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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 28, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> greg: time. for now. here comes "the five." >> hello everyone, i'm jesse waters. along with katie, richard, kennedy and greg. 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is "the five." >> we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to mach you pay. >> president biden vowing retribution for isis terrorists responsible for killing 13u.s. service members in kabul. after his different raft rouse
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with drawl. the deadliest day for american forces in ten years in afghanistan. with four days until always 11th things are not getting any better. america is still relying on the taliban for protection. the white house has been warned another attack is likely in kabul. the state department is in contact with approximately 500 americans in afghanistan who want to leave the country. here is the general ripping into biden. >> this date certain going back into april has been fundamentally flawed from the beginning. strategically it's cost us so much. all of this has been push stood quickly. the results are horrible. now we have a date certain, supposedly to take our people out. we are going to walk out on the 11th. we know what we're doing. we're leaving american citizens likely by the hundreds. >> yesterday joe biden blamed
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donald trump for the disaster in afghanistan. the former president returned fire on "hanio last night. >> -- history of the world if they do anything and in particular kill our soldiers or even try to kill our soldiers. even biden admit today the reason they didn't kill any soldiers, we haven't lost soldiers in many, many months because of the agreement we sent. i wanted to get out. i wished we never went in. because of what they're doing, we're leaving in disgrace. we would of left with great dignity. we had them totally under control. we saw movement we hit them with an f18. the movement stopped. >> to underscore how dyer the situation is. many people trapped in afghanistan have come to terms they won't get out alive. >> i know i will get killed.
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what i did, i will never regret it i tried to help people. >> ladies first today. katie, your reaction to all of you have seen in the last 24 hours. >> well in terms of people getting out the white house is shifting the goal post on that. a couple of weeks ago they said anyone wanting to get out will get out. that's a way to evade responsibility for those getting stuck at taliban check points. having paperwork ripped up. getting beaten by the taliban. now we're hearing that the united states will no longer have a diplomatic process or function on the ground when we leave on august 31st. the question now is how do you get americans out of the country if you don't have a military presence, diplomatic presence, you rely on the taliban to get the people out. that's the first thing. the idea we're con testimony mating leaving americans behind
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is a new thing to i think the american ethos. it's absolutely despicable with that on the table rather than saying we won't leave until we have every person out. in terms of the attack they warn about and the response of the president over the last week to retaliate against any attack on american forces and troops. the time is now. the time isn't to say another terrorist attack may happen. it's 2 1* 30:00 a.m. in kabul. hopefully planning is going on and people may be out conducting the retalation attacks. to say taliban will continue to do security and maybe we will see another attack says a lot where we are in terms of our strength and position. >> we don't have another choice, richard. we have boxed ourselves in and have to rely on the taliban to
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run point. >> i think that's an unfortunate situation we are relying on the taliban. february 2020 we excused the afghan government from the negotiations. now don't get me wrong joe biden mangled this with draw. he was put into a corner when he got in there. he should of said at the beginning we -- i won't a bide by dates. i will do all in my power and insure to get all americans out. it is worth pointing out in the 2020 agreement we allowed, we released 5000 taliban fighters that american troops put in jail for doing bad things, terrorists by any structure and means of the imagination. we let them out and they're now guarding american troops. we need to realize there has to be strategicness in the next
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move in retaliating against isis-k. why? because we have military troops on the grouped. we don't want to lose. we have lost thirteen. i don't want to lose another one because of a faulty decision. we have to get everyone we can out as fast as we can. with that said the white house gotten a hundred thousand people out in less than ten days. >> the majority is not americans. >> true. >> a small slither of americans. >> there have been warnings over and over. >> so it's their fault. >> i didn't say it was this fault. >> jesse, can i take this one. >> so, that is interesting. if this were warnings for months to get out asap and the embassy couldn't help them get out asap why. is joe biden telling the american people everything is fine? it's great and the taliban wouldn't quickly take over. can't have both things, richard.
