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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  August 28, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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security adviser james sullivan 2:00 p.m. eastern. he'll be covering hurricane ida. i fell, you are especially really watching. arthel: absolutely, texting with my family trying to get up, prayers for troops. we are back tomorrow 12:00 p.m. eastern. ♪♪ >> joey jones, lara trump and we after all. welcome to the big saturday show. we begin -- not biden calls another attack in afghanistan highly likely. he released a statement about two hours ago that read in part, commander informs me that attack is highly likely in the next 24 -- 36 hours. earlier pentagon confirming military out to isis target hurt
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a third in a drone strike. extract the taliban is now condemning. a spokesman saying the americans should have informed us before conducting the airstrike. >> too high profile isis target were killed and 100. we know of zero civilian casualties. >> later the telegram spokesman set on twitter that his words were distorted in the pentagon wouldn't say if the isis targets were directly involved in the attack at the airport that killed 13 u.s. service members. also late last night, u.s. embassy in afghanistan issued another alert, to u.s. citizens telling them to stay away from the airport and avoid airport gates. live at the pentagon as the evacuation of cabell enters the final hours. >> 3500 u.s. troops remaining on the ground in kabul, gone by
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tuesday. for the first time in nearly 20 years, there will be no u.s. military troops on the ground in afghanistan. yesterday across the river at the state department, net price raised eyebrows when he sent the telegram networks were not working together. john kirby at the pentagon today. >> deputy leaders the taliban surging, people should know are these separate entities? >> we know there's a certain matter of coping going. there is a marveling, if you will of telegram. when i'm pushing back over is the relevance of that discussion to what we are trying to do today which is complete and evacuation safely and get our troops and armed forces the airport out safely, that's what we are focused on. again, earlier for state department set the taliban and network were separate entities. lastly officials say u.s. drone
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launched at the united arab and right, the planning something they were going to attack u.s. troops this week. president rising to the attack could come in 24 -- 36 hours. the pentagon refused to name the isis privacy that killed the planners usually reserved for people were not very important. >> it sounds like we are getting mixed messaging from the united states. one telling u.s. citizens and afghan partners that have not made it to the airport don't go. it too dangerous, there could be more terror attacks and they are still thank we're sticking with tuesday deadline. clearly someone is going to be left behind. >> clearly afghans are going to be left behind, 35 u.s. troops to on the ground of the airport, they will be evacuating and getting on the c-17 in a matter of days, everybody will be out by tuesday. many afghans are being left behind even though 100,000
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afghans have it evaluated, the number of actual visa holders that have helped u.s. military, that number is much smaller. it's notable the state department and pentagon would refuse to get the numbers up. >> thank you so much for that. now joey jones, one of the questions lucas brought up is the idea that terror organizations are working independently. they might be but there is one common goal, one target and that's america. they are united on that front, correct? >> it's a little laughable, what you broke through his they are pushing a narrative rather than informing the public is when they start to cross wires. facts are facts. some say they are a little marble because that's a word we want to hear about terrorist organization, marble together, it's pretty, it's not informing the public. if you have operational security, it's easy enough to say that.
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the reason i bring it up as they are trying to sell this working with the telegram working with the people who took my legs and my brothers lives, these are somehow the people who want to roll benevolently among the american people have already said they are fine with giving up the war in afghanistan and they want to pull out. what you do have to sell us on is letting our troops get surrounded by the telegram that's a problem and right they push the narrative, the taliban economy is linked to isis and link to the taliban, the idea that they are mortal to meet, every action within itself, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and i don't think anything for the army. >> i want to touch on something joey said, the notion here in the united states spent time and time again, we do not negotiate with terrorists but we are negotiating for the taliban and the reason we are essentially is because we are at their mercy.
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we are in a vulnerable position and we have to bow down to them because they are on the ground and they are in control. if president trump was in office right now the events would be shaped in a completely different way, essentially this would not be happening, he would never negotiate. >> mark one 100% right. it's mind-boggling to so many americans that we have found ourselves in this position that we are taking orders from the telegram. we heard joe biden himself society, we are going to honor the august the first deadline because that's what the telegram told us to do, are we kidding ourselves? something else, i know this is not exactly what we are discussing the fact that we are getting information from the telegram's person again, terrorist organization from twitter, facebook have a twitter account but donald trump still does not? how crazy have things gotten we have found ourselves in the opposition?
