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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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we hope everyone stays safe and take the storm seriously and everything turns out okay. we pray for the gulf coast. >> absolutely wishing everyone well. that is it for us the "fox report" with jon scott starts right now. >> hurricane ida continues to promote southeast louisiana after making landfall five hours ago. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. here is a live look at the intense storm of new orleans and baton rouge coming ashore as a category four and is still there nearly half a million customers are without power in louisiana alone now we have mike tobin live in new orleans right now detail.
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reporter: it appears we are making a connection, understandable with weather conditions. let's go to adam he was also in the fox weather center. reporter: this made landfall six hours ago and is still a category four hurricane. rarely do you see such a thing with 130 miles per hour made landfall. it is weakening of the and has slowed down quite a bit moving to the northwest at 10 miles an hour. so the slower the storm moves the more you will see the rain if there is wind in your area it will be there longer because this will be crawling as it continues to move up to the northwest. this is a path as it made landfall 150 miles an hour. not a whole lot slowing down
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so far the wind speed into the new orleans area we have seen gust between 70 and 80 miles an hour. typically it is the right quadrant with the most severe weather the strongest rain and that continues to be the case so then to continue to batter that will go anywhere soon the future forecast model does forecast what we will see with the wind in plenty of spots testing at 80 or 90 miles per hour in the new orleans area. that will be one of the main concerns and because this is a large storm we see hurricane warnings much further in mind and the state line and mississippi talking about hurricane force winds the next couple of hours. rarely do we see such a thing. there's a graphic over the next couple of hours now a category one but then getting into tomorrow morning
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eventually turning into a tropical storm. but you can see it brings with it strong wind very heavy wind it will be a large rainmaker. a lot of that will linger there on the east side of the storm. but the day highlight is not just something happening today and this evening but it will be at least tomorrow or the next couple of days. jon: fox weather meteorologist thank you for keeping an eye on hurricane ida, adam. now lieutenant governor who was previously the president of the parish in southeastern louisiana one of the areas hit hardest by the storm so far. specifically, lieutenant governor what are you hearing? >> i understand just recently they are overtopped on the east bank and we have some new federal levees on the west
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bank that don't have education on them yet. that could be a problem as the storm moves ashore. the levees on the east bank are not as high on the west bank and i understand they are overtopped. jon: for those of us who don't live in louisiana what does that mean? >> it is out of 100 year protection there is a wall that cuts off the east bank from st. bernard. hopefully everyone got out because there is no way out other than the ferry which is obviously not running. they will be stranded there until after the storm if they did not get out. jon: you said you hope everybody got out what do you know about the evacuation? to people respond well? >> we believe so people only stay behind. but the word i am getting from grand isle and those that
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should have 100 percent of the people out, there were several hundred that were here and stayed. i have not confirmed that. but that will be the first priority is the storm passes to see if those people that did stay could get to high ground to survive the storm. jon: i imagine you don't have power and the affected areas? >> no. the outages are widespread throughout the area. i am baton rouge the wins are picking up. to see the strong of a hurricane this far north is something they have never dealt with. some are predicting category two in baton rouge there is a lot of homes that have never been to that kind of wind. they will be tested as well. we are definitely not out of
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the woods and how it leaves the wheezing and i. jon: what are your biggest needs going to be tomorrow morning when you wake up? what will you need? >> probably deactivate all rescue crews the cajun navy, wildlife, national guard, first responders, their equipment and the firefighters to get in there to those areas that people may have stayed and need help. getting out and hopefully they can get to high enough ground to survive the storm surge. jon: have you heard any reports since the storm came ashore of any particular problems or rescues that have you concerned? >> there is a dock in grand isle one has said his whole business is gone and he had people staying at his house and part of the house has been torn away. he was concerned for his
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people that arrived on the island of grand isle. i have never heard dean blanchet so sure cannot. he is concerned for the safety of those people that stay behind in his home to protect his business down there. jon: the storm surge could come in and essentially wipe out a house. >> and this is moving so slow that constant beating, many homes won't stand at even if they made it through the first wave. this slowing down will not help a lot of these people that stay behind or the structures that may not make it they will fall apart as the storm moves on. jon: we know you are very busy tonight. we appreciate you taking time to spend with us here louisiana lieutenant governor nungesser. thank you very much.
