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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 3, 2021 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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understands >> president biden understands hymnals. >> my favorite hymn is based on a song, may he lift you up on eagles wings, let the light shine upon you etc.. and hold you in the palm of his hand. my mind is going blank now. >> i am jason chaffetz. >> friday september 3rd, fox news alert the biden administration dodging questions refusing to elaborate on the vetting process for afghan refugees coming into the united states. we do president biden's approval rating taking to the lowest point of his presidency but the media coming to his defense. jillian: border agents calling it a slap in the face as the white house works to secure the border but not our own.
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us and begin with this fox news alert at a live look at capitol hill, demanding lawmakers on evacuations from afghanistan. >> american still stranded as tens of thousands of refugees arrive in the us. lawmakers are discussing it with the president. >> the us may be out of afghanistan but the conflict continues as lawmakers demand answers. of group of 2 dozen republican senators sent a letter to the white house in part saying our media priority is the safety and well-being of american citizens, permanent residents and allies left behind in afghanistan. they will not be abandoned to terrorists abroad.
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>> oil afghans served alongside of american troops. apparently also evacuated tens of thousands of afghans have clear direction to americans and no idea who they are. >> more from the department of homeland security how the vetting process will work. that will tell us much. >> they undergo -- >> the policy of what happens with applicants is not successful. >> these art plans to detail publicly. >> as forgetting others out of afghanistan, the administration looking at relying on the taliban and to help out but that's a big question right now.
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>> thank you. we have reporters in the white house briefing room every day asking tough questions and it is interesting because when you go back a few weeks after the fallout in afghanistan and kabul was taken over and how this was playing out, all the networks were asking tough questions, saying how does this happen trying to hold the administration accountable but it seems flipping channels the last few days that has fallen off, people are moving on to other things. it is good we have jackie and peter in the briefing room to ask those questions because you heard mike huckabee say not everyone is doing that? >> are they going to step up and be journalists, continue to be toadies and complete accolades
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for the democrats on the far left? if they do their jobs, they cannot ignore this story. it is huge. the question is will they do their jobs? or will they look the other way in a manner in which they would never do if this were not just donald trump but any republican? if they do their jobs he is done. >> it does appear the media cocoon around president biden is reforming. it got disaggregated a little bit but is reforming but take a look at this stat or lack thereof, across the board, cbs, cf -- when it comes to the biden donnie call. with everyone questioning how we got it so wrong, the mainstream media is back of the map. >> the trump ukraine called to see how much time was given to
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each call. >> i'm not going to do that but focus on m s nbc. they started to see the backtrack. on wednesday, look at this. and on the texas abortion law, which is redmeat to the liberal left and only one time was the word afghanistan mentions. that brings us back to jen psaki, in 2019, the president was donald trump, the call you mentioned earlier, the trump ukraine call, a private citizen, not just the call transcript, the lower complaint would have more details, very fired up. a different tune when it comes to the president she works for. pointing out the hypocrisy over how trump's ukraine phone call.
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>> why would not a single reporter raise that? jim acosta would read to me word for word, to respond to blatant hypocrisy, political convenience at the press won't ask a question about a president who literally asked the afghan president to lie, that phone call, nothing donald trump had, this phone call ended up with 13 dead american soldiers, stranded afghan allies, and afghan paying airplanes. jillian: look at the approval rating for the president, speaks volumes, 43% of respondents in the npr pbs poll say he is doing a good job and approve of the job he is doing, 51% disapprove.
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the one thing a lot of people agree with is we want our president and administration to be successful because that makes our country successful but it seems we are so far from that based off of people who are emotional or frustrated about the withdrawal from afghanistan. people feel they were let down. todd: almost every day feel like there's a polyp of the country. the approval rating, our next guest might elaborate a little. you tell me what to do. jillian: it says this. a poll shows the us is on the wrong track. >> civil rights attorney, the question i just asked, the biden approval rating 43% approval rating, 39% of people think we are headed in the right direction. who are these people?
