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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to accelerate to the change to bewildering levels, because we will pay the price for it at some point, that's guaranteed. that's it for us tonight, you can watch the interview with eric prince on, and of course we will be back tomorrow and every night, 8:00 p.m., the show that it is a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. sean hannity is up next. >> sean: hay, tucker, thank you and welcome to "hannity." break into night the state department is now at this hour issuing a security alert telling all americans in afghanistan to immediately leave the gates surrounding garside international airport as the situation now in afghanistan remains dire. thousands of americans and our allies are trapped behind enemy lines, the situation is deteriorating by the hour. >> the taliban whether we like it or not is in control, largely in control of the country.
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certainly in control of the city of kabul. >> they are fighting their reality of the taliban. >> encouraging the president to stay on, but he has a way of the equities of the danger versus the advantage and i trust his judgment. >> what are you telling the americans, may be they are not in kabul but they are somewhere in afghanistan, how will they get out? >> i'm in contact with my friends and family and everyone says that we do not know where -- >> we are on the constant precipice of having the most massive hostage situation in american history. it's going to make tehran look like a sleepover. >> how many are on the watch list that have been screened or found in any of the screening points in either -- or the u.s.? >> i don't know. >> if you go to afghanistan and ending the war between u.s., iraq, and islam, you are a fool.
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>> the americans behind enemy lines. kt 11. >> sean: americans held hostage behind enemy lines day 11, and the biden administration promised to give you, america an accurate number of how many americans are still trapped, but today no such luck, depending on who you talk to at the state department as many as 4,000 americans are still trying to get out or according to antony blinken, it could be 1500. plus or minus a few dozen here or there. they still have no idea, not a clue, this is critical information, we need an accurate count desperately, any american afghanistan after august the 31st, that is this coming tuesday will be left behind enemy lines and subjected, or subjugated to the whims of brutal terrorists, ostensibly, yes, they will be hostages. and today when one nbc reporter asked biden what he will do if americans are still in
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afghanistan after the taliban deadline that he said he agreed to, biden responded with a joke. he will be the first person i call? you decide if it's funny. >> not particularly funny to me considering how dire things have begun. the president asked answered zero questions as per usual. does not want to get in trouble after that and said nothing about the crisis, not one word in afghanistan. more important things to do. like touting the $5 trillion in reckless spending instead of being fully focused on fixing this mess in afghanistan that he himself created. biden secretary of state meanwhile noted that there were no concrete plans for evacuating people after august 31st. other than certain diplomatic efforts and economic assistance, i wonder if we call that ransom, take a look.
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>> is there any concrete steps you can give to people who are very worried understandably about whether they are just going to be forgotten, left behind, disappeared, once the united states withdraws the military and can no longer protect their safe passage to the airport or their livelihood? >> the short answer is no, they will not be forgotten. and as i said, we will use every diplomatic, economic, assistance tool at our disposal. working hand-in-hand with the international community. >> sean: military will be gone, so we have diplomatic and economic assistance as our tools to use to get america's free if they are left behind. in other words the grand master plan post august 31st, let's beg and bribe the taliban, pay a ransom to release anyone still held hostage behind enemy lines. which is pretty much what we are now doing except after
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august the 31st our military will be completely evacuated. the airport will be in total control of the taliban and anyone left behind will have no way out. why? because of joe biden, our people and fellow citizens quite literally will be at the mercy of taliban terrorists. biden ignored one warning after another as a country literally collapsed before the world's eyes. multiple sources telling me tonight the cia, they pulled out six or seven weeks ago and to their credit, they were telling joe biden exactly what was happening on the ground, they did not to mince words, and by the way, we are told our sources so did the department of defense. joe biden completely ignore them in the way he has been characterizing it to you, the american people, is completely at odds with the intelligence that he was being given. look at your screen. of those papers will come out one day pretty ignore the warnings, look at man afghanistan when the taliban
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began their offensive. he ignored, notice the red that starts to take over. then in june after the taliban took control of dozens of providences, what happened to the great afghan army joe biden was bragging about? he ignored the warnings in july, look at the map in july when the taliban controlled the vast majority of the country and were on the march. we still had control of the kabul and could have seen what was happening and acted immediately. and we could have logistically safely extracted every american and our equipment, that i will get to in a minute. in fact, just as the taliban was closing in, biden closed the air base, by the way, the trump plan would've kept that in our possession and so by august it was too late, game over, nor did he want to come back from his vacation. our embassy was abandon any state on vacation. thousands of additional american troops had to be sent back to kabul even though we saw this all coming, just to secure the
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airport which is now her only way out of the country. there is one problem with that, the taliban controls the entire perimeter of the airport with all their checkpoints and they alone decide who will get to the airport, but according to joe biden, this was always going to happen. there was never a way out that it is not chaotic. yes, there was. his hands were tied to any plan scenario. that seems to be a lie also. nothing can be further from the truth. this all could've been prevented easily. you don't have to take my words for it, just listen to president trump. this is way back in 2017. he ran on the pledge that he wanted to get us out of there as quickly as possible. take a look. >> the consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable. 9/11, the worst terrorist attack in our history was planned and directed from afghanistan.
