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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 31, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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california, go to, all for charity and made in the usa which we love. i want you to remember america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes all the magic from here. make sure you watch. >> american citizens left, we will stay until we get them out. >> the situation wouldn't allow it. >> august 3, '01, president biden breaking his promise to leave troops in afghanistan until all-americans were evacuated from the country. laura: the last united states soldier exiting couple while hundreds of americans and thousands of allies remain stranded intel a man occupied territory. you are watching "fox and
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friends first" on tuesday morning. look at that. let's go to this fox news alert, in couple overnight the taliban celebrates the last us soldier leaving afghanistan. ashley: we learn more than 100 americans have been left behind and we fear the numbers much higher. >> reporter: after two decades us troops left afghanistan, the last soldier to leave, major general chris donahue commander of the 80 second airborne division seen boarding the last c-17 out of couple, the withdrawal finished 20 hours after the deadline that military leaders are already admitting some have been left behind. >> there's a lot of heartbreak associated with this approach,
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we did not that get everybody out we wanted but had we stayed another 10 years we wouldn't have gotten everybody out. there still would have been people who were disappointed with that. >> reporter: anthony blinken insisting the us won't abandon those still in afghanistan. >> the welfare of americans is most vital and enduring mission. they want us safer knowing to week or month or a year they reach out and say i changed my mind, we will help them leave. our commitment to them has no deadline. >> reporter: as us troops moved out heavily on taliban moved in to inspect what was left, the white house dodging a question on whether the administration turned down an offer to secure couple. >> the taliban offered to stay out of couple unless united states forces told them about the airport? is that accurate?
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>> i've not seen this report. i would have to look at it. >> reporter: hundreds of pieces military equipment left behind, the military insisting it hasn't and sure they will ever be used again. neil: president biden set to address the nation 24 hours after troops left afghanistan as members of congress fear the us is at risk ahead of the 9/11 anniversary. >> reporter: this afternoon president biden will explain why he did not extend the end of america's longest war, he depend on his joint chiefs say they believe the ending our military mission was the best way to protect the lives of our troops and secure the prospect of civilian departures for those who want to leave afghanistan in the weeks and months ahead. this photo shows the last
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servicemember to leave kabul but not the last american. the embassy closed their doors, writing to those still in the country, quote, make contingency plans to leave when it is safe to do so that do not rely on us government assistance. president biden said two weeks ago -- >> president biden: we will do everything in our power to get all-americans out and our allies out. >> you committed to making sure the troops stay until every american who wants to be out is out? >> president biden: yes. if there are american citizens left we will stay until we get them out. >> reporter: both parties have harshly criticized the president for his rush to leave by today. >> we should have gotten the civilians out sooner. >> a disaster for american credibility and a disaster for counterterrorism as we head into the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 we are less safe. >> reporter: the pentagon says number of americans left behind are in the low hundreds, the
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state department says closes 100. house republicans want a bill that would require the administration to give updates on those americans and plans for evacuation. neil: a fundamental role of government is to protect its citizens and the biden administration did exactly the opposite. they left our people stranded and potentially to die. this arbitrary august 31st deadline was so important to this white house but it broke its promise to leave, do not leave until every american was out. you heard the general admitting a few hundred although that number everything we heard from people that are a spokesperson from the pentagon or someone directly at the pentagon says that number is way higher. jillian: jennifer griffin was on the apps the news broke that the last americans had departed afghanistan and the aircraft was
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leaving afghanistan and i teared up a little bit watching it. it was really powerful and she talked about the cost of war, 2451 americans were killed, 13 in the last week, 20,000 american servicemembers wounded fighting against the taliban over the course of these 20 years. 6000 americans were evacuated since august 14th but the fact remain, according to anthony blinken between 100 and 200 americans still in afghanistan. those are the people we know about, at 3:29 east coast time yesterday. listen to what fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin had to say. >> i was shocked the president released a paper statement, he said he would speak to the nation tomorrow but a paper statement i find very strange.
