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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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rebecca special coverage of the terror attacks at the home and car the international airport. terrorists targeted the airport killing 13 american servicemembers and at least 72 afghan desperate to get out of the country before it is too late. president biden says the us will complete the evacuation is scheduled next week, that he is valid revenge. >> to those who carried out this attack, no this. we will not forgive.
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we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> president biden has been under pressure from both sides over his handling of the withdrawal. former national security adviser hr mcmaster had this to say. >> when you prioritize withdrawal over the achievement of any kind of a no blame in war this is what you get, that is what surrender is in that is what we've done. >> for the latest on what is happening on the ground in afghanistan, let's turn to amy kellogg live for us this morning and italy. being asked this morning was what was the purpose of attacking people leaving the country, attacking people trying to get on humanitarian flights. in the meantime, 13 us service personnel lost their lives, 72 afghan civilians, those numbers
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may change as the day goes on. despite deteriorating security situation. the evacuations continue this morning but the us's closest ally, the united kingdom has just said the last flights will be leaving afghanistan in the next few hours. the uk defense secretary saying nobody else will be called to the airport, they will do their best to pick some people from the crowds which probably have not supplied it altogether but acknowledge they can't get everyone they would like out as the priority is to get their diplomatic and military personnel out of the country. there were two blasts one after the other into the end of the day yesterday kabul time at the entry to the airport. the pentagon saying there is little that can be done to thoroughly protect personnel at
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the interface points because in order to screen those entering the airport you have to be so close that you can feel the person you're checking briefing. one last happened at the abbey gate, a key choked that and another at the nearby baron hotel. isis k claimed responsibility. here is the president last night. >> president biden: to those who carried out this attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm, no this. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> reporter: the president asked the pentagon to develop a plan for striking back. isis k is among the most ruthless of the terror groups operating in afghanistan more hard-line than the taliban when the taliban and -- the taliban negotiated a settlement with the
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united states, the taliban will have a lot to answer for particularly when it comes to the release of prisoners over the last few days, many had to be linked to isis and al qaeda. in the meantime great sadness among those friends and family members of the 13 military personnel, 10 marines, navy medic among them as they get the news of their immense loss and all those afghan families were trying to get out in desperation coming to terms with their losses as well and as afghans remain watch one country after another wrap-up those evacuations like we are seeing, the uk, australia, new zealand among those saying the window is closed. great concern they will be able to find a way to leave the
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country. the borders of pakistan full of people trying to get across by land but not only are they afraid of the taliban and that also isis k which is likely to try to carry out more attacks. >> it is 11:30 in the morning in couple. when the uk so they will end flights in the next few hours, by the end of today certainly there will be no more uk flights. >> i just heard the uk defense secretary saying that. the next few hours would mean the end of the day in afghanistan and they are a few hours ahead of europe and many hours ahead of midday in afghanistan by the end of their
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day and that means they will not get all the people out they want to get out and there has been a lot of concern about the contact details a lot of afghans who work for the brits floating around and the buildings they have abandoned. that's an ongoing discussion that is very concerning. >> a lot of people running scared today in afghanistan. the attack in kabul is the deadliest day for us troops in a decade. this tragic loss is causing lawmakers to point fingers and blame. the latest on that. >> when the silence was broken after waiting hours to comment on attack from afghanistan president biden stood by his withdrawal decision and promised to take revenge on the people
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responsible for the day's attack but that threat comes from it not just carnage but growing skepticism about whether his strategies will work given the failure of the plans he has put into action. the real problem he said was on him. >> i bear responsibility for all that has happened of late. >> reporter: the trump administration agreed to a may 1st to the country but he failed to mention he once extended the deadline to september. you remember that. that left many people to wonder why not extend the deadline once again to ensure the safe evacuation of us citizens and their afghan allies. as for the president online he said on twitter after his remarks in the east room displayed extraordinary dangers and risks we were able to evacuate 100,000 people in a
