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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  September 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to tower's the sacrifice of firefighters stephen stiller who laid down his life to save others on september 11, the ultimate sacrifice. an amazing man and family and that such an incredible story. remember, everyone, it's america now and forever. ♪ ♪ >> the delta variant has very visibly reduce the price of stupid. and because it has raised the price of stupid, entrenched stupidity come at a price has gone up as the cost of stupid and the stupid politics that went along with that, the cost of stupid has risen. the one that's the first thing that joe and his wife say to each other when they wake up. >> terrible people. ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah.
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[laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's been 20 years since 9/11. what is it like the person it's not 20? do they know enough about what happened that day to produce a cogent opinion? once you look at the latest campus reform, the answer is god help us. >> did you learn a lot about 9/11 glow of her growing up in the classroom? >> not in the classroom, but i did my own research thing. >> no, i did not. >> i think we learned a moderate amount. >> i didn't learn this super specifics, we have a unit, which was a little strange. >> definitely, my family has been very conscious and something that they taught us
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about. >> that is something that is about as comforting as someone looking at her watch during a funeral. that they were young, all kind of silly back then come about given the chance, what would they want people to learn about 9/11? >> i think that we should avoid talking about the roots in islam because that was a extremist group. >> i think that the 9/11 attacks should be taught in a way that doesn't really target more like who did it but more like how we can move forward in different healing processes that we can go through to make everything, you know, good again. >> you don't think it's important to know who was responsible? >> i do think it's important to know who is responsible, but i also think it should be noted that religion is not the only thing.
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>> things like islamic phobia, ideas of american exceptionalism. >> gross. look, it's unfair to say that these kids are representative of the population as a whole. but what are they representative of? how about an educational system that is worried about indoctrination versus instruction, one of which is anti-american viola, spewing from passive aggressive physically unattractive and perpetually wrong professors. misdirected anger who is damaging to small minds. thanks to these marxist think tank that we call universities, we have a few generations and no less about this country than i do about dunking a basketball, somehow exceptionalism is easier to condemn than terrorism. >> the virginian virginity from education showcase a lecture the lecture and basically said that when talking about 9/11, we should avoid talking about
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american exceptionalism. would you agree with that? >> yes, for sure, we should because we don't need more nationalism in this country, we need more like -- health care. i don't know. >> propagating this idea that our nation is the best no matter what, i would agree that that should be avoided. i don't think we should be talking about that. >> i definitely don't think that america is the best country on earth. we need a lot of fixing. >> i think that it is a dangerous mindset to teach young people that. and that is the reason why a lot of people grew up to be extremists. >> i hope stupidity is not contagious. why would someone their age think of this country is exceptional? they got to the party late.
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they don't know these new people to keep strong and, pfizer breaking out, the authorities are on their way to shut it down. they arrived as this once great party started winding down. sadly, to them, something horrible perpetrated against us is just another opportunity to talk about how bad we are. so unlike jessie's hair, history is a malleable thing. teaches that and how they teach it can determine how your kid interprets the world. if they are too young and fearful to call bs, it's easy to be brainwashed. just recently it was thought that less policeman would make us safer. what do i tell them right now it was his surreal as it was devastating because i was there when it happened. you are engulfed and in the heart of evil. it's not something you can walk
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out of because it sucks and you're in and it changes you forever. the same way a person is changed forever if they are a victim of a violent crime. you can't have these baby talk about thoughts about silly things or shrug it off as something we deserve because were mean and powerful. that day was something else. the something else is called evil. sadly, that is forgotten, many now occupy their brains with [bleep] with gender pronouns and self obsessed grievance. but if you are on the 91st floor of a burning building and the firemen called you the wrong pronoun, you would let it slide. some events in life have a way of putting things in perspective, the difference between what is important and what is trivial tweet and 9/11 was one of those events. and that includes palestine back page news. but as interesting as britney spears, black lives matter or other topics, there's too much to think about and a lot of it doesn't require thinking at all,
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that feeling and looking important thing what you're told to say. we have insulated the country successfully from our conflicts. but by insulating them they now have no visceral response to this moment that impacts millions of people. it is so good that people don't even know that it is good. we assign false rereads the loudest voices, who can cry the hardest and claim them as victimhood, this relates to 9/11. on that day 20 years ago we were minded that we were americans, not blacks or whites, gay, non-binary woodland creatures, we did not portray separate categories. we were americans. too bad that it took 3000 innocent souls to remind us of that. that is not tribalism or nationalism but understanding what you share with each other that you were attacked for being you. the fact is in 2001 we were americans. but in 20 years time we have been coerced by a profit-seeking profit-seeking media to reject that.