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because that country was ruled by a government that's gave comfort and shelter to terrorists. a hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum the terrorists including isis and al qaeda would instantly fill, just as happened before september 11th. >> sean: remember not a single american was killed in the last 18 months of the trump presidency, around 18 months and that was after you made the deal with the taliban and guess what they weren't on the march and then because they believed and feared donald trump. president trump was right in 2017, joe biden was wrong and now thanks to his half-baked withdrawal plan, thousands of people it's guaranteed at this point that they will sadly died. afghans that assisted us will die and americans everywhere are less safe. in less than six days anyone left in afghanistan who assisted the united states or the afghan
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government along with their families will be killed by the taliban. it's already happening according to reports. america left behind the entire database now with the taliban possession. they will all be hunted down and when they are caught, they will be murdered and joe biden is the person you can blame. and think about this, many of them will be murdered with the very weapons that joe biden did an end to make preparations or destroy at the very least, i would've brought them home. a reported $83 billion worth of weapons that you paid for. that includes get this, 75,000 armored vehicles. get this, 208 black hawk helicopters and other aircraft. at $200 million worth of drones could we gave them our drones, 600,000 military grade guns and other weapons, and let's not forget the thousands of night vision goggles, uniforms, bullet proof vests, other
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protective gear and to top it off the taliban even has access now to biometric data left behind. that means for any afghan or anyone that assisted, u.s. forces over the past 20 years, they will be told look into this computer and if there is a match, that person will die. and to top it all off, al qaeda is very much alive and well despite of what joe biden and others are saying in afghanistan and they are working hand-in-hand with their brothers in the taliban. they will likely have access to some of these weapons and now a safe haven to plan future attacks likely against us as their number one target. this is our intel capabilities have been shattered but credit to cia and intelligence community, they did warn president biden, the cia pulled back according to my sources and they warned in great detail exactly what would happen. my understanding is there is a paper trail. now there will be people that are left there, we will be less safe here at home, just 20 years
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after 9/11. operation enduring freedom has now under joe biden become operation tierney and death. joe biden does not seem to be bothered. thousands of americans, friends hopelessly trapped behind enemy lines and right now i guess as he sleeps ever so peacefully at the white house not a care in the world. here with reaction, lieutenant colonel north. not many options, the clock is ticking and i thought you laid out an incredible plan to help our americans trapped behind enemy lines, nobody is listening to you, unfortunately. >> others are listening, but the american people are obviously listening in this administration is not. as you noted earlier, sean, this afternoon the secretary of state blinken came out of hiding to hold a 45-minute long press conference that was so full of incorrect information it was simply surreal.