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>> these are americans are upset with the biden administration, he's underwater for one primary reason, the way he left afghanistan, to leave americans behind, that is what the biden administration has done, the american public rejected the departure of the way america left afghanistan, notwithstanding what president biden says, regarding complete success, is being disingenuous and the american public rejects, it is a failure in afghanistan. >> who thinks the country is going in a positive direction right now? you talked to a lot of people, are you hearing anyone say everything is great and we are going full speed ahead in a great direction?
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>> no one. except the mainstream media, except those who are going to protect president biden. i don't understand how president biden can fall asleep at night knowing his decision-making resulted in the death of 13 us service members who did not have to die. that is what is frightening. notwithstanding all the help he is getting from the left-wing media he cannot deflect this issue. he cannot move away from this issue because what happened in afghanistan hurt america, and it is going to result in a one term presidency for president biden. >> what can we do as a nation to get back on track, as a people that we should be going in one direction. what can we do to get back to
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that? >> i support this country. there is a desire to unify, the divisive notice of the gamesmanship playing by the democrats, critical race theory, lack of security on the southern border, in eight months president biden and the white house have dismantled the national security at the southern border and lost respect, to what happened in afghanistan. he needs to form a unification of working on bipartisan basis, when you look at nancy pelosi, kamala harris and president biden, democratic agenda that i submit you looking at those poll numbers the majority of america rejects. jillian: we were talking about issues of people going to the
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polls, what do you think is at the top of people's minds when they go to vote in the midterms? >> people will never do that? a total total disaster. number 3, democrats refusal to acknowledge the massive crime wave that started in 2020, those are the top three issues that will drive americans to the polls and reject the nancy pelosi congress had the biden administration. todd: how do republicans? >> there is a legitimate reason
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americans, republicans and democrats have an obligation to make sure every american returns to america. i can't say it clearer. it's not the american way to leave people there so that is a legitimate concern. the southern border is an ongoing mess. because of the magnitude of what is going on in afghanistan we are ignoring black on black crime, republicans stay focused on issues, that are concerning irrelevant to american safety, those issues. todd: thanks for staying up, you are in la. >> i want to make sure you don't keep me off the program. >> producers heard that, leave it up to them. jillian: fox news alert shooting and killing a man who carried
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out isis inspired attack, the man injuring 6 people in the store before special ops team took him out and killed him a minute after the attack. reuters reporting he is under surveillance for being an extremist but new zealand law prohibited them from locking them up. >> pounding the northeast with record-breaking rain killing 46 people from maryland to connecticut. connecticut state police sergeant veteran died after his patrol car was swept away by rushing floodwaters is by kim video shows nypd officer saving the driver from floodwaters. >> in queens a bus driver hailed a hero for getting passengers to safety after the bus became flooded with 3 feet of water. praising the driver for efforts and bravery. 7 tornadoes ripping across pennsylvania and new jersey trivia capturing the damage left behind including several homes
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completely leveled. today president biden will survey a distraction louisiana from hurricane ida as 862,000 people are still without power across the state. todd: it was bad out there. jillian: top cop in minneapolis outraged over a ballot measure, he's not the only one. we explain what is at stake. todd: we have a big friday show, carlos jimenez, the american mother just escaped from afghanistan, we are going to get the latest update from her and lara trump joining us live, don't miss a moment. ♪♪
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jillian: welcome back. lawyers for nicholas cruz asking for inflammatory terms to be barred from the courtroom. he is accused of killing 17 students and staff at the school in february of 2018. his attorney, massacre and slaughter or referring to cruise as an animal or killer in court consuelo jerry against him. prosecutors are expected to seek the death penalty, no trial date
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has been set. her father ryan petty will join us later in the morning. the views of the california high school teacher who describes himself as an active antifa member. >> as far left as you can go. >> the teacher was put on leave and is reportedly set to be fired by the school district over his politically charged remarks but the superintendent telling fox news he heard of a prior complaint against the teacher but yet to find record of it. he had the internal probe found evidence of violations of state law on political teaching as far back as 2018. >> a proposal from city leaders to replace the police the partner with the department of public safety and residents suing the city to stop this happening.
