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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 25, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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continue to see stories about the approaching deadline, this is not over by any stretch for the biden administration, this crisis. >> neil: it does linger and so to those poll members. the rescue goes on for those still trapped in afghanistan. where it goes and where it will end on the 31st no one knows. >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld with dagen mcdowell, jesse watters, jessica tarlov, and dana perino. caving to the terror groups that do make demands that all u.s. troops to be out in a week trusting that the militants will fully cooperate with ongoing evacuations. >> the completion depends upon the taliban continuing to
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cooperate and allow access to the airport. thus far the taliban have been taking steps to work with us so we can get our people out. >> there's a reality that the taliban is currently controlling large swaths of afghanistan. >> the taliban has made public and private commitments to provide an permit safe passage to americans and work with them. >> greg: reports from the ground show little desire for cooperation. antony blinken doing more damage control the day. >> there could be other americans in afghanistan who never enroll in the embassy, who ignored public evacuation notice and have not yet identified themselves to us. we also found that many people who contact us and identify themselves as american citizens including by filling out and submitting repatriation assistance forms are not, in fact, u.s. citizens, something i
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can take some time to verify. some americans may choose to stay in afghanistan, some who are enrolled and some who are not, this effort does not end on august 31st, it will continue for as long as it takes to help get people out of afghanistan who wish to leave. >> greg: we can rest easy, everyone. the kinder, gentler taliban is vowing to tackle climate change. "we believe the world is a unique opportunity of reproach meant and coming together to tackle the challenges not only facing us about the entire humanity. these challenges ranging from world security and climate change, needing the collective efforts of all and cannot be achieved if we exclude or ignore an entire people who have been devastated by imposed wars in the past four decades. sounds like someone is aiming for a prime time gig on cnn. so, dana, greta thunberg must be
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thrilled. >> dana: she might have written that. you want to be accepted by the world community and don't want your funds to be cut off by the world and want the world bank to pay attention to you, you want countries to lessen sanctions, a great way to their heart and they know exactly what it is, through climate change. they probably looked on social media, how many friends on social media... oh, you're just here for climate change, also going to assign credit scores to people. that's very progressive, what an interesting idea. it >> greg: what is your carbon footprint? >> dana: they want to be back in the seventh century. as far as i know, i just want to mention one other thing, the administration is very mad about the media coverage they are getting. i get it, people complained. i saw something today, basically it said, you don't get to sink
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the ship and then brag about the lifeboat and that's what we've been seeing for the past several days, yesterday the united states and the u.k., both called the special sessions of their legislative bodies, the u.k. basically had a conversation about how we are going to protect and extract our citizens from afghanistan to bring them home. how can we had $5 trillion of domestic spending to this agenda. >> greg: yeah, insane, jessica. what do you have to say to this? this is on you! >> jessica: yeah, i'm calling all the shots for my studio here. a couple things, the savvy with which dictators, terrorists, et cetera can play the propaganda game, it shouldn't be stunning to us anymore but it is, you think you are listening to one interview, every buzzword, they know exactly how
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to trigger us, to use her favorite woke word that way. i think it's really interesting since we heard the world bank is going to be withholding funds now that they are terrorist organization. one thing that i think was positive is that we actually got some numbers about how many americans were in afghanistan and how many have been evacuated, 6,000 americans, registered august 14th, 4500 evacuated, he believes there will be less than a thousand still in the country and i thought the idea of people who want to keep staying there, it was interesting. i can imagine at this moment being like, i'm going to wait this one out. i get it, it will be interesting to see where that goes. the 82,000 evacuees, a lot of people are getting out, foreign nationals but a lot of afghans are getting other places, going
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to qatar and western europe and those all seem to be positive. >> greg: as our governments keep pushing its way towards wokism, there is basically no way to deal with something like afghanistan because we lose the options that being a woke country would not allow you to do. in a weird way, the taliban is going to be china's problem and china will have no problem dealing with them. >> dagen: . exactly, if the taliban agrees to turn her head away from the uyghurs, we need the money, you... it's just a tolerance of one another and that, i was writing this today, the biden doctrine is "empower our enemies, and bold and evil, betray and
