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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  August 29, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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whoever is in the path of ida. and, you know, we just want to stick together as americans, and we are also, of course, thinking about our troops over there in afghanistan in harm's way. so that's it from husband here -- eric: absolutely. arthel: thank you for joining us. eric, thank you. eric: thank you, arthel. arthel: yeah. thanks, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm jackie deangelis along with joey jones, lara trump, leo terrell, and welcome to the "the big sunday show is." first, hurricane ida slamming louisiana. the hurricane hit with a 17-mile-wide eye, 16-foot storm surges forecasted. >> we're praying for the best and planning, prepared for the worst. this is going to be a devastating, a devastating hurricane.
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a life-threatening storm. >> our other big story is the chaos in afghanistan. a u.s. military drone taking out at least two bombers in a vehicle packed with explosives on the way to the kabul airport. but first, we've got live team coverage of hurricane ida. mike tobin is in new orleans, and casey stegall is in baton rouge. but we begin with adam klotz who's tracking the storm from the fox weather center. adam: hey there, yeah. tracking a storm that continues to at this point slowly weaken but not weak by any stretch of the imagination if, hanging on to a category 4 storm, winds at 130 miles an hour. when this initially made landfall, it was moving at 16 miles an hour, it's now slowed down to 10. it means if you're in the path of this, you're dealing with the winds and heavy rain, you're going to stick with it a little bit longer, it's going to move out of your area just a little slower than hours ago. the center is moving up to the
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north and west, new orleans off to the eastern side of this storm. it's east side, the right quadrant, is where you see typically the worst conditions, and that has been what we're seeing with where all the action has been. very heavy rain, everything here in this red polygon, that is a tornado warning, it means the ingredients are there for tornadoes to spin up. i think that'll continue here into the evening hours. here is your future radar. what you're going to notice is up in the corner, very little movement with this storm over the next couple of hours. this is not something to hit quickly and move if on out of the area, it's going to be very heavy rain, the potential for some of those spin-up tornadoes, and it continues to eventually lift up into mississippi. you're beginning to see some heavy rain in alabama, and this is all the way until tomorrow before eventually this falls kind of to a little bit of a weaker system. and it's not just the rain, it is the wind field. these are our wind gusts where you see the red, it's hurricane force gusts. those are happening around new orleans, they're happening
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throughout this area, and they are really slow to die down. taking you overnight, you're getting at least tropical storm force winds here throughout the overnight hours as we continue to pay attention to this one. so this is our forecast track. you're going to fall to a category 1 hurricane here in the next couple of hours. so it hangs on to that hurricane status for a really long time before eventually you see this system kind of lift up to the north, a very powerful one and a very slow moving one. here are some of our recent wind gusts. new orleans is probably in the spot where they're seeing about as bad as it's going to get,. 70, 80 mile-an-hour winds. it has been absolutely downpouring for the last hour or so, and that is going to continue as we watch those winds. so no surprise here, hurricane warnings are in place for a fairly wide area. it's not just where with we made landfall. because it's such a big, powerful storm, that warning is taking you all the way up to the state line which means hours and hours more of this storm kind of hinge arerring through this area. and if you're -- lingering
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through this area. rain is also an issue. this is additional rainfall, some of those really bright purple colors, that could be another 10 inches of rain. new orleans is stretching a little farther up, good portion of eastern louisiana is going to see very heavy rain. and then this tracks across the southeast, eventually getting up to the ohio river valley, and within a couple of days you're dealing with it up into new england. it's a large area where we're paying attention to the possibility of flooding, really high in eastern louisiana, but you're getting into with alabama and mississippi, spots where we could see flooding. this has not been a storm that's just going to take place in a couple of hours, it's going to last for a couple of days the cleanup and the things we're going to have to deal with. it's certainly turning out to be the case. back out to you. >> absolutely. a powerful storm. thank you so much, adam. meantime, new orleans could see up to 20 inches of rainfall, testing the newly-upgraded pumping system for the first time since katrina hit 16 years
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ago today. mike tobin is live in new orleans for us. conditions there already looking pretty rough. [background sounds] >> mike hear us? >> reporter: are we up? sorry about that, the earpiece dropped out, but i can tell you in the last hour or so, one of the things i've noticed is that the barometer has dropped about 3 millibars of pressure if, and with that the wind gusts are increasing with intensity, and the rain is increasing in volume. we've got the sheets and sheets of rain moving horizontally up canal street here. if you want to take a look around, talk about sheets of water, look at the building behind me, what we can notice is the water that's pouring off of that building. and as you're there, look up a little bit so you get a look at the palm trees. those palm trees are just getting battered by this wind, really giving the root systems of those palm trees a workout here. and keep in mind, they're anchored in soil that is wet and