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you can argue that they have done more psychological damage than any other outside enemy, creating a whole industry off of hating america. because inciting wars between each other means profits for companies, powers for activists and distraction from real evil. on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we call people that don't want a vaccine terrorists. the fact is that as long as we are at each other's throats, who needs terrorists. al qaeda did 9/11 and the rest is a self-inflicted gunshot wound as a result of friendly fire. let's welcome tonight's guests. if she had her way she would be cohosting ron gronkowski "the four". and welcome our next guest.
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, the target market. when asked what tyrus does for a living he says beats me. [cheers] [applause] so like me, you are a hero. >> okay. >> what did you do after 9/11? >> so i have been out for four and a half years. i went to classical theater school, working actor in manhattan, and we got attacked. what do i do next? i reenlisted in the green berets in october 2001, i retired in
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october 2016. that is what i did. i remember thinking what do i do. well, not telling people that that's what you have to do. it also open up other opportunities in our member how i got back after my first appointment and she said to me she hasn't seen me this happy in a long time. that is what i did. and i don't really care what you were doing when it happened, what did you do afterwards? how did you change yourself? did you get smarter? you kinder? to stop voting for people who are working for your demise? did you pay attention? i think that a lot of people right off the bat did, but then i think they sort of stopped. and i'd like to say something else about the young people. you just saw a clip of not very smart, soft shell crab human
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beings. there's another side of our country that is not bad. young stud that i saw coming in that put on body armor and knew that they were going to get hit. these 19-year-old kids. and it was let go, they are so young, oh, who did you think were fighting the war is? no, it's young people. it is young people doing it. and so hard times make hard men, hard men make that times, good times make soft men and now soth soft men make our hard times. that's the state we are in right now. >> i think that it could have killed the acting career of terry. think of all the movies that we missed. [applause] >> i really felt it was a mercy
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killing. [laughter] >> first of all, i love you, i hate you. [laughter] not a fan of you anymore, and you come i have nothing to say. >> shame on you guys. >> so like me, you are a hero. >> yes. >> her life changed. >> yes, i look back on the stage. a lot of reflection this week. i think that we are remembering and commemorating this day of 20 years. it feels like a milestone and is something that where you have some people, we just have to move on. we don't need to have these memorials and look at what the people went through. imagine suggesting that the united states no longer needs to teach what happens about pearl harbor or what have and the martin luther king tuner. what would happen to george
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floyd. would anyone suggest you should do that? this one they wanted to let go of because they don't want to think america is exceptional anymore? >> america is a victim here, they don't want to hear that either, we're the bad guy. all of those other things he mentioned, you can argue is america's fault. >> absolutely. and they do. and i think that there's a piece in "the wall street journal" that says if we don't continue to never forget, we are doomed to repeat it come out which is not as eloquent of away is what he ended with. also on the video, i could watch that all day, but you think about the young people that died outside of the airport in afghanistan, they were signing up to serve their country in order to make sure that they could say whatever they needed to say. >> i don't want to bang on the
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skids too much, because you know, they're walking down the streets, they are not thinking quite like that. but it's almost like these people are not prepared. if you ask me anything on the street, there's a 50% chance that i'm on the substance and whatever comes out of my mouth is going to be all gums. all the brilliant like your acting career. >> you gave me the one line that i'm going to beat into the ground. [laughter] >> you're welcome for your freedom. [laughter] okay, you chose not to wear underpants. [laughter] you did this to yourself. [laughter] >> if you would've worn leather pants i would've been much nicer. >> oakum i'm sure you would have. >> i hate all of them. >> no chassis or. >> no, no.