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you are right, we are negotiating with terrorists and i have a feeling we're going to have to actually do real negotiating with paris after the august 31 deadline we don't have all americans out. we are still trying to get afghans who assisted americans out, it's going to be a messy situation, never would have happened, your right under president donald trump. he would not go for this nor would they have even tried this. >> i want to take another soundbite from the pentagon talking about the threat from isis. >> rights are still very real and dynamic and we are monitoring them literally in real time. as i said yesterday we are taking all means necessary to make sure we remain focused on but. >> we have good intelligence, we knew how this would play out. for some reason, you've got an administration who doesn't want to heed the warning, why is not?
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>> first of all, thank you for having me on. also let me take joey, thank you for your service, back to be on the show with you. as a lawyer, and listen to this and there's no evidence to support anything this administration is doing. john kirby wants us to assume the telegram is working with us. where's the evidence? they spent our enemy for 20 years. i don't believe a word out of joe biden's mouth. i believe the telegram? nelson was happening if you have democratic talking points, white house administration talking points and we are not getting the evidence that the immigrant public has a right to know. right now our country has been embarrassed worldwide, our loss of credibility because this white house has made a political decision. we are basically having our military type with their hands behind their backs because we cannot use military friends to bring back our americans the afghan ease have helped.
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this is amazing. they are just talking and we cannot accept whatever is coming out of the white house administration. let's be very clear. the afghan and al qaeda have every motivation to hurt our country. to hurt us so to make an assumption for kirby or the white house or jen psaki to make any reference to the cooperation is a lie. >> i want to go to another soundbite white house press secretary talking about the u.s. allies, she's essentially saying she can't guarantee i can get out of afghanistan. >> u.s. guarantee you will be able to get out? >> i don't think we can guarantee that we can do is work toward our commitment does not change august 31. we honestly need to pick up mechanisms of the conversation that is underway. >> joey, your thoughts? >> they can't guarantee they will get all americans out if we
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press them on it they say everyone who wants to leave will come to the airport or the people who want to leave will respond to us. they don't take into account the stories starting to come ahead and starting to get reported on making it to the internet of people coming and they have the family there and can't get the family out so they can't leave their family that and these are people who write these us, even the family got but the state department can prompt this. if you roll the headlines back, he will remember it wasn't huge but it was pretty loud, current in organizations, nonprofits around the country so upset the of ministration was not processing fees us for these people because of those people knew things were about to come to a head while president biden was telling us there's nothing to worry about but the state department bureaucracy, i couldn't tell you why they thought the embassy was closed, i don't know. the opportunity to get this done in a uniform manner was there
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and they didn't take it. now 13 people died. >> there's also another soundbite where she said i know you may find it difficult to believe, i'm paraphrasing but essentially some people don't want to leave, some americans and afghan partners have project they are working on. i do find it hard to believe. coming up on this show, we honor the sacrifice of 13 service members killed in action and afghanistan. stay with us. ♪♪
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walk back to the big centering show. we now know the names of the 13 killed and the terror attacks of the kabul airport. marine corporal 23 of omaha, nebraska. he had plans of attending traits will after the marines. staff sgt. ryan in tennessee. family members described him as of the pop question for the big brain and even bigger heart. marine staff sgt. gary taylor hoover, 31 salt lake city utah, former football player national natural born leader. mental corporal riley, 20 of them recently by three weeks from becoming a father. marine corporal david espinoza,
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20 in texas. second deployment to the middle east. marine lance corporal jared schmidt, 20 of st. charles, missouri, his mother said his lifelong dream was to become a soldier and serve the country. foreman maxton, honorable student in high school. nicole g, in sacrament of california, a technician, pictured here holding and afghan baby days before her death. lance corporal dylan, 20 of california. he was honored by high school students at his alma mater who are more red, bright and blue during friday night's football game. marine sgt. giovanni, massachusetts honor for exceptional student by her dunes.
