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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 26, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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lapd, what i discovered will make you cry and have a little hope as well. set your dvr so you always stay connected with us and don't forget to show that you understand what is at stake by wearing your freedom matters all for charity and i said to thank you for watching and remember it is america now and forever. greg gutfeld kicks off from here. >> thursday august 2, '05, fox news alert. another terror threat from british officials morning of imminent attack on crowd types outside kabul airport as americans in afghanistan are told to leave the area immediately but president biden isn't answering questions. instead he's cracking jokes. >> what will you do americans are thereafter the deadline. >> he will be the first person i will call. >> vice president kamala harris
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taking questions, you on afghanistan. carley: doug luzader begins coverage in washington. >> this reported threat of an imminent attack follows ominous warning coming from the us embassy and that warning said due to threats outside kabul airport us citizens should avoid traveling to the airport, those at the eastgate or northgate, these frenetic evacuations continue but get into the airport has remained a huge challenge for afghans hoping to secure a ticket out of the country and we don't know how many americans remain in afghanistan. state department settled on this estimate of 1500 people
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yesterday and among them may be a group of families from california. >> march of this year we spent 19 separate messages, encouraging and urging them to leave the country. there could be others who never unrolled and have not identified themselves to us. >> evacuation operations at the couple airport have to end relatively soon to the forces enough time to get themselves out ahead of next week's deadline. what happens then? >> the deadline -- >> reporter: as for this new terror threat at the airport reuters says that came from the british armed forces minister who will only say it is in his
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words severe. jillian: we will stay on that news and if we get more information we will pass it along and we are continuing to monitor vice president kamala harris as she is speaking but not taking questions. let's talk about what's going on on the ground in afghanistan. we've been told yesterday there are 1500 americans citizens who have yet to leave but you have to think you those are the people we know of. a lot of people travel to other countries and don't necessarily minister so what that number is a bit unclear but that's the number from the administration. they say 4500 have been evacuated but a lot of people are taking issue with trying to figure out this exact number and that includes senator tom cotton. take a listen. >> state department still can't
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get his facts straight. two hours, 1500 fellow citizens stranded in afghanistan. one of his aides said there are 4100. something tells me they didn't to 2600 citizens out in 24 hours. this reflect a desire by president biden to roll up and fly out in a few days and say any american still in afghanistan wanted to stay there. >> the question, i feel from this administration to this day getting mixed messages as to how many americans are there. any time you hear someone from the state department or the white house a different number we are getting every time so to show they don't know what is going on as far as how many americans are still there but i did to bring this up again,
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representative peter meyer hit back at criticism of his couple trip. listen to this and we will discuss it on the other side. >> the program from the defense department, from the white house, the state department is frankly laughable. they've done everything they can to obstruct the situation and deny this reality and hide facts from the american people. >> reporter: republican and democrat flew over there and announced and they want to see what is going on the ground for themselves. it does seem we are getting mixed messages between what the administration says is happening in reports from people who are on the ground so they took a lot of heat for flying over there. he was on with bret baer last night to discuss why they did it but i will be curious to see who makes a trip over there. i will guess know at this point.
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jillian: you would hope yes because i feel you cannot speak intelligently on what is going on. you can see the pictures and you grasp what is going on, they stay out of touch with what they are doing. jillian: this is from a reporter from the new york times and this is a tweet she posted. it says the 345 foot charter plane to evacuate leaves couple empty because they couldn't get her to the checkpoint tenuous military gate at the airport. can count on one hand how many people were on the light. any flights that are departing not completely full especially given the administration has been talking about threats from isis and we are getting a credible threat, that is devastating to see. carley: as far as the taliban
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might roll inside the airport but people cannot get into it and seeing those empty flights compared to the first c-17 we saw a week and a half ago is disturbing the americans are being told to not come through here because it is not safe. >> something worth revisiting, i interviewed nigel farage, former brexit party leader and he talked about the united states which on the world stage and he has such harsh words for the way the country has handled this. take a listen. >> why would we ever trust america in any international mission given they make decisions without consulting the closest friends. this american president came in saying he was kind, compassionate, america is back, not only has he betrayed us and nato and america's friends in the world but showed himself to be deeply callous when it comes
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to things. >> makes you wonder the biden administration will stand firm with the august 30 first deadline or if it will be extended to try to get those people out. >> were threats from isis will change anything. how devastating would have to be if they have to stop sooner because of that, let's hope that doesn't happen. >> the delavan sees control, the therapeutics of the country's media rating television stations and ordering female anchors to leave. now those women fear for their lives, here to tell her story, afghan news anchor, thank you for joining us. you are in a safe location, correct? can you hear us? >> yes, i can here. jillian: i understand you had a meeting with the taliban and. tell me what the meeting was like and what they said to you?