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>> so you are 36? >> no. >> you are 11 or 12. >> okay. as a 12-year-old, what was that like. >> is a 12-year-old i was in school. >> were you a fat kid? >> no i was not. thank you, though, because that would've been very relevant to what 9/11 was like for me. and nobody would tell us what happened and we didn't have internet phones or anything like that. >> were you amish? [laughter] >> well, catholic school. i got home and was watching tv, i remember asking my parents about stuff that they didn't really have the answer to because they were just as shocked and confused as i was. >> is when the adults were powerless.
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>> yes. >> i'm kind of curious what you are doing. >> i'm glad he hates you a little bit more than me. but i was in louisville, texas with my dear friend, we were just coming off of marina football. in a i had all of these important things, we went to the club that night, we got up in the morning and we thought it was a tv show and i kept switching the channel's. so there's still resonating what is happening. and so for me although i've been going to acting then, it was something that i realized that my priorities in life are completely different because i'm the most important thing in the world right now and that's why i started looking into politics. so for me a really cause me to grow up a little bit more mentally and see what we can do.
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because we were helping and they started stopping people, so many people volunteered to go to new york and they don't stuff, guys were working, they were like hey, we can help, but we found things there. >> did you want to say something? >> the one thing that young people didn't get to experience that we did was everyone coming together. and that feeling and that ability. and i think that we all kind of missed that long for it and we keep sipping something is going to happen to bring us back to that moment. >> still ahead, the grand finale of my epic interview. coming up next, joe biden says -- can you read that? i don't even know what that says. >> he says he the vaccine order. >> we are going to talk about when we return after these
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greg: yes, another flip-flop from the vaccine caught saying he wouldn't mandate is his latest live today in a move that puts [bleep] in dictator. , making sure employees are vaccinated or tested weekly or you shutting them down after a three-day weekend. but his royal decree also covers health care workers and federal contractors and a hundred million americans are as he leaves, half the number of votes that he got. but not illegal immigrants
8:23 pm
through the southern border because the science says that they are naturally immune. it has experts asking why don't people trust the experts. and it only spreads as there are american flags. meanwhile republican governors vowing to fight the mandate tooth and nail and it's hard to know the joe biden administration put bobbing like a dish on the deck of the john kerry yacht. >> no, i don't think it should be mandatory. >> is that a sign that perhaps the federal government should step in and issue a mandate? >> that is not the role of the federal government, that is the private sector entities and others may take. >> i don't think you'll ever see a mandating vaccines for the general public. >> fool me once, shame on you and only twice and he sleep with the fishes, which explains why the pond is smelling so bad.
8:24 pm
he wants us, americans, to blame those that are unvaccinated for the authoritarian shift of government rather than the government itself. he's saying now, it is not us, go after your fellow americans, they are the ones that are forcing me to become a dictator so that -- were you doing? you grew up with a dictator, but look at them, the 80 million unwatched and unvaccinated. >> six out of 45. [laughter] >> get your i get your point, but you're missing the bigger thing. you're right in a sense it is about the failure of the administration, so they have to blame it on the chompers or the right. the whole message is to begin with because they want to say that it's the basis not getting vaccinated of president trump, so of course, it is the bad guys area do you just did an interview where he talked about
8:25 pm
in vaccinated and how important that is, which we talked about before and this is the one thing that was supposed to make them great, handling the situation, when you hire someone the way they look, this is what happens. you have great ideas, but we just didn't understand it, will a gift. they had a vaccine, they had a acting quickly, celebrities, everyone is doing their thing. by rescue is doing a shot as well. and of course they have to blame it on the unvaccinated. >> we might be going down as the most unpopular president after this, but who knows.
