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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 29, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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emotion had his son in service he would feel firsthand as his hand goes over his heart. arthel: let us all our hands together and pray for those families. >> good afternoon from fox news in washington you are watching continuing coverage fox news live as president biden first lady jill biden are at the dover delaware airbase to receive the bodies of 13 american fallen service members killed in a suicide bombing attack at the kabul airport this week. the president, first lady, cabinet members and also top military are on hand for a very powerful solemn, somber and difficult ceremony at dover airbase, very peaceful, let's
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listen in.
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mike: mike emanuel and jacqui heinrich in washington as we witnessed the dignified transfer of our fallen service members killed in the suicide attack at cobble airport, a very difficult ceremony to watch one can only imagine what the families are going through as a transfer cases are arriving at dover air force base in delaware, being greeted by the president and first lady and military brass heartbreaking scene to witness. jacqui: absolutely you think about how young these service members were and you remember their ages 20, 22, 23 immense sacrifice that they had made and that their families have made on behalf of our country and our values and protecting our liberty, let's watch some more.
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mike: with this president biden becomes a fourth u.s. commander and chief to bear witness to the return of fallen service members from the afghan war, a powerful, powerful moment to see the remains of these young fallen heroes brought back to dover airbase our thoughts and prayers are with the fallen and their families at this very difficult time. jacqui: 11 of the fallen 13 service members who dignified transfers are happening right now among them army staff sgt
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brian noss of tennessee and darren hoover 31 of salt lake city utah. marine corps sgt of massachusetts, just 25 years old marine corps sgt nicole g23 of sacramento dagen page of omaha and sanchez of indiana, marine corps david espinoza 20 years old from rio bravo texas. in marine corps lance corporal jared smith's 20 years old from st. charles missouri. marine corps lance corporal dylan merola of california.
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lance corporal kareem nikoui of california and navy hospital in max, 22 from berlin heights ohio.
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mike: participating in the dignified transfers president joe biden, first lady jill biden, lloyd austin, mark millie joint chief of staff general david h berger, james mcconnell chief of staff at the united states army, admiral michael gill day chief of operations
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into public or commander of the air force march await affairs operations and they are on hand at dover to greet the family members of the fallen service members that were lost this week. jacqui: there for the dignified transfers secretary of state anthony blinken deputy secretary of defense kathleen hicks, chief master sgt ramon lopez senior advisor to the joint chief of staff. christine warmath secretary of the army
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. jacqui: continuing to watch dignified transfer of the 13 fallen service members at dover air force base. mike, i recall the images that we have seen of these heroes over the last few days as we begun to learn their names, how young they are, one image that stands out to me a young woman cradling a baby posted to her instagram a few days before she was killed i love my job. mike: heartbreaking. one young man about to become a father in the coming weeks, the
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20-year-old sworn in months before the 9/11 attacks they don't set american policy but they were there at the tip of this beer carrying out american policy as we continue to witness the dignified transfer at dover air force base over delaware there is. [no audio] is is very solemn and very somber return home to our fallen heroes.
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mike: this is known as the dignified transfer a solemn movement and fallen service members return and a flag draped transfer case rather than a casket or coffin as we've mentioned 11 of the 13 families agreed to allow some media
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coverage into wanted it completely private, one can only imagine what these families have been through over the past few days. their lives have been turned upside down losing their loved ones. jacqui: a lot of reaction across the country as these 13 service members are being mourned by the community and nation marine david lee espinoza from laredo texas the city said on friday your acts of courage and bravery will always be remembered in our community.
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i want to bring him our national clarity correspondent at the pentagon who is watching these images along with us and jennifer, this is just been a sober and heart wrenching thing to watch. >> jackie i can tell you from speaking to members of the senior leadership at the pentagon who i spoke to members of the joint chief when they were on their way to meet with the families this morning and i can tell you there is no harder day in the commanders life than this ceremony at dover and what we just saw it looks like one of the state department officials who was standing behind president biden was so overcome with emotion and had nearly
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fainted and had to be escorted out of line just to give you a sense of a hearing of a motion that the senior leaders are feeling after having met with parents of the fallen and families of the fallen for three and half hours that was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. this morning. those are always here field meetings and completely got wrenching images, we talked about sgt nicole gee who is one of the two female marines killed of the 13 she posted the instagram post holding the baby saying i love my job just a few days ago.