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abandon our allies," it goes to that point, that biden administration has treated it as the de facto government while recognizing it, elevating it and legitimizing it, going back to 2013 when obama and biden provided a diplomatic presence to qatar for the taliban but they abandoned the afghan security forces, left the power vacuum, al qaeda ascend into now, but remember, why is al qaeda a concern now? they had bio weapons 20 years ago. you don't think they look at china and what's going on with the wuhan virus, that's a possibility in our allies in europe our apoplectic. the chief of staff and the white house needs to get off twitter, he is retreating the
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hackity hack gas bags, jennifer rubin at "the washington post," retreating her constantly, being portrayed by kevin spacey in a tv movie wasn't bad enough? you got to check it out, no wonder biden goes out. the three is it time for gregg's artificial stance? i believe afghanistan is joe biden's north korea. what trump tried to do is convince kim jong un we are not interested in defeating you, we just want you out of our lives. could you argue that this is what joe biden is doing? north korea is so there about the physical tension has decreased. because trump basically said, we are not interested. is that what joe is doing with afghanistan? >> jesse: we won't have
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hostages in north korea for the rest of joe biden's term. that was an official retort to your artificial stance, joe biden chose a hostage crisis. he thought that was the best option, he said, we are not going to extend the deadline, not going to do search and rescue, it's going to dog joe biden for the rest of his term. jimmy carter only had a year of a hostage crisis, joe biden connect three years of a hostage crisis. i don't see how he survives this, is this the costliest military blunder in united states history? pearl harbor destroyed the pacific, i don't know if you adjust that for inflation if that matches the $82 billion in u.s. hardware we give to the taliban. the most embarrassing, custer's last stand, little big horn, bay of pigs, the alamo, the
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death toll is not the same but in terms of a tactical humiliation this drags right up there with all of them and now he's kind of blaming the americans that are still there for not getting rescued. they didn't register at the embassy. no one registers at the embassy. we're going to bring back everybody wants to leave. who wants to stay under taliban rule? now is going out and he wants credit. this is the greatest retreat ever. he's thanking the taliban for letting americans get to the airport, americans are getting beaten on the way to the airport, i don't see how this shakes out. say what you want about trump but at least trump killed terrorists. joe biden takes orders from terrorists. >> greg: that's the money quote. took him a while to get there, though. democrats in panic mode as biden
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>> dana: the way this white house is handling the chaos in afghanistan becoming an issue as the horrifying images seem to have registered with floaters, president biden's approval rating has plummeted, a dramatic drop for the president who until a week and a half ago had averaged in the mid-50s since taking office, pretty high for a modern president. 56% of americans disapprove of his handling of the withdrawal from afghanistan. jesse, are you paying attention? >> jesse: this is a mainstream media poll, so he's probably at 0%, covid is the only at issue keeping this guy afloat. if delta really rises, the bottom is going to fall out and there's a few reasons for this. in this paul mackey is at 39% in
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the economy and in various other poles he's in the 20s and 30s for the border, energy crisis and afghanistan. in a cbs poll, the majority of the american people don't think the guy is competent or focused and foreign policy has dogged the democratic party since the cold war and they have really struggled to gain the trust of the american voter for the last several decades and this bungling of afghanistan is going to set the democratic party back pretty far and democrats, house and senate next midterm, are they going to decide, am i going to embrace joe or distance myself from joe? i don't know that though things are that sexy that they're going to run on. you have afghanistan, gas prices, crime, open borders, inflation and i'm not really
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sure it's going to work out too well for the democrats. >> dana: jessica, how do you think they will do? >> jessica: i think there's a lot of tabulations going on now to that embracing point, joe biden gave democrats a lift they needed in 2020, he was popular as a person, his policies were most popular in the democratic field. he's the one who always said, open borders a little scary, were not giving away all the free stuff, i'm not bernie sanders, i've never been a socialist, you know exactly who i am. now democrats on the congressional level are going to have to make an estimation, what's good for me if you are on the border, talking a lot tougher about it, the bipartisan coalition that went to afghanistan yesterday to see what was going on there, that's a little bit of a fissure that i think is going to be happening amongst veterans versus the
