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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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your fine men and women, 18 died and was a preview of coming attractions. now in afghanistan, where this year not a single u.s. soldier had died or even been wounded, that's broken today with the death of 12 and 15 inches.
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>> -- pentagon calling it a complex terror attack. saying two isis suicide bombers were responsible. a team of reporters will give us updates throughout the hour. first chilling news saying he expects the did he doily isis attacks to continue.
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>> let isis break through the check point to launch this attack. we don't think they would do something like that? come on. they don't know what is going on right now. we have no handle on the situation. right now we're basically sitting ducks. i have never seen a tactical blunder like this before. you have to go way back. it's living the deadliest incident in a decade for afghanistan. we don't know how bad it will guilty. get dark soon. isis is taking pot shots into the airport at aircraft. joe biden said there would be no taliban take over. that's not true. americans could get to the airport. that wasn't true. go to the airport. don't go to the airport. go to the airport. don't go to the airport. you think americans will go to the airport, of course not. taliban, doesn't look like
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they're doing that great of a job as tsa agents, so to speak. i don't know what the president will say. he has to come to grips with reality. tell the american people how bad it is and what the plan is moving forward. he has two options, da na. keep the evacuation going, stick to the deadline and get the hell out. or expand the perimeter, do search and rescue. taliban broke the deal. they broke the deal, we're staying as long as it takes. i don't expect that. when i heard the pentagon guy come out today, lloyd release a statement. he said he was sad about the loss of life. he never said they would hunt down the bad guy that's did this and bring them to justice. >> greg, you have to imagine the intel we had last night and since the whole thing happened on the 14th this could get bad. you have to imagine the marines knew the danger they were in.
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they were doing anyways and doing it valiantly. just this morning. i want to play this please this. is ross wilson, u.s. ambassador to ah fan stan this. is what he said this morning on good morning america. >> there are safeways to get here. there are relatively safeways to access the airport. we're doing everything we can to facilitate that. >> greg. >> he's like the news anchor saying it's a holiday weekend. leave extra time getting to the airport. there maybe suicide bombers. watch out for kidnapping and murder. i go back to the internal question. how can everybody but the people in charge get this so long. i'm a english grad from berkeley. a magazine editor turned class clown. i saw this coming. we all saw this coming. how did they not see this coming. it makes you think they saw it coming and underestimated the risk. there would be problems and
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could handle it. boy, were they wrong. knock on wood, that was the strategy. knock on wood. president biden has a lot of wood to knock on so far, 12 could of inns. we gave a list of american citizens to the taliban to grant entry. we gave control of the perimeter to taliban this. is a tell. when you ask, when you ask someone in charge why would you do something so stupid the answer is we have no choice. that's the mark of a failed leader and failed administration. when you're lead to a place with no plan b. plan a is moronic. we understand plan c and pugh being iffy. what is deteriorating faster kabul or joe biden at this point. strategic thinking gives you these options in the fact that we don't -- they shouldn't of left the room until this was
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ironed out. that's what is so awful for people spending so many years there, lost their lives family members, people who have lost limbs, people we know this. is how it i understand this. may not end, it could be worst. >> bill, you spent several weeks in afghanistan after the attack of 9/11. i want to play this. this is the taliban spokes person, yes they have one. his thoughts on 9/11 and osama bin laden. >> when osama bin laden became a issue for americans he was in afghan san. there was no proof he was involved. now we have promises afghan soil won't be used against anyone. >> you don't think osama bin laden carried out 9/11. >> there is no evidence. >> despite osama bid laden is on video taking credit. >> it's an amazing video, jaw drop i remember.