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thanks to the two of you for being here. here's the approved ballot question, quote, shall minneapolis charge strike and replace the police department with a department of public safety which could include license police officers as necessary with administrative authority to be consistent with other departments to fill its responsibilities for public safety. what is your objection to that language? >> great to be here. we think the language is vague and misleading at each phrase and each word implies something that is not actually real. the language to be explained or clarified. >> go ahead. >> i want to add the vagueness,
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the effects of that language, we would be removing the police chief, first african-american homegrown police chief in the city. on december 2nd, '30 days and the funding goes away and the minimum requirements, one.7 peace officers per thousand people, residents of minneapolis and control over this new department would be in the hands of 13 councilmembers as one mayor. the whole police department reports to the mayor and our chief came out with a statement recently reporting 14 people would make any safety leader's job unbearable. >> the current city charter
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amendment to the reporting structure passes would not just be confusing but unverifiable position for law enforcement leader, who are the people still pushing and supporting these ideas in minneapolis? >> a lot of it comes from national, in minneapolis 22,000 people to say yes they wanted this on about and this political action can be received close to $1 million from outside minneapolis largely and they are working with the majority of the city councilmembers, he is against it, to get this move forward. the majority of city council, there are residents who feel that way but not a lot of residents like us, who are disproportionately impacted by the surge in violence.
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todd: for decades those opposed to changing civil rights with indications of law and order, imagining more humane system. we have a chance to reject that, an opportunity once and for all to listen to those impacted by police brutality and communities demanding change for decades. how much worse could minneapolis get if ilhan omar has her way? >> let me say she is speaking about something with elements of truth in it. for a long time people did not believe what was happening was happening in terms of violence against black men and politicians used fear to create the expansion of law enforcement but if we are to end that
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direction we can't swing the pendulum in the extreme that leads to another set of problems which justifies the other argument and back and forth back and forth between one party, one level of conservatism versus the other. so if she has her way what is going to happen is the pendulum will swing the other way, we will create a situation which is not workable and everybody is going to be scared and demand more police and even the national guard and they are going to come in and it will be in the extreme. >> in minneapolis, really
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concerning times. check back in and let us know how the lawsuit is going, thank you for your time. >> we want to solution. >> reform and sufficient police. jillian: court packing is back at the top of the far left agenda as democrats set their sights on the texas heartbeat bill and is the media burying biden's controversial phone call with hani? next.
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1:30 am
potential so everyone who is speaking against the bill for whatever their reasons very comfortable with taking the life of a little texan who has a heart beat. >> the administration is committed to abortion rights. jen psaki snapping a reporter after he asked how president biden can support abortion when his own catholic faith teaches it is morally wrong. >> it is up to a woman to make those decisions with her doctor. i know you never faced those choices or ever been pregnant but for women out there who faced those choices this is a negatively difficult thing who believe their rights should be respected. we've got to move on. todd: jen psaki described president biden is a strong man of faith but the demonstration will not comment on the inner workings of the catholic church. jillian: the mainstream media
1:31 am
shifting focus away from the afghanistan crisis, nightly news skipping coverage of left behind americans while major outlets are not covering president biden's bombshell phone call with the afghan president. here to react, eddie scary, thanks for being here. this says it all. this is the coverage, the phone call with ghani, 0 seconds across the board, not a simple 30-seconds clip. what do you make of this? >> we didn't see a good month for president biden, things are looking bad these last 30 days or so but the truth is people will realize the media were paying attention to what happened with afghanistan and the disaster that was the media will wound him but they will not kill him.