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>> shame on this government. the messaging has been, you guys we told you it was really dangerous. anyone in afghanistan they know how dangerous it is. alright. they have known that for some time. you don't try to get out a hundred thousand or five thousand people in two weeks. that's a irresponsible move and unattainable. then you have the secretary of state blaming people, blaming americans. you have the administration say, once in a while we leave something behind. we talked about this before the show. ya, when i moved from one house to another there was a broken lamp. i didn't pack it in the uhaul. you can't do that with american lives. i don't trust this government. i think they're abandoning and stranding people who are brave and deserve to be saved. they're not. i don't think they have a strategy. they don't have any plans. they don't know what they're doing.
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this, you know if this is not the undoing of this presidency i don't want to see how bad it gets. >> and the agreement was on set yesterday. the conditions based. biden could of gotten out. trump said he could of moved it it was about meeting the conditions. he was not locked. in. >> that's why the comparison doesn't work. i'm not calling for an impeachment. at all. i love how the media is already scolding people for bringing up impeachment. saying how dare you cheapen the process. this is from the same people who screamed impeachment for four areas who impeached trump over a phone call. you tell me this is less egregious then an a phone call. dead americans? that's crazy. the problem, the reason i'm not for impeachment there is nobody to replace him. ka mal afplt give me a break. there could be a crisis dinner, crisis meal every day.
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what does this tell you in the bigger picture? this pit full embrace by the democrats have destroyed their party. you can't lead a country if you believe the country is racist. guilty of the original sin of racism. you can't lead a country if you advocate the survival of a government which is immigration, law enforcement. it's all connected. the ad vocation of responsibility during the riots. the denegration of the police. you don't have the moral authority to exercise the right choices. the democrats however, i mean this is where i'm going to defend joe biden. >> we have to go to commercial break. sorry. >> i think you will like my defense this. is on the democrats and the media, not joe biden.
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joe biden was chosen by him to beat trump. they knew his state. they knew he couldn't lead. they assumed win first. worry if he can lead later. now they're left holding the bag. you can't yell at joe. you got him in this. they wanted joe to win and not govern. now he has to govern and he can't. that's where we are and why we're scared. this political thing, the hunter biden lap top story, the institutions working to get him elected. then lying about the consensus. that's my defense of joe biden. i think he would be pleased of it. >> you can tell the media is guilty. you can see it written all over their face. >> huh-uh. >> you talking about the face. >> don't talk about my face, richard. >> you said -- >> coming up why biden's botched
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>> welcome back. president biden standing by his decision to withdraw all troops from ah gap stan in four days from now. how long will that last? former obama's press secretary says the u.s. will likely be forced to go back in. watch. >> our work is not done. we have to go back in to get isis. we will likely have to go back in when al-qaeda resurrects itself. they have given safe haven before. they had likely do it again.
2:16 am
i understand we're trying to get our troops out of there. the bottom line is we can leave a battlefield. we can't leave the war on on terrorism which is still a threat to our security. >> do you distrust lefty hawks as much as i do. >> something tells me you think he wants to go back in. >> yes he seemed too excited. >> i don't think we will. we don't have basing rights. pakistan says we can't base there. the stans they won't let us go back. putin said, no joe. i don't know how wire getting back there. the only way we go back in a significant way is if we suffer a 1/11 spectacular attack here on the home land. if we go back big we're not nation building. we learned that lesson. we're getting out of afghanistan, iraq, seer afplt we will sit. we will be locked and loaded. the next enemy that tries to
2:17 am
mess with the united states. we will come out and smash the idiots like a monster. think twice before you do that. right now the taliban, something tells me they don't want the united states back in their country. they want to go back to how it was in the 90s. >> when it was footloose without kevin bacon. >> yes we kicked their butts for 20 years. they need a break. a nasty neighborhood, like philly where i grew up. surrounded by china, iran, pakistan. here is what i hope, i think it's china's turn to get sucked no that -- >> vortex. >> yes. every empire does. every empire. it's china's turn. i think china comes in hot and wind up their 30 years getting killed it happens to every empire. >> we want your minerals. afghanistan will be so high on
2:18 am
opium. they won't care and then want them back. richard, are you war worried or do you share the enthusiasm. >> i share nothing with leon panetta. to some extent i think jesse is right. the taliban wants nobody to in have ad them. they want to be in power. they went to the turkish government and said we don't know how to run an airport can you run the airport. they asked the president of turkey. right. they want a world legitimacy. they have the embassy of china and russia open. they said we want to be legitimate so we're not invaded again. that's number one. number two, i think the american public is against going back in. this with draw makes it clear we don't want to go in or see these pictures on our screen again.