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for more on the impact of hurricane ida that's go to make children in new orleans. reporter: no question we have seen an increase of the intensity of the wind clocking in and above 80 miles per hour and one of the things you will notice is the sheet of rain there is plenty of water coming in one guy driving by we see a little that for most part it is a ghost town. i billboard we have been watching over the last hour that was intact one hour ago. little by little it was rattling and now the sheets of metal have all peeled away. look at the tops of the buildings. you can see shingles are flattering with the force of the wind and the water just standing off of the top of the small buildings. there so many storms up to
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this point. but mostly a lot of water coming in right now. the reports of damage was a membrane of the roof. we know the barge is now drifting up the river on its own, unmanned. and a lot of sporadic damage so with all of this water coming in right now, it stands to reason the pump system will be overwhelmed. you have to imagine there will be significant flooding in the crescent city before this is over. that the life-threatening flooding right now are the areas hit by the storm surge already closer to the coast where we know the storm surge has come in as high as 16 feet. completely burying these lower lying areas and water. those who did not get out in time or in a precarious
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situation because you can see with the intensity right now there are some cars on the road but they shouldn't. the emergency crews are not coming to get people right now because conditions are too bad. the bad news is i still don't think we have seen the worst of it with all of the intensity coming through the seven. jon: we heard people say they would stick it out because they had been through hurricanes before bed every hurricane is different and 16 feet of storm surges a lot of water to survive. reporter: it certainly is. but what is different with new orleans is that they had time to prepare. they learned the lessons of katrina and invested $14 billion in a levee system. you have redundancies you have walls outside of lake born, more than 20 feet high.
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with that particular wall. cameras looking down the street looking at the damage you have a levee system and the pump system allied of investment and smart people designing this intending to withstand a 100 year storm or a 1 percent chance to be hit with that storm there is a lot of confidence in the levee system from what we heard from public officials. but now it is getting its first major test. jon: teefifteen out there in the thick of it thank you. mississippi is feeling the impact of the storm bracing for potentially catastrophic damage for the latest they are we are live in gulfport. reporter: let me start explain why i'm sitting in a parking garage because we have reached that point it is just too dangerous for even to get
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ground-level to show you that had on chart of the intensity at this moment. we are not only worried about the incredible windspeed but what is in the wind like that projectiles even assign can be lethal on this type of wind. numerous power outages in gulfport and biloxi highway 90 is to my right it is flooded and closed in all directions. we have seen a few of the police officers and sheriff's deputies we have seen them mostly clear off the road. just as he was indicating on the new orleans side if someone were to call for help right now, there is a chance no one could respond the conditions are too dangerous for emergency personnel. we hear the sound of the electric transformers burst. we have generator power here at this particular parking garage amazingly. this is built post- katrina so we feel good where we are even
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though we are directly on the water and feeling the impact as they are roaring up. and as was indicated earlier, talking about the strength that is there in the top right section of the storm, we are in that, we are bracing for sustained impact incredible wind gust it is bringing down limbs as we speak and doing damage to the electric grid. jon: what about evacuations? were people told when they had to be out? what was the deadline? reporter: yesterday was the day of action. not only for folks to get out but across the street next to me is the jones municipal marina. i talked to several boaters who were racing to get their small craft out of the water because chances were they were not come back to it.