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getting only wetter. i'd be very surprised if we get to the end of this and you don't lose some palm trees in the process. when you talk about that, you start or losing power. all of the trees altogether. that is some of the problem. you know you're going to get some wind damage out here. what you can see is this volume of water that is just drenching the crescent city right now. the pumps are working, at least 96 of 99 pumps are continuing to work. from your vapt aage point, you should be able to see the sheets of water moving down the street. what's hard to do is see into the distance there because there's so much moisture in the air. but ultimately, all of the water that's coming in here is going to overwhelm the pump system here. it can handle a little less than an inch an hour, and it's going to be getting about 3 inches an hour, ultimately somewhere between 15-20 inches before this weather event is over. so flooding inside the crescent city is inevitable. the one thing though as this
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storm is expected to be stronger than katrina, one of the things that governor john bel edwards said is that the profile of the city, the juxtaposition is different than it was 16 years ago because they spent some $14 billion on the levee system. and that means outside water should not be able to get into the city. s this is going to be the first big test of the levee system, and what a test is test it is getting as you can see the wind and the water increasing here in new orleans. so we'll see how it goes. lots of flooding and lots of wind damage anticipated, and what we know from around the state, you've got hundreds of thousands of people who are without power already. we see some of the bucket trucks have already moved into the area, others are at the ready outside of the range of the storm ready to move in and do what they need to do to restore power to the people here in new orleans. but as far as evacuations, that time has passed.
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anyone who is out here in this area made the choice not to evacuate to this point, they shouldn't be moving now. one of the things we were seeing in some of the harder hit areas while people were trying to get help from 911, unfortunately one of the things they said the first 72 is up to you, meaning the first three days people have the plan for the idea that they're going to be on their own. power will go out. so, hopefully,ing people have the food, the water, the medicine they need to make it through i this immediate period of time. and i'm sorry as i'm tossing back to you, these phones are really intermittent, everything is getting wet, so i'm unable to hear you. but the wind is definitely can increasing here in new orleans, expect rain is increasing -- and the rain is increasing, lots of water and i'm sending it back to you. >> all right. mike tobin, i know you can't hear us, but stay safe out there. very hard covering these storms. meantime, the baton rouge
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mayor said that the city, quote, has a prepared on every level for hurricane ida. senior correspondent casey stegall is live there tonight for us. hi, casey. >> reporter: jackie, good evening. what a stark difference between our shot and mike tobin's. we're only about 80 miles apart, but baton rouge is now the next city, one of the next ones, that will be under the gun. just as it was projected to do so, once ida hit land, it started to slow down, and that's why it's taking quite a bit of time to reach us. but i want to step out of the way and show you a live picture now of the mighty mississippi river behind us. the rain not really coming down, and the wind only gusting at about 35, 38 miles an hour where we are. stark contrast to, again, new orleans. but this is not going to last long. the bulk of the storm will pass right over us, according to the routes from the national hurricane center either tonight or in the overnight hours still
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as a category 1 storm, and that is after being on land for some 70 miles. baton rouge is usually safe from the real brunt of hurricanes, but thousands evacuated this city fearing what hurricane ida would bring. and then, of course, you have those who stay to do their jobs like these railroad workers who we met, they say they're going to ride the storm out in these temporary trailers so that when everything is over, they can get the railroads back up and running quickly. listen. >> it's, it's -- definitely want to grab ahold of something. you know, there's not really -- they're not as heavy as they look. but, i mean, for the most part just pray and hope everything goes well and you come out like you go in, walking. >> reporter: south and east of here st. bernard parish is seeing heavy rains and storm surge. it's caused some localized street nodding so -- flooding so, unfortunately, the worst yet
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to come for so many communities ida's path. jackie? >> yeah. this is going to be a storm that has a significant impact. casey, thank you so much for that. meantime, still ahead on the show, the lathes on the ground in afghanistan after -- the latest on the ground in afghanistan after a drone takes out bombers who were headed to the kabul airport. and we're continuing to track hurricane da as it slams -- ida as it slams the gulf coast. stay tuned for the latest on this powerful storm. ♪ breaking the norms. she had a dream and decided to pursue it. find the strong women in your family with ancestry. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck?