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>> yes. i've into the office because when the tell them come to kabul, they didn't allow women -- in that position so the main reason there not allowing us to continue to work jobs but the day i went to the office the new leaders of the delavan said to me, in this, stay at home for a while but it is about the talent and in couple, i don't real reason but the taliban and may
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go on. >> you weren't there when the taliban and stormed the news station but you know people who were there. what was that like for them, to hear the words they were saying? >> when the taliban's, was normal but taliban comes, now in afghanistan don't have any rights, it seems the taliban in afghanistan, the taliban didn't
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allow them to do that so they are apprising and continuing that job. carley: we are running out of time but to women, particularly female news anchors in afghanistan, those not as lucky as you to be able to escape the country, news anchors who are women who are still there do they fear they are going to be killed? are they in hiding? what is the situation? >> yes, every woman journalist and anchor have to fear american forces from afghanistan that every woman have this fear that
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alabama will kill them because the taliban doesn't want women women in afghanistan have a way outside of afghanistan but not the woman who are -- anything can happen. jillian: i am glad you made it to safely. i will continue to pray for everyone who is there. 12 minutes after the hour. as we follow breaking news the credible threat at the kabul airport, we are learning former guantánamo bay detainee was named defense minister for the taliban and. what we know about him next. carley: texas attorney general paxton joining us live. stick around.
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. carley: vice president kamala harris speaking in hanoi,
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vietnam, she took a question about afghanistan. i will tell you what she said that she was asked by a reporter because of this increasingly difficult situation around kabul airport, are americans safe, that increasingly difficult situation is there are credible threats against situations at the kabul airport. intelligence system wasn'ts are planning an imminent attack on those gathering at the kabul airport as they attempt to flee afghanistan. we are learning the united states, britain and australia told her citizens to evacuate for security reasons. we are -- and tell says they have credible evidence of an imminent attack and the defense minister says it is no longer safe to fly in or out of kabul.
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with that is the backdrop the vice president just a few minutes ago when asked that questions of the highest priorities evacuating americans, afghans who worked with us and those as risk, the increasingly difficult situation of the report, if we hear anymore about afghanistan questions about that we will bring that to you and turn around the sound and bring in one of our guests who says he has reaction. montgomery granger is joining us, thank you for your service and we want to talk to you and get your insight this morning, you heard what i said about what the vice president had to say as she speaks in vietnam about this credible threat. with everything i laid out what does that tell you. what type of threat do you think this is and how dangerous can this be for those americans and afghan allies display trying to save their lives and make their way to the airport for any chance of freedom? >> good question but you have to
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understand the telegram goal is chaos and we don't know which group made this threat. is at the telegram, probably not. is a basis? is al qaeda? they certainly have the capability to shoot one of these planes out of the air. they captured devastatingly large cash of american weapons, they have their own weapons, we have to assume the worst and that's how the military planners are looking at it now, they are assuming the worst, expecting the worst and preparing a response for that. jillian: what do you know, the president keeps calling isis k. we've heard more about that in the last few days in different threats they made and the fact that isis itself doesn't like the delavan as much as they don't like us?
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>> right. these guys are all friends, they know each other. the only explanation for the ability of isis -- >> all on, the vice president is taking another question about afghanistan. i will talk to you on the back end. >> the protection of women and children and there is no question that any of us are paying attention, are concerned about the issue in afghanistan. we have said before and i will say again that we are going to do what we are able to do in terms of the evacuation process. in addition to that, what we are able to do politically and diplomatic secure and commute to work on the protection of women and children in that region including working with our allies. it's no secret that many of our allies are prepared to join with us in ensuring that we keep a focus on that issue, in that region and do everything we can and to do it together as a global community. >> thank you. that concludes our press conference.
