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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 14, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ got blood on my hands ♪ ♪ and i don't understand ♪ ♪ what's happening ♪♪ >> the whole video is on let not your heart be troubled. laura: what do you mean welcome that? are you in a time warp? >> i told it to him and nothing i have experienced in my life. >> he was the only guest host in the history of television - >> we need a host with a voice.
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laura: it is live tv. that was two weeks ago. >> you cannot stop ridiculing him and giving him hell. i know you. i have known you for 25 years, i know. laura: i will see you tomorrow night. this is the ingraham angle. only one former president, george w. bush, spoke at a september 11th site but instead of focusing on those he used the occasion to smear millions of his fellow americans many of whom probably pulled the liver for him twice. as you might imagine my commentary on this one will be unflinching but first you know the old saying when you are in a hole, stop digging, president biden and his party dancing to get it, they jumped into a ditch
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and spend their days shoveling it out. unfortunately for us the more they dig deep into trouble for america. let's start with the state in our economy. also conflicted. >> it is largely driven by inflation, fears of rising prices americans are facing. >> from now to the end of the year, the first quarter of next year. >> transitory is not the case now but they can't fix this without abandoning their core policy agenda so rising prices will be with us in the future. >> the federal reserve released new survey results showing that americans expectations of future inflation hit a record high, the tenth consecutive month inflation predictions of residents or economists say there's a good chance we are not going to like what we see when the labor department releases the latest consumer price index numbers tomorrow, the picture will look pretty ugly they say.
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the democrats answer to this precarious situation is to keep digging us deeper into debt with a monstrous $3.5 trillion spending bill but apparently you will pay for it eventually because they are going to fund this with $3 trillion in taxes so higher taxes on incomes, corporations, small business owners, capital gains on top of the huge increase in gas prices since biden took office, last week we heard senator joe manand, with everything he has and yesterday he gave us some hope. >> he will not have my vote on 3.5, we've talked about this. we put out 5.4 trillion and a lot of the help we put out there is still there and will run to
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next year. >> but president biden is closer to the socialists and their not listening. >> it's not acceptable to me or the president or the american people are the overwhelming majority of the people in the democratic caucus. >> we've compromised the $3.5 trillion, we don't want to compromise promises we've made to the american public. >> democrats into our economy what president biden's foreign-policy team has done to our national security and our credibility, smashed into tiny bits. secretary of state blinken was forced to admit a big urine on capitol hill but after a month of evacuations we still haven't gotten every american out of afghanistan. >> we had about 100 american
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citizens in contact with us, those are the americans we are working with. >> do you have an exact number? >> i can't give an exact number. >> if that seems odd to you, that statement, they been giving us a similar statement for weeks. >> we believe 100 to 200 americans remain in afghanistan. >> we are in touch with all of them who we identified on a regular basis. >> the state department will have the most up-to-date numbers. >> they don't know and don't care. instead of saving americans, the trip to california to save gavin newsom as political future. our enemies view all of this, economy, foreign policy, and attitude as an opportunity. over the weekend china, iran and north korea all decided to flex their muscles. they are confident that america is diminished, and under biden
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we see they are probably right. biden's standing has deteriorated so sharply and so quickly democrat pollster doug shown blunt warning, without drastic changes, democrats are on track to lose big in 2022. since they are determined to stay dug into socialism i will bet on their losing big in 2022. joining me is newt gingrich, author of a new book beyond biden out on november 2nd. they have to see where this is going with not only one pole coming out but multiple polls, got showing massive political blowback. other just hurrying to get as much done as they can before the midterms or is there some other strategy at play?
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>> first of all to your analysis we did a survey in free-market capitalism beat big government socialism 59-16. that is an amazing number and it shows you how the socialists of alienated themselves from most americans. what is going on as they watched bill clinton, he lost congress in 94, they watched obama. he lost congress, the house, in 2010 and i think deep down all their leadership expects to lose next year and so they want to ram everything they can through the system before they are defeated and if that means they defeat 30% or 40% of their marginal democrats in the house and three or three or five in the senate, that is inevitable and so they are going to try to get the stuff through. i think however the ways and
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means chairman today when he came out and talked about $3 trillion in tax increases and was very candid and says he's not going to show you the details because everybody will mobilize in opposition when they see the taxes, medicines going to work, all across the country are going to have people calling their house and senate members saying they do not want you to rate yes on raising my taxes and i don't see how they get a congress. jillian: we have to tax it to see what is in it and so this is what always happens, especially 11 hour and it is 2000 pages on, no one has read it and yet president biden campaigned on getting back to transparency in government, the regular order. is any of this especially going to california to save newsom even if polls are up on newsom now, is any of this regular order? >> know.