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♪ >> hurricane ida is slamming the gulf coast at this hour, packing a powerful punch with high winds and heavy rain. we are going to take you back to louisiana for a live look at those conditions in just a moment. but fox news alert first, the u.s. military taking out two bombers who were in a vehicle packed with explosives on the way to the kabul airport. central command saying that it eliminated an imminent isis-k threat to the airport. a spokesman adding, quote: we are confident we successfully hit the target. significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material, end quote. earlier on "fox news sunday," biden's national security adviser said that the united states is carrying out attacks to avenge the deaths of the 13 service members at the kabul
2:16 pm
airport last thursday. >> the president will stop at nothing to make isis-k pay for the deaths of those american service members at the kabul airport. he will insure that we get the people responsible for this, that we continue to put pressure on the groups responsible for this and that we continue to take targets off the battlefield. >> joey, first, i want to go to you. your reaction on this second attack on isis-k and how it ups the stakes with respect to our deadline on tuesday. >> yeah, i think it's really important that he pointed out this is sort of to avenge them or revenge or seek retribution, because i think my understanding up until he said that was this was more preventative, part of their defense to get out of there. in other words, making sure they don't get bombed while they're trying to leave. if he's saying now we're doing this proactively to take out the people that took us out, that kind of opens the door. do we have a war against isis-k now, and i think the thing that
2:17 pm
any americans left after our military leaves, isis-k exists because they didn't feel like the taliban was attacking us enough. it's radicalism. and i think that makes the americans that stay are there or that are left there the new target for isis-k, so i'd like to see them taking out their ability to attack and killing as many as possible before they leave. >> yeah, it's pretty amazing. lara, i want to go to you on this sound bite from secretary of state antony blinken, because he was talking about the leverage the united states is going to have with the taliban after we leave. listen to this. >> 114 countries have made very clear that it is their expectation that the taliban will permit freedom of travel going past august 31st. we have very significant leverage to work with over the weeks and months ahead to incentivize the taliban to make good on it commitments. >> so if it's like this now with
2:18 pm
troops on the ground, i how can we actually expect that it's going to get better? >> well, i don't think we should. i mean, i think they're trying to clean up the mess right now in that they have created. and, you know, we talked about this yesterday, but the fact that we are relying on the taliban for anything, i think, is very frustrating to many people in america. we don't understand why we are basically partnering with a terrorist organization for so many people. and you're right, jackie, now is the time when things should ultimately be their best over, you know, the foreseeable future, and things are really, really bad there right now. we, i think joey's point was really smart. i think we all thought that this drone strike that we saw today, this attack today, was to prevent another attack. and so i feel like there's a lot of mixed messaging. they are clearly trying to backtrack, clearly trying to put themselves in a position of strength. unfortunately what we have shown
2:19 pm
thus far is a lot of weakness on the part of america. we have a lot of work to do to regain the ground that i think we lost over the past week. >> yeah. and i think it's also important to note that when you looked at a what's happening in afghanistan right now, lee are owe, we've got new polls from abc news asking americans if troops should stay in afghanistan until americans are evacuated, 84% say yes, 15% say no. and there's one more as well, should u.s. troops that stay in afghanistan until all afghan allies are evacuated, 71% say yes, 28%, no. leo, your reaction to that. >> well, jackie, that tells you there's a supermajority of americans who do not like the way we're leaving. and we have the capability, what joey and lara said are spot on, we have the capability of taking out isis-k, and we should establish our superiority. by the way, we're the strongest nation in the world, we have the greatest military in the world, and i just find it disingenuous