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>> let's come back out here live, she's finishing up the question-and-answer portion and talking about she got a question about women and children over there and said we are concerned what to do what we can, what we are able to do as far as the evacuation process goes but to what you were talking about and your knowledge about isis in this region if you could continue on. >> sure. the delavan are playing games like kids in a candy store. we learned very quickly after their takeover that isis and al qaeda are their friends. they can deny it all they want but the only expiration for isis and al qaeda being able to operate is if taliban acquiescence and this is what we saw 20 years ago, they harbored these international terrorists, the taliban want you to believe they don't export terror but they are directly responsible for 9/11. that is why they were captured on the battlefield and sent to
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guantánamo bay in the first place. >> the taliban and appoint an acting taliban detainee as defense minister. they say this person was in charge of the force and the afghan presidential palace in kabul. we saw that photo. these detainees return in an elevated status almost heroes. >> you took the words out of my mouth was one of the false narratives is it is good that we empty it because this is a recruiting tool but the truth is they receive elevated status, received as he rose and given higher positions than when they left and we are seeing more
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gitmo detainees appointed to leadership positions in the taliban regime. jillian: makes you wonder why they were released in the first place. we are short on time dealing with the situation in vietnam and the vice president speaking live. we would love to have you on to discuss this further. thank you for your service. still to come, brett velicovich when we come back. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other.
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jillian: vice president kamala harris took a few questions in vietnam. is what she said about afghanistan. >> our highest priorities evacuating american citizens. evacuating afghans who worked with us and afghans who are at risk, the priority around women and children and we has made
1:28 am
significant progress since august 14th have evacuated 80,000 people in each day and night we continue to evacuate thousands of people, understanding it is risky for them to be there. it is a dangerous and difficult mission but it must be seen through and we intend to see it through? >> brett velicovich joins us live is your reaction to what vice president harris said 5 minutes ago? >> my reaction is not enough. the biden administration continues to not only his failure. this keeps getting worse, every day our credibility around the world is diminished because of this mess and i've said for a while, leading -- the big afghanistan would be a
1:29 am
catastrophic mistake that would reverberate for decades and president biden will go down as the president known for taking the boot off the next of our enemies and it will get worse and we will be measured by how we respond to this crisis around the world. jillian: listen to this quote from a former afghan official on the country's current status. afghanistan has now become the las vegas of the terrorists, the radicals of extremists. this is paving the way for other extremists to come to afghanistan. if that's not a warning i don't know what is. as you are well aware that taliban now has access to and control of weapons, blackhawks, drones that are ours and terms of equipment that is now in enemy hands. i'm curious because we spent a lot of time talking about drones, what can they do with our equipment like that and how much of a threat does this pose that they have all that in their hands now? >> a huge threat, not only has it become the las vegas of terror but the garage sale or
1:30 am
state-of-the-art robbery and technology, our intelligence, i don't think we understand how much equipment and technology has been lifted that's one of the issues, we are getting a lot of our until from journalists in the field, getting information from taliban social media accounts where they are showing large caches of weapons that are uncovered but my number one concern regarding more state-of-the-art technology that is out there is they will look at selling this to the highest bidder. of china, pakistan, russia, these are folks that want serious access to this technology and the taliban, we will see it on battlefields. >> they will need money. >> we have 30 seconds, jake sullivan the national security adviser said isis k is an acute threat. you talk about isis attacks in afghanistan january to june, 21
1:31 am
in the year 2020. what it is looking like, how dangerous is this from an american soil aspects. how worried should we be with these acute and persistent threats? >> very worried. because of this mess we have a larger threat of risks by multitude of terrorist organizations buying for power, dissolving elevated the taliban status, you have a group called isis k in afghanistan, the taliban splintered off and pledged allegiance to baghdadi's group and take a more hard-line view. they have suicide bombers looking for opportunities to strike and they will try to build this and crowds of people there are in kabul and looks like a target of opportunity.
1:32 am
jillian: we follow that news that there's imminent threat, credible evidence of an imminent threat around that airport so we will keep following that. thank you for your insight. a good day. it is 31 after the hour. 1500 americans remain stranded, president biden cracking jokes, the shocking comments coming up.
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jillian: family vacation texas eric: a young father shot and killed on miami beach while protecting his baby, the tragic details. >> reporter: father enjoying a meal with his wife and baby son is senselessly gunned down, dustin wakefield and his family were visiting from colorado eating at a miami beach café on ocean drive when a man approached and pointed a gun at his one-year-old some. wakefield pleaded with the gunmen not to shoot. reportedly saying, quote, he's only a boy. wakefield was then shot dead while shielding his child. afterwards the suspect was caught on camera appearing to dance at the scene of the shooting still holding the gun. listens with this witnesses about the shooter's demeanor as he opened fire.
1:37 am
>> the guy that was shooting, he was smiling and laughing the whole time. >> davis was quickly arrested in a nearby alleyway. officers they shouted, quote, i did as he was handcuffed and just yesterday he appeared in court reportedly smiling, prosecutors say davis admits he was high on mushrooms when he targeted the young dad at random. us up moscow wakefield's family and friends are trying to cope with. >> reporter: robbing such a beautiful family of their future, doesn't make sense. >> davis is facing second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder charges as well, a judge denied them bond calling a cold-blooded killing.