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mike: as we witness the transfer at dover delaware air force base let's bring over david at the white house. >> as you know the present of the united states is a commander-in-chief today, he is the comforter in chief this is an incredibly difficult, difficult day for so many across the country especially these families. you see the president and first lady walking right there, from what were able to understand the president did meet with some of those families earlier and who joined in with a prayer inside the plane before the remains of those fallen heroes were removed he was able to do that for a moment the president and first lady will head back to washington today but this is one of the moments as you can see where the president of the united states serves as a comforter in chief. mike: no doubt about it.
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a difficult job and there isn't any training to go through that kind of experience but nevertheless the president of united states on hand for the dignified transfer of those 13 american heroes killed at the kabul airport on thursday. jacqui heinrich, difficult to bring the proper words to express the feeling that those families must be going through today and certainly our hearts and prayers are with all of them. jacqui: absolutely and also with the families of our troops who are in harms way as this mission of the 13 service members gave their life to has not yet
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concluded and we still have many men and women who are at risk and we think about the families of everyone who has dedicated that ultimate sacrifice to this cause and how difficult that is. mike: let's go back to a colleague jennifer griffin at the pentagon, jennifer final thought from you after being with us through this got wrenching ceremony? >> words fail me right now but it's notable that you have not only members of the cabinet, the secretary of the state defense secretary the entire joint chief as well as the cia director and we saw chris coons along with the first lady and the president on the tarmac there, very, very difficult scenes as we have
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who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ mike: fox news alert looking live at president biden and first lady jill biden greeting service members at the dover air force base following the dignified transfer of 13 american heroes at dover air force base in dover delaware a few hours ago and unmanned u.s. drone took out a vehicle packed with one suicide bomber and a large amount of explosives leading to multiple secondary explosions, once again this is live video coming in from dover air force base president biden and first lady jill biden greeting some of the military personnel on hand after the
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dignified transfer of 13 american heroes let's go back to our calling national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with the latest on the military action taking place today. >> you referenced that strike in kabul earlier today, there was unconfirmed reports of multiple suicide bombers inside the vehicles that were struck that may not be true we are now being told. here's what we can say for certain the u.s. military carried out and unmanned drone strike with the vehicle filled of explosives that posten and minute threat to the kabul international airport in a statement from the central command they said it was a defensive strike on a vehicle in kabul to eliminate an intimate isis k threat, bill irvin added the significance secondary explosion from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of expose of material and were told the u.s.
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military used unmanned over the horizon capabilities which means the american drone flew from a military base in the united arab and rest eight hours flying time away this official added we are confident we hit the target we were aiming for and the timing of the drone strike is notable and follows a specific warning from the u.s. embassy for all american citizens and others to leave the gates of the kabul airport due to an imminent threat to the airport, u.s. officials indicated the threat has not been eliminated as a result of today's airstrike. >> there are more threat streams that we are working actively to disrupt and prevent when the president has said another attack could occur at any time, he has directed his commanders on the ground to take every force protection measure possible to ensure the safety of our troops as they complete their mission.
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>> this is the second drone strike since friday when a u.s. reaper drone targeted to members of isis k in eastern afghanistan. >> the fact that two of these individuals are no longer walking on the face of the earth, that is a good thing that is a good thing for the people of afghanistan and a good thing for our troops and our forces at the airfield. >> the timing of the drone strike is notable as families were receiving the fallen sons and daughters at dover. president biden chairman millie and defense secretary lloyd austin were meeting with those families at dover air force base this morning when the drone strike occurred. back to you. mike: many thanks. jacqui: afghan refugees are arriving by the thousands at the air force base in germany, that is where the air force is processing evacuees and sending many of them to the united states greg is live with more for us. >> yes on this very moving day everything we are hearing on the
10:29 am
ground in germany from kabul and elsewhere this being the last days of the u.s. war in afghanistan and possibly some of the most dangerous at cobble airport the last evacuation with desperate afghans continue and the numbers are way down, that is because the new terror threats in the u.s. deadline to leave on tuesday the u.s. troops are also being shipped out. look at what we saw at nearby ramstein airbase this weekend. >> despite of or because of the terrible explosions at the call the airport this past week the pace of evacuations at ramstein airbase in germany has picked up 20000 have arrived so far, 5000 have gone out. for safer climates. >> in the two days that we have been here we invited no flights of refugees coming in from kabul
10:30 am
or elsewhere but five specially chartered u.s. commercial planes with refugees have left for the states yesterday and ten sent for today we don't have confirmation but a lot of planes overhead and the folks trying to work through the backlog of thousands of evacuees. take a listen to a representative of the state department on the ground in a refugee. >> we have an extraordinary vetting process that is in place with the fbi, the cbp, tsa and others to make sure only people eligible to travel can go to the united states. >> you did not want to live in a country -- >> never ever i don't want to live there no one wants to live there. this is the wish of everybody to leave afghanistan. >> finally we've been following the moving ceremony marking the deaths of the 13 service members in that terrible terror attack on thursday, we have been telling you over the last few days about 20 marines injured in
10:31 am
that attack they were brought here to this area in about a mile away where we are right now with the military medical hospital and we can tell you, we discussed this a couple of hours ago a spokesperson for the hospital telling us some of them were well enough sent back to the state in receiving additional treatment at walter reed hospital. that is some breaking good news on a very terrible day in tricky days ahead. jacqui: greg talcott at ramstein airbase in germany, they stand for that report. hurricane ida has made landfall and we will bring you the latest updates from the ground coming up next. ♪ at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids.