2:20 pm
seeing the secretary of state talking this talking game. 180-some-odd countries are going to hold them accountable. that's not true. the taliban does not take orders from the nations of the world, but they do understand force. that's what president trump did. they understand force. we have the ability to do so. joe biden, i respect the office of the presidency, jackie, i don't with respect president biden as he handled this departure. it is a total disaster, and those two polls indicate that the american public totally dissatisfied with the biden administration. >> well, thank you so much for bringing that up, because this is really important. president biden, his reputation, how he's handling this. joey, in the "wall street journal" today they talked about how biden pitched himself as this experienced, empathetic leader and how so many people are looking at this disaster, this debacle and really questioning the choice that they bheand they went to the polls. >> yeah. i think one thing i always like to point out, and it's not just to attack biden, but it's to say, okay, if this experience
2:21 pm
got you here, he's really the only president that did not inherit it but actually left it for the president before him. he was vice president, he oversaw the withdrawal from iraq that was absolutely a case study of why we should have done it better this time. so when he says he inherited something, i have to laugh a little bit. he sent me to war when i lost my if legs. and so i think the american people are seeing through that, i think they're seeing a lot of incompetence where there should be a lot of resolve and experience. and politically speak, i think the american people are are going to look for a different choice. practically speaking, i think a lot of people are in danger, and i care about them. i just want them to do the right thing to protect our country. dan hoffman was on earlier today and made a really compelling argument on how something as simple as today's attack won't be possible in a couple weeks, and that's important for the american people to take into consideration. >> yeah. and, of course, we thank you for your of service, we thank the gold star families and everyone who went over to afghanistan as
2:22 pm
well. coming up next, we are tracking the impact of hurricane ida as it slams the gulf coast. fox weather coverage is coming up. ♪ ♪ when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both.
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or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options. ♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show"s with my team, joey, jackie and lara, on the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina. louisiana now braces for ida which could potentially bring more devastation to the region than its predecessor in 2005. let's bring in caroline shively who brings us the latest from louisiana. caroline, what's happening out there? >> reporter: just a about the last a 15 minutes, leo, we have seen conditions deteriorate. we are on the iconic canal street. we're in the middle of one of the worst rain bands we've seen so far. as you can see is, there are still a few people out on the streets, it is hard to keep your balance. there's a flag up there, just about ten minutes ago, the metal
2:27 pm
ripped off the bottom and landed where i'm standing, so things are getting pretty dangerous. the to stoplights have been out for a long time, but now it's dangling from the metal pole. on the opposite side of the street at the marriott, you see a dozen linemen, electrical workers who are stationed here. they have their bucket trucks ready to roll. they can only perform in 30 mile-per-hour winds or less. we are very far from that. the earliest they'll be able to get out and repair power is sometime tomorrow, we don't even know when. as of now, there are hundreds of thousands of people without power in this region -- [audio difficulty] you can sees the rough here. the only thing i can say, the storm is coming during the daylight so we can see things rolling down the street coming at us, and we're able to dive behind the flood barriers. so far on canal street we haven't seen a heavy flooding.
