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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 26, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: fox news alert another terror threat. but officials warning of imminent attack on crowds outside the couple airport as americans in afghanistan are told to leave the area immediately. carley: president biden is not answering questions, he cracked a joke. >> what will you do of americans are there after the deadline? >> he will be the first person i will call. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: doug luzader begins coverage in washington on the warnings of that imminent attack.
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>> reporter: what do you do if you are stuck in afghanistan? don't go to the airport according to the us government, word of a possible imminent attack is out there especially after the latest intelligence from the uk after the us embassy put out the statement, threat of cyber couple airport, us citizens should avoid traveling to the airport, those at east gate or northgate should leave immediately. the evacuations of continued but we hear different figures from the administration how many americans are stranded in afghanistan. state department says the number is around 1500 or so and may include a group of families from california. anthony blinken says americans were repeatedly warned. >> march of this year we sent 19 messages to americans enrolled with the embassy in kabul encouraging and urging them to leave the country.
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there could be other americans in afghanistan who never enrolled with the embassy with evacuation services -- notices and never identified themselves to us. >> reporter: blinken says after the withdrawal deadline the us will try to get those left behind out of the country. it is not clear how that would happen. the president was asked about this yesterday. >> you will be the first person i will call. >> reporter: the president clearly wants to stick with the end of month deadline the latest terror attacks will create more pressure for the white house. jillian: breaking news, the united states, britain and australia, to evacuate a couple airport immediately for security reasons and the imminent threat doug was laying out for us,
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evidence of an imminent threat in denmark's defense minister says it is no longer safe to fly in or out of kabul. the vice president kamala harris is in hanoi, vietnam and took questions from reporters and one of these questions was specifically about this increasingly difficult situation and a reporter asked our americans safe? >> our highest priority is evacuating american citizens, evacuating afghans who worked with us and afghans who are at risk, the priority on women and children. we have made significant progress in that regard. august 14th we evacuated 80,000 people and as you know each day and night we evacuate thousands of people understanding it is
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risky for them to be there. it is a dangerous and difficult mission but it must be seen through and we intend to see it through as best we can. carley: the question was due to increasingly difficult situation our americans safe, she clearly did not answer that question at all. jillian: that through and through a politician's response to not answering a question they are being asked and earlier at 4:00, montgomery granger talking to us talking about the isis terror threat to afghanistan. listen to this. >> the taliban and goal is chaos and we don't know which group made this threat. is of the taliban? probably not. is the isis, al qaeda? they have the capability to shoot one of these planes out of
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the air, they capture a large cash of american weapons, they have their own weapons, we have to assume the worst and that is how military planners are looking at it now. they are assuming the worst, expecting the worst, preparing a response for that. >> one of the most concerning things, the fact that he said they have the capability to shoot these planes down and the airplane that was -- they are telling people to come to the airport and now telling people to leave the airport but saying you need to evacuate. what are these people supposed to do? i'm sure their old up someplace in fear of their life. montgomery granger is a good low guard so he knows what they are talking about. i want to outline the back story from a new york times report and i saw this post on twitter
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yesterday and she says a 345 c chartered plane to evacuate afghan, they couldn't get to tell iran checkpoints and us military gates at the airport. that is so vital because we are still hearing stories from reporters that people can't get through checkpoints. the taliban has the place secured with a massive perimeter around the airport and you've got to get through them before you can get to our us troops and the taliban is saying we are not letting afghans out so so many people who could be left after the 30 first deadline and then what happens? the administration hasn't said what they would do in that case. >> they are taking this minute by minute, president biden was supposed to speak and it got pushed back. america and the world needs to
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hear from him. he needs to take questions. he's pushing americans back and everyone who helped america, how could we expect help again, we slap them in the face and say sorry. jillian: secretary of state anthony blinken said there have been 4500 americans evacuated but 80,000, the number makes you said, 1500 yet to leave but keep in mind the people they know of, the people who have registered. people travel all over the world, not keeping tabs on every one. stay tuned for updates on average afghan refugees arriving in wisconsin, senator ron johnson of the homeland security committee said the biden administration needs to do better with the vetting process?
