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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 31, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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they were under tough restrictions. they did not have the resources they asked for. they completed the mission with what they had and we thank them. >> we'll find out from the commander-in-chief what the final word is this afternoon. see you tomorrow. we've got a great guest tomorrow doing great things and raising a lot of money especially for these families. stay tuned for that. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: president biden made a promise to the american people but hundreds of americans have been left behind in afghanistan. despite the president's vow to keep american troops there until everyone could get out. i'm hair use faulkner. he is expected to address the nation today. so far his only words have been per press release. ahead of today's august 31 deadline, the last u.s. troops vacated kabul's airport yesterday marking the end to a
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preventable, hasty and dangerous exit from that country. the biden administration says it will now work with the taliban to get any remaining americans out. >> we're no longer on the ground in afghanistan to facilitate that kind of safe passage. it doesn't mean the administration or government is going to turn a blind eye to try to help them get home. we're heartbroken we weren't able to get every single one of them out before the end of the month but the environment bass definitely changing in a more dangerous tilt the last couple of days and we just couldn't do it. we'll stay committed. >> harris: this development. fox news hearing from anguished students at the american university in kabul who tried to get out but they were turned away at the airport. >> nightmare right now. there is no hope for future under the taliban. we are really scared. we have no hope.
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we are hopeless. >> all the dreams have shattered through the blink of an eye actually. the developments, the advancements throughout the 20 years have gone in vain and nobody knows what the future holds for us. >> harris: in focus senator tom cotton member of armed services and intelligence committees and himself a veteran of the afghanistan war. general keith kellogg who served as national security advisor to vice president pence and president trump and retired marine bomb technician and afghan veteran joey jones. we begin the hour at the white house north lawn with peter doocy. peter, do we know if the statement from the president will be just that or do we anticipate him taking questions this time? >> not sure yet, harris. over the last couple of weeks the president told us what he was going to do and it's different than what ultimately happened. >> president biden: and if
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there is american citizens left, we'll stay until we get them all out. >> now president biden says i have asked the secretary of state to lead the continued coordination with our international partners to insure safe passage for any americans. afghan partners and foreign nationals who want to leave afghanistan. the administration claims there are between 100 and 200 american citizens left in the country and they are starting now to use a word they scoffed at just last week, stranded. >> like the way we do it elsewhere. we have americans that get stranded in countries all the time and do everything we can to try to facilitate safe passage. >> i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. >> officials think afghan civilians need aid in the future and hinting at conversations with the taliban. they claimed they don't trust and don't negotiate with and
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don't believe are good guys. critics on capitol hill are furious. >> every statement from beginning to end of this was a lie. right up until the last statements of secretary blinken who should be one of the ones held accountable in addition to others should be removed immediately. >> the vice president just went up to the senate for a few minutes to gavel in on a house-approved bill that will give $10 million to afghan refugees as they try to resettle in this country. we expect to hear from president biden early this afternoon. >> harris: we have a senator coming up. i'll ask him about the vice president's visit. thank you. the "new york post" out with this blistering headline. joe biden brings a dishonorable end to america's longest war. this reaction from andy card who served as chief of staff to president george w. bush and played a central role in developing post 9/11 intelligence strategies. >> i hope we continue to keep the promise we made to bring
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everybody out of there that we wanted to. all of the americans definitely. but all of those others who helped our servicemen and women and our intelligence community during the war anterior we still have a chance to keep the promise to let them get out and we'll try to do that. but i'm on this roller coaster, frustrated. i think we're getting out too quickly and kept bagram as a base of operations to be a conscience for the world. >> harris: senator tom cotton member of the senate armed services and intelligence committee. also a veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars. good to have you in focus today, senator. i will start with the vice president inside the senate. that detail just coming to us from peter doocy. >> it's very rare, harris. normally the vice president only present sides over tie votes or highly consequenceal votes. this is an example of the biden
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administration recognizing this is a debacle that will reverberate for many, many years to come not just in afghanistan but in relation to our adversaries around the world. they're trying to put a happy face on and trying to spin it for domestic political purposes. most americans realize joe biden is responsible for the fiasco we've seen in the last three weeks in afghanistan. >> harris: there has been much talk about how to get the remaining americans and afghan citizens who helped our american military out for years and years. how we get them out of their safely. you heard the pentagon spokesperson john kirby saying we're heartbroken but committed. first of all, is that enough? >> no, harris, it is not. it's nice to be heartbroken. better committed to getting everyone out like joe biden said he was. he promised the taliban america would leave by august 31. joe biden promised american citizens in afghanistan he would stay until goat them out.