8:26 pm
and this has to make what's left of your blood boil. can you boil alcohol? >> yes, it is not fair. if the government -- it's really crazy with how much control they have with needles. if you injectors eldercare when and they are doing all the powers of the constitution and i
8:27 pm
don't see how uncertainly what i do or do not want to be stabbed into it . >> and that you are like our very own hunter biden. >> are we losing more of our rights? >> it is really interesting that one of the things they said is that if you are an employer, over 100 employees come you have to be vaccinated. but apparently those with 99 are not that important? trying to make an impact on the bigger picture, it's interesting to look at how businesses are
8:28 pm
saying they goodness for the government is going to mandate it. >> the company says i'm doing with the what the government tells me, they are provided coverage of. >> and he's also concerned about the economy. >> the economy is was to be great in there when adding $3.5 billion worth of spending. but the rest of the agenda will also fall apart, so they also want people to complain. and i'm telling you that in some ways, i think that this was timed to help gavin newsom. and right before the 9/11 anniversary, he did want to give it through the california recall next tuesday. >> lau. >> i think i remember that he
8:29 pm
was the authoritarian. and now we are seeing the president joe biden is a liar. i think right now he is -- he said he wasn't going to do this, but those are big ones. and here's a quick thing. and actually makes the virus more deadly and contagious. explain that to me. maybe trying to stop the pandemic, maybe working on weapons, but why would you do that research in china? what kind of judgment you have where you can actually have deadly virus research in china and expect the chinese scientists not be controlled by the government and the military. that was so bad and then we are
8:30 pm
talking about this and dealing with it. >> okay, we have to go on. coming up next, it's hard to keep it brief. okay people. oh yeah. let us begin. people!!! less with the puns. more about the moms. they want healthy, affordable options. moms want to save that dough. hold onto that green. enough with the puns! land o'frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
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>> will hold my glorious interview, the final chapter, with former president donald trump. >> as i said, do not use under any circumstance. >> it took me 2.5 years, mostly by congresswoman nancy pelosi. crazy nancy. mostly by congress. and also i want all of them to start building the wall. and they say walls don't work. and i always say the only two things that work and always will
8:35 pm
are the wheel and the wall. and that had such an impact. we have done a great job, and i think frankly now we have given them much more credit because we had secured the borders in one of the things that we have talked about, all the different rules and regulations that make it, but one of them is to a large extent. 81%. that is a tremendous amount and now it is quadruple what ever was. >> they are finding it everywhere. you know, i have changed my lifestyle. >> it's everywhere. >> and you can have a hamburger. >> speaking of fake news, it's one of the most important phrases of this generation. generally people complain about bias when they were in their home watching tv, but it was the
8:36 pm
first time that somebody on tv was saying it to them, saying it was fake. >> and i'm sure they won't say it. in 1929, somebody used the term -- i don't think so. but it stuck. it's not going away. and you know, it's like fake news. and the other side, it's not working. but i will say that it stuck. and it took about 24 hours to stick. it was there. >> amazing. >> mr. president, there's a man looking at me. i wonder if that means time's up. >> we can do another one. i have to say that i really enjoyed your show, i know that you are a funny guy, but a very serious guy actually. you get it, you get it. i think that sawyer show is doing so well. and i kept saying, why can't these other people be beaten? and jimmy fallon, i watch him,
8:37 pm
you know. he was having a good time. and he's like hey, can i touch her hair and i said i'd rather have you not but if you want to, he said it is your hair. and then what happens? they go after him and then he apologizes. and he got great ratings, great that night. and it's never been the same. >> never. >> because once you feed the crocodile and apologize, they come after you. if he would've stuck to his guns. >> they did commercials and then they went after him. and they said how dare you do that. and instead of saying hey, i've got the biggest ratings for the show is doing, and he was always a nice guy. i always thought he it was a nice guy, instead he apologized. he looked like such a fool. >> and they are not playing.