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matter of days. we can and must complete our mission. we will not be deterred by terrorists. we will not let them stop our mission. we will continue the evacuation. and evacuation that continues even today. later on in the day, late thursday biden's predecessor really hammered him for the exit from afghanistan. >> this country has never seen stupidity like this and our country is really in trouble and for some reason he botched the planet took the military out first. >> reporter: the administration did not deny reports that it provided the taliban with names of americans and afghan officials that were sent to be evacuated from the country. the same telegram which is enforcing security in checkpoints at the airport, the
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same delavan that is believed to have perhaps allowed the terror bomber to make his way past the check point and create all the carnage at the airport. >> the same telegram we fought for 20 years. thank you. president biden admitting he bears responsibility for the situation in kabul but defending the withdrawal. listen to this exchange between him and white house correspondent peter doocy. >> mister president, there's not been a us service member killed in combat in afghanistan since february of 2020. you set a deadline, you pulled troops out, send troops back in and now 12 marines i did. use of the buck stops with you. do you bear any responsibility for the way things have unfolded in the last two weeks? >> president biden: i bear responsibility for a fundamentally all that has happened of late. here is the deal. you know as well as i do the
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former president made a deal with the taliban and. >> for what could have been done to prevent this is national security adviser to former vice president cheney. great of you to stay up with us, we appreciate it, the blame game, the buck stops with him and went on to point fingers and everybody else. gardner tweeted quoting president biden is blaming donald trump for the disaster in afghanistan, trump left office 200 days ago. you are the president and commander-in-chief, you make the decisions and you carry the responsibility for the actions that you take. he keeps blaming donald trump and we look at the policies trump had in place that he immediately revoked as soon as he took office. your thoughts? >> on the one hand i'm very
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critical of the trump administration and their efforts to treat the telegram as a peace partner that was going to help us combat terrorism in the decision to get our troops out. on the other hand it is entirely true that the way this evacuation has been conducted is entirely reckless. when you depend on terrorists who use suicide bombers to protect your forces from other terrorists who use suicide bombers, the kind of tragedy we got yesterday is almost inevitable. it is almost entirely self-inflicted wound and it is entirely traceable to the president's reckless plan for getting out of afghanistan including giving up that secure airfield in bagram and deciding to stage this mass evacuation
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from and unsecure civilian airport smack dab in the middle of the city of 4 million people. every inch outside the airport of which is controlled by the enemy including as we saw tragically yesterday the perimeter. >> more sound from president biden and get your reaction on the other side. >> president biden: imagine where we would be if i had indicated on may 1st i was not going to renegotiate the evacuation date, we were going to stay there. i have only one alternative, for thousands of more troops back into afghanistan to fight a war that we had already won. >> do you believe he only had one alternative? he has said that repeatedly.
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>> i think this is a completely false binary choice the president put forward. the fact is that 25 to 3500 troops we had in afghanistan are completely away from the front lines providing critical air support, logistics, intelligence. it is afghans that were doing all the fighting and dying in this war over the last several years. americans experienced very low casualties. this was a sustainable policy and even if you were going to do that, the manner of this withdrawal has been so completely botched and reckless it is almost unfathomable and why the president can't acknowledge better decisions
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could have been made i think it's a real failure of leadership in this instance. >> would you start at the release of the bagram airbase? >> i think we had arrived at a sustainable policy with 2500 troops we had enabling the afghan military to keep the taliban and al qaeda and other forces of terrorism at bay in a critical part of the world that borders iran, central asia, china. this was an outpost that was directly serving america's counterterrorism interests and stopping another 9/11 from happening. the real original sin here is the decision traceable back to the trump administration to go
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down to 0 in terms of our troop presence in afghanistan and essentially having made that decision, decided to surrender that country in that pivotal part of the world providing counterterrorism, over to the terrorists. >> great perspective. fascinating insight, thank you for your time. the us giving the taliban names of people to evacuate, the move as critics up in arms saying it could be used as a hit list, more on a dangerous situation unfolding in afghanistan next.