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when the rubber hit the road, joe biden kept his promise to the taliban and broke his promise to americans. >> harris: what else is not true in this situation? we're looking at the details of those who want to come home now and so are we left to believe in your estimation -- you sit on such important committees. you are looking at the details of this. some you can share and some you can't. you helped people get back from there recently. are we left to believe that people want to be there? we're talking to people who really want to come home. a couple of american university in kabul students today just as an example. >> i think this is an example of the biden administration saying who will you believe, us or your lying eyes and ears? the young men and women who have been working around the clock in my offices and other congressional offices trying to get americans out. we were on the phone as recently as sunday and
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yesterday with american citizens and green card holders as well trying to get them into the airport. these are not people who wanted to stay in afghanistan. now, of the hundreds that we've left behind, thousands when you add in green card holders probably, some of them may want to stay, yes, i'm sure a handful may want to stay but if that is a fig leaf behind which the biden administration is hiding to break the promise to citizens in afghanistan that we would stay until we got them out. we didn't do that and it's shameful. >> harris: the father of a fallen marine, jared schmitt, on his meeting with president biden. let's watch. >> i wasn't going to meet with him but i felt i owed it to my son to have words with him about how i felt. it didn't go well. he talked a bit more about his own son than he did my son and that didn't sit well with me.
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>> harris: he wasn't even going to meet with him but decided to. what is your reaction? >> i would not want to criticize any gold star mom or dad or husband or wife who just lost a loved one overseas and i can understand the frustration of all those gold star families because that attack didn't just happen on joe biden's watch. it happened as a direct result of joe biden's decisions. the decisions to withdraw in such a disorganized, ill-planned, chaotic fashion. i would not criticize or comment on any gold star families perceptions of the meeting with the president or anyone else. i think they have earned the right through the ultimate sacrifice paid by their family members to say their peace of mind to anyone they want. >> harris: our audience knows, you and i have been together on a memorial day on the air in the past that your job at arlington national cemetery was one helping families in this type of crisis. what exactly would you say and we'll move on to the next topic
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after this but i don't want to miss the opportunity to get your wisdom on this point. >> well, the 13 families who lost loved ones last week it is a terrible as -- atrocity. it was totally avoidable. they should be very proud of what their sons and daughters and husbands and wives were doing trying to protect innocent americans and save their countrymen. i have said that to many of the gold star families who lost other troops over the last 20 years is that we had a tremendous success in afghanistan for 20 years. that country was not used as a planning and launching for attacks against americans. they should be proud. they are deeply dismayed by what they've seen over the last three weeks. >> harris: the crisis is afghanistan is raising concerns about what happens at home and keeping the rest of us safe with many people pointing to major security concerns along our southern border with mexico.
8:11 am
house minority leader kevin mccarthy on "the faulkner focus" reiterated the need to protect our border citing other terrorists who have been nabbed by immigration officials and raised concerns about who could be among the unvetted refugees fleeing afghanistan. >> the president opened up our border that earlier this year we have caught numerous people already on the terrorist watch list from yemen. so when you have release those prisoners out of bagram, where do we think they want to come? every crisis that has come before this administration they've failed. >> harris: senator cotton, your reaction. >> well, it's amazing we are turning away afghans that served alongside our troops over the last 20 years who had american soldiers and veterans voufpg for them at the airport in kabul. if they can find a way to get the mexico we would wave them right through. that's the biden administration policy. i do have grave concerns that afghanistan will once again
8:12 am
become what it was before 9/11, a safe haven and sanctuary for foreign terrorists to launch attacks against americans. i know the biden administration touted an over the horizon terrorism capability. it's more like over the rainbow. the idea that we'll effectively be able to gather intelligence without even an embassy in kabul and launch effective attacks against high-level terrorists as opposed to low level planners or facilitators as happened last week is mostly a fantasy. i think anyone in the department of defense or intelligence agencies would tell you the same thing. >> harris: if the administration touted look what they did with the hits on isis-k. >> we still had a military presence in afghanistan until yesterday. afghanistan is a uniquely threatening place. it is hundreds of miles away from the ocean.