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the secretary of state's statement which was videotaped looks like a hostage video. not the production values you would expect from such a moment in time. >> now we look ahead. what comes next. this is a disaster for american credibility, a disaster for counterterrorism. we had a private discussion, that's what i am concerned about, 330 million of us in the united states, they club med for terrorism in afghanistan, terrorists can come from all over the world, join up, coordinate, figure things out. a special ops guy, always around the area, this could affect this at home and in the greater issue
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of american credibility, american strength the world. if you have relied on this notion of american strength do you have it on august 31st? >> i've listened to numerous goldstar families talking over the last 24 hours, can't imagine the strength it takes to be able to present yourself on national television and talk about what is happened when you've been informed you've lost your son or daughter. take a listen. >> in reference to checking his watch, that didn't happen just once. that happened on every single one that came out of that airplane. he looked down at his watch. >> i leaned into my son's mother's year and said i swear to god if he checks his watch one more time, four times in i
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couldn't look at him anymore after that. just considering the timing, why we were there. >> you saw the video the president appeared to be checking his watch multiple times and those two fathers you just heard from felt offended by that. >> the most unconscionable part of this most unconscionable story we've seen play out in real time over the last three weeks, it is befuddling, mindnumbing that he would check that watch when these individuals lost 20-year-olds. they were 20 years old, they were in funds when 9/11 happened and when you think about the bravery and courage that not only those individuals you see
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on your screen abbott their parents to come on and talk about them when the wounds are so fresh. it is unbelievable they had that strength to honor their fallen children. jillian: one thing we have to remember it is not just the servicemembers, the family serve as well and that is something you can't forget because the families of these 13, these wonderful heroic 13 are now left in shambles for the rest of their lives devastated by what has happened in the last few weeks. >> there's other news on this tuesday. officials fearing the death toll will continue to rise as search and rescue crews mobilize across louisiana and mississippi. jillian: the video so the aftermath from what was a category 4 hurricane. steve bender is live in lafayette, louisiana with a look at the destruction. >> the death toll is continuing to rise from hurricane i do. overnight we go to mississippi where highway 26, just outside loosedeal collapsed, the scope
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two and injured 10 others, this is something we will continue to track for you, state troopers on both sides of the collapse, emergency crews still on the scene searching for survivors and this is something we are battling with her again i as we know the two people have died in louisiana and another died in mississippi earlier yesterday, leading up to hurricane ida the biggest question is when the levees hold up in new orleans, they did hold up in the crescent city but in other areas the levees did not hold up to the 10 to 12 foot storm surge and high water rescues are still ongoing. >> somebody tells me sometimes you live on the water and some days the water lives on you. unfortunately this is a situation where the water is living on them but they have a great quality-of-life down here, these fishing communities, we want to make sure we can protect their livelihood and a great place to live in south louisiana. >> without power this is difficult to execute these rescues.
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we made our way out there yesterday and this was an area that was hit directly by the eye wall and you can see the massive wind damage, everyone was without power and cell service as of this morning, in louisiana million people without power, the state of mississippi, 60,000 without power and so we moved back to lafayette where we are reporting from because we have power, later this afternoon, the cajun navy continues those rescue missions and we hope to pass along those stories and that is what we will try to do. jillian: meantime, president biden breaks his promise to bring every american home before withdraw all troops from afghanistan. todd: the 36 year army veteran will tell us what happened now
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to allies left behind.