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>> hurricane ida makes landfalln extremely dangerous category 4 storm arriving on the 16th anniversary to the day of
10:36 am
hurricane katrina, powerful storms with high winds and heavy rain to residents in that area all hunkering down jeff paul is on the ground in orleans and live from the fox weather center, what are you seeing? >> the center of the storm made landfall in these storms are large there not just one centerpoint but center of the store making landfall a few minutes ago right and poor for sean, that area is a place that it was made with oil production, there is so much oil production that happens in the gulf around 60% of all oil in our country goes through that spot that fortified it to be able to handle storms but 150-mile sustained storms making a direct landfall after this is done it'll be interesting to see if there is any significant damage
10:37 am
and they believe they can get all production of quickly let's hope that is the case, this puts us into the fifth strongest storm for u.s. landfall ever that ties with laura which made landfall last in louisiana on the other side of louisiana this is the current radar picture port forchon is at the very little to just to the southwest of grand isle and we've been seen wing guest of 148 miles per hour before the major engage went off-line. a very rough situation for them we have two different eye walls that have been developed and expanded windfall hurricane force winds about 45 miles from the center not a huge hurricane maybe one little thing that is good out of this the visible satellite you can see port fourchon was under that and that clearing in this hurricane in the few minutes another on the backside of this and going to be pummeled again you notice as we
10:38 am
head towards puma you will have massive problems for you there. a category 4 storm making landfall doesn't wind down right away it's going to take a while for that to happen so were talking what hurricane force wins that will extend inland like baton rouge and new orleans will be seen hurricane force winds and likely topple a lot of trees and cause a lot of power outages and we will watch a storm surge and a lot of that coming into places like pensacola florida and throughout parts of alabama and mississippi so the storm surge happening there as well and 5 - 7 feet and that will cause problems, the last thing we will talk about slow moving storms for the next 18 hours that means a prolonged period of very heavy rain across southern louisiana and across most of mississippi. very significant flooding threat new orleans might get 15 - 20 inches of rain all of that has to be pumped out of the city that is below sea level from the mississippi river into the lake where we hope that
10:39 am
those levees hold so it will test the levees in the puppy system and we will watch massive parts of mississippi and parts of tennessee and kentucky over the next couple of days. that is going on even though the storm has made landfall i feel like this is the beginning of the event for the next 24 hours. jacqui: no kidding, just considering every hour it's overland more damage is done. we will keep watching. mike: not for the federal government response joining me from fema headquarters administrator dan criswell i know it's an extremely busy day for you, what are your most immediate concerns as you look at hurricane ida right now? >> right now as you heard the eye of the storm has made land fall so right now i'm really concerned for those who have decided to shelter in place making sure they're aware of their surroundings and their
10:40 am
keeping themselves and their families safe. mike: meteorologist rick just said 15 - 20 inches of rain in new orleans, you're concerned about that. >> were seen a trifecta of all the major issues with these hurricanes we have seen life-threatening flash flooding from the intense rainfall life-threatening storm surges in a category 4 hurricane force winds and all three of those over a vulnerable area that has been saturated with rain over the last several weeks we will see flooding and we will see significant damages from this we have been really close communication with other state partners and pre-positioning resources, personnel, supplies sent tuesday to make sure that we are ready. >> give us some context how big is it edgy compared to other major hurricanes. >> note to storms are exactly the same and the best we can do is make sure were anticipating the worst case scenario which we have done moving enough resources and supplies into the area to rapidly respond as soon
10:41 am
as the storm has passed and safer effort under personnel to respond. mike: i'm sure you pre-position resources in the region would you take us through how you expect the next day or two to go in terms of assessment and response to the life threatening emergency. >> are most important concern as we go into the post forum is life safety, we anticipate there will be water rescues that need to happen their research and rescue resources in place from the state as well as additional federal assets, we want to take care of those people that are getting caught in the flooding and in the hospital system. we want to make sure that were supporting the state and their assessment of the healthcare system which is already stressed because of covid-19 bringing them backup power if needed or transporting patients up state or out-of-state if we need to. mike: were showing our viewers live images of new orleans
10:42 am