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lance corporal following deployment he planned to follow his parent footsteps and become a sheriff's deputy. marine corporal roberto, he's from indiana. state officials amended the 2017 high school graduate for his bravery and dedication to serving our country. plant corporal kareem, 20 of california. the day before he died, he sent his father a video of him giving candy to children at the airport in kabul. careened father gave the heartbreaking account about what he learned of his son's death. >> i saw him turn the corner, three marines, my life changed forever. i don't want to take the opportunity for my other family members, my wife, my son so i asked him. look, they are at a football game at the high score, can you wait down the street until they come? and i can see if they want you to come and do your condolences
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presentation. the boys sat out there for four hours, for four hours they set out there and until my wife came, it was not good and i could not have them come to the house, it was horrible. i had been there about 36 hours but i was in awe, humbled by their performance. [sobbing] >> i'm glad you let him express everything he was feeling. i can't say enough how brave the father was to talk about his son and his experience. as a mother, i noticed like when my mom was notified of my injury and as a mother, how do you do that? how do you get through that?
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how you look at your spouse and the rest of your family and say we've lost this person forever? >> it is absolutely heartbreaking, that father's words there, i had chills listening to it. i had chills when you are reading those names and i want to echo what leo said, thank you for your service, i think you spent invaluable commenting on all of this as it unfolded over the past week or so on fox. it's an incredible job but in the moment, this is every single parent drugs this moment. you are never supposed to bury your child and unfortunately we have 13 sets of families across our country who are going to have to face this reality. i think moreover, service members families, families of our first responders, police officers, these are people who have, even a bigger stake and things because they know when they send their son or daughter overseas, their husband or wife
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goes to serve, whether it's overseas or they are a police officer in yorktown, they don't know if they are coming home, they know the risk, it's heartbreaking to know there are 13 families who will never see their loved ones again. i can't imagine how they get through. i hope to god i never have to experience something like this and i think every parent out there feels the same way. >> i hope they know they get through with our love and prayers. leo, you look at those faces and hear their story, they want to be a sheriff's deputy, follow in their parents footsteps but i saw america and people of every race, creed, gender, probably religion and they love each other. they love this country. do you think maybe our leaders could look down instead of to the rest of the country? realize where we are as a country maybe we are not as bad as we say we are? >> he saw the best and brightest, i will talk to long because i can't.
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>> that's real, folks. that's how we feel. i cried yesterday when i watched that video. i want to say, those people love each other. i was in the marine corps, i learned real quick what makes a man and what makes a woman that has everything to do with how you treat people and the love you have and what you're going to do and they were willing to die for this country and die for each other and we find out toda- >> joey, can i just say this? we are so much more alike than we are different and we all have to remember that. in this moment, you are right, nothing matters about those people skin color, their gender, they were 13 americans who should never have died and we all have to remember that. they are constantly on one side of the political aisle trying to divide and tell us we are different.