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if they didn't a lot of people not only have the mental scars from hurricane katrina but physical as well. highway 90 between biloxi and go for you still see all the empty lots in concrete foundations people did not be billed. homes here trying to be built right now still in the early stages you can see the plywood likely those will not survive either. continued damage to talk about even those trying to rebuild and reinvest. jon: from gulfport mississippi, thank you t15. next we had to baton rouge louisiana moving north in that direction as he heard from the lieutenant governor now we are live with the latest. reporter: good evening. and very long night ahead that is safe to say not only in
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coastal louisiana facing the brand impact of the storm but as far north as 80 or 100 miles. here in the capital of louisiana of baton rouge they are under a hurricane warning. a curfew is going into effect once the sun goes down that is mandatory in a lot of the parishes across the region. apples and oranges when you compare our shot to new orleans but it is on the way it will be get in here kidding here into the overnight hours. grand i louisiana look at this incredible video south of where mike tobin is with storm surge and rain there is 6 feet of water covering highway one most residents did he do the
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evacuation orders and got out officials say 40 decided to stay and now they cannot be reached for help. >> we have gotten request for rescue for people who stayed on the island obviously had mentioned white caps on the highway that fire station is taking water on grand isle obviously first responders cannot get to you so they will have to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass before it is safe. reporter: 21 —- up to 20 inches of rain could fall and isolated spots emergency management says that federal levees are holding at this time you did hear from the lieutenant governor about a possible over typing of a private levee that is not a breach but just lapping the top of the levee in the parish south of new orleans but the pumping system does appear to be working the governor says
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people need to be prepared for long-term power outages. i remember last year during hurricane laura, it was weeks before they could get power back to some people. it will be superhot here this week with a lot of humidity and it will add to the misery once this is through and the recovery process begins. jon: reporting live from baton rouge louisiana. thank you. hurricane ida causing massive power outages in louisiana were hospitals are already at capacity with covid patients we have more on that part of the story. reporter: casey did a good job touching on this 400,000 customers are without power and that is definitely expected to rise as the powerful storm continues catastrophic wins damaging powerlines are a concern here is president joe biden on the
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power outages. >> we have generators in place we are trying to restore power as soon as possible because a lot will go out and we should be prepared it can take a long time no matter how much we had positioned it will take a long time. reporter: the major electricity provider say those in the hardest hit areas can experience power outages up to three weeks crews will continue coming into the region from 30 states and dc helping with the restoration process oh three and damage could delay those efforts essential services like fire and police departments water systems in hospitals will be at the top of the restoration list of failures power and keep in mind some hospitals are already facing challenges with the recent surge of
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kosher on —- covid patients. >> will have no higher priority than to make sure our hospitals can remain in operation and functional and that will be a challenge because we expect widespread power outage for some time. but we know they have generators. they have stocked up on fuel and water and food and pharmaceuticals and oxygen. but quite frankly we know the longer the power stays out the more challenging this will be. >> this region that is being battered is critical to the national gas and oil industry 95 percent of oil production has been shut down due to the storm colonial pipeline in the country just announced this afternoon is temporarily stopping fuel delivery from houston to greensboro but
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throughout the southeast in the northeast will continue but oil and gas companies are closely monitoring the hurricane and potential damage assessing how this would affect operations. jon: it will affect the entire nation. thank you, christina. our coverage of hurricane ida continues we will speak to the head of fema in southern mississippi. >> we are seeing gust up to 70 or 80 miles per hour in new orleans here baton rouge we will track where the storm is headed next after the break doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication.
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jon: as hurricane ida pummels the southeast we go to fox news meteorologist to track the storm. reporter: have a very wide area to pay attention to women watching the track but everything off toward east of the storm highlighted in the red polygon is under a tornado watch the ingredients are there for a tornado. the circulation brings all of this air over the water then hits the land with friction. isolated tornadoes will stand
3:25 pm
up but right now outside of biloxi normally they are small but they can do a little bit of damage. so the timestamp is now 3:00 a.m. so it will also have rain and we will have flood advisories as far north as tennessee or a good chunk of alabama under the flood advisory there will be some flash flooding with all of this moisture lifting up into this region the next couple of days. reporter: we will see a lot of flooding. thank you. hurricane ida is pounding the gulf coast from louisiana to alabama. we are live in new orleans.
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robert? reporter: it is like a train all day as the wind and rain come in we had to retreat into this parking garage it's not safe up there at all. i will step back slowly i have an anemometer we have had gust almost 90 miles per hour sustained and the second a step up you will see trying to get back just to see the power right now very close to the mississippi. no joke. everything outside of new orleans right now in many spots is unraveling and falling apart we have seen in the past three or four hours aluminum off of buildings, the streets very serious situation right now if anyone is out
3:27 pm
there they need to get into shelter. i cannot stress this enough as the storm is just battering new orleans right now. jon: that is not even the worst of the wind that louisiana is seeing right now. incredible. life in new orleans thank you. fox weather is coming in october watch for it. our team coverage continues slamming louisiana and southern mississippi ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate.
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3:32 pm
of seven hours 130 miles an hour you rarely see a storm overland to keep it together like this. here are the wins surrounding it now at 50 miles an hour getting into the baton rouge area. so this will only weekend that will be strong this is the future forecast it's now 6:00 a.m. and will still be a small area of hurricane force wind you don't typically see a storm that sticks together this long that is why we have such a large area under the hurricane warning getting well in land and probably stretching up into portions of southern mississippi because it has such powerful wind. it is weakening but it is taking a long time to do so so folks still have to be very cautious overnight tonight.