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he claimed for example that 82,000 people have been evacuated from kabul airport that there are fewer than 2,000 american citizens who want to be evacuated still on the ground in afghanistan. and that the airport in the last 24 hours had seen several thousand more leave. he says the united states diplomats have been assured by the taliban that they are going to still help them get out of afghanistan after the u.s. troops are gone. and of course nothing said about the remarkable afghan freedom fighters who were with us and fought with us and died beside us for 20 years. obviously that is not on his radar. it's different, by the way, from what the people on the ground are telling me. these are folks who have been risking their lives, some of them are going out into the town to bring afghan citizens who are at risk of being killed because they worked for us into the airport. here is what they have to say
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about the situation. i'm going to read this directly as i just received it just before coming on here with you. our people say they see no surgeons that would support a 60-a day mission. and blink and stated that 19,000 went out in two days. with standard c17 seating of 158 packs, that's people, 120 planes or 60 a day if you put packs on the deck at 325 a plane, that is 58 planes are so a day. finally know when we are working with has any belief that the unbelievable gate process and department of state screening can handle those numbers. at this very minute we have 4,000, over 4,500 here at the airport and in safe houses nearby, but the state has ordered the gates to be closed. our communications are all
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spoofed by the taliban, al qaeda, the pakistani's, and the chinese. these are from guys on the ground, literally minutes ago. the turks are leaving us now tonight. what that means is that the turks were supposed to be the first ones in and the last ones to go because it's an islamic country and they are going to protect us as we depart. they are getting out now. it's very likely that the last flights out are going to be on saturday or sunday. we ought to put general donahue, he is the commanding general of the 82nd airborne addition, the senior personnel on that airfield, we ought to put to general donahue in charge right now, maybe just maybe he can find a way to get us out. too bad they do not take your advice about opening up some other airfield, pray for us all and those who we have tried to help. god bless america, the only good
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news coming out of all of this is what is happening in the pangea valley, starting out with the force of about 590 at 500 aviators leave and move their airplanes to lose pakistan and turkmenistan. >> sean: you get your stands mixed up. it happens, colonel. but it does not take away the profound nature of that note. >> i will tell you, the good news up there is it started out with about 500 aviators and their family members, and i asked going back to general jones that is out with them and led them out there is another nation that has airplanes up there. they flew him up to his temple to ask more help and that's where they found out that the turks were coming out tonight. and he came back today and said only 60 of my aviators have asked to leave, the rest of them
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want to stay and fight. so now you have over 5,000 people who join what they now call the national liberation front. it's coming. it's not there yet. i got a little experience doing these things and i'm hopeful that we will have an opportunity somehow to make this fighting force enough to boot the taliban and their bodies out of town. >> sean: thank you for that report, we appreciate it. or joining us now two individuals who escaped afghanistan with the help of senator cotton is a college student who was brutally attacked by the taliban while trying to get to the airport. and his identity we are keeping hidden is an interpreter, an american citizen who fled with his family. tell us about your story. >> yes, so my story is that i tried to go through the airport since i got an email from the embassy that said that i had to make my way to the chesa boudin
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airport and as i made my way there there were already 1,000 people they are, people that were there from the first day there were inside the airport stayed outside and kicked out a lot of people that was not documented in a lot of u.s. citizens, but we had gate passes and everything, we went through the gate and went to the gate, through the crowd and went to the gate, but then the taliban and there were three gates, so first we tried the afghan army gates, the -- they looked at our passports and our citizenship and said they would not let us and even though we had gate passes, they were hitting us with the back of a machine gun, some stones and everything so we tried two or three times, a couple of times they would hit women, we saw children die in there and everybody getting on the ground, we saw the air force is that the taliban and the afghan army