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first of all if you are big government socialist you despise the law, you despise the constitution. aoc wearing a tax the rich dress to the metropolitan gala surrounded by the rich gives you a sense of this in your face willingness to change the rules. what you've got is people who break the law at the border with millions of immigrants, president biden hypocritically says if you are in private business you've got to get vaccinated but if you are in the postal union you don't have to come if you're an illegal immigrant you don't have to. think about it. you have people who routinely break the rules. >> they are always allowed to now. i mentioned president biden going to california for newsom and using it as his opportunity
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to help this agenda. >> the governor led the state with poise and strong leadership. we have the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has been passed. and i believe it will get done the so-called reconciliation bill that has another several trillion dollars. laura: your reaction to that. >> you've already had the left say if you don't pass my $3.5 trillion big government socialist bill i'm not going to allow you to pass the infrastructure bill so in the house they have this gridlock because if they can't pass the 3.5 trillion they are not going to get the infrastructure. i don't think they can pass the 3.5 trillion. in the senate manchin is really dug in, they are not going to pass it in the senate and so
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they blow up and refuse to pass the infrastructure bill, but what is deeper is the president of the united states talks about several trillion dollars, this is going to be a 10,000 page bill with $3 trillion of tax increases, $3.5 trillion of spending and it is virtually insane to do this in the face of inflation. >> polls for biden keep dropping and they keep digging. thank you. the biden administration is blaming trump voters for vaccine hesitancy one person close to the president has done his part since last year. >> of the public health professionals, the doctors tell us to take i will be the first to take it but if donald trump tells me to take it i'm not taking it. laura: she continues her
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anti-fax campaign to this day, we need to take action to protect the vaccinated. if the vaccinated art protected from covid by getting vaccinated many on the sidelines ask what is the point? incredibly confusing. the professor of medicine at stanford and doctor harvey rich, professor of epidemiology, i am continually stunned by this messaging from the white house and we will get to the booster thing in a moment but to harris's tweet last night. >> absolutely shocking to me to hear essentially an anti-vaccination message, the vaccines are incredibly effective protecting people against severe disease. if you are vaccinated you don't need to be protected, the vaccines do that. the message we have to protect
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the vaccinated is a message that undermines confidence in the vaccine and is a dangerous message the vice president should retract. laura: another study revealed in the atlantic that roughly half of all hospitalized patients showing up in 2021 may have been admitted for another reason entirely raleigh had a mild presentation of the disease. does this or does this not indicate that the data itself may have been misleading. >> the same of finding out earlier this year for children, the reason children are hospitalized with covert or 4 covid. the same timing and magnitude but the good thing is we are doing better than we thought. deaths are really down with the
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delta wave compared to the original from earlier this year in the winter and so on and means a large fraction of the american public are immune which means natural immunity and vaccine immunity, the american public is immune. laura: we know the beginning to see some healthcare companies mandating a vaccine are accepting natural immunity as an alternative with the form of an antibody test in the last three months. does that give you any hope that fauci and company will never recognize immunology 101 about prior infections? >> an amazing denial of the basic fact that after you get covid and recovery you are protected against severe disease and probably better protected than the vaccine itself.