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establishment. i feel a kindred spirit to this region, we fought for this in iraq and afghanistan, i want to be there. to the point about foreign policy, barack obama beat john mccain, one of the most highly decorated patriots and people who served this country, it's also the anniversary -- >> dana: the issue then was economy. >> jessica: we had an election, we had the bush years where we got into these wars and barack obama did have foreign policy running against a veteran and pulled that off so i don't think it's -- >> jesse: barack obama was long on wrong on the surge and when joe pulled out of iraq, we got isis. >> dana: the democrats are going to run on $3.5 trillion. >> greg: free cover free, free. do not sleep on the media
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creating the narrative, voting for republican is voting for systemic racism. you've got to remember, these are the three things from 2020 that the media performed, they buried the laptop story to sway an election, that works because the polls show that if they do about that they would've voted differently, they bragged about their secret cabal after the election, the massive piece i talked about these institutions working together and if you question any election discrepancy unless it's a democrat loss you are guilty of the big lie, they are also going to bring back the insurrection even though it's not an insurrection but they are going to bring back those visuals to make you feel that republicans are the taliban of america which is what they are really going to try to go for and it might work because when you are a republican you are always
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running against, it's two against one, it's democrats and the media. that's why we need more vets running for office because we need some clear idealism in government. >> dana: day again, take a look at this exchange between peter doocy and jen psaki that are becoming a little famous. >> jen come at the tail end of the president about to's remarks today about cybersecurity he was asked and he made a joke. he made a joke, so what is so funny? >> the question he was asked if i remember correctly was when he will provide information about a decision on august 31st -- i don't want to paraphrase the question if that wasn't an accurate description of the question. of course it's very important. >> dagen: i guess joe biden can say, hey, i'm not as bad as kamala harris in terms of
2:22 pm
"afghanistan." i don't think the biden incumbent democrats are going to be able to run on americans are racist because they just abandoned women and children and send them back potentially centuries to be enslaved and tortured and raped and killed in afghanistan. the only thing going for them as there will not be a lot of video and pictures of it because everybody has flooded, western journalist for the most part will have fled in the short run, flood afghanistan running for their lives. in terms of the, why biden is pulling so badly on the economy is purely inflation, consumer confidence has fallen to a 10-year low, real wages, inflation-adjusted wages have fallen every month that biden has been in office and now that democrats have backed themselves into a corner, the only thing they can brag about his spending more money. it's more like $5 trillion over
2:23 pm
ten years, they are going to brag about spending money when they are claiming ownership of causing the inflation if they do that. i have to be very careful about that. also, all of these new entitlement programs they've created to get the middle class hooked on government like the extra child tax credit that expires but was in this plan the democrats are pushing, that's one of the reasons in the short run that all these jobs are unfilled. when you go to the airport, stuff is not in stock, the reason customer service is so bad is because these companies can't hire people. people won't get back on the jobs of the democrats will not, too. >> dana: so much to discuss. from afghanistan to the border crisis, arizona attorney general warning terrorists freed by the taliban could be crossing into
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the united states. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: as if things don't get any worse, arizona's attorney general morning that tara terrorists released by the taliban could be sneaking into our country amid the chaos of the border. the biden administration was dealt a huge blow to their immigration plans, reinstating for my president trump's remain in mexico policy for asylum-seekers that requires applicants to wait in mexico while their claims are evaluated by american authorities. say a taliban evacuee gets to mexico, do you think that taliban person is going to
2:29 pm
remain in mexico? >> dana: "maybe we can hold this one back." they will probably be raising their prices, i know in the u.k., somebody on the u.k. no-fly list because of terrorism reasons ended up in the u.k. so they are checking and trying to make sure. in the remain in mexico thing, if i were the biden administration i would take this as a win. you can say, they are terrible. tell breyer to resign but except i good outcome. >> jesse: my hands are tied, just following the law to respect institutions, the afghan disaster, obviously he can't execute anything, he can't execute the border, he can't do anything right.