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what do you do? what do you say now? what you do is if you believe the taliban knows exactly were the isis k group is located before you leave the airport you hit the target for isis k. you go back on offense. that's one thing he could do when he comes out to speak. what does he say? i have watched coverage all day to day. one think lacking from everyone on the microphone. we haven't heard. when is the empathy, anger, sadness. the american people are pissed off. at the end of 20 years this is what you get. put a voice to it. joe biden was the empathetic leader. he hasn't done that and has a chance now coming up. a week ago you had the week with george s. on abc news. he was asked do you believe the
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taliban has changed. the president said i think they're going through a crisis of what to do to be recognized by the international community as a legitimate government. that's a lie. the taliban after our marines were killed blamed the united states. said your foreign fighters on the land. that's the same message osama bid laden had 20 years ago. ubl is not responsible for 9/11 the spokes person for the taliban speaking to western media, nbc news there. are a ton of whoppers in the interview if you want to check it out. >> maybe he watched the spike lee document ry. >> don't get me started on that, well we should talk about it some time. this is the end of 20 years. terrorism is not finished with
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us, katie. >> right. the conclusion i have come to is the position of weakness the united states is in. in july the president of the united states said it is unlikely the taliban would over take security. they're now providing our security. we see the taliban is in charge of security for the outer perimeter of the airport. we're sharing intelligence with the taliban. giving them names. names of americans who many will be left behind on august 31st. maybe other terrorist groups will have access to the list and that information. we are told that every single contingency plan was available and they hammered it out before it happens. clearly that's not true. the question now, da na, you make moving forward. we are to believe the taliban had nothing to do with the suicide bombing today. maybe one of their guys didn't blame the suicide bomber through to blame the attack on isis so
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they could be recognized as a legitimate partner at this point. i don't believe that. i don't believe the taliban is able and capable to keep their savages in line and they won't go around here and this and attack the united states in these positions. we're so weak, we're on our heels. there are americans trapped in afghanistan. school kids are trapped. okay say it was isis. what do we do about it? if we look at how vice president joe biden handled isis they called it the jv team and took over a rock and president trump came in and got rid of it. you have the taliban taking over the country, americans trapped there with no legitimate plan to get them out. saying it's your fault if you didn't get to the airport. they will blame them. what will happen here? a wide open border. how is the president of the united states going to protect
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american citizens from islamic terrorists coming back to the united states. those are all questions that i don't think the president is up to. >> trey, we're yate full for your conk. i'm sure when the president speaks today he's speaking to the american people, military, allies and adversaries in the region. what is your update now? >> there is still a major problem for the biden administration. they're relying on the taliban for information and security outside of the gates of the airport this. is clearly a coordinated attack. two blasts. one outside of the abbey gate with thousands of civilians. u.s. marines helping the civilians. then another blast close by at the baron hotel. isis k is reportedly responsible for the explosions outside of the airport. it begs the question how did the sue sued bombers get there.
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we have heard about the taliban having check points outside of the airport and the city. the united states have made it clear they're suppose to be responsible for the air outside of the airport. we spoke with a spokes person here yesterday. they made it clear they want the americans to leave, they want them to leave safely. that's the word of the taliban. if that is accepted by the biden administration it would be a situation in which we have to rely on what the taliban says. moving forward you will see more statements by the taliban trying to distance themselves from what happened. we have heard from the group following the blasts saying they're not responsible and offer condolences. that's what they have to say at face value. da na. >> thank you, trey. jess.y. >> the airport is a battlefield now. we have to sort that out not to
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sustain more casualties. in the mean time this was predictable. we have cables in april from the state department ordering the embassy staff to get out of kabul because of a deteriorating situation. widespread combat situations sthru out the country. another cable in may, get out. strongly suggesting all americans leave afghanistan because armed conflict is everywhere. july 15th, another embassy cable goes out. level 4* four terror alert. during this three month period, joe biden is saying we got this. saying the taliban is not going to take over. it's highly unlikely. we have a great afghan army. yet his people on the ground are telling americans to get out as soon as you can. we're losing it. you can't square that. that is something they have to look at in the house, strongly,
