and save their lives, my god, sister, you can do better than that. for you to use your platform to put people in position of dying from a disease they don't have to die from, my god, as a fan, hip-hop fan from somebody who is your fan, i am so sad that you did that.
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so sad that you did that, sister. oh, my god. >> tucker: got to love that. lady from denver who went to harvard, fake urban accent, she sounds like obama. a macaw." but the most amusing part is that woman's position on how it changed a little bit from a year ago. watch. >> we will have a better idea in december, 15, 20 years, so for us, less than a year, i am not surprised by the public's skepticism, to be honest. >> they are wise, it's wise skepticism. >> tucker: [laughs] they are wise to be skeptical! don't take the vaccine, your testicles will swell and your fiance will leave you. last december she tweeted this "who on god's earth which trust
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a vaccine approved by the fda?" she put that on twitter, it is still there, and nicki minaj, she is a rapper and everything, and she's not stupid, and she noticed. she sent out a remarkable tweet against that msnbc host which unfortunately, it was so accurate we cannot read it on the air because it is too over-the-top and hilarious but there is something much deeper going on beneath all of this. the democratic party of austria's most vivid nightmare is that they won't be able to control their own voters and some rapper will use their talking points from a year ago. that some celebrity will tell black people the vaccine actually makes you impotent. and now it's happening and it's actually a problem for them. because nicki minaj's audience doesn't watch fox. they are not diesel mechanics in rural georgia, they are the democratic party's base. they don't care what nbc news thanks or cnn. they believe nicki minaj. so this i a massive threat to the industrial lying machine
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that controls our national conversation. african-americans already have the lowest vaccination rate of any demographic group in the country be they never tell you that but it is true, you can look it up. 40% of black americans have been fully vaccinated. but now, they have someone speaking for them, and it's nicki minaj. by the way, she is an actual working-class woman of color. she really did grow up in queens, unlike sandy cortez. she did not major in international relations at bu. she didn't even go to college. at 19 she was working at red lobster. so the question is, as one working-class woman of color to another, is sandy cortez supporting nicki minaj? of course she isn't! she's not on the side of people who work at red lobster and actually grew up in queens. [laughs] and she doesn't care if nicki minaj's cousin's friend's testicles are enlarged and his fiancee left. she has more important people to impress and last night, she did.
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you know who she doesn't impress? into zones. we are grateful to have her on tonight. candace owens, thank you so much for coming on. first of all i love this story and i'm not taking a position on the private parts of nicki minaj's cousin's friend in trinidad but nicki minaj is like one of the few people who can speak outside the filter. twitter didn't even take her tweet down. she is a rapper. it was amazing to see the panic in the face of unfettered speech. >> yeah, absolutely. there's two things going on here. first and foremost nicki minaj accidentally stumbled upon the ministry of truth. you're not allowed to question anything from the ministry of truth and she's actually showing her fans in real time, what we've been saying for a very long time, that they control what you're allowed to say, what you are not allowed to say and if you say something and not allowed to say they will make a concerted effort to take you down. nicki minaj is talking about one person's experience with the vaccine. who knows, we could both eat peanuts and a roomful of children, we might all be fine
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and one child might drop down from anaphylactic shock. this is how the world works but there's no way of saying she never said don't get the vaccine because of this, take your time, no more, we don't really know a lot about this. that should be okay. it's fine if this debate was allowed in the ministry of truth it would be okay but it's not allowed and they are actually making a very dangerous mistake because people like nicki minaj. they know she's not a part of the political class. they know she's actually a person come as you mentioned before, that is worked hard, has come from nothing and she is a conversation like she always does through her music. they will create more vaccine hesitancy than before because you're taking down someone they love for no reason. she's not against the vaccine in any manner whatsoever. and on the other hand if this, they are exposing themselves to be what they are. again, the ministry of truth. >> tucker: my total knowledge of nicki minaj is right around zero, in that range, so i have no idea what nicki minaj thinks on anything else but i know when
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someone is not intimidated and this woman is not intimidated and the msnbc lady is like, shut up and know your place, you worked at red lobster and i went to harvard and went completely crazy and it's just so interesting. >> i love to see it. >> tucker: it so interesting to see someone who is not afraid in america. there's still a few. i guess it is left to a rapper from queens, buck up for >> it is good for her, and he's the people who when they are running they go and get them to -- nicki minaj is not playing that game for them and how people are seeing in real-time what these elitists actually think of them. they spoke down to her, she is stupid, the headlines are insane. she is so dumb, she thinks it's going to make your testicles fall off, whatever they said. complete lies, by the way. denigrating her because at the end of the day with a actually of democrats is that these people are stupid. for two years for the vote and at the end of the day they think nicki minaj and all wrappers are very stupid and nicki minaj right now is proving them
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otherwise. she's not afraid. >> tucker: she's definitely not afraid, she has a savage, actually, a kind of made me want to get on twitter, it was so good. you could actually -- and it's not even about whether the vaccine works or it's good for you or her cousin's friend's testicles, it's about whether you have dominion over your own body, whether you are a free person, citizen is a human being and you've got a kind of wonder if people like this standing up might awaken other is that, you know, i don't have to be pushed around, actually. >> right, and that's what it really comes down to. it's about bodily autonomy. i personally believe from the bottom of my heart that more people would get the vaccine if they just had an honest conversation. there's so much gaslighting going on especially people who have already gone the vaccine and said, it made my arm it and they are going, you're a liar. that never happened, how dare you say that?