2:30 pm
>> dagen: when we were watching the video of that child being handed over, we see in the photograph out of the border of childers being dropped over walls by human traffickers. again, it's the same disregard for human life and i say it over and over again. they laid the foundation for people to profit from human suffering and misery. it does go to trump's legacy, though, the number of judges he appointed, 226 federal judges, 54 appeals court judges, just one less then obama did any years. this will pay dividends for years to come. >> jesse: thank you, cocaine mitch. i say that with love. there is a little bit of a difference between the afghan asylum-seekers and this people crossing the southern border, the people crossing the southern border have you had to do
2:31 pm
anything positive for the united states, haven't done anything at all, seekers coming from afghanistan have sometimes literally saved american lives being translators, spotters, drivers but joe biden doesn't do much for them, if you can make it to the airport, good luck. >> jessica: so i don't see things the same way. >> jesse: there is nothing you can say to refute that! we are a little tight on time. >> jessica: the red light just starts flashing. so there are a lot of people seeking asylum at the southern border who have worked in their home countries and i am sure with americans to improve their quality of life or millions of people who are destitute, all the things are going to be happening in afghanistan under the taliban, people coming from central america and it is their legal right to seek asylum here. of course interpreters should come, people who fought alongside us but you shouldn't
2:32 pm
talk about them like that just because they are coming from a different place and hopefully that -- anyway, on the supreme court ruling is very unclear, they didn't say with a violation actually was and the remaining mexico policy hasn't been in place since march 2020 anyway but it seems like secretary mayorkas could just go back to them with more thorough explanation of why they don't want the remaining mexico policy, they'd taken it down because of covid. under trump, march 2020, the afghans had to release 5,000 taliban prisoners, if there is a terrorist coming over here to hurt us, it could have been very well released under president trump, but you don't talk about that. >> jesse: he won't stop talking about it. >> greg: i won't stop talking about anything katie can't have a border without order and that's all i'm saying. no, actually, what i'm going to
2:33 pm
say, rearview mirrors, that objects appear closer than they really are, this is example of the trump rearview mirror and that everything about that mirror seems better now in comparison to joe being president, the remain in mexico policy seems like a really innocuous solution to a problem, you work with mexico, we cooperate out of spite and no logic, joe killed that because he killed a lot of things that were related to trump just because it was trump and he just dismantled so many important things as an irrational response, not just him but the democrats and the democrat mayors, everything that is connected to order whether it's law enforcement, foreign policy, how do we people, you know, the border, they just... it just crumbles, they have no sense of order.
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>> jesse: take the w says dana perino. liberal leaders bringing back the push for outdoor mask mandates. ♪ ♪
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2:39 pm
masking but this simple act of kindness and compassion protects our communities and saves lives. >> dagen: she is not the only democrat pushing for more masking, earlier this week president biden insisted all parents put masks on their kids' faces any time they leave the house. it's the forever pandemic. >> greg: there is no evidence for this oppression and this is actual oppression and it's basically, these politicians are playing cya with your face. this is what happens, you know, we said this, we talked about this until we understand the acceptance of risk, we are doomed and these leaders failed to comprehend the cost/benefit analysis that goes into making decision so what happens is you only have that one goal which is zero risk so all restrictions,
2:40 pm
wrong or unproven are made legitimate because you want to get down to zero and the only thing effected by that are your freedoms so it's like, sorry, you know, what she said, you want to just do something kind, where your mask. what she's saying is you need to limit your freedoms on this and they can take out of context, fine, i am an adult, i can understand benefits and risks, freedom entails risk and if you want zero risk, freedom goes away. i don't want that. >> dana: do you know the very best time of year to visit the northwest? august. it's the most beautiful place. it can be hot but there's very little humidity, the skies are usually bright blue and there's so many wonderful outdoor activities to do and the thing is, kindness is not science and the notion that it will be a nice thing for you to do. i am kind of nice.