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jillian: a fox news alert 90 retired military generals demanding defensive austin and
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joint chiefs of staff mark resigned over afghanistan. >> the us military leaders right that austin and millie should have done everything in their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal including resigning in protest if the president ignored their warnings. >> ronnie jackson and former army general, the last united states soldier exiting kabul while hundreds of americans and thousands of allies remain stranded intel and occupied territory. >> a small number of americans under 200, might be closer to 100 who remain in afghanistan. we worked to relocate afghans who worked alongside us. we've gotten many out but many are still there. >> what happens now? to discuss is gerald kean and his afghan interpreter who served beside our troops for five years, thanks for your amazing service. what do the next 24 hours look
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like in afghanistan? >> thank you for having me and sharing our story. the next 24 hours probably to me is critical americans still on the ground and afghan interpreters who helped us during our war there for the last 20 years. to try to get out of afghanistan is going to be very hard and the next 24 hours will be very critical to keep them alive. jillian: so many people there. we don't want to show rahim's face and only using his first name because he has family in afghanistan. you were an interpreter for 5 years, you have a wife and 5 children, you are out of afghanistan trying to get to the united states. tell me how lucky you feel to
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have gotten out of afghanistan is what the struggles like and what happened to those who are still there? >> good morning, thanks for your time. the pool were -- who applied, there are illegible land documents because tell the people i'm in contact with them, that they help us and waiting to get their visa and bring some of the people, they are not eligible so the people who are in danger, because they served with the u.s. army on the front lines like interpreters. i know many of them just left
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behind and it is very dangerous for them and it is critical to cut their losses, all of them, they are thinking we are left behind, 24 months, things will come to a head but unfortunately they lost their home but thinking we're done with our lives because right now, under taliban control, one by one, everyone and each individual in real time to get out from afghanistan and i'm here with my family. i'm not arguing with this decision but they were supposed to bring only the suvs, they didn't get the opportunity to get those people who were eligible, served 3 years
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shoulder by shoulder, coalition forces especially the army, they lifted them behind. >> i hear what you are saying, it is hard to hear you say they lost their hopes yesterday. first argentine. i want to ask you how important the interpreters are and have been to this 20 year war. would you have been able to do your job if it weren't for them and how devastating is it for you to hear him say they have lost hope now? >> none of us would have been able to do our mission without these interpreters and these young men who stood up for our country, what we promised them when we recruited them when we went in 20 years ago.
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the devastation over there is overwhelming. what the families and to get regime, my interpreter out is a blessing in disguise. god has answered our prayers and our mission is not complete. we have one more step to go, to get into the united states and we will continue that mission until it is complete. neil: tell and has said they will allow normal travel now that the us is out, do you trust that promise? >> no, sir. >> if i can follow up with you do you trust that promise? >> no, actually not. with each individual, they put their names in the last 20 years, they are putting all of this on the interpreters.
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they are saying because of the interpreters, what they are putting on it, very hard, difficult for me i don't think gaining their trust but we hope so. jillian: we are so grateful that you were able to make it out with your family. thanks for coming on and bringing both of your stories to us and thank you both for your service and what you have done, thank you. 23 minutes after the hour. rescue missions underway after ida tears to the southeast leaving 1 million people without power and desperate for help. todd: convoy of hope is answering their calls for help. we are talking to someone on the ground there next.
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>> breaking overnight two people dead and 10 more hurt after a bridge collapses in george county, after heavy rain from item. todd: near the alabama state line they gave away. a road giving way. >> janice: there is always a delayed reaction tracking a storm making landfall and sometimes you have to wait a couple days to see what the big impact is going to be. when you have millions of people without power and it is really hot in louisiana that is a big story if they don't get the power back on in the next couple days. this is tropical depression ida. we are not done yet even though it is not really a tropical system, it is a remnant low. we see heavy rainfall for millions of folks in heavily