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>> do you know if everyone has a id, couldn't answer the question. that is how chaotic this is. >> for acting dhs secretary for the trump administration shed will says dangerous people are bound to slip through the cracks. >> it will last several weeks where you got to validate the passport or birth certificate to prove they worked as a translator for 12 months. anytime you expedite the training process of vetting process that invites crumble. >> if the us withdrawal from afghanistan had been properly planned. and east coast marine working to fill the leadership void is allies lose hope. the baptist and sergeant joins us to explain what is being done
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are thereafter the deadline? >> he will be the first person i will call. >> president biden cracking a joke in response to a question about afghanistan. this is the president faces bipartisan backlash for his handling of withdrawal and evacuation. joe concha, president biden cracking jokes and laughing, harris doing her chuckle and sometimes even when listening to jen psaki at the podium she kind of smirks. what is going on? do they not realize this is no laughing matter? >> it is as serious as a heart attack in afghanistan and other things going on as well the we will get to but preventing the president from speaking is a
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thing with jen psaki. he doesn't take questions after public statements, only 9 sitdown interviews as president compared to donald trump who did 50 at the same point of his presidency. the american public sees what is happening in their horror reflected in poll numbers. usa today, 41% of americans approve of mister biden's performance. in the same poll 32% of independent voters approve, independent voters defied elections. it's not just afghanistan, he pulls and 30s in his handling of the economy, crying, the border and immigration. he's way down in his handling of covid. one big issue to .2 and say the president is doing a good job on the majority feel he isn't competent enough to do the job of president of the united states and his vice president polls worse. jillian: i can't believe what
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i'm about to read that new york magazine a piece the complains the media manufactured biden's afghanistan crisis. this writer began his peace by touting how the afghan withdrawal has yet to cost the nation a single casualty. this reads, quote, president biden's withdrawal from afghanistan has been a humiliating fiasco, in the words of the mainstream media's objective foreign-policy journalists yet the political fiasco is that it's relevant the media covers so much is what created. how on earth does anyone think the media created this, you look at those images of children being carried, their head bloodied, women on the ground totally beaten and bloodied, you hear from people who are trapped there.
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i find this totally appalling. >> i said before and i will say can you are witnessing the slow-motion train wreck of a presidency in real time and given how package to mister biden is, 0 confidence by his team, it is a mess that is apparent to the american people, the media, the optics, the images on your screen, you can't manufacture and create a controversy when we are all seeing the same thing. mister biden at this point is pulling in the 20s on his handling of afghanistan. not because the media turned on him. it was mostly a hospitable press towards biden, harrison the rest of this administration. you can defend the president's actions at your own peril like in that piece because overwhelming number of americans now know this country is heading in a horrible direction, 29% say we are heading in the right direction and that is a whole takedown democrats in 2022 and
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possibly the democratic party not to allow president biden to run in 2024 or his vice president. not manufactured at all. >> do you think the biden administration can clean up this mess they have created or is it too far gone? >> it is out of their control, something after august 30 first you made a great point earlier, what happens when the military leaves? this will get worse before it gets better if it gets better. >> thank you for joining us. i feel i was yelling at you. i was fired up about that topic. >> you've done it before. we have to work on that. it is okay. we enjoy each other's company. jillian: a store you don't want to miss, servicemembers deliver three babies on separate flights while bringing afghans to safety. two heroes involving one of those amazing moments will join us to share their story. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms
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shannon: welcome back. a u.s. air force crew helped save hundreds of lives and even delivered a new one. and afghan woman went into birth on for the c-17 aircraft and had her baby while landing in germany. joining me live are two heroes who assisted, and therefore staff sergeant and medical technician lamar melvin. i'm happy to talk to you. a little good news out of this devastating situation we've been talking about. thank you for your service and everything you're doing for our country and these afghan evacuees trying to get to safety. i understand this plane is full of hundreds of evacuees. tell me the circumstances and what happened.