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we are all americans, we always have to remember that this should be a moment of bringing us all together, it's great, something we need more of. i hope we never have to have a situation like this to bring us together but we need to always keep something like that in mind, a great idea. >> a summary, i'm proud of this country and doing it with folks therefrom, not just carbon copies of myself. but before we go to break, we did a drone strike and took out a couple of people, you think that makes the families feel any better? what can the up ministration safety of our family to haply honor their sacrifice? >> it doesn't make people feel better, their hearts are broken and grieving. my heart is broken as an american watching this, hearing you read those names understanding someone's brother, someone's sister and son or daughter, i think of my own family and you are right, it is horrific what happened so when you think about the drone strike in the fact that president biden
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said we would retaliate so we did, doesn't change anything? the question i am asking, why did this unfold in the way it did? when we knew what could happen, why are we playing defense when we could be playing offense and potentially avoid these situations? we are looking at a rough 24 -- 36 hours to come. i am hoping i think happens but i don't know that it won't. >> we've got to protect them if we are not going to fight the taliban, let's get everybody home. still ahead, army current family trapped in afghanistan speaks out. families hunted down by the taliban. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show as the evacuation efforts drawdown in afghanistan, u.s. army veteran still holding his family telegram. he spoke with fox news about the terrifying ordeal. >> the commander in kabul know my name, they know my family. >> this scary stuff. basically you can watch the whole video, i watched the whole video on or on fox news app, is horrifying. how the chauvin the families of summer he's afraid his family is going to be beheaded, they have firebombed his house before. we've talked about this since the beginning of the show and i know people constantly talk about this. we are, the taliban is a terrorist organization from why should we be less by
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reconsidering primary on things for man is terrified for the life of his family and this is the group we are having help us i don't trust him, you don't trust him and 99% of americans don't press him except biden and don kirby. at the top of the show we heard lucas tomlinson talking about john kirby said. the taliban is our enemy, they hate us what you have here is a total disconnect, a political agenda by the white house and the democrat to leave afghanistan regardless. all the individuals who gave blood helping us from we are deserted them. what is that say about america's credibility? integrity overseas. we have an joe biden does not care. >> joey, i want to ask you because one of the things this man said his video, he said i feel like what we are all
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thinking, we are the united states of america, we do not ask permission of the taliban anything yet it feels like that's what has happened every single step of the way. how do we get to this race? when did the rules change on this? did we start accepting the taliban is this legitimate organization? >> desperate people do desperate things in our government is desperately right now. they know they are responsible and it fire breathing, it was a clear i. what happened so far from losing 13 names i've read, i do not leave that it had to be that way. regardless of they are in negligent or terrible intel that they believed in, what you do next is what matters and that's my message to joe biden. i want to take a minute to say, all over this country what's happening in afghanistan is breathtaking, civilians getting
2:31 pm
people out of the country in a way our government won't or can't, i hope it's a good story. i hope we tub stories here's the come of the heroism of moms and dads at home, getting an interpreter out to save their son, a brother getting them out who came here to become a citizen. a nonpregnant wife whose wife husband is a u.s. citizen and finally got her home because of the marines he served with, his brother working the gate and disobeyed his own orders and pulled her in hours before the bomb went away. the stories that will come from this will be every day americans having the fortitude to do the right thing, we need to know that and tell him. >> thank god for those people. jackie, i can't even imagine if i was a prison we had a family member or multiple family members like this man who we just heard from in afghanistan targeted by them, he knows
2:32 pm
what's about to happen, this is one man, brave enough to come forward, think about the people out there who have a similar situation, there are thousands of people likely who have family members in afghanistan probably cannot get out. american and afghan alike pretty quickly safety complex joey is right, i think ultimately will have to rely on civilians because our government is not doing the job. >> possibly it scary because a telegram has her own intelligence, like this judgment was describing, so many are afraid to speak up and come forward because i think it will be targeted. then you hear joe biden this week leaning away how we gave lift to the talleyrand with people's names on them and said we had to do it to ensure safe passage to the airport. if they didn't get to the airport, the taliban now has those names as well. you may leave on tuesday, there will after those people and attack their families and god knows what's going to happen.
2:33 pm
one might think that's outrageous in all of us, when the topic does that when we leave tuesday as a taxpayer, u.s. citizens are using our equipment and we abandon those we left behind to wreak havoc on the region. >> it's one of the most infuriating parts for most americans, we paid for the weapons they will likely use against us, so upsetting. coming up next, a marine commander removed from his post for demanding accountability top military. that next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show.
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marine commander removed from his post after posting a video on social media calling for accountability from senior military leadership on the afghanistan. >> i'm not saying got to be in afghanistan forever but i am thank any of you for your anger out the table as it is about idea to evacuate before we evacuated? have been fighting for 17 years. i'm willing to throw it all away to take to my senior leaders i demand accountability. >> l.a., he makes some valid.and he's being penalized for it. where was the leadership? where was the decision-making here? >> this is predictable, i think even on facebook he said i knew this was going to happen if i were in their position, i'd do the same thing to me. i think he understands the irony of what he's talking about. if you watch the whole video, he said if you are a marine in the
2:39 pm
brain does something bad or stupid or makes a mistake, you can trouble, too, thought accountability and responsibly as he sang chief of staff holding that. what happening with him is probably because of the video, a colonel or general connected to him was also getting in trouble and the irony, it's still happening like he sang but we are not giving accountability at the top as a marine, i've got mixed emotions but i believe it and he spoke in truth. >> the new york post, is there headline, our allies no longer trust fighting. it's an op-ed and we are talking about leadership here, the last part reads, biden not only ignores their advice, he threw them under the bus by lying and they agreed with him. i watched private where he said that, not only about the other leaders but allies as well. it was quite agree just.