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populated neighborhoods are looking at some of the rainfall totals, 15 inches in parts of louisiana and even new orleans got a photo and wind gusts 172 miles per hour as the storm made landfall on sunday, tornado reports, still threat for tornadoes as the system moves northeastward so there's your elevated threat in the florida panhandle, alabama, georgia and even towards the carolinas and the flooding is going to impact areas across the midsouth, ohio valley, tennessee valley all the way to the northeast and i'm concerned about tennessee 17 inches of rainfall last weekend that wasn't even tropical system, this might cause a lot of problems for a lot of people, their saturated ground. we will continue to monitor it. >> it is impacting louisiana the south, officials warning the death toll will likely rise even more as rescue efforts continue. joining me to discuss his effort
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to save lives, vice president of convoy of hope, thank you for being here. now that you've had time to assess, how bad is where you are. >> it is bad and slowly getting better. our problem right now is roads, getting into hard-hit areas. we knew this was going to be a major response, we brought 19 emergency disaster response vehicles down and it is difficult for us sometimes to get into the roads as trees and power lines are down with our big vehicle so we've done is consolidate some of our responses into smaller vehicles to get into areas that are hard-hit. we are taking supplies and helping people who desperately need the help. >> your governor in louisiana with a pessimistic prediction. take a listen. >> i'm certain if the day goes
1:31 am
on we will forward this is working. the information today that i fully expect the confirmed of total to go up considerably. >> you explain the logistics to us about how you get your resources in position but what specifically does your organization do on a day in and day out basis when a tragedy like this unfolds to save lives? >> we been doing this the last 18 plus years, disasters is one of the things convoy of hope specializes. last week when i was in a disaster area a convoy of hope and our people were looking at the storm saying this is going to be a major storm, we played a major response that's why we are here with 19 large vehicles and supplies the people need. following a disaster people need the very basics to survive, sustainability. sustainability is what it is about. what we are here with is food,
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water, emergency supplies, medical supplies, hygiene kits people need to get by today and get through tomorrow and also the hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day than today. they need to get through today which for a lot of people could be the worst day of their life for the second worst day of their life after they just lost their house or entire worklife yesterday. >> it's about keeping a bad situation from getting worse, you were there for a number of years following katrina. how long could convoy of hope be there in response to ida? >> we knew this was going to be a major disaster. we are here to help the people as long as we can help the people. we do when we move in his help as many people for as long as we
1:33 am
can. we asked for donations and that is how we get it done. we plan to be here for a long time. this is looking like a large response in the amount of time it takes to get into some of the hard-hit areas tells you how catastrophic the storm was. todd: convoy of hope is the organization. best of luck. jillian: fox news alert, the wildfire burning in northern california, thousands of people bracing to escape tahoe pacifier closes in on the popular tourist destination, gridlock traffic after 22,000 people are ordered to evacuate. the fire is fueled by triple digit temperatures, it is 15% contained and burned 245 square miles, an area larger than the city of chicago. it is 33 minutes after the hour.
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among the thousands of afghans left stranded our students at the american university of afghanistan which we are talking on two of the making of our buses before their window of opportunity tragically close to. they join us to share their stories next.
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in kabul, the thousands left with an uncertain future after the us military and its evacuation mission. >> every servicemembers out of afghanistan i can say with cindy. >> we were not able to do that. the situation wouldn't allow it. we did a good job getting everybody out. jillian: a student from american university of afghanistan, thanks for being here. it was tragic to be on a bus for hours near the gates of the airport when evacuations were called off and not be able to get in. how are you feeling this morning? change i would like to thank fox news for giving me the opportunity to provide my feelings.
1:39 am
we are here right now. there is no hope for future, we have destroyed everything we've gotten from the university like high honor awards, it is hard to destroy your achievements. we are left with nothing and we received mobilization emails regarding our situation. students arrived in the buses on time was when we reached the airport, after waiting almost eight hours we were notified of cancellation for the airport gates were closed and there was no rescue flights for us and it was really disappointment. we thought we would have a
1:40 am
future and finish our studies. but we couldn't and it is really killing us inside. we cannot even breathe every second of our lives and a situation that -- we have no future and our information -- we have no hope. we are hopeless and i don't know what to say. it is hard for us living here, really hard. jillian: i was reading information from one of your fellow students that that internet providers shutdown their businesses, some of the money is frozen, the campus has
1:41 am
been taken over by the taliban and. you are a young female student stuck in afghanistan. are you scared? >> of course we are scared. not just me but my fellow students are scared. i don't know how to explain but it is really hard. we have no future. we cannot go outside. they will do something to us. social media, we are going to kill you and rape you, something like that but we are not at home. we are scared of what happens on our doors. the community to don't turn your back to us.