3:33 pm
jon: fox weather meteorologist, adam, thank you. president biden keeping a close eye on the hurricane calling it devastating and life-threatening during a visit to fina headquarters hours earlier the president traveled to dover air force base paying respect to those soldiers killed in a suicide attack we are live at the white house with more. reporter: the president is pledging the full weight of the federal government with tens of millions along the gold coast better for indoor nervous or don't know what is next with this category four hurricane. hurricane ida will be a long road maybe days or weeks or months to rebuild. the president did spend some time with fema officials to get a full briefing on hurricane ida pummeling the gulf coast the white house focusing obviously on the
3:34 pm
louisiana don't forget mississippi and alabama right now according to the president the government has shipped three.5 million meals and two.5 million liters of water down to the coast. >> this will be a devastating hurricane. a life-threatening storm. so all love you in mississippi in the wheezing and a god knows maybe further east, take precautions. take it seriously. take it very seriously. reporter: earlier the commander-in-chief turned into the comforter in chief spending several hours at dover air force base to honor the remains of the 13 fallen heroes kill that karzai international airport last thursday in kabul. the president was joined by the first lady doctor jill biden and the joint chiefs and other senior officials. they saluted as 11 flag draped
3:35 pm
coffins went by to had private ceremonies but not capture on camera. the president one —- you cannot show these pictures enough all 13, 11 marines one navy medic when army ranging from 21 to 31 years old the president and first lady then return to washington. president biden spent one hour at a nearby church with louisiana and afghanistan on his mind. also spending time with the national security team going over the latest not only with hurricane ida but the window continues to close in afghanistan. jon: from the white house, thank you. our coverage continues headed back to southeastern the wheezing and a or the foxed weather correspondent with
3:36 pm
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your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. jon: continuing coverage of hurricane ida that made landfall is one of the most powerful storms ever to have the us. 150 mile-per-hour wind normally a category five for where ida stands now let's go to t15. >> seven hours ago making
3:41 pm
landfall it was category four and is still that it has weekend about one —- of it 130 miles per hour this will move fairly slowly and we can slowly so this is a forecast of the track across the louisiana but that is now 1:00 a.m. still category one places this far inland do not typically deal with hurricanes a hit landfall then we can more quickly than we are seeing with this one what does this look like it is a future forecast model you can see moisture and on the eastern side of this eventually getting up into mississippi or even into alabama all of that moisture will mean flooding or the potential so we have a wide area of flash flood watches and advisories. the long-term story once the wind dies down will be the
3:42 pm
flooding and that something we will watch four days. jon: thank you, adam. let's bring in the united states coast guard mart career h c 144 ocean century pilot. are you able to fly right now in the storm? >> thank you for having me we are poised to respond 24/7. but we're always taking into consideration the aircraft and the crew closely monitoring the storm and ready to respond. jon: but so far it doesn't sound like you have had to head out quick. >> from mobile alabama, no cases as of yet. we are standing by to man the search and ready aircraft. jon: what kinds of situations might you be experiencing in the days ahead?
3:43 pm
>> we will do post damage assessment with vip congressional leaders or other members of state and federal and local governments to survey the area and tracking on the ports and harbors and marinas with safety of infrastructure and as we reopen things after the hurricane comes. this could take days or weeks. we are starting to schedule flights and tailor our response to what the hurricane does. jon: the commercial airports could be wiped out in storms like these control towers can have windows blown out and power goes down. having the ability to get some of those first responders in the air to look at things is critical to build a response to things like hurricane ida.
3:44 pm
>> absolutely that's the number one priority here when we get out tomorrow morning first light schedule flights. we will be on scene as soon as the sun rises to do post damage assessment and we can tailor our response based on what we see we are taking pictures and imagery with the command center so the chain of command can make decisions on how we go forward with this incident. jon: we already heard there were people off of one of the islands of new orleans who were told to evacuate apparently they have been putting in distress calls but the rescue teams obviously cannot get out there right now with the height of the storm i imagine places like that will be some of the first he will visit? >> absolutely sir, we have several flights scheduled to fly over new orleans flying over the south coast of louisiana, and along the
3:45 pm
mississippi river to survey the impact from the storm. jon: grand isle is the area i was specifically referring to. in terms of flying i know every pilot gets ready for every flight in a certain way but when you come in after a tropical storm are there any particular issues you have to worry about that you have to watch out for like please flight check quick. >> absolutely, serve. we monitor the weather 24/7 and support staff is back here on deck ready to support us. as pilots and air crew this is what we train for. we have gone through years and years of training most of us live and breathe this all the time. this is what we do. we are here to save lives and protect our homeland.