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that denial of basic scientific fact fuels vaccine hesitancy, you can't trust the scientific community and the public health community to acknowledge a basic fact like that why would you trust them on other aspects. it is -- to see some are recognizing i wish some of this would spread to the entire public health community that we acknowledge that and if they are going to do vaccine mandates as a proviso where it is vaccine or immunity. >> the issue of the boosters. a couple of the top vaccine experts at the fda had redesigned and now saying rushing the booster but for people who are vulnerable are vaccinated is not smart. there seems to be a growing divide on the issue of the booster and whether people truly
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need the booster or should be rushing out to get the booster who are otherwise not vulnerable. your thoughts on that. >> the original plan is to protect the vulnerable, vaccines, medication, all of the methods we have available should have been named at protecting vulnerable people, high-risk people, elderly people, people with obesity, diabetes so now we have people who for whatever personal reasons have escaped from the narrative and seeing people who need to be protected are the high-risk people so they are coming outside. what they should have seen it is a miracle. laura: this new concern that the government may require vaccines for interstate travel in the united states on airplanes and trains, do you believe that will increase vaccine hesitancy or get everyone to get out and vaccinated?
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>> the things it may increase upset, people want to travel across states, what i'm afraid of his it will increase the distrust people have in public health. they will feel forced and if it is so good why my being forced to do it. it will undermine public health in the long run and you make a short run bump because people travel across state it will in the long run be worse for public health, just not worth it. laura: good to see you both tonight. a particularly disappointing address, president bush chose to commemorate 9/11 not by unifying the country but in the process smearing millions of his fellow americans. and moments my angle takes on his words and explains how this should crystallize the views of the current gop.
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>> we won't be fooled again,n, e folks of tonight's angle. there was a lot of speculation among media types why president
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biden didn't deliver a live address at one of the 9/11 memorial sites. conservatives snicker it was because they didn't want to embarrass themselves and liberals blame it on the possibility that president biden might be. while speaking. another theory that is just as plausible. why would president biden need to speak at all when george w. bush would do it for him. >> we've seen growing evidence the dangers to our country are not only across borders but violence that gathers with him. there is little cultural overlap between find history masks abroad and violent extremists at home. their disregard for human life, their determination to flout national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit induce our continuing duty to
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confront them. laura: bushes and talking about confronting antifa or blm, remember their rampages of death and destruction coast-to-coast, remember president bush speaking out on any of them, when they screamed america is inherently racist did he raise an objection and say no it's not? when they tried to burn down st. john's church across from the white house to president bush defile that national symbol? know and no, they were written for him. and president obama and clinton as well. on the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks how cynically clever of the democrats when biden is on the road to have a former republican president cut at trump and his supporters. the elites who despise bush for
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the 8 years he was in office left it all up. >> this will be built into his legacy. standing up and saying things like that about truth and what is real and factual. >> it is a striking line, children of the same foul spirit, this is the biggest platform george w. bush will have for several years. >> he felt he needed to send a moral message. also lift people up in an emotional way also. >> bush and obama have coordinated before in hitting trump. in october of 2017 both men in separate speeches hit trump without mentioning him by name and when benghazi went down and four americans died, bush did not speak out. when obamacare was rammed through without a single
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republican vote bush did not speak out. when biden created a humanitarian national security and economic meitner at the southern border bush did not speak out but when donald trump began to call out and dismantle bush's globalist legacy bush couldn't stop himself, then it became personal. >> bigotry seems emboldened with our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories, and outright fabrication. we've seen nationalism distorted into nativism, a fading confidence in the value of free markets and international trade. reducing the return of isolationists. in all these ways we need to recall and recover our own identity. >> how exactly would that be any different from what any prominent democrat would have said that about trump.
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for bush it was only worth speaking out to defend his own legacy, never to stand up for truth and services. amidst the avalanche of praise for his saturday remarks let's not forget that after 7 years of war, the loss of nearly 5 million manufacturing jobs overseas and the 2008 financial crisis bush's approval rating was in my 20s at the end of his last full year in office. republicans under bush lost the house, the senate, and john mccain double down on bush's record got shellacked by barack obama in 2008. turns out gop voters have had enough. the country had had enough and now after they lost their grip on the gop for good, deal. establishment are older but not wiser. bush's remarks at the stage to boost biden democrats. they are flailing with their agenda and forest or wipe out in
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2022 but bush came into to contemporary save and all the media can do, of democrats can do is report attack republicans as racist, white supremacist and insurrectionist. the entire thing is pathetic and most of all that is revealing, it shows that they know that their agenda is delivering disparate will not improve the lives of average americans. >> it is not just bad. it is dangerous we learned situation. >> incredibly damaging attack, the seed of that still continue. >> the at the effectiveness you got to always be prepared because the first amendment with this group could turn to a terrorist attack. >> they are talking about the rally next saturdays that no one i know has ever heard of. their view and bush views the
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republican party is no longer following the bushes and cheneys it should be labeled as a terrorist organization. this idea is being openly discussed among the left. the bushes helped raise $160 million project's 2016 run and in the end job dropped out before getting to his own home state primary and they still don't get it, they are not mad at the people who called him a war criminal or hitler or ridiculed him every week on snl, the bushes are mad at the republicans rejected their policies. they all claim that trump was the devil incarnate for demanding loyalty of the people who work for him but the truth is the bushes demanded personal loyalty regardless how their policies affected the country. this is hard for me to say because i always like the bushes personally.