2:40 pm
>> this is the result of electing a person like joe biden who was allowed to get away with things during the entire campaign. go back to the hundred biden laptop, there's things they've denied continually on the biden team we know happened. this is nothing new. now the problem is that the united states of america because now he's the president, now he's in charge, now he's the face of america and represent all of us. around the world, week look crazy. it's (think cumulating what's happened. we are supposed to be the world leader, superpower and sadly it goes in this moment mike joe biden has put it all on the line but this is predictable if you watch anything the mainstream media has done over the past year plus, they've let joe biden get away with everything he wanted to that's not% on anything. here we are in a mess and we look really bad to the rest of the world.
2:41 pm
>> and he gets up there, he talked about the fact that he inherited this crisis essentially blamed on the president trump, your father-in-law for dumping this in his lap. >> well, it's a convenient thing to say. by the way, let me take this, he had no problem taking away every other think our president trump put in place, the paris climb a cart and went back on that, remain in mexico policy, all of these things, no problem getting rid of them. for some reason, he thinks he has to keep this in by the like this never would have happened under president trump. >> i want to jump in but it in fear rates me as a lawyer, at one time, i agree quit he set but the chain of command required him to step out but let me say this, these democratic talking points is at the detriment of this country. six months, joe biden has
2:42 pm
destroyed, i'm done everything president trump has done in four years and look what's happening in afghanistan. what's happening at the southern border but this afghanistan disaster is to attack president trump by saying he had to. president nothing to do with the execution of the afghanistan departure, absolutely nothing. joe biden is lying and its insulting, outright insulting. >> leo, there are some federal lawmakers author calling for action there. thirty-one resignations, each, one impeachment, three are raising the 21st amendment. >> my thought is this, forget the impeachment, get rid of the democratic congress in 2022, elected president trump in 2024 and as far as the 25th amendment, i'm not doctor nicole but something is wrong with joe biden, i'll just leave it at that. >> fair enough. some americans remain trapped
2:43 pm
behind enemy lines, a group of all volunteer veterans took matters into their own hands, embarked on a dangerous rescue mission in afghanistan. we have that next. ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back with exotic show. a volunteer group of american veterans risking their lives to save thousands of afghan allies surrendered in the country. one of the veterans talk about
2:48 pm
the mission earlier on fox and friends. >> a team on the ground and couple and i found headcount, supposed to get 4100 over 12,000 we were able to get out and we were specific who we got. we didn't just open up the door of the plane and met people in. >> i'm going to my later expert, joey. the fact that they are american veterans going outside, what is it tell you about this boundary they've created around the airport and lack of cooperation from the telegraph? i don't know if they sent out, verbeek was asked about this and he didn't have a good answer. i almost felt like the government saying if you want to do it, not what you let the military do it. i spoke about earlier in the show, the effort among civilians and veterans right now, i get messages from people on every
2:49 pm
form of social media, informing me of what they are up to or telling me what they heard about. first or second present it heroism in its finest. there's no guarantee the government can get you out, we saw that you're going over there risking more than just their lives, they are risking everything and i should say they are risking their lives in their security, it is amazing. i am inspired by. >> it is brief let me cut to my best friend, laura. earlier this week, peter ducey when he says -- she said no one is, she took offense to it. she wrong? >> oh my gosh. it is ridiculous. what other word would you use whenever you have people stuck somewhere, but cannot get out that's called being stranded. maybe we need to get her out or something so she can find the
2:50 pm
words you like instead of stranded. these veterans, these are people that have served their country they are heroes, joey is right and i know you may never know your names out there but thank you for your service, a second time around, we are all very, very grateful. >> jackie, let me ask you this, there's no doubt given what these veterans are doing, there's no doubt they're going to be stranded individuals, afghans who helped us august 31. anyone from our perspective, will anyone from the white house on a accept there departure strategy? >> as a flight now, no. they've got all the writing on the wall and they've done everything right no matter who's in charge, he would seek the same problems unfolding that we are seeing now, that is an accurate and false. i want to say this because when i hear these stories, it warms my heart and reminds me as americans, we are human first