8:13 am
very few friendly neighbors on its borders willing to facilitate our operations. that's not the case with any other country like yemen, somalia or syria. military has other presences on the ground and easy access. how will we collect the intelligence not just on planners or facilitators but high level terrorist masterminds? the kind of intelligence we developed over 20 years to allow us an attack coming from afghanistan. it is not going to happen. afghanistan is once again going to become a safe haven and harder to keep americans safe from attacks originating in afghanistan. >> harris: we are talking about al qaeda and any other of those blood thirsty terrorists who squat in afghanistan until they can hit us. we pray that doesn't happen. senator cotton, thank you very much for your time today. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: the gulf coast picking up the pieces even today after ida.
8:14 am
there is rising water forcing crews to use boats to save people. fox news told millions of people could be without electrical power for weeks and it is hot down there. we're on the ground in new orleans. and this. >> the american confidence in this administration's ability to keep us safe at least mine for sure is weakened at this point in time and understanding whether or not they will keep this country safe and secure. >> harris: the taliban celebrating america's withdrawal from afghanistan. u.s. central command said the taliban were helpful to the u.s. at the end. retired lieutenant general keith kellogg says you should know the truth.
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>> the water was literally doing this. i'm not exaggerating. this water was flowing so fast. i thank god we survived. my mom and dad -- >> a lot of emotion as you can see on the gulf coast. the devastation from what is now tropical depression ida. i wish she would just go away. category 4 and still dealing with it. this is what it looks like when you are dealing with that kind of monster storm. a million people still without electrical power. it is very hot down there and they may not get it back for weeks. the heavy rain from the powerful storm has brought so much flooding throughout the area that water rescue efforts are now underway again. jeff paul is in new orleans with the latest. jeff. >> harris, if this was a normal day in new orleans no way i would stand where i am now.
8:21 am
there would be a streetcar coming at us, lots of vehicles and tons of people. with this being canal street. it will not be a normal day for new orleans for quite some time with the power still being out. likely won't be fully restored for maybe a couple of weeks. that's despite the round the clock efforts from crews that are trying to get this community as well as surrounding communities hard hift by hurricane ida back on their feet. they are running into a lot of obstacles as well not only downed trees but floodwaters that refuse to recede and some people are still stuck. you think about how fast the storm moved through. some people had to go to their attic to get away from the floodwaters or on top of their roofs. you go around louisiana for a little bit and talk to some of these people and they are incredibly resilient. >> it is just a stress to an already stressful life. we love it down there and we'll stay and rebuild.
8:22 am
>> with no electricity you have to think there are no businesses operating and with no people here to be inside these businesses the concern for looting is only elevated. the mayor addressing that saying simply that if you are caught we'll lock you up. police are also out here doing patrols to make sure that doesn't happen. if they catch anyone they say it is a felony. harris. >> harris: thank you very much. we head northeast of new orleans to slidell, louisiana. boats are making water rescues still. the flooding brought a surprising guest to the area. have you seen this video? it is a dolphin swimming in a slidell neighborhood yesterday. what i understand -- i'll ask the mayor about this. there may have been other creatures in the water the dolphin was trying to escape from. let's get the story and what's
8:23 am
going on with the people of slidell. we have a mayor with us. thank you for being in focus. >> thank you. good to be with you today. >> harris: first of all let's talk about what's most important here the safety of your people. how is everybody doing? >> we still have probably 3/4s of our community without power. we have both hospitals powered up at this time and working to get our nursing homes and elder care centers back up as quickly as possible. there is a little commerce. a few of the major stores have brought in generators and we're starting to open up a few grocery stores today. gas stations have opened up with generators and believe it or not waffle house and pizza hut. last night the lines at waffle house and pizza hut were 25 and 30 cars deep. people were tired of eating their own cooking for the past three or four days and ready to
8:24 am
get something different. >> harris: if they could even do that, right? >> yes, ma'am. we experienced hurricane warnings sunday night, tornado warnings sunday night and into monday morning and then yesterday afternoon we had heat advisory warnings from the national service. it is one good report after another from the weather service. it just compounds. like you said earlier on the lead-in, please just go away, ida, we've had enough. we've had a few rain bands come through last night from the storm. still. and the one good thing about that today is that it is a little breezy down here. we will have 93 degree temperatures but there is a little breeze blowing with 80% humidity. >> harris: you can't see these pictures but as you were saying that we did just show a little video as i understand it was from earlier today that you