2:23 am
>> reporter: and one of our triage tenths have notification, landing with either birth occurred or what was occurring, we rushed out, boarded the aircraft and as we looked at the cargo bay, hundreds of people there but our focus was on the mom under these blankets surrounded by fellow women and myself, assessing the situation and had a baby and four minutes. jillian: report how mom and baby are doing. a special name was chosen for this little miracle. >> mom and baby are doing great after the delivery. they are discharged from regional medical center and are
2:24 am
back awaiting transport tatian as those evacuees are but we are hearing about the baby but i'm unable to verify what the name is but we are hearing interesting stories. jillian: i will report back in a second. the baby girl is named reach in honor of the call sign of the aircraft on which she was delivered to. unless you have it confirmed you can't independently confirm. i want to ask both of you, afghan he's, afghan citizens are trying to get out, trying to free themselves to have a better life and that is why they are evacuating and especially women and young girls, could be a dire situation but you two were able to successfully have a hand in bringing a beautiful baby girl into a life where she's going to have so much ahead of her. everything we've seen what has
2:25 am
this moment been like for you on a personal level, to be part of that. >> it is a boy, it is a girl, and looking back and thinking being a female raised in america, speaking my mind and reaching for my goals and dreams of knowing this young baby having the same freedoms, choices and dreams she knows she can reach for is overwhelming to be part of that. jillian: a special moment with everything going on in the world. what does this mean to you and how does this moment compare to
2:26 am
everything else you've been able to accomplish in your service? >> this moment feels like the best part of my career. as a medic you are trained to work in different parts of the hospital, do different things down range, labor delivery is a blessing that opened me to new parts of medicine and to be able to respond to this is amazing, can't find the words to come up with evacuees, be born here, come to a hospital and receive care, these are things i'm very proud of and it showcases what we are capable of as a medical force. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate your time and thank you for everything you are doing for our country and those trying to evacuate, your work is incredible. >> thank you for having us.
2:27 am
jillian: anyone you want to say hi to? >> my kids, everybody. jillian: thank you so much. the ceo of social media platform parlor plastic big tech for censoring the us sitting president but not terrorists. cheryl casone joins us with the latest on big tech double standards. >> george farmer has no problem banning the platform from his social media platform. >> active terrorist groups, a dictator in the united states and then when it comes to a real
2:28 am
dictator, social media giving free rein. >> twitter made clear even if the former president ran for office again he would not get his account back. the twitter account is still up right now, 358,000 followers but up on twitter. >> they are investigating reports of salmonella across 17 different states. >> from the cdc and usda, sell and allow brings linked to italian style meat. the outbreaks span 17 states with 36 illnesses and 12 hospitalizations reported, and so we identify, heat olive italian style meat sticks 155 degrees until steaming hot before you we it. if you are at high risk, it kills germs like salmonella. you can get sick from salmonella.
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people report eating salami and other meats, no brands of been named so far. hopefully we will get more information. >> pretty big story here from delta airlines. the fact that they will charge employees who don't want to get vaccinated. >> different airlines, get vaccinated. this will be necessary to address financial risk they are waiting for the company, and the average costs for an employee hospitalized with covert is 50,$000 to the company. 70% of the workforce is vaccinated. it on social media but richard grenell responded on twitter,
2:30 am
hiv status, obesity, a lot of people say this is too far. jillian: i am sure there will be lots of reaction. time is 529 on the east coast, tourists gun down in miami beach restaurants while trying to protect the baby boy, police say the suspect told him he didn't because he was high on drugs. more on this. we are talking texas attorney general ken paxton on the order to reinstate the trump bureau remain in mexico policy next. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup.
