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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 27, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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lives and that guy has the gall to say not that big of a deal. it's a joke. why does he still have a job? >> thank you so much for being with us. that's all the time we have tonight. catch me tomorrow and sunday morning on fox and friends. now, greg gutfeld. [applause] >> so talk about rough week. terrorist attack at the kabul airport killing 13 u.s. service members. 10 marines, two army soldiers and one navy corps men. at least 160 afghans were
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killed. believed to have been carried out by the islamic. somehow, i don't feel com comforted. the president seemed defeated, lost between spasms of anger and followed instructions to use a list of reporters given to him by whoever is in charge. jen was acting as though she was doing us a favor instead of her job. a job i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. how could everyone but the people in charge not see this coming? maybe they were so busy distracting us that they got distracted while distracting us. look, i'm a magazine editor turned class crown with an obsession over unicorns and i could see this coming. the blind sheik could see this coming. how could the people in charge not? perhaps they did and just assumed carnage is the price we pay or maybe they just underestimated the risk which
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boggles the mind but again i'm no expert. yet, how do i know better? going forward, how can we have any confidence in our leaders? i wouldn't let them lead my paint ball team. they make the bay of pigs look well thought out. who gives control of the airport perimeter as well as info on americans? could we have made it any easier for these maggots. when has the military with the best weapons not had a choice. instead they led us to a place where there was no plan b. that's not leadership. that's resignation. and where are the resignations? where are the firings? maybe general milly should put down deangelo and pick up the art of war. we've got a good visual of the word stranded at the podium yesterday. biden is stranded. when really it's on the democrats and the media. they only wanted joe to win, but not to govern.
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and now he has to lead and he can't. don't even think of impeachment. who could replace him? it's incredible how the woke embrace has destroyed the democratic party. you can't lead a country you think is racist while obsessing over pronounce and crack pots and viking hats so we relied on the taliban to keep us safe. like letting manson baby-sit your kid. it remind me of the portland mayor who pled to make peace with antifa. we chose a regime that stones women to death that shows too much ankle at the expense of our troops. why are so many smart people making bad decisions. maybe they are not that smart or maybe politics polluted their decision-making driven by a still fresh loathing of trump or our country itself. having to get out by the end of august was a political choice. a self-induced deadline with the emphasis on dead. not providing adequate security, another political choice. we couldn't have that many troops there, right?
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that's bad optics, they thought. i've got worse optics, a target with more sitting ducks than a decoy factory. remember how under trump there was a new crisis every day, every hour. cnn told us the walls were closing in from the steel dossier to the tax returns and every phony scandal in between. those scandals were the good ole days, high caloric outrage junk food. compare and contrast to now, kabul is the real deal. real horror, real scandal. a blind consensus of sheer incompetence. so what do we do? i'm no military general but then again, does that matter? we must take responsibility for our people over there. get them all out and obliterate those responsible for the bombings. and when we're done we can decide what to do with joe and the rest of that clown car. think about this. after committing 20 years to one effort we accepted the very opposite of that effort. quickly and without looking back. like a husband who tells his wife and kid that he's going out for cigarettes only to never
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return, leaving his loved ones vulnerable and unprotected. someone should pay for that. but in the meantime i don't want to hear [ bleep ] about january 6, climate change, mask mandates or voter suppression or whatever gassy, stupid political theater you're trying to pedal until you figure out how to get us out of this mess. but maybe asking them for help to get us out is as stupid as relying on the taliban for the same thing. [applause] >> welcome. tonight's guest. he's so white he thinks oatmeal is ethnic foods. >> he's the second most popular joe on the show. writer comedian joe devito. he's the third most popular joe on the show. comedian joe mackey. >> and the first thing she does
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when she wakes us is thank the gardener for mowing around her. all right. how did you feel after listening to biden's speech? did you feel confident in his ability to lead us? >> it was similar to most of his press conferences. completely out of it that image that you showed, the most interesting thing about that image is really, it's not the image itself, is that he couldn't answer the question. so joe does things, when he can't answer the question, sometimes he laughs, always inappropriate. sometimes he says come on, man, but the amazing thing, if you search this on google and look around the mainstream media, the way they wrote about that image, i mean, we're not going to forget that image, he was stuck, he didn't know what to do, "washington post" said biden shows frustration with reporter.