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shooting on the ground, shooting in the air, and they threw up a flash bang, so we tried several days. we tried two or three days to get through the gates, but we were supposed to be the priority because we were u.s. citizens, but i guess apparently they would let people in that they knew, so mainly they target the allies, they would only -- >> sean: you feel lucky you have gotten out, correct? >> yes, i mean, we nearly lost hope, we went three times and cannot get through the crowd, it was just impossible to get out with the women and children we had. >> sean: you are an interpreter and went back for a funeral of a family member and in afghanistan and they were stranded there. you still have family there. you helped the americans out, now all of that data they would probably identify you and
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connect you to your family is in the hands of the taliban, that has to concern you tonight. >> yes, actually, most people are worried about family, friends and family that they can't enter the gate coming out, we really worry about family and most of my relatives are still waiting to enter the gates with complete documents, but most people are waiting and try to enter the gate and that's why they make problems for everyone. >> sean: the odds are getting less every hour as i'm sure you are aware and i feel terrible for, thank you for sharing your stories. one of the reasons both of these gentlemen got out safely was because of arkansas senator tom cotton and helped get both mohammed and syed out of afghanistan. you know, senator, joe biden is
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taking a whopping five questions throughout all of this and never answered why did he not act in june, and july as the taliban was taking huge geographical areas in afghanistan and has not explained why he is sticking to the august 31st deadline and why does not the military stay until every american is out of there? am i could trust the taliban, because i don't trust them, senator and i don't think you do either. >> no, sean, i don't. and he has not explained those things because they are all inexplicable. and i'm glad that we could play a small part in helping syed and mohammed and their families get back to the united states. cannot be prouder of the men and women that have helped all of our fellow citizens. but i think that the news tonight gives us an example of why it is so ill-advised for president biden to be rushing come up with the august 31 deadline, all americans around the airport have been told to leave immediately because of the terrorist threat and let's hope
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they are not terrorist attacks for the safety of the troops, but the fact that joe biden is sticking to the august 31 deadline indicates that all it takes is for the taliban or isis or al qaeda to continue with the threats to prevent hundreds if not thousands of americans from being left behind enemy lines come tuesday. >> sean: first of all, senator, on behalf of so many i know that you helped a lot of people. i mean, in the hundreds and active pretty much around the clock with this, senator, we are pulling out, our military is coming home, we are told by everybody there, and my sources told me tonight would joe biden and jen psaki saying publicly is not what is in the intelligence, that they are spinning it in a way that is inaccurate, is that your belief? is that what you are hearing? >> sean, i have heard the same thing in fact i have heard just today from a senior cia officer who is appalled at what is happening over the last couple
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of weeks and not just with our own citizens and green card holders, but also with the afghans who risked their lives to serve alongside of us. and that joe biden knew or certainly should have known that this kind of ill-advised, ill plans chaotic withdrawal would lead to the collapse of the afghan army when he pulled out all of the support for the afghan airport, air force, and did so in the middle of the fighting season. you can disagree about the decision to withdraw our troops from afghanistan, reasonable people of different viewpoints, but the way that he executed the decision has practically ensured that hundreds if not thousands of americans are left behind taliban lines. >> sean: senator, do you believe that we will leave american citizens behind and abandon them? is that where we are headed? >> sean, it certainly seems like that, saying there are 1500 american citizens left, that's
6:23 pm
lower than the administration has been saying, two hours later they were briefing staff and said 4100 americans were in afghanistan. i don't think they got 2600 americans out in two hours, i think they are spinning the numbers and come tuesday night when there are hundreds or thousands of americans left they will say, they did not want to leave, they wanted to stay there. it too bad for them and we are out of here. because i think joe biden knows that there are going to be americans they are and he once again did not take responsibility for his disastrous miscalculation. >> sean: i know you and many other senators, republican and democrat and congressman republican and democrat have gone way above and beyond to help our felon americans, and i thank each and every one of you. when we come back, the taliban is warning women to stay indoors saying their fighters are not trained to deal with women. okay. logan and congressman michael waltz have a lot to say. you will see next. ♪ ♪