1:38 am
>> appreciate it. the white house says it doesn't have anything to preview on getting answers from china on the origins of the coronavirus. classified us intelligence report failing to determine a cause because of lack of information. >> is there a better understanding of what was the ultimate origin? >> i can't speak to a classified briefing, i know you're eager to receive an unclassified summary, that something the intelligence community is working to produce. >> the declassified summary is expected in the coming days but it comes as china reportedly threatens to, quote, counterattack anyone who accepts the theory the virus leaked from the wuhan lab. 800,000 us service members could face penalties up to a court-martial if they do not get the covid 19 vaccine. a pentagon yesterday issuing the mandate for all us military members to be fully vaccinated following the fda's full approval of the pfizer vaccine.
1:39 am
defense secretary lloyd austin added the shot to the list of 17 other vaccinations already required by the military. there is not yet any official deadline for servicemembers to get the vaccine. parents in washington state school district are furious, student-athletes were given ankle monitors as part of their efforts to trace covid 19. a parent of two joins me live to react, thanks for being with us. i want to get to the statement from the high school on these ankle monitors first, we received grant funding that specifically included provisions to support high-risk athletes programs and use some of those funds to pay for athletic proximity monitors. of the student approached test positive we have the immediate information regarding athletes and coaches contact more tightly determine who might need to quarantine. did you get this letter or was
1:40 am
there any conversation beforehand to let you know this could be something that is coming or was the first time you heard of it? >> wasn't the first i heard of it but there wasn't any advance notice of it either, the first day of football practice, i was given the notice from my son explaining what the program was and if parents didn't sign it their children were not allowed to play sports. >> what was your son's reaction, was he just signed or was he hesitant? >> the kids this year are dying to play. the season was really messed up, they got their play, a third of their games, the kids are dying to play, they don't understand the ramifications, they are please let us play, we will do whatever we have to do.
1:41 am
carley: you signed off on this so your son could play. talk about the ramifications, what do you think of this? >> i am against it. i am a parent of a kid who plays football for 7 years, he loves the sport. i'm looking at my child looking at this document, the stands in the way of him playing the game he loves, loved to play for years. as much as i disagree with it, i have to make that decision. it goes against everything i believe in. carley: any parents you've spoken to, parents of people on the football team say they are for this? they claim this is to trace covid cases to see who needs to because in teens, and when you talk to on board with this? >> there was a school board meeting last night regarding this.
1:42 am
the vast majority of parents are against this but some are for this and i believe it is for the reasons i stated about the children just wanting to play, parents are desperate for their kids to be able to play the sport they love and therefore willing to bypass, give up these rights that are being taken away by putting tracking devices on the kids in order for the kids to play. jillian: you have a daughter who is a volleyball player. volleyball is not as much of a contact sport that fairly close, not as close as football but any talk about doing this with other sports? >> it is happening with volleyball as well. the same situation with volleyball, sign the agreement or your child does not participate in the activity. >> you had to sign off for both your kids to play the sports, to wear these ankle monitors.
1:43 am
>> do you see this ending? do you think after covid settles to you see this going back to normal to where they won't have to wear these? >> at the board meeting they said because there was so much pushback they were shelving this idea but after that they said they would leave it up to individual sports and the coaches of those sports so my personal opinion is once we've gone down this road and they start taking away these liberties from us as individuals it will be hard to get back. jillian: thanks for being with us, good luck to you and your kids, thanks for being with us. still to come the governor kathy local just added 12,000 of to
1:44 am
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>> as the future remains uncertain for american stranded in afghanistan president biden is caught cracking jokes
1:48 am
preaching >> what we do as americans are there after the deadline? >> you'll be the first person i will call. >> carley shimkus with fox news is here with the backlash. >> not a good look. white house press secretary john psaki was asked about it during her briefing yesterday. watch this. >> he made a joke so -- >> the question he was asked if i remember correctly was about when he will provide information about a decision on august 30 first. as the secretary of state just stated we are on track to complete our mission by august 30 first. >> that is a cleanup on aisle 5 moment from the white house press secretary. the question president biden was asked what are you going to do of americans remain in afghanistan after the deadline,
1:49 am
the administration has said the mission isn't over, we are going to try to get people out but how do you do that without the military there? may be a small cia tactical mission? becomes more complicated. >> we will stand by for getting an answer on that. doctor fauci has antibodies -- >> it has been in the headlines. florida governor ron desantis faced nasty headlines for promoting these antibody treatments, the associated press suggested he was promoting the treatment because one of his donors with shares in the company said the top donor invests in covid drugs, the governor promotes but now doctor anthony fauci is touting the same treatment. take a listen. >> early treatment with these antibodies can reduce the risk of covid 19 hospitalization or death by 75% to 80%.