8:25 am
could see the trains just breezing in the wind. not hurricane-like winds so you welcome those with a little reprise from the hot weather. four to feet feet of water in every neighborhood and 100,000, slidell area is a pretty good size. some parts of new orleans are not allowing people to go back to their homes. what's the situation where you are? that's a lot of water. >> we encourage people to get into their homes and start the cleanup process. if you did have flooding, you know, we want you to get in and sanitize those facilities, pull out the wet carpeting, the wet sheetrock, insulation, things of that nature and start spraying bleachs to kill any mold so people can start putting their lives back together. we're open and ready and we have officers patrolling the streets to assure that we don't
8:26 am
have any looting situations. haven't heard of any of that yet. the bigger problems for us are traffic from people that are trying to get back into their homes and get to the stores that are open. >> harris: that's a blessing you have had some areas where the water is receding. that is progress. i don't want to make light of this because i'm from the sourkts too and i know how it can be with a gator and you heed those signs don't feed them. so is this as much a problem as we're reading about? the dolphin situation, something was chasing the dolphin and other reports of gators in the water. what is the reality? >> well, we live in a swamp here in our area essentially, you know. we live amongst the animals and creatures that inhabit the swamps and yes, there are alligators in our bayous and lakes all around us. whenever they get moved from their homes by high water or
8:27 am
they search for food, they end up in places that they interact with human population. we've had it happen before. we have animal patrol officers that handle that but, you know, i jokingly told sarah last night when we were talking that the dolphin was probably being chased by an alligator in the bayou. but we do have one instance of we are pretty certain an alligator did attack an individual. they don't attack by nature but an alligator did grab an individual that was in the water doing something on his property where he was flooded and he was about knee deep in the water and we know that he was attacked, got into tried to find him and we haven't been able to find the gentleman yet. >> dana: i read about the police investigation. the man's wife told the sheriff's deputies she tried to
8:28 am
gab him out and see where he went into the water near the gator. you hear these things and you don't have all the details but mayor chromeer of slidell, louisiana are giving us details we didn't know. we hope for the best with the man. his wife telling the story it didn't sound like he got out. thank you for giving us a window in the world what it will take to come back. blessings to you. be safe. >> thank you very much, harris. from ida to this other because they are catastrophic events particularly for the gold star families simultaneously unfolding. we move back to afghanistan now. i was telling you about the taliban reveling in victory as the final troops left afghanistan after midnight afghanistan local time. [gunfire]
8:29 am
>> harris: the taliban celebrating. they took over the airport. despite major concerns centcom commander mckenzie praised the terror group for their help. >> i can tell you about what the taliban has done. they established a firm perimeter outside of the airfield to prevent people from coming on the airfield during our departure. we worked that with them a number of days. they did not have direct knowledge of our time of departure. we chose to keep that information very restricted but they were actually very helpful and useful to us as we closed down operations. >> harris: lieutenant general keith kellogg is co-chairman from afpi, a former national security advisor to vice president pence and president trump and now a fox news contributor. thank you for being in focus today. i said the truth matters.
8:30 am
you've said it, too. what are some truths we need to know about our departure that are important to the american people. >> harris, thanks for having me. there is a lot to unpack in this whole departure in the last few weeks out there. i remember the charles dickens novel tale of two cities the opening lines it was the best of times and the worst of times. i think one of the worst of times right now because what you are seeing is an adjuncts departure. a debacle of historic proportions happening in afghanistan and what happened with us. i have to address what general mckenzie said. i don't know why he would say that. people need to remember the taliban was responsible for external security outside the perimeter of the air fee.d allowed a suicide bomber to come in and kill 13 servicemen. don't forget that. we shouldn't forget about the accountability going forward with this, either.
8:31 am
i wouldn't give any credit at all to the taliban at all. to me they are still the enemy. >> harris: you know, i've been following social media, the former military members i'm close to through my dad mainly who served and i've been watching their words. they're close to you. don't get confused about who we are dealing with here. we still have americans there who we're talking to, they want to come home. >> yeah. you know, what's bothersome to me is that we had a date certain. 31 august and we were out of there. but the president of the united states what, a week ago on abc news said we would move the date if there were still americans there. we have admitted there are still americans there. we have admitted there are still allies there, people who were interpreters for us for over 20 years. and it is just shocking to me we had a date certain and we would walk out the door and left them at the hands of the taliban.