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to hold the president accountable. >> we also, we have trey available if you have a question for him. you do, katie. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> trey, it's katie. you had the defense department doing a briefing saying rescue and evacuation efforts will continue despite the attacks today. do you know if it's forgetting americans, interpreters, afghans with visas considering how dangerous it is to get to the airport. >> the blasts today changes the equation. we were on the ground in kabul speaking with service members in afghanistan. i can tell you, they were aside happy to be there. they were not there for war. they were there for peace. they were there for humanitarian assistance. you sought smiles as they gave mres, water and candy bars to afghan children. they were there to help with the
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evacuation mission. now the thousand much american troops left on the airfield are sitting ducks to isis k and to any other extremist organization on the ground in afghanistan. we saw in the mediate aftermath blasts a slowed version of the evacuation. we still know there are thousands of people on the airfield waiting to evacuate. it's unclear if the department of defense will come up with a reasonable plan to get people vetted through and onto the airport area and ultimately to planes and safety. you still have a major major prop hrebg. we heard general mckenzie talk about it earlier. these american troops have to pat down individuals before they make it onto the runway. they don't want anyone on these c17 military planes with a bomb or with another weapon that could harm the, the service members onboard or the other civilians. they have to interact with these
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individuals i have closely. you can vet anyone coming onto the airfield independently and look at their background and do all of the checks you want. at the end of the day when they're at the airport and the entrances we saw in afghanistan over the weekend, they're at a new location. those troops on the ground face new risks. it's something is that if the biden administration plans to move forward with and continue evacuations up until the very last minute, the august 31st deadline they have to contend with. >> trey, bill, great work over there. the president talks about this over the horizon capability to go back in and strike once the with draw is completed there. as of today we have a new enemy, isis k. how far over the horizon will we be when it comes time to seek a strike against this group? >> well the difficult part of striking isis k is that they are
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a splinter cell, a off shoot of the islamic state. they started in 2014 with isis. many are former members of the taliban. in some cases it's just a few hundred fighters in different areas launching the sleeper cell attacks against soft attacks like the perimeter of an airport with thousands of civilians. even if president biden wants to respond he has to find the exact location of a isis k cell. it's not like the past when president trump striked hesbolah. president biden will have a difficult time finding these terrorists in the location they are in eastern afghanistan. we heard this over and over again from the biden administration if there were attacks against american forces someone would be held responsible with a swift
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response. but we're looking at a situation now where so farrow officials in pugh c are saying that the taliban did not know about this, they didn't understand it was going to happen. yet, this massive, massive attack against u.s. forces outside of the kabul airport taking place today and the people responsible for the security outside of the perimeter the taliban. >> trey, i have a question. it's greg. the question is who should be held responsible for this? this kind of attack isn't going to speed up our exit. it will invite us back in. doesn't that kind of tell us who did this. someone who still wants us there to remain as targets? >> look i think we can analyze what happened for hours. will you hear a lot of opinion hosts and commentators in washington talk about failures of the administration and things could of going differently.
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think a major question that many people have on the ground in afghanistan and around the world, why the united states didn't keep the air base open. it could of avoided the situation we're seeing to day. thousands of civil jabs from inside kabul fleeing to the airport hoping with or without the proper documentation to get on a flight. you don't blame the civilians they're afraid. we saw them. we spoke to them over the weekend. they are terrified of the taliban. they are doing anything they can to leave the country. we saw the videos from the runway of people clinging to the outside of a c17 desperate to leave with fears of being killed by the taliban. now we have a large logistical problem of the united states continuing evacuations out of kabul's airport. they don't have the security that the air base had. they have an arbitrary dead line of august 31st made up by the
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biden administration. they have to have a window to retro grade. you have thousands of american lives, service members on the ground in afghanistan. the biden administration says they will continue evacuations. tuesday is the date set out by the president. >> thank you, trey. we are still waiting for president bide tone give his speech. you have a thought. >> it was about biden. how do you have any confidence in our leaders after this? there is no way this would happen under a competent leader. who is going to be fired. who is going to resign. i don't know if anyone wants to impeach biden with the vp choice. nobody has taken responsibility for this. i would like to see him do it. there are really bad decisions made apparently by good people, smart people. why do smart good people make bad decisions? it's usually cognitive bias that distorts the filter.