2:28 pm
we are -- [inaudible] much of the city is below sea level. a straight-up bowl that's going to flood in the next several days. back to you. >> thank you, caroline. appreciate that. let's turn to adam klotz who is also on the ground tracking this devastating storm. adam, what can we expect? adam: well, the storm continues to be on the move now having made landfall a little over five hours ago. it's been over land for a while, and despite that, still a category 4 storm. typically, it would weakennen much quicker than this. where we just saw our reporter in new orleans, they are on the eastern side, the right-hand side of this storm, and that's typically where things are the worst. that is the case as we speak. away from the eye wall, but these are recent wind gusts getting up near 80 miles an hour. a fairly wide area, a lot of numbers getting up to the 40s, 50s, up close to 40 miles an hour in baton rouge, so a large area where we're dealing with
2:29 pm
some of these winds. this is the future forecast, everything in the red is a hurricane force wind. those are the most powerful, and they are going to continue to lift all the way into tomorrow morning. so that means very powerful winds that aren't just here as we speak right now, but this is going to be a long lasting storm system anding something we have to follow all the way into tomorrow. so with that, that is where our hurricane warnings are in place, and they're in place because of those very strong winds. it's going to lift likely into portions of mississippi where we're going to, ultimately, see some of those hurricane force winds before weekend's enough that we're no longer worried about that. here is your forecast track, and it does lift here over the next couple of hours into early tomorrow morning, bringing a whole lot of rain, a whole lot of moisture. it's going to be a big storm we have to pay attention to. remember, lifting to the northwest at 10 miles an hour, winds currently gusting up to 160 miles an hour. lee owe, this is going to be a storm we have to pay attention to all the way until tomorrow morning at the very least.
2:30 pm
back out to you. >> adam, thank you very much is, most definitely. more on ida's impact in a few, but next president biden and the first lady attend a dignified transfer of the fallen service members from thursday's suicide bombing, and we're tracking hurricane ida's impact as it makes its way inland after battering the gulf coast. stay tuned for live storm team coverage here on fox. ♪ ♪ then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ it's grilled cheese time. ♪
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2:35 pm
home today. guys, this was a very tough thing to watch. i watched this happen earlier today. i remember hearing from my father-in-law that this was toughest part of his job, to go to dover air force base to receive home the caskets of our service members killed in action, killed overseas, and he talked about witnessing what the family went through. and, joey, i want to go to you because for our viewers, i want to get a sense, do the families harp there, do they -- that were there, do they get to interact with the president and first lady? what happens for them, what does a day like today, what is it possibly like for them? >> i'm not really sure as far as the protocol there at dover. i know, you know, the ceremonies at arlington are are quite amazing to experience. but at that point, you're still mourning, but usually those are several weeks later. i've not been to dover to see it firsthand, but from the gold
2:36 pm
star families that i know, it's such a whirlwind when this first happens. from the time you're notified to the time they bring the body home, and then you schedule the funeral wherever it's going to be, sometimes the transportation, you know, they show up in the town that you live in, the vfw or the biker, can't remember what they're called now, the a patriot are guard will bring the casket through, the body through. what i'm getting at there is it may be several weeks of kind of mourning for them because people are celebrating these heroes. and so what the gold star families go through, it's quite a feat really and really what they're doing is they're extending their own mourning because so many people want to celebrate these heroes. and so what these families will go through for the next several weeks until finally a funeral or interment happens, it means they kind of relive it over and over again. >> yeah, really tough thing, i'm sure, for these families. can't imagine what they're going
2:37 pm
through. leo, i want to ask you this, because we see these ima imagines of the flag-draped coffins, we see the images of this hurricane that is battering louisiana and the gulf coast right now. what does this moment -- shouldn't this moment remind us all that at the end of the day we are all in this together, we are all americans? you know, we've had a really tough week in america. this should be a time that we should all come together. >> lara, i can't say it any better. i mean, you look at what makes america great is our collective togetherness. you see the outpouring of sympathy and concern for those americans overseas, you look at what's happening and the dover memorial there was beautiful. i watched the entire thing. and then you look at what is happening in new orleans. this country is so powerful, the potential is so unique, the collective diversity is so powerful it just makes me
2:38 pm
personally proud to be an american. and it just tells you all this fighting, in this bickering, when it comes to tragedies and emergencies and when this country needs to act a its best -- act its best, it outshines any nation on the planet. >> you're so right. and, you know, as we approach september 11th, i often think back to that day and the months after september 11th. gosh, what a bad day that was for our country, but i don't think we have ever been as united as we were 20 years ago after september 11th as americans, you know? we all need to keep that in mind especially, i think, as we approach the 20th anniversary of that terrible day. coming up very soon. jackie, i want to ask you, obviously, this is the worst possible scenario for these families that they had to receive their loved ones back today. i'm sure they are numb in so many respects like joey said. i mean, it's a whirlwind.