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>> you us officials say they provide limited information to the delavan victims in the us are too much putting americans and afghan allies in our labs way, some going so far as to say the government provided detailed and with the, quote, list. for quote bring in former intelligence officer with the defense intelligence agency
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matthew shoemaker, thank you for staying up late with this. when the president was asked this question about this list of americans and afghan allies given to the delavan to get them escorted safer to be able to he said he wasn't certain it happened, might have happened, could have happened. you know more about this than i do but when the president doesn't want to own something it can't be all good. your thoughts. >> from the beginning of this from an intelligence perspective this is an absolutely unconscionable and unthinkable, reckless decision on whoever's part this decision was made, coming from within members of the biden administration, an absolutely stupid policy because whoever came up with this idea of coming up with this list of names that they handed over to the taliban needs to either resign or be fired tomorrow. this is going to result in people being killed more so than we've seen in the past 24 hours. people need to be held accountable for these decisions and so far we are almost two
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weeks into this crisis and still coming out of the biden administration there is 0 accountability. the only responsibility president biden has taken so far is to say the simple words that he takes responsibility. it is unconscionable. >> senator marsha blackburn shares your sentiment, she said quoting here absolutely reckless and horrific, the biden administration gave the taliban a kill list while lying to us saying they didn't have details on every name and where about it every single person involved must resign or be impeached and she makes the deck of account -- the kill list, for critics and others to decide. she makes the point that we asked a number of times in his press briefings in different briefings from the state department to the pentagon do you have a list, do you have lists of americans you can sure, do you know where these people are the answer has been no not really and you they have enough of these lists of these people
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to supply the telegram with information. >> i do not know what the biden administration is thinking at this point. if president biden has not been briefed on the subject i would question what sort of advice and recommendations he's getting. if this is the first use hearing about it. at the same time the media needs to start asking tough questions. i saw the press conference from yesterday, what peter doocy asked him and how president biden became paralyzed and unable to respond to a simple question. going forward if we look at this and how the media is treating this, if donald trump had created a hit list in this manner there would have been hearings on capitol hill, there would have been people calling for donald trump's impeachment. right now we are hearing this from some republicans, we are not hearing it from many
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democrats, nancy pelosi, when kabul fell thanks president biden for his wisdom and guidance on the afghanistan situation. it boggles the mind the way they are handling it. >> what concerns me, i want to know, the evacuation flights of resumes but we are getting closer to the deadline, august 31st, the president reiterated that was the deadline, that we would have everybody out by august 31st, four days away, 11:40 something in the morning in afghanistan. what happens to those lists if they are still roaming around in the hands of the taliban and. what happens to those listed people post august 31st. >> first thing to recognize is we are thinking in a very american sense, the deadline and policies and agreements actually
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matter to the taliban and. we don't know what that deadline means to the taliban leadership. is at noon on the 30 first, midnight? we don't know. at the same time, president biden, president biden said many things on the afghanistan situation. when he says the afghanistan is -- we are going to stay until the 31 steube i'm not sure if he believes what he says since he's been on every subject of the situation? >> keep talking, we are looking at the plane about to take off in afghanistan and my final question to you would be do you think the administration as we talk about these lists that may have been given to taliban forces do you think administration knows the names of everybody on those lists and
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knows that every american whose name has been turned over to the taliban, can they checksum, will be checked to make sure they got out? is there a way to do that? we've been told they don't have all the names and then apparently there are names. i want to know there's a name to crosscheck to make sure every name we gave the taliban is accounted for. >> it depends on who exactly is on the list, when it comes to american citizens they will be easier to verify than those who might've been afghan interpreters versus those who might have had green card as a background check continuing with them but one thing i to leave you with this we have come to a point now in the situation where there are no clear decisions. we've seen it in the past 24 hours where we have had the most american casualties in the past 10 years. at this point in the matter what decision is made going forward,
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people are going to die whether it be the afghans themselves, american soldiers or combination of the two, that's where we are. >> thank you for your time and your analysis, we appreciate it. >> there were warnings about an imminent attack at the airport and kabul, 13 us service members, 60 afghans lost their lives and now the question is whether this is the beginning of for violence to come? we will have more on that just ahead.
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>> 13 us service members are dead, killed in terrorist attacks applicable airport in afghanistan. president biden says the us has some idea who's behind the attack adding the will be hunted down. he has ordered flags flown at half staff to honor those who gave their lives.