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bush's nomination of the supremely unqualified harriet miers to the supreme court the bush white house made it clear they wouldn't ever deal with me again. you can never go against the family so the old. guard is declared an unwinnable war again and this time it is against the 74 million plus republicans who voted for trump in 2020 and who didn't vote for jeb in 2016. i'm sure they hope the leftist historians will treat them were kindly in the future than in the past. maybe they will but i doubt it. while bush was trying to appeal to that very media that is demonized for years here's what trump was doing.
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>> i don't -- >> you are new york's finest, your incredible people. >> i love you. >> that is what happened to the gop. it found its real base again. the fact is most conservatives show coffee a lot of the bushes, we found new leaders including exciting young governors who fight for us instead of against us and we won't be fooled again and that is the angle. joining us is byron york, fox news contributor and author of the session. you wrote about this speech as soon as it was over. why did you feel so strongly about what you had heard? >> for some of the reasons you just said. this was a speech that bill clinton or barack obama if they had given speeches, part of the speech they would've given. parts of bush's be were jaw-dropping, he decried the politics today and he was not
12:32 am
self-aware of the role his own actions played in creating those divisions in the last 20 years until the election of donald trump which had nothing to do with the war in iraq. bush signed on to this idea from other places that september 11th and the january 6th capitol riots, the capitol riot was just as bad as september 11th. it is really taking hold in some areas of the left to view the rioters as enemy combatants or insurrectionist and here they got their most prominent endorsement.
12:33 am
laura: here's another snippet from bush's speech. >> those days seem distant from our own. forces at work in our common life, turns every disagreement into an argument and every argument into a clash of cultures. so much of our politics has become a field to anger, fear and resentment. laura: so disgusted by the politics of anger that it seems to me with that speech using writing and detailing trump voters for going a different way. >> no doubt about it. if anybody remembers the bush presidency, the left was really really mad. you mentioned how he was referred to as hitler and indeed he was. it happened all the time back then but here again he comes out
12:34 am
himself and endorses perhaps the most toxic view of what happened on january 6th and just to be clear the september 11th attacks killed roughly 3000 people, brought down new york's tallest skyscrapers, destroyed a large part of the pentagon, brought down four commercial airliners, study two wars in changed american foreign policy for decades. there is simply no comparison at all to what happened on january 6th which was an appalling act of civil disorder but resulted in one natural causes at the single policeman, the death of a rider who was shot by police and three other natural causes death. >> bushes saying trump voters are more scary and dangerous than caliban, that is basically
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>> laura: it is time for seen >> the pristine and unseemly we explore the cultural story today, we turn to raymond arroyo. president biden offered no speech on 9/11 but did speak out. >> the president went to chaffetz on a those who lost their lives on september 11th but was completely confused. he took photos of the group of children who were parallel trump supporters, did he not see the kids with the trump i'll be back t-shirt or the two maga hats?