2:39 pm
they probably can't even get their feet under them. what would you say to them right now though, because i think joey's right, so many people want to celebrate them, and maybe in some ways that makes it at least a little bit easier? what would be your message to these families today? >> my message would be that we're behind you, we're here for you. we'll never understand your pain unless we walk, you know, a mile in your shoes, but we'll be here to support you. and and i just want to make the point that i watched ceremony too, and even behind his mask, lara, you could see this was the first time president biden had to go to dover, and you could see the emotion in his face. look at that picture right there. he has to think about and internalize what's happened here as a result of his decision making process. and i imagine that that is really difficult to stomach right now. but he is an american, and i believe he has to sort of feel and experience what we all are feeling right now. i also want to make the point that the new york post is reporting that another news
2:40 pm
outlet is saying there were two families of fallen soldiers that did not participate in today's ceremony, and that just tells you how difficult it can be for some people. some people can face up to it, some people handle their grief in a different way. this was the first time that dover had to go to dover, and -- the first time that biden had to go to dover, and is we hope it's the last. >> yeah. >> i will never forget hearing my father-in-law talking about the emotions, and everyone processes it differently. some people, he said, were very quiet, some people just completely break down, and i imagine that they probably saw a lot of that there today at dover. we certainly hope that this is the last time we have to see this happen. as we head towards tuesday, we are freewayif praying for every -- praying for every single service member on the ground in afghanistan, that they get home safely, that all the americans that are trapped there get home safely, that any afghan citizens that want to get out
2:41 pm
can get out as well. it's going to be a harrowing 48 hours leading up to tuesday the, but our thoughts and prayers are with everybody. and it was a really, really hard thing to watch today, but our prayers are also with the families of those 13 service members. we'll take you back to new orleans that is getting pounded by hurricane ida next. stay with us. ♪♪ dining including takeout from chase freedom unlimited, you're always earning! then this is officially a takeout week. that's a good choice, rita. bon appetit. earn 3% on dining including takeout, and so much more. chase. make more of whats yours. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. to make my vision a reality.