1:50 am
jillian: they are both on the same page. desantis communications director responded thanks for recognizing what ron desantis has been pushing for nearly two weeks. some desantis supporters calling the associated press report a smear, usually a target of media reports saying it could have undermined the treatment, that is only political, desantis is promoting it because it could help one of his donors and some people may not want to take it, doctor fauci is saying it is a good treatment to take. the saga continues. new york avenue governor, 12,000 covid death changing the amount released by andrew cuomo. >> we are releasing more data
1:51 am
than has been released before so people know the nursing home death that hospital deaths are consistent with what is displayed by the cdc. i will make them happen. transparency will be the hallmark of my administration. carley: here to react, jimmy, how is it in her first day of office she added 12,000 deaths to that tally? >> reporter: these numbers were always available to members of this administration, tells us cuomo was the disgrace we knew him to be, everybody in the administration was complicit in withholding data from the public. melissa got caught in a leaked phone call apologizing to state lawmakers about the effort to withhold data because they were more concerned about the political consequences than the
1:52 am
actual truth, if kathy wants to help the state they need to clean house completely. >> will she do that? do you think she's going to clean house, 14 the system? >> i hope she will. yesterday was a step in the right direction. she's been in office one day and i would definitely buy her book over cuomo's book is breaking it down on those terms. the reality of our times, everything comes down to how politically expedient it will be. i've heard her make other comments to tell me she's more about the politics but this is a cuomo thing and she wants to put distance between herself and cuomo so for her own self-preservation because it is good first step. jillian: those numbers we just pulled up, 55,400 versus cuomo's last day in office 43,400, that is significant.
1:53 am
and the school mask mandate, she is pushing for tougher vaccine rules, she saying one thing in one breath and the next something totally different. >> this is the part that drives me crazy, the first half of her press her yesterday, the transparency but in this instance to put it into school terms under common core you got to show your work, no one is able to show us the work that says kids should be wearing masks in school, we don't have scientific data to back that up. to get kids to social distance the old-fashioned way which is having a bad haircut and terrible wardrobe will keep everybody -- the only real upside to mask mandates is by the end of september most new york jets fans will want to cover their face in public. that the only upside for the kids. >> the governor announced a plan on school return, just a few things as you have been saying, mask requirements and all schools, the options demanding vaccines for school employees
1:54 am
and launched a covid 19 testing in school program. anyone who turned on the tv has seen a lot of pushback from parents on masking their children. how do you think this will go over with people of new york. >> they can put the next round of school board meetings on pay-per-view. if you like watching fights on tv the school board meetings have been psychotic. my only frustration as a parent as we haven't done our job to shield the kids from the adult adversities we face. kids are very much dealt in on the standoff and we owe it to the kids to give them a more normal life experience because that smile goes a long way and that's the thing about the mask. we do know the smile works emotionally to connect the teacher with the kid and i'm thinking of my own kid who has my dna and needs all the help he can get, i'm steadfastly against it. >> as far as these parents, these new york school children. how far will they push?
1:55 am
in more red states they are loud and boisterous about it, how far will this go to protect our kids, doctors on our network are saying masks don't do any good for kids. >> that's the biggest issue here. we don't have any data to support this so i hope parents push it to a level of like i said being active. i don't want the brawls on the school board but it would be nice if at least we forced back to the original topic of transparency so the transparency on the issue the science doesn't seem to be the priority because we don't have any and the kids are not a priority. for my money i hope parents go far enough that i don't get in trouble for pushing them on tv. >> thanks for your take on this. coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first" a story you don't want to miss, servicemember deliver 3 babies on separate flights while
1:56 am
bringing afghans to safety, two heroes involved in those amazing moments will join us to share their story. and ken paxton joining us live, we are coming right back.
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jillian: fox news alert another terror threat. but officials warning of imminent attack on crowds outside the couple airport as americans in afghanistan are told to leave the area immediately. carley: president biden is not answering questions, he cracked a joke. >> what will you do of americans are there after the deadline? >> he will be the first person i will call. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: doug luzader begins coverage in washington on the warnings of that imminent attack.


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