2:19 am
i think biden has to own the consequences of his decisions. >> i don't think he knows what he wants to do. if he wants to stay out and with draw completely or ramp things back up. >> stew shay. yes.his critics need to understd that if we stayed beyond the trump deal, including the 2020 negotiations of pompeo those conditions say the taliban won't allow territory for isis-k or al-qaeda to regrow. we knows happening but at agreements say they're not suppose to do that. i don't see a world we can go back to war. i understand if anyone says we need to be in this, understand once we go back in it could escalate and i don't think americans want. >> it's living marrying your ex, katie. >> that is true. so the taliban is zit from
2:20 am
isis-k. president biden is saying he will go after isis-k who say they're responsible for the attack yesterday. this is one thing. there is a smaller foot print. taliban let thousands of them out of prison when they took over. that's one issue. that is what we're talk ing about retaliating against now. the taliban is on the verge of being recognized as a international player. a government, the state government is asking partners and generals are saying that. they have six hundred thousand rifles that are ours, thousands of vehicles that are ours. to take on the taliban would require a full scale war. it's not going in with special forces and retake this. >> this is what panetta is saying. >> right. i don't think it will happen. >> he says we have to go back.
2:21 am
like when you go to a surgeon and they amputate the wrong arm. they're like now we have to amputate the other. >> ya, hate it when that happens when am i talking ing about, jesse? >> the media. >> no. what theory will i bring up. >> the two ideas. >> when people are lead to believe they only have two options. this is often done by the media. the options are either a forever war or we must leave now. we must have this airport or this embassy. we can't have both. this prison of two ideas tricks you into not hearing other options while, that are endless. we are the greatest military in the history of the world. i have every confidence we can find a nice little middle ground between a forever war and leaving like a wallgreen's shoplifter. it's what i call terror control.
2:22 am
every few months, six months, once a year you go in and spray for bugs. what i mean by bugs, i mean terrorists. that's all we have -- we have the best soldiers, the best operators, we have the best weapons. we have to go in, we go in and we work like exterminators. we exterminate the terrorists. it's not a forever war. we can't get into the either or crap. we will lose. >> now here we are. >> yes. >> we will have a bigger panetta force. awful. coming up hunting down the blood coming up hunting down the blood thirty i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind.
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>> when the president says, we will hunt you down and make you
2:27 am
pay. what does that look like. is he satisfied with they're captured and brought to trial. >> i think he made it clear yesterday, he doesn't want them living on the earth anymore. >> -- nearly 200 afghans. president biden, being warned today just to expect another terrorist attack by the group. for more let's go to jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, how are you. >> good evening, richard. tonight thousands are on edge as they evacuate thousands of afghans on the tarmac. approximately five thousand were there today. new video of the attack shows the devastation outside of abbey gape. one suicide bomber truck and then opened fire. the pentagon has blamed isis-k. but won't blame the taliban who still need to provide airport
2:28 am
security. >> how many isis-k prisoners were left and believed to have been released from the prison? why were they not removed when the u.s. pulled out? >> i don't know the exact number. clearly it's in the thousands. >> u.s. officials say reports that they shared lists of americans and allies with the taliban are incorrect. adding in some cases to get the afghans and americans through a check point they provided the information. for the most part the taliban have let those people pass. 12,500 people were evacuated yesterday on 35 military flights even after the suicide bombing attack that killed 13 americans and wounded other american troops. those troops were med i vacked to german.y. >> thank you, jennifer. let's go around the table. what does the leverage look like
2:29 am
from the pentagon's point of view? >> i think the pept a gone and state department are working hand and hand. the hrefrpbl that they believe they had, remember bill burns of the cia met with the taliban leader on monday and likely would have delivered a stern message, perhaps try to feel out what the taliban's intention was and how they could work together. he needed to deliver a message that the security around the airport would be their responsibility. if they did allow bombers through like the one that we saw attack yesterday that they would be held accountable. there has been diplomatic messages sent. constant contact from the admiral in charge of overseeing the operation at the airport. in essence i think what they're going to find, what we have been hearing is that the taliban want to set up a government. now does the taliban control all of their fighters?