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obviously an emotional moment. it was an emotional moment. he couldn't answer the question. and the thing is, even if that's your interpretation, that biden was showing frustration with a reporter, that's not a story. the story is, he can't answer the question. >> greg: yes. yes. not good. joe, my defense which i had there briefly in the monologue is it really isn't joe's fault because it was the democrats and the media who just wanted -- thought he was the best chance to win despite his decline in faculties. and his inability to lead. so they put him forward and said we'll worry about leading later. we'll put him in there so isn't this more on the democrats and the media who pushed him there, not so much this befuddled sad man? >> he's definitely a befuddled sad man but before that he was a obnoxious blow heart for about 40 years.
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yes, i have as much confidence he's going to lead us out of this thing. he couldn't lead cuomo to lady's night. that's how out of it he is. he's pathetic, and i see, the amount of spin they are trying to put on this, they are really losing touch with reality because if they are trying to say, well, we had to get out of afghanistan eventually, okay, i think almost everyone agrees with that. >> greg: no one disagrees. >> in hindsight we probably could have gotten out of there in 2006 because i really think only nation we should do is the nation that's located between mexico and canada. we don't need to mess with these other countries but there is a denies between saying you're on a bus and we need to turn around. you apply the brake and pull over. you don't veer off the road and smash into a brick wall and say, but i stopped the bus, isn't that what you wanted? what we're seeing, it's not a failure of our troops, i hate to say this, i don't think i can blame the taliban. they are doing exactly what they have always done. it's the people who are supposed to be in charge of this country and when obama was quoted as
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saying don't underestimate joe's ability to f things up, i think we're just seeing the beginning of that. he used an old adage, you can't blame the frog for what the sporpion does to the frog. i got that off a crackerjack. i don't know what your feelings are toward trump good or bad, but i'm asking you to hypothesize, would he have done this? >> it's a tough question to answer, but it is weird to hear joe biden say, i'm stuck by that may 1 deadline that trump negotiated to withdraw, but by my calendar it's late august. it's also a weird situation to me because i got fired from telemarketing for being too polite. yet it seems like the washington
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generals have more success against the harlem globetrotters than the generals in washington have success in anything. but they never seem to lose their job, and it seems like when they -- they create a disaster and i turn on a lot of mainstream media and it's the same people that were involved in creating this disaster. how should we get out of this disaster? it's like there are no consequences ever. >> greg: biden was part of the disaster for eight years and he pretends like he was always against this. it's not that hard to find a tape of him talking about nation building. just type in google, joe biden, nation building. >> you can even go back in much more recent history when he said the taliban wouldn't take over and it wouldn't look like saigon. >> wrong on both counts, cat. you host add radio program in which one of the callers was your husband who spent time in afghanistan. >> yes.>> yes. >> any wisdom to be shared with
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us. wisdom all from him, not me. it's been really crazy watching him watch all ofs for the past few days. starting with before the horrible things that happened yesterday, just seeing troops and taliban like standing next to each other, he said when he was there in 2012, taliban were like ghosts and the way he put it, we never saw the whites of their eyes until after we shot them dead. and going back to the generals and the leadership, he's saying, you know, when he was there it was sort of the end of the time period where it was really a combat operation so he was wondering if those troops who lost their lives had ever even seen combat before this. if they were not trained properly. spread out -- it's not their fault, but all of this, there should have been time for that training. they just let, you know, these guys were sitting ducks, all for the sake of a symbolic deadline for political points.