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this could be because of trump derangment, right. they polluted good decision making so they made the wrong choices for the wrong reasons. like the deadline. the deadline, did it create this problem? did you have to turn this into something symbolic because of the 20th anniversary? >> sam, there is an argument against this going back since i was press secretary that is saying a lot. i'm a lot older now and so is this conflict. talk about the administration going forward. what is the biden doctrine? his solemn obligation is to protect the united states. we have a lot of enemies. one thing about afghanistan, jesse, you had the taliban allowed to flourish there. it didn't start with 9/11. you go back to 1991 when they 1y
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first constituted themselves. there was the u.s.s. coal, it kept coming. >> now afghanistan a failed, terrorist state, armed with our war chest. like ants all of the terrorists will climb into these mountains and fester and plan and plot and arm up who knows what they will do. it's really about priorities. you touched on it. milli focused on white ridge, muslim ridge is the real threat. house democrats having oversight over this administration, over the military there. is no oversight. they're focused on the oversight of the last administration. they're focused on january 6th. they're slapping subpoenas everywhere.
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they're not focused on the present and today. nancy pelosi is out there -- >> talk ing about womens rights. >> joe biden hasn't been heard from today. president is acting like he can walk and chew gum at the same time. is he going to congratulate nancy for shepherding the pending bills through. in the beginning he went back and forth from vacation. imagine triggering a hostage crisis and going back on vacation. i don't know what he will say. he has to do better than he has been. he's unfocused. he's undisciplined. there is no priority here. he was kneeling with wnba players the other day. flashing the jersey and having a photo op. he wanted the 9/11 photo op to bookend the war on his watch and it blew up in his face.
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>> two minute warning for the president. >> the doctrine is clear, get out of afghanistan. don't spend the money oversees, spend it at home. we put that to a democratic congressman earlier today. he said he was offended by the suggestion. think the polling that came out 24 hours ago. i know you think it will go lower, you are probably right. i think the poles fail to sense is the feeling that america has suddenly and without warning over the last two weeks, the images on your screen that everything we did 20 years ago against the guy whose helped perpetrate what happened here in lower manhattan are back, stronger and bigger, they're more enforced. they have modern technology. that is something the american people -- >> they have modern language. they're talk ing about climate change and echo credits to make
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sure the imf money keeps coming. i believe we have the president of the united states about to address the nation on this very somber day. >> tough day. this evening in kabul as you all know terrorists attacked, that we have been talk ing about and worried about, that the intelligence community has assessed as undertaken an attack by a group known as isis k. took the lives of american service members standing guard at the airport, wounded several others seriously. also wounded a number of civilians and civilians were killed as well. i have been engaged all day in
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constant contact with the military commanders here in washington, the pentagon, as well as in afghanistan, and pugh oha. and d.o.h.a. >> we have great detail and you have had a chance to speak to some so far. the situation on the ground is still evolving. i'm constantly being updated. these american service members who gave their lives, it's an over used word but appropriate here, were heroes. heroes who have been engaged in a dangerous self less mission to save the lives of others. they're part of an airlift and evacuation effort unlike any ever seen in history with more
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than a hundred thousand american citizens, american partners, afghans who helped us, others taking safety in the last 11 days. just the last 12 hours or so another 7000 have gotten out. they're part of the bravest most capable, self less military on the face of the earth. they're part of simply what i call the backbone of america. they're the spine of america. the best the country has to offer. jill and i our hearts ache like i'm sure all of you do as well. for all of the afghan families losing loved ones, including small children or wounded in this vicious attack. we're outraged as well as heartbroken.