12:41 am
after not offering any remarks on 9/11 he launched into a political rant to the media. >> the idea, what do you want to do with biden? i want to box him. i should be so lucky. the kinds of things, stuff that is coming out of florida or stuff coming out of -- robert amy was in afghanistan, you're the one. >> it is a jumble of grievances and charges made against him, political enemies including dead war generals but i recall being at one of these a few years ago, when trump caught hell for complaining to a certain fox news host about nancy pelosi the
12:42 am
media said trump had politicized a day of remembrance? what is this is not politicizing a date remembrance. >> i'm trying to figure out what he was saying about property we? i found the entire thing but again when he had bush to speak why would biden have spoken live, bush -- he didn't have to. >> biden went on and on about afghanistan, no real sense of empathy for the people gathered at a lost family but secretary of state anthony blinken held his everybody making the pitch to fund the nearly 100,000 afghans the biden administration is bringing to the us. >> looking for support from all of you on this particularly a few things, for afghans who were brought into the united states to receive the same benefits refugees do so they have ongoing
12:43 am
support, the ability to work in the united states, hhs benefits and we would also like him to be able to apply for a green card after one year. >> what else? anything else? what much will it cost? >> it is unbelievable. talking medicaid, for instance, job training, the biden administration asking congress for $6.4 billion to resettle these afghans, 1.7 billion alone would go to welfare. that's what i saw my sentiments a few weeks ago homeless veterans dying in tents, struck by carson brentwood, shouldn't these citizens, our veterans be our first priority if we are going to spend billions. >> they prefer noncitizens to citizens for a variety of reasons, those veterans can be left in the street to die but is this what they are calling them, hhs benefits for 100,000
12:44 am
parolees into the country, blinken and biden may want to talk to some of the men you spoke with. >> they can do this but you never know. >> they want to bend the rules for afghan refugees, bend the rules for our veterans so they can get to the facility that is theirs, this is outrageous and may be 60,000 of them. laura: last night the video music awards, the material girl showed up. >> is gone from lucky starting to be start, exposing -- what has she done to herself? opening an incident club or the
12:45 am
new -- fixing complaints in la county or some context, donna is 63 years old. that is held be arthur was when golden girls premiered in 1985. can't imagine ella fitzgerald showing up missing the back of her outfit. laura: they all look like they are enjoying it. i preferred the palmolive commercials. really dating myself now. >> this woman is seen more shots than walgreens. laura: somewhere the village people are missing a member. college student was caught on camera throwing 3000 us flags in the garbage bag on september 11th. the student who confronted him next will tell us what happened.
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laura: washington university college republicans placed 2977 american flags on campus, one for each of the lives lost on 9/11 and on saturday the student was caught on camera after he was seen throwing them into garbage bags.
12:51 am
>> who are you? okay. laura: nice man bond. the student in the video and member of washington university college republicans. this is destruction of property, probably a violation of state code to throw away the flag that way but it is against the student code of conduct. as he facing disciplinary action? >> the school is investigating but i agree his action was inappropriate and these flags were for those who died. laura: were you call out to place them on campus? any rule you couldn't place them in the ground? it looked beautiful.
12:52 am
>> college republicans had permission to plant those flags, he had no right to remove them. laura: in a statement to the school newspaper the student you got on tape said he gathered up the flags and put them in the garbage bag to protest the human cost of 9/11 in the past 20 years, said he did not deface nor steal any of the flags. did you get your flags back? >> yes we did. he said he is protesting. when we were out there said the flags were placed in violation of policy which isn't the case. now that it has been in the media the protests and everything i am against
12:53 am
islamohphobia, protesting against, i believe there's a place for protesting. all the days there could have been a protest, to remove flags place for people who died on that day. laura: his protests can't take away your right to make a patriotic statement. you are playing polite rules and you have to on campus but this is just crap. multiple 9/11 memorial sites and then send allies. in south carolina was spray-painted with the word talent ban on it, boston memorial flag vandalized so i am trying to imagine if a different flag was taken down and thrown in the garbage bag, any flag
12:54 am
that was popular on campus and done by a member of the republicans on campus do you think the campus officials would take a long time to investigate that? i don't. >> that would be an awful situation but i want to focus on the positive. they confiscated the flags and washington university college republicans -- the school released a statement, condemning the vandalism of the flag. >> i like you taking the half full idea but should be brought up on charges. thank you. up next.
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>> oh, my gosh. tax the rich. what a model.
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>> tax the rich. what a model. i didn't know you model as well. >> we can't just play along but we need to break the fourth wall and challenge the institutions. we should have a conversation about it. laura: it means wearing a tax the rich dress to a party charging 30 k a ticket. todd: breaking overnight nicholas making landfall as a category one hurricane. we are tracking storm battered louisiana. >> those coming in southern won't be any question who wins, that will be me. jillian: recall election day in the


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