looking like it's starting to take a beating from hurricane ida how much damage and description of a hurricane this sign not only from postal communities but inland as well. >> that's a really good point were expecting catastrophic damage for the postal communities but they're not the only ones that will see damages, we will see inland damages from the flooding we expect tornado activity through today and tomorrow not just in louisiana but listed under mississippi and is it moves east this will be a significant storm with wide reaching impacts across the region. i urge everyone to look at where you're at in the track of the storm and understand what you need to do to protect you and your families. mike: i'm sure you do not have time for a history lesson but 16 years to the day since katrina, your thoughts on this significant the calendar date as we have another major storm coming out short in louisiana. >> it's remarkable 16 years to the day but there's a lot that
10:43 am
has been changed since then the army corps of engineers has done a fantastic job of improving the levee system. in the emergency reform act has given fema additional authority to respond quickly we are definitely in a different place today than we were 16 years ago. mike: final thoughts of those who may be in the path of the storm even if they're not on the coastline what is your best advice for folks who may be further inland in the store may be coming their way. >> you need to listen to the advice of the local officials, they know what you will need to do and what's best for you and your area, make sure you know where you're going to go if you decide to evacuate if you're more inland or what you will need if you will shelter in place. the best thing to do is stay aware, listen to local officials and make sure you're keeping yourself and your family safe. mike: fema administrator dan dee criswell thank you to you and your team and all the folks in harm's way. thank you so much. jacqui: we are seeing credible images coming in on the ground
10:44 am
as i do makes landfall we will go live to new orleans where the hurricane is battering with a live report coming up next. u ge: ♪ ♪ kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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jacqui: hurricane ida has touched sure and brought tough
10:48 am
conditions. jeff is on the ground in new orleans where there encouraging people to hunker down, what is it like out there? >> this is one of the things in orleans that gets a little dicey as the storm gets closer and closer to new orleans and the french quarter not only is the rain picking up at the windsor give the strong bands coming through and it sends rain into your face as almost someone picked up a handful of little rocks and throwing them at your face, you can see what it's doing to the shores of the mississippi river all of the rain and wind pay shane up against the shoreline and so far the only thing were releasing is the trees taken a beating but people are hunkering down and not too many people out and about right now there were maybe an hour ago but once the signal went out the hurricane ida has mainly in fall you don't see anybody here anymore and unfortunately for us we are blocked by two different walls that you cannot see, if i was
10:49 am
standing out there in the middle of it, it was a much different the wind is much stronger were trying to play it safe as we ride out the storm continued to bring you pictures as a storm gets closer and closer to new orleans. jacqui: glad to hear you're playing it safe no story worth dying for, you and your crew, stay safe as you track this force on the ground. mike: president biden pulling u.s. troops from afghanistan and in today's the white house has warned all americans should evacuate amid growing terrorist threats joining us for analysis fox news contributor and former wisconsin republican congressman sean duffy and progressive podcast host chris hawn, welcome. >> great to be here. >> here is senate republican leader mitch mcconnell on "fox news sunday". >> we are here for the future and continue the war on terror, just because we decided to quit
10:50 am
fighting that means terrorists go away, they're still out there there invigorated and emboldened and excited about the success that they see in bringing america to its knees. .mike: chris, how do you respon? >> obviously president biden hasn't except responsibility for the failed withdrawal but there's a lot of blame to go around, the deal the president trump signed was a horrible deal and allow the taliban to continue to attack our allies so as long they did not tack americans, there was no independent verification of anything that we demanded of them and we are seeing the benefit now. more important over the past 20 years and for the past 100 years the united states congress has advocated the responsibility to oversee foreign policy such as warmaking to the president of the united states in afghanistan is the combination of that failure of our congress to uphold their role under article
10:51 am
one of the united states constitution. my hope, in the future, congress would get a handle on this so we don't see another deal like the one that trump made it a withdrawal like the one that we are seeing now. mike: lets us a former congressman for his response. >> i agree with chris wholeheartedly the congress has given more and more power to the president. democrats and republicans agree with that. with that said this is again donald trump's fault, i'm so tired of hearing that, joe biden ripped up the remaining mexico policy, he ripped up the keystone pipeline on federal lands, he is gone back in to the paris accord and re-cut a deal with other countries around the world that donald trump has ripped up, let's not do that let's give joe biden full responsibility for withdrawing our troops for collapsing the bagram airbase and we have 0 control, our men and women are sitting ducks we just watched on this network 13 slain americans