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being the father of a army major who served for a year in a rack and before that was in kosovo, a u.s. attorney better part of six months in the middle of a war wh* he came home he was diagnosed like many, many coming home with an aggresive and lethal cancer of the brain, whom we lost. we have some sense like many of you do what the families of these brave heros are feeling today. you get this feeling like you're sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest. there is no way out. my heart aches for you. i know this, we have a continuing obligation. a sacred obligation to awful
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you, families of those heros, the obligation is not temporary it lasts forever. the lives we lost today are lives given in the service of liberty, the service of security, the service of others. in the service of america, like their fellow brothers and sisters in arms who have died defending our vision and our values in the struggle against terrorism of the fallen of this day they're part of a great noble company of american heroes. to those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone wishing america harm know this, we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make
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you pay. i will defend our interests of our people with every measure at my command. over the past few weeks, i know many of you are tired of me saying it, we have been made aware by our intelligence community that the isis k, an arch enemy of the taliban. people freed when the prisons were opened have planned a complex set of attacks on the united states personnel and others this. is why from the outset i repeatedly said, this mission was extraordinarily dangerous and why i have been so determined to limit the duration of the mission. as general mckenzie said this is why our mission was designed
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to operate, operate under severe stress and attack. we have known that from the beginning. as i have been in constant contact with senior military leaders, constant around the clock, commanders on the ground throughout the day they make it clear we must complete this mission. we will. that's what i have ordered them to do. we will not be deterred by terrorists. we will not let them stop our mission. we will continue our evacuation. i have continued our demanders to strike isis k assets and facilities. with we will respond with force and precision at our time, the moment and place of our choosing. this is what you need to know. these isis terrorist will not
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win. we will rescue the americans. we will get our afghan allies out. our mission will go on. america will not be intimidated. i have the upmost confidence in our brave service members continuing this mission saving lives getting americans, our partners and allies out of afghanistan. every day when i talking to our commanders i ask them what they need. what more do they need to get the job done. they will tell you i granted every request. i reiterated them today on three occasions, take the maximum forces necessary to protect our forces on the ground. i want to thank the secretary of defense, leaders of the pentagon and all in the field there is complete unanimity by all on the
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best way to complete these objections. those drawing inspiration from the book of isaiah. the lord says, whom shall i send. whom shall go for us. american military has been answering for a long time. here i am, lord, send me. here i am, send me. each one of these women and men in our armed forces are the sacrifice of voluntary to go in harm's way. to risk everything not for glory or profit but to defend what we love and the people that we love. i ask that you join me now in a moment of silence for all of those in uniform and out of uniform, military and civilian who have given the last full measure of stke vogues.
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devotion. >> at the. thank you. may god bless you all, god bless those troops standing watch for america. we have so much to do, it's within our capacity to do it. we just have to remain steadfast. steadfast. we will complete our mission. we will continue. after our troops are with drawn to find means which we can find any american who wishes to get out of afghanistan. we will find them.