8:32 am
the taliban are not friendly people. we've been fighting them for 20 years. trying to kill them successfully i might say and then this debacle you watch unfold. we walked away from the battlefield and allies. more importantly we walked away from americans. even if there was just one american we should not have left them there. >> harris: do you trust the qatari government to help us out dealing with the taliban? they're the closest to the taliban. i don't know what that means. will they really do that do you think? >> well, to me it's been pretty good from the qataris. they have been helping us through the negotiation and friendly to the united states of america. harris, it won't happen. they won't help get them out. we'll have to figure on our own how to get the people out. we left ourselves in a terrible position that we've left americans behind. what bothers me is i would make
8:33 am
a prediction we'll see really horrific stories coming out of afghanistan. these people that are sitting there in afghanistan. these people we have been fighting for 20 years have a different way of looking at life than we do. we better be prepared for the worst. >> harris: most importantly they have a different way at looking at death than we do and they want us for us. the taliban said that even as they were so-called helping us and being useful aquoerding to general mckenzie. so much experience shared in focus. the war over covid mandates enters a new stage. a governor is following through on his promise to withhold money from school districts. the lingering outrage over the falling u.s. service members in kabul as well as gold star families rip president biden's behavior at the ceremony at dover. where the flag draped coffins of their sons and daughters
8:34 am
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>> harris: president biden appearing to check his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony. two of the dads at the ceremony told sean hannity that watch check happened more than once. >> in reference to the checking of his watch, that didn't happen just once. that happened on every single one that came out of that airplane. it happened on every single one of them. they would release the salute and he would look down at his watch on every last one. all 13. >> actually leaned into my son's mother's ear and i said i
8:40 am
swear to god if he checks his watch one more time. that was only four times in. i couldn't look at him anymore after that. just considering especially the time and why we were there it was i found to be the most disrespectful thing i've ever seen. >> harris: the image of biden looking at his watch during that ceremony that cameras caught is on the front page of the "new york post" today with the headline dishonor. joey jones, retired marine bomb technician and afghanistan veteran. fox news contributor, fox nation hope and friend of "the faulkner focus". you hear from two different dads, two different locations about something that they had in common. reaction to the watch check. >> you know, we always say there is the difference between perception and reality. when you say that, what matters is perception, not reality.
8:41 am
it's our responsibility to not present a message even if it's not what we intend. i can't tell you if he was checking his watch or see well enough to read the hands on his watch. i don't know. i just don't know what joe biden does with his watch. he obviously was doing the motion of checking his watch. i saw it and as soon as i saw it i paused the tv and thought overly critical. i'm upset with him anyway. i pick up twitter and all over twitter. millions of other people saw it. you know, i would love to say i'm surprised but i'm not. i'm disgusted and just don't understand, then he goes and starts talking about the loss of his own son and i hate that. my heart broke for him when it happened but it is almost likes he wants to equate that to the sons and daughters lost on the battlefield. it is a strange way of presenting yourself as the commander-in-chief. the person who ordered those men and women onto the
8:42 am
battlefield who died and sacrificed. a very strange way to present yourself to the people that you should be on your knees kissing their heads. instead you check your watch and talking about your own sacrifice. i think it just shows how disconnected either through old age or maybe he has just always been that way. i'm 35 years old. he was a politician a decade before i was born. i don't know what he was like back then but he isn't great at connecting with folks today, i can tell you that. >> harris: as you were talking and giving plausible other things that could have happened i was thinking if there is even the possibility it is just a nervous tick, whatever it is. isn't anybody around this man to say don't wear your watch to the ceremony. that's what we do for each other. i know my military dependent back ground comes from a dad who would do that for his soldiers and what they would do for him.
8:43 am
>> exactly. it's distasteful. you have -- you are the leader. you have a team of people who are around just to make sure you don't have lint on your jacket and they can't help you not check your watch when dead bodies are rolling off an airplane? i don't want to exacerbate the pain and rage felt by gold star families. they should be given a lot of grace right now and we shouldn't take their words and use it to attack politicians. i'm not tiptoe but be respectful but as someone who has had to go to a lot of funerals at arlington, someone texting with a gold star daughter five minutes before this hit i have my own rage at this. i am upset and i think he should be better than that. better than that in a lot of ways. >> harris: we'll put up at my request, team, the hotline number for military veterans. military leaders in ohio have sent a message to veterans, joey. it is something that we talk
8:44 am
about on the program previous to the loss we suffered with the 13 in afghanistan and all that's played out there. but veterans who are feeling frustrated and challenged by this time, here is that from a major general. >> even the toughest warriors sometimes need to take a knee and get a drink of water. and that applies mentally, too. sometimes the emotional and mental burden becomes too heavy and we have to take a knee and ask for help. there is no shame in that. particularly in light of the current events that we see unfolding. >> harris: joey. >> i appreciate your words. the veterans i know are inspired by generals they see walk across the parade deck and inspired by the small unit leaders that we fought alongside that truly understand our own experience and actually shed blood on these battlefields. i'm not diminishing the general.