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these people are on your side, vaccine industry. your gaslighting people who actually listened to you. why not have a meaningful conversation and say this might be rare, maybe this happened, but you're just going to be fine. they don't do that and that is why people don't trust them at this moment. >> tucker: totally true. people in the whole country who are against vaccines. they don't want to be lied or bullied. nicki minaj is right about that. i appreciate your coming on tonight, candace owens. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the former police chief of detroit, one of the good ones, he made a big announcement today. we will tell you what happened the straight ahead. ♪ ♪ do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly
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omega-3 from fish oil is an important nutrient for heart health. qunol's ultra purified omega-3, is sourced only from wild caught ocean fish, not farm raised and comes in an easy to swallow mini pill. the brand i trust is qunol. >> tucker: before we get to the next segment we haven't been
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able to figure out whether this show is broadcast in trinidad but if nicki minaj's cousin's friend is watching we want to hear your story. james greg meanwhile is the former police chief of detroit. he is now running to be the next governor of the state of michigan, a state that badly needs a new government. violent crime has spiked all year. police officers are resigning in droves. he tried to announce today but he couldn't because protesters shut it down. [all chanting] >> hey, hey,,, james greg has got to go ! >> i'm running for governor of the state of michigan.
5:36 pm
>> hey, hey, ho, ho, james greg has got to go! >> tucker: james greg joins us tonight, thank you so much for coming on. what do you think, who were those people? >> i know them very well, tucker. summer of love 2020. that they made it home to detroit, they were disruptive, no surprises there. if got to tell you, they want to silence me. they wanted me to leave detroit last year. i said, most of you need to leave. these folks are from outside the city and they come in here and they are not speaking for anybody in the city. they are going to tell you what they did today, not a big deal because most michiganders are sick and tired of that madness. they saw what happened last year. we won last year so the reason why there is so much hate for me by this group because i know
5:37 pm
several of the members, because we won this year and guess what? they couldn't silence us today. so guess what michigan is saying? we support james cragg and they have gone to and they want change. but you know what is even more troubling? they wanted to do this in a state park, bail out a state park. we notify the local law enforcement agency who assured us, assured my staff that we know about the protesters, we will be there. guess what, tucker? no show. and when they did show, it was, well, we don't know what to do, basically, and they left. left. and as you saw the video, it became very tense. so you know what, we need to hold governor whitmer accountable for this.
5:38 pm
she oversees the michigan state police and the department of resources that covers the island. i know this is not accidental. this is not accidental. >> tucker: this didn't look like an organic groundswell of political fervor from the city of detroit. i mean, just kind of eyeballing it there. what was their complaint? i'm waiting for them to call you a white supremacist, but what was, there was a sign with the f word on it. why were they so mad at you, do you know? >> they lost last year. they wanted to incite rioters in detroit. like the many cities you've heard me talk about, i'm talking about my own home of l.a., chicago, portland, seattle. they couldn't get it done. and i took a strong stand with them. we are not retreating here in detroit. you are not to burn detroit, and we won because detroiters, good detroiters said it is not going to happen in our city.
5:39 pm
so they lost and they lost again today. okay, they drown me out. i went to an undisclosed location but they found out about it, of course. but i was able to get the message out. michiganders will not be silenced, we want to chief cragg and we are going to go to >> tucker: shouting you down is an ugly business. chief james craig, appreciated. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: one neighborhood in a major american citizen has come up with a great soluti. they're going to secede and make their own pleas. some don't want that to happen because some cities might do the same and it might work for that's next. right now on tuckercarlson there still copies of "the long slide." you can go there.
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pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: buckhead is a neighborhood in the northern part of the city of atlanta, georgia. it used to be one of the nicest
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places in the country. beautiful. placid, nice people from all over the country. it's being destroyed by the terrible management of the city of atlanta. mostly by crime. violent crime is spiking in buckhead. locals don't go to the mall because there is too many shootings. joggers have been shot on the street for no reason. so this summer, and desperation, residents of buckhead began considering a solution. secede from the city of atlanta. if this works, it could be a model for a lot of places in this country that have been mismanaged to death by the lunatics that run them. now they've completed something called a feasibility study. the city will buckhead will thrive if it splits from atlanta but of course you knew that. atlanta needs buckhead, buckhead does not need atlanta. that is true for a lot of places. the ceo and chairman of the buckhead city committee, thanks so much for coming on. are you getting closer, and again, this is not just a local interest story. this is of interest to a lot of people around the country who
5:46 pm
are being really, really hurt by the crazed management of their leaders. do you think this could actually happen? >> yes, sir. i want to thank you, tucker. first thanks to the university for showing that we are 100% feasible. we are only going to be taking approximately 10% or less of atlanta has overall operating and with that money that we will now have control over we will be able to hire 250 police officers. they will be the highest paid police officers in the state of georgia. they will all have their own car, they will get a stipend to live in buckhead and we are finally going to get the crime under control. we also are left in this study with a $100 million surplus and that is very interesting because what we go to right away is, where has all the money been going that we've been sending to atlanta for the last 20 years? it's billions of dollars to a
5:47 pm
corrupt, bloated bureaucracy and i think the people are fed up, so i think our bills which are sponsored by senator brandon beach and representative todd jone, leadership, david ralston and chairman darlene taylor, the georgia legislature are a bunchl human beings who are going to give us the right to vote. i can't wait for the voter rights groups to suppress our right to vote. i can't believe they are doing it but the lobbyists that atlanta is using our taxpayer dollars to attack us for the right to vote, our taxpayer dollars they are spending against us, millions of dollars, and their message is very fearmongering. we just want to get crime under control, we want to pave our streets, we want our garbage picked up and get back to normal. >> tucker: we don't have to live like this. nobody in america should have to live like this. you owe them nothing. they hate you and they act like it. i hope you leave immediately.