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we will get them out. ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. the first person i was instructed to call on is kelly o'donnell of nbc. >> mr. president, you have said leaving afghanistan is in the national interest of the united states. after today's attack do you believe you will authorize additional forces to respond to the attack inside afghanistan? are you prepared to add additional forces to protect the americans who remain on the ground carrying out the evacuation operation? >> i have instructed the military, whatever they need, if they need additional force i will grant it. but the military from the chairman of joint chiefs, joint chiefs, commanders in the field have all contacted me one way or
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another. usually by letter saying they subscribe to the mission as designed. to get as many people out as we can within the timeframe that is allotted. that is the best way they believe to get as many americans out as possible, and others. with regard to finding, tracking down the isis leaders who ordered this we have some reason to believe we know who they are, not certain. we will find ways of our choosing without large military operations to get them. wherever they are. trevor, reuters. >> thank you, mr. president. there has been some criticism even from people in your party
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about the dependence on the taliban to skewer the perimeter of the airport. do you feel there was a mistake made in that regard? >> no, i don't. look i think general mckenzie handed this question very well. the fact is we are in a situation. we inherited a situation particularly since as we all know that the afghan military collapsed eleven days, in eleven days. that it is in the interest of as mckenzie said, in the interest of the taliban that in fact isis k is not metastasized beyond what it is, number one. number two, it's in their
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interest that we're able to leave on time, on target. as a consequence of that the major things we have asked them, moving back the perimeter, giving more space between the wall, stopping vehicles from coming through, etcetera, searching people coming through. it is now what you call a tightly commanded regimented operation like the u.s. military is, but they're acting in their interest. their interest. by and large, i have asked the same question to military on the ground whether or not it's a useful exercise. no one trusts them. we're just counting on their self interests to continue, to
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generate their activities. it's in their self interest that we leave when we said, and we get as many people out as we can. even with all happening today we got over 7000 people. over 5000 americans. so, it's not a matter of trust. it's a matter of mutual self interest. there is no evidence thus far that i have been given as a consequence by any of our commanders in the field that there has been collusion between the taliban and isis in carrying out what happened today, both in front of the hotel and what is
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expected to continue for -- beyond today. amir, associated press. >> thank you, mr. president. you have spoken again powerfully again about your own son and the weight of the decisions. with that in mind what you said the longer we stay the more likelihood of a major attack. how do you weight staying even one more day considering what has happened? >> because i think what america says matters. what we say we will do and the context we say we will do it, that we do it. unless something exceptional changes. there are additional american citizens. there are additional green card
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holders there. are additional personnel of our allies. there are additional siv card holders. there are additional afghans that have helped us. there are additional groups of individuals who have contacted us from womens groups to ngos and others who have expressly indicated they want to get out. and have gathered in certain circumstances in groups, on buses, and other means that still presents the opportunity for the next several days between now and the 31st to be able to get them out. and our military and i believe to the extent we can do that
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knowing the threat, knowing that we may very well have another attack the military has concluded that is what we should do. i think they're right and correct. after that we will be in a circumstance where there are, will be i believe numerous opportunities to continue to provide access for additional persons to get out of afghanistan either through means we provide and/or are provided through cooperation with the tal taliban. they're not good guys the taliban. we're not suggesting that as all. but they have keene interests.
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as many of you have reported they would like to figure out how to keep the airport open. they don't have the capacity to do it. they're very much trying to figure out whether or not they can maintain what is the portion of an economy that has become not robust but fundamentally different then it had been. there are a lot of reasons they have reached out, not just to us but to others, as to why it would be continuepugh in their interests to get more of the personnel we want to get out and lie kate them. there are not many left we can assess that want to come out. there are some americans. we have identified, contacted them, a vast majority but not all, that don't want to leave. they are duel nationals, they have extended families,
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etcetera, there are others who are looking for the time. so, that is why we continue. i will take a few more questions. you, sir. >> i wanted to ask you. you say what america says matters. what do you say to the afghans who helped troops who may not be able to get out by august 31st? >> i say we continue to try to get you out. it matters. look, i know of no conflict as a student of history, no conflict where when a war was ended one side was able to guarantee that everyone that wanted to be extract from the country would get out. think about it, folks. think it's important -- i know the american people get this in their gut.