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>> greg: that's all it was. to get it so that joe had something to say on 9/11, 20th anniversary. i love, before we go to break, i love how the media is saying, you shouldn't be talking about impeachment because that cheapens the whole process. the media that had pushed for two impeachments, one, based on a phone call, and in this case, is anybody talking about impeachment is talking about it based over the rage of death of americans but talking about it in that vain, it just cheapens impeachment but about that perfect phone call. up next, a bonus monologue. a professor says mask protests are racist. nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> greg: time for --
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>> this pandemic is making us stupid. ♪ >> it is. >> greg: for example, first you've got the governor mandating a statewide mask mandate outdoors. i'm not sure if it's for covid or the pepper spray. either way there is no science to back it up unless tierney is considered science. the fact is politicians want to governor your face to cover their asses. meanwhile i would like to cover their face with my ass. figuratively. figuratively. meanwhile, you've got hysteria in australia as the media and police chase down quarantine breakers. this is in a country where the national bird is beer. so hysteria is now a virus. we don't need a shot of mod -- moderna. if we do everything to reduce the risk to zero then every freedom is up for grabs unless
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you're obama's party planner. we could probably get covid deaths down to zero and get car fatalities to zero, too. you want to avoid traffic accidents completely. pass a unicycle mandate that would make tom happy but this pandemic is really messing with the racists. like hakim jefferson, a stanford professor said protests of school mask mandates were doing so due to their whiteness. some snippets, make no mistake. the crazy opposition to mask wearing you can't disconnect it from whiteness. he adds, it's not just because these white folks are g.o.p. it's because they are white and belief whiteness confers upon them a kind of a power that places them above government action. that's nonsense. jefferson tweets, whiteness working overtime like we say in the south, the devil is busy. now, if i didn't know anybody i would say he just compared white people to the devil. which is impossible because i do
8:19 pm
not do well in the heat. jefferson also says that people of color can be committed to whiteness. that's his way of addressing any black parent who also dare question mask man dates or critical race theory or voting republican. every black who disagrees with him, he, uncle tom's, claiming people of color are attracted to their oppressors. no wonder the l.a. times can freely call larry elder a successful black man, now the face of white supremacy. elders running for california governor against a white liberal who has turned [ bleep ] -- literally, watch your step, tourists. california's official export is hobopoop. there is a new ben & jerry's flavor. junky hobopoop. herschel walker -- like a "sex in the city" character. herschel walker is running for
8:20 pm
senate as a republican. now, i doubt jefferson would spew this nonsense to walker, primarily to his face. instead he'll probably just start an online petition to take his heisman trophy away. [cheers] >> joe, what's your assessment of it being a racist practice to be resisting mask mandates? >> change the record. we're running out of stuff to blame on racism. none of this makes any sense anymore. you have people who are vaccinated saying the unvaccinated are putting them at risk but if they are vaccinated and the vaccine works, what are you talking about? [laughter] >> it's not about science anymore, it's a game of simon says and i was always awful at that game because they would say stuff like, simon says pat your head, and i would say, well,
8:21 pm
[ bleep ] and then, the teacher would say pat your head and i would pat my head because that's the teacher, they are in charge. >> i had a really interesting response, but now i completely lost my train of thought. thank you, joe, for that. kat, it will come back to me, can oregon be saved? >> no. >> okay. let's talk about you being a racist. >> yes, right, exactly. here's the thing. follow the science. they say follow the science. i agree. love science. i think it's good to follow science but then i heard them saying, if you would like an opinion on how well your child can breathe when they go to the school that you pay for with your taxes, that's white supremacy, i think that doesn't sound like science to me. it doesn't make any sense.
8:22 pm
so i just -- what's the benefit of that? why don't you just try helping. do something helpful. >> but professors, they don't have anything to do but come up with [ bleep ], right? and those tweets got him more attention than anything he's ever written at stanford. sanford sucks. i don't say that as a berkeley graduate. stanford sucks. you know, here's an interesting fact. joe devito, did you know that the cdc did this massive study of 90 thousand kids, it happened in georgia, 169 schools, they found statistically insignificant differences between schools requiring kids to wear masks and those who didn't but they didn't include that in the report summary. isn't that weird? >> if all of this is following the science i think we should give witchcraft a shot. it's much more consistent. >> and it's fun. >> yes. >> fun rituals. >> you've got to look for newts.
8:23 pm
every good witch has a newt in their broth. >> unless it's newt gingrich. >> by the way he got a lot of crap from that. >> i think we can say with confidence now that when someone says make no mistake, there is some real mistake stuff. it's kind of like when someone says let me be clear. there is some vague stuff on the horizon. >> biden does the let me be clear thing. it's always like a warm-up to something. >> obama did that. >> that's the politician equivalent of when someone goes to tell you something, when they look around first, there is a really hot one coming up. with this professor, it's time for us to embrace this expanded definition of whiteness, what isn't whiteness with these guys? it includes successful blacks, it includes high performing
8:24 pm
asian students, it pretty much includes anyone who is smart and puts in hard work so it's the most inclusive thing of this side of a resort when you get a drink for free. >> when you talk about rebellion or resistance and you call that whiteness that's a complement to whiteness and if you wear your mask, he could say that's whiteness, too. imagine if it were reversed. there were white -- you've got to wear your mask, typical white people telling people what to do. instead you have white people saying you don't have to wear a mask in class, typical whiteness, it's a hack. >> it shows you what racism has become. they define it as republican parents don't want to wear masks where as 50 years ago, racism was, democrats wearing hoods. >> yes. >> let's take a look at the history here. >> speaking of white, tom, you're wearing your white pants. >> either that or you're not wearing any pants. because you're really white.