1:42 am
we are in need. we need help. jillian: who do you feel has let you down? >> cannot blame the university. they worked hard to get us out but i don't know. the airport provided the signal to get into the airport. i really don't know who is to blame. everyone is just saying they are trying their best but we couldn't see their reason. hard to say to blame but one thing i can, university -- the university is committed to their promise and they are going to honor their promise they will try their best even now. i don't even know who to blame.
1:43 am
jillian: we've heard stories about people who are in hiding and don't want to go out in public because they are afraid for their lives and stories of a lot of people unable to have access to much food because they don't want to go out in public. what is your situation, do you feel safe where you are? >> know. i do not feel safe. even i, before -- two weeks ago we tried to get some schools to restore it so we could not go out while everything changed so we have to live a life for some period of time maybe a month but after that we don't know what's going to happen, we going to live, are we going to die out of hunger or what? but it is not actually safe to be out and watching them walking across the street is really hard. we are really scared of them but
1:44 am
i don't know how to live and go ahead with the situation. jillian: where is your family? change they are here with me. everyone in our society knows that and everyone knows i was studying there and i don't know. i think we are really scared our neighbors or anyone could tell them, it is really hard to make secret that i'm not a student but it is hard because we can't trust anyone right now. jillian: have you personally received any threats? >> no, not right now but my friends have and since they
1:45 am
received calls, we know who you are and we are going to get you and after that they shared the numbers and we blocked the numbers. that is why i think i haven't received a call but it is not necessary that i won't it in future. i think the numbers are with them. the information is with them and they could reach us. jillian: if you can stay with us i'm going to bring in another student from american university of afghanistan is joining us by phone as well. can you tell me how you are feeling today now that you know evacuations are no longer happening? >> like every other student i feel terrified. the future no longer is bright for us.
1:46 am
the problem is the norms, the culture, the traditions at the university of afghanistan, you just mentioned we no longer see a bright future for us here. everyone, students live in hide outs and many calls from strangers that we are going to get you and stuff like this. jillian: what is your biggest fear? >> my biggest fears i won't continue my education that was provided to me here. jillian: education is so important in afghanistan. i want to bring you back. you heard what, said and you are going through similar situation, people received calls and are
1:47 am
trying to get through each day. are you sleeping at night? >> tonight, the last night when they left the country, it was a bombardment, we couldn't actually reach family just hide in a room and close our windows which everyone was shouting like everything in our hands, and our government and all this so the fighting was two hours and all of these, we were just shivering and praying to god to help us because it was a horrible night and we couldn't do that at all. jillian: what does life look like under the taliban in afghanistan?
1:48 am
>> reporter: the city looks very deathlike, the people just walking in the street, nobody feels they have any dreams. all the dreams of shattered. the developments, the advancements throughout the 20 years have gone in vain. nobody knows what the future holds for us. jillian: what was your dream? >> my dream is to bring the universal change to the humanity. i've tried my best, quality education and always tried to be in the service of the people, to help them to be there for them all the time. jillian: what is your dream?