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the president says the evacuation of americans will be completed despite threats of more attacks. the attack came hours after the defense department sounded the warning. joining us is former foreign correspondent for the telegraph and the times of london and also the author of first casualty. great to have you on and the question, if isis is attacking americans and afghans at the airport and kabul what are they planning and the rest of the country in your estimation? >> it is going to be horrific. we've seen this movie before, that taliban in powerful 1996 to 2001. that was obviously an governed space used by al qaeda to launch the 9/11 terrorist attacks which if we go back to the beginning of this is why we were in
12:34 am
afghanistan in the first place. the television's interpretation of seventh century islam, women being executed in soccer stadiums after being accused of adultery, having their hands chopped off, women having to be covered head to toe, not allowed to work, we saw at the start of this latest threat phase the desperation of young afghans, 17-year-old future soccer star clinking to an american plane in desperation. they know what is coming from the taliban and. we've seen this movie before and it is a horror movie. >> heartrending pictures, that was horrifying to see. former trump national security adviser hr mcmaster said, quote, i would not be surprised at all
12:35 am
if isis k, i would be surprised if it wasn't the case, is being used by the her connie network as a cut out to attack us and humiliate us on our way out. is he right? >> that is very important point. we have the talent ban is knowing government, astonishing to say those words, our allies at the moment in terms of keeping the airport open until the deadline set by president biden, has been fighting between isis k, carried out this terrible attack and the taliban and so you have a multitude of groups with close links inside afghanistan. we have al qaeda who has close ties to the taliban and. we have the hqqani network
12:36 am
which has connections with isis k. all these people have different tactics. it's more likely to carry out attacks, but the foot soldiers go group to group and have the same aims. it is possible. we know the suicide bomber outside the kabul airport went through a telegram checkpoint. who let them through? how did that happen? it is a murky dangerous picture. >> you know this area better than anybody and it is a good question to ask because it feels like a lot of critics say they believe the taliban is setting the tone and the tempo and the timeline for what is happening on the ground in afghanistan. >> if you go back to the
12:37 am
beginning of this, i was researching that with an interpreter, it began, with a very sort of dark figure, he launched a deception operation against our allies and us forces in 2001, stage the surrender of al qaeda prisoners who rose up, the first casualty, cia officer mark span. nothing is what it seems in afghanistan. it is dark and dangerous and we have to look below the surface. trace: bruce hoffman says their objective is to attack the us. they see the us as their main
12:38 am
enemy and it is designed to embarrass the taliban as well, isis attempted to compete with the talent ban. their ideologies are the same. is more power struggle than an ideological a religious one. your thoughts on that? >> that is exactly right and the danger is rather than the taliban and cracking down on isis k, the new kids on the block, the worldwide impact, timing their attack with us networks. they look at those new arrivals and decide to up their game as well and the big picture is sharia law, this medieval version of islam and anti-americanism. what do they do next? they help a group that is in their territory like al qaeda, 9/11 to launch an attack against
12:39 am
americans, these are dark and dangerous times. trace: thanks for coming on, appreciate it. president biden has found to get all us troops and americans home from afghanistan by august 31st. some critics are accusing him of letting the taliban and dictate terms to leverage their position and strength in the region. joining me is andrew mcneil who spends time in afghanistan as part of the special operations team. he joins us now. is the president, thank you for coming on. is the president letting the taliban dictate the rules and terms? >> that appears to be the case. this is nothing short of an unmitigated disaster on the global stage. what we've seen is a series of bad decisions after bad decisions. what we have is the worst humanitarian crisis in recent
12:40 am
history that i'm aware of. the situation seems to be developing as we have allowed the taliban to hold us accountable to a date that we established. the taliban shouldn't be a driver for how we make any decisions let alone when there are still americans and afghan partners trapped in the country. it is time from my perspective to start rethinking the strategy. if this is an indication of the taliban's ability to prevent isis lodging terrorist attacks, we just found evidence that is not where this is going to trend so we need to start considering should retake bagram airbase again? should we create opportunities to have air assets in the region to build up our intelligence to get some standoff distance, marching to this arbitrary date creates more of a crisis, desperate refugees around, and karzai airport, manufacturing a worse situation every day.
12:41 am
trace: you had a firsthand look at the taliban. i wonder if you think from what you see, they are putting on this diplomatic façade. it certainly appears that way from their history. are they reveling in this? are they enjoying this moment in afghanistan? >> i think that is fair. i think that is fair. my take on the situation is they have been waiting for this day for a long time. we have offered a little bit in our policies. i think the taliban always, there was a quote of you have all the watches, americans, but we have all the time and knowing eventually we were going to swing our way out of the situation. they've been waiting for this day. at the same time they have a mutual interest in us departing. i don't think they wanted to see
12:42 am
that attack today, that creates concerns that we will create another foothold in the region to protect our interests, to protect americans that are still on the ground which there are, trying to effect some americans that are stranded with special forces guys. the notion that we are done is lost on me because we still haven't cleaned up a lot of loose ends. trace: i want to play a soundbite between peter doocy and jen psaki talking about this odd relationship. >> does the president think they will be reliable partners? they are not letting afghans to the airport and the us still at the airport. >> as the president said, 7000 people have been evacuated over
12:43 am
the last 12 hours, there was an active attack happening. those are individuals let through gates, let on the plane and got us well over 100,000 people who had been evacuated. this is not about trust, this is not about relying on the taliban as an equal partner. >> it seems to be about trust and relying them as an equal partner at least from 4000 miles away. >> it is troubling. as recently as a couple weeks ago they were a political terrorist organization in the general talking like protecting terrorist attacks on holland karzai airport. the situation is laughable and if it wasn't so tragic. what is concerning about that now is we switched into this mode of partnering with the taliban which is known to have terrorist attacks, masquerading as a political organization most likely until we depart.