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>> a family vacation takes a eric:. i don't father shot and killed the miami beach area while protecting his baby. marianne radford he has more with the details. >> this is heartbreaking. the father enjoying a meal listens leslie guns down, dustin wakefield and his family visiting from colorado were eating on ocean drive when a man approached and pointed a gun at his one-year-old simple wakefield pleaded with the gunman not to shoot saying, quote, he is only a boy, wakefield was shot dead shielding his child.
2:35 am
afterwards the suspect was caught on camera appearing to dance at the scene of the shooting still holding the gun and even more chilling, listen to what the witness says about the shooter's demeanor as he opened fire. >> the guy that was shooting was smiling and laughing the whole time. jillian: davis was quickly arrested in a nearby alley way. officer said he shouted, quote, i did it after he was handcuffed and yesterday appeared smiling, davis admits he was high on mushrooms when he targeted the young dad at random. the sudden loss, wakefield's family and friends still trying to cope with. >> just robbing such a beautiful family of their future together, it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: he is facing second-degree murder charges, judge denied him bond calling in
2:36 am
a cold-blooded killing. >> for the first time la county prosecutors are not opposing the parole request of a man convicted of assassinating us attorney general robert f kennedy. part of district attorney george gascon's initiative to remain neutral and stay out of parole board decisions but the mom of a murder victim leading the effort says he's giving criminals more rights than victims. >> he is a danger to la county. criminals are considered victims. what are we doing here? >> it is the other way around. this is not a political effort. this is about fighting for what is right and what is wrong. >> the parole hearing is set for tomorrow. carley: the supreme court dealing a major blow to the biden administration and reinstating the remain in mexico
2:37 am
policy after texas sued over the program's suspension claiming it placed the burden on local governments forced to provide services to immigrants. texas attorney general ken paxton was behind the lawsuit in joins us live. the program keeps migrants in mexico as they await these especially right now with the influx at the border and the surge in covid cases. how important is it to remain in mexico while they you wait the hearing. >> it is important, one of donald trump's greatest successes because he had the same problem, instituted the problem because these immigrants were told by immigration lawyers come to the united states, cross the border, to the border agent your claiming assignment and disappear into the country for years, never have to come back so the idea you have to stay in mexico and wait for asylum here, when 14% of these people qualify
2:38 am
it was greatly successful under the trump administration and we hope reinstating it will help along the border. jillian: dhs's response to the ruling says dhs has appealed district court order and will continue to vigorously challenge it as the process continues and comply with the order in good faith. how long will this process take? >> it could take a long time because we have to go through a little trial on the merits of the case but we won a pulmonary injunction in texas and took to the fifth circuit and when you do that, you are likely to win on the merits when they grant an injunction so i feel confident they can appeal it and we can go through the trial process and pretty sure we will win, we are confident we are going forward in the right direction.
2:39 am
jillian: it is important for the safety of america, for people to come to this country legally but texas in particular how important is it for the state of texas? >> it is incredible. i met with ranchers a couple days ago and they are so fearful because normally their property being destroyed but they fear for their lives. i met leaders on the border, they don't know how to deal with covert or the implication of fentanyl which is up because the border crisis and human trafficking, sex trafficking, we have a lot of problems related to this and massively increased law enforcement and healthcare costs. it has a dramatic effect on our state and as they import people all over the country with covid, this will affect the health and safety of citizens across the country as people are moved around secretly by the administration.
2:40 am
jillian: do you think the president respects the law when it comes to states rights or is he saying i can do what i want and it doesn't matter, the rights of the states? >> no doubt he looks at the federal law as his choice, if you wants to follow was passed by congress, his job is not to change the law whether to follow the whether he likes them or not. i have to do the same in the executive branch, he doesn't do that. he said i don't have to follow laws, the constitutional thing doesn't work for me so he tells people not to enforce the law and that is happening along the border. you can compare what donald trump did to where we are now, numbers are dramatically different, the results are horrible and it is because we have a president who literally is out of control. >> before we let you go, july 20th, '40,929 border encounters in july, there were
2:41 am
212,672 just to put it in perspective and this number over 1 million in fiscal 2021. thank you for joining us, appreciate your take, good luck. jillian: son vaccinated treated like criminals. a school district was blocked from forcing students to wear covid detecting ankle monitors. we spoke to a parent, that interview next. download the super 6 apps at play for a chance to win $5,000. all you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication.