2:51 pm
and we try to help each other and they are putting their lives at risk. for a second time potentially to help people get out and that reminds me what we are, who we are, our core values as americans and i wonder why this administration can't reflect that, they can't get behind this. >> absolutely. big saturday super flop. stay tuned. ♪♪ ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show, serious news to taken light news with our big saturday show. joey. >> my big saturday flop is the state department spokesman calling back mess and afghanistan a success. >> it's been a highly effective operation when it comes to the evacuation and you need look no further than the metrics, 110,600 people for u.s. military august 14. >> case anyone missed what he said, the metric that matters, they be evacuated, not withdrawn but evacuated, they left in a
2:56 pm
hurry, they didn't know what they were doing, they've evacuated 100,000 but the metric of 200 people killed the bomb, 13 of our service members killed by a bomb sino we usually have the segment but that's just offensive is what it is. lara, you probably have a better thought and that makes me mad. >> if that's the suspects, i'd hate to see when a failure is. my goodness, while. the bar is very low. my flop, new york issues a mask mandate for public and private schools at the same time before the judge overruled governor desantis us executive order that bans mask and schools there in the state of florida. i am so frustrated by all of the mask stuff for our kids. i have two kids, i've got to tell you i think masking on kids is so bad for them sitting there in a mask, how about this? i have a great idea, but parents
2:57 pm
who want to mask their kids, let them. but the rest of them breathe freely, not get headaches in schools and fight with the teachers to keep them on. it's crazy, i'm done with it. i can't wait until we can throw the masks away. leo, what's got you fired up this week? >> my big saturday flop, the worst vice president ever, kamala harris, total flop. designed to reassure allies of americans foreign policy in the southeast, over channeled by what's going on in the middle east, in afghanistan. i'll tell you, the trip was such a disaster, she showed no leadership on her way back, she was going to go to california but she was ordered back to washington d.c. it was bad for her to be campaigning talking about the virtues of gavin newsom when he's about to be recalled. most recent post, can you believe this? i can't. kamala harris is less popular than joe biden. what is that tell you about her
2:58 pm
competency and skill set? she's a total disaster. >> leo, she hasn't distanced herself from biden. i think she's definitely trying to distance herself from everything that is joe biden because she understands she is sinking ship, that's what i think. >> she's worried about her own future. >> yes, not america. >> i want to make sure, kamala harris, her political career is over in 2024. she will never, ever went on a political office. >> you are on the record with that. my big saturday flop is a big oversight from jeopardy. jeopardy didn't pick leo as a new host. look at this tweet from leo.
2:59 pm
attention, jeopardy. i will audition for the role of host as deputy as a teacher, employer and contributor fox, i am a smart guy. last friday, how they call you? [laughter] >> how did you get that? no, no calls. i'd rather be here with jackie, joey and lara. i stay here. >> it's pretty amazing. >> i'm going to put in a good word for leo to ralph. 2.0, new jeopardy host. i'm already a jeopardy fan, leo, i wouldn't miss an episode, i'm throwing it out there for jeopardy now. >> it's a courageous thing to put your name in the hat. just to talk like i do and try to pronounce some of that, it would scare me to death. >> it's a lot to take in. >> i can't believe what happened with mike richards, how could they not vent him? >> i'll tell you, somebody vetted him and with social
3:00 pm
media, very good research on me. >> we brought up before, president trump can't be on twitter but the taliban spokesperson can, that's what social media will do. that does it for us, we will see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern with the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ >> jon: good evening, i'm jon scott. this is a special two-hour edition of "the fox report." ♪ ♪ the president's warning comes two days after that suicide attack at the kabul airport, which killed at least 169 afghans and 13 u.s. servicemembers. the u.s. mil


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