1:32 am
>> we go back a few weeks, the fallout in afghanistan started every network was to be fair to them covering this pretty well, anchors and reporters were asking tough questions, asking how this could have happened but there has definitely been a shift. >> the shift is because the white house let them know it hasn't been going well for us and a lot of things are not going well, you have the pandemic, we stopped counting, the national media at large how many people died during the pandemic, 200,000 people have died since inauguration day, all happened under president biden's watch. looking at 1 million people, and million new migrants across the border and 13 dead americans. and 200 are stranded in afghanistan, all of this happening under president biden's command of the military. things not looking good and probably said can we let up on
1:33 am
this a little bit and the media see this is going very poorly for him but they will lose him but they will not kill him. jillian: you would think considering the administration said only a few hundred people left and they say closer to 100 they would be able to tell you day in and day out how many people they were able to help get out of the country each day but seems that's not happening, they are deflecting to other departments within the administration. don lemon suggests we should ease up on the president. take a listen. >> the administration is getting beaten up on this a little too much. there's a lot of blame to go around. you can't get them all out in 5 minutes blooge-we should stop all running around i can't believe -- jillian: there is a lot of blame
1:34 am
to go around including previous administrations for the last 20 years but that being said does that mean we need to ease up and not get every question answered the american people have about this because at the end of the day this comes down to our safety and our relationship with the rest of the world. >> any time there is a big problem that democrats are largely to blame for they want to spread the blame around and say this is something everyone needs to take responsibility for. they did it with the baseball field, republicans in 2017, we are all responsible for the heated rhetoric. the intense polarization of this country. there are certain people responsible for this, we can identify them by party when it is a democrat and in this case the biden harris administration are responsible for a lot of it and in this case all of it. jillian: at the end of the day it did happen on his watch, he made the decision to get our
1:35 am
troops out by august 31st and we saw what happened after that. thank you very much and check out privileged victims on your screen, have a good day. good morning, same thing. >> another flip-flop from doctor fauci redefining what it means to be fully vaccinated. >> i would not be surprised the adequate soul regimen for vaccination will likely be three doses. todd: a group of georgia parents in their fight against school mask mandates all the way to court, talking to them next. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat.
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jillian: doctor anthony fauci says officials are keeping my on the emerging covid variant that is confirmed in 39 countries but doctor fauci says it is not an immediate threat to the us. he spoke about americans needing a booster shot to keep covid at bay. >> from my own experience as an immunologist i would not be
1:40 am
surprised that the adequate soul regimen for vaccination will likely be three doses. >> this comes as the biden administration prepares to be disturbing covid booster shots in a couple weeks. florida governor ron desantis appeals a judge's ruling banning mask mandate from school saying will make it is important parents are given the ability to opt out. right now 13 florida school boards have voted for mask mandates but desantis is confident the decision will be overturned. we to suing public schools after the district mandated masks in schools. sony are the parents taking action, their attorney mitch, thanks to all of you for being here. how did you reach the point you felt compelled to file suit? >> thanks for having us on.
1:41 am
we reached a point for over a year several phone calls with the district members and not getting anywhere with them and serious problems with masks and going to school. >> critics say just where the mass, not a big deal. why is it a big deal for you? >> my son is a 13-year-old special needs child. vista for him to keep a mask on. he has severe adhd. one thing you're paying attention to is your mask, touching it, moving it, his learning in a school setting. todd: how will your kids suffer under a mask mandate? >> i already saw last year my two girls, my older one suffered
1:42 am
anxiety and depression related to the mask and my younger child was born with pressed lips. we spent a lot of money and a lot of medical services to help our daughter breathe efficiently. putting mass, childlike that is cool and doing more harm than good. todd: the response from the district, quote, the school district will event its authority and obligation to follow public health guidance to protect our students and staff. from a legal perspective how does their mandate run afoul of the governor's executive order? >> the governor's executive order removed the school district's authority to issue these mask mandate. our position as they are violating these children's constitutional rights and this
1:43 am
needs to be stopped, torturing these kids from the time they get on the bus they have to wear a mask to the time they get home they wear a mask, that is eight hours even when you are on the playground, these children are suffering, not learning and not wearing masks properly being yelled at. the final thing the masks don't work. 1-time period, the county reported 3046 covid cases, and mask mandate options, 2797, the masks don't work and the other hypocrisy, they held a gala on behalf of the new superintendent where there were no masks, no social distancing, all laughing away, making them wear these masks which is unforgivable. >> it is tough to follow the science when it seems everybody has science to back up the position, not situation. are you getting support from other parents?
1:44 am
>> i have had to reach out outside my normal -- in georgia and other friends that aren't in the state, and the parents involved in this lawsuit, we are dealing with our families. todd: what is your plan if you lose? >> we are looking into private schools, neighboring counties. we will continue to fight here. there are options to pursue this option whether it is the school
1:45 am
system or a school setting or if we have to sell our house. todd: a quick answer, what do you do for your kids if you lose? >> find other educational options, we need school choice and hope the county and state -- the decision school boards are making. >> thanks you for being on the program, keep us posted on the status of your lawsuit. jillian: the biden administration taking action on the border except it is not our border, it is to take a stand. more migrant caravans heading to the us, tom homan joins us live next.