2:30 am
are some of the fighters going to leave the taliban when they have to become a normal so called government and they then join isis-k? what you find in countries like this with the off shoots and the various terror groups competing for recruits that the more extreme ones won't be in government so the u.s. is hoping to use the leverage to keep the airports open to get the sivs and americans and afghani vac aouys out after august 31st. >> kennedy. >> jennifer, first great reporting. i know this is your whole house and you work on this throughout the year 365. the reporting is phenomenal and straight forward. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> number two, i want to you talk more about the relationship between isis-k and the taliban. right now it seems the administration is trying to make a really clear difference between the two groups.
2:31 am
it seems like if the taliban were in charge of security they shouldn't of let those people through in that horrific attack. >> well, remember kabul is not exactly switzerland. when people get through the check points. these are not tsa check points. it's a chaotic street scene. you know people can get through. it's not a tight line around the airport. in terms of the relationship between taliban and isis-k it's very complicated. one hand they're rivals. isis-k don't think taliban are extreme enough. on other hand they would work together on a common goal to embarrass americans and strike americans. the taliban have not exactly changed in that sense. right now again the relationship is going to be evolving. i think you will see some taliban members leave the taliban and join isis-k. what we learned today and was
2:32 am
fascinating in the briefing when i asked john kirby about how many isis-k prisoneres were released that was under u.s. control until they left control to the afghan army. he said there were thousands in that prison and another prison. that's a huge shot of recruits into isis-k. again we don't talk, i notice the administration is intentionally not mentioning al qaeda. it would be somewhat embarrassing because president biden mentioned early on after the operation began that there were few al qaeda left 20 years later after 9/11 in afghanistan. that's not true based on reports published in july. you notice the state department and pentagon don't want to talk about al-qaeda. they want to talk about isis-k.
2:33 am
you're talk ing about shades without a difference between the three groups. >> kate.y. >> jennifer, katie here. it seems we have a typical enemy. the enemy is my friend situation with the taliban and isis-k. my question is after the united states leave on august 31st, what are the chances of the boyd en administration out sourcing consequences to isis-k to the taliban. they have a interest to maintain full power of the country and eliminate isis-k from the picture. >> that makes sense if you don't want to go back to the 800 million-dollar embassy in kabul. if the taliban remains the government then the u.s. will have to decide if they're going to reopen that embassy. if they will deal with the taliban as a legitimate government. my guess is after the u.s. leaves is that afghanistan will fall into a civil war. you have in the valley a resistence rising of former afghan national army and
2:34 am
resistence fighters. you have competition and fighting between isis-k and the taliban. my guess is it's not clear whether the taliban will be able to hold on as the government of afghanistan. it's not clear the u.s. will recognize them. >> jesse. >> so, jen, joe biden made a lot of promises that i support rescuing stranded americans and bringing the isis-k guys to justice. if we don't have anything in neighboring afghanistan, how do you pull off search and rescue or search and destroy with rangers or seal teams. stph* how do you insert those guys? >> incredibly difficult. they don't have drone basis nearby. they're flying out of the gulf. no friending basing. that's a problem, jesse. the big problem is the entire intelligence network has dried up. they would be dependent to go
2:35 am
after isis-k. that's the only realistic scenario i see in the days after august 31st. the partners they relied on the cia networks those are rolled up. the cia has many people out. the partners we haven't been able to evacuate, they're in hiding and doubtful they will work with the u.s. anytime soon. >> greg. >> how are the injured americans doing that are in germany? >> we don't know for certain. i suspect they're very serious injuries there. were 20 americans injured in the attack yesterday. i imagine they will be brought onto walter reid when they're stabilized or out to texas. i would suspect from a bomb of the power that we saw given the number of casualties that those are very serious injuries. >> jennifer, thank you for your incredible reporting at the pentagon. coming up some on the left are called out to their poor
2:36 am
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>> you think yesterday would of been a somber day for all americans. apparently not for the left. the liberals are called out for their reaction to the events. deleting tweets about the bombing. malcolm man said quote, this is not new. this is why we're leaving, live with it. another quote, probably a thousand people will die today from covid. greg, i set this up foyer you. >> it's always gross when people see a major event and think i have a way in. when twitter started i think that was a obvious inclination. now you see it and think these people are really thirsty.