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spewing tonight we continue to follow the attacks, the abuse against afghan women under the taliban rule, one journalist saying she is changing her location every day just to stay alive. take a look. >> i don't know what will happen to me, because if they find me, they will kill me. they are checking for the people who always talk against them. every day i'm changing my address to be sure they can't track me, the taliban can't track me down, they can't search for me or find me. i'm changing my address. my friends are afraid, because they think that they might be targeted. because of me. i don't trust my friend, because
6:29 pm
i don't know who is actually my enemy right now. >> sean: at this, the spokesperson who remains active on twitter, by the way has still not banned terror group propagandists. he told reporters they need to stay home, because the taliban fighters are not trained on how to speak to them. okay. and this is the terror group that biden is counting on, depending on, trusting in all of this spirit of the same terror group that tony blinken is suggesting is potential ally, what a complete utter disgrace coming here with the reaction, fox nation host to larry logan along with florida congressman michael waltz, he served in afghanistan, congressman, i will start with you. i want to ask you about this. that my sources are telling me that in fact the biden administration knows that there are thousands of americans, not 1500 as tony blinken said today. my sources are telling me they know that they are going to leave them behind. my sources have told me that if
6:30 pm
they were warned by our intelligence community, our defense department and no uncertain terms early, may, june, july, what was happening and they did nothing. what are you hearing? >> we received a series of briefings the last several days, sean, and it is very clear that this white house is not being honest with the american people. we are hearing very different things behind closed doors from these breakers. the defense department in no uncertain terms told biden and his white house to leave a residual force behind and to not do this. the intelligence community was clear that al qaeda 3.0 will roar back with the taliban that they are married at the hip and fully intend to attack the united states again. and we have americans right now not just behind enemy lines in kabul, but outside of kabul, and
6:31 pm
there is a capability to go get them, but the white house isn't authorizing it. >> sean: am i hearing you correctly? is that the information that they are sharing with you is being directly contradicted publicly by the white house? that they are lying to us? they are not being totally honest? is that fair? speaker either they are lying, heartless, clueless, or all of the above, sean, but it is a very different picture from what we are hearing from jen psaki and kirby and from the president of the united states. and all of us congressional offices that are dealing with people on the ground know that people are being allowed through the checkpoints knowing that they are being stopped at the gates, know that we just had an incident today where the taliban took their cell phones and smash them and turn back around.
6:32 pm
they are painting this hunky-dory picture, but we know the reality is different on the ground and being brief differently behind closed doors. >> sean: they know the truth, larry logan, you have been in the war zone and on the ground for long periods of time. you have a unique experience, let's talk about that as it relates to the future for women in afghanistan. and you were very smart in a tweet i picked up that you put out today in pointing out that this line of tony blinken that we will diplomatically and economically work after we leave in the military leaves with the taliban, that sounds like ransom. you point out negotiating with terrorists is against the wall. >> yeah, what happened in that? why is nobody talking about that? why is nobody talking about the fact that we have u.s. allies in afghanistan who were still there while fighting the taliban, and yet we are hell-bent on
6:33 pm
recognizing the taliban, the terrorists responsible for 9/11 as the legitimate rulers of afghanistan. and i tell you what, sean, i have barely set for a week because of all of the afghans who have been reaching out, pleading for help, begging americana not to leave them to die, because they know that they are going to be slaughtered. when we are there for america and we pack up, it's going to be an absolute bloodbath. and all the signs are that they are systematically hunting down and mapping out who they are -- their targets are, so the female journalist you had in all the women that have been in the security forces or doctors i'm a terrible crime to be a doctor and help your people under the taliban and al qaeda's regime, right? so what they are doing a systematically mapping them out and it's worse than just abandoning them. the u.s. is giving false hope and letting afghans come to the airport, these are afghan people
6:34 pm
who have been approved and have had background checks and past the security checks, their visas have been approved and they are denied access to the airport, do you know what we did today? you know what we actually did today? an american woman we actually told her she could not bring her afghan husband with her. we told two green card holders who live in houston, texas, that they could not bring their american children home. because they weren't allowed to get on the plane and they don't have the blue american passport. this is how dishonest the biden administration is being about these numbers. it is absolute chaos at the airport. as i have been sitting here i've been getting photographs of women who have been beaten and brutalized by the taliban, children at these checkpoints who have come through checkpoints and have been shot at, they have been beaten and hunted by the taliban and their crime is believing in the idea of freedom. and believing that the country