2:41 pm
you think i'm nice, right? >> greg: you are a terrible person. >> dana: do you think i'm nice? >> dagen: yes, i do. >> dana: i do not feel like being nice and putting on a mask, i feel like looking at science and putting on a mask. i'm looking outside right now, 20 people out there, i would say seven or wearing a mask, fine and maybe they have a reason to, i'm not going to bother them but i think a mask mandate to be nice is ridiculous. >> dagen: the masks are kind of like a niceness diaper, you are covering your niceness because you can't smile. right, jesse? >> jesse: i am sick of politicians punishing americans when they should be punishing china, how about we mandate china do something. you can't enforce this. the garbage selector, the they have better things to do and homeless are exempt.
2:42 pm
>> dagen: is called house list. it >> greg: i have a house so i have to be punished, it doesn't make any sense. you what else is exempt? vocal performers. if i'm not wearing a mask and someone tells me to put it on i'm going to burst into song. i am a vocal performer. i talk too much. >> dagen: if i have to go to oregon i am going to wear a big bowl of water around my neck. >> jessica: it's not a great policy. there are enough angry liberals where this is not happening in big liberal states, it's not happening in new york, private businesses want to say when you're inside, please put on a mask, everywhere i go in now, if i'm walking in somewhere to pick up a diet coke, going to the bank, i put on a mask.
2:43 pm
but covid is unfortunately here to stay and we are going to be getting our boosters soon and that's probably going to be, semiannual or annual tradition and that's just life. we need to figure out what's going on with the kids, as the number one priority but when you say something like, you're just going for a walk, i'd like you to wear a mask, people are going to get really angry even if they agree with your politics and that can backfire especially when covid will probably be the top issue alongside the economy come 2022. >> greg: you are right, covid is going to be here forever and we are probably going to end up doing booster shots but we can't let this creeping authoritarianism continue, people are accepting it and that's more frightening than the disease, i'm sorry. to watch people just go okay, i will just keep giving away my freedoms because i want to be nice. no. i like the fact that you're not nice.
2:44 pm
>> jessica: people also know what's the right thing to do, we been bragging about it, it you're vaccinated you're not going to be that sick, i know there are exceptions to every rule but that is a message that should be spread, get your shot. >> dagen: it's the pain and punishment from the government, there was a music festival in oregon that appeared to be part of the reason they are masking outdoors, five of the 66 people who tested positive were vaccinated. there were 61 people who were unvaccinated but everybody has to wear a mask. they can churn shove that where the sun doesn't shine. next, tom brady putting spoiled brats everywhere on blast, slamming today's work ethic. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance,
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♪ ♪ >> jessica: asterisk nfl quarterback tom brady speaking out against today's work ethic. "the world wants to blame and
2:49 pm
shame and guilt every time. we would never teach our kids that, we will never say this is how you're going to get through life, i always get it my way but you should never get it your way. it's not how to live a joyful life." what you think of tom brady here? >> dana: well, i wrote the book. i'm glad because a lot of people admire him and follow him and there's just no getting around the hard work. it i'm always looking for a short cut, too, i get that but there's no substitute for actually putting in the work and he's living proof of it. >> jessica: 100%, i don't know if anyone else watch "the last dance," the michael jordan documentary from last summer, it's very similar to what michael jordan talked about and any athlete at this level. it never blames anyone else, i should go back and work harder, what you think? be for please don't compare tom brady to michael jordan, michael jordan is the king of all athletes of all time.