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there are, i would argue millions of afghani citizens that are not taliban, who did not actively cooperate with us as sivs, who if given the chance they would be onboard a plane tomorrow. it sounds ridiculous but the vast majority of people in communities like that want to come to america give the choice. getting every single person out is, can't be guaranteed by anyone, because of the determination of who waupbgts to wants toget out as well. i was really pointing to you. >> thank you, mr. president. there are reports that u.s. officials provided the taliban with names of americans and afghan officials to evacuate
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wraufplt ware of that, did that happen? sir, did you personally reject a recommend to hold or recapture the airforce base. >> here is what i have done, answer the last question, first. on the tactical questions on how to conduct an evacuation or war, i gather up all of the major military personnel that are in afghanistan, the commanders as well as the pentagon. i ask for their best military judgment. what would be the most efficient way to accomplish the mission. they concluded, the military, that the air base was not much added value. it was much wiser to focus on kabul. so, i followed that recommendation. with regard to, there are
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certain circumstances where we have gotten information and quite frankly sometimes from some of you saying you know of such and such, a group of people trying to get out. they're on a bus and moving from other people. this is the location. there have been occasions when our military has contacted their military counterparts in the taliban and said this, for example this bus is coming through with x number of people on it. made up of the following group of people. we want you to let that bus or that group through. so, yes there have been occasions like that. to the best of my knowledge, in those cases, the bulk of that has occured and they have been let through. i can't tell you with any certitude there is a list of
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names. it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. here is the list of twelve people. it could of happened. one more question. let me take the one question from the most interesting guy i know in the press. that is you. >> mr. led, there has not been a u.s. service member killed in combat in afghanistan since february 2020. you set a deadline. you pulled troops out. you sent troops back in, now 12 marines are dead. you said the buck stops with you. do you bear any responsibility for the way that things have unfolded in the last two weeks. >> i bear responsibility for fundamentally all that has happened of late. here is the deal, you know i wish you one day say these things. you know as well as i do that a
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former president made a deal with the taliban. we get all american forces out of afghanistan by may 1. in return the commitment was made, that was a year before. in return he was given a commitment that the taliban would continue to attack others but would not attack any american forces. remember that? i'm being serious. no, i'm asking you a question. no, wait a minute. i'm asking you a question. is that accurate, to the best of your knowledge? >> do you think people -- >> i think they have a issue that people are likely to get hurt, some as we have seen
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gotten killed, and that it is messy. the reason why whether my friend will acknowledge it who has reported it, the reason why there are no attacks on americans from the date until i came into office was because the commitment was made by president trump i will be out by may first, in the meantime you agree not to attack any americans. that was the deal. that is why no american was attacked. >> you basically said you would square by your conditions to pull out. >> yes, i do. look at it this way folks. i have another meeting, for real. imagine where we would be if i indicated on may the first, i was not going to renegotiate an
2:51 pm
evacuation date. we were going to stay there. i had only one alternative. pour thousands of more troops back into afghanistan to fight a war that we had already won relative to the reason we went in the first place. i have never been of the view that we should be sacrificing american lives to try to establish a democratic government in afghanistan, a country that has never once in it's entire history been a united country, and is made up i don't mean this derogatory but made up of different tribes that have never ever gotten along with one another. as i said before, this is the last comment i will make.
2:52 pm
we will have more chance to talk about this unfortunately beyond. we are not out yet. if osama bin laden as well as al-qaeda had chosen to launch an attack when they left saudi arabia out of yemen would we of ever gone to afghanistan? even though the taliban completely controlled afghanistan at the time. would we of ever gone? i know it's not fair to ask you a question. raise your hand if you think we should have gone and given up thousands of lives and tens of thousands of wounded. our interest in going was to prevent al qaeda from emerging. first to get bin laden, wipe out
2:53 pm
al qaeda in afghanistan and prevent that from happening again. as i have said a hundred times terrorism has metastasized around the world. we have greater threats out of other countries, a heck of a lot closer to the united states. we don't have military encampments there. we don't keep people there. ladies and gentlemen, it was time to end a 20-year war. thank you, so much. >> president buy not speaking for almost a half hour. his speech and he took several questions including our peter d. one question, when it comes to the terrorists of today. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down with all resources at his command. that is from the president of the united states. peter asked him do you bear
2:54 pm
responsibility for what has happened in the last two weeks. i bear responsibility of all that has happened of late with you and, here is the but. i wish one day would you say these things. you know the former president, president trump made a deal with the taliban. he paid trip utility to the 12u.s. service members dying today in the attack and asked the nation for a moment of silence this. is the speech he gave. bill, your thoughts. >> a couple of things here. i will go quickly so everyone has a chance here. i think peter got as close to the essential question as anyone did. sir, is this on you. we heard that question from peter. with regard to the future here i thought he had a few strong moments. i would argue the moments were late by about ten days. i don't know if he will save the isis terrorists will not win, we will hunt them down, we won't forgive or forget. that's proper language. how you do that from over the
2:55 pm
horizon. how do you that when you're leaving. how you do that from the comments we're gone as of tuesday the 31st of august. with regard to the peace treaty here it is. it's six pages in length. it was signed on february 29th, 2020 which was a saturday, leap day in a leap year. you know what also happened that day? south carolina primary that catapulted joe biden to the head of the democratic primary. in the agreement it states four parts to it. one of them mentioned four times intra afghan negotiations between both sides. the afghan government and the taliban. for whatever reason. blame who ever you want to blame that didn't happen according to this deal. >> jesse. >> he does haven't to go by the trump afghan deal. he shredded so many trump deals. now he has to do what trump did.