8:38 pm
they are not going to replace you with anger in what is called clap and laugh, "clapghter". >> and another one was to jimmy kimmel. and this is before i said that i was a politician. and i hate to say it, but he used to wait for me outside of his studio in los angeles, very crowded streets. when i came he kissed me my rear all the time. and then all of a sudden it's like hey, this guy, go back to his old shows. he was nervous to talk to me. he would meet me at the car, i think he might've even open my door. and now it is different, so it is one of those things. it's very interesting and i went
8:39 pm
into the big event. and we love our first lady, but she said i have never heard anybody boo for you. but he said all the years nobody ever booed. and i said that's what happens when you go to politics. it is true. , people pick sides. those late-night guys are terrible, but you have done a country such a service by garbling of the ratings and you have done such a great thing. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for doing this interview. >> is a lot of fun, we will do it again. >> definitely. 2 that includes our miniseries with former president comp. coming up next. that is our part 2 miniseries
8:40 pm
with former president donald trump. coming up next. ray-ban. we have the story
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>> hidden cameras on your lenses, cannot let you record all your friends? >> yes, ray-ban glasses. >> i'm okay, i'm okay. >> new glasses double it to secretly record the masses. and you can use voice control or a small button, it will on manically stop after 30 seconds, so you can't record someone at length without them knowing, making this a great tool without smearing people for context. at the camera light is so small that a wall street journal reporter said nobody can know it is there. i will be the guy at planet fitness wearing ray bans and not much else. okay, should be to shut up.
8:45 pm
[laughter] okay, you live on the re-bans, staring at women. >> yes, you know what i mean. [applause] >> let me tell you, i don't even want to see what is out there. and i also think what could possibly go wrong. and your point that there is always a little short snippet. this could be a problem. and i think that we should all just agree that no one should be canceled for in a video that comes from one of these. >> that's right, another cancer free all-day school do. >> they need more and more, because who are you going to
8:46 pm
ask. >> there are some that say they are really going to get the story. and it's just going to continue with more lies and stupid stuff and trying to catch people. >> you have to wonder. it's not like people recognize them. >> is not the only thing, but we should move on, terry. okay, this is a good example, i think, one of those things and it's like okay, the whole can of
8:47 pm
worms coming out. hearing that from you. >> last one over to you, kat timpf. you wear fake glasses? >> no, they are real now. i wore the fake ones and i was slightly nearsighted and my right eye. >> that is like pretending that you're disabled. god punished you. >> it is about time. >> you kind of did have it coming. >> this is devastating, because often in public i will make sure no one's recording. and i am acting the way that i would like to act. so i guess i can only drink at home. [applause] >> that the answer for everybody, drink at home. okay, coming up next, time to pig out on jokes
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>> we cover a lot of crap, sometimes it is not all the beautiful jokes that make it an. [laughter] and now he's gone too far, locally some get a second chance in their own segment. it is time for the leftovers.
8:52 pm
here are some left overs, first about farting in bed. is there an art to blocking nighttime farting. will he keep your sheets from smelling rotten? and is your but being rude if you are sleeping in the nude? okay, okay i'm done with that. rolling stone magazine. an easily defined story claiming that ods were taken of icu beds. it was nice change from the usual monthly list of the top 75 bob dylan albums. wow, that was a long way for low pay off. and having too much free time can reduce a person's sense of
8:53 pm
well-being. don't they have anything better to do? and times of has removed their entire board of directors after they supported andrew cuomo in the disgraced governor says that he's willing to apologize, waiting on route 90. more than one third of shoppers say that they are purchasing more vegan and vegetarian products. and the north korean dictator kim jong-un showed off his sleek appearance, it assuring people that he was eating enough, to which the people asked about what food? [applause] >> and many people still wearing
8:54 pm
these shoes. they will never lose that one. and 750,000 hourly employees. amazon college graduates won't have a graduation ceremony. and free feminine hygiene products all students, now all they have to do is agree on what constitutes a female. and united airlines requiring all employees to be fully vaccinated and employees that have only had wrist injections are being asked if you would like to make it a double for just $2 more. and now accused of murder, this man that did a hand. we can see this after joe biden dog attacking secret service. are there a lot more of these? [laughter] area i'm literally falling asleep right now.
8:55 pm
>> that is what they are there for commentary. thank you for your service. and you are welcome for your freedom. chicago dedicating resources to finding businesses over covid-19 mandate as business explodes. the government will be forced to remain in school. okay, that's a great joke. and that was one of the better ones. [laughter] >> ms-dos has refused to settle the debate on what the large purple object at as grimace is supposed to be. meanwhile they continue to glorify crimes through hamburgler. >> are you happy with yourself right now? >> that is that. you know, and we we said and try to become a stage actor. [laughter] don't go away, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ or ato under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within,
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