1:49 am
>> i had high hopes when i joined the university. i wanted to bring exchanges into my country. i wanted to see the afghan people, girls make progress, but i guess everything remains just a dream. i cannot dream of making it. it is destroyed. jillian: thank you for joining us. i'm so sorry for what you are going through and please keep us updated and i'm going to pray for you and hope you are able to make it out and accomplish every single dream you have in life because both of you deserve that, thank you and stay safe. thank you. i have tears in my eyes. >> it is enough of a tragedy to have your hopes and dreams snuffed out but to know that the fact you pursue those hopes and
1:50 am
dreams could jeopardize the safety and lives of your family. that was so powerful but it rips that your core. that is young lady, young man. >> and education. neil: that let us move on the retired marine corps bomb tech joey joan selling off after that us officials praise the taliban for cooperating during the afghanistan withdrawal. >> it was a stunning woman yesterday, general mckenzie of central command said the taliban has been pragmatic, helpful, businesslike over the last few weeks and hearing a us military leader complement the taliban and especially if you served in afghanistan, like joey jones, listen to how he responded to
1:51 am
that. >> how dare you look troops in the face again and order them into combat. you don't deserve it. you don't get to play both sides of the ball when you put the uniform on and ask 18 a 19-year-olds to die for this country. we raise our ahead and do with honor and we love this country because even if it is a partisan war for keeps their enemy and they for one more date is worth it. >> that is the message most americans resonate with. we remember who the taliban is. there is no difference between the taliban and al qaeda, the haqqani network, equally responsible for 9/11 and we handed the keys to the city to. todd: jen psaki saying she hasn't read a report all of us have read. jillian: there's a report in the
1:52 am
washington post that amid the rapid collapse of the afghan government, the afghan came to military munitions and do you want to control kabul and we turned them down. white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about that moment, she said she hasn't heard the report. >> the washington post reports that tell and offered to stay out of kabul and the united states forces security. we told them -- is that reporting accurate? >> i've not seen is reporting. i have to look at it. >> the washington post headline, fateful choices the day america lost its longest war. it goes on to say on the spot, understanding was reached according to two of the us officials, the united states could heavier put until august 31st but the taliban and would control the city and according to this report that is the agreement we willingly entered into which white house chief of staff ron claim like a
1:53 am
tweet said no, we were right not to take over security in kabul when the taliban asked if we wanted to. the concern is it would have been a dangerous mission to have our troops secure the city but on the other hand you have to look at what played out over the last week where a lot of people are dealing with talent and checkpoints and we are relying on the talent and for american security. >> and 13 marines died, 13 us service members died. jillian: no questions last night. >> reporter: anthony blinken delivered a speech on where we stand at this point and he turns his back as reporters are asking questions, screaming questions at him. he didn't take them. a lot of criticism over this moment. matt whitlock referring to the fact that blinken was on vacation when kabul fell,
1:54 am
posting a tweet saying the plane back to the hamptons must been waiting which is for the substance of what blinken said, now the troops around, we've entered a new chapter of diplomacy with afghanistan, less than 200 americans still in afghanistan and we will continue to work to get them out, going to be very challenging to do now that we no longer have troops on the ground in that country. neil: to post columnist blaming you, the american people for the deaths of those 13 servicemembers in afghanistan. joe concha joins me to respond. is the astonishing quote from this astonishing article. it reads as follows. if you ask me who is to blame i will point not only to president biden but donald trump and all of us, the people of america by carrying out this pell-mell withdrawal from afghanistan, our leaders after all were only giving us what we wanted. is this the treatment the embattled american people can come to expect in the coming weeks with the media elite and
1:55 am
ruling class? this is unbelievable. >> to quote a line from billy madison everyone is now dumber for having seen or read that particular column. i word max boot no points and may god have mercy on his soul but to blame the american people, we give you what you asked for. ian hall worth from the daily wire says you ask your dentist to pull the tooth and the cut off your tongue in the process was that your fault? of course it wasn't. many americans, overwhelming number of americans wanted to get out of afghanistan, was called the forever war. it is about the execution of the pull out, withdrawal as you said, 13 us service men did, afghans, americans left behind, not losing bags of the ram air base which could be controlled better than kabul international airport, not pulling out during the winter when the taliban is
1:56 am
back in pakistan. who has an off-season for fighting season i'm not sure but the taliban does and we could have taken advantage of that certificate argument you got what you wanted, almost no one is buying that. >> that was an amazing interview. we wanted to let it breathe. jillian: congressman, tomi lahren, joining us next. -c giving her grief. so she talked to her doctor because she wanted more relief. that's when she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe.
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>> president biden: american citizens left we will stay until we get them out. the situation wouldn't allow it. jillian: it is tuesday august 30 first. president biden breaking his promise to keep troops in afghanistan until all-americans are evacuated. todd: the last us soldier exiting couple -- kabul


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