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♪ >> welcome back. we have a fox news alert. hurricane ida slamming the gulf coast. we've been tracking the powerful storm all day. the slow-moving category 4 storm is moving slowly inland. let's bring in adam klotz who has the update on the storm. >> thanks, joey. yeah, this storm now for almost six hours, and that is a really long time, for almost six hours this storm made landfall six hours ago nearly, and it continues to be a category 4 storm. it's moving to the northwest at 10 miles an hour. winds still at 130 miles an hour. when it initially made landfall, it was traveling 16 miles an hour, so it's slowed down. more wind, more rain, more potential for flooding. but this is the track of that storm. you see some to have most
2:46 pm
intense pictures coming out of new orleans, now sitting just off to the east of where this storm is. and typically you see the worstwet on the eastern side of a storm -- worth west on the eastern side. but now we're going to continue to track this one. it's been such a slow mover and, as i said is, for six hours now we spent all of that time if that category 4 range and made landfall at 150 miles an hour, now down to 130 miles an hour. it'll continue to weaken to a category 3 storm, but this is a really long time to be on land and be such a powerful storm. and that's a big part of this because it's going to continue to bring all that energy to places inland that typically don't see hurricanes. it's still a category 1 hurricane as we get into the evening hours, this is the forecast model, and eventually becomes a tropical storm getting up into mississippi. again, areas where they don't see storms that hold together quite like this for so long, and that's going to be the case in the overnight hours. future forecast, again, everything on the eastern side
2:47 pm
of the storm, very heavy rain, very strong winds and this just continues to lift. i'm going to take you all the way into monday here, and you're still seeing a lot of very powerful thunderstorms on the eastern side of this. flooding is going to be an issue, wind is going to continue to be an issue. and i think flash flooding may be one of the big stories for the next couple of days. no surprise when i talk about how slow this is going to move and all the moisture that's caught up in it. we've got flash flood advisories and warnings from eastern portions of louisiana across most of mississippi, alabama and getting even as far north as tennessee. and i do think other -- over time they're going to add these farther north. how much possible rain are we talking about? this is additional rain x and there's already rain on the ground, so some of these really bright purples, that's maybe another 10 inches to a foot. that's predominantly in portions of eastern louisiana. again, a whole lot of rain running into mississippi, eventually up into portions of tennessee. and even in areas there in
2:48 pm
western alabama, spots where you're going to see some of that really heavy rain x. if you live are up into the ohio river valerie or the northeast, it eventually comes for you also. it's going to be a big and powerful one. this is over the next three days. flooding like this takes a while to work into tributaries and streams, so flooding could be an issue but how much over the next three days, again, areas where this is onshore right now, very likely that we're going to see flooding, flash flooding in the next couple of days. and then you lift up into a large area where flooding is going to continue to be an issue. i'll leave you with this map where we are currently sitting. some of the heaviest rain off to the eastern portions and everything in this big, red polygon, that is a tornado watch. you don't always think of this, but tornadoes typically do spin up on the eastern side of these storms. you get a whole lot of very fast moving wind over the water. it catches that land, gives it a little bit of friction, and then you start to see small
2:49 pm
tornadoes. they can do a little bit of damage fairly quickly. i think this tornado watch is going to stay in place overnight so, joe kiwi, there is still -- joey, there's still a lot to track, and i think we're going to be busy with this one all the way into tomorrow. >> thanks for the update. mike tobin is live in new orleans. mike in. >> hey, joey, confirming what adam was just talking about. one thing i notice about this hurricane, at least at this point, is there's a lot of water, a lot more than a what we normally see. now, as far as what has happened over the last hour or so, the barometer has dropped about 3 or 4 millibars, and with that these wind gusts are really increasing with intensity, gradually just increasing, probably a big gust before we get off. there's one right now. as far as damage that we know of thus far, nothing too extensive. we've seen a membrane come off of a roof. i've seen some of these traffic lights, and if we pan around,
2:50 pm
you can look at some of these traffic lights in the intersection. wow, this is a whopper of a gust coming through. you can see how these traffic lights are getting a workout. the palm trees up and down canal street here, i'd be very surprised if we get through this and don't see some of the palm trees snap off. one of the things my crew and i have been keeping an eye on throughout this process, there's a billboard up over my right shoulder here, and you can see that billboard, it's been rattling around, and now that bill withboard looks like it's ready to -- billboard looks like it's ready to peel off. so as we're talking about the damage and the potential damage, and i'm still struck by the images of these palm trees as they're getting moved around, one of the things we know is that new orleans is going to get a lot of water. very likely the pump system that they have here to bail out the city of new orleans which is under sea level, those pumps are just going to get overwhelmed because we have so much water coming in. they've got a lot of of faith in