2:56 pm
i'm not tpwhaoeug. the headline he's sticking to the headline. another headline he will do whatever it takes to kill the suckers and rescue every american stranded. in general the vibe was off. labored breathing. at one moment he was crying. then he was like john wayne getting tough. i couldn't tell what was going on. he said it was not a mistake to put the taliban in charge of being our bodyguards. not a mistake. wouldn't do it any other way. then he went out of his way to do two things defensively in my opinion. he explicitly said how engaged he was and briefed. he knows the perception is he's disengaged. number two the commanders all a tkpwraoeu, everyone is in agreement. there is no disagreement. i'm not buying that. i believe there is disagreement especially retaking the air
2:57 pm
base. he put that on the generals. they don't want to retake it. you have five days to hit the dead line and five thousand troops. all and all he said a koufpl good things off a teleprompter. i'm not convinced he means them. he has shredded is credibility being wrong and not tough enough. >> to follow-up and then i will let it go to greg. we left the air base july 6th, 2021. the same week joe biden said the taliban ha h. a low chance of taking over the country. now he said he doesn't want to reopen, it wasn't a military asset for us. we didn't plan this mass evacuation and airlift. they tout as a success. why are we doing an airlift. the time line -- >> they very much want credit for the airlift. even reporters covering the white house. we get it you want credit for the airlift. we want people to get out.
2:58 pm
greg, he said he's getting everyone out. he didn't stalk about resources. >> yes i don't know how you fight while you run away. how do you hunt and with draw at the same time. you know who instructed him. who instructed him to pick the reporters. i have been instructed. was that also the taliban. >> just call on them. >> i have been instructed. immediately when he says that you put it in the fact he looks defeated. it's living, you don't have the feel of confidence. maybe he's sad but he sounded defeated and tired. there wasn't, there was a flash of anger here and there. the other thing i have never, i never trust anybody that says con census. when you ask you say there was a
2:59 pm
concensus. that means it was a bad idea you get the worst idea with concensus. >> katie, not defeated and tired is isis and taliban. >> the taliban let isis and al qaeda out of the prison. eliminating the responsibility from the taliban won't fly when it comes 209 facts. >> one last thing, da na. i think every flag around this country, immediately, every capitol around the world should be lowered in memory of the marines we lost today. they gave their lives for the ultimate sacrifice. helping an aspect of humanity that needed it dearly. thousands and thousands still need the help. god bless them. >> they will continue to carry out this mission. as trey said they have to retro
3:00 pm
tkpwaeud. basically you have to get your troops out on time. the president's press secretary will take additional questions after this. we will stay tune for that. thank you for being with us. god bless for our troops and the families getting a tough call today. that is it for us. "special report" is up next. >> >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington i'm bret baier. the deadliest day for troops in more than a decade. two suicide bombers detonating explosive vests they were wearing outside the kabul airport as u.s. marines and other service members were helping thousands to try to make their evacuation point. at least 12 u.s. service members killed, 15 others wounded. dozens of afghans killed and wounded in those attacks. before today, the last americans


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