6:35 pm
that most represents that idea for the whole world, it is the light of the whole world would actually stand up for the people that stood up for at that idea that we are supposed to believe in that this country is founded on and we are about to abandon every single one of them and we knew it. we planned lists and we did it by design and we are taking no action to reverse course, and that's where the proof is. >> sean: wow, very powerful larry logan, congressman, thank you for your honesty too. you can watch part one of the new season larry logan has no agenda, available now on the bite and white house in turmoil tonight, the president's poll numbers plummeting, mark meadows, ari fleischer talking about that aspect and more as we continue straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: day 11, americans held hostage behind taliban enemy lines, joe biden doubling down on failure and delusion and bowing, yes at the altar of terrorists. but the american people are taking notice, look at this, a new today, the poll finding the approval rating is now cratering at 41%. frankly, i'm surprised it's not lower. it likely will be. day after day, it's the same people making the same mistakes all wall be seven turns his back on our afghan partners, our key allies, our fellow american citizens that are trapped behind enemy lines. and continues to issue weak public statements refusing reporters questions and my get yelled at and refuses to admit he did nothing wrong. a national disgrace all preventable and unfit to serve and unfit to lead, unfit to be our commander in chief. i will ask again, has joe biden
6:41 pm
done a single thing you can think of to improve the life of you or anybody in america? to keep any of us safer customers to make all of us more secure? has he done one single thing you can define a successful to strengthen this country? because i can't think of one. here with reaction, former white house chief of staff mark meadows along with fox news contributor ari fleischer. i want to ask you very specifically about donald trump and his plan. because this is important, donald trump part of his plan was based on conditions on the ground, it was based on a clear threat to that you confirmed to me last week. he would obliterate them if they did not follow every dotted i and cross t, and period, and that tell abandon my -- taliban, my opinion is that they were ate
6:42 pm
base. >> you are exactly right, and you nailed it on the nail on the head, because exactly that. i talked to the president tonight, and we were talking about this debacle in afghanistan. you can't imagine it could be much worse, and yet, i was in the room many times, not only when he had strong rhetoric but was willing to back that up with the might of the u.s. military. and what we found is that joe biden now has a new policy. it's called america left behind. it's a left behind policy. he left behind billions of dollars worth of humvees and u.s. equipment. and left behind americans. left behind our allies and quite frankly when you start to look at what he has been involved with, no wonder his polling is going down. but americans are now starting to understand what president trump and many of us that supported him knew all along is you can't run the
6:43 pm
country from the basement, and to the day they cut off his mic when he went to talk had one question, can you believe it could get this bad this quickly? i did not believe it would get this bad, but can we stand another three years of this kind of leadership. i think he is unfit, and there are talks of impeachment on capitol hill now. >> sean: if there is a reason to impeach somebody, this would be it, let me turn to you as we look at this, you just heard the congressman on this program, he is getting intel and he is saying they are not telling us the truth, what they are saying. the cia pulled out of there weeks ago according to my sources. how do you leave behind all this military equipment? starting with a $200 billion of drones? 600,000 military grade guns and weapons, 75,000 armored vehicles, 208 black hawk
6:44 pm
helicopters and other aircraft. how is it possible they did not see what was going on in may, june, july and act? speak of the reason is just as joe biden advised barack obama that the military was trying to jam you, joe biden thought he knew better than the pentagon and he just wanted to bug out. he was just bug out biden and did not pay attention or get the proper instructions for how to get out of afghanistan properly. and you know, earlier today i heard the former state department spokes person talk about the position of the trump administration and that the democrats don't understand and biden does not understand that it is to negotiate from a position of strength having killed qassem soleimani and destroyed isis, dropping the biggest bomb in the arsenal short of a nuclear weapon on the taliban, when president trump negotiated, he was negotiating from a position of strength and people feared him. that's healthy.