3:46 pm
jon: we are happy to have you on the job. we wish you well in the days ahead. thank you. >> thank you serve. semper parada's. jon: team coverage continues as hurricane ida slams louisiana and southern mississippi. who breaks eight world records... after age 65, without a serious support system. kathy martin has one in medicare from blue cross blue shield. she won't go a day without the right card. because she can't go a day without running. the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. this is the benefit of blue. learn more at
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jon: our coverage of hurricane ida continues the monster storm weakening only slightly hours after making a category four monster and began moving inland our fox news meteorologist teefifteen is tracking the storm. sixteen years to the day since hurricane katrina hit i thought that hit as a category five it people are saying this storm is actually more powerful. can you explain? reporter: katrina and initially made landfall in florida category five and that was category five in the golf but it weekend just before making landfall as a category three with a giant wall of water was so much damage but this on the other hand was a weaker storm but intensified at the last minute. last night we saw this rapidly intensify why the wind speeds are higher the wall of water was bigger but when we measure
3:51 pm
then you get into the scale is wind speed and it was nearly making landfall at 150 miles per hour nearly category five where we saw lower wind speed with katrina. with this storm it is holding those speeds still category four at 130 miles per hour then will fall to a category three. but it is a higher wind speed and hanging on for such a long time and that is the issue here. jon: and it is a huge storm the wind is impacting a huge area. reporter: katrina was also abnormally large this was 300 miles across at one point. jon: thank you adam. sixteen years to the day that hurricane ida made landfall after katrina came ashore. that devastated much of new
3:52 pm
orleans. to see how things are right now in the french quarter we are their lives. reporter: i have never seen can now street like this the rain is coming sideways it's hard to stay on your feet. normally you see hundreds or thousands of tourists walking up and down. we have seen barely a dozen people on the streets. the big worry right now you can see metal signs rolling down the street here is the biggest worry can you see that metal sheeting dangling over where mike has been doing live shots. when that rips down in the coming minutes and hours, that and the only person we have seen our police officers and
3:53 pm
some energy tracks hundreds of thousands expected and then they will hunker down. jon: caroline, stay safe and new orleans from the french quarter. thank you. ideas impact felt in mississippi let's bring in the emergency management agency director in hancock mississippi just west of gulfport. what challenges are you facing their? >> a lot of storm surge, flooding in low-lying areas, power outages, and starting to get heavy rain. >> what was the evacuation?
3:54 pm
>> of all the low-lying areas and then people evacuating. jon: people are taking storms more seriously since katrina. would you agree? >> yes sir. absolutely. jon: that changed a lot of people's minds. some say i have been through hurricanes before i will ride this out. have you heard reports like that in your area quick. >> not at this time. i'm sure we did but we have not heard of anybody so far. we have had no rescue so that is a good sign. jon: what is the biggest challenge? wind or water quick. >> we started with more wind than expected but the water is a great challenge. jon: the storm surge as well
3:55 pm
as 15 or 20 inches of rain quick. >> yes sir. jon: we are already looking at footage of places where people left their cars in the parking lot in biloxi and that car appears to be stranded there will be a lot of that in the days and weeks ahead just a lot of insurance damage. >> absolutely. jon: cars can be replaced but human lives cannot. we appreciate you spending time with us we know you have to get back to the phones. emergency management agency director from hancock mississippi. thank you. we will be right back.
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>> you know what. you got sponge. spunk . i hate spunk . jon: ed asner in his best known role, as lou grant, 91-year-old actor and activist has died. he won emmys and he played santa in the movie elf and pixar voice of up.
4:00 pm
ed asner, dead at the age of 91. jon: that is how "fox reports" this sunday august 29, 2021, i am jon scott, thank you for watching continuing coverage of hurricane ida throughout the night, and sunday night in america with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us. i am troy -- trey gowdy, we're following two breaking stories, hurricane ida is make land fuel 16 years after hurricane katrina devastated the same region, dangerous flooding will follow the storm for days to come, at dover air force base. remains of 13 americans are


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