10:52 am
come home, they should still be alive but bad policy from this administration. from my perspective to ship this to donald trump is so sad. let's make sure that we realize what joe biden did to create this disaster. why are we taking afghans who we haven't vetted out of the country to the tens of thousands but we still have americans on the ground, we still have afghan interpreters who helped americans still on the ground, behind enemy lines. this morning on "fox & friends" pete hegseth who is texting people that he knows to try to organize and get afghan interpreters from north america out of the city into the airport. this is outrageous that we don't have it administration that is helping americans and those who helped us. mike: here is then sassy earlier today. >> the american people have a right to be limited there is no plan, there has been no plan,
10:53 am
the plan has basically been happy talk, people have died and people are going to die because president biden decided to rely on happy talk instead of reality. mike: your thoughts? >> it comes down to being left with very few options, i agree i think biden should've revisited the deal that trump made i agree with congressman duffy on that but he was left with very little options he would had to put more troops on afghanistan then the american people would've tolerated. the problem with afghanistan it's a forgotten war unfortunately this country has spent no time dealing with it. the major networks have spent five minutes on the evening news program in 2025 minutes in total discussing the war on afghanistan in 2020, the american people had forgotten about this war and they wanted it to end joe biden is indignant he should've done a better job planning there's a lot of second-guessing and a lot of the
10:54 am
critiques being made are not correct but we were left with very few options, what boils down to the congress not being involved in the politics of personal diplomacy which is dominated the american presidency, teddy roosevelt created peace between russia and japan, every president since has wanted that same prize and quite frankly it is disgusting and we have to get back to the point where our congress takes ownership over these treaties and not just allowing one man who has a bigger than life ego to make those decisions. mike: this is a political panel, what are the political consequences for what's gone wrong in afghanistan. >> to be catastrophic, i'll talk about that in a second period we don't want the congress effectuating every draw from afghanistan, that is the role of the commander-in-chief and is not donald trump's fault that we left behind a whole bunch of aircraft, c-130s, helicopters, ammunition, drones, this is because how it was executed by
10:55 am
joe biden, no it's not, chris,. >> he left 2500 troops there. >> everyone understands the donald trump doesn't leave anybody behind, he would make sure every american and everybody who helped in american would get out of this country and this would not of been the consequence. but to your question i think americans look at how ineffective this liberal progressive woke set of policies are and that infiltrates the military and you see the making bad decisions. mark millie is the one who said yes we can shut down bagram airbase and give all the assets to our radical islamic organizations and fall back to the kabul airport and execute a withdrawal effectively, it's been a disaster and those of the decisions is a ministry to made an democrats even one who are opposed to what biden has done in step away from it they will all be held accountable in november 2022 and you will see a surge of new republicans on the house and senate and they will hold this administration accountable.
10:56 am
mike: there's a lot of folks that say the president's political advisers want out over the debate of his national security advisers but we have to leave it there, thank you very much for your time. jacqui: for more coverage of hurricane ida the massive storm coming assure at port fourchon louisiana we will go back there live, stay with us. . . . if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you whether you need a single line or lines for family members, you'll get great value on america's most reliable 5g network. like 2 lines of unlimited for just $27.50 a line.
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welcome to "fox news live." i'm jacqui heinrich. >> i'm mike emanuel. we have fox team coverage. jeff paul is on the ground in new orleans and rick reichmuth is live in the fox weather center. rick, let's start with you. >> actually, it's adam klotz. adam, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. rick and i switched off. a long day ahead of us and we will be tracking this throughout the course of the day. the center of circulation is off to the west of grand aisle. the grand aisle's been getting it for a couple of hours many we have the inner and outer eyewall, two areas where there's powerful winds at the moment and lightning on the south side of the eyewall, areas where it's been powerful so far. now that this has run on-ground, still moving to the northwest at 13 miles an hour, beginning to slow down. that's going to be the story, not just over the next couple hours but all the way to tomorrow morning, this will stay a powerful storm. it's going to slow down. as it slows down, that gives more time for damage to pile


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