8:25 pm
>> greg: i always have to give tom credit for this. >> thank you. >> greg: usually -- >> let's move on. i got the credit i need. >> you were the first person who told me that the mask thing would be one of the biggest issues of next year. remember when you said that to me and i yelled at you, shut up, tom, you were giving me a massage. when i get a massage i do not like people talking politics to me. and you started talking about the mask mandates. >> yes. and i have very strong hands. >> you do. >> because it was about control, i knew it was about control and this is what they do. thank you for saying we can't really get to zero covid but that's where people want to go now and it's not just in new zealand and australia, they want to go the zero covid. at the beginning of this they said there is no possibility we're going to go to zero covid but they know they can't get there but they want to keep the controls in there. that's why it makes people like myself angry. we're learning a lot about this
8:26 pm
but we don't seem to be learning it, whether it's health intervention, whether it's economic intervention, we just talked about afghanistan, military intervention, most of what the government does, they screw it up. >> greg: i know we have to go, this brings up the lie of consensus. biden, when he was backed up against the wall and said there was a consensus of military experts, people don't understand that consensus works in reverse. they find a solution, then they go around and get the people to become part of the consensus. if i go to joe, you agree with me, yes, kat, yes, you say yes, but tom says no. he's not part of the consensus. so -- he's no longer counted. so when they say it's a consensus of climate change, remember the consensus on climate change, you find that's not true. the science was never settled. where am i? i don't remember what i was going to say to you, joe, but it's not worth it. up next, one mascot that offends and another that gender bends.
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>> greg: will the leprechaun soon be gone? should a irish mascot no longer exist? a survey calls the notre dame fighting irish leprechaun the fourth most offensive mascot in the country. finishing just ahead of the topeka state puppy poisoners. i don't see the problem there. causing enough outrage that the company took the survey results down from its website. the top three teens mascots were florida state's osceola, is that what it is and renegade, san diego state's aztec warrior. that's when the producers go silent. i don't know what it is and hawaii's warrior. i would like to be called a warrior.
8:32 pm
as for the leprechaun they called him a disparaging symbol of irish catholics. the school pushed back saying there is no comparison to their mascot and the indigenous warriors used by other institutions. speaking of other schools, the new school which is a private college in new york, has redesigned their mascot to be a gender neutral social justice warrior named narols. he holds a dual degree in communications and environmental studies, which accurately mirrors new school students by having no employable skills. you don't need to be good at sports. ulittle sis, the unicorn, tell us about yourself. >> people keep telling me that unicorns aren't real. if there were such a thing as flying horses with weapons attached to their heads do you think they would be doing very well around humans?
8:33 pm
you want to know how humans treat apex predators? ask if you can find any and i'm sick and tired of kid thinking i'm a role model. i've been divorced twice. i barely get to see my own kids. go gutfeld. [applause] >> greg: i would tell him to get some counseling but i don't think he can afford it. >> i cannot. >> greg: okay. so this patrick's day mascot, did you follow the story, i don't get why this had to be made an issue over something that really doesn't exist. >> it's a big distraction which colleges need right now. instead of talking about how they charge a ton of money on something that's supposed to be progressive it seems like it creates more inequality than anything else and then you have a whole bunch of majors that have no 'em employable skills when these kids graduate.
8:34 pm
so let's talk about the mascot more than any of that i was just surprised because i thought the fighting irish mascot would be canceled because he was a straight white christian. >> greg: i like him because he's my height. you're irish, joe. >> don't even. [laughter] >> greg: joe devito. is that offensive that mascot, or, i find noral more offensive to me? >> i think the fighting irish mascot is wonderful. he's a little green alcoholic, who is he fight something he doesn't know. he's fighting a battle with substance abuse. i laud him for that. the schools need to lean into their ethnic stereotypes. look at this stupid norwal. he's known for the tusk, the horn, only on the males what are they going to say, now he's just
8:35 pm
glad to see you so it's stupid. graovac green knights innately sexist because it has to have the horn. >> i don't know what it is either but you cut it off and you ground it up. >> very weak moments. tom, i think the best mascot would be a woke-a-dial. a woke-a-dial is a crocodile who eats everybody including his supporters. >> i like that, greg. look, i'm the irish guy, greg, and i never liked this fighting irish. first of all, he doesn't look like he's going to win the fight. he's tiny. he's skinny. this -- you can't fight like that. >> it's never worked. [laughter] >> it did in pop eye. didn't he fight like that. >> after the spinach, though, he was tough. but narwhal, he's not
8:36 pm
interesting. >> did you say they? >> you're right. it's not interesting, and it's not because of the genderless. it's not because of the social justice warrior. it's just that he's boring. he doesn't seem to have any overriding qualities. even barney, dinosaur, who he resembles, at least he loved you, loved me, loved being in a happy family. he was very excitable. barney was so psyched. that's why i loved barney. he would jump up and down counting to three. >> he was always telling me to clean up. >> didn't barney also get me tubed. wasn't there a guy inside barney? >> he loved contact. >> yes. he was like the joe biden of mascots. [laughter] >> greg: or morning cartoon whatevers. kat, you know what, who needs mascots anyway, right? >> right. >> greg: let's throw the mascots to the woke wolves, huh? just have them, good, you got that one. let him go. leave us alone.