2:51 pm
the levee system out here, $14 billion invested in the levee system, and they're hoping what that does is prevent the outside water from getting moved in by the storm surge and driven by the wind. but you're definitely going to have some kind of flooding here. you've got flooding in the other areas with this storm surge now reported as high as 16 too feet, places that aren't protected by the levee system already have exextensive flooding. the one thing that's very sad and desperate that we know of thus far is the people who are trying to call 911, trying to get help, they'ren on their own for the moment because the crews simply can't get the them. it's not safe, joey. >> mike, do you have -- >> hey, mike -- >> i'm sorry, go ahead, lara. >> mike, it's lara trump. sorry, just a quick question as you're getting battered with the wind there. we saw a car drive by behind you. do you get a sense that people took this storm seriously 16
2:52 pm
years after katrina? did they leave the city of new orleans? did they evacuate enough people or are there a lot of people that are going to be stuck there? >> reporter: well, there certainly people that are stuck. the mayor's made it clear if you didn't evacuate by now, it's too late. you've got to shelter in place and hope for the best wherever you are. the perspective as far as the people i talked to who took it seriously, that's kind of hard to say. i talked to a few people who said they were going to get out while the getting was good. however, as we got closer to the storm, the people with whom i spoke are all the people who either decided they have been through storms before, these buildings have been around since the 1800s, they've withstood storms before, they'll withstand this one, their belief anyway, and they were going to stick it out. and then last night in the french quarter, frankly, the bars were open, the bands were plague, there were people out there -- playing, there were people out there who didn't take it seriously. >> mike, thanks and stay safe
2:53 pm
out there, build. next, an up9 date on the drone striking that kills suspected bombers targeting the kabul airport we'll be right back. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. andrea: this is the hardest thing we will probably ever have to go through. st. jude has given us transportation, treatment. to know that we don't have bills, they take every other stress off of your shoulders. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality
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2:57 pm
killed 13 us service members and dozens of afghans right now the bombers to were killed or not identified. the other being story let's check in life from new orleans d2 we are here on canal street in the french quarter. new orleans officials have flat out said earlier this afternoon the worst parts of the storm and that is what we are getting right now. nobody can come help you they are advising residents in this area to hunker down do not move search and rescue cannot help you it could be as late as tomorrow. they simply cannot get out with these wind gust. across the street of you can see it they are all lined up with the trucks they will be
2:58 pm
working on no electricity at this hour. dozens of folks are watching from the window here on can now street. the police chief came out earlier today and said do not put first responders in danger stay inside your house. back to you. >> stay safe with your crew it looks rough down there. and i went to go to senior correspondent live from baton rouge. reporter: we are expecting the outer bands, the very first of ida to be just in the next 15 or 20 minutes we were doing a quick check of the radar. the red if you look at it is right where she is and our other colleagues mike told then and those in the new orleans area. and now as it starts to work its way north and inland, we sound like a broken record but it is very - - moving very
2:59 pm
slowly and it will take some time to get through here. right now, i don't even have a rain jacket or a hat i think that will change in the next hour as we expect that conditions to start deteriorating. unfortunately this will go down once the sun goes down and that makes it even more dangerous as you know. back to you. >> thank you for that. as you see those images where caroline was pacifically, you heard fema earlier today talking about the levee system 14.$5 billion invested you just hope earlier what we learned from 16 years ago is enough to weather the storm. >> let's hope so i grip on the coast of north carolina i have been to many hurricanes. we heard mike tobin say bars are open and people are out and about. it's not surprising but very scary because at a certain
3:00 pm
point you know that no one can help you and you are on your own. we hope everyone stays safe and take the storm seriously and everything turns out okay. we pray for the gulf coast. >> absolutely wishing everyone well. that is it for us the "fox report" with jon scott starts right now. >> hurricane ida continues to promote southeast louisiana after making landfall five hours ago. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. here is a live look at the intense storm of new orleans and baton rouge coming ashore as a category four and is still there nearly half a million customers are without power in louisiana alone now we have mike tobin live in new
3:01 pm
orleans right now


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