2:41 am
it's living people posting shirt less shots like jesse does on instagram. >> i deleted those. >> i photographed them. >> screen shotted them. >> when someone apologizes i say accept it. nans is a thirsty dude looking for attention. we didn't mention vice. they published a tweet saying marines are, the marines are filled with neo nazis and what not. they took it down because of the timing, right. that's not the problem. the problem is the story itself. it's faults and garbage this. is why vice is hemorrhaging money and had to layoff workers. they became a woke zombie media matters. all of their stuff comes from media matters. they hire terrible writers and don't pay them anything. you get this crap.
2:42 am
it's disgusting. not surprising. >> jesse, isn't this a reflection of the politics throne into every situation. the broader thing about vice is these are young men and women no matter their background many are white go into the marine corp and sacrifice their lives for other people working at vice. for them to do their jobs this. is how they treat them. zero respect. >> when people say dumb things during national tramming dees same thing goes through my mind every time. i'm glad it wasn't me. i have a code i live by, katie. it's mostly about self preservation. on the day that people die, i don't say anything controversial. i pretend it's a funeral. i go in and i act somber. i'm controversial the next day. on the day the bodies are still warm, celebrity suicides, mass suicides, terrorist attacks. i don't try to draw attention to
2:43 am
myself. >> that says a lot. a lot. a lot of restraint for you. >> you don't want to have the statement on the day so and so many people died blank said this. you don't want to be blank. what is the common denominator for all of these comments? the people are trying to be either edgy or deep. now as greg knows you don't try to be deep. are you deep. okay. you try, you're not deep. edginess is all about timing. you have to have good timing to be edgy. if not, looks what happens. >> kennedy, any advice on that. >> i think you're ab soy lutely right about that. i'm sick of the hot takes. everyone is in a race to put out garbage hot takes without adding anything to the discussion. of course we can have philosophic al discussions about foreign policy. what should we do? to your point we shouldn't be nation building. that's an important lesson learned when you hear about the bravery, sacrifice and heroism
2:44 am
of the marines before the attack. you know it would bring tears to your eyes hearing what they're doing to facilitate the safe exit of people who will certainly die if they are left there. they know what they're up against. they have three terror groups and giant bullseye and they're helping the most vulnerable and then they were slaughtered this. is the garbage they put out. yes we have a free press. yes you can say that stuff this. is really stupid. >> richard, dana would say you don't have to tweet everything that comes into your head. >> these folks were wrong. i didn't agree with going to afghan, i didn't agree with staying. i agree with the crawl. withdrawal.i think they day terb getting them out. but we should mourn. >> the darkest day in the biden
2:45 am
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stphrao welcome back. where does joe biden go from here? yesterday's attack shows there are consequences for biden blundering his way through the
2:49 am
presidency. politco said it was darkest day of biden's presidency. it's a presidency still young. >> only thing young about joe biden. >> yes. >> you have the image of people clinging to the airplane and falling off. then yesterday the image that's we couldn't show on tv, you almost can't watch them they're so bad. i can't imagine what happens to his presidency if it gets worst. this is, this is so awful. yes, kamala harris would be ten times worst. >> yes. jesse, the democrats are kind of screwed. they don't have a mike pence in case something goes bad. >> i don't see that happening. the best case scenario for joe, no mortarrer attacks. he gets everyone out. he stages daring rescue missions to bring back stranded americans. we would appreciate that. worst case scenario another casualty
2:50 am
sustained at the airport. stranded americans that do phoners on cable tv throughout the fall. civil war as we saw, the a stros and thengod forbid an asylum ser blows something up in the homeland that. is all possible. biden will go back to covid, hit desantos and get infrastructure done and try to turn the page here. >> the other thing is hostages. that worries me because richard, what would you -- if you were in the white house what would you suggest as advice to president bide stphepb. >> i think the more information you give the american people the better. i had a conversation with producers. all you see is briefings. this is the right thing. he mangled getting us out. now we need reassurance.