6:45 pm
>> sean, ari -- >> he was just bug out biden, and he left to the americans behind, and certainly will leave our allies behind. >> sean: mark? >> yes, sean, ari is exactly right, when you look at strength, it takes a strong leader in president trump. it was not just tough talk, but when he looked at the taliban weather of a secretary pompeo or president trump, all they had to look to was al-baghdadi, and they knew exactly that he meant what he said. we have appeasement-joe and it's not working well for the americans. >> sean: you can confirm donald trump said before we talk about a deal, let me tell you upfront you don't follow every period and every comma, i will obliterate you, is that true or false? >> i can confirm and not say it was not once, but multiple times
6:46 pm
that he reiterated that statement. >> sean: he said no weapon off the table? is that true too? >> that is correct. >> sean: thank you very much, mark meadows, ari fleischer. when we come back marshall walker declaring his senate candidacy in the great state of georgia. he will join us next. ♪ ♪
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ spin on the crop of 2022 republican candidates got stronger as herschel walker announced that he is jumping into the g.o.p. senate primary to take on incumbent democrat rafael ward out, take a look. >> i'm conservative not because someone told me to be, i'm conservative because i believe in smaller government, a strong
6:51 pm
military, a personal responsibility to making sure all people have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, that's in america worth fighting for. >> herschel walker at the 45. >> my name is herschel walker, and i am running for united states senate. i'm a kid from a small town in georgia who has lived the american dream. >> sean: herschel walker joins us. great to see you. we have been friends a long time, and by the way, buckle up, just entered the blood of politics, and i see the attacks have already begun. and i laugh, because i know you personally, they will not intimidate you, even some republicans will join in forces and you will stay in the race for sure, why did you decide to make this jump? we need leaders like you, you are a leader, a natural born leader. >> first of all, sean, let me say this year that i want
6:52 pm
everyone to go to .com . because you are right, the left and the right are coming after me, but if they are ready to get down in the swamp, you're looking at it right here. because i don't care, i don't want to sit on the sideline anymore and see this -- what is happening in this country, because this is not the america i grew up in and not the america i want to leave for my kids or anyone else's kids, i think that we need to have a strong military and we cannot be -- give our word away. how in the world can you leave your allies? you gave them your word. how can you leave american people? we need leaders that i set a long time ago to go to washington and do what's right. and you're looking at them right here, that's why told you right now, go to and i guarantee i will fight for you. >> sean: you say that, and we have talked a lot over the years
6:53 pm
and become friends over the years and i think i want everybody to know about you is you are are guided by your own principles, you don't -- you did not get in this race with any idea that you were going to lose, and when i spoke to you recently you said, sean, my only goal is to serve the people of georgia. my whole life it's because of georgia. you told me that. >> and i have, i have told you that, and i have said it many, many times. when people say that herschel is not of georgia, i say i owe everything to georgia. everything to georgia, my parents, but mostly to the state of georgia, because whatever i've done the state of georgia has not behind me right now. and right now it is pivotal that this state have a conservative like myself to get in washington and let the people know that this country is going down the drain unless we stand up. and to be honest, sean, i need to say this coming young people
6:54 pm
out there, you know, i was like you, sometimes i stand on the sideline and i did not vote. i figured it's not going to touch me, but right now i will tell you what is happening right now, you need to wake up. wake up and say i have to get into this game. and that's what i'm saying. i am going to get into the game and i will say, god, this is not the america i grew up in. this is not the america i want to be a part of. we are a great country, so quit trying to divide us. quit trying to separate us. because we are together. this is the reason we are the greatest country in the world, we have people that come together. and what i want to do is bring the people together. i want to go to washington and try to get people together so we can get things done for this country. get things done for the people. it is sad that parents now can even go to the store and afford different things. gas prices are going off the roof, things are just getting ridiculous and you can't do it. you can't deal like this. >> sean: i've asked you, lower taxes, tell me where you don't support? school choice?
6:55 pm
law and order, energy independence, secure borders, constitutionalist on the bench, your support free and fair trade, peace through strength. you believe in liberty, freedom, capitalism and our constitution, all true? >> that's all true, that's all true, you know, you started talking about education, why is there not one education, but education for everyone instead of having two or three, why don't we have one where everyone will go to get a good education and i think that's what is so important and what we have to fight for the responsibility, right now that's what i want to do is bring back responsibility. go to and give $5, $10, whatever you can give to put me in washington and i guarantee i will fight for you. >> sean: you have my support unless you don't want it, and it would hurt you. but you're going to win the race.
6:56 pm
more "hannity" after this.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left tonight, please set your dvr, never miss an episode, please keep both our fellow americans in afghanistan, our allies that supported us, in your prayers buried in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, she takes it from here, she's got a great show as usual. >> laura: hannity, i love seeing ollie north, someone who knows a little bit about the national security implications about all of this and the humanitarian tragedy unfolded. >> sean: they won't listen. >> laura: no, they're not interested in solving certain problems, sean. thank you for your reporting on that and i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from los angeles tonight and we start with breaking news. u.s. and u.k. officials are warning americans near the kabul airport to leave immediately due to an undisclosed security threat. this happening as more than 19,000 people have been evacuated from


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