8:45 am
that's not what i mean. those are the people i hope speak up are the staff ncos that led troops on the battlefield and junior officers. i hope they check in with their troops and the american people need to understand something, i lost my brother and my legs in 2010. we understood in 2012. it wasn't to win the war. it was undermined by 2014. this is a fight internally we've had for a long time. most of us understood we lost the war 10 years ago because the political will in this country was not to keep a pressure there and win the war in the sense of what we were told we were trying to do. destroy the taliban. so the politics have been the tail wagging the dog on the battlefield. i hope the american people take that lesson to heart when we are electing leaders and listening to the narrative. it was pretty hurtful to see mike pompeo stand next to a taliban leader and have
8:46 am
president obama send 40,000 of us to afghanistan to pull us back in time to lose the fight so he could get an election and claim victory. this is not new. it has happened with every administration. president biden just took it to the next level and some of us got killed on the way out. it was unnecessary. >> harris: joey jones, thank you very much. we'll keep that crisis line up as we go out into this next topic. appreciate you. god bless you. >> thank you. >> harris: coming up the biden administration entering the battle over school mask mandates next. the five states being targeted with civil rights investigations now. would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first.
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8:52 am
house advisor for communications and richard fowler. mercedes, your top line thoughts on this. >> first of all i wish the mask mandates and vaccine mandates wouldn't become a political issue as we've seen happen here in our country. secondly, when you are looking at the fact that these federal agencies investigating these states because of the mask mandates, i don't think it's their business. they should be investigating for example critical race theory and the indoctrination of the left in these schools. i think you have to leave the mask mandates to the local districts and to the states for them to best determine what is best for their students and, harris, make sure you include the parents in the discussion. let the parents opt out. let the parents have options whether they have their child in person or virtual, whether they believe there should be a mask mandate or mask optional. >> harris: richard.
8:53 am
>> thanks for having me. i agree with mercedes. there shouldn't be politics into the importance of wearing masks in schools. if you look at the data, in july we had almost zero young people. when i say young people ages 11 and under in hospitals. today that number has increased 500% because of the delta variant and rsv another virus moving around. as our kids return to school it is worth pointing out that these masks can help prevent that and slow the spread because we can't get the young people vaccinations. on top of that we should have a conversation have we insured that every school in this country has the proper ventilation system? understand many of the school infrastrk tour buildings are old and the biden american rescue plan put billions of dollars in it so school districts and states across the country could update ventilation to insure our children are safe as they are learning in person in the classroom. >> harris: i'm glad you mentioned rsv.
8:54 am
mercedes, you have many children, i have young kids, too. and that is important to note because we are seeing it because people did take off their masks now. you have all the people around little ones and they haven't seen anyone after the lockdowns, the summer doctors warned there is more out there than covid. the mask wearing they argue help. we have to receive what the science says about that. what about the money and desantis defunding a portion as he said he would if you put these mandates in place, the school district may see some funds disappear. what do you say? >> let's just start with the federal government giving a lot of money to these different school districts. a large percentage of those funds that have yet to be used by the school districts. look, i'm not in favor of necessarily taking away money from the schools but we have to make sure that the schools are using the funding in the right way like richard said, better ventilation systems, making sure the teachers want to get vaccinated that they get
8:55 am
vaccinated but none of this just throw out money to solve a problem. make sure you are holding them accountable in the proper se.s i think for governor desantis his whole point is we have this parents' bill of rights. that's allowing the parents to take charge of their children's healthcare and education. that's the priority. >> harris: we hear it. to you both. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" after the break. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we only serve those who honorably served. all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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>> fox news alert: on the new era of taliban control in afghanistan. the group using gunfire to celebrate its victory after the last american service member boarded this final plane out of afghanistan. all this while critics slam president biden for leaving u.s. citizens


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