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>> excited about the next 3 hours. the latest on the ground from afghanistan, definition of chaos. this crisis in perspective and ramifications of the ill planned pull out and of florida dad working to get his adopted afghan son on american soil and a female interpreter trying to save her brother from the taliban and. is it possible? we have analysis from gubernatorial candidate sarah
2:46 am
huckabee sanders. lara trump will be here and herschel walker, he's putting on the suit and wants to be in the senate. he never fails. will he be successful in politics? karch -- coach lou holtz, condemning the little leprechaun for the fighting irish. we will talk about mascots and more and tammy bruce on deck to put it all in perspective. that is all coming up in the next 3 hours. if we can finish it up, dana and bill will give us extra time. jillian and ashley will finish with a flourish. that was quite a tease and a toss. see you soon. the media remains uncertain for thousands of americans stranded in afghanistan. president biden is caught cracking a joke. >> what will you do if americans are there after the deadline? >> you will be the first person i will call.
2:47 am
jillian: carley shimkus is here with the backlash. >> press secretary jen psaki was asked about it during her briefing yesterday. take a listen. >> he made a joke. what is so funny? >> the question he was asked was when he will provide information about a decision on august 30 first. as the secretary of state stated we are on track to complete our mission by august 30 first. jillian: the question the president was asked, what are you going to do if people remain in afghanistan after the deadline and the administration has said their mission isn't over on august 30 first. they will try to get people out after that date, control of kabul airport, how that will be possible, questions remain on that front to say the least.
2:48 am
jillian: washington state school board cost controversial policies causing student-athletes to wear covid alerting ankle monitors. i spoke to a parent, sign off on this. jillian: in a world of overreaction this might take the cake. a washington state high school tried to slap ankle monitors on athletes to help with covid tracy. parents didn't like it. the program was put on positive like ashley said listen to one angry dad who was on "fox and friends" earlier. >> looking at my child, looking at this document, this is what stands in the way of him playing the game he loves and is much as i disagree with that i am his parent and having to make that decision it goes against everything i believe in. carley: putting tracking devices
2:49 am
on kids like they are criminals but the school is calling them proximity monitors. jillian: that father, my goodness. really tough spot. apparently leprechauns are offenses. carley: new football season new controversy. the latest mascot and controversial, you are looking at it, notre dame fighting irish, name the fourth most offensive mascot in a recent survey but notre dame is punching back, responding there is no comparison between notre dame's nickname and mascot in the indian and warrior names, other institutions like the nfl team formerly known as the redskins, none of these institutions were found morning by native americans who sought to highlight their heritage by using names associated with their people. that is a word salad way of saying we were founded by irish
2:50 am
people and our founders got to choose their name and they chose fighting irish. no comment. a lot of comments from notre dame defending their mascot. jillian: let's take you to new york city. meteorologist janice dean is here with our fox weather warpath. it will be a hot one across the country. >> janice: heat advisories for many cities including new york city, the 90 degree range, factoring in the humidity it will feel like 100 degrees for a lot of the country. to the mid-atlantic and the northeast, heat advisories for millions of folks including the southwest and central us towards the northeast where it will feel 100 degree temperatures. the past 24 hours, large heal, damaging wind and isolated
2:51 am
tornadoes across the northern plains and upper midwest. keep that in mind if there's a watch or a warning. ladies, listen up. this is an area of low pressure in the caribbean set to go into the gulf of mexico this weekend. forecast model say it will be a hurricane early next week into portions of maybe texas, louisiana, mississippi. this one is something we have to watch. it's not a named storm, it will probably be ida. look at the forecast rainfall totals was possibly monday, tuesday. if you live along the gulf coast you need to pay attention to this right away. it has potential to become a major hurricane. the water in the gulf of mexico is like bathwater. i don't want to-be-like -- we are in the peak season and these things pop up and go into the gulf of mexico and we have to be concerned.