12:44 am
the most troubling thing for me is this is part of our plan, part of our withdrawal plan to partner with this organization we have been fighting for 20 years with a massive history of violence, of being involved in large-scale drug trades with oppression and reprisal killings and so on. trace: you still have people trying to get out of afghanistan post august 31st. what do you do. what are your options? >> great question. i don't think we are going to stop what is happening behind the scenes for america's situational awareness. there is a network of special forces guys with cell phones and connections and we are actively working to evacuate afghan special forces, us citizens through us citizen children as
12:45 am
recently as tonight so we are not going to stop. we will try to find ways to leverage our background and skills to get people to safety. i want to end with one note. something i learned in special forces. in times of distress people look to their leader. when the bullets start flying people look to their leader and see how they responded as of today what we are seeing out of the biden administration's lack of accountability, lack of direction, lack of decisiveness, pointing fingers. time to take control of the situation before this gets more out of hand. trace: best of luck to you and your colleagues, trying to get people out, thank you for coming on, sir. new reaction coming in from us veterans on the couple chaos. their response to the tense situation is next. policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought
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>> he was troops 20 years in afghanistan and once again seeing chaos and violence. let's get reaction from veterans of the nonprofit hope those in iraq and afghanistan. you are a veteran and deal with veterans all the time. what are you and your fellow vets make of what is happening
12:51 am
on the ground now and for the past 12 or 13 days? >> thank you for having me on. we feel a sense of rage. 13 american heroes died when they shouldn't have. i talked to a lot of veterans. they are heartbroken. a lot of them have a sense of an amputated spirit and right now there is no prosthetic for that. i was part of the first class to go into the naval academy after 9/11, a bunch of 18-year-olds faced with a nation at war and we are coming up to that 20 year anniversary and i can tell you in that time i had the honor to serve with men and women, actual heroes who find the world's he will not because they hated what was in front of them but because they love the what was behind him. what they loved it was so important is they always knew they were on the right side of history, they were one of the good guys.
12:52 am
trace: go ahead. >> whether they are in uniform out of uniform or where they were in the world they knew their government if they were pinned down or stranded was going to go in and get the man's we are not doing that. we are leaving us citizens and it is not right. trace: general jack keane said this afghanistan mission was successful because these vets kept us safe for 20 years and they should never forget that. army for john rourke said what do you think will happen to the rest of the people that are left behind? if this is what happened today meaning the suicide bombing attacks you think it is magically going to get better?
12:53 am
he makes a fair point. >> i will say this. we have been taking half measures when we should have been taking full throated measures. i spent a decade in the intelligence community and had words thrown at me like nationbuilding, eating soup with a knife, a war of 1000 paper cuts, these phrases in terms were created by washington dc think tanks, pushed through the halls of dod and the state department and i will tell you mores are not won by washington dc think tanks but by connecticut actionable military action and the way we are able to accomplish that are moving forward to help afghanistan to get citizens out of afghanistan is to use superior airpower. we need to carve out a path for us citizens to get into kabul airport in the way we do that is dark out the sky with a 10s,
12:54 am
apache helicopters, predator drones, and us forces on the ground and if isis k or the telegram touches any us citizen then they won't have time to fight because we won't let them. >> the concept of where nobody is left behind, now we are pulling out august 31st. what do you think of those, whether it is 10 or 1000 or 2000 there will be people left behind, what do you think? >> we did the best that we could, we are a military full of lions led by lambs and history will come to remind us we were on the right side of it. >> great thoughts and that is the whole thing. you and the vets are watching this closely but the work you did over there was yeoman's work
12:55 am
and thank you for your service. thank you for coming on tonight. we should note it is past 11:00, almost noon in kabul, afghanistan. the evacuation flights are continue. thank you for staying with continuing coverage of the terror attack at, karzai international airport. i trace gallagher, good night.
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>> president biden: those who carried out this attack, no this. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. jillian: it is 4:00 am, 12:30 the afternoon in kabul, afghanistan where us troops are on alert and thousands are desperately trying to evacuate after an isis terror attack killed 13 american servicemembers and dozens of others applicable airport. jillian: president biden vowed


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