2:51 am
the briefings. you see the president every day or every other day briefing the american people. they may not have all of the information. they have some information. that reassured the american people we're trying to get ahead. we made a mistake at the beginning. we're working to fix it not perfect but getting there. i think that's what they're trying to do. a good step in the right direction. >> i think, katie, a problem with joe bide he is he's clinging to the bad decision. can't reverse this. >> he can't reverse this. what has happened the past two weeks culminating into yesterday, this isn't an eyes owe lated event going away. this isn't just about afghanistan. this is islamic terror recruit ment. the question whether joe biden can protect the united states of america from islamic terrorism. our enemies are watching this. some of the same people on the team, in charge of the afghanistan pull out are in charm of the iran nuclear agreement. china is building up nuclear ar
2:52 am
arsenal. -- gave a list to the taliban with our interpreters and americans stranded in the country. so this is not just about afghanistan and leaving afghanistan this. is a broader problem of no deterrence and our enemies understanding joe biden is incredibly weak. based on how he handled this will he stand up to other countries with ballistic missiles and other weapons. >> he has a thing for lists. list of the taliban. >> don't attack these things. >> list of reporters. everyone gives him a list. one more thing is up next. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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attorney >> time for "one more thing." >> september is suicide
2:57 am
prevention month. august we are startingarily in light of the last 2 week's events. the boot campaign is a veteran organization seeking to destigmatize mental health care by sending messages like you matter. to help those who are suffering in silence. this is our joey jones. you can make donations to the website. >> how i saved the world still hanging on the "new york times" best seller list. who would have thunk? richard read it 6 times. >> yeah, right. >> i am hosting fox news primetime at 7 o'clock. no guests just me. you will see me again on saturday. live we will be covering
2:58 am
afghanistan at 8 o'clock. >> tonight i was up last night for the breaking news. tonight back with a great show. joe machi and kat and me and we will talk about the usual stuff. let's do this because we need. ♪ animals are great ♪ ♪♪. >> a brief respite. i came up with a new swear word. puppy-cock. a puppy riding a rooster. >> that's really cute. >> i will say that all day. >> that's the miest rooster i have ever seen. >> richard? >> i tried to buy your book and this happened to me. you live in an urban area it happens a lot. someone told my amazon package.
2:59 am
that's where your book is. this is a black bear in connecticut caught on home camera stealing somebody's amazon package. >> [laughing]. >> a great way to end. >> a lot of people are using my book as toilet paper. >> same difference. >> [laughing]. >> well, everyone loves the big weiner mobile. lyft teamed up with oscar meyer weiner. if you call a lyft you might get a weiner mobile. they have whistles and hats and hot dog masks. they will give you a ride, ladies and gentlemen, i will be using lyft constantly to see if i get a ride on the giant weiner mobile. >> what do you think would happen with the weiner mobile
3:00 am
ran over the poppy pock? >> eye a chicken sandwich. >> fox and friends brings it us to. >> i love you. . >> [laughing]. >> that's it for us. "special report >> we begin with the fox news alert and alive at kabul morning the city will likely see another terror attack before the u.s. troops leave on tuesday. the morning comes as they launch a drone strike on the ice is k planner believed to be behind thursday's bombing that killed 13 u.s. members. rachel: live with more at the u.s. tell american to stay away from kabul airport and the ongoing threats


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