8:37 pm
>> it's like some huge deal, this is a gender, neutral mascot. a lot of mascots are gender neutral. we don't really get to know them that well because they are mascots. >> you know what we should do to your point. we should demand to see the genitals of sports mascots and count which ones are male and which ones are female. >> i think -- we don't know. how can we solve the problem if we don't know what the problem is. >> they just go -- >> greg: the bear at cal berkeley, he's one of the hideous looking mascots that you will see. a bear in a sweater. i don't know if it's a male or female or what it is. i hung out with that bear for a while. shared some thoughts with him. speaking of california, newsom hopes his recall ends with help from his rich, fancy friends. r t doing your best.
8:38 pm
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. >> greg: he hopes that celebrity backing will stop the push to send him packing. you win some, you lose some but in hollywood, not if you're gavin newsom. california gavin newsom has been reaching out to everyone from snoop dogg to steven spielberg begging them to donate money or post on social media to stop the recall efforts. some like john legend, known as chrissie's husband, and comedian joe lopez have already started posting on newsom's behalf but in an interview on cnn three noncelebrity democrats say life in l.a. has become so bad, they want him recalled citing problems such as wildfires, crime, cost of living, and, of course, homelessness. >> let me work. let me pay my taxes but provide me with safety and not let me be accosted by two homeless people
8:43 pm
in 15 minutes. >> is this the governor's fault? >> technically, how can i even answer that he's the leader. everything starts from the top. >> the nerve of those women to not accept being accosted by people without homes. talk about house privilege. certainly john legend in his well fortified mansion will be more impactful than these ladies who are being total divas. who doesn't love john's music. ♪ [laughter] >> greg: that wasn't john legend, or was it? tune in for our brand-new special tomorrow. john legend, has he lost it or not? >> kat? thoughts on anything. >> i just hail the choices being presented between, oh, this governor who likes covid rules,
8:44 pm
and a give who doesn't, because gavin newsom doesn't follow his own covid rules. it's the difference between somebody who would let you live your life the way they are living their own life and somebody who thinks that different rules should apply to you. and i just -- california is a disaster. who could think that that's good? >> greg: yeah. apparently gavin doesn't mind and neither do his rich friends. do you think elder has a chance? >> i think he does and people get psyched up about these recalls. i wonder why it's only in california that this happens. i want all recalls everywhere. in fact, elections from now on should be only recalls. you're elected. see, we tried term limits. that doesn't work and we know once you get in there it's hard to get rid of them. how about. this once you're elected you serve until we recall you. >> yeah.
8:45 pm
[applause] >> you know, you kind of like talk about what they do in england and canada, you can just call for an election. sometimes politicians will do it to themselves because they are doing so well, i think, you know. >> you don't want to dissolve the government. we're going to dissolve our government. why can't we do that? >> greg: we're done. nothing to see here, joe. joe what do you make of the race in general? >> i think -- >> greg: i don't mean the white race. >> keep up the good work. >> i think gavin newsom should be getting ready for his next job which will be the lead in the american musical "psycho." if larry elders is the face of white supremacy in california, newsom is the butt. what better way to appeal to the common man, being maskless, hitting up your buddy steven spielberg for cash. i think we can all relate to that.