5:48 pm
that will be less into the rest of the country. bill white, i appreciate you coming on. >> if i could ask everyone to go to bec and read the feasibility study, it's an eye-opener. >> tucker: everybody knows you would thrive. they need you and they hate you anyway. thank you. we had a bit of unexpectedly fascinating conversation with the actress rose mcgowan. she told us how many of the powerful people in the country helped protect harvey weinstein and that changed your view of everything, even amazon and its founder, jeff bezos. >> harvey weinstein was going to go bankrupt and if he had truly gone bankrupt, he would've left it there, but he didn't. amazon studios came in to save him. turns out they bought my script at his behest to see if i had written anything about him. >> tucker: the full conversation with rose mcgowan
5:49 pm
is on tucker carlson today and it's out tomorrow afternoon on so finally, polls are about to close in california i recall election. voters have a chance to oust their incompetent governor gavin newsom. we will have some updates for you straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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is here. polls in the state are closing shortly. you believe think california is crazy. it still matters. it's our biggest state. on this day which is an important day in the history of the country, we are going to speak to victor davis hanson's family who homesteaded his family there and lives in that house. he join us to assess what this means. why is this recall significant? >> everybody thought california was a warning of what we will all become.
5:55 pm
gavin newsom is not running on his record. he did not saying i built water storage for the drought. it's donald trump and larry elder who is a lieuten an in the arm of donald trump. it's very surreal that so-called liberal elite have attacked larry elder on the base of his race. that's new. i have not seen that in a campaign. >> tucker: larry elder is back. yet he was denounced by a columnist of the "l.a. times" who is not black as a white supremacyist. >> he was. to be the most racist thing
5:56 pm
possible we would somebody wear a gorilla mask and throw an egg at him. that's what we are dealing with in california. >> tucker: this campaign is not about anything. it's an attempt to hold to power for its own sake. >> absolutely. i have a right here. i inherited this job. i am one of the pelosi and feinstein silicone valley anointed. i don't have to stoop down and tell you what i have done am he hasn't done anything. we have the highest basket of failed taxes and some of the worst roads and infrastructure in the nation.
5:57 pm
the more money we give up, the worse they become. >> tucker: i hate to break down elections into demographic roots but that's the way politics is run now. gavin newsom the voice of hispanic california according to him, he is unpopular with a lot of hispanic voters. >> they find him arrogant and hypocritical. when he ate and violated the orders for us to make masks. people in the lower and middle-classes had to get off work and lose their jobs to take care of their students despite a low incident of covid at that time. there was an attitude that he is
5:58 pm
entitled. we saw with prop 162 years ago an efficient to restore affirmative action. it was defeated. females may not poll what they are going to do. they feel he is out of sync with their values. they want somebody subject to the same consequences everybody else is. >> tucker: everybody should be. >> of course. >> tucker: i should say that victor davis hanson is in the studio because we did an hour long interview which we will air which was amazing. great to see you. sad news to end the no. comedian norm macdonald died today in los angeles. he was on "saturday night live" and did a remarkable job.
5:59 pm
he was fired for telling jokes about o.j. simpson who was close to the president of nbc at the time. he told the jokes anyway and got canned. comedians talk about the importance of integrity. most are as cowardly as anyone else in the entertainment business. that's about their careers. but norm was an exception to that. he was as honest as he seemed to be and talented and insightful as he seemed to be as well. rest in peace. that's it for us tonight. you don't want to miss our conversation with rose on "tucker carlson tonight" and tune in every night to the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think.
6:00 pm
have a happy evening inspite of the chaos. there are still wonderful people in this country. it's time for sean hannity. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." >> abandoned behind enemy lines. >> sean: day 31. americans abandoned and held by enemy lines. hostage to the taliban and the biden administration is as clueless as ever. it's worse than we thought. they don't know how many americans remain in afghanistan and whether or not they are being mistreated. they don't know if the u.s. is planning on handing over billion dollars to the taliban. i would do that in exchange for fellow citizens but that's called ransom. another hearing on capitol hill. the secretary of state anthony
6:01 pm
blinken could not answer a single question. more coming up


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