2:50 pm
if we have to -- tom brady is right, if we have to talk about mr. perfect can we at least show some video of him, some shorts? he just, okay, you're right again, go away. >> jessica: would you like to see tom brady and his shorts? >> greg: i've seen enough of that. good to see that he remembered the advice i gave him in the locker room all those years ago. i don't think you guys are aware of this, we went to the same high school. i rarely bring it up. no successful person ever says "i got here by blaming other people." there are those who make a good living blaming others but they aren't winners, they are on cnn. >> jesse: the only time i'd lain people as the producers, those are the ones that really should shoulder the blame. and china come i can't forget about china, those are the only two people that are acceptable to blame. athletes fail a lot and that's why they are resilient, dropping
2:51 pm
balls, missing tackles, screwing up constantly but overcoming that adversity makes elite athletes better. tom gets out and i mention it and how i saved the world which is still on sale where books are sold. >> dana: where are books sold? >> jesse: amazon? >> jessica: all the places. that devolved quickly. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
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get ready. it's time for the savings event of the year. the homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon! at this homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon, there's no telling what we might bundle! homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon! bundle cars, trucks, colonials, bungalows, and that weird hut your uncle lives in. so strike up the homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon band for the deal that started forever ago and will probably never end. homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon. -say it with me. -homeandautobundle-- no one's leaving till you say it right. homeandauto... ♪ >> greg: do you know what jesse. >> jesse: get off your high horse. >> greg: i can't get on a high horse. go ahead, jesse. >> jesse: all right. "fox news primetime" edition of mom texts. mom has not been happy this week. all right. number one. handsome and articulate but my
2:56 pm
goodness please do not allow trump on television and don't lose yourings. love you proudly. number two vaccination mandates are so important. get a grip, america. number three, never use the word but. i think that was in the prompter. number four, are these your words or whose? whoa. number 5, why has your language gotten so loose when this is an opportunity to communicate to so many why are you going low brow? trying hard to be friend have any please don't, jesse. last one, active verbs end in i-n-g. i have yet to hear you going or getting. your speech is off your loving but critical mother. >> greg: critical. >> jesse: mom we have prime desantis, trump, dan bongino, tucker carlson not a democrat in sight.
2:57 pm
take that, mom. >> greg: that is a murderer's row. >> jesse: catch me at the book swap. as i said you can touch me. >> greg: yes. you don't have to wear a mask unless you want. to say. >> jesse: the he will fast in the room yes i have a little eye issue. i'm aware of it we don't need you pointing it out on social media. >> greg: everybody point it out. dana. >> dana: mom, send us a text about it. i want to talk about this guy. there is a huge stop and shop that's groceries world war ii employee celebrate 100th birthday gave him the parking spot reserved for u.s. veterans forever for the rest of his days there his name is barth -- served in the army air force during world war ii. he began working for stop and shop 12 years ago he wanted to work. everybody sang him happy birthday. all girls a cappella group songs from his era and he deserved
2:58 pm
every great moment. >> jesse: if i had known vets get preferred parking i would have enlisted years ago. >> greg: there you go. you are a terrible person. if you are a fan of metal, the late reilly gayle who was the lead singer of power trip they launched the reilly gayle foundation. there it is. if you go to reilly gayle, you can find ways to help the, you know, the vulnerable mental health issues. it will be administered by reilly gail's family. i was going to tell you about a party tonight that starts at 7:00 p.m. in texas dallas, texas. at the deep celebrate life. you get two hours to get to dallas.
2:59 pm
i think there is going to be some drinks. i don't know. i can't make it but go to the website. it's riley gale >> dana: cool. >> jessica: this was also my one more thing for yesterday. you don't have to go anywhere. charlie watts passed away yesterday. regard as one of the coolest men in rock. he always had the best clothes, snappiest dresser. great suits was in the band 06 years. joining in 63. tributes poured in everywhere. the tributes from the living beatles i thought were particularly incredible. amazing guy. he also had the charlie watts orchestra huge jazz enthusiast. married 57 years. i got to see them perform in hide park when i lived in london one of the most cool experiences in my life. mick jagger went to the school of economics where i went for one year. he dropped out but he is the most famous alum. >> dagen: got stare at mick
3:00 pm
jagger's butt for 60 years. >> greg: how could you tell that between his butt and face? >> dagen: panda smithsonian national zoo celebrated birthday. icy fruit cake made out of grape juice and something. >> dana: did they give him the parking spot? >> greg: all right. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: we are big into pandas here in d.c. all right, greg. thank you. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight with president biden's deadline to leave afghanistan just six days away, a bipartisan group of lawmakers and american allies now voicing concerns over evacuation efforts as they have been over recent days. they don't believe it's possible to get u.s. personnel and afghan allies out of afghanistan by august 31st. today the state department was forced to clear up confusion about the number of americans remaining in the country. secretary of state antony blinken says there are roughly 1500 who have left to leave. secretary blinken


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