8:46 pm
i think tom is right. i want our elected officials to live in a constant state of terror that they are on the way out the door. >> greg: the appeal to hollywood is the fact that the only people he can get money from are the people unaffected by all of those issues. if you're a rich hollywood actor or actress you don't have to deal with the homelessness, crime, inflation, or the prices of real estate so he's seeking to be saved by the people not impacted by the problems, which is pretty, pretty, pretty gross, mr. mackey. >> it's like the streets in san diego. you've got to watch out for the hepatitis over there. but i tell you this. it's interesting because, if you vote yes on the recall, and gavin newsom loses that, then larry elder gets 22%, could you have a person that isn't very popular statewide running the state. it's almost like california has a law that has some unintended
8:47 pm
negative consequences. [laughter] >> greg: you know what's funny, if elder were a democrat, media would be doing, potentially the first black governor of california. how odd that that story is not being written at all, because he's a republican. so it's not that. it's not something to blow your horn about or get blacks to vote. right? it's just horrible the hypocrisy. i had to say that up next, we explore the reasons why topless sunbathers have become so shy. , you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
graovac did rude dudes turn sunbathers prude. time for -- >> the war on french women sun behaving topless. >> greg: this is probably bigger than the war on christmas. i don't know, but it could be. a story the special report refuses to cover. the number of women 3w5i9ing topless has hit a 40-year low. thanks, obama. apparently just 19% of french women sunbathe topless now day
8:52 pm
compared to 40% in 1984 when kat was only 20. among the reasons they are choosing to cover up, 46% say they worry about being secretly photographed and posted on social media. another 48% are worried about being harassed by men. 53% say they worry about skin cancer which makes sense. you shouldn't remain unprotected in the is up for long periods of time. we support the efforts of sunbathing. i myself no longer sunbathe topless, but bottomless, that's another story. you were prepare for that, weren't you? devito, this is the -- this is a problem. >> it's a big one. >> greg: a big problem. >> i didn't know there was this war on french topless sunbathing, but if there is i imagine the friendch will be capitulating within 48 hours. i don't think those women, you
8:53 pm
know what those women need is some vitamin d and by vitamin d, if you know what i mean, my last name ends with a d and i'm implying i have medicinal properties. it is strange, you think of all the things in our culture that have gotten more open, you're right, they should not be harassed for being topless any more than you or i should be harassed for being bottomless but tell that to the fashion people at applebee's. >> greg: i always lay down a napkin before i sit. joe, you know what it is, it's all about -- it's part of the entire loss of privacy that we got from social media, right? everybody is doing this now. they are always putting their phone at you. i don't blame them for covering up their privates or publics. >> it's made my job as official
8:54 pm
bikini inspector far more difficult. i don't bathe topless. i wear two shirts. when someone says take off your shirt, i do, and we all have a laugh when they see the second shirt. >> kat what is it about certain countries or cultures where they accept certain things that other ones don't. like america you don't see this but you see it in other countries. what explains that? >> i guess stuff is just different in different places. [laughter] >> greg: well done. >> i've got to say i don't understand sunbathing in general. i don't get it. everybody is like lets go to the beach. okay. but what do we do here. what do you do at the beach? >> greg: you play a little paddle ball. >> sports? >> greg: no, you get up, you know what you do, you sit down for a bit, get up, walk toward the water, oh, it's cold. >> you want me to travel an hour
8:55 pm
and a half to do that i can do that in a bathtub. >> greg: that's true. >> tom, we were talking earlier about how you were way ahead on the mask controversy. this is similar to the mask. we're talking about restricting people's freedoms, not to we are a covering. do you see this becoming a huge controversy in the ensuing months or years? >> i see it exploding, greg. the thing is, why are they insecure about being nude on the internet? they are nude in the world. >> right. >> i would think people who are shy, who want privacy, they don't go nude. >> greg: yes. >> but this is happening in all different professions. like they used to be a lot of, you know, flashers when i was a kid. >> remember that. >> people aren't flashing anymore, it's like, privacy here. privacy. don't put me on the internet. >> however, it's still going on
8:56 pm
in the subways. it's like a common thing on the subway. i've been asked to leave on a number of occasions. don't go away. we'll be right back. ♪ you already pay for car insurance, ♪ why not take your home along for the ride? ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. heyyy! (steins breaking) your cousin. ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers) ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved
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>> greg: time. "fox news @ night" is next. i am greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm kevin corke in washington in for shannon bream. breaking tonight, u.s. military forces striking back against isis-k. following the airport bombings in afghanistan. taking out a so-called planner believed to be attempting to carry out yet another attack. we have a live report with breaking details from the pentagon for you coming in just a few moments.


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