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>> the us border crisis worsens the biden administration getting serious about border security in another country. >> new facilities along afghanistan. some border agents in the us are reacting. >> board of regents who wish to remain anonymous tell fox news it is a slap in the face that
1:50 am
the administration's priorities, one saying with record-setting pace of the million encounters at the southern border it is heartening to see the biden administration getting serious about border security, too bad it is in another country, the plan to secure the border with afghanistan will break ground in 2022, the new facilities for a border service detachment and housing for the troops. hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pour into the us's southern border, video exclusive to fox news shows a tractor-trailer pull up and numerous migrants, when example of how organized human smuggling is at the border. nancy mason says everyone should be mad about what is happening. >> every time someone crosses the border and pay the cartel thousands of dollars, putting that cash in which makes us less safe as a nation. everybody should talk about what is going on at the border.
1:51 am
>> a heartbreaking image emergence of a young girl carrying her younger brother to the desert, the girl and her mother died from the blistering heat and the mexican president asking for more money after the white house was order to reinstate the remain in mexico policy. let's bring in tom homan, show us the photo of a young girl carrying her young brother through the desert as they seek asylum, her mother ended up dying from heat exhaustion. this is devastating and one example we know of, you wonder how many more there are like this. >> 387 migrant deaths on the border which at this pace would be a record. that's one of the reasons i'm so
1:52 am
forceful when i talk about this issue and caught in a screaming contest with congress because they haven't seen what i have seen. i found a lot of dead children, i talked to children as young as 8 raped multiple times by the cartels. i was in back of a tractor-trailer with 19 dead migrants including a 5-year-old boy suffocating to death. this happens every day. these cartels are animals. they don't care about these people, dead or alive and that's why i get angry and emotional, i've seen this for 35 years and that's why i fight so hard to secure the border. if we secure the border you save lives. when donald trump got 80% how many children didn't die, how many pounds of fentanyl did not come across the border and
1:53 am
resulted in overdose deaths, secure border save lives. >> people don't listen to what you are saying. >> talk about reestablishing remain in mexico program. i've been involved in texas lawsuits to reinstate ice priorities, the mexico policy back and all 3 times the administration, they appealed to the decisions, federal judge said you have to secure the border and this administration appealed the decision which is not only a public safety issue and humanitarian crisis. they approve it over and over. >> what does it mean as we pull this up, unaccompanied minors in
1:54 am
fiscal year 2021, up significantly from fiscal year 2020, 32,000, what does this mean? if it is a domino effect, more will come and more will keep coming and these are the warmer months when things typically slow down. >> actions speak louder than words. when you release family groups and unaccompanied children, the government reported yesterday they lost track of 30%, they can't find them. when you have no consequence for bad behavior they keep coming. you get to stay and the healthcare on top of that, this administration actions that cause. >> what do you make of the news
1:55 am
the biden administration wants to secure borders in other countries but what is happening on the southern border? >> i am disgusted, i worked for 6 presidents and respect every one of them. i can't believe i had to retire after 35 years serving the nation and have to suit the current president for failing to do his job, secure the border. he is supposed to protect sovereignty and hasn't done anything to protect our sovereignty as a nation. jillian: thank you for joining us. todd: tribute to the 13 servicemembers killed in the kabul airport attack, 14 flags in several locations around the town honoring one of those fallen heroes, sanchez grew up
1:56 am
in logansport. jillian: carlos jimenez, the american mother who made it out of afghanistan is fighting to get members of her own family out and lara trump joining us in the next hour of "fox and friends first".
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>> friday september 3rd, fox news alert, the biden administration dodging questions refused to elaborate for afghan refugees coming into the us. >> biden's approval rating taking to the list point of his presidency but his allies in the media coming to his defense. >> board of regents call it a slap in the face as the white house works to secure the border of foreign countries but not our own. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: a live look on capitol hill where gop lawmakers demanding answers from president biden on evacuations from afghanistan.


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