2:52 am
i will keep you up to date. jillian: it is 5:51 on the east coast, president biden is bowing to the taliban is another terrorist threat and a retired marine looking to fill the leadership void and save afghan live. ryan rogers joins us next. . .
2:53 am
♪♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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♪ ashley: now to a fox news alert british officials are warning of imminent attack on crowds outside the international airport kabul as americans our allies are told to leave that area immediately. jillian: retired marine corps sergeant ryan rogers has been trying to help his afghan interpreter reach safety. he joins us now. ryan, thank you for being here and your service and for everything you are trying to do to help those that are trapped. can you give us an update on your interpreter, his safety? i know he is still there trapped and in hiding. what is he dealing with on the ground? >> yeah. let me start by saying thank you for the opportunity to kind of shed some light on this and my
2:57 am
thoughts and prayers all trapped in kabul to the decision makers who need thoughts and prayers big time right now. he is still in kabul. he is still trapped. the latest update that i got the last transmission was talking about how the afghani social media, the taliban are telling people to stay at home and that they're not to travel to the airport, especially without foreigners. so if you are afghani, they want you staying there. and he still tells me that there is checkpoints on every intersection and searches going on. so it's a very contentious situation. as far as what i'm being told. ashley: and then as far as, you know, the interpreters hiding out, is it safe to say that there are thousands of people that we are just unaware of that are doing the exact same thing, just solely based on the fear of really moving from where they
2:58 am
are in fear of the taliban? >> you know, i can only tell you what i know, and i know of one. but it seems to be that there are many people that are either pending siv status and i'm hearing and still americans behind the line there and it's not good. not a good situation at all. jillian: ryan, i was reading up on your story and your interpreter's story. taped understand that he said three former afghan national army officers were found dead in their hideout. can you tell us more -- i'm sorry, go ahead. >> it wasn't necessarily the hide-out. it was as the taliban were taking kabul they were going house to house and my source told me that they hung three ana commandos and searching out interpreters and special police force officers. jillian: wow.
2:59 am
ashley: ryan, from the standpoint of interpreters, and helping america in this fight over the past 20 years, is it wrong for me to say -- i should correct that, is it okay to say that we could probably never rely on them to help us again because, honestly it, just feels like we have just left them high and dry. >> i think that's what a lot of service members are feeling right now. we are engrained -- it's engrained into our brains from the very beginning of training that we don't leave anybody behind. we don't leave people that are alive behind and we don't leave our dead on the field either. and i understand that this situation is being dealt with at a international level and i understand that but there has to be something done. we can't leave -- we can't leave these people behind. and if we look forward into our strategy, what are the next interpreters for the war going to say? you know, if we don't help these
3:00 am
people and at least secure the promises for the sivs and americans that have been promised, what does that say to the rest of the world. jillian: we have got to help them that's for sure. retired marine corps sergeant ryan rogers please keep us updated on his situation we hope for good news when we finally get it. thank you. and "fox & friends" starts right now have. a good day. ♪ >> the state department has issued a security alert. >> warning americans near the kabul airport to leave immediately as a top official says there is a high threat of a terror attack. >> can you aterrorism in americans are safer today than they were before the u.s. withdrew? >> our highest priority right now is evacuating american citizens. >> this country is less safe today than they were 20 years ago based upon the actions that have just taken place. >> our southern border remains wide open, disturbing discovery was just made there. >> border patrol vehicle it's a total fake, being driven by a human smuggler. >> a young father is shot and


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